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Oliver Bruce Mitchell III

PO Box 27OS
Long Beach, California

fanuary L,20Ls

Presi&nt of The United States of America

Presi&nt Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Oliver B. Mitchell

III I'm a veteran and VA Whistleblower.

agencies, who are bormd to

enforce federal 1aws, seemingly fail to enforce such laws that are meant to protect whistleblowers.

I'm writing you this letter to call to your attention how current federal

When whistleblower laws are not enfbrced, it only "out's" the employee and sets them up for
harassment and retaliation.
When an employee is harassed retaliated or discriminated against for whistleblowing, in many cases
results in his or her constructive discharge or a forced resignation.


Mr. President, while my individual circumstances surrounding my whistleblowing activity may be

severe and/or perverse, I'm sharing with you the current end result of me blowing the whistle.
As a result of my whistleblowing, I'm now homeless and living on "Skid Row" in Downtown, Los
Angeles. In the year and a half since being on Skid Row I have had the pleasure of meeting many of
my fellow veterans.

Mr. President, the Skid Row area of Los Angeles is characterized as a place of "crime, drugs and
prostitution." However, many of Los Angeles homeless veterans find themselves on the streets of or in
the shelters of Skid Row.
While each veteral's individual circumstances may vary, some veterans are faced with such challenges
as PTSD, TBI, mental illness or alcohol and/or drug related issues. In an area riddled with such crime
and a history of poverty and destitution, this is no place for any veteran trying to recover from the
effects of war or service to this country.

Most recently during the holiday season we lost another veteran here at the shelter. Because of the
unique challenges some veterans face, many are left without close friends and family. This veteran as
so many before him passed away "alone and forgotten."
In recent months our nation's govemment has made a pledge to end veteran's homelessness. Mr.
President, I ask while the VA undergoes its 21't Century transformation, you not forget the many
veterans living on the streets of Skid Row. I also call to your attention my own troublesome challenges
as a result of whistleblowing that has shattered my own family's life.
In the event you are unfamiliar with Skid Row I have provided several stories for your review:
http://**wrr,'.lapro Ies-homeless-veterans/

htm;//ww''277265 39/a-little-trouble-for-a-skid-row-drone

Mr. President, I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.