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Dragon Ball Z: Pen & Paper RPG

Created by CotF’s own Corwin Shelvay

FAQ written by Kerc Regan aka Junta

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are character traits?

A: Everyone has 3 character traits that consist of:

• Intelligence - How well your character can create a strategy and tactics.
• Determination – Your character’s will to continue to fight or train.
• Charisma – How well your character is percieved.

Q: What are character stats?

A: The main stats are:

• Power Level (PL) – Overall rating of your character. This is determined by adding
the character’s strength, vitality, stamina, toughness and ki together.
• Ki – Your character’s energy used for ki attacks. This is determined by adding
strength, vitality, stamina and toughness.
• Strength (STR) – Your character’s physical might that determines the power of
physical combos and attacks.
• Speed (SPD) – Determines who goes first in a fight and also determines fight order
in group battles; also determines the chances of dodging attacks and your attacks
being dodged.
• Stamina (STA) – Measures battle fatigue from using ki in a fight. The more your
character uses ki, the lower your stamina will become which will lower your power
level as well.
• Toughness (TOU) – Determines your characters resistance to both physical and ki
attacks and increases the chances of successfully blocking attacks.
• Vitality (VIT) – Your character’s life force (not HP). Each time that you are hit,
your vitality will drain thus lowering your power level.
Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages when picking a race?

A: The races are as follows:

Advantages -

1. Start with the abilities Mystic Attack and Regeneration.

2. Able to find Dragon Balls faster (3 Dragon Balls per 2 weeks).
3. Several Namekian-only techniques available.
4. Start with +20 intelligence.

Disadvantages –

1. Must start on the planet Namek.

Advantages –

1. Start with the ability Uncontrolled Oozaru.

2. Receive more stats when losing a fight.
3. Start game with a fighting style and +5 to all stats, +20 ki and +40 PL.
4. Receive +1 all stats, +4 ki and +8 PL from sparring.
5. Saiyan tail can be equipped as an accessory to prevent grabbing in a fight.

Distadvantages –

1. Until a power level of 5000 is reached, the fighter will be weakened and paralyzed
for 3 actions (once per battle) if the tail is grabbed.

Advantages –

1. Start with the ability Sense.

2. Receive more stats when losing a fight.
3. Receive +1 to all stats, +4 ki and +8 PL from sparring.
4. Starting the game with +15 charisma.
Disadvantages –

1. Starting the game with -2 intelligence.

Advantages –

1. Start with the abilities Built-In Scouter, Ki Disruptor and Hikou.

2. Several purchasable upgrades to choose from.
3. Immune to battle fatigue.

Disadvantages –

1. Cannot use senzu beans or rejuvenation tanks.

Advantages –

1. Start with the abilities Sense and Leadership.

2. Start with a senzu bean in your inventory.
3. Start with +20 determination.
4. Receive +25 zenni from any side job.
5. Receive an extra +5 experience from sparring and battles.
6. May fight alongside 2 allies in battles.

Disadvantages –

1. Start with -4 all stats than other races.

Advantages –

1. Start with a transformation.

2. Easiest transformations in the game.
3. Start with an underling.
4. May have 1 additional underling past the limit.
5. Start with -3 alignment score.
Disadvantages –

1. Must start on the planet Frieza.

Advantages –

1. Start with an extra +250 zenni.

2. Capable of equipping 3 accessories.
3. Start with an additional +15 of any chosen stat.
4. Receive +2 to a stat from side jobs (If criminal, you may pick a stat).

Disadvantages –

1. None.

Advantages –

1. If dead, may come back 1 week sooner if desired.

2. Can become Majin.
3. Training is increased by +2 all stats, +8 ki and +16 PL per week in Other World.
4. Ability to travel to Hell when in Other World.
5. Receive +2 vitality and stamina while doing meditation training.

Disadvantages –

1. Cannot use Spirit Bomb or Spirit Ball techniques.

2. Cannot use a portal.
3. If hit by a Spirit Bomb, character is killed no matter what power difference.

Q: What about Hybrid characters?

A: Hybrid characters are completely customized characters with unique characteristics.

When creating a hybrid, you can select it’s gender, appearance and any two racial perks.
However, keep in mind that when creating a hybrid character, you must select which race
will be the dominant race. When you select a dominant race, you will also receive that
race’s flaw.
Hybrid Racial Perk Advantages:

• Namekian – Mystic Attack or Regeneration.

• Saiyan – Oozaru or increased rewards from losing battles.
• Android – Built-In Scouter, Ki Disruptor, Hikou OR Battle Fatigue immunity.
• Human – Sense or Leadership.
• Changeling – First transformation or start with an underling.
• Demon – Faster revival time or being able to become Majin.
• Alien – 3 accessory slots or +2 to a stat from any side job.

Hybrid Racial Perk Disadvantages:

• Namekian – Must start on the planet Namek.

• Saiyan - Saiyan tail grabbing flaw.
• Android – Cannot use senzu beans
• Human – Start with -4 all stats
• Changeling – Must start on the planet Frieza
• Demon – Cannot use Spirit Bomb or Spirit Ball
• Alien – Use disadvantage from other chosen race.

Q: How do I find Dragon Balls?

A: Any Dragon Ball takes 1 week to track. You must declare if you’re searching for Dragon
Balls in your update. You cannot build items, master train nor do jobs while searching.
Namekians will find 3 Dragon Balls every 2 weeks of searching (This does not stack with
the radar). Both the Earth and Namekian Dragon Balls will grant one wish.

After you track down a Dragon Ball, you must accept its designated quest to obtain it and
you will receive quest roleplay bonuses for it (All quest rules apply). If you are carrying a
Dragon Ball, you are subject to sneak attacks. If you leave the planet and have any Dragon
Balls, they will be lost.

Q: Can I wish for anything? I wish to PWN!

A: No Billy, but you CAN wish for the following:

1. 1,250 all stats including 5,000 ki and 10,000 PL or 10% PL (Distributed evenly among
2. 3,000 zenni
3. Any item from the items page besides rare items.
4. Any 1 person back from death (3 if they’re Namekian Dragon Balls)
5. You must ask staff for any other wish you might think of.

Q: What happens when I die? Is it permanent?

A: In the world of Dragon Ball, nobody seems to ever stay dead for too long. When you’re
killed, you will be sent to King Yemma’s in the Other World where you will remain waiting in
line for a week.

Q: All right, so I’m waiting in line to be judged. Then what?

A: Once it is your turn, King Yemma will then judge you based on your actions while you
were alive. If evil, you will be sent to Hell where you cannot purchase the ‘normal’ Other
World items but only those unique to Hell. If good, you will be sent to Heaven. If neutral,
you will be sent to Fairfield.