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Romeo & Juliet Unit



Layered curriculum allows you more choice in your assignments. Each layer requires a
different level of thinking. Layer C is the most basic knowledge for the unit. In order to earn
a “C” grade, you need to complete the amount of points required for that layer. Layer B
requires you to apply the knowledge you gained in Layer C. In order to earn a “B” grade, you
need to complete the amount of points required for that layer. Layer A requires you to think
critically about the unit, and to make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections.
In order to receive an “A” grade, you need to complete the required points for Layer A. DO
NOT lose this paper! If you lose it, you will be required to re-do the assignments that were
signed off.

Deadlines: Level C: Level B: Level A:

Layer C-Basic Knowledge

Assignment Points Points Teacher’s

Possib Earne Initials
le d
ACT I Study Guide 20
ACT II Study Guide 20
ACT III Study Guide 20
ACT IV Study Guide 20
ACT V Study Guide 20
The Elizabethan Era Web Search 15
Love Opinionnaire 15
Ranking Relationships 15
“Painful Memories of Dating” By David Barry 15
Prologue DRTA 15
Writing a Sonnet 15
“Horse” DRTA 15
Create 10 Vocabulary Flash cards with definitions 15
“The Chaser “ DRTA 15
Character Inference 15
Personification 15
Simile 15
Guided Imagery: Draw an important scene in the book 15
Shakespeare in the Classroom Movie Quiz 20
*Comprehension (Act I) Quiz #1 20
*Comprehension (Act II & III) Quiz #2 20
*Comprehension (Act IV & V) Quiz #3 20
Total Points for Layer C (300 required)
Layer B-Application

Assignment Points Points Teacher

Possib Earne ’s
le d Initials
Feel out a “What It Says” sheet for a quotation from each 25
Create a Wordle from an important scene in the book. 25
Write a page explaining why this scene is important.
Create 5 sonnets using the same theme (see rubric) 25
Re-write a scene using a different genre (rap, western, 25
surfer, sci-fi, etc.)
Perform a scene from the play using props 25
Parent/Teenager Survey 25
Total Points for Layer B (50 required)

Layer A-Critical Thinking: Essential Question

What makes a good relationship?

Who is most culpable for the deaths of Juliet and Romeo?

You may come up with your own essential question. Make sure I approve it before
you begin your project.

Assignment Points Points Teache

Possibl Earne r’s
e d Initials
Create a powerpoint (15 slides) that answers an essential 30
question for the play.
Create a poster that answers an essential question for 30
the play. Check out
Create a video (4-5 minutes) that answers an essential 30
question for the book. Try
Conduct three interviews related to an essential question 30
for the book. Write an interview article (2 pages)
reporting your results (turn in notes with article).
Write a 3-4 page persuasive essay answering an 60
essential question. Support your argument using quotes
from the text.
Total Points for Layer A (60 required)

Total Points for Unit /400