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Aramaic Annotations: Pt.

© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb |

Name Script Transliterations Sound

’aleph ‫א‬ ’
beth ‫ב‬ b v
beth ‫בּ‬ b b
gimmel ‫ג‬ g g
gimmel ‫גּ‬ g g
daleth ‫ד‬ d th
daleth ‫דּ‬ d d
he ‫ה‬ h h
waw ‫ו‬ w w
A zayin ‫ז‬ z z
R heh ‫ח‬ ḥ ch
A tet ‫ט‬ ṭ t
yodh ‫י‬ y y
M kaph ‫כ‬ k ch
A kaph ‫כּ‬ k k
I final kaph ‫ך‬ k k
C final kaph w/shewa ‫ְך‬ k k
lamed ‫ל‬ l l
mem ‫מ‬ m m
L final mem ‫ם‬ m m
E nun ‫נ‬ n n
final nun ‫ן‬ n n
T samek ‫ס‬ s s
T ayin ‫ע‬ ‘
E peh ‫פ‬ p f / ph
R peh ‫פּ‬ p p
final peh ‫ף‬ p p
S tsade ‫צ‬ ṣ ts
final tsade ‫ץ‬ ṣ ts
© qoph ‫ק‬ q q
resh ‫ר‬ r r
sin ‫שׂ‬ ś ś
shin ‫שׁ‬ š sh
T. shin (dotless) ‫ש‬ š sh
MICHAEL taw ‫ת‬ t t
HALCOMB holem ֹ‫א‬ ōw so
shureq ‫וּ‬ ūw soon
hireq ‫ִא‬ i hip
hireq yodh ‫ִאי‬ ī y ring
tsere ‫ֵא‬ e / ē they
segol ‫ֶא‬ e ed
hataf segol ‫ֱא‬ ě eh
qibbuts ‫ֻא‬ u book
shewa ‫ְא‬ ə uh
qamets / qamets qatan ‫ָא‬ a/o father / stop
hataf qamets ‫ֳא‬ ǒ ah
hataf patah ‫ֲא‬ ǎ ah
patah ‫ַא‬ a cat
patah yodh ‫אַי‬ ay hay
dagesh ‫אּ‬ These three contain no specific sounds in and of
stress / accent mark ◌֫ themselves but indicate pronunciation. They appear
in transliteration the same way they do in Aramaic.
rafe ‫ֿא‬

1. Note that vowel points are not in alphabetical order here but rather in the order
used in pt. 4 of this series.
2. Note that the patah yodh and the rafe are new items in this list.
3. Note that there are 35 consonants, 14 vowel point marks and 3 other diacritical
marks mentioned in this list.
4. Remember that the aleph used w/vowel points and other marks is only a
placeholder. The marks are what should be committed to memory!