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H. Ronald Dhanram Cell: 516.790.3990; Home: 352.432.

3055 Chavez Ave, Clermont FL 34715 email:

Operations and Strategic Management professional with 20 years experience in product & project
management, credit card & statement production, risk management & fraud prevention, compliance
auditing, direct mail fulfillment & presort solutions, postal affairs & regulatory compliance, global parcel
services & logistics, manufacturing, warehouse distribution & inventory control, and procurement.

Excellent communication, analytical and research skills; flexible & adaptable with strong work ethic;
proficient in planning, organizing, problem solving and decision making; effectively manage multiple
priorities. Dedicated and committed to professionalism in a multicultural work environment.

Demonstrated success in leading operational efficiencies, resource utilization, cost management, fraud &
risk prevention / mitigation, customer contact & relationship management, team building, quality
management systems, revenue generation, planning, developing and executing strategic plans.


Obtain a management position with an organization where I can utilize my skills, industry knowledge and
experience to improve operational efficiencies, increase profitability, and enhance mutual growth.


Vice President: Product Management & Mail Terminal Reengineering Nov 2007 – Jan 2009
DHL Global Mail, 2700 S. Commerce Parkway, Weston FL 33331: An $800M global parcel delivery,
courier and logistic services company, primarily servicing B2C and the pharmaceutical industry and
utilizing USPS work share programs for last mile delivery.

• Managed global parcel distribution domestic business unit and achieved 30% revenue growth.

• Restructured product management, commercial pricing, business analysis, business process

improvement, customer solutions and postal relations departments. Improved operational
efficiencies and reduced business unit cost by 20%.

• Achieved on-time implementation and compliance of USPS regulatory changes including postage
rate increases, to optimize available postage discount potential and value added incentives.

• Reengineered Mail Terminal Operations and reduced operations and supplies cost by $5.2M.

• Implemented fraud reduction solutions at 18 sites and reduced $3.4M internal & external fraud.

• Conducted sourcing activities and implemented three-tiered procurement process; reduced $900K
associated cost of maintaining and servicing multiple supplies vendors.

• Managed major accounts to insure customer satisfaction, business retention and growth.

• Developed strategies to reverse downward trending and negative margin accounts to regain 18%
business volume and increased margin on these accounts by 6%.

• Implemented quality system and reduced cost of quality by $900K annually.

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• Implemented balance scorecard metrics for performance visibility and trend analysis.

• Communicated with customers to provide expert advice and timely problem resolution.

• Developed sales and marketing strategies to support sales team and sales quota achievement.

• Prepared and managed RFP, RFQ and Contracts Administration to win and retain customers.

• Prepared and Presented monthly overall P&L activity to senior management.

• Prepared and presented monthly initiatives updates to Operation Council & Board Members.

• Conducted due diligence for Merger and Acquisition to grow and diversify business offering.

Vice President: Operations, Sorting Products & Strategic Initiatives Mar 2005 – Nov 2007
Bowe Bell + Howell, 760 S. Wolf Road, Wheeling IL, 60090: A $700M mailing equipment
manufacturing and software engineering company, servicing the domestic and international markets,
including the United States Postal Services.

• Successfully managed product management, supply chain, warehouse & inventory control,
materials planning, market intelligence, manufacturing engineering, pricing, and business
solutions departments to achieve established revenue targets.

• Enhanced procurement and supply chain process and reduced 15% materials procurement cost.

• Implemented Lean Manufacturing and Kanban process and achieved 25% processing efficiencies.

• Outsourced manufacturing assembled components and reduced labor, transportation and

procurement cost by 20%.

• Implemented product life cycle process to effectively manage product development activities and
resource utilization cross functionally.

• Successfully implemented initiatives to recover and collect $6.8M of 250 days aged account
receivables within three months. Improved payment processing receivables by 15%.

• Managed order fulfillment to meet customer requirements and on time delivery.

• Managed customer implementation to achieve customer satisfaction and order acceptance.

• Delivered presentation on Product Offerings to customers to support Sales initiatives and goals.

• Organized customer symposium to educate customers on new product offering, changes in Postal
Regulations, and getting customers prepared for USPS regulatory compliance.

• Managed Software Annuity business to insure new business growth and continuous revenue flow.

• Championed competitive sorting business acquisition to increase revenues by $120M.

• Worked with Human Resources to implement and manage employee recognition program.

• Collaboratively participated in corporate team to perform gap analysis, technology and efficiency
assessments to improve operational efficiencies.

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Senior Vice President: Operations & Strategic Planning Executive May 2000 – Mar 2005
Fala Direct Marketing, 40 Daniel Street, Farmingdale NY 11747: A $100M document composition,
direct mail fulfillment, mail presort and logistics company, servicing major financial institutions and
direct marketing organizations with variable digital personalization and mailing solutions.

• Implemented innovative technologies and process improvement strategies and reduced $4.2M
operating cost.

• Reengineered work shifts, equipment configuration and process flows to reduce $4M labor cost.

• Implemented MPTQM and ISO-9000 Quality Management Systems and reduced $2.2M COPQ.

• Implemented Risk Management department to reduce credit card non-receipt fraud by $3M

• Implemented business strategies to diversify product offerings and increased revenue by $26M.

• Conducted M&A due diligence and prepared company for merger and strategic growth.

• Implemented Logistics & Distribution subsidiary to expedite mail and increased $30M revenue.

• Reengineered mail presorting division to reduce operating cost and improve margin by 12%.

• Implemented Employee Incentive Program, thereby reducing operating cost by $1.8M annually
and increasing production by 30%.

• Restructured supply chain and procurement departments; reduced working capital cost and
improved PPV by 12%.

• Reengineered warehouse & inventory control and achieved 25% efficiency improvement.

• Restructured Transportation & Logistics, using 3PL vendors, and achieved $900K cost savings.

• Implemented Variable Digital Print processing to penetrate customized marketing communication

segment and to initiate a new revenue stream.

Vice President: Production Services, Quality& Postal Affairs Jun 1984 – May 2000
Chase Manhattan Bank, 3 Delaware Drive, New Hyde Park, NY 11042: A multibillion dollar
financial institution, investment banking and major credit card issuer, with mailing & fulfillment
operations in New York and Arizona.

• Managed credit card, statement production and related mailing to insure timely delivery to
customers and improved payment processing receivables by 15%.

• Implemented selective inserting, file base processing and document tracking for statements to
enhance mailing integrity, accountability, customer satisfaction and fraud reduction.

• Implemented in-house Mail Presort Operations and reduced postage costs by $6M annually.

• Implemented credit card commingling process and reduced non-receipt credit card fraud by $8M.

• Implemented PostalOne! Logistics and Tray Management System to mitigate mail perpetration
and further reduce non-receipt fraud for checks and other negotiable instruments.

• Participated in a national coalition with financial institutions and USPS to combat mail fraud.

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• Performed internal audits of personnel and departments to eliminate collusion and internal fraud.

• Managed warehouse, inventory control and distribution of bank supplies and negotiable
instruments to achieve 99.8% accuracy.

• Implemented quality management system to insure customer satisfaction & reduced $1M COPQ.

• Managed Postal Relations to insure full compliance to USPS rules, regulations, and changes, and
to maximize postage savings that are available through USPS work share discounts.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Queens College, New York.
• Associate Degree in Business Management, LaGuardia College, New York.
• General Certificate of Education, Guyana Polytechnic College, Mahaica, British Guyana.
• Certificates:
o Leadership Training - Total Quality Management, MPTQM & ISO 9000.
o Production Management - MIT off-campus training program.
o Mail Center Management Professional.
o Situational leadership Training I & II.
o Problem Solving Decision Making.
o The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
o First Choice Quality Initiative Champion.


• Outstanding Leadership Award: Fala Direct Marketing.
• Pathfinder Award: United State Postal Service - Innovation in
Technology and Work Sharing
• Industry Excellence Award: United States Postal Service - Superior
Performance and Technological
• Readability Improvement Leadership Award: United States Postal Service - Mailing Industry
• Mail Magazine and Computer World: Recognition for Technological Enhancements
Initiatives and Partnership with the
United States Postal Service & Equipment
- Tim Kelliher, SVP: DHL Global Mail; Ph 954-903-6387;
- Mike Swift, President: Bowe Bell + Howell; Ph 847-423-7550;
- Steven Paladino, CFO: Norca; Ph 516-946-8392;
- Terry Dawson, COO: Fala Direct Marketing; Ph 516-732-7225;

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