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Regarding attachmentsuploaded on google drive : http://goo.

gl/xVGix4 (filename: ) are case's groups list and case's

financial reporting. Discuss and search the information, please.
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Case 4
Case 5

Danisworo Dimas

Aulia Annisa Izzati

Leni Nur Pratiwi

Putra Sugih Sutrisno

Hasanah Afriyanti

Randy Heriyanto

Kusumastuti Endah

Martia Dina Yeni

Fiesty Utami


Students in the same group are required to get together to discuss the case assignment during the period of October 27 to October 31.
Please note that topics on Industrial analysis and Enterprise analysis have been covered in the lecture held on October 25. Financial statement
analysis will be covered in the lecture held in the morning, November 1.)


The tentative class schedule on Saturday, November 1, is as follows:




Lunch Break
* Students of same group are strongly advised to get together during lunch break to eat lunch and discuss the case at the same



Group Discussion
*Students of same group discuss the case in the classroom MD 105 and prepare for an oral and power point presentation.


Group presentation
*Each group makes a 20-minutes oral and power-point presentation.
*Instructor will provide comments after each group presentation.


Q&A for students and instructor

Please also note that each group need to bring at least one Laptop computer to the classroom on November 1. You will need to use
the laptop computer on November 1, to help you produce the power power presentation.


Grading principle - Group presentation + Individual report

Dear students,

I will assign a group grade for the group presentation, but also requires each student of the group to write a short, individual paper
summarizing what he/she learned from the case assignment and what he/she contributed to the group. If the individual report demonstrates a poor
understanding of the material or a low level of participation in the group, I will reserve the right to lower the individuals grade. If it is particularly
informed, thorough, or demonstrates an exceptionally high contribution to the group, I will raise the individuals grade.
Please note that each individual student is required to submit an individual paper summarizing what he/she learns from the case
assignment and what he/she contributes to the group discussion and presentation. Individual paper is due on Thursday, November 6, at
5pm. The electronic file of the individual report is required to be sent to, and a paper copy of the individual report is
required to be submitted to MD 505 (My office).
Shew-Huei Kuo