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ted taupier

Thursday, December 18, 2014 3:46 PM
ted taupier
Re: second request of the treatment plan and status for Gabriel and Sara

I do have your first email and I am working on getting you a summary of my sessions and up to date
impressions of the kids. Sorry for the delay but things have been quite busy and swamped. I will
send out something early next week.
Again sorry for the delay.
Take care
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Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 5:49:36 PM
Subject: second request of the treatment plan and status for Gabriel and Sara


1. Thechildrenhavehadseveralvisits,theyarehappyandexcitedandveryhappywhilebeinghereintheirbirth
2. Ihavedeepconcernsabouttheschoolawarenessandtheiractivenessinmanagingthehelprequiredsupport
3. Icurrentlyreceivenoinformationaboutthechildrenfromschoolandtheirschooladministrationwillnot
4. IhavenoinformationabouttheirschoollifeandtheirconditionwhileinschoolandIalsoreceiveblockedemail
5. **noteafterthepoliceextractionandchildrencustodialkidnappingbyCromwellPoliceandTanya,the
6. IamcurrentlywonderingalsoifyouhavereportedandinvestigatedthesexualabuseallegationsfromlastSept








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Subject: Note of concern about the children
Importance: High

Hello Nancy,
I have been seeing the children and have seen very different displays of behaviors as of late with my visitation
time with my children.

My question is:
1. When did you last observed the children and what is the latest report I can share in discussing with you
on a phone call
2. Please send all reports ( analysis and treatment progress) and the childrens files to myself
3. What are the now current symptoms you are observing and those from school and has anything changed
in the last two weeks ?
4. When was the last time you contracted the school physiologist and how many times have you
documented the interface with the school and school officials
5. I would like the entire comprehensive file and all your reports to date that clearly outlines and
documents the issue at hand with both Gabriel and Sara
6. Please provide all school based contacts and informational reports provided by the school
My family ( supervisors ) and I have not seen none normal behaviors with the new interaction with the children,
and their behaviors. These differences would lead us to believe there are psychosocial and environmental
problems as you mention in the previous email. The children are extremely excited to come home and visit
and to see dogs and their home. They then also exhibit serious stress, depression and sadness in leaving their
birth home after weekly visits. ( crying and emotional shut down )
Treatment Progression Status :
1. How is your treatment progressing with the children and what is the current treatment schedule to
handle the emotional and behavioral issues now being observed by your treatment?
2. Please provide the notes and reports of the stressful life events, anxieties, fears, depression and
relationship breakdowns progressing within the childrens behavior set.
I and my family have significant concerns of the following issues :
There is likely to be some awkwardness from separation, this separation was done with custody ex-parte
motion from Tanya with total disregard to the best interest of the children.
However the children are now displaying behaviors inconsistent with just separation and are now displaying
clear behaviors that are a direct result of Tanyas parenting behavior which is not supportive of the fostering
or encouraging a positive relationship with the other non custodial parent.
Other issues that I have noticed are appearing that should be addressed :
1. Problems related to social environment living alone in a small apt without daily personal and
community friendships, both children dont have community friends at aftercare and are especially
isolated in the warehouse aftercare
2. Educational problems: illiteracy, academic problems, not liking school and little or no interest in school,
this was never the case in the past, what has changed?
3. Housing problems : living in the small apt and having to share a single bedroom, feeling isolated, not
sleeping well, fear, anger, hostility, guilt, shame, sleep disturbances, eating disorders
4. Gabriel is feeling isolated and alone, with a none nurturing environment, mother is emotionally closed
he is not close to her.

Please send me the entire file for the children and the therapy treatments you have employed for the past two
years of treatment. Once I receive these files we should schedule a time to further discuss by phone.

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Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2014 3:28 PM
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Subject: FW: Update - Gabriel and Sara Taupier in Crisis in Ellington no access to father
Dear Nancy Eiswirth Phd,
Clinical and Forensic Psychology

First off, I am shocked at this therapist report. The fact that the children are only 20+ days into a new school
year and the crisis you see has become that apparent is appalling and extremely dire for their sake. The
issues at school for the children and especially my son have not been communicated to me by any
administrator of Ellington schools.
There is a significant issue being created by Ellington school administration, the fact that the administration
staff and teachers have not been transparent about these issues and are covering this up is very alarming.
1. David Welch the new principle and his all new administration staff have yet to contact me
with regards to this new alarming behavior from my children.
2. I find it strange that you have seen them for 3 small visits and you are now aware of these
significant issues, yet the children attend school every day but teachers and staff have yet to
communicate this level of concern. This situation you describe was my concern from last school
year based on the bulling incident that was swept under the rug by then exiting assistant
principle and principle.
3. The NEW TEMPERARY Assist. Principle was also told to never talked to me again by the
administration, following the aftermath of the Cromwell Police forced kidnapping of my children
under no criminal authorization from the court. The Cromwell Police initiated a phone call to
the school to inform them the children would be extracted under armed uniform police on the
childrens first day of second grade.
4. This action by the Cromwell police to call the school and initiated the armed extraction of two
second graders not in harms way or any danger @ 10:00am is completely irresponsible,
especially since the state was also conducting at the same time the Sandy Hook Commission on
how to keep our children safe in our CT schools?
5. Here is the link to the video documenting the kidnapping event involving the illegal Cromwell
Police action and Tanya: causing child endangerment and educational neglect.
a. 27 Aug 2014 Notice the assistant superintendent of Cromwell schools classifying the
event as Educational Neglect and Emotional and Moral Neglect

b. ( Cromwell Police involved in a family court action and

kidnapping )
c. NO abuse or neglect reports were filed by Cromwell schools or Ellington schools despite
their direct involvement and mandated reporter status, they never acknowledged the
neglect by the Cromwell police and their mother.
6. Last April when researching a bulling situation in Ellington involving my son Gabriel, I was
horrified at the process and the admission of guilt by the assistant principle of the abuse
experienced by my son at the hand of other students. He was then punished by the school for
protecting his person and further punitively punished by his mother where food was removed
and all electronic game access for several days. The assistant principle documented the event
and the horror and humiliation my son Gabriel experienced. She then blamed him for the
bulling event to his own person; he was the only child disciplined for the unfortunate event.
7. This past summer I communicated several times that a change in schools would help the
children significantly and add to their stability. I also identified that the new Ellington school
administration ( New Principle, New assistant Principle and Temporary Assist Principle) would

increase the childrens instability experienced at the school. Couple that with the children
having to be warehoused so Tanya can pursuit her wondrous executive career at Aetna, all of
these factors would impact the children in a very negative way. I stand validated by your
attached email and your observations, this is a sad situation for my children.
8. I had no idea of the magnitude of the negative effect of the Ellington schools and the living
environment would pose upon my children. This past August I enrolled the children in
Cromwell Schools. The children were very happy and comfortable in Edna C Stevens school .15
miles from our home. They were very excited to attend the new school so close to their very
comfortable birth home. As you know they now share a single bedroom with toddler bunk beds
and do not have animals or 1acr piece of property to play on. I also had hired a nanny and I
worked from home. The children would have come home every day and not be warehoused in
random childcare. They were also enrolled in their previous fencing activity and they would
have not be emotional and morally neglected as they are now.
9. Unfortunately, with a purchased of the family court decision the family court, corrupt Judges,
illegal police actions and extortionist GALs working against my childrens best interest, the
children are now a product of their environment created by the powers of family court and the
undiagnosed mental illness of Tanya.
Nancy, I have no custodial rights, the Family Court & Family/Criminal Court Judges have stripped my
rights without due process from my person and with no hearing and no evidence. 30+ US supreme
court decisions saying state family courts have no right to remove fit parents from their childrens
lives, it appears that CT family courts, local Police are not aligned with civil rights in America and that
of the children in their communities.
I would say you probably need to call Judge Simon and Bozutto, tell them that story about their
children, seek their advice. Tell them about the abuse and crisis happening and then tell them they are
now responsible for the destruction of two beautiful children and they with Tanya are responsible for
this bad psychological condition. Best guess is you should seek their advise, they made all the
decision to get here, let them figure the way out.
Judge Bozutto also signed a ex parte motion ( 22/23 Aug ) clarifying that the Cromwell schools are
causing psychological harm to children. That with the Cromwell Police, Tanya and Geri Ficarra said it
would be psychologically harmful for the Gabriel and Sara to attend the Cromwell Public School.
In Closing:
Nancy, I have no human rights in CT as a biological father to effectively parent my children. All my childrens
rights to have a father and my father hood rights were all removed illegally by the CT courts and without due
This is a DIRECT VIOLATION OF MY CHILDRENS CIVIL RIGHTS. I have not seen them in over 30+ days, and
due to the draconian actions of the judges (Simon, Bozutto, Gold) and their mother, I now have 12 min of
phone contact a week for both. The phone calls are always cut short by Tanya and are an ineffective method
of shared parenting. This approach was dictated by the Ct Judicial System, based on hearsay and no factual
These actions by the CT judges are punitive retaliation by J-Simon against a loving and caring father. All
Tanya needs to do is send the children to their home and their father and all this would go away. But that
action does not fill the pockets of Judges and lawyers buying decisions.

Other issue:
The sexual abuse from a male baby sitter is also a concern, and even after a year, my sons allegations have
never been addressed by mandated reporters or investigators, law enforcement or the GAL/court or DCF.

Margaret Bozek, agent of the court and Judge ( Bozutto ) stated in her grievance affidavit that these
allegations made by my son were disingenuous. These conditions are all indicative of a corrupt process and
paid for decisions in CT Family Court by sociopathic litigants in the normal day to day process for CT family
The only remedy I can see, might be in 8-10 years from now when my children are aged out, drug addicted or
prostitutes and I find them again and provide them with the capacity to reconnect with their biological father.
Believe me I would love to help, but at this point I am a spectator. I have no job, no money and I am on
house arrest for an alleged misdemeanor.
Its too bad you could not be an able voice for my children who are now being abused and destroyed by their
Mother/Counsel and Judges. Hopefully someone will at some point have their best interests in mind. Im
truly sorry for Tanya not explaining all the destruction she and her lawyer have executed in conjunction with
the corrupt Judges, ( Bozutto ).
I always thought you were part of the corrupt Judicial System, I guess my feeling were right.
Please when and if you see my children let them know I love them and will never stop loving them.
All the best,
Ted Taupier

** The interesting fact is that Tanya has changed all their primary care physicians, due to the statement that
the old ones do not accept insurance, here you are admitting there is no insurance and she keeps the children
there? Sounds like she is hiding something from a medical basis ?

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Sent: Friday, October 10, 2014 2:34 PM
To: ted taupier
Subject: Update

I wanted to drop you a line about the kids and my current concerns as well as to see if we could set up a
time for you to come in and talk about the kids. I have seen each of them 3 times, the first time in a family
session with Mom and the other two as individual time with each of them.
When they first returned, there were concerns about the new crises, the separation from you and acting out by
Gab at school -- some aggressive talk which is extremely unusual for him. As I've told you before, neither of
them like to directly talk about the family conflicts ( that is too intense for them). Currently this is seriously
symptomatic but that does not mean they are not impacted by the actions and conflicts.
They have very differing personalities and my concerns are what symptoms you may see in the long run I.e.
Gab internalizing everything and Sara's potential to act out at later developmental stages.
Can you give me a call to set up a time we can get together and talk about the kids? 'm n all next week I have
varying times free but FYI I am on hold for court (which the attorneys have not yet given me a specific time or
day for yet), but we should fairly easily find a mutual time.

Also I did see some correspondence between everyone with a mention by your attorney about changing
therapists. If that is what is decided by you guys, that is fine. I just think it needs to be done in a planned way
in which a transition can happen without the kids feeling that there is another sudden change and loss that they
are not prepared for.
I perfectly understand if you want to find someone in network. (I know there is a large out of network
deductible when using me) If there are other reasons to change ( ie. specifically about me) can we talk about
that when we get together?.
Thank you,
Nancy Eiswirth
Nancy A. Eiswirth, PhD
Clinical and Forensic Psychology
664 Prospect Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
Telephone (860) 236-8087
Fax (860) 586-7422