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Volume 9 - No. 2 February 2010

Masterpiece Classic:
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Cover – Masterpiece
Classics: Emma- pg 28

in the news
Oh, the Places You’ve Been!
What stands out when you think of your most
memorable past vacations? An off-the-beaten track
destination? A unique tour or adventure? A
deserted tropical beach? An elegant urban hotel?
A mountain hide-away with majestic views? A
hole-in-the-wall café with fabulous food? What
ever it was, the KRCB Travel, Leisure & Wine
Auction wants to hear from you!
You’re invited to go online to and tell
us about your favorite travel, leisure and wine experiences.
It’s easy and fun! If you have pictures from your trip, you are
also welcome to post them on our site.
The KRCB Auction
team will be reviewing
your comments, and any
accommodations, activities
or wineries that you recom-
mend will be contacted and
invited to participate in
our events for your bidding
It’s a new way to be a part of our upcoming online and
televised auctions:

Travel, Leisure & Wine Auction, to be broadcast

Friday April 23 through Sunday April 25 and Friday April 30 through Sunday May 2.
And, just for fun, on
Friday June 18 through Sunday June 20,
we’ll have another online and televised segment of this very popular auction!

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Bruce Robinson, Editor - Deena “Connie” Berens, Designer

KRCB in the community

Seneca Falls documentary debuts

March is Women’s History Month (thanks to the Santa Rosa-based National Women’s
History Project) and KRCB is delighted to introduce a great new program with which to
celebrate. Louise Vance, an independent film producer from Sebastopol, has completed a
fantastic documentary, Seneca Falls, tracing the journey of nine Bay Area young women as
they traveled to Seneca Falls, New York in the summer of 1998. They were celebrating the
150th anniversary of the first women’s rights convention, held in that upstate New York
On Saturday, February 27, KRCB will join with the
Analy Honor Choir for a benefit screening of Seneca Falls at
Analy High School in Sebastopol at 7:30 pm. Proceeds will
support both the Honor Choir’s upcoming trip to Carnegie
Hall and producer Vance’s efforts to support public screen-
ings and local broadcasts of the film across the country.
For tickets and further information on the screening go to

Dear Member,
Over the past several months you have seen KRCB increasingly using the expression
“public media” rather than “public broadcasting.” I thought you might be curious what
that shift signified.
As we have discussed in these pages over the past two years, KRCB has a broad
definition of our job in the community. Our mission statement captures the commitment
most clearly: “In order to encourage full participation in society and community, KRCB
provides educational, informational, and cultural telecommunications services in partner-
ship with our community.” Our goal is not simply to provide the best possible television
and radio service, but to use all the telecommunications tools available to us to serve the
community. So you will see an increasing amount of content and opportunity to
communicate and discuss at our web site, We will welcome your feedback
as this service develops.
And because we are working “in partnership with our community,”
you will find us very present outside of our studios, working with our
valuable community colleagues to focus attention, stimulate discus-
sion, and encourage engagement across a wide range of issues and
concerns. So, “public media” encompasses all the tools available to us
to carry out that very ambitious mission statement. And, as I always
say, your loyal and generous support makes it possible for KRCB
to be one of the most forward looking stations in the nation.
Thanks a million.

Nancy Dobbs
President and CEO
Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?
Is torture ever justified? Would you steal a drug your child needs to survive? Is it
sometimes wrong to tell the truth? How much is one human life worth? What do you
think and why? Take a front seat for the first course Harvard has ever made available
to everyone on the air.
Session Five: Libertarians believe the ideal state is a
society with minimal governmental interference. Profes-
sor Michael Sandel introduces Robert Nozick, a libertar-
ian philosopher, who argues that individuals have the
fundamental right to choose how they want to live their
own lives.
Government shouldn’t have the power to enact laws that
protect people from themselves (seat belt laws), to enact
laws that force a moral value on society, or enact laws that
redistribute income from the rich to the poor.
Session Six: Libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick makes the case that taxing the
wealthy—to pay for housing, health care, and education for the poor—is a form of coer-
cion. Students first discuss the arguments in favor of redistributive taxation. If you live in a
society that has a system of progressive taxation, aren’t you obligated to pay your taxes? Don’t
the poor need and deserve the social services they receive? And isn’t wealth often achieved
through sheer luck or family fortune?
Monday, February 1 at 9 pm

Session Seven: John Locke is both a supporter and detractor of the theory of
Libertarianism. Locke argues that in the ‘state of nature’, before any political structure has
been established, every human has certain natural rights to life, liberty—and property. How-
ever, once we agree to enter into society, we are consenting to being governed by a system
of laws. And so, Locke argues, even though government is charged with looking after one’s
individual rights, it is the majority that defines those rights.
Session Eight: John Locke on the issue of taxation and consent. How does John Locke
square away the conflict between 1) his belief that individuals have an unalienable right to
life, liberty, and property and 2) that government ‘through majority rule’ can tax individuals
without their consent? Doesn’t that amount to taking an individual’s property without his/
her consent?
Monday, February 8 at 9 pm

Session Nine: During the Civil War, men were conscripted to fight in the war—but
draftees were allowed to pay hired substitutes to fight in their place. Professor Sandel asks
students: was this policy an example of free-market exchange? Or was it a form of coercion,
because the lower class surely had more of a financial incentive to serve? This leads to a class-
room debate about the contemporary questions surrounding war and conscription.
Session Ten: Professor Sandel applies the issue of free-market exchange to a contempo-
rary and controversial new area: reproductive rights. Sandel describes bizarre examples of
the modern-day ‘business’ of sperm and egg donation. Sandel then takes the debate a step
further, using the famous legal case of “Baby M,” which raised the question of ‘who owns a
baby’? Mary Beth Whitehead signed a contract with a New Jersey couple in the mid-eighties,
agreeing to be their surrogate mother, in exchange for a large fee. But 24 hours after giving
(continued on next page
birth, Whitehead decided she wanted to keep the child and the case went to court. Students
discuss the morality of selling human life, the legal issues surrounding consent and contracts,
and the power of maternal rights.
Monday, February 15 at 9 pm

Session Eleven: Professor Sandel introduces Immanuel Kant—one of the most

challenging and difficult thinkers in his course. Kant believes we, as individuals, are sacred
and the bearer of rights, but not because we own ourselves. Rather, it is our capacity to
reason and choose freely that makes us unique, that sets us apart from mere animals. And
when we act out of duty (doing something because it is right) only then do our actions have
moral worth.
Session Twelve: Immanuel Kant says that in so far as our actions have moral worth, what
confers moral worth is precisely our capacity to rise above self-interest and inclination and
to act out of duty. Sandel tells the true story of a 13-year old boy who won a spelling bee
contest, but then admitted to the judges that he had, in fact, misspelled the final word. Using
this story and others, Sandel explains Kant’s test for determining whether an action is morally
right: when making a decision, imagine if the moral principle behind your actions became
a universal law that everyone had to live by. Would that principle, as a universal law, benefit
Monday, February 22 at 9 pm

Join Burt Wolf on a 2010

European River Cruise
and help support KRCB Public Media

This is an opportunity for a limited number of people to travel this

summer with Burt Wolf, host of Travels & Traditions, see the sights and
help support KRCB. Information is available at or
call 1-888-365-3443.
KRCB TV 22 honors Black History Month
Locked Out: The Fall of Massive Resistence
Marking the 50th anniversary of the reopening of public
schools in Virginia and the historic 1959 fall of Massive
Resistance, the Community Idea Stations. This film profiles
the tragedies and triumphs of the children of Virginia who
found themselves on the front lines of cultural war that
desegregated Virginia Public schools and forever altered
American history.
Tuesday, February 9 at 9 pm

American Masters: Sam Cooke: Crossing Over

Sam Cooke put the spirit of the Black church into popu-
lar music—creating a new sound and setting into motion
a chain of events that forever altered the course of popular
music and race relations in America. With “You Send Me”
in 1957, Cooke became the first African-American artist
to reach #1 on both the R&B and the pop charts. It was
groundbreaking. It was also risky for this young gospel
performer to alienate his fans by embracing “the devil’s
music”—but he proved, with his pop/gospel hybrid, that it
was, indeed, possible to win over white teenage listeners and
keep his faithful church followers intact.
Wednesday, February 10 at 8 pm

An Evening with Smokey Robinson

This program provides an inside look into the life and
career of Motown legend Smokey Robinson. Taped at
Northwestern University Law School’s Thorne Auditorium,
An Evening With Smokey Robinson is hosted by veteran jour-
nalist Gwen Ifill and features musical tributes from artists
Teena Marie, Howard Hewett and Musiq Soulchild.
Wednesday, February 10 at 9 pm

Great Performances: Passing Strange

Passing Strange is the story of a young African-
American man on a journey of escape, exploration and
self-discovery. Recorded at the end of its Broadway run
in July, 2008, by Spike Lee, the musical is the semi-
autobiographical story of a young black man who leaves
behind his middle-class, church-ruled upbringing in
mid-70s Los Angeles to travel to Europe in search of
his artistic and personal identity, or what he calls “the
real.” There he finds he can exploit his “South Central”
persona, playing the cool black expatriate-
musician until he learns complexity and hypocrisy are
not limited to middle-class African-American life, and
only love is truly more than real.

Wednesday, February 17 at 8 pm
For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots
This PBS miniseries uses letters, diaries, speeches, journalistic accounts, historical text,
and military records to document and acknowledge the sacrifices and accomplishments
of African-American service men and women since the earliest days of the republic. The
story spans the Revolution to Iraq and examines why, despite enormous injustice, these
heroic men and women fought so valiantly for freedoms they themselves did not enjoy.
Friday, February 19 & 26 at 9 pm
Faugourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
New Orleans newspaperman Lolis Eric Elie takes view-
ers on a tour of the city in what becomes a reflection on
the relevance of history folded into a love letter to his
storied neighborhood, Faubourg Treme. Arguably the old-
est black neighborhood in America and the birthplace of
jazz, Faubourg Treme was home to the largest community
of free black people in the Deep South during slavery and
a hotbed of political ferment. Here, black and white, free
and enslaved, rich and poor cohabitated, collaborated and
clashed to create America’s first civil rights movement and a
unique American culture. This program is a tale of heartbreak, hope and resiliency—all set to
a soundtrack of New Orlean’s famous music.
Tuesday, February 23 at 9 pm
Great Performances: Harlem in Montmartre
After peace was signed at
Versailles, many black Ameri-

cans remained in Europe PetAlUMA
rather than return to the brutal
segregation and racism of
America. Over the next two
decades, they created an expa- A ReAdeR’s Monthly
triate community of musicians,
entertainers and entrepreneurs,
primarily congregating in Paris’s hilly Montmartre neighbor- A READER’S
hood. Some achieved enduring fame, while others have faded
into history. MONTHLY
Wednesday, February 24 at 8 pm GUIDE TO
Ragtime Cabaret NORTH BAY
Just before the turn of the 20th century, a unique musical
form emerged in the United States. As African, European, and ARTS AND
American cultures blended, the first truly American musi- EVENTS
cal genre was born, predating jazz. For the next 20 years, an
improvised music popular in the red light districts and saloons
of cities like St. Louis and New Orleans gradually grew into a on newsstands
sophisticated, composed style —“ragtime.” While the heyday and at
of ragtime was short-lived, it is America’s own music, and it petalumapost.
could not have happened anywhere else at any other time in
history. Wednesday, February 24 at 9:30 pm com

Student to Citizen Series
Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous
aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchal-
lenged from the earliest days of silent film to today’s biggest
Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr.
Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading
images of Arabs—from Bedouin bandits and submissive
maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding “terrorists”—
along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of
these stereotypic images, their development at key points in
U.S. history, and why they matter so much today.
Shaheen shows how the persistence of these images over
time has served to naturalize prejudicial attitudes toward
Arabs and Arabic culture, in the process reinforcing a narrow view of individual Arabs and
the effects of specific US domestic and international policies on their lives. By inspiring
critical thinking about the social, political, and basic human consequences of leaving these
Hollywood caricatures unexamined, the film challenges viewers to recognize the urgent need
for counter-narratives that do justice to the diversity and humanity of Arab people and the
reality and richness of Arab history and culture.
Tuesday, February 9 at 10 pm

What’s new on Television 22
Knit and Crochet Now!
The entertaining Knit & Crochet Now! features the top designers and experts in the field. In
each episode, host Bret Bara, editor of Crochet Today magazine, introduces a rotating cast of
talented and experienced needle artists, each of whom demonstrates popular techniques for
creating lace, purses, patterns, felting, and many other items. Field pieces also highlight the
latest industry news, the best knitting and crochet blogs, and interviews with those on the
cutting edge of color and apparel design. Wednesdays at 10 am

Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman

From the producers of Think Tank with Ben Wattenburg,
comes this new half-hour weekly series on ideas and their
consequences. Each edition of Ideas in Action presents a
discussion of trends, conditions, and ideas behind the week’s
headlines. In the tradition of the long-running Think Tank,
the program limits itself to one topic per half-hour edition
in order to go deeper into that subject than the average TV
show. Viewers engage with a diverse group of economists,
historians, anthropologists, political scientists, demogra-
phers, and social philosophers, as well as authorities from
many other disciplines. Sundays at 8 am

Wild Gardens
Bringing the viewer to lush, lavish environs in a
unique Macro-video style, Wild Gardens is a series about
wildflowers. It starts off in beautiful deserts and travels
to majestic foothill and mountain areas, a nature walk
with a bee’s eye view, giving the audience an awareness
of these beautiful landscapes up close and personal. This
program is entertaining, educational, and environmentally relevant.
Sundays at 5 pm (begins February 21)

Climate One returns to KRCB Television on

Sunday, Feb 28 at 11 am
The Climate One team traveled to the recent UN
Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to put
together a panel of several of the individuals critical
to the conference discussion, including California
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Huang Ming, for-
mer petroleum engineer turned solar entrepreneur who
is now one of China’s wealthiest men. Also interviewed
is Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change and Caio Koch-Wesser, Vice
Chair of Deutsche Bank. Tune in.
Sunday, February 28 at 11 am

New Brit Com lineup on Television 22
After You’ve Gone
Jack-of-all-trades Jimmy Venables is probably the only man in Britain who gets divorced
and ends up with his mother-in-law. That’s not how he planned it, but since when does life
go according to plan? When his ex-wife volunteers to go to East Africa to help the victims of
a natural disaster, weekend-dad Jimmy agrees to take care of their two teenage kids full-time
in an attempt to win her back. Tuesdays at 7 pm

Last of the SummerWine moves to

Wednesdays at 7 pm
As Time Goes By moves to
Thursdays at 7 pm

To the Manor Born

As beneficiary of Grantleigh Manor, the snobbish Lady Forbes-Hamilton becomes a happy
widower upon the death of her husband. But in the face of her late husband’s creditors, bank,
and the government, she can no longer afford to maintain the family’s hold on the estate.
Reluctantly, she sees it auctioned to Richard De Vere (formerly Bedrich Polouvicka), a mil-
lionaire bachelor of Czechoslovakian extraction.
Fridays at 7 pm

Sci Girls is a new PBS Kids series for tween girls that
showcases bright, curious girls putting science and
engineering to work. Each half-hour episode follows a
different group of middle-school girls as they answer real-life questions and make unexpected
discoveries. Recurring animated characters, Izzie and Jake, embark on their own adventures
and call on the SciGirls for help. Fridays at 4 pm (begins February 12)

PBS Kids program lineup
Weekdays Saturdays
7:00 Sesame Street 7:00 Los Niños en Su Casa-SP
8.00 Dragon Tales 7:30 Dragon Tales-SP
8:30 Curious George 8:00 Clifford-SP
9:00 Sid the Science Kid 8:30 Maya & Miguel-SP
2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 9:00 Angelina Ballerina
2:30 Cyberchase 9:30 Thomas & Friends
3:00 Arthur 10:00 Bob The Builder
3:30 WordGirl 10:30 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
4:00 Fetch! - Mon - Th 11:00 A Place of Our Own
SciGirls - Fri
4:30 The Electric Company

Honoring Black History Month
Memories of the Movement
The years of the Civil Rights Movement are
counted among the most volatile yet vibrant in
American history. The people and events that
shaped this period range from charismatic preach-
ers and actors to students and domestic workers.
To celebrate the courage, conviction and commit-
ment of ordinary people who made extraordinary
contributions to social progress in America, Tavis
Smiley presents Memories of the Movement: A
Black History Month Special.
This program shares some of the poignant and
powerful memories of some of the men and women who served on its front lines or played
vital roles behind the scenes, including Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ruby Dee, Dick Gregory and Dr.
Julia Hare. For each person, those years were life changing. For America, it was a time that
redirected history.
Hear the two parts of Memories of the Movement on consecutive Tuesday evenings this
month, February 12 and 19 at 7 pm each night.

Women of the Harlem Renaissance

Scholar and co-founder of the NAACP, W.E.B. Du Bois argued
that education, art, and culture could be powerful weapons for
social change. He launched The Crisis, a magazine that played a
major role in the Black Renaissance of the 1920s, giving voice
to such young writers as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale
Hurston. But it was the dedicated Jessie Fauset, working in
DuBois’ shadow, who managed The Crisis and shaped its lit-
erary style. She is remembered today not only as a poet and
novelist, but also as the midwife of the Harlem Renaissance.
Women of the Harlem Renaissance spotlights the lives and
artistry of women like Fauset who shaped and nurtured black
culture in Jazz Age Harlem. Broadway’s Carol Woods joins
The Jim Cullum Jazz Band on Riverwalk Jazz to celebrate a
largely unsung group of black women whose artistry was pivotal
to the Harlem Renaissance.
Tuesday, February 23 at 7 pm
Jessie Fauset

Folk Music Calendar Live and Online

KRCB presents a weekly calendar of live folk music
performances in and around Sonoma County. Hear it live at
2 pm Saturdays during Our Roots Are Showing, or read it
anytime at The folk music calendar is compiled by
Schaef-Able Productions.

February is full of (radio) drama
February 6 – Relativity by Cassandra Medley, with Deidrie
Henry, Judyann Elder, James Pickens, Jr., Jason Ritter, Terrell
Tilford, Lorraine Toussaint
Kalima, a brilliant young African-American biogeneticist, finds
her cutting-edge research bringing her into ideological conflict
with her mother, Claire, who fervently believes that the pig-
ment melanin makes African-Americans genetically superior. A
fascinating exploration of the divide between the methodologies
of Western science and more faith-based analyses of our biologi-
cal blueprints.
February 13 – Beloved Clara, compiled by Lucy Parham, with
Rosalind Ayres, Martin Jarvis, Lucy Parham
The intense relationships between Robert Schumann, his wife
Clara, and Johannes Brahms are brought to vivid life through music and excerpts from their
passionate writings. With the arrival of the young, dynamic Brahms into their household, the
Schumanns’ fragile marriage is threatened by the deepening bond between Clara and their
gifted guest.
February 20 – The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial, by Peter Goodchild, with Edward As-
ner, Mike Farrell, Sharon Gless, James Gleason, Rob Nagle, Robert Pescovitz
Taken from the transcripts of the Scopes Trial, a battle over the right to teach evolution in
public school, plays out in a small-town Tennessee courtroom in 1925, setting the stage for
the continuing debates over the separation of Church and State in a democratic society.
February 27 – Ceremonies in Dark Old Men, by Lonne Elder III, with Rocky Carroll,
John Cothran, Jr., Brandon Dirden, Jason Dirden, Charlie Robinson, Glynn Turman
The portrait of a Harlem family that dreams of a better life, but pursues it in tragic ways,
Ceremonies opened the door for new generation of African-American playwrights, August
Wilson among them.
The Play’s the Thing from LA Theater Works, Saturdays at 6 pm and midnight.

Always something new on Outbeat Salon

February 7 – Looking for love? Sheridan Gold and Dianna Grayer delve into a dating
adventure, sharing the wishes and desires of single LGBT folks on air. You just might be
living proof that you can find the love of your life in this new year!
February 14 – Our newest Outbeat programmer, musician Sun Bell, brings us GLBT
music from around the world on The Sunnyside. This month, as the date requires, it's music
of romance.
February 21 – Outbeat Collage - Out in the Arts. Hosts Gary Carnivele and Mark Prell
talk about the documentary Queer Icon: The Cult of Bette Davis (just released on DVD) with
its Bay Area filmmakers and Scott O'Brien, a local Hollywood biographer who appears in
the film. They will also feature LGBT music that received 2009 OutMusic Awards. Plus, the
Outbeat News with Joel Bellagio and the Arts and Entertainment Calendar, a round-up of
local LGBT happenings.
February 28 – On Outbeat Now! Joel Bellagio and Jeff Basham cover LGBT history
including how it is becoming more visible, and examine how teachers might use that history
in conjunction with this year's first "Harvey Milk Day" in California. On Outbeat Youth,
Greg Miraglia features the Spectrum LGBT Center and their new facility in Marin County.
Sundays at 8 pm
Literary Wednesdays on Radio 91
Find romance between, not under, the covers onWord by Word
Valentine’s Day is much more than greeting cards, champagne and chocolates—it’s
romance, love, and sensuality. This month, Word By Word host Gil Mansergh has conversa-
tions with writers of romance novels, lotion and potion cook books, and sensual escape travel
guides for a decidedly different, (but tasteful), hour-long investigation on ways to make the
first Valentines Day of the new decade a lot more interesting for your partner and yourself.
Wednesday, February 3 at 7 pm
Redwood Writers talk
Redwood Writers, the local branch of the California Writers Club, includes many of the
emerging writers in the area. The organization, open to all writers, meets monthly and spon-
sors workshops, conferences, writing classes, and seminars. In addition, writers are encour-
aged to seek ways to publish and market their work.
On a special edition of A Novel Idea this month, host Rosemary Manchester, will talk with
members of the Redwood Writers about their writing and discuss their published work,
Wednesday evening, February 10, at 7 pm.
Laureate! Laureate! Laureate!
On this month’s WordTemple, Katherine Hastings features
three poets laureate: Carol Muske Dukes, poet laureate for the
State of California; Albert Flynn DeSilver, Marin County’s
poet laureate; and Gwynn O’Gara, the new poet laureate for
Sonoma County.
Carol Muske-Dukes is the author of seven books of poetry,
most recently Sparrow, a National Book Award finalist pub-
lished by Random House. She is also the author of four novels
including Channeling Mark Twain (Random House) and her
work is anthologized widely.
Albert Flynn DeSilver is Marin County’s first poet laureate.
His poet laureate project includes the creation of, along with
artist Todd Pickering, “The Poetry Chair,” an armchair made
out of poetry books that he takes around the county hosting
readings and writing workshops. DeSilver’s poetry collections
include Letters to Early Street and Walking Tooth & Cloud.
Gwynn O’Gara is Sonoma County’s sixth poet laureate. A
teacher with California Poets in the Schools, she is the author
of three chapbooks of poetry, Winter at Green Haven, Fixer
Upper, and Snake Woman Poems (Beatitude Press).
Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 7 pm

YOU are our Valentine ~

and we love your
continuing support!

Harmonia: Early Music on Sunday Mornings
February 1 – Monteverdi’s Selva morale e spirituale, 1641
Claudio Monteverdi’s monumental collection of
sacred music, Selva morale e spirituale, will be explored
on Harmonia this week with performances by Cantus
Cölln and Concerto Palatino. The ensemble Baroque
Nouveau will perform from their recent release of
Rameau’s complete Pièces de clavecin en concerts.
February 8 – Valentine’s Special: Cupid, Love, and
the Baroque
Harmonia explores Cupid, a classic symbol of love
and Valentine’s Day, including music from France,
Italy, England, and Latin America. Harpsichordist Concerto Palatino
Elisabeth Wright performs in a featured release entitled Flores de Musica.
February 15 – The Lute Books of Francesco Spinacino
Harmonia explores the first printed music for the lute, Francesco Spinacino’s Intabulatura
de lauto of 1507. Spinacino’s life in brief, lute settings of popular chansons, and the story
behind the last surviving copies of his lute books are all on the docket…plus a recent release
by the Holland Baroque Society in a program of music by Georg Muffat.
February 22 – Late Medieval Songs from Cyprus
Harmonia looks at excerpts from a manuscript of late-medieval French songs copied on
the island of Cyprus during the first half of the 15th century. Ensemble La Morra’s recent
exploration of this repertoire on the Ramée label is featured alongside a recent release of 17th
Century French and Italian music entitled Musique pour Mazarin!
Sundays at 9 am

An All-American Symphony broadcast

Joanne Falletta, music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic and the Virginia Symphony,
leads the Santa Rosa symphony in an all-American program, celebrating composer Elliott
Carter’s 101st year with his Holiday Overture. Michael Ludwig is the guest soloist in John
Corigliano’s Academy Award winning Red Violin Concerto. Rounding out the program is
Samuel Barber’s Symphony No. 1 and Aaron Copeland’s El Salón México.
Sunday, February 7 at noon

A musical menagerie on Flashback

This month’s Flashback airs on February 2, known to all as
Groundhog’s Day. So how could we not honor the occasion
with a musical selection from the band that shares that name?
From there, it’s a short step to an hour comprised entirely
of bands that share names with animals. So in addition to
The Groundhogs, you can expect to hear from Hot Tuna,
Rhinoceros, Crazy Horse, Steppenwolf, the Turtles—even
such zoological oddities as the rarely heard Frumious Band-
ersnatch. They’re all coming your way on Flashback, Tuesday
Feb. 2 at 7 pm.
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Classical music magazine offering live concert performances
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THIS AMERICAN LIFE LA Theatre Works Food & wine with Michele Anna 7:30
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Groundhogs in the Loft

Punxsutawney Phil has taken up residence in The
Choir Loft and forecasts another year of great choral
music. You can hum along every Sunday morning at 10.
February 7 – Monteverdi and his Milieu
Madrigals not only by Monteverdi, but also Waert,
d’India, Gesualdo, and Marenzio. Hosted by Bob Worth.
February 14 – Polar Berlioz
Contrasting styles in this great French composer, from
opposite ends of the earth. Hosted by Dan Solter.
February 21 – Poetic Inspiration
Choral works set to the words of ee cummings, Walt
Whitman, Robert Frost, and other American poets.
Hosted by Jenny Bent.
February 28 – Oswald von Wolkenstein
This medieval Austrian knight was a master of the auto-
biographical song. Hosted by Steve Osborn.

KRCB’s Community Calendar

Are interesting arts events happening in your area? Promote them on KRCB’s Community
Calendar and get the attention your events deserve. Go to, choose the
Community drop-down menu on the homepage and select Community Calendar.

Bringing Friends Together on Saint Paul Sunday
February 7 – Jorja Fleezanis, violin: Karl Paulnack, piano
This week, violinist Jorja Fleezanis and pianist Karl Paul-
nack join forces to celebrate the music that originally brought
them together. These missionaries of contemporary sound
have made it their calling to engage and enlighten audiences
with rarely performed 20th and 21st century works. Listen for
sonatas by Peter Mennin and Ernst Bloch.
February 14 – OPUS ONE
Four players representing the Chamber Music Society of
Lincoln Center, Tashi, the Beaux Arts Trio, and the Orion
and Guarneri String Quartets, OPUS ONE is the result of
a mutual love of music-making among these extraordinary Jorja Fleezanis
instrumentalists and friends. That sheer joy in music, not to mention the friendship, shines
throughout their performances of piano quartets by Mozart and Dvořák.
February 21 – Zuill Bailey, cello: Awadagin Pratt, piano
Cellist Zuill Bailey and pianist Awadagin Pratt first met off
hours in a ping pong duel when they were teenaged partici-
pants in a music festival. In the years since, they’ve kept the
association alive through frequent collaboration on the great
works of their shared repertoire—music that opens new vistas
for both of these remarkable soloists. They’ll bring us sonatas
by Debussy, Beethoven, and Brahms.
February 28 – Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio
Joseph Kalichstein, Jaime Laredo, and Sharon Robinson
have been playing together for almost thirty years and have
made 18 recordings to date. When Bill asks them about their
longevity, pianist Joseph Kalichstein jokes, “We’re just trying
to get it right.” But you’ll hear for yourself, they’ve gotten it Zuill Bailey
right from the beginning. Two masterworks of Brahms and a touchingly beautiful movement
from Beethoven will illustrate the point.
Sundays at 11 am

Climate One conversations continue

February 4 – The Peak: Oil, Water and Climate
A former employee of the International Energy Agency told
the Guardian newspaper recently that figures about worldwide oil supplies are exaggerated.
That supported what peak oil adherents such as the hour’s guest, Chris Martenson, have been
saying for years. February 11 – After Copenhagen: What Now?
What are the prospects for a global climate treaty in 2010? With world leaders still arguing
over how quickly to reduce carbon pollution and who will pay for the cleanup, a panel of
experts who attended the U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen. address the possibility of
U.S. domestic climate legislation and the political and industrial jockeying around this key
piece of the energy puzzle.
February 18 – Agriculture and the Environment
A panel discussion about the dichotomy between farmers and environmental activists. Can
they come up with a new definition of sustainability that meets the needs of both groups?
Thursdays at 7 pm
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Volunteer of the Month

Rekha Agrawal
Once in awhile a volunteer comes to KRCB with
a special set of skills; we never know how or when
they will come to us, but when they do it is truly
a blessing. Last August the Volunteer Center of
Sonoma County introduced us to Rekha Agrawal,
a semi-retired professional who was looking for a
place where her creativity would be appreciated.
She was quickly matched with our Membership
Manager, Joel Bellagio, who can’t say enough about
the contributions she has made to his department
in the relatively short time she has been with us.
Rekha comes in to KRCB for several hours four
days a week. She has an energetic personality,
with a laugh that invites you to share the delight
of the moment with her. But there is another side to Rekha that bears mentioning;
she has been practicing Vipassana Meditation for more than ten years at the Northern
California Vipassana Center in Kelseyville, California. Perhaps this explains Rekha’s
ability to tackle anything Joel gives her with such clarity and sense of purpose. Rekha
has contributed greatly to the efficiency of our organization, and has been a wonderful
addition to our family of volunteers. Thank you, Rekha, for choosing to give your time
and talents to KRCB!
For information on becoming a KRCB Volunteer contact Cheryl Scholar at
707-584-2005 or email

Daytime Television Listings
MONDAY 12:30 Cook’s Country from America’s 5:30 PBS NewsHour
6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches Test Kitchen 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal
6:30 Classical Stretch 1:00 Moment of Luxury SATURDAY
7:00 Sesame Street 1:30 Curiosity Quest Goes Green 7:00 Los Niños en Su Casa (Sp)
8:00 Dragon Tales 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 7:30 Dragon Tales (Sp)
8:30 Curious George 2:30 Cyberchase 8:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog (Sp)
9:00 Sid the Science Kid 3:00 Arthur 8:30 Maya & Miguel (Sp)
9:30 Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 3:30 WordGirl 9:00 Angelina Ballerina
10:00 Quilting Arts 4:00 Fetch! 9:30 Thomas and Friends
10:30 Learn to Read 4:30 The Electric Company 10:00 Bob the Builder
11:00 Fitness Show 5:00 World Focus 10:30 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
11:30 Allaire Back Fitness 5:30 PBS NewsHour 11:00 A Place of Our Own
12:00 Hometime 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal 11:30 Healing Quest
12:30 Winemakers THURSDAY 12:00 To the Contrary
1:00 Nature 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 12:30 Scheewe Art Workshop
2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 6:30 Power Yoga 1:00 Jerry Yarnell’s School of
2:30 Cyberchase 7:00 Sesame Street Fine Art
3:00 Arthur 8:00 Dragon Tales 1:30 Scrapbook Memories
3:30 WordGirl 8:30 Curious George 2:00 Best of the Joy of Painting
4:00 Fetch! 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 2:30 Gary Spetz’s Watercolor Quest
4:30 The Electric Company 9:30 Scrapbook Memories 3:00 Woodwright’s Shop
5:00 World Focus [repeats Sat. at 1:30 pm] 3:30 Ask This Old House
5:30 PBS NewsHour 10:00 Sewing with Nancy [repeats Tues. at noon]
6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal 10:30 GED on TV (Spanish) 4:00 Julie and Jacques Cooking
TUESDAY 11:00 Rick Steves’ Europe 4:30 Winemakers
6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 11:30 Rare Visions & Roadside [repeats Mon. at 12:30 pm]
6:30 Power Yoga Revelations 5:00 Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth
7:00 Sesame Street 12:00 American Woodshop 5:30 Everyday Food
8:00 Dragon Tales 12:30 Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class 6:00 Simply Ming
8:30 Curious George 1:00 For Your Home 6:30 Mexico One Plate at a Time
9:00 Sid the Science Kid 1:30 Piano Guy with Rick Bayless
9:30 Knitting Daily 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog SUNDAY
10:00 America Sews with Sue 2:30 Cyberchase 8:00 Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg
Hausman 3:00 Arthur (Feb 7-Ideas in Action with Jim
10:30 GED Connection (English) 3:30 WordGirl Glassman)
11:00 Wider World 4:00 Fetch! 8:30 La Plaza
11:30 Healthy Body Healthy Mind 4:30 The Electric Company 9:00 McLaughlin’s One on One
12:00 Ask This Old House 5:00 World Focus 9:30 MoneyTrack
12:30 Simply Ming 5:30 PBS NewsHour 10:00 Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
[repeats Sat. at 6 pm] 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal 10:30 Between the Lines
1:00 NOVA FRIDAY 11:00 European Journal (Feb 28 -
2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches Climate One)
2:30 Cyberchase 6:30 Wai Lana Yoga 11:30 World Business
3:00 Arthur 7:00 Sesame Street 12:00 Motorweek
3:30 WordGirl 8:00 Dragon Tales 12:30 Inside Washington
4:00 Fetch! 8:30 Curious George 1:00 Life (Part2)
4:30 The Electric Company 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 1:30 Scully the World Show
5:00 World Focus 9:30 Creative Living 2:00 America’s Heartland
5:30 PBS NewsHour [repeats Sun. at 4 pm] 2:30 California’s Gold, Green, Water,
6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal 10:00 Martha’s Sewing Room or Golden Parks
WEDNESDAY 10:30 Katie Brown Workshop 3:00 American Woodshop
6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 11:00 Art Wolf: Travels to the Edge [repeats Thurs. at noon]
6:30 Power Yoga 11:30 Ciao Italia 3:30 This Old House
7:00 Sesame Street 12:00 Victory Garden [repeats Wed. at noon]
8:00 Dragon Tales 12:30 Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen 4:00 Creative Living
8:30 Curious George 1:00 Chef’s A Field 4:30 Garden Smart
9:00 Sid the Science Kid 1:30 Sit and Be Fit 5:00 Jonathan Birds Blue World
9:30 Beads, Baubles and Jewels 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 5:30 Victory Garden
10:00 Knit & Crochet Now! 2:30 Cyberchase [repeats Fri. at noon]
10:30 Piano Guy 3:00 Arthur 6:00 P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home
[repeats Thurs. at 1:30 pm)] 3:30 WordGirl 6:30 Red Green
11:00 California Heartland 4:00 DragonflyTV (Feb 12-SciGirls) [repeats Wed. at 11:30 am]
11:30 Red Green 4:30 The Electric Company
12:00 This Old House 5:00 World Focus
Television Listings for February
1 MONDAY 9:00 Justice: What’s The Right the snowy owls, musk oxen,
7:00 Out of Ireland Thing to Do? (see page 5) lemmings, Arctic foxes and
7:30 My Generation: Human 10:00 PBS NewsHour hares who share this fragile
Spark 11:00 Charlie Rose ecosystem with them, fortunes
8:00 NOVA: What Are Dreams? 12:00 Democracy Now! * are always precarious.
What are dreams and why 1:00 Best of LINK TV * [repeats 2/8 at 1 pm)
do we have them? Are they a 9:00 Telling the Truth: The Best in
window into a hidden realm 2 TUESDAY Broadcast Journalists Go
within us? Science is only 7:00 After You’ve Gone behind the scenes with the
just beginning to understand. (see page 11) year’s best reporters and get
NOVA joins the leading dream 7:30 Life (Part 2): Should I Stay the inside stories from the
researchers and witnesses the or Should I Go? 2010 winners of the Alfred I.
extraordinary experiments they [repeats Sunday at 1 pm] duPont-Columbia Awards in
use to investigate the world of 8:00 Nature: White Falcon, White television and radio journal-
sleep. From human narcolep- Wolf On Canada’s remote ism. Learn how reporters and
tics to sleepwalking cats, from Ellesmere Island, where June producers uncover injustice,
is spring, July is summer and outsmart a blizzard of spin,
August is already autumn, the and, in some cases, put their
race is on for two remarkable lives on the line to bring the
species to raise their families. most important stories to light.
The white gyr falcon is enor- 10:00 PBS NewsHour
mous, the largest and most 11:00 Charlie Rose
powerful falcon in the world. 12:00 Democracy Now! *
Yet last summer, the nesting 1:00 Best of LINK TV * 
falcon pair here failed to raise
any young. The rare Arctic 3 WEDNESDAY
wolves rely on every member 7:00 Last of the Summer Wine
recurrent nightmares to those
who can’t dream, each se- of the pack to chase and bring 7:30 Between the Lines with
quence contains a vital clue to down the prey that keeps Barry Kibrick
them alive. Last year was [repeats Sunday at 10:30 am]
the question these scientists
are pursuing: why do we good to them, and they raised 8:00 Great Performances: La
dream? three cubs. But for the wolves Boheme - The Movie
[repeats Tuesday at 1 pm] and the falcons, as well for as Giacomo Puccini’s endur-

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Television Listings for February
ing 1896 blockbuster now 12:00 Democracy Now! * 8:30 McLaughlin Group
makes its way to the big 1:00 Best of LINK TV * 9:00 Great Conversations:
screen in a lushly atmospheric Michael Kinsley and James
movie adaptation directed by 4 THURSDAY Surowiecki Author Michael
Robert Dornhelm. The operatic 7:00 As Time Goes By Kinsley discusses his book
“dream couple”—sensational 7:30 Innerviews with Ernie Creative Capitalism: A
Russian soprano Anna Netreb- Manouse: Hector Elizondo Conversation with Bill Gates,
ko and dashing Mexican tenor 8:00 History Detectives: Tokyo Warren Buffett And Other
Rolando Villazon—reunite as Rose Recording, Crazy Economic Leaders with James
the doomed lovers Mimi and Horse Photo, & WWII DIARY Surowiecki, staff writer of “The
Rodolfo, joined by George von 9:00 Frontline: The Card Game Financial Page” at The New
Bergen (vocals by Boaz Daniel) As credit card companies Yorker.
face rising public anger, new 10:00 PBS NewsHour
regulation from Washington 11:00 Charlie Rose
and a potential perfect storm 12:00 Democracy Now! *
of economic bad news, 1:00 Best of KRCB *
Frontline correspondent Lowell
Bergman examines the future 6 SATURDAY
of the massive consumer loan
7:00 Jacques Pepin: More Fast
industry and its impact on a Food My Way
fragile national economy. 7:30 From the Top: Live from
10:00 PBS NewsHour Carnegie Hall: Jumping
11:00 Charlie Rose Through Hoopes
12:00 Democracy Now! * 8:00 Lawrence Welk Show:
1:00 Best of LINK TV * Youman’s Salute
as Marcello, Adrian Erod as 9:00 Austin City Limits:
Schaunard, Vitalij Kowaljow 5 FRIDAY Esperanza Spalding/Mad-
as Colline, Tiziano Bracci as 7:00 To the Manor Born eleine Peyroux
Benoit and Nicole Cabell as (see page 10) 10:00 Song of the Mountains
Musetta. 7:30 MoneyTrack: From Wall 11:00 Theater Talk
10:00 PBS NewsHour Street to Your Street
11:30 Red Dwarf: Legion
11:00 Charlie Rose 8:00 Consuelo Mack: Wealthtrack
12:00 Best of KRCB *

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Television Listings for February
7 SUNDAY friendly people have inspired the planet. New knowledge
7:00 Antiques Roadshow: countless artists. Prairie Public gained from scientists current-
Raleigh, NC - Hour Two followed photographer Wayne ly making great breakthroughs
8:00 American Experi- Gudmundson to this island in hummingbird biology makes
ence: Influenza 1918 country in the North Atlantic this a perfect time to focus on
As the nation mobilized for Ocean to capture the sights these shimmering, flashing
war in the spring of 1918, and explore its volcanic maj- jewels of the natural world.
esty in A Photographer’s View Stunningly beautiful high-
of Iceland. . definition, high speed footage
11:30 Best of KRCB * of hummingbirds in the wild
1:00 Best of LINK TV * combined with high-tech pre-
sentations of their remarkable
8 MONDAY abilities help us to understand
7:00 Out of Ireland
7:30 My Generation: Create the
8:00 NOVA: Saved by the Sun
In the face of steeply rising oil
prices and political turmoil in
the Middle East, there’s new
urgency about finding a solu-
ailing Private Albert Gitchell tion to our uncertain energy
reported to an army hospital in future. Could it be time to take
Kansas. He was diagnosed solar energy seriously again?
with influenza, a disease about Breakthroughs in new materi-
which doctors knew little. Be- als and ingenious designs for
fore the year was out, America solar collectors are transform-
would be ravaged by a flu ing the technology into a vastly the world of hummingbirds as
epidemic that killed 600,000 cheaper, more efficient we never have before.
people—more than died in alternative. NOVA presents [repeats 2/15 at 1 pm)
all the wars of this century the latest thinking from solar 9:00 Locked Out: The Fall of
combined—before enthusiasts and skeptics as it Massive Resistence
disappearing as mysteriously investigates these cutting- Marking the 50th anniversary
as it began. edge research developments. of the reopening of public
9:00 Masterpiece Classic: The film introduces viewers schools in Virginia and the
Cranford - Part 3 to the scientists and business historic 1959 fall of Massive
In episode three, Matty suffers people who are racing to Resistance. (see page 7)
great disappointment and, in make solar power practical — 10:00 Student to Citizen
a nostalgic mood one evening, for lighting and heating, and Series: Reel Bad Arabs :
decides to confide in Mary for running power plants. How Hollywood Vilifies a
about Mr. Holbrook. The [repeats Tuesday at 1 pm] People (see page 9)
mention of India prompts Mary 9:00 Justice: What’s the Right 11:00 Charlie Rose
to write to Major Gordon to Thing to Do? (see page 5) 12:00 Democracy Now! *
tell him that Jessie regrets 10:00 PBS NewsHour 1:00 Best of LINK TV *  
her decision not to marry him. 11:00 Charlie Rose
Also, Dr. Harrison visits the 10 WEDNESDAY
12:00 Democracy Now! *
Rectory and formally asks 7:00 Last of the Summer Wine
1:00 Best of LINK TV *
the Reverend Hutton for 7:30 Between the Lines with
permission to court Sophy. 9 TUESDAY Barry Kibrick
Meanwhile, Miss Pole invites 7:00 After You’ve Gone [repeats Sunday at 10:30 am]
the ladies of the town to a 7:30 Life (Part 2): Ethnicity, Race 8:00 American Masters: Sam
secret meeting to discuss & Aging Cooke: Crossing Over
Matty’s crisis. United in their 8:00 Nature: Humming- Sam Cooke put the spirit of
love for Matty, they decide to birds: Magic in the Air the Black church into popular
help her financially. Hummingbirds represent one music . (see page 7)
11:00 Photographer’s View of of nature’s most interesting 9:00 An Evening with Smokey
Iceland Travel with Prairie paradoxes—they are the Robinson An inside look into
Public to Iceland, where the tiniest of birds, yet they qualify the life and career of Motown
beautiful landscape and as some of the toughest and legend Smokey Robinson.
most energetic creatures on (see page 7)

Television Listings for February
10:00 PBS NewsHour 10:00 PBS NewsHour recently, Kevin Costner, but
11:00 Charlie Rose 11:00 Charlie Rose these popular fictions belie
12:00 Democracy Now! * 12:00 Democracy Now! * the complexities and flaws of
1:00 Best of LINK TV * 1:00 Best of LINK TV * a man whose life is a lens on
politics, justice and economic
11 THURSDAY 12 FRIDAY opportunity in the American
7:00 As Time Goes By 7:00 To the Manor Born frontier. As a young man,
7:30 Innerviews with Ernie 7:30 MoneyTrack: Sandwich Wyatt Earp was a caricature of
Manouse: Nadia Comaneci Generation the Western lawman, spending
8:00 History Detectives: Amelia 8:00 Consuelo Mack: Wealthtrack his days drinking in saloons,
Earhart Plane, Fillmore 8:30 McLaughlin Group gambling, visiting brothels
Pardon, & Boxcar Home 9:00 Great Conversations: John and gaining notoriety as the
9:00 Frontline: The Dancing Boys Updike and Robert Siegel legendary gunman in the
of Afghanistan In Afghanistan John Updike (Golf Dreams, shootout at the OK Corral in
today, in the midst of war and the Rabbit series) and Robert Tombstone, AZ. But shortly
endemic poverty, an ancient Siegel (National Public Radio). after his death in 1929, dis-
tradition —banned when the 10:00 PBS NewsHour tressed Americans down on
11:00 Charlie Rose their luck transformed Wyatt
12:00 Democracy Now! * Earp into a folk hero: a central
1:00 Best of KRCB * figure in the American narra-
tive of how the west was won
13 SATURDAY as a man who took control of
7:00 Jacques Pepin: More Fast his own destiny.
Food My Way 9:00 Masterpiece Classic: Return
7:30 From the Top: Live from to Cranford - Part One
Carnegie Hall: Back to the Dame Judi Dench returns in
Future the sequel to the Emmy-nom-
8:00 Lawrence Welk Show: Love inated Cranford mini-series,
Songs based on the novels of Eliza-
9:00 Austin City Limits: Them beth Gaskell. Imelda Staunton,
Crooked Vultures Francesca Annis, and Julia
Taliban were in power—has 10:00 Song of the Mountains McKenzie rejoin the cast in the
re-emerged across the 11:00 Theater Talk acclaimed story of everyday
country: many hundreds of 11:30 Red Dwarf: Gunmen of the life in a small Cheshire market
boys, often as young as 10, town.
are being lured off the streets 10:30 Scarred Justice: The
on the promise of a new life, 12:00 Best of KRCB *
Orangeburg Massacre 1968
many unaware that their real 14 SUNDAY In February 8, 1968, eight
fate is to be used for enter- 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Ra- seconds of police gunfire left
tainment and sex. They’re leigh, NC - Hour Three three young men dying and
the “BachaBereesh,”literally 8:00 Wyatt Earp: American at least 27 wounded on the
“beardless boys,” chosen for Experience He has been campus of South Carolina
their height, size and beauty, portrayed in countless movies State College in Orangeburg,
trained to sing and dance and television shows by some SC. All of the police were
for male audiences, and of Hollywood’s greatest ac- white, all of the students
then traded for sexual favors tors, including Henry Fonda, African-American. Almost all
among former warlords and Jimmy Stewart and more of the victims were shot from
powerful businessmen. With behind as they fled the gunfire
remarkable access inside a that erupted without warning.
sexual exploitation ring operat- The Massacre happened after
ing in northern Afghanistan, four days of student protests
Najibullah Quraishi, an Afghan to desegregate the city’s only
journalist investigates this bowling alley. It was the first
illegal practice, talking with time ever police opened fire
the boys and their masters, on students on a U.S. campus.
and documenting how Afghan Two years later Kent State
authorities responsible for would shock the nation.
stopping these crimes are This powerful yet disturbing
sometimes themselves com- documentary film explores
plicit in the practice. the eye-witness accounts of
Television Listings for February
student protesters and police Carolina have survived while
officer participants. Interviews others have failed.
with former Governor Robert 12:00 Democracy Now! *
McNair, the prize-winning 1:00 Best of LINK TV *  
journalists who covered
the story, and many others, 17 WEDNESDAY
provide a compelling account 7:00 Last of the Summer Wine
of the price paid in America’s 7:30 Between the Lines with
struggle for racial justice. Barry Kibrick
It raises questions about [repeats Sunday at 10:30 am]
an event that has yet to be 8:00 Great Performances: Pass-
resolved. ing Strange Passing Strange
11:30 Best of KRCB * is the story of a young African
1:00 Best of LINK TV * strategies have taken them to American man on a journey of
the very top of Yellowstone, escape, exploration and self
15 MONDAY and it’s no simple matter when discovery. (see page 7)
7:00 Out of Ireland they meet. 10:30 PBS NewsHour
7:30 My Generation: Heart [repeats 2/22 at 1 pm) 11:30 Charlie Rose
8:00 NOVA: Volcano Above the 9:00 As We Forgive Could you for- 12:30 Democracy Now! *
Clouds Just 200 miles south give a person who murdered 1:30 Best of LINK TV *
of the equator, Kilimanjaro has your family? The subjects of
both equatorial and arctic con- As We Forgive face this very 18 THURSDAY
ditions. Five distinct climatic question and others without 7:00 As Time Goes By
zones inhabit the slopes of easy answers. Through in- 7:30 Innerviews with Ernie
this 19,340-foot peak. It is a depth interviews, the docu- Manouse: Peter Cetera
botanist’s dream -rainforests mentary follows two Rwandan 8:00 History Detectives: Hinden
rise out of the savanna, giving women on a journey to make burg Artifact, John Adams
way to moorlands and alpine peace with the neighbors who Book, & Birthplace of Hip
meadows where rare giant slaughtered their families Hop
high-altitude plants thrive. during the 1994 genocide. The 9:00 Frontline: Black Money
Atop this peak, a young film, narrated by actor and ac- Frontline investigative cor-
female geologist takes viewers tivist Mia Farrow, provides an respondent Lowell Bergman
back to the dawn of time and intimate, first-hand view of the examines the shadowy world
the formation of the African encounters between genocide of international bribery. The
continent. perpetrators and their victims’ story reveals how multinational
[repeats Tuesday at 1 pm] families as they navigate the companies create slush funds,
9:00 Justice: What’s the Right road to reconciliation. set up front companies, and
Thing to Do? (see page 5) 10:00 PBS NewsHour make secret payments, all to
10:00 PBS NewsHour 11:00 In the Life Art, culture, issues, get billions in business. But
11:00 Charlie Rose and news of the gay and these practices are facing a
12:00 Democracy Now! * lesbian community. new international crackdown,
1:00 Best of LINK TV * 11:30 Losing Their Voices? A Look led by prosecutors at the U.S.
at Local Radio When small Department of Justice and
16 TUESDAY allies abroad. At the center of
7:00 After You’ve Gone town radio first swept the na-
tion, many towns gained their this is a controversial, ongoing
7:30 Life (Part 2): Boomer Grand- investigation into the British-
parenting voices with a local station. It
was where citizens turned for based multinational BAE
[repeats Sunday at 1 pm]
news, obituaries, and church Systems and allegations about
8:00 Nature: Clash: Encounters billion-dollar bribes.
services, traded junk on the
of Bears and Wolves What 10:00 PBS Newshour
swap shop, and followed
happens when two great 11:00 Charlie Rose
local athletic teams. As the
predators come face to face in
country changed, so did radio. 12:00 Democracy Now! *
Yellowstone? The grizzly and
In an era of multi-station 1:00 Best of LINK TV *
the wolf—they couldn’t be
owners, satellite radio and
digital, some question whether 19 FRIDAY
more different. The bear is a
loner, ranging far and wide
local AM and FM stations can 7:00 To the Manor Born
in search of a rich variety of 7:30 MoneyTrack: The Town that
survive. This documentary
resources. The wolf hunts to Got Taken
looks at those changes and
survive and finds its strength 8:00 Consuelo Mack: Wealthtrack
how some stations in South
in speed and teamwork. Their 8:30 McLaughlin Group
Television Listings for February
9:00 For Love of Liberty: The has also turned its giant ear
Story of America’s Black inward, listening in without
Patriots (see page 8) warrant on thousands of
11:00 Charlie Rose American citizens, many of
12:00 Democracy Now! * whom are on the govern-
1:00 Best of KRCB * ment’s secret watch list,
now more than half-a-million
20 SATURDAY names long.
7:00 Jacques Pepin: More Fast [repeats Tuesday at 1 pm]
Food My Way 9:00 Justice: What’s the Right to
7:30 From the Top: Live from Do? (see page 6)
Carnegie Hall: Interlochen 10:00 PBS NewsHour
Arts Academy Chamber inated Cranford mini-series, 11:00 Charlie Rose
Orchestra based on the novels of Eliza- 12:00 Democracy Now! *
8:00 Lawrence Welk Show: beth Gaskell. Imelda Staunton, 1:00 Best of LINK TV *
Fashions & Hits Through Francesca Annis and Julia
the Years McKenzie rejoin the cast in the 23 TUESDAY
9:00 Austin City Limits: R.E.M. acclaimed story of everyday 7:00 After You’ve Gone
10:00 Song of the Mountains life in a small Cheshire market
11:00 Theater Talk town.
11:30 Red Dwarf: Emohawk Poly- 11:00 New Metropolis: A Crack
morph II in the Pavement A Crack in
12:00 Best of KRCB * the Pavement unravels the
national infrastructure and
21 SUNDAY regional land-use debate
7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Atlantic through the stories of two
City, NJ - Hour One public officials from southern 7:30 Life (Part 2): Survive and
8:00 Donner Party: American Ohio trying to save their Thrive
Experience Of all the 19th- aging towns from losing [repeats Sunday at 1 pm]
century pioneer stories, none residents and businesses to 8:00 Nature: American Eagle
exerts so powerful a hold on newer suburban communi- Unique to North America, the
the American imagination as ties. The film intertwines their bald eagle is the continent’s
the tale of the Donner Party stories with commentary from most recognizable aerial
in the high Sierra Nevadas in national experts who examine predator with a shocking white
the winter of 1846. That June, the policies and practices that head, electric yellowbeak
along with thousands of oth- favor sprawl development over and penetrating eyes. In the
ers, George and Jacob Donner revitalizing existing, older 1960s, this symbol of the
and James Frazier Reed led communities. United States became an
their families west out of 11:30 Best of KRCB * emblem of environmental
Springfield, IL, and headed 1:00 Best of LINK TV * degradation, as the pesticide
for the “Promised Land” in
DDT and other human pres-
California, two thousand miles 22 MONDAY
sures brought it to the brink
away. Theirs was a prosperous 7:00 Out of Ireland
of extinction. Following their
caravan that would swell to 7:30 My Generation: Sticking to It protection as an endangered
more than 87 men, women 8:00 NOVA: The Spy Factory species, bald eagles have
and children. They packed For the first time on television, come roaring back.
huge wagons (one was NOVA exposes the hidden [repeats 3/1 at 1 pm)
two stories high), took food, world of high-tech, 21st- 9:00 Faubourg Treme: The Untold
hired servants, and even century eavesdropping carried Story of Black New Orleans
sewed money between the out by the National Security New Orleans newspaperman
covers of a quilt. When family Agency (NSA). Today, the NSA Lolis Eric Elie takes viewers on
leaders made the fateful deci- is the world’s largest intel- a tour of the city.
sion to take an untried short ligence agency, three times (see page 8)
cut to beat the coming winter, the size of the CIA and far 10:00 PBS NewsHour
only half of them would come more secret. Its mission is to
out alive. 11:00 Charlie Rose
eavesdrop on the world - from 12:00 Democracy Now! *
9:30 Masterpiece Classic: Return cell phones in Europe to pay
to Cranford - Part Two 1:00 Best of LINK TV *  
phones in Afghanistan to email
Dame Judi Dench returns in messages from Pakistan to 24 WEDNESDAY
the sequel to the Emmy-nom- Baghdad. But since 9/11, it 7:00 Last of the Summer Wine
Television Listings for February
7:30 Between the Lines with 12:30 Democracy Now! *
Barry Kibrick 1:30 Best of LINK TV *
[repeats Sunday at 10:30 am]
8:00 Great Performances: 26 FRIDAY
Harlem In Montmartre 7:00 To the Manor Born
Harlem in Montmartre tells the 7:30 MoneyTrack: The Naked
story of the jazz age in Paris Truth about Investing
between the first and second 8:00 Consuelo Mack: Wealthtrack
World Wars. (see page 8) 8:30 McLaughlin Group
9:30 Ragtime Cabaret As African, 9:00 For Love of Liberty: The
European, and American Story of America’s Black
cultures blended, the first truly Patriots
American musical genre was (see page 8)
born. (see page 8) 11:00 Charlie Rose hopelessly self-deluded,
10:00 PBS NewsHour 12:00 Democracy Now! * Emma Woodhouse can’t help
11:00 Charlie Rose 1:00 Best of KRCB * meddling in the romantic life
12:00 Democracy Now! * of others while neglecting her
1:00 Best of LINK TV * 27 SATURDAY own. Jonny Lee Miller stars
7:00 Jacques Pepin: More Fast as Emma’s stalwart friend, Mr.
25 THURSDAY Food My Way Knightley, with Michael Gam-
7:00 As Time Goes By 7:30 From the Top: Live from bon as her doom-obsessed
7:30 Innerviews with Ernie Carnegie Hall: Rhythm and father. Part One - Unmar-
Manouse: Gloria Gaynor Strings ried and glad of it, Emma
8:00 History Detectives: 8:00 Lawrence Welk Show: Woodhouse thinks herself the
Mussolini Dagger, Liberia Rhythm is our Business perfect matchmaker for
Letter, & N.E.A.R. Device 9:00 Austin City Limits: Kenny others. Her friend Mr. Knightley
9:00 P.O.V. Critical Condition Chesney has his doubts. Undeterred,
What happens if you fall sick 10:00 Song of the Mountains she takes on the matrimonial
and are one of 47 million 11:00 Theater Talk cause of Harriet Smith, with
people in America without 11:30 Red Dwarf: Rimmerworld unanticipated results.
health insurance? Critical 12:00 Best of KRCB * 11:00 New Metropolis: The New
Condition by Roger Weisberg Neighbors The New Neigh-
(Waging a Living, P.O.V. 2006) 28 SUNDAY bors follows a diverse group of
puts a human face on the 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Atlantic residents and public officials
nation’s growing health care City, NJ - Hour Two from Pennsauken, NJ as they
crisis by capturing the harrow- 8:00 Bombing of Germany: attempt to revitalize their
American Experience On “first” suburban town through
September 1, 1939—the a strategy called “stable
first day of World War II in integration.” Working with the
Europe—President Franklin Fund for an Open Society, the
D. Roosevelt appealed to the town reversed a declining
warring nations to “under no housing market and helped
circumstances undertake the create a vibrant, integrated
bombardment from the air of community. Academy Award-
civilian populations.” Just six nominated actress Ruby Dee
years later, British and Ameri- narrates
ing struggles of four critically can Allied forces had carried 11:30 Best of KRCB *
ill Americans who discover out a bombing campaign of
unprecedented might over 1:00 Best of LINK TV *
that being uninsured can cost
them their jobs, health, home, Germany’s cities, claiming the
savings, even their lives. lives of nearly half a million
Filmed in verite style, Critical civilians.
* Available on Cable
Condition offers a moving and 9:00 Masterpiece Classic: Emma and Satellite only
invaluable expose at a time - Part One A fiercely funny
four-hour adaptation of Jane * Link TV is an independent
when the nation is debating television network that broad-
how to extend health insur- Austen’s delightful love story
stars Romola Garai as a young casts unseen documentaries
ance to all Americans. from around the world, the
10:30 PBS NewsHour woman whose attempts to
play Cupid go disastrously best of World Music videos, and
11:30 Charlie Rose current affairs programming.
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