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Volume 43, Issue 14 • — Ryerson’s Independent Student Newspaper since 1967 • Wednesday, January 13, 2010

of proportion

fist pumping
& other
Jersey Shore
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photo: matt llewellyn
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AD Wednesday, January 13, 2010
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener • 3

RSU execs, staff on the hook for $70K

by carys mills

Gifts boost
associate news editor

Former employees plan to battle key
Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) players

in court for a total of $70,000 in dam-
ages following allegations of mistreat-
Three former RSU community ser-
vice group employees filed seven claims by aleysha haniff
in total of libel, slander, defamation and news editor
vilification in November 2009.
The lawsuits are against Toby Whit- Ryerson’s endowment fund
field, current vice-president finance has surged to pre-recession levels
and services, last year’s vice-president thanks to some generous donors.
education Rebecca Rose and executive “We lost about 16 per cent on
director of communications and out- the endowment,” said Adam Ka-
reach Denise Hammond. han, vice-president university ad-
They involve a Facebook message vancement, referring to early 2009.
sent by Hammond, a memo and letter “In the meantime, however, we
sent by Whitfield and a Facebook mes- were continuing to get new contri-
sage from Rose. butions, new gifts,” he said.
“You can only push a person around Combined with an improved
so much before they start pushing market, the endowment hit a roll-
back,” said former RyeAccess employee ing average of $80 million as of the
Frank Nyitray, who filed two claims. end of 2009.
“We’re pushing back, they’re not used Money donated to the endow-
to that.” ment fund is invested and the
“The situation and work environ- interest made off of it is used to
ment became toxic, hostile, filled with finance a number of ongoing proj-
harassment, discrimination, bullying ects including scholarships, bur-
tactics and intimidation,” reads Nyitray saries and endowed chairs.
claim filed against Whitfield. Whitfield is one of three defendents involved in multiple lawsuits. photo illustration: matt llewellyn Kahan said the improvement
Jesse Trautmann, RyePride’s former was more due to new donors giv-
outreach coordinator, has actions filed the allegations was a “clear, malicious represent themselves but Whitfield, ments on Dec. 2, 2009. ing money to Ryerson than any
against Whitfield, Rose and Hammond attack” on him and the other people Rose and Hammond will have legal de- Nyitray said Newstadt will be ap- changes in the market.
personally and in their positions at the named. fence covered by RSU insurance. pearing in court on Thursday regarding “There are numbers of donors
RSU. “We’ve asked for the maximum If money is awarded, it’s unclear a peace bond. who recognize, particularly in
A letter from seven community ser- amount, so $10,000 for each lawsuit,” where it will come from. Newstadt disagrees and denies the times of difficulty, what the value
vice group employees to Hammond said Trautmann. But on Jan. 1 the maxi- “Because this is still in proceedings allegation. of their support can mean,” he
was supplied as evidence supporting mum claim allowed in Toronto Small it’s hard to comment on those sort of An “Eric Neustead” received a sum- said.
Trautmann’s claim against Hammond. Claims Court was raised to $25,000 and things,” Whitfield said. mons to appear in court on Jan. 14. The According to Kahan, Ryerson
In it the employees disputed allegations Trautmann has asked for the new limit Rose refused to comment and Ham- document was filed by Nyitray. has the fastest growing endow-
of stealing the RSU credit card, being to be considered for the claims he filed. mond did not return calls. The lawsuits follow an ongoing Min- ment fund in the country, growing
involved in fraudulent actions and con- All claims are being disputed, ac- According to Nyitray, student centre istry of Labour Employment Standards by about 400 per cent over the past
spiring against management. cording to court documents obtained general manager Eric Newstadt alleg- Act investigation involving the RSU. six years.
In his claim, Trautmann wrote he be- by The Eyeopener. edly assaulted him while he attempted None of these allegations have been
lieves a Facebook message mentioning The group of former employees will to serve Hammond with court docu- proven in court.

Sneak peek: Student Learning Centre preview graphic: matt llewellyn

Ryerson president
Sheldon Levy said he
wouldn’t be surprised if
the architect for the new
Student Learning Centre
(SLC) already has plans
The problem is, he
can’t say anything about
the firm in charge of
constructing the much-
needed study space on
campus because of the
tendering process.
“You make a selection.
But then you have to
confirm the selection, by
negiotations of the terms
of the agreement. That’s
what’s being worked
out,” he said.
Nothing will be an-
nounced until the first
half of February, Levy
However,the Eyeopen-
er managed to wrangle
some confirmation
from firms who made
proposals for the SLC.
Here’s (what we think)
is the short list and what
they’re famous for.
2 • The Eyeopener AD Wednesday, January 13, 2010

• Masthead
Life on
Photo of the week


NEWS amit shilton

Julianna “DOLPHIN” Cummins editor-in-chief
Aleysha “TEAL CAT” Haniff

Carys “SILVER AND RED WOLF” Mills I’ve spent most of my life living in
a bubble. Whether I was in a Jewish
FEATURES private school or public school, I was
Rodney “RED JAGUAR” Barnes always surrounded by mostly Jewish
friends and the Jewish culture.
BIZ & TECH So, when I was one of the only kids
Lauren “BLUE FOX” Strapagiel from the neighbourhood coming to
Ryerson, my parents bought me some-
ARTS & LIFE thing that would always remind me
Amanda “DOLPHIN” Cupido where I came from. I got a massive, sil-
Shannon “RED WOLF” Higgins ver Star of David necklace.
I saw it as something that would set
SPORTS me apart. I thought it was important to
Erin “TEAL CAT” Valois “represent.” A student braves the cold walking down Gould Street.
But, I didn’t wear it once.
PHOTO When I got to Ryerson I realized that be stereotyped into a set of character friends who truly love and understand everything, I think a healthy sense of
Matt “BLUE FOX” Llewellyn there were other things that helped me traits featured on a ridiculous reality each other, I’m fine with being teased balance and humour is important. And
Chris “BLUE FOX” Dale represent my culture more than a piece TV show. On the other, there are stu- about common understandings and if you don’t agree, then we can battle it
of jewellery. I quickly saw that for the dents who understand that the charac- misunderstanding about Jews. Like out on the dancefloor.
ASSOCIATE PHOTO most part, people at Ryerson were cul- ters portrayed on the show are simply
Laura “GOLD FALCON” Blenkinsop tured, understanding and accepting. extremes. They shouldn’t represent an

Looking at Italian Ryerson students’ entire culture, but at the same time it SMOKIN’ Homemade food
BONES has arrived in your
reactions to the new TV craze Jersey shouldn’t be ignored that these types of
Leif “HOLDOUT” Parker Shore, I feel like I can sympathize with people are out there.
both sides. Even though there is no Jewish Shore, neighbourhood!
Southern Comfort Food
ONLINE GURUS On the one hand, it’s easy to un- I think it’s important to be able to poke
Kerry “ONLINE” Wall derstand students who don’t want to fun at myself. Within a close group of Ryerson students receive
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GENERAL MANAGER $6* or more every day!

Liane “VIVIT” McLarty Visit us at or on Facebook
Hours: 11am - 9pm Mon-Wed, 11am -11pm Thur- Sat
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Chris “PULLED” Roberts *Excludes specials & taxes, cannot be combined with any other offer.



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Brian “YOU ” Capitao We need volunteers to pose for our annual
Johnny “CRAZY” Vouyioukas Love and Sex issue.
David “JANUARY” Goncalves
Imman “....MAYBE?” Musa
And this is not sketchy,
Vincent “PROM KING” McDermott like those “HOT MALES
Evan Wynn “WEEK OFF” Kosiner
Allyssia “A-WOWW” Alleyne NEEDED” posters.
Hilary “HOOKIE” Hagerman
Michael “MIKEY D” Duncan This is legit.
Adrian “3 NEW STORIES” Cheung
Anthony “GUIDO BEACH” Lopopolo So, take that blue steel pose and bring
Emma “RUM CAKE” Prestwich it on over to the Eyeopener office
Nicholas “STUFFING” Lypaczewski or e-mail us at:
Mariana “TURKEY” Ionova
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Steph “SWEET POTATO” Gellatly
Playing the role of the Annoying Talking
Coffee Mug this week... What animal are
you? quizzes.

The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and

independent student newspaper. It is
owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
lishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
owned by the students of Ryerson.
Our offices are on the second floor of
the Student Campus Centre and you
can reach us at 416-979-5262 or www.
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener • 5

Selling Stanley Cup glory for MLG’s last $15M

by Steph Gellatly likely choose varsity athletes to represent the
student body to potential donors.
Just a month after Ryerson announced its Student-athletes played a major role in the
plans for a new athletics complex, Maple Leaf referendum last spring, where students voted in
Gardens is buzzing with construction — and­ favour of contributing $20 million to a new ath-
looking for cash to keep the renovations going. letics facility once it opens.
“If you went into Maple Leaf Gardens, you’d “None of this would have happened with-
see big machines clawing at cement, pulling out out students,” said men’s varsity soccer player,
chairs. All the chairs are being bubble wrapped Kwame Amoateng. “We’re the engine, we’re giv-
for sale,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. ing [the project] power to go forward.”
Selling those bubble-wrapped stadium seats Athletes are already active in other fundrais-
is one idea to raise some of the $15 million need- ing campagins for the university, such as making
ed for the building’s redevelopment. appeals to alumni to sponsor and fund teams.
Fundraising for the new athletics facility will While fundraising plans are being developed,
happen jointly with Loblaw Companies Limited, Kahan said securing donations for major proj-
who have already donated $5 million to the $60 ects like this can be a lengthy process.
million project. The campaign is in its final stag- “We want to get this going as soon as we can,
es of planning. According to Adam Kahan, vice but major gifts, where people are giving you
- president university advancement, fundraising millions of dollars, don’t occur overnight,” Ka-
efforts will launch at the end of January. han said.
“We have identified and thoroughly re- In additon to exploring fundraising options,
searched a list of potential donors,” Kahan said. the university is on the lookout for an architect
Possible donors include individuals, as well to make the interior better suited for an athletics
as corporate and community partners, but he centre.
could not name any specifics. “That’s a big, big job because you have to have
Other possible plans include cutting out and people who understand how you put in ice, you
selling puck-sized chunks of the cement that have to have people who understand the flow of
lied under the ice at Maple Leaf Gardens where individuals,” Levy said.
the Toronto Maple Leafs won the 1967 Stanley For example, Levy said, the ideal candidate
Cup. could deal with logistics such as figuring out a
Kahan also said some students may be in- way to move hockey equipment up to the third-
volved in the fundraising process. Ryerson will floor rink. Amoateng and other athletes may help raise cash for MLG. photo: Laura Blenkinsop

RSU lets student funding flow back into CKLN

BY Carys Mills tary. He said the board had been wait- In December, the RSU negotiated
Associate News Editor ing for funding since July. with Ryerson and the radio station
The radio station gets closer to about paying off about $27,000 that
After months of waiting, CKLN has $300,000 in funds from student fees, was owed to the university for admin-
signed a fee agreement with the Ryer- but before the agreement was signed, istrative fees like changing locks and
son Students’ Union (RSU). the RSU fronted funds for operating operating telephones, Whitfield said.
The agreement gives CKLN access to and legal costs and repaying debts. “As a new board, we weren’t aware of
about $200,000 of funds from student The last fee agreement was penned this bill,” Nelson said.
fees, according to Toby Whitfield, RSU in 1982 so the framework was updated, He is part of a board elected in July
vice-president finance and services. according to Whitfield. with the task of getting CKLN back on
“We’ve been operating with no mon- “It was very outdated to how things the air after infighting between board
ey basically,” said Ron Nelson, chair of actually happened,” Whitfield said. He members and management.
CKLN’s board of directors, who con- said the agreement only determines the “We’re basically walking around
firmed the agreement was signed on distribution of funds from the students’ cleaning up manure left from past
Monday. Nelson said the board has union to the radio station. That money sloppy administrations,” Nelson said.
been calling the RSU once a day to get comes from the university but passes He refused to release the radio sta-

WinteR LiquidiciouS an update on funding.

“Now that this has been done, we can
through the RSU first. The amount dis-
tributed to the station is determined by
tion’s total deficit, but said there have
been other surprising bills, like money
move forward and rebuild the station,” a cost-of-living adjustment, which is al- owing to the Canada Revenue Agency
CLKN will get $200k from the new agreement. Photo: Chris Dale said Andrew Lehrer, the board’s secre- tered based on inflation. and outstanding legal fees.

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6 • The Eyeopener AD Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Andrea is making every

hour count… and then some

Andrea Belvedere has accomplished so much we think she’s working 25/7 to get it all done

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Andrea With SAGE, she has taken her motivational, entrepreneurial
Belvedere, a fourth-year student at the Ted Rogers School of and organizational skills into high schools to help students
Management, and recipient of a Canada’s Most Powerful create and implement projects that produce economic benefits
Women: Top 100 Award in the Future Leaders category. and positive social impacts.
As vice-president, business development and co-founder of the We congratulate Andrea and all the winners of the Canada’s
Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute (REI), past president of Students Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards. We are also incredibly
in Free Enterprise Ryerson (SIFE), and co-founder and director proud of Andrea and the REI, SIFE and SAGE teams and the
of Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship contributions they have made to Ryerson and our community.
Canada (SAGE), Andrea has proven herself a committed leader, Andrea is an excellent representative for Ryerson and epito-
inspiring role model and big-time multitasker. mizes the can-do attitudes of so many of our students. If you’ve
As big as her time commitments are, the contributions she has got a few minutes, visit and hear how
made are bigger. Andrea’s Ryerson experience has helped her make her mark.
Under her leadership, REI and SIFE together grew to include
100 volunteers and 30 employees, and were able to create more
than $20-million in new economic opportunities.
Everyone Makes a Mark
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener • 7

& Groaners
Pillow in the oven Ouchhhhhhhhhh!
Sudden death shocks Rye
by julianna cummins
news editor
An extra zero tacked on to A male student yawned so
the prescribed four minutes hard that he dislocated his Darryl Rahim had no idea Margery
caused a beanbag pillow to jaw. Someone must have been Winkler was sick when he saw her at
flame up in the fifth-floor up late. Elsewhere, a female Ryerson’s architecture program awards
microwave in Pitman Hall on student managed to heat up in November.
Dec. 11. Toronto Fire Ser- hair removal wax so hot that “She asked if she would see me next
vices arrived on scene and the she gave herself second-de- year,” said Rahim, a third-year architec-
building was evacuated for gree burns. No, we didn’t ask ture student. Rahim worked with Mar-
45 minutes. Now we can’t eat where those burns are. Use gery on two major group projects in
beans if we’re desperate for your imagination. courses he took during his time study-
dinner. ing at Ryerson.
Indecent exposure Calendar mess up On Dec. 15, 2009, Margery, an ar-
chitecture professor who taught at Ry-
On Dec. 21, security saw a HEY, YOU! If you want to erson for over 20 years, succumbed to
male potential nudist chillin’ appeal fall grades or standing an agressive case of breast cancer. It
in Podium / Jorgenson Hall you have until TODAY at 4 was the second time the disease hit the
sans pants, socks or shoes. p.m. rather than Jan. 8. Ac- 57-year-old.
Once he spotted security, he cording to Diane Schulman, “She loved the school, the faculty, the
stood up, yanked down his un- academic intiatives coordina- students. It was very satisfying for her,”
derwear, exposed himself and tor, the original deadline was said Vladimir Winkler, Margery’s hus-
sat back down. Security arrest- a mistake. Contact the Centre band of 33 years, in December.
ed him and handed him off to for Student Development and “From the way that she explained
Toronto Police. Counselling for advice. things, you could really tell it was her
­­— Nick Lypaczewski pride and joy,” Rahim said of Winkler’s
passion for landscape architecture, her
area of expertise.
“She really cared that we understood
it, and took it seriously.”
Kendra Schank Smith, the chair of
architecture sciences at Ryerson, said
Winkler always found ways to be in-
volved in the community, such as hav-
ing her students design landscapes
for different high schools or working Professor Margery Winkler, who passed away in December, taught at
on collaborative projects with Canada Ryerson for over 20 years. photo courtesy of ryerson university
“She brought people together, and Straka said Margery demonstrated said Straka.
people trusted her,” she said. her ability to unite people when she Winkler said in the short time be-
The architecture department was co-ordinated the latest architecture tween Margery’s death and the funer-
“quite stunned” by her death, said awards ceremony — her last big project al, “the whole world knew,” about his
Schank Smith, because of how quickly at Ryerson. wife’s passing.
she passed. “She had to deal with many people “She was one of those people who
“I try to avoid passing her office,” with many different ideas, with ad- always got along with everybody,” Win-
said Vera Straka, a fellow Ryerson archi- ministration and so on... she managed kler said.
tecture professor and a personal friend to get a very successful result in spite Margery is survived by her three chil-
of Margery. of being pulled by different opinions,” dren, Alexandra, Michael and Jaclyn.

RSU hires 2010 election watch dog

by Jesilou tongio

After helping ensure that El Salva-

dor’s elections were free and fair, Pablo
Vivanco will work to do the same at Ry-
Vivanco was hired as this year’s chief
returning officer (CRO) for the upcom-
ing Ryerson Students’ Union election.
Last year, Vivanco was an interna-
tional election observer for the presi-
dential elections in El Salvador. He has
also been a scrutineer in every level of
Canadian elections.
Now the Chilean-born Torontonian
brings his services to the RSU elections
as an impartial third party who will or-
ganize and administer the election pro-
ceedings, including disciplinary action.
Nominations for all positions end Jan.
22 at noon. Voting runs from Feb. 8 - 10. Vivanco has been selected as this year’s CRO. photo: MATT Llewellyn
Vivanco said though elections ran
smoothly last year, he is still aware of He plans to make the boundaries CRO’s affiliation with the Canadian
how heated they can get. clear by providing the candidates with Federation of Students (CFS), s group
“That can be eliminated as far as an election manual, which could in- closely tied to the RSU.
process is concerned if everyone has a clude some audit recommendations “His neutrality will be questioned
clear idea of the boundaries to operate presented by Deloitte last year to help and the bias will be there, by appear-
within,” Vivanco said. the RSU function better. ance at least,” Hamid said.
The 2008-09 elections were marked Business management student Os- Vivanco served as an executive on
with accusations of partisan scruti- man Hamid saw the CRO selection pro- the Canadian Federation of Students
neers and unfair treatment by that cess when he was on the RSU executive (CFS), but said it’s not a concern since
year’s CRO. committee last year. His concern is the he only knows a few people at Ryerson.
8 • The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Wednesday, January 13, 2010 ARTS & LIFE The Eyeopener • 9

Ryerson’s Jersey Shore

Is MTV’s Jersey Shore harmless entertainment or a racist stereotype of Italian culture? The Eyeopener talks to Ryerson students who say being a guido or
guidette is more than just tanning and fist pumping. Photos by Chris Dale and Matt Llewellyn

“Jersey Shore is my favourite show... it’s not really realistic. “People assume I’m like that [a guidette] because I’m Italian “I kind of incorporate the Italian language into my “The Italians people see on TV are the extreme. Not “[Guido] is kind of one of those words that’s okay
It’s like a cartoon version of what some people are like — and I’m from Woodbridge. Woodbridge itself seems to be everyday conversation, but most of my friends are Italian everybody is like that.” to say if you’re Italian, but offensive if you’re not
but not most. Being Italian is about being part of a big, some sort of bubble. People think we have a different men- so they understand me. What does it mean to be a guido? Italian.”
tight knit family.” tality, but we really don’t.” It’s all in the aura.”
— Mitchell May, third-year — Melissa D’Abbraccio, — Alexandra Bellissimo, — Anthony Volpe, fourth-year — Merissa Battaglia, third-year
archictecture student third-year GCM student second-year RTA student business student social work student

Rye Italians reject guido stereotype Get the Pauly D guido-glam look
THE OUTFIT with a thick foundation (MAC artificial nails. You can settle for chunky blonde highlights are
BY HILARY HAGERMAN culture.” “It’s doing a lot of damage to the “Oddly enough, a lot of the Ladies, you’re going to wantStudio Fix Foundation, $31), acrylics ($20-25 for a set, $15 for your best options.
“Do they make pomodori (to- image of Italians,” he said. “This situations on the show are very to invest in a pair of expensive,
and then cake on the bronzer refills) or splurge on gel nails Guys will have more luck
Every Thursday night the mato sauce) every September? show is, in a way, more problem- similar to ones I’ve dealt with in curve-hugging jeans. The more (MAC Bronzing Power, $27). ($35 for a set, $25 for refills). sculpting their hair into immov-
guidos and guidettes of MTV’s Do they grow their own vegeta- atic than The Sopranos.” real life,” she said. “Jersey Shore rhinestones on the back pocket, Next, circle your eyes with black able art using a strong-hold hair
Jersey Shore welcome us into bles in their back yard? Do they He said the problem is that is just like Wasaga Beach for Ital- the better. Rock & Republic is aeyeliner (MAC Liquid Eyeliner, THE GYM gel (Spiker Water Resistant Styl-
their world of bar fights, fake celebrate the fiesta of La Madon- a lot of viewers perceive what ians in the GTA.” popular choice, but these jeans $20) and plump those lashes Fist-pumping might be fun, ing Glue, $18.99).
nails and neon tans. But are TV na (the Mother Mary)? These are happens on the show as actual She said the show doesn’t can go for as much as $350. with multiple coats of a mascara but it won’t get you the guns re-
shows like this giving young all things that traditional Italians reality. necessarily claim to be an ex- Guys, if you haven’t already,
(MAC Plush Lash, $15.50) or just quired to bag your own Sammi THE TAN
Italian-Americans and Italian- do; along with possessing values “Italians have one of the rich- act representation of all Italians it’s time to pick up a couple ofdon faux lashes, which are ap- Sweetheart. Hit the gym daily if Male or female, every guido
Canadians a bad rep? of hard work, respect and humil- est cultures. The positive image and there’s always going to be a shirts from Ed Hardy and Af- propriate for the club and the you want your own washboard and guidette with an ounce of
“Shows like Jersey Shore do ity,” she said. of Italy can sometimes be seen, group in any culture that’s simi- fliction, which cost anywhere classroom. Leave lips nude for a abs and sculpted biceps. The pride needs to have a tan. Head
nothing but hurt the Italo-Ca- lar to a guido or guidette. between $60 and $200. Popular natural look. Recreation and Athletics Centre straight to the tanning bed about
nadian and Italo-American peo- ”Let’s get real — Scarfo also said some parts 1 2 with mixed-martial artists and Not surprisingly, guys have it offers memberships for $70 per four times a week to keep your
ple,” said Paul Fanone, commu- characters like this don’t “People are acting like of Jersey Shore demonstrate the Jon Gosselin, these shirts are aeasier in this department. Keep year or $40 a semester. skin looking its brownest. Tan-
nications officer for Ryerson’s exist in Italy and never it’s so controversial. It’s positive aspects of Italian cul- staple in the guido closet. The fit
those lips healthy with a mois- ning packages at nearby tanning
Italian Students’ Association really have.” not ... it’s real life. There ture. must be tight. How else will youturizing lip balm (Cherry Chap- THE HAIR salon Sol’exotica (169 Church
(ISA). “They paint this image are people like that and “I think it’s nice that they all show off that killer six-pack? stick, $2.79). After that, it’s all Ladies have a choice to make: St.) start at $19.95 a month. And
of Italians that we are all hair- — Natalie Ciarallo, ISA you can find them in a sit around and have dinner to- about that clear lip gloss (Rim- go for that hard, wavy look with if you’re scared of skin cancer,
gelled, trance-loving spoiled president parking lot in Wood- gether and say a prayer, that they THE MAKEUP mel Shock Gloss in Clearly Clear, copious amounts of mousse there’s always spray tanning. It’s
brats.” bridge or cruising the take turns cooking and washing Hit up your local MAC store $8.49). Slick. (TRESemmé Tres Mousse, $99 for one month unlimited
Fanone said the “guido” per- ”They paint this image Wasaga strip. The only dishes and that their families and prepare to spend a good $7.50), or blow-dry your hair ab- spray tanning at Glow Tanning
ception is an entirely North of Italians that we are difference is that these come and visit them,” she said. 15 minutes in front of the mir- THE NAILS solutely straight. When it comes Lounge Body Bar at 9 Isabella St.
American view on Italians. He all hair-gelled, trance- ones are on TV.” “They’re all really close to their ror, ladies. Build a solid base Every guidette needs a set of to colour, jet black or dark with — ALLYSSIA ALLEYNE
said if people were to visit Italy, loving spoiled brats.” families and that’s a very impor-
they would see there are few — Stefania Scarfo, tant thing in the Italian culture.”
people who act like that. — Paul Fanone, ISA third-year RTA student She thinks it’s funny that peo- House battles with Snooki are just $2500 away
Natalie Ciarallo, president of spokesperson ple are finding controversy in
the ISA, agrees. the show. 3 4 If you’re a fan of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, then you’re in luck. Snooki is coming to Toronto for
“I think the whole guido thing “These characters don’t really but the negative dominates.” “People are acting like it’s so an appearance on MTV and some local diehards have taken the initiative, organizing through a
Facebook group, to get Snooki out to party with them. The group is seeking donations to hire the
A step-by-step guide to the Shore poof
is strictly pop culture,” she said. show that, yet [they] take pride But some don’t have a prob- controversial. It’s not,” she said.
“Let’s get real — characters like in this made up persona that lem with the show. Stefania “It’s real life. There are people reality star, as the cost for her appearance is $2500. “It is legitimate for sure. My friend started the
this don’t exist in Italy and never they consider to be truly Italian.” Scarfo is a third-year RTA stu- like that and you can find them page and within two weeks we’ve had around $2000 in pledges,” said Rebecca Merchant, a sociology
really have.” Salvatore Bancheri, a profes- dent and a proud first-genera- in a parking lot in Woodbridge (1) Grab your brush and hairspray. Don’t brush out the waves. (2) Spray the product into your hair student eagerly anticipating Snooki’s appearance. “Snooki is a little fi recracker,”Merchant said.
Ciarallo also said the charac- sor of Italian Studies at the Uni- tion Italian-Canadian who said or cruising the Wasaga strip. The while you crimp it with your hands. (3) Section off a large piece of hair in the front and back comb Snooki is apparently a bargain compared to the show’s other cast members The Situation and Pauly D
ters on Jersey Shore, “don’t have versity of Toronto, said the show what’s seen on MTV isn’t some- only difference is that these ones underneath to create the desired poof. Twist the hair and pin back. (4) Now head to Jersey Shore! who charge more than $7500 for their appearances. — MICHAEL DUNCAN
an appreciation for true Italian could even be considered racist. thing new to her. are on TV.”
10 • The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shaking things up with Billy Shakespeare

Ryerson Theatre School
is rehearsing for their
performance of William
Shaespeare’s Richard III.
The show will be
performed by the graduating
class of Ryerson’s theatre
performance program. It
is directed by Ruth Madoc
Jones, an award-winning
performer, dramaturge and
The show runs from Feb. 2
– 11 at the Ryerson Theatre.
For ticket information call
416-969-5118 or e-mail


Drink of the week Overheard in da club

Brought to you by the Arts and Life editors. Want to go home alone? Try these:
Keeping Ryerson classy since 2010.
“I want to bag you like some groceries.”
“Sambuca on fi re”
“Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the
In the spirit of being Italian, this shot is a classic. only ten I see...”
Before family meals, the real appetizer is not
prosciutto and cheese... it’s Sambucca. Try it on fi re “If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you’d be
for extra points! called McGorgeous.”

INGREDIENTS “If this club was a meat market, you’d be the

1 shot of Sambuca prime rib.”

Tyndale’s Bachelor of Education Program

There’s still time to apply. Space is limited so apply today!

Why study at Tyndale?
○ One of the highest number of practica days in the classroom of any B.Ed. program in the province Information
○ Faculty are teachers, mentors, advisors and coaches Session:
Tuesday, Jan. 26
○ Program is designed to create a supportive learning community 7 - 9 pm

The Tyndale Bachelor of Education program is designed to equip you to find a job.
Tyndale University College | 416.218.6757 Deadline: Feb. 16, 2009
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Features The Eyeopener • 11

House of surprises
Ryerson has nine months to finish the Image Arts building.
A look behind the fence at the Master Plan’s centrepiece
The current yellow-bricked exterior will
become an interior wall in the new build-
ing. The upper floors will be clad in a lay-
er of glass, LED lights and four inches of
Elements on the face of the old building insulation. The LEDs can show 35,000
have been taken off. Concrete window cas- different colours and will be coordinated
ings and brick have been removed to ex- with events inside the building.
pose columns. Holes have been punched
into the old exterior to increase access
into the new 10,500 square-foot gallery,
the research centre and study space—all of
The interior has been gutted and electri- it enclosed in glass.
cal systems replaced. The new building
will have rooms reconfigured according to
specific programs and study space. There
will also be personal elevators, accessible
washrooms, and carpet and new furniture
has been ordered. Faculty offices will be
located on the east side as well as a vault to
preserve photos.

The new building will

have three entrances:
one on the west side that
will open into a great
hall and the Black Star
photo gallery; another
on Gould Street located
beside a new café; and
the third opening out
here on Bond Street.

Crews have dug trenches

to place the footings for
12-inch steel I-beams
that will support the new

The renovation has cre-

ated about 320 jobs.
Construction crews or-
ganized by trade have
worked on the building
in sequence, from de-
molition to excavation,
concrete-forming and
structural steel.

BY Rodney barnes mid-May in 2009. futuristic block clad in glowing glass. Last summer the building was closed off to
It all began with the anonymous donation of The original building was built in 1953 and was students and faculty, displacing the 700 under-
An old building is like an old person. It’s musty the million-dollar Black Star photography collec- the warehouse and bottling works of the O’Keefe grad and 150 grad students who took courses in
and worn down. You put up with it only because tion, a series of about 300,000 photos document- brewery. It was purchased by Ryerson and reno- the Image Arts building. Many of their classes are
it’s managed to survive this long. But as time goes ing many of the 20th Century’s most memorable vated in 1970 to house photography and film stu- now held in the Victoria Street building, with the
on and it doesn’t stop aging, problems occur with moments, and $7 image arts lounge shared with the international
greater frequency and hit the wallet harder. And million towards a If shocks like the cracked water pipe are any indication, a students’ lounge and photography students using
when time calls for change, it’s met with difficulty gallery and to pre- delay is not out of the question equipment cages in the Victoria Street building
and resistance. serve the photo- and Kerr Hall.
So it was no surprise to Sheldon Levy when as- graphs. In 2006 plans were proposed to install the dents and help manage the ballooning enrollment The renovation was originally planned to be
bestos was found behind the walls during the de- collection as an upgrade to the image arts build- rates at the university. Now, 40 years later, image completed by September 2010, but if shocks
molition crew’s gutting of the Image Arts building. ing and in 2007 Toronto’s Diamond and Schmitt arts students are waiting to move back in as con- like the cracked water pipe are any indication, a
But it came as a shock, Levy said, when a crack Architects were chosen to develop an entire retro- struction turns the corner of what campus plan- delay is not out of the question. Hamilton is re-
was found in one of two main water lines com- fit worth over $8 million. Plans were approved in ning and facilities director Ian Hamilton calls the served about the date. And Levy is also apprehen-
ing in to the building, increasing the work load of January 2008 and by March drawings of the new demolition phase, and moves into the “build-up” sive about meeting the deadline for completion.
an already stressed renovation that broke ground building were released to the public, showing a phase. “Hope is a good word,” he said.
12 • The Eyeopener sports Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Numbers don’t lie

Anthony Lopopolo finds out the secret behind the basketball team’s winning record
The story:
The women’s basketball
team is off to one of the
best starts in team history.

The highs:
A three-game win streak at
the beginning of November.

The lows:
Losing their chance this
weekend to take over the di-
vision lead.

The blowouts:
Ryerson 65 Waterloo 42
(Nov. 6)
Ryerson 74 Guelph 49
(Nov. 20)
Ryerson 82 RMC 42 (Jan. 8)

The close-calls:
Western 79 Ryerson 76
(Nov. 27)
Queen’s 65 Ryerson 79- OT
(Jan. 9)

The secret:
Clockwise from top: Coach Sandra Pothier does not believe her team has taken the easy road to a winning record this season; Fifth-year guard Lacey O’Sullivan credits Fifth-year guard Lacey
her team’s newfound chemistry for their success; Lisa Goldring has been the backbone of the Rams for the past few seasons. Photos: matt llewellyn O’Sullivan says her team-
mates have gotten com-
The women’s basketball team was has been able to exist without a dramat- fortable with each other
poised to cover new ground this week- ic flux of new faces. No more than four and that that cohesion
end, when they had a chance to take personnel changes were made in their is on display this season.
first place in the OUA East division. 13-person roster, with a core of nine “This year I feel that we’ve
But they didn’t pass the test, losing to players maintaining their spot from the had the best team chemistry
Queen’s University 69-65. Whether the previous year. and at the beginning of the
team finally met a contender in league But it does beg the question of year we set out goals that we
action or if they were victims of un- whether the Rams have benefited from wanted to accomplish. As a
known circumstances, the Rams have a light schedule. team, we’ve been working
dropped to fourth place. In six of 11 games, Ryerson has been really hard to achieve them.
Now at 7-5 and caught in a three- pitted against teams which are current- Our defence has been there
game losing skid, the team is prepping ly below .500 or are known to be peren- — that’s usually our clutch
for a pivotal game against the division- nial basement dwellers. Ryerson’s wins — and our aggressiveness
leading Carleton Ravens this Friday in against Waterloo, Laurier, Guelph and has been great,” she said.
Kerr Hall Upper Gym. It could very well RMC — all of which own losing records
determine if Ryerson has a true con- — were blowouts with a 13- to 40-point The quote:
tender on its hands, or an inflated one. scoring margin. “There are lots of years
The Rams haved posted a program- That question, in Pothier’s mind, isn’t where sometimes you have
best 6-2 start to this season. Beneath valid. to look at the games and you
all the high-fives and backslaps that She cites the Rams’ win against UBC, may lose the game by only
come with great improvement, there the No. 10 outfit in the country, in the two or three points. We had
are always whispers about the qual- school’s Darcel Wright preseason tour- a lot of those [last season].”
ity of the competition when there was nament and the team’s overtime loss — Coach Sandy Pothier
little offseason change to the struggling to the No. 2 Windsor Lancers last No-
women’s team. vember as bona fide examples of their
Head coach Sandy Pothier dismisses potential.
the idea that the team has experienced “In terms of every other game we’ve
an easy ride this season. played, each one has been tough,” she
“All the teams are evenly matched. I said.
don’t find [the opposition] too different “We host one of the premier tourna-
from last year,” said Pothier. ments in the country. We always bring
Pothier attributes the team’s new- in some of the best teams in Canada,
found success to the maturation of last and we competed very well in our tour-
season’s rookies and the continuity that nament and finished in fifth spot.”
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 sports The Eyeopener • 1 3

Ryerson’s forgotten warrior Athletes of the Week

BY adrian cheung But what can you do, right?” Puscas while competing in over 15 events
said. every year.
The term “student-athlete” doesn’t The continuous snubs aren’t worn Along the way, he’s garnered plenty
get a whole lot of buzz at Ryerson. as a chip on Puscas’s shoulder. He of confidence in his abilities – both
But you would think that an ath- said he understands that fencing mentally and physically.
lete, who dominates at the university is still largely a niche sport that few “When you start with complete
level, has won medals and is ranked people understand or pay attention confidence, it really is much better.
nationally, could get a little publicity to. You’re already 50 per cent into the
from time to time. “I’ve just gotten used to it. It’s not bout, whereas the other person is
It doesn’t always work that way even that Ryerson doesn’t recognize afraid. It gives you an advantage,” he
though. Especially not when that said. chelsea blackall boris bakovic
sport is fencing. With repeated bouts, Puscas has women’s volleyball men’s basketball
Horia Puscas, a sabre fencer on the When all the athletes were also gained an encyclopedic knowl-
Ryerson squad is one of the highest nominated, they were getting edge of his opponents, learning their
achieving athletes at the university. asked questions and nobody tactics and tendencies, giving him a
He has won three Ontario Uni- asked me anything. decided edge before he takes a single
versity Athletics (OUA) medals; two — Horia Puscas, fencer swipe.
bronze and one silver, all while boost- “I think: ‘Do I know anything about
ing his national ranking to 33rd in the fencing, “ Puscas said. the [opponent]? Do I know that he’s
Canadian Fencing Federation in the “It’s just not a popular sport so doing a step and lunge? Or does he Women’s volleyball in the first match,but had
past year. He has been nominated for that’s about it.” pull his arm back right before an at- a little trouble putting
Male Athlete of the Year at Ryerson He started fencing at 11 years old tack?’” The women’s volleyball away the Timberwolves
but he said he wasn’t even notified in his native Romania before redis- Moving on from university level team opened their first in the second game.
about it until days before the athlet- covering the sport again in his first competition, Puscas has set his sights tournament of the year with Haley Wolfendon was
ics banquet. year of university. on a higher standard: national com- back-to-back wins on Jan. 9 named player of the game
“When all the athletes were nomi- Since then, he has quickly risen petitions and rankings. Here’s guess- and Jan. 10 on home turf. in the second match-
nated, they were getting asked ques- through the ranks of OUA competi- ing that his name and his game won’t The team made short work up, recording 38 assists,
tions and nobody asked me anything. tion, winning his first medal in 2005 soon be forgotten. of Lakehead University three kills and three digs.
The Rams will play
host again this weekend
when they take on the
University of Toronto
and McMaster University.

Men’s basketball

The men’s basketball team

made history on Jan. 9, but
it wasn’t for their game.
Their match-up against
Queen’s University was
the last time a game will
be played in the Gaels’
The Rams lost to Queen’s
in a 71-65 decision that saw
the Kingston university
hold a lead by as much as 13
points in the third quarter.
Boris Bakovic recorded 23
points and eight rebounds
in the loss. The men
will return home to face
Carlton University and the
University of Ottawa next
14 • The Eyeopener biz & tech Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New media grad bounces onto blogosphere

by vincent mcdermott to keep the ball going up and down their displays.
“I wanted to develop something that was com-
Combining dance and the iconic arcade game petitive and collaborative,” Keeble said.
Pong is the sort of thing the internet notices. “Some people who tried it at the show got re-
During the holiday season, Pong Prom, a proj- ally competitive, while one couple just decided to
ect created by Ryerson new media graduate Ed make out,” he said.
Keeble, was featured on a number of tech and It wasn’t until December that technology blogs
video game blogs including Gizmodo and Techna- and hobbyists discovered Pong Prom on the inter-
bob. net. Despite the exposure, there are no plans to
The art project, first displayed at Ryerson’s new market the project.
media show, Maximum Exposure, last April, turns “I’ve been approached by some European com-
the participants into human ping-pong paddles. panies about selling it,” he said. “But I don’t know
The dancers wear white hoodies decked out what the feasability for selling it would be like.”
with Lilypad Arduino boards and accelerometers. At this point, Keeble said planning another
Conductive fabric at the cuffs, shoulders and event is just a possibility. “With the exposure,
waist connect the two players as they dance and another event may be possible,” he said. “Maybe
the arduinos display a series of red LED lights on something more robust.”
the shirts in the familiar Pong layout. Keeble is writing instructions for anyone inter-
Standing at a distance acceptable to middle- ested in building their very own Pong Prom. He
school dances, the couple controls the paddles by plans to post them on his website, www.covertath-
swaying back and forth. They must work together, by Jan. 15. Is it dancing? Is it Pong? It’s both. photo courtesey of covertathletics on

When the going gets scarce... just calm down

Over the break I really took time to look and see just me not being open to the amazing people out
what’s real about each of these positions. there. Once I realized the scarcity was all in my
First, as mentioned in previous columns, there’s head, lots of amazing young ladies popped into
Startup 101 a ton of money out there. The people who have it my life.

by evan wynn Kosiner are totally willing to give it if you play the game. I Before there was comfort in saying there were
have a number of billionaire and multimillionaire simply no girls out there for me. It was their fault,
FFS how can @RSUMetropasses be clients and there are a few things I’ve picked up not mine. In dropping that I take responsibility for
sold out at 10:30am on the 1st day Over the break, I really got to thinking about while working with them. They want me in a de- my life.
back? #eyeforatweet #fail how I’ve been treating my life and my businesses cent suit, clean shaven and charismatic. And they If something isn’t going the way you want it to
as something scarce. It’s like kids always wanting want me to prove that my product is the best out be, look for what’s going on in the background and

one more present over the holidays. We still view there. If you can play that game, they’re happy to what you aren’t being real with yourself about. A
things like those kids do, and it holds us back. work with you and share their money with you. shift in the background leads to action in the fore-
I’m in the Ryerson library and I am Scarcity is when the demand is greater than There aren’t enough clients. Usually if this ground, leading to a life without scarcity.
having a one with the Universe mo- the product out there. It drives people into ac- comes up, it’s a telltale sign the clients you’re seek- Your homework for this week: Find an area of
ment right now. Incredible! tion even when it may not make sense. It’s like ing aren’t well defined. Or said differently, you’re your life that you view as being limited or scarce.
infomercials you see on TV — “Call now, there are slutting out your company to everyone and not Be responsible for that area and break down the

only 30 left!” In my life there have been three main figuring out who actually wants your product. One barrier between you and it until you see the light
stories regarding scarcity running the show. There or two clients who bring in a ton of business may at the end of the tunnel.
Figures that the only time I can get a isn’t enough money. I don’t have enough clients. be all you need. If you have any questions about running your
paper in the RCC is at 7:30 AM, be- And there are no girls out there aligned with what As for girls — that’s probably the best example own business or have feedback for Evan, send an
fore the hobos come to #Ryerson I’m up to. of the false scarcity scare. My lady troubles were email to

#ryerson wayfinding fail. Arrows pointing towards “enroll-
ment services” lead nowhere. Actual booth is labeled “Reg-

bloody sanitary pads all over the washroom floor. eeeeee.
whatever happened to hygeine, #ryerson?

Biz students win CA$H

Ryerson library makes me tired. Why
is it so warm in here? #eyeforatweet

photo courtesy of Andre Van Vugt/Giant Vision

Ryerson business students (from left) Marko Dajic, Zuhair Moledina and Vishal
Malik came in fourth place at Battle for CA$H, held on Jan. 9 by The Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Ontario. They were one of two teams from Ryerson to On the North side of Dundas between Yonge & Bay
compete and walked away with $750.
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 FUN The Eyeopener • 1 5

Pappa ad BW_NP2:Layout 1 1/5/10 4:43 PM Page 1

Health Fair The Ryerson Community’s Newest Eating Place
Wednesday, Jan 20 pasta & panini bar
Student Centre Lobby, 55 Gould St. January is panini month at
Spe 5
Learn about alternative health therapies Free can of pop with the cial
purchase of any panini
Enjoy free food & win prizes
  10 combinations to choose from...
Vendors from community organizations to • Venecia with prosciutto, brie, baby arugala
educate you on your health choices • Roma with grilled chicken, pesto,
sun dried tomato
Brought to you by:
the Ryerson Students' Union
& Ryerson Health Promotion
11am to 3pm • Meditera with warm goat cheese,
sun dried cranberries, figs and apricots
For more Info:
contact ALSO
Featuring fresh baked quiche and salad for just
— Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner —


Open: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
TEL 416-599-PAPA (7272) EAT-IN & TAKE-AWAY
16 • The Eyeopener FUN Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zach Murphy is hilarious

Graffiti by Michael Winkler

Related Interests