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ASA University

Assignment on
“An Interview of Banker”

Presented To
Samina Akter Nayla
Lecturer in English
ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB)

Presented By
Student Name: Md. Jabed Ali
Student ID: 091-12-0096
Course Title: Business English (ENG: 131)
Section: 6(C)

Date of Submission
13th January, 2010
ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB)
Letter of Transmittal

13th January 2010

Samina Akter Nayla

Course Instructor

English Department

ASA University Bangladesh

Subject: Request to accept my Term Paper.

Dear Madam,

It is my utmost pleasure to submit you my Term Paper for the course ENG: 131 on your

given topic. I think this is the part of my BBA program. I have truly enjoyed my

attachment in preparing this report. There might be some errors through oversight in the

assignment. I sincerely neglect for such unintentional errors. I would be grateful if you

kindly consider my unintentional mistake. I acknowledge with thanks the whole hearted

support & kind guidance received from you. So I hope you would be kind enough to

accept Term Paper & oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Jabed Ali

ID: 09-1-12-0096
I have taken an interview of a Senior Assistant vice President and Manager
S.M. Mainul Kabir who is working in Southeast Bank Limited.
Md. Jabed Ali Shaon with S.M. Mainul Kabir
Question#01: Would you please tell me your name?

Banker: S.M. Mainul Kabir.

Question#02: Why are you interested in bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: I did my masters from commerce. It is challenging job. I

want to develop myself through this job.

Question#03: Why are you working for this bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Ownership of this bank is different from any other bank.
So I am working for this Bank.

Question#04: What are your three major accomplishments?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: 1. Successful treasury manager,

2. Successful risk masticator,
3. Successful balance sheet marketer.

Question#05: What new goals have you established for yourself


S.M. Mainul Kabir: My new goal is development carrier with hard working.
Basically I want to be a good leader.

Question#06: What are the attributes of an ideal job for you?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Sincerity, hard working, duties, organizing the manpower
are the attributes of an ideal job.

Question#07: What kind of boss would you prefer?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: I prefer democratic type of boss.

Question#08: Why have you pursued this field?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Actually I pursued this field because I want to remain
honest man through my job.

Question#09: What does “success” mean to you?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: When we achieve goal through doing job that is called

Question#10: What does “failure” mean to you?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: When we fail to achieve any goal through doing job that is
called failure.

Question#11: Which is more important to you: money or this type

of job?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Both are important to me. I need money as well as status.

Question#12: What are your strongest abilities?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: I can communicate with others as well as I can motivate
to employees.

Question#13: In what kind of work environment do you prefer for

your best work?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: I prefer satisfactory environment where I can concentrate

of my work.
Question#14: What kinds of tasks and responsibilities motivate
you the most?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Challenging works, issues motivate me the most.

Question#15: How do you work under pressure?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Sometimes I face some comport but I can do my work
under pressure.

Question#16: What does this job require?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: This job requires educational qualification; masters (first
class no third class). It is minimum requirement.

Question#17: What do you predict about the bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: I predict that Intension of bank is doing in the competition

Question#18: What is going to happen in this bank in the next 5


S.M. Mainul Kabir: Management is going to centralization. Business of the

bank is centralized.

Question#19: What do you know about your Bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: My bank is a first generation private bank rendering

online services with many branches.

Question#20: Who are your competitors?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: The entire private bank especially IFIC Bank, Brack Bank,
Dutch Bangla Bank, Islami Bank.

Question#21: What do you believe are the key issues and

problems in your bank today?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Management problem. It is not satisfactory. There have

some discrimination.

Question#22: Where will the major sources of your business be in

the next 5 years?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: House hold sector as well as SME and Corporate
business entrepreneur may be the major source.

Question#23: What challenges are you facing in this bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: My bank is facing deferent challenges from other

competitors around 49 competitors private bank, Government policies and
Financial Policies.

Question#24: Do you think your bank is reacting to competitors?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Of course my bank is reacting to competitors.

Question#25: What is the largest problem your bank is facing

right now?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: I think lower investment is the largest problem of my


Question#26: What changes do you anticipate in the bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Management thinks this is present decentralize some

carried delegation to the branches.
Question#27: What risks will your company face due to the
changes of the bank?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Risk of loss business customer for changes of the bank.

Question#28: What is your company’s management style?

S.M. Mainul Kabir: Scientific approach of management is being applied in my