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Kayaks open new opportunities

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Yulee’s soccer teams not going anywhere

Photos courtesty of Florentino Morlote

By Lauren Jones where, the learning curve is exponential and bloody lip. they are as a team. He says they are slowly
Editor that they’ve come a long way in a short time. “Give me four years and you better look but surely doing so. They are being dubbed
“They know where to cover and where to out,” Thigpen said. She says developing a new by other teams as persistent.
Yulee Girl’s Soccer back up. It is a strong team.” team is not about wins and losess, it’s about Ashton Morlote is a junior and contrib-
The Yulee High School’s girl’s soccer team Captain Kayla Robbins is a senior and edi- the growth and the right motivation and ded- utes to the basic knowledge base of the team.
might only be a season and a half old, but as tor of the Yulee High School paper. Thigpen ication to get the team going. His ball skills are what make him center-mid
Captain Kayla Robbins puts it, “…in a few says she works incredibly hard and is dedi- and sweeper.
years, the Yulee High School girl’s team will cated to everything she does. Yulee Boy’s Soccer Pagel has a goal of being head of the over-
be a force to be reckoned with.” Natalie Watt is the co-captain and is only a The boys soccer team at Yulee High
all soccer program. “In not too many years,
Head Coach Kasey Thigpen has been sophomore. She is part of the band and does School, “just won’t go away,” according to a
coaching soccer for four years and this is her winter guard and color guard. “She’s very Bolles School soccer player’s parent talking I’d love to see four teams at Yulee.” He says
first year at Yulee High as a coach. smart and does well in her classes. She is a to a Yulee High School’s parent in the stands there is no reason there shouldn’t be a varsity
There were 30 girls at tryouts. “Having the great all around athlete and has good leader- at a game. At this particular game, Bolles and junior varsity team for the boys and the
girls and having the talent is not a problem. ship qualities.” School beat Yulee, but had to work hard to girls. He knows that will not be hard with
It’s been very easy in that sense. They work Irena Qualls started out never playing soc- do so. the number of students who have come for
well together.” cer before in her life and has become one of Bolles’ soccer team is more established and tryouts.
Thigpen says the challenges of working the team’s most recognizable players. She is has a much better record. But for them to say “I love the game and if I’ve got that many
with a new team are getting the support they on defense and is described as aggressive and they had to work hard certainly says some- kids out there playing soccer every year, then
need to get the right equipment as well as a fast learner by Thigpen. thing about the strength of Yulee’s new team. soccer’s doing pretty good. And if that hap-
the moral support from the school system. Captain Robbins says, “The soccer team is Head coach Chris Pagel has been teaching pens, the quality of the play on the varsity
She says there is no lack of motivation from starting to get a feel of what playing as a team soccer for years and coached at Fernandina level should be will come.”
the players. All of them are passionate and feels like. We are growing on each other and Beach High School. He is currently teaching Pagel says he tends to become disappoint-
work well together, despite the challenges and learning each other’s strengths and weakness- third grade at Yulee Elementary. ed after a loss. But when he sits back and
growing pains of a new team. es. Our team is brand new, we just started it The challenge of the new team is cohesion. looks at where the team was in the beginning
“Despite all of that, we’ve won 300 percent last year. We are starting to become a team to They are learning what teamwork is about and at how much they have improved, he
more games this year than we did last year,” be recognized. We are slowly but surely start- and taking the time to make good shots and
realizes the strength of the team. He strives
Thigpen says. ing to beat teams that have been around for a attack. But the improvements have been
“I have girls playing out there, who if they while at our game level.” many. From the seasoned players to the guys for perfection, but also realizes the leaps and
play for the next four years, could probably The girls played Trinity Christian last week who are just now learning soccer, they are all bounds the team has overcome.
get scholarships, girls who have never played and beat them with a final score of 3 to 1. playing their hardest. They’re sound and the “It’s like watching your own kid grow up.
before and are [now] starters. They are just They lost to them the first time 1 to 0. Co- defense has made the best improvements. You see them every day and don’t realize how
amazing. They work hard. They love being captain Natalie Watt scored one of those and Senior Seth Creel is the goalie and has far they have come.
a part of something, they love the game and Alexis Crouch scored two. Robbins reports worked well with the defense. We may not be putting up W’s (winning
they are very excited.” that goalie Morgan Day took a ball to the Pagel has tried to let the team develop games) but we’re playing some much better
Thigpen says when you start out some- face and played the rest of the game with a their attitude together and figure out who soccer and that’s all I can hope for.”

The Spa breaks the mold of resorts

callahan, FL

Permit No. 50


By Lauren Jones He opened new spas throughout his career but

Editor admits when he was called for the job at the
Plantation while he was working for a spa in
Bill Di Stanisloa, director of spa operations Boca Raton, he had never heard of the Planta-
at The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation says the tion.
spa’s success lies in its employees. It’s a trickle He loved the place instantly. He liked that it
is its own building, apart from the hotel lobby.

down effect, he says.

“Our number one customers are our em- He says clients cannot have the full experience
ployees. If they are treated well, then it trickles of a spa when it is in a hotel building with peo-
down to the services they provide for their cli- ple shuffling by and interrupting their massage
ents. And the clients will come back.” He be- or facial.
lieves in giving his employees the proper tools He says the spa has all the elements it needs
and treating them as they deserve to be treated. to provide the perfect spa reality. It has a bal-
“No one works for anyone. We are a family.” ance of wood, fire, water and metal. When you
Di Stanisloa says they have regular clients, walk it, you smell the aromatherapy and feel at
not just guests who are staying at the resort. ease with the light colored wood and calming Bill Di Stanisloa, director of operations at The
Everyone who comes in is a client, not a guest. music. Spa has been with the company since the 1990’s.

He says that is partly because they are the low- They don’t just serve their clients, they edu-
est priced spa located on a resort, and he says cate them on the massage they receive or the clients can go to yoga classes and relax.
Yulee, FL 32041

you can research that. They provide the utmost steps that go into a facial. The spa is also part of the green program and
P.O. Box 837

quality of services for their clients. The 13,400 square-foot salon has 24 treat- has mostly organic products.
Di Stanisloa has the background to make ment rooms, 12 salon stations and includes “We break the mold of resorts. We are not
that happen. He has been with The Spa since 1,000 square feet of retail space. The relaxation a golden marble spa. We are family-oriented.
the 1990s and has studied everything from ho- area has reclining chairs looking out over an We have something for every member of the
listic health, cosmetology and massage therapy. oasis of water and an actual treehouse, where family.”
2 The Nassau News | January 14, 2010


Crime Beat
These reports are based on information supplied by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone whose name appears in the reports can
contact The Nassau News if the case is dismissed, charges are reduced, or they are acquitted of the charges. Call 225-5100, or e-mail Please be prepared to provide documentation of the developments.
Monday, January 4 Wednesday, January 6 Randel Hill, 20 of Fernandina Beach was

arrested for aggravated assault, criminal mis-
Holly Morgan, 37 of Guyton, GA was arrested Lonnie Mosely, 31 of Jacksonville was ar- chief, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and
for failing to appear in court for petit theft and rested for writ of attachment. violation of injunction.
temporary unauthorized use of a vehicle.
Edward Thomas, 38 of Tampa was arrested for James Morrow, 35 of Yulee was arrested for
Amanda Bozeman, 25 of Callahan was arrested failing to appear in court for reckless driving. burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen
for violation of parole for child neglect. property.
Clarence Cranford, 44 of Jacksonville was
Joseph Hocker, 33 of Leesburg, GA was ar- arrested for writ of attachment. James Woods, 28 of Yulee was arrested for
Following are upcoming public rested for failing to appear in court for affray,
Robert Davis, 18 of Hilliard was arrested for burglary to a vehicle and grand theft.
(threatening violence) and riots.
meetings in Nassau County. aggravated battery. Andrew Gmelin, 27 of Yulee was arrested for
Glen Long, 20 of Jacksonville was arrested for aggravated child abuse.
making harassing phone calls, false imprison- Robert Starling, 51 of Jacksonville was arrest-
COUNTY COMMISSION (Commission ed for failing to appear in court for disorderly
ment, battery and temporary unauthorized use Kimberly White, 41 of Jacksonville was ar-
chambers at the James S. Page of a vehicle. intoxication. rested for failing to appear in court for having
Government Complex, 96135 Nassau Etta Cunningham, 35 of Jacksonville was an improper tag.
Lavone Hutchinson, 23 of Fernandina Beach
was arrested for dealing in stolen property and arrested for failing to appear in court twice Anthony Green, Jr., 20 of Daytona Beach was
Place in Yulee. They can be reached at for driving without a license, suspended or
accessory after the fact to robbery. He tried to arrested for failing to appear in court for pos-
904-491-7380.) pawn a Wii system worth $300. revoked and not having vehicle registration. session of marijuana.
Bianca Fraiser, 22 of Kingsland, GA was ar- Kama Gainey, 32 of Fernandina Beach was Chandler Cox, 18 of Winter Garden, FL was
9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20 rested for dealing in stolen property. She tried arrested under two Duval County warrants for arrested for possession of marijuana and drug
6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25 to pawn a Wii system worth $300. driving with a license, suspended or revoked. paraphernalia.
Barbara Perry, 42 of Hilliard was arrested for Heather Edinfield, 32 of Baldwin, FL was ar- Rose White, 21 of Fernandina Beach was ar-
possession of cocaine. rested for false verification of ownership. rested for driving without a license, suspended
SCHOOL BOARD (Nassau County
Michelle Mobley, 31 of Hilliard was arrested or revoked.
School Board District Office building, Tuesday, January 5
for violation of parole for aggravated battery. Brandon Chancey, 34 of Folkston, GA was ar-
1201 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach, Vincent Smith, 32 of Jacksonville was arrested rested for possesion of drug paraphernalia.
for violation of parole for dealing in stolen Everette Way, 48 of Fernandina Beach was
unless otherwise noted. They can be property. arrested for domestic battery. Tamara White, 41 of New Port Richey was ar-
reached at 904-491-9900) Cristy Stewart, 21 of Jacksonville was arrested rested for failing to appear in court for driving
Joshua Pierce, 28 of Callahan was arrested for without a license, suspended or revoked, pos-
violation of parole for fleeing and eluding a for violation of parole for grand theft.
session of a suspended license and accumula-
6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 14 police officer. Thursday, January 7 tion of junk.
6:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 28 Shane Snipes, 36 of Yulee was arrested for William Ross, 18 of Fernandina Beach was Saturday, January 9
violation of parole for obtaining a controlled arrested for aggravated battery, hitting the
substance by withholding information. victim in the head with a beer bottle. Johnell Richo, 60 of Fernandina Beach was
FERNANDINA BEACH CITY arrested for domestic battery. He verbally
John Roswan, 40 of Hilliard was arrested for Sara Degan-Smith, 21 of Portland, OR was threatened to kill his wife.
COMMISSION (Their office can be writ of attachment for child support, (court arrested for failing to appear in court for pos-
reached at 904-227-7305.) order to seize property). session of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Jeffrey Smyklo, 51 of Jacksonville was ar-
rested for driving without a license, suspended
Dean Haddock, 46 of Yulee was arrested for Jorge Morgan, 21 of Jacksonville was arrested or revoked with knowledge.
6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19 having an open container in a vehicle, DUI and for violation of parole for escaping from a
possession of marijuana. detention center. Sabrina Pikulski, 39 of Jacksonville was ar-
6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2 rested for driving without a license, suspended
Shawn Perry, 38 of Yulee was arrested for viola- Justin Ramsey, 20 of Fernandina Beach was or revoked.
CALLAHAN TOWN COUNCIL (Their tion of injunction. There had been an injunction arrested for violation of parole.
for protect against him since 2006. Sunday, January 10
office can be reached at 904-879-3801.) Edwin Laney, 51 of Hilliard was arrested for
Jennifer Brazell, 26 of Kingsland, GA was failing to register as a sexual offender. Homer Wiggins, Jr., 28 of Fernandina Beach
arrested for violation of parole for violation of was arrested for retail theft, disorderly intoxica-
7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 18 injunction in result of battery and fraudulent Jerod Jones, 28 of Fernandina Beach was tion and possession of a concealed weapon.
7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 1 use of a credit card. arrested for violation of parole for aggravated He tried to steal a bottle of wine from a CVS by
battery. hiding it in his pants.
Paul Delmar, 40 of Fernandina Beach was ar-
rested for violation of parole for DUI and driving Laurel Harden, 53 of Yulee was arrested for Monday, January 11
HILLIARD TOWN COUNCIL (Their without a license, suspended or revoked. having methamphetamine lab, burglary to a
office can be reached at 614-876-7361, vehicle and grand theft. Joe McCorkel, 62 of Hilliard was arrested for
LesaJo Crosby, 21 of Callahan was arrested for failing to appear in court for violation of parole
ext. 789..) violation of parole for uttering a forged bill. Friday, January 8 for driving without a license, suspended or
revoked with knowledge.
7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21
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January 14, 2010| The Nassau News 3

Obituaries Adversity can only make our dreams stronger

If we lived in New Orleans, we when we honor the life of Martin be able to sit down at the table of sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.
Estelle Vanzant would be entering the season of Luther King, Jr., one whose life
revelry leading up to Mardi Gras was a testament to what is possible
sisterhood. I have a dream that gay
teenagers won’t feel abandoned by
Land where my fathers died, land
of the pilgrim’s pride, from every

Anderson – a grand celebration held before when faith, justice and power in-
the reflective season of Lent.
The tradition of King Cakes
tersect. He had faith
– in God, in himself
their community. I have a dream
that church will be more life-
giving than judgmental. You have
mountainside, let freedom ring.’”
Because he knew the truth of jus-
tice would set people free.
Estelle Vanzant Anderson, 93, of Yulee, kicks off the start of this and in others. He dreams too. I hope we muster even Let’s keep doing it. Let freedom
passed away on January 7 in Yulee at home with 40-day celebration. These sought justice and an inkling of the stamina lived out ring where gunshots rang out last
her children. colorful cakes are hidden equality. He used in Martin Luther King, Jr. so that night. Let freedom ring where
Mrs. Anderson was born in Kings Ferry, with a surprise, often a tiny his personal power we might put feet to just one of tears fell from abused. Let freedom
Florida on May 27, 1916. She moved to Yu- plastic figurine of the baby for good and not our dreams with the conviction he ring where needles burst into veins
lee when she married Ira Anderson on Christ- Jesus, meant to symbolize destruction. And he evidenced. last night. Let freedom ring on our
mas Eve, 1937. She was a longtime member of the search of the magic for was a dreamer – he Old Testament prophets in doorsteps.
the Christ child. Many faith looked beyond cur- Christian scripture looked forward We are the ones now. It’s up to
Blackrock Baptist Church. She was preceded in traditions tell stories of those rent reality to what to a day when “every valley shall us to dream. We are the voice in
death by her husband, Ira E. Anderson; her fa- who seek God – this is just Pastorally is possible. be exalted, every hill and moun- the silence; the light in the dark-
ther and mother, Harvey and Lillian Vanzant;
her grandparents who raised her from an infant,
one of them. Speaking Adversity doesn’t tain shall be made low, the rough ness. We are the hope among de-
Seeking God is only half Rev. Mary wipe out dreams. places will be made plain, and spair. We are the creativity among
Tom and Jeanette Libby; brother, Clinton Lib- of the journey. What hap- Poverty doesn’t wipe the crooked places will be made stagnancy.
by and sisters, Olive Libby Jones and Josephine pens when we find God in Kendrick Moore out dreams. Chal- straight.” That’s what dreams do – We are the ones waiting for
Vanzant Seagraves. the stables of our cities, our lenges don’t wipe out they look for how to encounter the the newborn dreams within and
She is survived by her four children, Fred- neighborhoods, our souls? dreams. Sometimes, what is hard rough places. With faith, we will around us to be born.
die Anderson, Lynette Willyoung, Ruth Brew- The King Cakes are decorated only makes our dreams stronger. be able to hew out of the moun- Rev. Mary Kendrick Moore is the
er (Larry) and Sandra Boyett. She has seven with three colors, as are many I have a dream that one day tain of despair a stone of hope. pastor of New Vision Congregation-
grandchildren, Andrea Anderson Rushford, Mardi Gras beads – purple, rep- Christians and radical Muslims In King’s famous Promised al Church, a new church in Yulee
Kimberly Willyoung Gray, Eric Willyoung, resenting justice; green, represent- will be able to sit down together at Land speech, he said, “This will be affiliated with the United Church of
Melissa Brewer Brown, Greg Brewer, Tate Boy- ing faith; and gold, representing the table of brotherhood. I have a the day when all of God’s children Christ. For more information, visit
ett and Michael Boyett. She has eleven great power. This rainbow of colorful dream that one day corporate vice- will be able to sing with a new www.NewVisionCongregational-
grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. themes is fitting for this week presidents and soccer moms will meaning, ‘My country, ‘tis of thee,
She has one sister in law, Juanita Libby.
Pallbearers were Eric Willyoung, Greg Brew-
er, Tate Boyett, Michael Boyett, Ron Rushford
and Van Seagraves. Honorary pallbearers were
Billy Anderson, David Peeples and John Itak. Test Your 1. What and where was the lowest temperature ever recorded in
the US?
2. What was Michael Jordan’s number with the Chicago Bulls?
Test your
knowledge every
Wednesday at 7

Funeral services were held Monday, Janu- p.m. at the
ary 11 at Blackrock Baptist Church with Rev. Crab Trab in
Michael Bowen officiating. Interment followed 3. Often mistaken for a flamingo, what is the other pink FL wading downtown
in the family burial estate at Green Pine Cem- bird sometimes seen in our area? Fernandina Beach.
etery. The family received friends on Monday (One of these
as well.
Trivia by Maggie 4. What is the national capital of Canada? questions will be
Arrangements by Green Pine Funeral Home, featured at the
Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee. “The Triviameister” 5. For Kids Only: What is the quietest sport? next trivia show.)
3. Roseate Spoonbill 4. JOttawa, in SE Ontario 5. Bowling, because you can hear a pin drop!

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4 The Nassau News | January 14, 2010

Kayaks open a world of new opportunities Tax Season

Whether your outlet is fishing, hunting or
just pure leisure, a kayak will open up worlds of
new opportunities. I recently received a phone
Tips for 2010
(Continued from last week’s column)
call from a friend down south inquiring about
fishing out of a kayak, what designs are best 4) Handling this
suited for fishing and price ranges. I told him 2009 tax preparation
my personal opinions about different kayaks
and different ways of setting them up. After our chore yourself and
conversation, I realized just how little people ac- handling it correctly
tually know about these economical machines will require eight to 31
and the potential joys of owning one. (or more) hours to ac-
I have fished out of a kayak for about four complish (for details
years now and can assure you it is by far the best read page 98 of the
thing that I ever invested in. I grew up fishing 2009 1040 Form in-
our local creeks and rivers out of skiffs and Jon Photo courtesy of Hobie Tax Tips structions. IRS Forms
and instructions are
boats and actually own one of each. The sad a few pounds. With the New Year under way, can fish all day with limited stress, try a Hobie Thomas Avery
thing is they never get used. Yes, a boat does many have dedicated their resolutions to getting kayak with the Mirage Pedal System. These kay- available for download
Blair from IRS web site at
have its advantages but in shape and weight loss. If you love to fish or aks are the sit-on types but are essentially hands
the kayak outways all of spend quality time outdoors, the kayak is a great free. You use your hands only to control the rud- This,
them for me. tool to not only have fun but shed a few un- der for steering or to drop the anchor out to fish. of course, assumes you are doing it yourself
First off, anyone who wanted pounds. They are propelled by a pedal system that resem- without licensed professional assistance.
stops at the gas pump That being said, here are a few things to think bles a bicycle set up. These things are awesome. 5) Read carefully and especially pages 6
knows the heartache of a about if you are interested in kayak fishing. First If you are still not sold on kayaks, let me of- and 7 of the 2009 1040 instructions to get a
fill up. Boat owners not off, there are hundreds of different ones and fer up one more thing. Hobie has recently re- brief outline of the more-prominent “What’s
only have to top off the different setups out there. Ranging from a few leased a new boat called the Mirage Pro Angler. New” list for both 2009 and 2010.
truck, but keep the pump hundred dollars to over three thousand, there is I recently spoke with Ingrid Niehaus, who is a 6) Taxpayers who have overseas invest-
running, pull up about something for all interests. Hobie representative, and she passed on some ments, financial accounts, sole proprietor-
ten feet and throw down There are two different types as well. The information about this unique boat. ships, are currently shareholders of “S” cor-
on more gallons of over Nassau older more conventional kayak is a sit-inside. “Hobie has taken the defining features used porations, those who operate businesses more
priced petro. I do not Outdoors These kayaks tend to cut through water a little in their kayak line, the patented Mirage Pedal like a hobby than a “for profit” business, are
know your situation but easier and are great for a lot of surface chop. If Drive System and combined it with their boat taxpayers who deal in cold cash and/or barter
Ryan Conner all have a far greater risk of being audited by
I personally cannot finan- you are interested in the sit-in type, there is a designing capabilities to build a first in class, no
cially take on too many of local business that rents them out daily. Kayak gas required, 100 percent fishing machine. This the IRS and losing such audits for 2009 and
those gas station trips. I have never had to drop Amelia is conveniently located on Simpson’s boat has been selling as fast as it has been being thereafter. You need to see your tax profes-
one ounce of gas or oil into my kayak. Creek, off Heckscher Drive. Just a short drive produced.” sional ASAP and schedule your office visits
The next thing that comes to mind is boat from the south end of Amelia Island, they have From what I have seen, the previous state- to see what you can and must do now to suc-
maintenance and upkeep. Unless you happen to daily tours available for all ages. ment is a fact. I like to call it the Cadillac of cessfully avoid liability for potential hundreds
be a professional shade tree mechanic, a boat is The other type of kayak is the sit-on-top style all kayaks. The boat is capable of hauling every- to thousands of dollars in additional taxes,
an endless money hole. Motor problems (es- and is what I own. The sit-on type offers a little thing including a full live well. If you are inter- penalties and interest, and in some cases, even
pecially with the ethanol problems boat owners more freedom to move around, which is key if ested in any of Hobie’s items, check them out at potentially criminal charges. Contact Tho-
have been scratching their heads over) props, you are fishing. The wider the kayak the better They will also direct you to mas Avery Blair, Enrolled Agent, in Callahan
bilge pumps, wiring, steering and trailers are just stability. Mine is around fifty-five inches wide the closest dealer. If you are interested in other toll-free at 1-888-250-5687 or visit web site
a few of the things you will have problems with. and I can easily stand up and fish if need be. It kayaks or kayak fishing in general, try www. address
The last time I checked, the only motor on my does not tack through water as well as narrower You will be able to carry Ask for your FREE copy of the 2009 In-
kayak was my two arms and fortunately I have kayaks, but I try to stay within a mile or two of on discussions with local anglers about different dividual Income Tax Organizer by e-mailing
not had to put them in the shop yet. where I launch and I also fish for only a couple kayaks and even places to fish. and putting the
Speaking of arms, not only is a kayak a great of hours. Until next time, good luck in all your out- word “Organizer” in your reference line. You
outlet for fishing but a wonderful way to shed If you are interested in a kayak in which you door activities and be safe out there. will get a copy back via e-mail.

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Card To advertise in the Card Connection call 904-386-2403

January 14, 2010| The Nassau News 5

Home theater in a box or not?

By Bill Hughes consumer less money than piecing components. students
of the Week
Drawbacks are the lack of expansion capabili-
First, a disclaimer about last week’s article. ties. Most HTIB’s have very limited inputs and
The first tip read, “…a surge suppressor is a outputs so if you have a lot of equipment, make
lightning arrestor.” Only your utility company sure the HTIB you are considering can handle
can install something that greatly reduces the ef- your stuff.
fects of a direct lightning strike. A good surge I prefer individual components. I can mix
suppressor will take the hit but more than likely and match all the pieces to exactly meet my Landon Kovalick - Senior
some surge/voltage will pass through it. needs. Number of inputs necessary, speaker size Fernandina Beach High School - Boy’s Soccer
Here’s a question I get a lot. Home theater and locations, even brand names and cost.
in a box (HTIB) or individual components? Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of really Landon Kovalick has been playing soccer for 12 years. He loves
First, the basics for a good home theater system good HTIB’s out there and it is pretty nice to the combinations of fitness and skill required. “It’s the most
involve five speakers and a sub-woofer (5.1), a pull everything you need out of one box, hook physically challenging sport there is.” Landon moved to HIlliard
surround receiver and typically some version of up color coded wires and viola, movie time! when he was seven, then five years ago he moved to Yulee. He
a BluRay player, (I prefer my PS3 to do that job) If you have any questions or would like to chose to go to Fernandina specifically for the soccer team.
and some version of television media. (Cable, see a particular topic covered, shoot me a com- Landon is an honor roll student and participant in the NHS &
Satellite or off-air antenna) ment at my BVD facebook site or email me at Interact Club. He was one of the three seniors nominated by the
HTIB generally comes as a surround sound NHS seniors to compete for the NHS scholorship.
receiver with a built-in DVD player. That DVD Bill Hughes is the owner of Bill’s Video Design,
player can be BluRay if you pay a little more 96178 Sea Winds Dr., Fernandina Beach. He
money. Five speakers, a subwoofer, remote con- can be reached at 904-415-5311 or by e-mail at Marcus Allen - Sophomore
trol and an am/fm antenna will typically cost the Hilliard Middle-Senior High School - Boy’s Basketball

Letter to the commissioners

Marcus Allen first started playing basketball in sixth grade
because he wanted to be part of a team sport. He enjoys seeing
the results from working hard on the team.
Marcus likes playing for and attending Hilliard because of the
Dear Chairman Boyle and Commissioners: The SBA eventually allowed all dollars in
On Nov. 29, 2007, following a $13 billion Fund A to be withdrawn without penalty. The friendliness of everyone around him. “It’s like a real big family.”
run on the assets of the SBA’s Local Govern- entire $47.8 million of Nassau County Fund Marcus is a straight-A student and a member of the Overcomers
ment Investment Pool (LGIP), the SBA trustees A investments were liquidated and withdrawn Club. When he is not at school he is on his computer or playing
announced a temporary freeze on the remain- without incident or redemption fees and in- basketball with his friends.
ing $14 billion of assets in the LGIP. These as- vested elsewhere.
sets belonged to approximately 1,000 different Today, the underlying assets in Fund B con-
government entities within the state of Florida. sist mostly of distressed mortgages. Nassau Joseph Matos - Senior
On Dec. 4,2007, the State Board of Admin- County receives monthly principal and inter- West Nassau High School - Boy’s Soccer
istration (SBA) established a separate Fund B est payments from these mortgage pools and
within the LGIP and moved $2 billion in dis- additional principal payments as assets are liq- When Joseph was in ninth grade one of the opposing team’s
tressed assets (14%) from the LGIP into Fund uidated. As of 09/30/09, Nassau County had parents came over and asked who the “superman” on the field was.
B, with a goal of liquidating the assets over withdrawn approximately $5.7 million (73%) It was Joseph, he has had the nickname ever since.
time. The remaining $12 billion (86%) in the of the initial $7.8million of FundBassets. Joseph was the first in his family to pick up soccer but he now
LGIP was renamed Fund A and partially un- The remaining assets in Fund B on 09/30/09 has two younger brothers following in his footsteps. When he
frozen. Investors were given two options with had an estimated market value of $1,134,632.02 graduates he plans on going to FSCJ and then on to UNF to either
regard to Fund A assets: and a book value of $2,066,152.85. The differ- study French or respiratory therapy. In March he will be attending
1) Withdraw up to 15% of their share of ence of $931,520.83 represents Nassau Coun- a French competition where he could win a scholarship.
Fund A penalty-free, or ty’s expected loss. In recognition of this poten-
2) Withdraw all dollars in Fund A subject to tial loss, $503,969.53 was reserved in fiscal year
a 2% redemption fee. 2007/08 and an additional $427,55.30 was set Ashton Morlote - Junior
At the time these events unfolded, Nassau aside in fiscal year 2008/09. Yulee High School - Boy’s Soccer
County had approximately $55.6 million in- While it is impossible to know the exact out-
vested with the SBA in the LGIP. After the split, come over time, it is recommended that the The Yulee soccer team may still be new but Ashton is no stranger
$47.8 million was in Fund A and $7.8 million Board write off the $931,520.83 already re- to soccer. He has been playing since he was four. He loves the
was in Fund B. Letter cont. on page 7 quick pace of the game and how it makes you think the whole
time. Coach Pagel said that he was, “the all around best player.”

777 Games
Ashton moved to Yulee his freshman year. He likes living in Yulee
because you know everyone. When Ashton graduates he plans on
“W heron following his sister’s footsteps and attending USF where he wants
Luck’sSide” to major in broadcast journalism.
Drawings Fri. & Sat Nights! Your
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Drawing for a Flatscreen TV on

superbowl sunday!
Mon: Ladies’ Day (10 for 10) • Tues: Men’s Day (Drawings)
Screen Wed: Senior’s Day (Drawings) Open 7 D
TV ays!
maTch Play eVeryDay!
Dinner served at 6:30 p.m. Friday & saturday Nights
Located at the Ship Inn Motel on U.S. 1, Callahan. Call for directions 879-7300

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6 The Nassau News | January 14, 2010

Behold the Green & Gold

Student Buzz
by Taylor oldaker
Inside the Hive
What is your favorite thing to upload to YouTube? by James haffner

Chris Mathis, YHS freshman

Freshman Page Q: What types of videos do you upload?
James Mabe McClellan A: Funny, entertaining videos.
“Comedy “Videos of
videos.” me and my Q: What is your channel name?
friends.” A:
Q: How long have you been uploading
videos on Youtube? Photo by Kasey Philman
A: Almost a year now. Chris Mathis lets his personality show on
the videos he makes for YouTube.
Q: Do you write scripts or just do
Senior Seth whatever comes to mind?
Junior Tia Bodine A: I don’t write scripts. I think just being spontaneous shows my true personality
Hood “Anything. It instead of making it all professional with a prewritten script
“Covers.” just depends
on what I’m Q: Do you use a green screen?
in the mood A: Yes, I do. That way I can add any type of effects I want to my videos.
to upload.”
Q: What kind of props do you use?
A: None usually. I did do one vidoe about a talking orange ball and I used a
Photos by Taylor Oldaker basketball for - guess what - the orange ball.

Hornets Show Creative Q: Do you ever think making videos will turn into a career?
A: Yes. My dream is to move to California when I’m 18 to do stand up comedy
and just enjoy making, editing, and acting in videos.

Side on Internet a specific thing.” LeBlanc notes that

the policies about using copyrighted
by kaTie bain upload them free for public viewing. music inhibit creativity. But even so,
YHS senior Eric LeBlanc says he YouTube remains on the top of their
YouTube is the 10th most-visited usually uploads “me and my friends favorite websites list.
website on the internet, but that’s no doing random things”, unlike some
surprise to students at Yulee High people who actually write scripts for
School. YHS Hornets, like other their YouTube videos. Once a video videos so they can go back and re-
YouTube consumers, search the website (l) Chase
is uploaded, users like LeBlanc send watch the videos. LeBlanc’s channel Lanier,
for all kinds of videos, from music to emails to friends to let them know is named “aintanerd”. “I think the best YHS senior,
instructions on how to fold clothes. about the new upload so they can video on my channel is the one where enjoys both
The word on campus is that you can watch for themselves. I answered questions,” says LeBlanc. watching and
find just about anything on YouTube. Individuals like LeBlanc have a “It was definitely the one that was the uploading
Chase Lanier, YHS senior, says the “channel” on YouTube which works most fun to make.” YouTube
variety is one of the things he like best similarly to a home page on a website There are things that students would videos.
about the site. or a profile page on MySpace. People like to be change about YouTube,
Variety is only one of the big around the world can see the videos on despite its popularity. Lanier says it’s
attractions of YouTube. Another is that the channel and click the “subscribe” frustrating because “you can’t do a
individual people can make videos and button if they like the collection of ‘related’ search; it has to be a search for Photo by Katie Bain

News for and by the Yulee Middle School

YMS Students = Great Spellers!!

Mr. Phil Hendrix and the spelling bee winner, Madison Bussey. Mr. Phil Hendrix with Madison Bussey, (right) and Mikayla Spelling Bee finalists.
Sproul, (left).

On Friday, January 8, 2010, Yulee Middle School held its annual Spelling Bee. Mr. Phil Hendrix, 8th grade Language Arts teacher, has hosted the
Spelling Bee at Yulee Middle School for the last 5 years and says, “I was very proud of the level the students spelled at this year. It was exciting to see
how competitive the end of the Spelling Bee really was, more so than any other year.” Most teachers at YMS say that the selection for this year’s Bee
was tough. Students were given a standard spelling test of challenging words with their Language Arts teacher just before Christmas Break. The top
two scorers were then selected and recommended by each Language Arts teacher. Mrs. Davidson, 8th grade teacher at YMS said, “Believe it or not,
most students were very excited about the prospect of being in the Spelling Bee. My top two spellers, Bella Gonzalez and Alyssa Frame were my only
two students to score a perfect score on the original spelling test, however, I had many students to only miss one.” The winner of the YMS Spelling
Bee this year was Madison Bussey, the 1st runner up was Mikayla Sproul, and the third runner up was Alyssa Frame. YMS is so proud of our Spelling
Bee winner, runners up, and all of the finalists! Students like these make us all proud to be a Yulee Hornet.


January 13th January 26th January 18th January 21st January 22nd
Guest Speaker for 8th Basketball Tournament No School – M.L.K Day End of grading period No School – Planning
grade students at Callahan Middle Day
January 14, 2010| The Nassau News 7

Advertise in the Classifieds. ONLY $5 PER 25 WORDS OR LESS!! CALL 904-386-2403
help wanted Love Seat for sale Sand color New asking $125. Call Save 50% on all your fuel and food expenses! www.
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Convertible top for a 4dr jeep asking $100.00. Call Get paid to wave. Temporary daytime opportunity. 0911.
443-629-3349. Must be outgoing and energetic. No experience neces- 55 gallon screw top drums -$25.00 a piece. Regu-
sary. Call 904-310-6273. lar 55 gallon plastic drums- $15.00 a piece. Call Karate Classes. Ages five and up. Mondays and
R.V. 24ft Coachmen 5th wheel for sale. Call 904-501- (912)473-2302 or (912)258-6130. Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. City residents:
4858. $40/month. Non-city residents: $45/month. Will be at
homes for rent the Atlantic Boulevard Recreation Center. Call Instruc-
items needed
33’ RV for rent or sale. References and No PETS tor Jerry Williamson at 904-753-3605.
2 BR/2BA --Beautiful new décor. $480.00-$675.00/
(904)501-4858. month. Includes water, lawn. Possible RTO (904)315- Wanted to buy 16 to 24 ft travel trailer.
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1757 or 613-8401.
2003 Keystone Springbale 5th wheel R.V. length 25 130,000 Karaoke songs. Dance lights and fog machines
ft. one slide out ch/air stove/oven microwave and available. Private parties, company parties, and bar/
refrigerator, sleeps 4 unit in good condition. Asking
3Br/2Ba Brick Home in Hilliard w/swimming pool. Mobilemobile
home for rent
home for rent lounge experience. or
$950.00 monthly $500.00 sec deposit. With references,
$7100.00 or obo. Call 904-845-3258. 904-349-1405.
no pets. Call 904-501-4858. 3 BR/ 2 BA mobile home on 1 acre, $750/mo & $700/
dep. NO PETS. (904)753-2155.
building for sale Amelia Lakes Fall Special ARWOOD WASTE Southeast’s Largest Locally
1&2 Bed Luxury Condos Starting at $799/mo.
1 acre with commercial building and property for Gated, Waterfront Community Resort-Style
services Owned Waste Company Offering: Curbside Pick-up,
Front Load Service and Roll-off Dumpsters.
sale $280,000. Callahan area. (904)759-3986. Pool, Tennis Courts, 24/7 Fitness Center, Vol- GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE. Order online at
leyball, & more! Call Jessica at 904-415-6969 Jerry Lee Pressure Washing, Average one-story or call 305-7534. 9910 home $125 Roof, decks, driveways & pool decks, 30
Handy Manman
Handy Section years experience. Dirt, mildew and mold GONE! 904-
items For
for sale 993-6434 or 904-662-1628
items sale
HandyMan Pro - Whatever needs to be done, no mat-
ter the size, I will be there to help you. Call Bill (904) Lawn Care $20 and up. Mowing, Edging, Line Trim-
Electric Golf Cart with cover and charger for $1800.
993-2583. ming, Clean up. Northeast Florida Lawn Services 225-
Call 443-629-3349.

Letters Cont. from page 5

served, and bring the book value of Fund B assets in line with the 09/30/09 estimated market value.
Recognizing the recommended write-off now rather that waiting for the final maturities of the
remaining assets only raises certainty in sound budget planning going forward.
Sincerely, John A. Crawford, Clerk of the Circuit Court

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8 The Nassau News | January 14, 2010


9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

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$3,500 $14,999
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deal and a great
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