Christian Discipleship and Formation Ministries

The Christian Educators Incubator began in January 2008 with ten Christian Educators in the TN Conference exploring ways to effectively lead congregations and leaders in the process of making disciples for the transformation of the world. The leaders have committed to a year-long experience, meeting once a month, using the L3 Leadership Incubator materials. The leaders using the three L’s – Love, Learn and Lead strengthen their own spiritual leadership skills and develop a process to enrich Christian formation and discipleship ministries in their local church. Leaders have an opportunity for • • • • • Sacred space to reflect and discern God’s movement in their life and in their ministry Strengthen their own spiritual life Develop their adaptive leadership skills Explore and enhance their church’s disciple-making ministry Effect deep change that transforms persons lives and their church’s ministry

The 5th Nashville Area 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation, “Risk and Rest: In the Sacred Journey” will be October 5-10, 2008 at Camp Garner Creek. The sessions and faculty will include • “Spiritual Practice” with Kathryn Damiano, who co-founded the School of the Spirit Ministry, which offers in-depth spiritual life studies. She has a love for silence, quiet stillness and social justice. "Spiritual practices predispose us to grace. These are practices that we may choose or those that choose us like grief, betrayal or receiving the diagnosis. As we mature in our faith, we are called more fully to participate in the life of Christ. In response, we will look at and experience how God is revealed in the ordinary, through creating a rhythm for life, by doing and being spiritual practice and by living in community." • “Provocative Grace – The Challenge in Jesus’ Words” with Robert C. Morris, Episcopal priest, author, trained spiritual director, and frequent contributor to Weavings magazine. He is the Executive Director of Interweave, an inter-religious community based organization.

"The Jesus of the Gospels is a disturber of our immaturities, one who challenges us to find, develop, and use our strengths. Generous in sympathy and support, he nonetheless spurs us on toward real spiritual adulthood. We will explore how to take on the teachings of Jesus not as rules to live up to, but as invitations to be lived into, so that we may be the partners of the one who is the "firstborn among a large family of brothers and sisters" (Romans 8:29). Submitted by, Susan Groseclose Director of Nurture Ministries TN Conference Connectional Ministries