DOCTOR WHO - THE SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE by Elion Hempher Second Draft 16 February, 2008 INT.

HALLWAY - EVENING A male security guard walks through a long and dark hallway. He soon comes up to the security desk, where another security guard is sitting back and reading the paper. ‘allo. GUARD GUARD #2 (Eyes in the paper)


GUARD Have you heard the new music in the elevator? GUARD #2 I’m more of a stair-man. GUARD It’s this funky new music, sorta a mix between rap and rock ‘n roll. (Beat) Uh, rap ‘n roll. Yeah, so? GUARD #2

GUARD Yeah so, it’s annoying, I haft to ride with that elevator 15 - 16 times a day, I don’t want to have to get earplugs because some new wannabe VP installed stupid music. GUARD #2 Then take the stairs, you need the exercise anyways. GUARD You calling me fat? GUARD #2 (Still eyes in the paper) Think I called you lazy. The guard turns another page. GUARD #2 But you’re fat too.

Guard #1 starts looking around his body. He turns his head around and looks at his thighs... Only to see a young man standing behind. The kid waves his left hand and smiles. KID Hello. Hey! GUARD

Guard #1 is still looking at the kid from a weird angle; he turns his whole body around. GUARD What are you doing here? We’re closed. KID Yeah... I saw that from the flashy sign on the back. Guard #2 puts down his paper and looks over the kid. GUARD #2 Then how’d you get in? KID Oh, I drilled a hole in the men’s room. Guard #1 chuckle. GUARD Yeah right, you’re probably some of the tech guys kids. The kids’ eyes flip back and forward. KID Uh... Yeah, that’s right. I can’t find mommy. GUARD Where does she work? Research. KID

GUARD Second floor. Alright. KID

The kid smiles and takes a step away, only to take a step back. KID You ever heard of a substance called Swapan?

GUARD Uh... No. KID It only exists on the moon on the planet Exarius. What? GUARD

KID The cool thing about Swapan is that it can knock out a full grown human in just one second. The kid lifts up his hand and reveals a small mountain of dust in his hand. He blows it out over the two guards and they fall knocked out immediately. KID (Smiling) Thank god I’m not human. The kid walks over and into the elevator. INT. RESEACH LAB - EVENING Dianna Michelle, a -20 something woman is sitting in front of computer, dazzled over the numbers she’s reading. DIANA Hey Lana, have you seen these numbers? This card is generating more power then London does in a whole year. An older woman walks into the room; she immediately starts to put on her coat. LANA Oh, come one. Those numbers has to be wrong. Either that or Dr. Dorian is pulling your leg... Again. DIANA They’re fantastic. Lana quietly sighs for herself. LANA Yes, fantastic, extraordinary. Now, can we please go? DIANA You go ahead, this is like reading the final Harry Potter book. LANA Diana please, those readings are wrong. Diana turns around and looks at Lana.

DIANA No, no, they’re not. She turns back to the computer. DIANA They can’t be. LANA Whatever... I’ll see you tomorrow. Lana straightens her jacket and walks out of the door. DIANA Yes... Tomorrow. A few second passes while Diana is typing away on her computer, then; The door slams open and the kid walks in. He spots Diana. KID Hello, is this the Research lab? I don’t want haft to knock down another door... My foot’s already hurting. (Beat) Ow. The kid rubs his foot as Diana gets out from her chair. DIANA Who are you? KID Name’s Phoenix... Where’s the Time Card? (Beat) Uh, I mean... Who are you? DIANA Diana Michelle, pleasure to meet you. (Beat) Where you named after the bird? Phoenix stops rubbing his foot. PHOENIX Geez, everyone knows that story. (Beat) Look lady, what people often DON’T know that it also means Dark Red. Phoenix starts looking through everything PHOENIX But yeah, I was probably named after the bird... No, where’ the Time Card? The what? DIANA

PHOENIX The Time Card. You know, a small card made from Deranium, looks like that plastic stuff you humans are so fond of. DIANA We humans? PHOENIX Uh, I mean... (Beat) ... I’m human. DIANA If you are one of those freaks from that shinning star, then I will kindly ask you to leave! PHONEIX What? ... Oh, the Racnoss. No, no. they’re all extinct. (Beat) Well... They are now. Phoenix sees the computer, and the data flashing by. PHOENIX Wait, you got data from the Time Card? (Beat) Your race isn’t suppose to that advanced yet. (Beat) Uh, I mean... I’m human. Diana crosses her arms. DIANA Mmhmm. PHOENIX Where is it? DIANA Where is what? PHOENIX The card. The Time Card. DIANA Oh... I’m not telling. PHOENIX (Quietly) Spoiled humans. Phoenix pulls up a small device, shaped like a pen. PHOENIX No matter, I’ll find it.

The pen beams out a red light and pans through out the room, it stops at a metal cupboard. Aha! No, stop! Phoenix holds up his pen at the cupboard and then opens it. DIANA Hey, that cupboard has eight different locks, how’d you open it? Phoenix shows the pen. PHOENIX With this little baby. DIANA What is that? Phoenix stops everything he’s doing. PHOENIX It’s a... Well, I’ve never actually named it. Phoenix starts poking through the cupboard again. PHOENIX It can do almost anything, because of the nanites. They read my mind and then reprograms the circuits to fit my need... Though they’ve never been able to form a weapon, suppose they have some moral issues about that. (Beat) Here we go. Phoenix picks out a small card. He looks at it, and then picks up his pen and scan the card. PHOENIX Nani-pen maybe? Nah... That doesn’t really sound cool... You know? Suddenly the card starts flashing all sorts of lights. PHOENIX Ah... Dammit. What? Phoenix sighs. PHOENIX I activated it... Damn. DIANA PHOENIX DIANA

Phoenix starts fading away. PHOENIX See you in forever. Phoenix fades completely away. INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? The Doctor is sitting back in his chair, relaxing to sound of nothing. In his hand is ‘The Time Machine’ by H.C Wells. DOCTOR I finally have time to read this. The Doctor leans even further back in his chair, when suddenly. There’s a huge an explosion near the door. A cloud of smoke rises up and out through the TARDIS. DOCTOR What? The Doctor jumps out of the chair and walks slowly over to the smoke cloud. PHOENIX’S VOICE Ah, dammit. Phoenix coughs and starts waving away the smoke as he walks out of the cloud. PHOENIX Card must have been older then I thought, the circuits are too old to handle travel. What? DOCTOR

Phoenix notices the Doctor. PHOENIX Oh no. He looks around and sees the TARDIS. Oh no. PHOENIX CUT TO INTRO: INT. TARDS - DAY/NIGHT? Phoenix takes a step closer to the Doctor. PHOENIX Just my look, the one place in the universe that still draws vortex energy. (Beat) And the biggest nose sticker ever existed.

DOCTOR Who? Me? PHOENIX Yeah.... You. Phoenix picks up his pen and another small device and starts working on it... But suddenly stops and looks at the Doctor. PHOENIX The 10th incarnation. (Beat) Quick, who’s your companion? Rose, Martha or Donna? DOCTOR Donna. Phoenix sighs of relief. PHOENIX Pheew, you got me scared there. Just like last time. DOCTOR Last time? PHOENIX Yeah, when you, Rose and Mickey went to that parallel world. Those jumps are forbidden now. (Beat) You of all should know that. Phoenix stops working on his device. PHOENIX I tell you, I’ve got the worst luck in the Universe, stuck in TARDIS. He then stops to think for a second, and then aims his pen at the control consoles. Sparks shoots up from the consoles. DOCTOR What’d you do? ... Eh? The Doctor runs up to consoles and bangs it. Eh? DOCTOR

PHOENIX Your TARDIS keeps pulling in the all the vortex energy. And your TARDIS can heal itself, mine can’t. DOCTOR You’ve got a TARDIS?

PHOENIX Well, it’s not alive, but it’ll do the trick. (Beat) I always wondered, how did the TARDIS manage to jump through worlds? DOCTOR I really don’t know, but I think the energy crystals collapsed and created a black hole in the heart of the TARDIS, she responded with a with a light pulse, but the energy field blocked the pulse and kicked it back. (Beat) The pulse bounced back and forward like flubber 'til it hit the crystals again and send the TARDIS into parallel universe. PHOENIX Or the TARDIS slipped into a hole in the universe. DOCTOR A black hole? The energy field would have stopped it. PHOENIX No, an actual hole in the universe. The device starts blinking. PHOENIX Ah, here we go. Phoenix starts fading away. PHOENIX Byesis. Phoenix fades away, and leaves the Doctor looking puzzled. INT. RESEARCH LAB - EVENING Phoenix fades back into the lab in front of Diana, mere seconds before he left. Diana looks shocked at him. DIANA How’d you that? Can you control the lights or something? Phoenix looks puzzled at Diana, then down at the Cad. PHOENIX Oh come on, this card can’t be that powerful. He picks up his pan and again starts scanning the card.

PHOENIX You have must got and awful of time particles on you. (Beat) No wonder the library picked up on it, this thing can cause a rip in time. Diana stops completely. DIANA WHAT?!? PHOENIX Ooh... You still here? DIANA Give me that card? PHOENIX Sorry, can’t. DIANA Give me! Diana tries to snatch it from Phoenix, but he is fast and draws away his head. Unfortunately, in that same move he also drops it. The card hits the floor. DIANA You broke it! You idiot! PHOENIX It’s made of Deranium, not even the powers of a black hole can break it. Diana picks up the cards and looks at it. DIANA Then, what’s this? She shows Phoenix a huge crack in the card. PHOENIX Oh no. Suddenly the card starts glowing white. Oh no. PHOENIX

The light spreads out through the room. INT. ROOM - DAY Phoenix slowly awakens in a garbage room. He sits up and rubs his head. PHOENIX Aw, I hate when that happens.

Next to him is Diana, she also sits up and rubs her head. DIANA When what happens? PHOENIX Damn girl, how much did you touch that card? Phoenix continues to rub his head, but stops completely after a few seconds. PHOENIX Wait, if you’re here... That means -MALE VOICE Oy vey. PHOENIX -- That he is here. Diana looks over and sees the Doctor. DIANA Who is that? PHOENIX The Doctor, the biggest meddler in the history of time. The Doctor sits up. DOCTOR I prefer Defender of the Weak. The Doctor starts rubbing his head. DOCTOR That felt like a ride I took in the 51th century. PHOENIX Yeah, the Looney Ride. Love that ride. DOCTOR Exactly. The two starts remembering and sits there, tilting their heads in nostalgic thoughts. But after a while: DIANA Hello? Phoenix shakes his head and looks at Diana. Yes? PHOENIX

DIANA Where the hell are we? The Doctor and Phoenix gets up their feet. DOCTOR A Paradox room, created by the Time Lords to prevent Time Travelers to alter the timeline to benefit themselves. The Doctor points to the Time Card that Phoenix is holding. DOCTOR That is what that card is made for. Phoenix is now looking at something else. PHOENIX You’re wrong. DOCTOR I’m never wrong. PHOENIX This room was not created by the Time Lords. DOCTOR How’d you know that? Phoenix points towards something. PHOENIX It’s alive. On the fourth wall hangs a huge black tongue, it’s moving slowly from side to side. DOCTOR Don’t move. PHOENIX What you mean “Don’t move?” It’s a tongue. DOCTOR I’ve seen these before, they react to sound. Oh, and the saliva is toxic. PHOENIX What sort of toxic? Haldrium. Oh, snap. DOCTOR PHOENIX

DIANA What’s that? PHOENIX Living nerve toxic, it copies the genetic memory of your cells and actually forms a plan to destroy your body in the best possible way. DIANA What are we going to do? PHOENIX I’ll just use the ol’ pen here. Phoenix picks up his pen and is about to point towards the tongue. PHOENIX You know, I’ve never liked this pen. So dull. DOCTOR Hey, I’ve got one. It’s my favorite thing in the world. PHOENIX Next to pears? The Doctor halts midair. DOCTOR ... Shut up. Phoenix presses a small button on the pen and a needle sticks out. He presses the needle in his arm. Diana gives him a weird ‘whatthe-hell-is-going-on’ look. PHOENIX (To Diana) Injecting the nanites directly to my blood stream. Much better way to operate them. Phoenix pulls back then pen. PHOENIX There we go. Then he throws away the pen. DOCTOR NO! The pen crashes into a pile of machinery, the pile tumbles down, making a huge sound. PHOENIX Whoops... My bad.

The tongue drops down on the floor. DOCTOR Get down! In one and the same motion, the tongue shoots of towards the three while the three hits the floor. The tongue misses barely. DIANA What are we going to do?!? DOCTOR Stop talking. Phoenix picks up his TARDIS. But after looking at it he sighs. PHOENIX Dammit, the energy field in this room has fried my TARDIS. DIANA TARDIS? PHOENIX Look around for some sort of machinery, a computer, toaster, anything. The Doctor and Diana try their best as they move their heads around. DIANA I’ve got a laptop here. PHOENIX Great, hand it over. Diana slides the laptop to him. DIANA What are you going to do? It’s broken beyond repair. Phoenix holds his hands over the laptop; suddenly the hand starts glowing white. PHOENIX Much cooler. Soon the laptop starts blinking. PHOENIX Brilliant! Phoenix looks over on the Doctor. PHOENIX Uh, I mean... Great. Phoenix starts typing on the computer.

PHOENIX I’m going to try to rewrite the energy field code so I can dial the library. I’ve implanted nanites into the computer, they should be sending out signals as soon as possible. DOCTOR The library? PHOENIX Yeah, it’s a place with a lot of books. The screen starts glowing white. PHOENIX Yes, it replied! Phoenix loud talking attracts the tongue attention again, it shoots of, but instead of aim at someone, it stops midair. And slams direct into the floor. The hard hit throws everything of the floor, the Doctor and Phoenix manages to remain low, but Diana gets thrown up and hits the wall. The tongue shoots of and penetrates Diana right in the chest. It quickly retracts, but the damage is already done, Diana’s stomach is slowly turning black. Phoenix presses the enter button on the laptop and the white light spreads out through the room. INT. LIBRARY - DAY A white bubble of light spreads through out the room, The Doctor and Phoenix walks out of it, holding Diana. PHOENIX Lay her down. Carefully the two puts her down on the floor. PHOENIX (Screams) Nanogenes! A yellow cloud descends from the ceiling and surrounds Diana. PHOENIX It will take a few minutes for the Nanogenes to reproduce new cells. DOCTOR (Looks at Phoenix) Nanogenes eh? They almost whipped out human race once. Phoenix smiles.

PHOENIX What doesn’t these days? Phoenix looks at an unconscious Diana; her body is almost completely black. He stands up and walks away from her. PHOENIX (Out loud)


A wall in front of Phoenix slides on opens, and reveals and amazing view on a small solar system. The Doctor walks up to him. PHOENIX (Points) Check that out. The Doctor looks closer at the sun. DOCTOR Is that a moon... Revolving around the sun? PHOENIX Ha! Yeah. Created it myself. It amuses me sometimes. After that, there’s a brief pause, then; DOCTOR Who are you? PHOENIX I’m Phoenix. DOCTOR Do you have a last name? PHOENIX Do you? DOCTOR Yes... Quite right. (Beat) You seem to know an awful lot about me. PHOENIX Yeah, A Time Lord, a great warrior in the Time War. Now all alone, travelling around the universe, correcting wrongs. (Beat) And messing up sometimes. DOCTOR What? When have I ever messed up? PHOENIX Like Bad Wolf?

DOCTOR How do you know that? (Beat) Did you do something? PHOENIX You really think a human mind can withhold a Time Vortex and control it like that? (Beat) You couldn’t control it for a minute having to regenerate. Rose? DOCTOR

PHOENIX She was willing to die for you, Doctor. She knew that if the Vortex grabbed her, she’d be trapped in a sea of nothing, forever. (Beat) I had to help. The Doctor smiles. DOCTOR Thank you. Phoenix looks out the window. PHOENIX Well, I’m not completely happy about it. Now, we have a living impossible thing. Jack? DOCTOR

PHOENIX I hate the Time Agents, I really do, but the Face of Boe have done so much good... I just can’t take away his endless supply of life. (Beat) Even if I haft to. DOCTOR Haft to? What do you -PHOENIX -- Oh, and let’s not forget about Mickey, shall we? How could you leave him behind? You know you can’t! DOCTOR What?

PHOENIX Mickey, the boy toy you left in that parallel world. The knowledge of two worlds... You know the effects of that. (Beat) Why else do you think the Time Lord Council asked my to close the doors between worlds when the war begun? DOCTOR They did? Why didn’t I know this? PHOENIX Cause you vigilante, Doctor. Always were, always will. Phoenix leans forward towards the window. DOCTOR He’s happy now though... With Rose. PHOENIX Only because I gave that dame Torchwood a device that let them jump between worlds a few times. The Doctor freezes. DOCTOR YOU gave them that device? They could have burnt a hole in the continuum. PHOENIX Relax, it was set to self destruct at a certain time. DOCTOR Yeah, but the Cybermen used that technology to attack my universe. Phoenix smiles. PHOENIX The Genesis Ark? How’d you think your Torchwood got their hands on that? The Doctor starts smiling again. DOCTOR You? PHOENIX Two enemies of time, now in a place where time no longer exists. (Beat) Irony is always so sweet.

The Doctor lays his hand on Phoenix shoulder as they both enjoy the sunlight. FEMALE VOICE Operation complete. PHOENIX Diana. The two rushes over to her. She slowly awakens. DOCTOR How are you feeling? DIANA What happened? PHOENIX You where hit by the tongue, we had to perform an operation on you. Diana completely stops. PHOENIX Relax, none invasive. The two help Diana to sit up. She takes a look over the room. DIANA Where are we? PHOENIX My personal library. DOCTOR You two don’t know each other? She’s not your companion? PHOENIX As if, she got sprayed with way too much time particles and hitched a ride... Just like you. (Beat) Speaking of which, where’s Donna? DOCTOR Oh, she made some people laugh in a small village and wanted to try comedy. She’s doing some comedy show back on Earth. DIANA Help me up. The two grabs on to Diana and lifts her up, but midair, the Doctor realizes something and drops her. Ow! DIANA

DOCTOR My TARDIS?!? Where is it? The Doctor starts hyperventilating. PHOENIX Relax. Phoenix holds up his hand, it starts glowing red. Soon the familiar sound of the TARDIS echoes through out the library. PHOENIX I used the library’s long search scanner to detect that rare time energy that the TARDIS has, and brought it here. DOCTOR Cool. PHOENIX Yeah, I thought so too. DIANA Hey, just so you know, I’m lying in a very uncomfortable position. The two looks down on Diana who is lying on her back, with her feet under. PHOENIX Ouch. The Doctor helps Diana up her feet. Phoenix has already begun thinking and the Doctor notices that. DOCTOR The card? PHOENIX The Paradox Room. If it wasn’t created by you guys... Then who? DOCTOR Can’t be the Darleks. Their Time Cards don’t work on humans. PHOENIX Can’t be the Cybermen either, their time travel is very limited. Phoenix stops for a second. PHOENIX (Out loud) Scan the card. A few seconds passes, then;

FEMALE VOICE The card is made of Deranium, a standard issued Time Card. Phoenix looks over on the Doctor and shrugs. PHOENIX Cliché I know, but still cool. (Out loud) Any tags? Learda. FEMALE VOICE

Phoenix is stunned by chock. PHOENIX Oh no. What? DOCTOR

PHOENIX Learda is a company from a a very vicious race. (Beat) Another race that can bend time and space... But unlike the Time Lords, they had no concept of good. Phoenix looks down on the floor. PHOENIX (To himself) Can’t be them, they’re still out of time. DOCTOR Who are they? PHOENIX The Zaman. (Beat) They come from the same planet as the coral of the TARDIS. A planet of impossible things, with a vortex in the sky, the people had to look on its destructive powers all the time, until they finally snapped. (Beat) A civil war broke out, a war that the destruction of planet. A massive explosion. (Beat) Peaces out the planet flew through out the universe, landing on various planets, but never on a planet with enough energy to survive... Until one peace of coral hit Gallifrey.

DOCTOR The TARDIS. PHOENIX Your people was in the right stage of development, you harnessed the energy and spread the coral all over the planet. DIANA What about the people? The Zaman? PHOENIX They survived, but the war didn’t end. They continued to fight... I had no choice. DIANA No choice? PHOENIX I tracked their energy signal and placed the whole population in a bubble. I let them live on, fight their war, but harm no other. DOCTOR Where are they now? PHOENIX A small planet one billion years from now. If they somehow have got out of the bubble, they will continue their war and those time machines will be the end of everything. DIANA Then we need to stop them. PHOENIX (To the Doctor)

You mind?

DOCTOR Not at all. What? DIANA

PHOENIX Well, my TARDIS is broke, we need his. DOCTOR Let’s roll. The Doctor smiles.

DOCTOR Always wanted to say that. (Beat) Didn’t sound right though. PHOENIX No... No, it didn’t. The three starts walking towards the TARDIS. DOCTOR By the way, you ever encountered someone named the Master? PHOENIX Who? The three steps into the TARDIS. INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? The Doctor walks up to the consoles. DOCTOR Where are we going? PHOENIX Year 10000000001. (To Diana) Easy to remember. (To the Doctor) The Venadera Galaxy. DOCTOR Oh, they make the greatest chocolate ice-cream there. PHOENIX Not after the nuclear war. But it became the perfect place to hide a small planet. DIANA Wait, You moved an entire planet? PHOENIX Not that difficult, just converting matter to energy and then converting it back. DIANA Uh, exactly... Sound simple. PHOENIX (Smiling) It is. DOCTOR Vendera Galaxy. Here we go.

EXT. SPACE - DAY/NIGHT? We follow the TARDIS through a wormhole. EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT The TARDIS emerges in the middle of a sand field. The three steps out and is immediately hit by the hard wind. Phoenix looks around. PHOENIX The planet Leanda. Completely dead... As it should be. Diana has taken a few steps forward. She points towards something. DIANA Then what’s that? Both the Doctor and Phoenix turns around. Flying over Diana is long blue energy line. It’s seemingly endless, but it’s has stopped just over Diana. DIANA (Looks right into it)


Diana takes a step closer to the energy; she looks into its depth, into the energy. PHOENIX Diana, no! DIANA There are faces in the line (Beat) The Angel Guardianship. PHOENIX No, they are not angels, they're escaped mad men. They're using the telepathic powers to leak out through the bubble. DOCTOR Telepathic? PHOENIX Yeah, yeah... You're not the only race with that power, Time Lord. Diana is not listening to Phoenix; instead she reaches up her and touches the blue energy. The Doctor notice now that Phoenix left hand is glowing. PHOENIX Diana, no! Phoenix starts running toward Diana, but before he can even act further, the blue energy opens like a mouth and shallows Diana.

The Doctor is shocked, Phoenix looks as the blue energy lift up and retracts back to the white bubble. PHOENIX Dammit, the energy is too high. (Beat) We need the TARDIS. Phoenix starts walking towards the TARDIS, but is almost immediately stopped by the Doctor DOCTOR Whoa, whoa... What are you going to do? PHOENIX Well duh, I'm going to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, of course. What else? Phoenix pushes the Doctor to the side and walks up to the TARDIS. The Doctor is right behind him. PHOENIX We need to calibrate the tractor beam to that energy signal. Stop now. DOCTOR

PHOENIX No, she's my problem now. DOCTOR No I mean, stop now. She's here. Phoenix turns around, and in front of the Doctor is Diana. She's shining blue. DOCTOR Hello, Diana. Phoenix walks right by the Doctor and grabs Diana. PHOENIX Let her go. DIANA Help us... Please. PHOENIX Let this vessel go, and I will help you. Diana lifts up from the ground. DOCTOR This can't be good. DIANA We are the Zaman --

DOCTOR Definitely not good. (To Phoenix) Hey! Her brain is literally going to start melting soon. DIANA We're are a peaceful race, we won't harm her. But we are trapped inside this prison. (Beat) Free us. PHOENIX Let her go, and I will help. DIANA One person can't do anything, if we let her go, you will take your ship and leave. (Beat) No... Bring help, and we will let her go. Phoenix looks at Diana, her whole body is blue. PHOENIX I am Phoenix Siridean. I can help. Suddenly Diana starts screaming in a very high pitched note; The Doctor is looks chocked at Phoenix. PHOENIX Knew that would happen. (beat) Listen, I can free you. Suddenly the blue energy drops Diana and then vanishes. DOCTOR Diana. The Doctor runs up to Diana and helps her. DIANA I could see everything. They were a powerful race, and was so cruel. But through generation after generation, that evil became less and less. Phoenix walks up to Diana and looks at her. DIANA ... You? Diana suddenly becomes furious, she leaps up on her feet and starts hitting Phoenix.

DIANA You idiot! You just left them to die! Phoenix grabs a hold of her hands. PHOENIX They were just seconds from destroy the whole universe. What? DIANA

PHOENIX They weren't just evil, they were the evil. They ruled half the universe and destroyed planets full of living beings for fun. DOCTOR That doesn't justify this. PHOENIX Yes, it does. The ladder doesn't ends at you, Doctor. It ends with me. A drop of tear runs down Diana's chin. Phoenix looks down on her. PHOENIX Alright, we need to calibrate the TARDIS to penetrate the bubble. Diana wipes her tear away, smiles and hugs Phoenix. but he's looking at the Doctor, who nods and then smiles. DOCTOR It will heal. Phoenix walks over the TARDIS and with his glowing hand, starts working on it. Diana walks over to the Doctor. DIANA Who is he, really? DOCTOR Ever heard the story of Jesus? DIANA Yeah, God's son, died for our sins. DOCTOR That's the main portion, but he also walked the Earth and helped those in need. (Beat)

That's what Phoenix does. DIANA Helping people? DOCTOR Helping everyone. The two look at Phoenix, who is kicking the TARDIS. PHOENIX Work, dammit! Work! Suddenly the TARDIS starts blinking. PHONEIX (Looking at the two) Are you coming or what? The Doctor begins to walk, but it stopped by Diana. DIANA Who are you? DOCTOR I'm the Doctor... I do what he does, only on rather smaller picture. DIANA What's that blue box really? Is it a spaceship? DOCTOR It's the TARDIS. Diana looks puzzled. DOCTOR It stands for stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space DIANA A time machine? DOCTOR (nods)

That too.

PHOENIX Hello? Today would be nice. The Doctor again starts walking away, but is once again stopped. DIANA How the does the TARDIS work? DOCTOR Urgh... I'll tell you what, when this all is over, I'll explain.

Diana looks over on Phoenix. DIANA If he is so old, how does he look so young? DOCTOR Good question. The two walks up to the TARDIS and the three walks in. INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? Phoenix runs up to the control consoles. DIANA So... The Doctor filled me in about who you are, Phoenix. Phoenix freezes and looks at the Doctor. PHOENIX What ticked you of? Siridean. DOCTOR

PHOENIX (Sighs) Knew I shouldn't have got that name. DOCTOR So, you are the Seeker? PHOENIX ... Yeah. DIANA How do you stay so young? Some cream of some sort? Phoenix smiles. PHOENIX I wish it was that simple... And that painless. (Looks over at the Doctor) You know he's a Time Lord, right? Diana nods. PHOENIX Well, Time Lords have this little trick to cheat death... They can regenerate, change every molecule in their body to become not only younger, but also much older. Diana takes a look on the Doctor.

PHOENIX You see, when the Time Lords first got a hold of the coral that is the TARDIS, they had a war among themselves. A war that was about to destroy their whole planet. (Beat) I came to end the war, but once I saw that they were the only race who could harness the power of the coral, I stopped not only the war, but their own extermination. (Beat) I gave them the secret to regeneration... Though I can do it for all eternity, they can only do it twelve times. DOCTOR You? But the Seeker just stopped the war. PHOENIX That's why I left, your consul decided that they were great enough to live forever, and when I said no, they pushed me away and re-wrote their history. DIANA You don't die? Why? PHOENIX The universe won't let me. Phoenix looks at his wrist and smiles. PHOENIX Oh, will you look at that? Time to save a world. Phoenix's hand starts glowing, he pushes it down on the console. EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT The TARDIS lifts up from the ground and hurls itself towards the white bubble. INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? Phoenix is pushing every button in the console. PHOENIX Going out of phase... Now! He presses down one final button. EXT. PLANET - NIGHT The TARDIS is heading right towards the bubble, but it phases out and disappears.

EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT The familiar sound of the TARDIS is heard, and soon it appears, and the three steps out. Around the TARDIS is circle of men, all armed with deadly laser weapons. Whoa! DOCTOR

OLD MAN Which one of you is Taliba? PHOENIX (raises his arm) That would be me. Attack! OLD MAN

Everyone starts shooting at them, but the shots just bounce of midair. DOCTOR Force field? PHOENIX Did I not mention that? MAN How did he do that? OLD MAN He is Taliba... Bow to Taliba! The whole group falls down on their knees. Phoenix rushes to get them up again. PHOENIX No, no, no. Please get up. The crowd slowly gets up on their feet, while the rest is looking puzzled, one woman approaches Phoenix. WOMAN You need to help us. OLD MAN Quiet woman, don't ask the Gods for favors. DOCTOR What do you need help with? WOMAN They created a monster. It's, it's unstoppable! Tears all down the woman's chins. WOMAN It's killing us all.

DOCTOR Why'd you create it? PHOENIX Yeah, that's releveant... OLD MAN A few generations back, our people grew too big. The bubble could not longer contain us, we needed to break free. (Beat) So they created something strong enough to break the bubble... but it grew insane and attacked us. (Beat) We were a people of millions, now there are only hundreds of us let. The three is completely frozen by shock as they look at the old. PHOENIX Alright, super huge monster killing millions... No problem. DOCTOR Where is it? WOMAN The forest. The Doctor and Phoenix turns around and looks into a deep, thick and very dark forest. PHOENIX Well, I'm not going in there. DOCTOR Maybe we can lure it out somehow? PHOENIX Yes! Excellent idea. Phoenix hands starts glowing, he shoots a long string towards the TARDIS. The TARDIS starts glowing and suddenly fires a shot right up into the sky. DOCTOR Stop... Touching... My TARDIS! Sorry. PHOENIX

(To the group) You need get into hiding. The group doesn't move, instead they stand there, puzzled. Phoenix stares at them for half a second.


PHOENIX (yells)

OLD MAN We're waiting. For what? PHOENIX

Suddenly the ground breaks into two and huge hole sucks everyone into the ground. DOCTOR I guess... That. The ground drags itself back to normal and covers the hole. Phoenix and The Doctor stares at the hole, completely amazed at what's happened. PHOENIX ... Cool. The Doctor and Phoenix turns around to walk to the TARDIS, but behind the TARDIS is a several floor high furry monster, the monster screams out loud and reveals it huge fangs, it holds up its hands, which has long sharp nails. PHOENIX & THE DOCTOR Cheruma! Diana walks casually out of the TARDIS, eating jelly babies DIANA I hope you don't mind Doctor, but I took bag of jelly babies. (Beat) I'm starving... And these are delicious. PHOENIX (quietly) Diana... Be very quiet. DIANA What? Diana looks at the two, both standing completely frozen. DIANA (confused) What are you doing? The Doctor points to the Cheruma, and Diana turns around. DIANA ... Oh, I had enough. Diana faints and falls backward. The Cheruma screams out loud again.

DOCTOR Move. The two starts running towards the TARDIS. On the way, Phoenix stops and picks up Diana and runs into the TARDIS. PHOENIX Raise the shields! The Doctor runs up the consoles and pushes a button. Phoenix lays Diana down carefully. PHOENIX Diana? Diana? Phoenix slaps softly on the face and she wakes up. DIANA Aooh! Why did you do that for? PHOENIX You were out DIANA Then splash water on me. God, that hurt. Sorry. PHOENIX

Phoenix helps Diana get up her feet. DIANA What was that? PHOENIX A Cheruma. DIANA And that is? PHOENIX A possibility. If you mix too many different strings of DNA, you get a Cheruma. DOCTOR All possibilities evolution could have gone slapped together. CHREUMA'S VOICE Time Lord. The voice echoes through out the TARDIS, it's deep and sickly. PHOENIX Oh, did we mention it can talk? CHERUMA'S VOICE Taliba.

DOCTOR And has the genetic of everything that has ever lived? EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT The Cheruma picks up the TARDIS and throws it away. INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? The three are getting tossed back and forward. PHOENIX Doctor, you might use the spaceship part of this machine now! The Doctor tries to get to the controls, but is thrown of again. PHOENIX Oh no. Phoenix's hand starts glowing. EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT The TARDIS is heading for a huge crash, but mere seconds for hitting the ground, it goes out of phase. INT. CAVE - NIGHT The TARDIS drop out of phase in large cave and crashes right on the sandy ground. The TARDIS is lying on the ground as the door falls open and Phoenix rolls while coughing. PHOENIX Anyone get the number on that spaceship? The Doctor slowly climbs out. DOCTOR I saw a three. Phoenix looks up and before him is a group of people standing around him. The group gazes on Phoenix. The Doctor is looking on the enormous cave. He's impressed. DOCTOR An energy cave. Phoenix eyes are fixed on the group. PHOENIX Yeah, I noticed that. (Beat) Where's Diana? DIANA'S VOICE I'm here. Diana slowly crawls out of the TARDIS. She looks at the group. DIANA Who are they?

PHOENIX I was wondering the same thing myself. Phoenix gets up on his feet and but doesn’t stop looking at the group. PHOENIX Hello, I am Taliba. YOUNG MAN Are you here to help us? I am. PHOENIX

Diana walks up to the Doctor. DIANA Where are we? DOCTOR An energy cave. DIANA And that is? DOCTOR One giant explosion, of energy waves, sent out in a exact motion for a few seconds, breaking down any material and creating a cave. An older man is explaining the Cheruma to Phoenix. OLD MAN We just wanted to be free, that’s all. PHOENIX Doctor, get over here! The Doctor walks up to Phoenix. PHOENIX Listen very carefully now, what was the first string of DNA you used? OLD MAN What? PHOENIX The first string of blood, whose was it? Mine. OLD MAN

DOCTOR Human blood. Phoenix looks directly at the man. PHOENX We can help. (Beat) Doctor? DOCTOR I’ll fire up the TARDIS. The Doctor walks over to Diana and the TARDIS. Phoenix looks as he walks away, then he look on the group. PHOENIX I’m sorry... I’m sorry for what I did to your people. I took it too far. You need to understand, your people was on the brink of destruction. (Beat) Everything, everyone was about to be thrown in the blackness that would never end. Had I not acted, the days of the universe would be counted. The group stands quiet, nobody is looking at Phoenix. PHOENIX ... I’m sorry. Phoenix turns around and walks away. He walks up to the Doctor, now completely striped of all feeling he has moments ago. PHOENIX Alright, we need to created crystal delta waves. (Beat) Turbo boost the vortex using a stream for sun light? DOCTOR What, you want to half turn the Cheruma? PHOENIX Right... Well, I haven’t got a clue. DIANA What’s the problem? DOCTOR Energy, to re-write the DNA sequence and strip it so only the human DNA is left requires a whole lot of energy.

DIANA How about the planet? What? PHOENIX

DIANA I’m guessing the white bubble isn’t running on a generator of some kind? PHOENIX Yes! We need Huon particles. DOCTOR A direct Huon particle beam directly aimed into planet should draw enough energy. (Beat) You’re a genius, Diana. Doctor is about to run to the TARDIS, but see that is still lying down. DOCTOR Right... We might need to get that up first. Phoenix spots a water fall at the end of the cave. He looks down on the ground and stomp once, it’s hollow. PHOENIX I have an idea. Phoenix walks over to the TARDIS, his hand starts glowing and he leans backward. Then he punches as hard as he can into the ground. PHOENIX Ow, ow, ow! Phoenix stands up and starts running around. DOCTOR You thought the nanogenes would protect you? PHOENIX ... Yeah. DOCTOR Ever tried a rock? PHOENIX Not as cool. (Beat) It only needs to be a small hole. The Doctor gets down on his knees; he picks up a rock and swings into the ground. It creates a small hole.

Phoenix walks away and over to the water fall. He looks at the cave wall. His hands starts glowing again, but this time he sends out a massive sound wave, right into the wall. The wall breaks and the water fall stops. Precisely at the small hole, water shoots up and flips the TARDIS over. Phoenix lays his hand on the cave wall, and again the hands start glowing. This time the wall starts shaking and soon again the water fall starts all over again. Then the TARDIS flies up to him and the Doctor looks out. PHOENIX You’ve could just walked over here. DOCTOR I don’t like to get blister on my feet. Phoenix walks up to him. Or pears. PHOENIX

Phoenix steps into the TARDIS. DOCTOR Who told you? INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? Phoenix walks up to the console. PHOENIX Tracking the Cheruma. (Beat) You have enough Huon Particles? DOCTOR Yeah, I just had it refilled. PHOENIX ... Right. Something starts blinking. PHOENIX Located the Cheruma. Get that beam ready. DOCTOR It’s ready. EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT The Cheruma is walking over the sand field. Suddenly the TARDIS appear. A blue beam shoots down right into the ground. The Cheruma doesn’t react, just looks at the blue box.

Suddenly a yellow beam shoots and hit the Cheruma. INT. TARDIS - DAY/NIGHT? Phoenix walks towards the door. PHOENIX Someone needs to be with him. DOCTOR Don’t! We don’t know if this will work. PHOENIX But what if it does? The Doctor doesn’t reply. And Phoenix steps out of the TARDIS and leaps to the ground. Diana looks at the Doctor. DIANA If what happens? EXT. SAND FIELD - NIGHT Phoenix jumps to the ground. He looks at the Cheruma, screaming in pain. dragging in sharp long claws over the body. Suddenly the skin breaks all over his body, the claws dig deep into the skin and rips it out. The Cheruma starts shrinking, its claws becomes smaller and smaller. Its screams become softer and softer. Phoenix runs up to the Cheruma, who is now a human being. PHOENIX It’s ok... It’s ok. Phoenix grabs and holds on to a young naked man. The TARDIS lands and Diana and the Doctor walks out. DIANA My god, who is that? DOCTOR That is the Cheruma. What? DIANA

DOCTOR Strip the creature from all strings expect the human one, what do you? DIANA ... A human. DOCTOR Exactly.

DIANA Can he talk? DOCTOR All of his genetic memory of every living creature is still in tact, stored safely. (Beat) He can talk. DIANA All memory? All the good, all the bad? DOCTOR Memories of a butterfly, only living a day. The memories of a million soldiers dying for nothing DIANA Oh my god. DOCTOR He’s in shock now... It will pass. DIANA How do you know? DOCTOR ... I just do. Diana and the Doctor walks up to Phoenix. PHOENIX I’ve implanted a single nanogene, it will reproduce and then clean him of all his memory. (Beat) It’s also programmed to build of social skills and language for him. (Beat) He’ll be ok. INT. LIBRARY - DAY The familiar sound of the TARDIS appears and Phoenix walks out. The Doctor walks quickly over to him. DOCTOR Stop touching my TARDIS. PHOENIX Well now, it’s not really your TARDIS, is it? Phoenix smiles and walks over to his window to look out. DOCTOR ... Shut up.

The Doctor walks up next to Phoenix. PHOENIX I returned Diana to her own time now, and the young man will be able to live with his blood father. DOCTOR The people may yet to see another day. Maybe. PHOENIX

A moment of silence breaks out as the two just gazes out into the universe. But after a few seconds; DOCTOR What happened to my people? Phoenix sighs. PHOENIX Most of them died in the war. DOCTOR Most of them? PHOENIX There are a few to who choice the coward mans way out. DOCTOR Cowards man way? PHOENIX They jumped, to another universe, to another timeline. To which I don’t know, but let me tell you this; Those Time Lords who are still alive are not like you, Doctor. DOCTOR What can I do? I need them, they need me. Phoenix nods. PHOENIX I understand. Again, there’s brief pause. PHOENIX There is something you need to know. (Beat) The Gallifrey High Council was in charged of the regeneration.

DOCTOR I know. PHOENIX What you don’t know is that they used a telepathic chain to be able to control those regenerations. (Beat) I said twelve was enough, they reinforced it. DOCTOR What are you talking about? PHOENIX You can choose death if you want to. But other then that, the universe is not ready to let you go. DOCTOR What about you? What will you do? PHOENIX I’m carrying on as ever, you are trapped in one universe, I’m not. DOCTOR Will I see you again? PHOENIX I’ve been avoiding you for a long time. Maybe time to stop that. Yet again, there’s a brief pause. DOCTOR Not hurt Jack. PHOENIX He is an impossible thing, something the universe can not accept. (Beat) I won’t kill him now, but I can’t have him around forever... What if he has children? The two walks up the TARDIS. PHOENIX (looks at the TARDIS) You should really let the chameleon circuits heal properly. DOCTOR I like it like as it is. The Doctor is about to ask another question, but stops before he can utter the first word.

PHOENIX The war couldn’t have been won be either side, it was a dying war from the start. (Beat) Remember that ship you were on, the Sladen? DOCTOR (nods) Yeah? PHOENIX You really think ten crystal plasma bombs could take out a whole fleet? DOCTOR Wait, did you do something PHOENIX I corrected your mistake, that’s all. The Doctor opens the door to the TARDIS. DOCTOR You really believe there are other Time Lords out there? PHOENIX I know it. The Doctor nods and walks into the TARDIS. The familiar sound appears and the TARDIS slowly fads away. Phoenix turns around. PHOENIX Open the Time Lord file. The window shows a several thousand pictures. PHOENIX Open the survivor file. A few pictures appear and the window shows them one by one. First the Doctor, then the Master, and then finally; The Rani. THE END