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The idols who said “What’s your dream?”, Bangtan. Their music is unique because they
personally took part in composing and writing the lyrics to communicate with the public. Is
their music more attractive because in contrast to their “boy scouts” image, it’s serious? It’s
only been a little over a month since their debut but with their ambitious name meaning “Block out the world’s bullets.” - they have been receiving a great amount of love from the
public. Let’s listen to the stories of the idols who want to try various types of music with hiphop as a base.
The group whose music you can relate with, Bangtan.
Q) Hello. Please introduce yourselves.
Rap Monster: Hello. I’m Rap Monster. I’m 20 years old, and I’m the leader and also in
charge of rapping.
V: Hello. I’m V. I’m 19 years old and I’m in charge of vocals.
Jimin: Hello. I’m Jimin. I’m 19 years old and I’m in charge of dancing and vocals.
Suga: Hello. I’m Suga. I’m 21 years old and I’m in charge of rapping.
J-Hope: Hello. I’m J-Hope. I’m 20 years old and I’m in charge of rapping, dancing, and
Jungkook: Hello. I’m Jungkook. I’m in charge of rapping, dancing, and singing.
Jin: Hello. I’m Jin. I’m 22 years old. I’m in charge of vocals.

Q) I heard that your team’s name meant “to block out the world’s bullets” It’s unique; what
do each of you think of the meaning?
V: I first heard the name “Bangtan” two years ago and it was really awkward. I thought
“What is this?” and also “It’s probably temporary. We’d change it when we debut, right?”,
but the more I heard it, the more I felt that it fit us the best.
Rap Monster: There were lots of suggestions but it was the best name.

Q) What other names were suggested?
Suga: Big Kids and Young Nation. Right now, I like the name Bangtan the best and feel that
it suits us well.

Jin: The PD-nim said that a one-character name is intense and so I chose to use the last character of my name . Jung. Q) Wasn’t it hard for a student majoring in acting to practice [to be an idol]? Jin: At first it was really hard but there were lots of kids who helped me and treated me really well. what made you take that chance of becoming a singer? Jin: First of all. you were part of the DaeNamHyup crew and have a mixtape where you collaborated with Block B’s Zico. I’m pretty when I smile.”. Also. Jimin: I use my real name.“Jin” Q) I’m curious about the steps each member took to join Bangtan. (laughs) I was originally going to use a stage name as well and there were quite a few suggestions. so it wasn’t that hard. Jungkook: Because I’m from Busan. You became a Bangtan member by being casted. Those three names were suggested but the members and PD all said that V fit me the best and so I picked V to stand for victory.Q) I’m curious about what each of your names means. You can be an idol at a very young age. Seagull was suggested for me. But in the end. Q) I heard that leader Rap Monster promoted underground with the stage name Runch Randa. They helped me a lot and said things like “Try listening to this song. Suga: Because my skin is pale. Six. V. there was a part when I had to yell out “Rap Monster!” I don’t know if that part was memorable or not but the company staff started calling me that and it eventually became my name. That’s how I became J-Hope. I got the “J” from my last name. which is why I chose to become a singer. (laughs) You know how in Pandora’s Box after everything else left. and because I’m sweet. . right? I put “hope” in my name to be a hopeful existence in the group. “Try doing it this way. Lex. J-Hope: My name has the deepest meaning out of all the others in this group. they said that Jungkook was the best for me so that’s how I ended up using my real name. Names like Baby J and Kid were some options but I decided that Jimin was the best and ended up using my real name. I like trying out different things. you can have an acting career while being an idol. (laughs) I chose this name because I want to promote sweetly. Rap Monster: In 2011 I made a song by myself and at the very end of the song. V: My stage name was chosen last. Also. I heard that eldest Jin was a film arts student. Suga: He’s a hyung who had a considerable amount of interest in hip-hop [before becoming a trainee]. the only thing remaining was hope.” and so training became easier.

(laughs) Because that means somebody had been keeping that song. (laughs) Q) Jimin and V got accepted into Big Hit after auditioning. We all came up with our own choreography for our dance breaks in “We Are Bulletproof Pt. I’ve told hyung before about this. I did a lot of popping. We were kind of like the rising stars of the hip-hop community at the time. (laughs) I sang “I Have a Lover” . But because I started dancing at a young age. It was my first-ever audition so my hands were shaking a lot when I opened the door. I also remember that my voice shook a lot while singing. Q) I also heard that you were good at studying. Of course. I’m sending my past self a message. I danced very confidently.2” I’m working hard in filling the gaps that the members have in dancing. He’s the one who’s strongest in dancing.Rap Monster: In 2008. we produced a song together. As that song disappeared in the community I slowly forgot about it as well. Q) The promotions you did back then must’ve helped you a lot with promoting in Bangtan. there’s another sub-genre called Boogaloos and that was the one I did the most. I was briefly a part of a different crew (not DaeNamHyup) with Zico hyung. Jimin: No. do you remember what your auditions were like? Jimin: Of course. J-Hope: Yes. I got a lot of prizes and performed a lot while promoting. In popping. I danced. I didn’t specifically have something I wanted to do. We were friendly with each other and at my suggestion. Truthfully. That song seems to be a hot topic amongst fans so I’m quite surprised. so I’m wondering how it came back up. J-Hope became our teacher and taught us the basics of popping. J-Hope: While promoting underground with my street dance team. I had a possible path because I was good at studying. I thought it was really cool. this connects with the lyrics of “No More Dream” . So while promoting as Bangtan. Q) I heard that J-Hope was part of the street dance team NEURON. Rap Monster: When we were still trainees and were doing midnight practices. I had no dreams.when I was studying. it’s not. I used to study extremely hard. Q) What song did you sing? Rap Monster: This is a story I’m hearing for the first time. it helped a lot. Rap Monster: Rapping was an escape from the stress I received from studying. Rap Monster rapped underground.

and I auditioned. too. Let’s do it!” and wasn’t nervous at all. Another big point is hip-hop. Q) You guys write lyrics. I think I would have chosen Big Hit. we’re quite dark. (laughs) But unlike our outer appearances. It was a sudden audition but I thought.(laughs) I hadn’t ever learnt how to sing until then so I didn’t really know what to pick. and boyish. It talks a lot about “dreams” what type of music is Bangan aiming for? Suga: With hip-hop . what song did you sing? V: I hadn’t gotten permission from my parents so I wasn’t planning on doing a private audition. All: Ooh~ Rap Monster: Yeah. As much as you’re hip-hop idols. please tell us your speciality as a group. Rap Monster: I think the fact that we actively took part in producing and writing lyrics is a really big speciality.we’d like to produce music that people in their 10’s and 20’s can relate with. I think we’re a team that puts a lot of emphasis on hip-hop. (laughs) Even if I had passed. Jungkook: In 7th grade. Q) I guess you won’t be able to go on Superstar K anymore since you got casted. “Yay. Jungkook: I got eliminated anyways. I had dreams of becoming a singer after listening to G-Dragon sunbaenim’s songs. I was only thinking about looking around the well as other genres . (laughs) Q) Jungkook. you gave the public awareness. When I checked later. In both music and visuals. I got casted by Big Hit after leaving the Superstar K3 auditions and became a part of Bangtan. Where do you get your inspiration from? . She told me to try auditioning. I heard that you got casted while auditioning for Superstar K3. everyone is extremely cute. “I Have a Lover” (laughs) Q) V. young. Then in 8th grade. I went to look around but ran into one of the rookie group development noonas. I was the only one from Daegu to pass the auditions. I think that these points appeal to females a lot. Rap Monster: So the song he chose was the #1 karaoke song for middle schoolers. You’ve debuted now. Q) The lyrics for “No More Dream” are very interesting. called my parents. we have a very tough image and our message that we should resist society’s suppressions is unique. you can’t really say anything. got permission. Another speciality is that excluding me. (laughs) Q) In the title track “No More Dream”.

I also got a lot of influence from T. I find his tone attractive. we write lyrics about small things. We have a song called “좋아요” (Like) and it’s about someone checking their ex-girlfriend’s SNS account and pretending to be cool about pressing the like button. I think of Kanye West as an icon. V: The Weeknd is my role model. and we get lots of inspiration while going to the practice room and while we’re eating. “What if we made lyrics out of this [topic]?” Q) The lyrics to 팔도강산 are in satoori. Music aimed for people in their 10’s and 20’s is disappearing these days. Lots of people seemed to like it. JHope Jeolla-do satoori. Q) I heard that all the members write lyrics and compose together.P sunbaenim. “좋아요” and “No More Dream” were created when we thought. I really admire them. I used Gyeongsang-do satoori. Suga: I started music after listening to Stony Skunk’s “Ragga Muffin” and Epik High’s “Fly” These two artists’s music made me feel a lot of things during my teenage years.J-Hope: I think we get a lot from our daily lives. I believe that an idol’s role is to send out messages. so I want to make music that people can relate with. I’m interested in trying out different types of music. an object we’d normally dismiss carelessly could be a great source of inspiration. From Western artists. Jungkook: G-Dragon sunbaenim. Q) Are there any role models or figures who influenced your dreams of becoming a singer? Jin: Big Bang’s T. So if I can have hip-hop as my base.I and Kanye West. .O. What type of music do each of you want to make? Rap Monster: I want to have hip-hop as my base. I was selected through a rap audition called “Hit It” There were plans to pick another Bangtan member through the same auditions in 2011. who is currently promoting underground. someone who makes trends. He not only has an attractive voice but gives me a sense of groove and rhythm and is fresh. I think of him as a good model as both an idol and actor. J-Hope: Beenzino sunbaenim. We tend to write about small things. Suga: I want to make music that tells our stories. I’m guessing that the members from different provinces came up with that idea? Suga: In 2010. I like the fact that hip-hop can flow with other types of music easily. His voice is so good. Jimin: I really idolize Big Bang’s Taeyang sunbaenim and Chris Brown. 2 years ago I was greatly influenced by Kanye West. Western artist A$AP Rocky is my role model. and Rap Monster standard Korean. Both their performances and vocals are amazing and I’d like to be like them. There are lots of things we could write about even here. Like this song. I like Justin Bieber. Sometimes we also get inspired by something random. I want to become a person like Kanye West. Suga: Depending on the situation. Since it’s a nationwide audition. Rap Monster: I received a lot of influence from NAS while rapping. Steve Jobs also was very important in fashion and as a realist. I find him amazing because he influences not only my music but my fashion style as well. “팔도강산” was created to promote the auditions.

Q) I’ve been watching Bangtan’s SNS accounts. Rap Monster: We’re active on them because we want to communicate a lot with our fans. (laughs) Rap Monster: Everyone’s answer will be the same. and produce all night. That’s how much I want to communicate with fans. . you guys seem to be active on them.Q) What are your future goals and plans? Rap Monster: We’ve said that we’re going to survive until the very end lots of times during interviews. it makes me want to make up things to have something else to tell you. That’s all we do. The fresh seven boys of Bangtan and their lifestyle. People seem to find that fascinating. Then you’ll accomplish something. When we have extra time. After we debuted. I think that people would say “Who are these kids?” when they see our photos. Suga: We upload photos of ourselves that don’t even make sense and occasionally of figures in our studio that are twisted into weird poses. we usually practice two hours. company staff told us “Just think that you died/suffered during the past two~three years. Q) What do you guys normally do? All: We don’t do anything. it’ll be a sign that we survived and made it out of all the groups that debuted this year. Other times. Suga: Ultimately. perform. (laughs) It’s probably because we’ve become greedy and try to do a lot of things.”. We don’t want to seem like idols that are hard to approach and want to be close with them. (laughs) Suga: In the morning we go to the broadcasting studio. I like equipment so sometimes I do reviews. Also. That’s why we’ve been so active on it even before our debut and plan to continue being active. so we’re trying to close our eyes and ears and only focus on practicing and work. Lots of rookies hope for the rookie award. so we really hope to get that rookie award. If we get a rookie award. (laughs) I upload previews of members and give off an un-idol like feeling. come back and practice. it’s an award you can only get as a rookie so it’s very important. Suga: On days we have schedules at broadcasting studios. We want fans to listen to the music that we often listen to and know what we do in our everyday lives. the members in charge of vocals have vocal lessons. we all gather together and think of song topics. we want to produce music that satisfies everyone.

” Jin: I usually sleep really quietly but I think talking in my sleep is a new habit. (laughs) Jin: I’m in charge of the kitchen. we wouldn’t be able to spray it because of the dishes so I looked around. someone was using the vacuum cleaner. (laughs) Jin: So because of that. this is it. Turns out. We tried to spray something but couldn’t because of the dishes. I was sleeping but the door opened and someone chased after me with a knife. it was just him talking in his sleep. That hyung practices even in his sleep. I talk in my sleep a lot. Because of this. fix the toilet. spotted the vacuum cleaner. Of course. a lot of them have disappeared. Rap Monster: I recently had a dream set in a hotel. and thought “Ah. (laughs) I thought we must practice really hard [for him to even sing in his sleep]. (laughs) Jimin: After my midnight practice ended and I had come out of the shower. Because of that. so this desk here could break right now also. Jungkook got rid of them with a vacuum cleaner. I wondered how close we were sleeping to make me have such a dream. (laughs) Suga: He’s a family man. (laughs) The glasses I wear sometimes break also. (laughs) Jungkook: We don’t have any insecticide in our dorm and even if we did. He’s an ideal husband! (laughs) Q) What are you guys most confident about? . Suga: Hope-y and I were awake together but we were tired so we were about to sleep when Jin hyung started singing “좋아요” (Like). Everything I touch breaks. That’s skill. “Ah. When we come back from grocery shopping. Each fly creates about 4-50 more flies so we can’t control them. Because they say that dreams are the opposite of what you think. right? (laughs) Jin: We eat lots of fruit with our meals. Are there any fun or memorable episodes? Jin: This happened recently. we have a lot of fruit flies. Rap Monster: Wow. Only about 10 of the original 50 are left now.”…(laughs) Q) Do you all have something you’re in charge of in the dorm? Rap Monster: I’m in charge of breaking things. I opened the window and jumped out and woke up. or re-attach doorknobs…I do a lot of that kind of stuff. We all sleep at different times but according to the other members. my nickname is “God of Destruction” Suga: I’m in charge of fixing the things that Rap Monster breaks. I change the lightbulbs. So I put in all the food in the fridge and throw out old food. the members just dump the stuff we bought anywhere and don’t put it in the fridge. After that I thought. (laughs) Maybe I love the members too much? I sometimes think that when I have bloody dreams. In the end.Q) I heard that you spend 24 hours together at the dorm.

(laughs) Suga: Sometimes I think. Rap Monster: I always say this. He’s both.Jin: I can eat a lot. Jimin: Please give Bangtan lots of love. We will break all the prejudice towards idols and hope that there will be a day when people know that we really love hip-hop. Suga: But sometimes he comes up with really good ideas and surprises us. After I finished eating and tried to stand up. I can eat it really deliciously. “Why would he think of that?” Jimin: Sometimes he’s worse than the maknae. We’ll work hard! . He takes care of himself a lot and eats a lot of health products. (laughs) It’s fascinating. Jimin: We’re all very good at eating. Jin: There was one time when I went to a buffet with my family and ate for two and a half hours straight because I didn’t feel full. Suga: We’ll continue to produce good music so please keep an eye on us. Please watch over us a lot and cheer us on. Jimin: Jin hyung doesn’t know what it feels like to be full. That was the first time I felt that way. (laughs) Suga: Jin hyung lost a lot of weight. I couldn’t because I had eaten so much. he’s 10% genius and 90% idiot. Q) Please say something for Cuvism Magazine’s readers. Rap Monster: In my opinion. “He thinks of things like that?” while other times I think. but I just want everyone to know that we do hip-hop. (laughs) Q) What do you think of each other’s personalities? Who do you think is the strangest member? All: V! Suga: Everyone says this but people with blood type AB are either a complete genius or a complete idiot. So we don’t worry. I can express my feelings through sounds and facial expressions. V: I can eat a tiny chocolate bar deliciously.

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