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Constitution Test Study Guide

Our country’s first
constitution was
The main difference
between the Articles of
Confederation and the
Constitution is the
Constitution provides
What is the main idea of
the preamble?
What are the first ten
words of the preamble?
The supreme law of the
land is…
How many states were
needed to ratufy the
Who was the “Father of
the Constitution”?
The president of the
Convention was…
How many branches of
power are there in the
United States
The executive branch of
government is headed
The legislative branch of
our government is
called (what is the body
of people called)?
The judicial branch of
government consisits
What is the main duty of
the legislative branch?
What is the main duty of
the executive branch?
What is the main duty of
the judicial branch?
To keep one branch of
government from
gaining too much
power, the Framers of
the Constitution built a
system of…
The Great Compromise
resulted in an
agreement between…
Article I of the
Constitution deals
Article II deals with…
Article III deals with…
The number of
representatives each
state has in the House
of Representatives
depends on…
What qualifications are
necessary to be elected
into the US House of
The term for office for a
representative in the
house is…
All revenue (money)
bills originate in the…
Senators are elected for
how many years?
How is the number of
Senators from each
state determined?
The presiding officer of
the Senate is…
What are the
qualifications necessary
to become President of
the US?
Impeachment charges
are started by…
Impeachment trials are
tried by…
What is the electoral
college and what is its
Who can declare war?
How many justices are
there on the Supreme
The length of term of
the justices.
Treaties and some
appointments must be
approved by the…
The name of the power
(or responsibility of the
President that is
associated with the
military is…
If the President is
unable to serve, what is
the succession order?
What does bicameral
Judicial review is the
power of the courts to
decide whether laws
and actions of the
government are allowed
under Constitution. The
famous case which
tested judicial review in
1803 was…
The Executive Branch
checks the Legislative
Branch by…
The Legislative Branch
checks the Executive
Branch by…
The Judicial Branch
checks the Legislative
and Executive Branches
The first ten
Amendments to the
Constitution are called…
Amendments can be
proposed by…
List the ways
amendments can be
proposed and ratified.
The Bill of Rights
What is the 6th
List all the rights of
people given by the 5th
What makes a person a
citizen of the US?
The Constitution forbids
states to…
What does the 1st
Amendment guarantee?