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SECOND YEAR ( 2012 )


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LED Switch Circuit


Mr. Wong Chow Jeng


So to find an alternative to the conventional lighting scheme we thought of replacing it by LED lighting scheme. use of solar energy for conventional lighting scheme is hardly of any use. Thus we hope this will be a small but important step in helping increase the use of non-conventional energy worldwide &also to protect the environment. . which seems to be quite higher.INTRODUCTION Solar Energy has long been the Holy Grail of the Non-Conventional energy sources. The LEDs lights one by one for a period of 1 second and the cycle repeats giving the running light appearance. Our group member have decided to make LED Chaser Cicuit. we have used two Ics which is 555 and NE555 to drive the LEDs.This energy can be used as an alternative for electrical energy. For our project. neglect the disadvantage. This LED Chaser is used in christmas tree. Many stupendous efforts have been exerted in an attempt to harness this free & simple form of energy for common man . In this circuit. The basic and major obstacle has been the huge infrastructure cost required initially. Efforts are being made for many years to reduce the huge initial cost. reduce the load on conventionally generated electricity grid among many other envisioned advantages. Solar energy driven equipment are being less efficient. although the initial cost reduction seems to be a big challenge .However the benefits offered by its usage are so alluring that we can . We have designed and conceptualized our project model taking into consideration the lighting loads of the big educational institutes.with no harm. we have to build a circuit that contain IC 555 and more than 20 LEDs.

eight outputs are used to drive the LEDs. the second on turns on. VR1 and capacitor C1 act as the timing components and the output pulses are available from the output pin 3 of IC1. each LED remains on for 1second. When one LED turns off.1. . Resistor R3 keeps the input pin 14 of IC2 low after each pulse. These pulses are given to the input pin 14 of the Johnson decade counter IC CD4017. This cycle repeats giving the running light appearance.0 LED Chaser Circuit This is the circuit of a simple LED chaser. VR1 adjusts the speed of LED chasing. The ninth output pin 9 is connected to the reset pin 15 to stop the counting. Resistors R1. So that the cycle repeats. Out of the 10 outputs of IC2. With the value of C1.


Electrical resistance describes how an electrical conductor (a wire) opposes the flow of an electrical current (flow of electrons).2 COMPONENT AND FUNCTIONS NO. 3. musical instruments and dashboards in cars and in houses etc. COMPONENT Light-Emitting Diode ( LED ) FUNCTIONS  LED is a light emitting semiconductor diode that emits light. Resistor  The resistor is the most common electronic component and is used to limit and/or control the voltage and current in an electronic circuit. Resistance can be described by ohms law. To overcome this opposition a voltage (energy source) must dropped (used) across the conductor (wire). traffic signal lights. 1. . infrared or ultraviolet. LEDs are most often used in the form of an indicator light in electronic devices. IC  IC is used in a variety of timer. 2.1. The nature of the light emitted can be visible.

and when this source is unavailable this energy can be be used by the load. Capacitor  Basically. a capacitor stores input energy for later release. and two of its three terminals are used -one of the fixed terminal and the slider terminal. Rheostat  The variable resistor is connected in series with a load. . 5. Some common uses of capacitors are to accumulate a small power input for release at one time (camera flash units) and also can be used as temporary battery. The inclusion of storage in any energy generating system will increase the availability of the energy. 7. 6. Battery  Batteries store energy being produced by a given generating source. Variable Resistor  Providing a continuous selection of resistance values.4.

3 APPLICATION Figure 1 Christmas Tree .1.

1.00 2.70 7. Battery 1 5.80 3.40 6. Vero Board 1 6.90 9.15 5. Items Quantity Amount ( RM ) 1. LED ( Green and Yellow ) 24 4.20 TOTAL 21. IC 4017 1 1.20 4.00 8.65 . IC 555 1 0. Variable Resistor 1 1. Battery holder ( 9 volt ) 1 0. Capacitor 2 0.30 10. Resistor 3 0. Wire 2 meter 1.4 COST ESTIMATION No.

com/6170/led-chaser/ http://electroschematics. 1.6 REFERENCES   http://electroschematics. there are some flaws happened where our LEDs suddenly did not functioning on the PCB Board.1. We can submit this project on due . finally its functioning successfully.5 RESULTS Firstly. After doing some changes. This means our project on LED Chaser is success.