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Casde BouS'in. A Tak The VitiKwtf End. .V^^^^O\\ ^ ^"D^ Table of Contents. NGC CniCI*I_ATIOie ^ .\boul Smolineci. The HoQse of Car«i> The A Fro-2 and Be&ika. Story aboof Pakcek. The littie Srars of Gold. The Masiaan and the -rlE "lilfle Thumb" Cat. Little Co'(± and th« Little Hen. The Disobedieni Kids. MEW YOBK PUBLiC |K^3 ' LJBRA-n : DEFASTMEXT MDHCUS M^ ~.

A Tale Once upon a pasturing was in his a Without time. home. wide a End little brook. near great hurry to sun a get set. about sheep. was boy knew a good shepherd Of he course lad the . where supper was waiting for him.

bridge. one diildren.Now the wide that the sheep Now brook had only a narrow plank for a were obliged to cross over. in a line. let us wait till the the bridge. sheep over . so at a time. then I boy has driven will finish my all his story.

to his as fast as he could. moved his head backwards and forwards. He stretched out his nedi. each ate his half. a Cock and little to hunt for strawberries. in fact so much so.The Little Once upon a time. tried every . they agreed to divide equally hen was the cock according to their to find a big berry and agreement. But there it studc! He then began to show signs ot great distress. He he tried to gobble it down all the it the calling first. not quite so luscious as but most tempting. to the Giant Mountains the way. the little The cock and a On little the hen went little Little Hen. jumped up and down. Instead. fruit they found. But means to get that berry down. shook himself. it stuck in his throat. that he said nothing about little partner. first Then the little cock found a strawberry. in fact tried every thing to make that berry go down.

" 5ut the spring coldly replied. man "Dear woman. wondered what he was up to and then When she saw he was choking. unless you bring me a leaf from the linden tree". So the little the linden a hen tree. she be- ran to see. you me a kerchief that the peasant wois making. hurries off to of whom she begs which she can give to the who will give her a drop of water for the little cock. hurry. a "Yes. she panted. little the He codt. But the linden lo. I tree will has his give but you must bring leaf. dear spring. leaf. me who will give me a drop of water. I will not give you a drop. dear spring." wim'i my .The little hen happening to look up. Suddenly she happened to think of the spring and away she flew to get a drop of his water. spring. Trembling with excitement. who will a leaf whidi I will give to the spring. give me a kerdiief can give to the linden tree. whidi give I 1 pray you." So off to the peasant woman. bargain. "No. Hurry. the little hen flys. give partner. that came greatly frightened and looked in all directions for help. "Dear spring. me a drop of your water for is dioking to death.

"Unless you bring me some from the Queen of Saba." little The Queen was no more generous than the rest. She felt quite sure that the good Queen would help her." 1 . but she did not dispaii. who will give me a drop of Again the silk 1 water. "Yes will give you some silk. The little hen was pretty well tired by this time. "Dear Queen. I will not give you the kerchief". She said. who will give me a leaf for the spring. so that 1 can save the cock. fdr which you must bring a pair of beautiful shoes from the shoe maker. Then will get the kerchief from the peasant woman to give it to the linden tree. pray let me have a bit of silk which the peasant woman says she must have.woman made a demand.

"Yes. but seeing sudi Then he said. but she must get them some real cream from the farmer's wife. Why should he give a bristle for nothing? "Yes. farmer. my". 1 want a pair of your beautiful shoes for the Queen them give me a will let me to her." little hen. so off she flew to the farmer's wife. bit If I can take of silk for the have a kerchief a leaf for the spring. they will let her have some com." Many people would have been discouraged after all these delays and conditions. but you must get me a bristle from the pig". when all at once he saw a little hen on his knees. "My.The shoe maker was pegging away on a pair of shoes." Then to the harvesters who listened to the little hen. there is one condition on which will give you a bristle. and that is. he said in great surprise. decided that he would help you a beautiful pair of shoes. hesitated. dear Mrs. she will peasant for the linden tree. I a wistful will give 1 a persevering little body. "what do you want of me?" "Please Mr. but the little hen was unselfish and her. spring will give He woman. "Dear. Shoemaker. The pig was stubborn. in exchange for some com from the harvesters. she the linden tree will give me me of Saba. won't you please give cream for the harvesters ?" me some y/ ''IP \(j^ . the a drop of water for the little codt. "Yes. Away she flew to the pig to ask him for a bristle.

the pig gave her a bristle. The liiile hen carried the Children. The linden tree took the kerchief in return for a leaf. do you think that the little ever again forget to keep his cock will word ? . the farmer's wife gave her the cream. The Queen gave the little hen a piece of silk for the peasant woman.but Certainly. oh joy. when she poured the little drop of water down his throat and saved him. bring me a bag the field. cream to the harvesters. who kept his promise and let her have a pair of his most beautiful shoes for the Queen of Saba. Then to the farmer's wife and. He was at his last gasp. In return. which the little hen took to the spring and got the drop of water. who let her have the kerchief she had asked for. before you knew it. she hurried to the place where she had left the little cock h-ying to swallow. which she took to the shoemaker. who gavecorn for the pig. She began impossible but the little to pludt the grass as fast as she could and." you must full first of grass from This seemed almost hen was not then discouraged. she had a bag she dragged it full. When at last the drop of water was hers. diildren.

Once upon a it happened but "Dear little time. Hers is mudi thinner. had been gone awhile." that their mother had and went away in peace. she gathered her little famUy around her and said. all told them. kids. This our mother's voice. answered. "Dear my dear children. "We shall not open the door. before starting. a fox comes and calls to the kids. I am bringing you some milk". I shall no matter what happens. 1 must go away and leave you alone no or who knocks. there that she diildren. do not open shut the door of our house. This time after she is not had knocked . but under The little kids promised faithfully to so she closed the door After she little The Kids. kids do tight conditions. you hear my voice. So the fox went away.The Disobedient was a mottier kid with four little ones. but did not stay long. till for a while. One day was obliged to go away alone. open the door. perhaps to the pasture." listening.

she said in a my own thinner voice than before. they at with eadi other. fourth. I bring you milk. "No it is not"." the other." not our mother's thinner yet. they could not that it might be mother's voice. "It is and devoured them began to fight open the door. . And so when One Then "We tell the difference of them said." This time as the kids listened. in the thinnest possible voice. that they pushed the fox sprang in and thought our mother's not open". "We is shall mudi I am bringing not open. shall "We They Then shall open. "Dear dear children. open the door. This is you little ones. milk. the third said. open the door. all. Again the kids listened and replied. their voice. Hers voice." The fox went away a short distance and then called again. they could not agree what to do.on mudi the door." the last struggled so vigorously. "Dear little diildren.

" little shivering with further the cold.The Little Stars of Gold Once upon a time. Bozena by name. so lonely. She . the clothes when he sent her off to her aunt. six years old. she out set village the for where her aunt lived in a great stance to this She was hut. Alone and forsaken. she gave him the whole piece of bread. without thinking of herself at "God By this time it was zena met another quite dark. there was a little girl. She was an orphan. on in the wood. to you. she came upon a poor beggar man. who will said. She had nothing in the world but on her back and a piece of bread which her poor godfather had given her. At a turn in the road. little seemed a It di- little girl. bless it Going a all." Instantly. little girl. Bo- She had no shirt. "Little girl. and timid afraid as she trudged along and oh. saying. you give me mething to eat? I so- am very hungry.

it. skirt.. A 1 '( [^ 11 to be in great distress. no on. it. as she parted with she met another little girl.^t. I short am sure that ways . I seemed shawl. . This excited Bozena's pity. and her little heart grew warm at the thought of it." "I'll give her my she said to herself. The cold did not trouble Bozena so very mudi. as she knew that she had done a good deed. so poor that she had It was already towards the end of autumn and winter was coming Bozena took off her own skirt and gave it to the poor little girl....^^^BIS H.1 I can spare farther on.

She wanted to see what they looked like. She began to gather them up in her hands. fell asleep. "Oh. she . All at once." Why there was an apron! Then she collected the little yellow stars in her apron. They were yellow. bright end shining. if I only had an apron.^ saw little stars falling in her path way. and growing very tired. tossing them up and down.

she reached her aunt's hut in the evening. there pan cake for her breakfast! could and still had some left.Awaking very little stars early in the morning. auntie. <= . Now she could not only support 5ozena. Instead of the little stars which she expected to see. but could do much good for others all the rest of After After kissing her aunt. Imagine the surprise and joy of the poor old woman. making itself to her surprise. "Oh. a stream of gold pieces poured out of her apron and rolled all over the room. she said. into a was one of She ate all the she wandering a great distance. see what 1 have in my apron". her a life.

but he alas One day Bousia a Knight. wherever her fancy led her. because he knew the way. and how much they had grown since she had last seen them. her father had gone with her. Bousin. This was the one and mother.Castle Once upon a castles. She had a fine time. running here and there. great sorrow of her father the little girl decided she would go down to the farm to see what lambs were doing. But the foolish little girl had decided that this time. Turynsky by name. Now the farm was a long distance from the castle and every time before. a beautiful girl. could live in was only one at a time. But the farm was nowhere in sight and she began to be uneasy. the owner of many was called His castle daughter. the little . she would go alone. There he lived with his wife and only was deaf and dumb. who time.

her mothei would be alarmed at once she found herself at the well. to care for her. So the little girl knelt down. She was lost indeed. was deaf and dumb. At the same time she remembered. but she did not know whidi one to dioose. but she. and began was a new terror. there was no kind nurse There was the fear of Then too she began to think that her absence. You would not be so poorly off as she. oh so and tired. dear God. She was now in the thidt woods. This made her think that not every path leads home. Tremblingly she knelt down for a long drink of its cool water." her ears. more and more confused. be good to me and show me All at the way out of the awful wood. she noticed two well beaten paths. for you could shout and cry. was to run about. where there was but little light. so that she could not see whether or not there were any foot prints that she could follow. wonderful to relate. On getting up. But just as she was about she saw a white sheep coming towards 1 can get home safe. poor thing. so that At the same time. her from the forest. a humming noise sounded in She was more frightened than ever. . so all she could do. "Oh. Her feet were tired. and perhaps angry. she would go to her room and pray.Then she became more nnd more afraid. wild beasts and the darkness of evening. that whenever her mother was in trouble or perplexity. clearer and clearer. to cry at what she thought to run.

a fourth. the shep- as to say. trotting in the eyes of Barta. the bells gave a gentle could hear them. Eadi sheep had a tiny came nedi and as the sheep of wonders. as mudi faithful. until stood around her at the spring.Behind the tlock first sheep. a third. the little girl there. as he looked up herd. She could They were her father's sheep. There was the along and wagging his tail. old white dog. trotted a second. tinkle. "What's all this about?" . now the whole around its But wonder bell really hear.

as a thanksgiving to the good God. mother. The good Knight Turynsky. She could also speak. Barta and his dog are also dead. the old die. Barta gathered her into his arms and calmed her fears. And so it goes in this world. I 1 you again. but the little one did not know that."Oh. his wife. The servants had been sent in all directions. that they decided that they would build a little church at the well. Barta. The little girl is dead now. and the young come after them. "Oh. dear children." Another wonder. "I am so glad to see you. who had led their dear one safely home. the father was waiting at the castle. and the mother had gone to the farm. as she ran up to him. was so afraid. for all this happened many. many years ago. Her parents had been terribly alarmed at her absence. 1 was so glad to see those was so frightened and afraid that I should never see sheep and Barta too. that she could speak and hear." and mother were so delighted at having their daughter free from all harm and miraculously cured of her deafness and dumbness. The father . The old sheep died and after them came the little lambs. You can well imagine how glad the father and mother were to know that their little daughter was safe and sound at home once more. The castle was not so very far off after all." she shouted. as she had never been away alone before. and then too.

who spent big golden antlers. I am open gone and no the door. as a dear. never. "Now. in fact if little was that house. many happy hours with a stag which had great. before going to feed on Golden together the rich in and Antlers." . be sure matter who to lode the knocks or how door the minute loudly. some people called He and Smolinedc lived the stag. was a little boy.Smolineck. Once upon a there time. he cau- juicy grass in the tioned the boy. his real name. Every morning meadows. Smolineck by name. Smolineck. never.

sweeter than before. and no friends of yours. I can't open the door." "They were bad. "Who's there?" The answer came in tones so sweet and "Oh. singing the same song. but it was no use. he heard the same voices outside. they would have entered and carried you off with them. oh so hard for him to let them in. but one day he thought he heard some one at the door. We will only put in our two little fingers and. But none the less. dear little Smolinedi. You must go away". "No". said the stag. went to his pasture and Smolineck lodged the door tight. Smolineck told him that sweet had begged so hard. we will at once go away".For a long time no one came to the door and the boy was beginning to forget that there might be danger. ' "!L. If you had opened to them. he did wish that he could open the door just a cradt. widted fairies The next morning the stag. but he would not. It is true that Smolinedt would like to have opened it. That night and "You did in Antlers came home. The boy remembered what Golden Antlers had said and did not open the door. After awhile. when Golden gentle voices just right in obejing me and not opening the door". The door remained fast shut. He called out in a deep voice. Then they began to shiver with the cold . soft. Smolineck. so that he could have a look at the fairies. as usual. replied the boy. in which they only wanted to put in two of their little fingers and warm themselves. but he was afraid of what the stag would say. when they would go away. as soon as we have warmed ourselves. just a tiny little bit. The sweet voices begged so hard. open the door for us.

. in fact the whole of their bodies were inside the room.^^ and begged so piteously. and before he prettily knew it. and put in their two little fingers. The their fairies thanked him very hands.-. He was in their power. but it was too late. In the twinkling of an eye they had seized the little diap and carried him off with them to their cave. then their arms and legs. Then he began to cry. as they had promised. that Smolineck felt sorry for them and opened the door. just wide enough for them to put in their two little fingers.

" The bad. how proudly he dashed along. your little boy. That children. in the valleys. do let us in. "Oh. and when after a long came again. that he would never be caught again. So little fairies lived. please do. the bad. begging more sweetly than ever "Dear. over the mountains. where you are feeding. antlers high in the when when they obedient Unfortunately teach instructions we so soon forget our good intentions. caught up the boy and away he rushed. In fairies captive. wicked fairies . wicked Fortunately the stag the cry of the little to the rescue of the the bad No bad was not so far away this time. dear Smolineck. was to be a reminder that he should never forget again. he received a whipping by the stag reached home. boy. help ! dear stag. fairies are carrying away Smolinedc. but that he could hear away he bounded with the speed of the wind. Smolineck then determined. do." silence. his golden could catch him To ! the boy that he must remember to be were given him. All we want is to put our two little fingers in and then we will go away. He found the prisoner in the cave where he dashed. before. air.

"I will know what you I me You want want."No". he replied. "Oh. so that he might be fat enough for the bad fairies to off. they for you will . for he had all the sweets and dainties that he could possibly desire. This him. be mudi better off than you are now. \fS. to carry off again. as far as good things to eat were concerned.^m^ fagi^^H 7 '^^^ ti So the foolish f \ ^ kT ^fc/ ^i^^^^ /t^mS^^ ts W ^^ ^yWy^^^^YT^ V^\^ IJ^^ « ^ W/^ ^^\" J 4 ^-^ iV little boy. Little as the old farmer fattens his turkeys for Thanksgiving. ../ ^— ^ • J' 0^ Mr J\ ^^%^4i. persuaded himself that the bad they said and opened the door such a tiny bit. the But this bad fairies time his cry brought are carrying off your Utile boy.." said. while they were hurry- But the boy did cry out to old faithful. no".i'"^Mi ." "Oh. for the stag was a long ways Smolineck was very well off in the cave. not.. Antlers. But he did not know that he was being stuffed. they threatened to kill when fairies meant what in they rushed. so that he could not make a meal of. 4 /!-{. far feeding. my Gold behind the mountains and in the deep valleys where you are ing off with him. . you need not be afraid with us. time as they seized him. You will have plenty of good things to eat and we will play with you all the time." no response.^ m ^mbL^"""-^^SW^ J^W p^V^^^^Y /yf^--^^^'^^-^ ^ V |-%^^j t -^^ji ^_^^2>-:rf'^ffll -*^^^^^-^ " . just hear him. "but even if we did.

finger to see in After he if had no idea of what they were going to do with him now. Poor little diap. But when a big fire was lighted. but it was no use. as old Antlers dashed into boy up on his broad horns and flew like the wind away in the woods. loud to Golden Antlers way off in the deep valleys and over the lofty mountains. the room. then he knew that he was going to be cooked for the bad fairies dinner! He begged for mercy.The fairies shut little a room all by himself and no one ever came had been there many days. Then he did cry out. All at once he heard the to the home far joyful. he him up to play with him. over the rivers and streams till their rapid flight was ended. they looked at his he was fat enough for their dinner. gathered the . as they undressed him and put him in a trough. hurrying feet. that they were carrying Smolinedc off on a journey ft^om whidi there would be no return for him.


Once more they were at tiome safe. that . however I Smolineck deserved the he would never again open to think that that pitifully or sweetly they sang. Smolinedi was the most obedient of all little From boys. one little else. good spanking he got. He promised fairies or any time on.

neglectful woman. He had no one to take care of the children. . They were all alone. but she wanted "to get rid of them. His daily work was to cut fattier. He was John and very. so she gave her husband no peace.The House of Candy. She made up all kinds of lies about the wickedness of the children and said that he must get rid of them. he felt that he should marry again. As he was away all day. very poor. Once upon a time there was a poor Mary. wood who had two in the forest. who did not want to work. But the stepmother proved to be a very cruel. children. She commanded him to take them to the woods and leave them there. so that the diildren should have a mother's care. Not only did she not love the children.

he said to and come with me to the woods to pick strawberries". They went to the place where they heard the sound of the swinging mallet. their baskets full of berries. the father returned home. and had eaten their they began to think of looking for their father. "Pidc all the berries you please. They jumped with joy and at once taking their little baskets. hitting the tree and making a noise like the cutting of wood. 'Take your little baskets When they were deep in the forest. afraid of her at last consented.He was and one day. dear ones. When this had been done. saw nothing was a This mallet wedges to split the logs. while am away. and the father went a little ways on a tree. "Now. where he bound his mallet When John and Mary had fill. only the mallet hitting against the big hammer whidi he used for driving in the but they trees. leaving the diildren in the woods." 1 1 The berries. It swung back and forth in the wind. in fact the place was red with the luscious fruit. children began eagerly to pidc on. Ttierefore the children with a sad heart. they went most happily with their father to the woods. the father led them to an open place where there were many berries." he said. of their father. you will know that am near by. . As long as you hear me cutting wood.

"Father. John light! Let's to a tiny little house. Then we will go towards it"."Where is father. It was so high that she could see from its top in all directions. Mary who was older and Before wiser than John. I will climb up in a tree from whid\ I can perhaps see a light. house. After awhile she saw a a light Down Following the little light. the sound of the mallet ceased and the children it grew quite dark. So they waited for They ate from their little baskets. They called. they of it go towards ! I see it. home and She could not think "Why do you forgotten us". would not let him see that tears were so near her eyes. no doubt". but just as much afraid. Then they filled them again. began to be frightened. till the berries were all gone. Up the tree she scrambled. where are you" ? but no sound came to answer them. "Wait a minute. quite a while. came they felt gleaming in the distance. . And so the time was flying. It was such a funny saw that it was with their hands and then they made of candy. Then she tried to comfort him. them." Now Mary had wilfully desert is asked John ? "Perhaps he has gone perfect trust in her father. that he would think that? Surely he somewhere near and will come for us. "Oh." she came and they started. They took their baskets and once more looked for father. She said to John. The sun had set and evening had come. by saying.

which he had to . that some them. could have all the At once he scrambled break ry. up on the roof to throw down to Ma- to afraid still harm might come was already on the roof and had peeled thrown down off some to her.Now John was delighted. But John candy. some off who was he felt that he candy he wanted.

" The old man went out and saw a little girl under their window. At first they thought they would knock and ask for something to eat. "What is our house. "What are you doing here? Are you trying to break into our house?".They went to its little window and peeked in. . some one who's the is old woman breaking into said. See there. There they saw an old man and woman sitting by the fire. but Mary was afraid. he asked her. The moment that? I the candy was broken hear a noise. Surely off.

1 will see what 1 can do with the old man. In the morning."Oh. a piece of candy from their roof. said Mary. under the window of the house of candy. he Then he went back the old tell dear quick. so she said. The children had eaten enough. bling with man was is It the wind". time. John climb- ed up on the roof to get another woman piece of candy. but saw two children. "Go this way a little distance The into the woods. or something terrible will happen to us." woman in the field was a good fairy and loved all little children. Mary snatched his hand and they ran away as fast as they could. little legs could . Mary. A bad He wants to take because we have taken trying to catch us." for she command dren. Panting and out of breath. so the house of candy is please. that they can roast us for their dinner. the this old as he went back into the house. and they nestled to sleep in each others arms. "we must run away at once. her childish voice trem- With fear. "Tell us mother. John leaped down from the roof. Grandtather. of the old this woman." Then she showed the children the path. for had heard the old the man woman to catch the chil- so that she could roast them her dinner. no. Again the old sent the man out to see what was going on. where we can hide. to "Quick. Suddenly John and Mary came upon a woman in a field of flax. Mary thought man to get rid once more. satisfied. along which they ran as fast as their take them. called John". She determined to help John and Mary. man from old us home.

we shall clean the seeds." woman. and then moisten the flax". "Listen to me". if But she continued. "Stupid." "Don't you hear? Have you seen two children?" "Then when the tlax is hackled. we shall children pass this comb and then hackle way?" it. until it is Raising his voice. little woman the man came the old along. "I you have seen two children pass "I shall weed the flax. man fairly shouted. "Woman. pulling field "Woman.After a while. we shall spread it out in the sun to dry". panting and blowing." seen two children go by here?" "When we shall This time the have gathered the crop. she kept on. have you seen two children in the field. "Woman. said the woman. are you deaf? Have you seen two "After the flax is dried. we shall bind spinning. have you way. Seeing he called out." it on the distaff ready for . 1 ask you. don't you seen two "When we have moistened the you understand me? Have way?" children pass this flax. go by and which way did they go?" The woman pretended that she was deaf." this ripe. she answered. am in the flax up the weeds.

this shall then way?" weave some beautiful fine linen. have you seen two children go by here?" "When we have woven out for little the linen. but you will never catch them." cut it "Are you deaf. did you see two children pass this way?" children? You should have told me that in the first place. it. He frothed with rage and turned bade home. by the path through the fields.„And after fine thread "Tell garters. skirts Then we shall and aprons. The father the old was very glad to get that them bade. They went that way." At this the woman showed Then the man the opposite man recognized side to which she had he had been outwitted. have you seen two children pass "When we have wound the thread on rest of the spools. . "Have you seen two children go by?" "Oh what are we going to do with it? Finally we Then the flint." we spools. he yelled. don't care anything about that. "Children." fire "I oh yes. did not ask want I shall make The smoke spark." 'I don't care any thing about the linen. When he had gone. I ask you again. the you any thing about that". wind. That is the end of my story. he grew more and more angry. the brook where the willows are. The fire will become smoke. the woman disappeared from the field and the children readied home in safety. Of saw them. What to know. thundered the old man. course down I to for they flew like hawks. shirts. we have spun some . when it strikes will make a tiny of God will not consume it. woman. directed the children. on we wind the will me. it. we shall bleadi swaddling clothes."I Have you seen two children pass by here" ? and with eadi question. tinder from yes.

and milk alone. It was so very amusing. killed him. So he hopped up on the table. fffTTTF Once upon a used to sit time. gently tapping him on the head. that she decided to share her meal with the frog. Her little pale and before another year had rolled round. From that time. ran out of the house her bowl. and placed his two little feet on the bowl. she said. It tasted so good. there was a under the window One day in little girl. she had died.The Frog and Belinka. whenever the little girl had her bread and milk in the garden. "See here". The mother hearing Belinka talking to some one. "Must you eat the milk only? You must eat the bread too". She the garden. eating bread and milk from came hopping along towards her and stared at her while she enjoyed her sweet milk. He wished that he might have some too. he darted out his tongue and took a little sip. a little frog and seeing a frog From little eating with her child. but she pined for that good playmate. that he wanted more. who had become cheeks began to such a . Then all at once. that time. all the time watching Belinka. whose name was Belinka. The little girl smiled and thought that it was very cute to see that little tongue darting in and out. Belinka was not so much troubled at first. the frog was sure to come for his share. Belinka ate her bread frog. Now she had no one. but one day she noticed that her little friend was eating the milk only.

We pray you to have pity on us and send us a son. they prayed. "You know how mudi we long for a little boy to be the joy and comfort of our old age. They were very lonely and unhappy. Then they determined to pray to God for a little son. "Dear God". there was a man and tiis wife.A Story about Palecek. Perhaps He would hear them. if they prayed wiih all their hearts. wtio tiad no children. Once upon a time." . "LiitleThumb".

sneezing and puffing like a little engine. The dust in the road was as high as his waist and almost smothered the little man. "Mother. The mother made the sign of the cross. Amused at his funny antics. He could not be seen for the basket which covered him with it to the completely. She was superstitious and did not know what to make of the boy. She had never in all her life ever heard of a boy like him. but do you think that he would give up? No sir! he trudged along. as it were.The man felt "little little hopping. What was give contented While he son was born. It was such a funny sight to see this basket go along all by itself. Really she was afraid to give him the basket. fellow said that noon. His mother called thumb". He was when the so that I full little of joy and singing all the time. before he was all over the house. was away. a him. skipping and running. as he gave her no peace. He insisted and insisted. sure that frame of mind. she packed the dinner in the basket and gave it to the boy. Hardly had he been born. can take it to him in the field". for he was such a tiny mite. the mother's surprise me father's dinner. Wonder of wonders! he took the basket on his head and ran fields. . God would listen and went to his work in a One day the man went off to the fields to plow. heavy with the father's dinner. no larger than a thumb.

"Father.what towing the basket When he came to the field after him. Imagine his surprise to see such a little boy. where his father was plowing. here am 1 call with your dinner". The father stared at the wonderful basket that had come to the field all alone. But the father did not hear the thin little voice. stood at his father's feet. Now was he going to do ? He was a wise. Had anybody ever seen one like him before? And then to hear him talk.came to the brook over which there was no bridge. After a while he . It was to see where that buzzing such a cunning sound. the father turned sound came from. so he readied for it and placing it on the water. clever little chap and remembered that there was a big wooden spoon in the basket. When he day. he bagan to from far off. he saw a little boy no bigger than a thumb. and then he would not have believed that a newly born son could take his father's dinner to him that that a same Palecek kept on calling. as he thought. father. but did not see Palecek. it bacame a little boat on which he gaily crossed over. Besides he did not even know son had been born to him that morning. He could not Palecek said. Then for the first time. Then he saw the basket behind him. "I am believe his ears your son!" when .

wound the main road. With amazement he listened to see where the voice came from. The oxen ran up and down. . as he started off in a mad race. "Hoi! Heiso! Hwi!" The boy's voice sounded like thunder in the ear of that ox. "that's the lad for me. About who had been to market. Around the field that time a rich merchant. as with one bound. Palecek said that also asked for the are a wonder. He could hardly believe his eyes and went up closer to see what it all meant. "Ha. he jumped the nearest ox and crept into his ear. was He father. As on he did so. laugh- ed the father? "1 will make them go without a whip". my dinner as sitting ! You eating. was on his way home. He's so small that he won't eat very much. "Here Looking was I am in the ear of the ox". Then he heard it say. Then for the first time. While morning and bringing laughed the his father him. ha". in the ear of the ox. a very miracle down he began whip he would to eat his dinner. plow a like to bit for to drive the oxen. over that field so fast. "How can you drive the oxen. my little son. where Palecek was plowing."Born this of a son". dragging his mate with him. for he was a very stingy man. He chap and wished that he might have him for his own. he was greatly astonished. he heard the voice of Little Thumb urging them on. there delighted with the little he spied Palecek. that Palecek plowed more noon than that the father had the whole morning. answered the boy. when you can't even carry the whip". he said. he cried as loud as he could." That suited him. When he saw the oxen plowing alone.

and running to his father. from the merdiant's pockets. found great big hole! his money that Palecek Not only was Palecek loo. "Father. he". my if enter father is my he asked service"." When came the merdiant to the father to ask he could if hire the clever little "Will "Why not. she asked? in his pocket to pull out Palecek. money after another that had along the road he found one piece of fallen Little the wages". the father asked. the she said. called out to his wife before he had readied "Come and see the marvel I have brought you!" arriving gate. Little Thumb? Then he sprang replied. in his pocket had urged. as soon bitten a hole in the hole himself The merdiant so that all the had put him so carefully in his podtet. I shall return to you very soon. "How much will you pay?" "How mudi do you want?" "Twenty-one ducats The merchant at once consented and paid the and put him carefully The father followed for all them afar off. he willing". is Thumb. price. but you must be sure to follow us as soon as he takes me. and hurrying on to money home." The wife looked around. He is worth mudi gold. no Little Thumb. Then he slipped through meet his father. said the father. but don't let him have me too dieap. Have no fear for me. as the merchant little is it". as she ran out to meet him?" man. He soon learned why. . ran out. but all Then the merchant knew be. like a shot from the ear of the ox. who can do magic work for us. as Palecek had Then he caught up Palecek and off they went. they went home rejoicing. nothing but a gone. "What "A wonderful it. whispered. the merdiant wants to hire me. had outwitted him. wondering "where is where he could Then the merdiant thrusting his hand alas. Not seeing any one.

he said one day when they crowded around him. This wonderful man was very fond of "Now think.The Magician. Once upon a time there the Cat was a famous magician." and the Stove. . children. diildren.

Now listen. is too long to tell . big dough board and a big cat. there be from the tenth" and so he began." exclaimed a "Once upon a oven. 1000 »T. This tale you now. in Which podiet do you choose?" "Let be "Very from the tenth. was a He had a it king. children. "let as little IHn. which would sit top of the oven was the favorite place for his talk to the king. everywhere begin." -J girl. fairy stories well/' said the magician. VfASHlKaTCH U06HT8 BJW*CH.'I have seventy-seven pockets and each one a story. NEW YORK PUBLIC LlBKAir CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT NICHOLAS AVI. On there and all time.

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