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Sulistia Oktriani

Jl. H Suaib No. 27
RT 06/02 Krukut, Limo
Depok, 16512
Mobile: 081934142074

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to apply for the accountant position advertised in the I am

enclosing a completed job application, and my resume. I will complete my certification
and references when I am interviewed.
The employment opportunity in the ad is very interesting. I believe that the knowledge
and experience I have is able to make the school that you lead to achieve better
performances. The strengths that I have in order to get this position are:
I have an experience working in the major company.
I am teamwork, cheerful and diligent person.
I can speak, listen, read and write English very well.
I can operate computer very well (Ms. Word, excel, Power Point, Macromedia Flash,
Basic data).
I provide contribution to the company.
Education that I have in the field of English is considered highly enough to get this
Please see my resume that I have enclosed for the additional information of my
experiences. I can be contacted anytime via email at or my cell
phone, 081934142074.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I very look forward to speak with you about
this employment opportunity.

Sulistia Oktriani

Universitas Indraprasta PGRI.SULISTIA OKTRIANI Jalan H. Depok An Indonesian government-owned corporation which distributing electricity in Indonesia. Excel dan Power Point) 13 Dec 2010 Penghargaan as Pembimbing Manasik Haji Cilik 15 June 2010 Seminar Pendidikan PAIKEM 05 Dec 2009 Workshop Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa 25 Dec 2008 Pelatihan Manajemen Taman Pendidikan AL-Qur’an . Word. Jakarta Selatan Degree in Education of English 2005-2008 MAN 11 Jakarta. 27 RT 06 RW 02 Krukut. Limo. dan Internet) 29 Apr 2012 Pendakian Massal III Gunung Gede 23 Dec 2011 Program Pengalaman Lapangan at SMA Islam Assyafi’iyah 02 Bekasi 23 Apr 2011 Seminar Employment Nov 2012. Gandul. Suaib No. Temporary Employee at Human Resource Division · Input Employees’ Data to computer · Scanned files related the employees · Managed files scanned into an excel document report. Web Design. Depok 16512 Mobile: 081934142074.Feb 2013 PT PLN (Persero). Jakarta Selatan Science Class Training and Seminar 24 Sept 2012 Praktikum Komputer II (Aplikasi Jaringan. Education 2008-2013 . 10 Mar 2011 Praktikum Komputer I (Windows. Ms. E-mail: tyaoktriani@gmail.

Culture. and also Macromedia Flash and Basic data. as well as e-mail and the internet.Other Skills Computer literate: good knowledge of Word and Excel. Fashion and Arts . Practical knowledge of English Personal Details Date of Birth Nationality Gender Work status Interests 30 October 1990 Indonesian Female Teacher Studying English.