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Curriculum Vitae

Stefano Cavagnetto

Currently head of Schools of Computing and Business at Prague College and head
of the Prague College Research Center (fields of research: history of
programming languages, game studies and data mining).

Lecturer of Programming Language Concepts classes (languages taught C++, C#,

Java and Prolog) in the HND in Computing (general). Also lecturer of
Management Research in the MSc International Management. Other
programming languages of interest: Assembly, Fortran, C, Pascal, Ruby, VPL
and programming languages for Artificial Intelligence: Prolog, Lisp and Clips.


Jobs and visiting:

-Visiting at the Isaac Newton Institute of Cambridge for the program Logic and
Algorithms, periods: February, March, April, 2006.
-Visiting at the Institute of Mathematics of Prague of the Academy of Sciences of
Czech Republic, 2004.
-Teacher for the Master Degree in Communication and Multimedia at the
Polytechnic of Turin, (UNI.VER) in Vercelli 2004.
-Assistant professor for the course of Logic at Amedeo Avogadro University,
-Winner of annual scholarship BIVERBANCA for research at Amedeo Avogadro
University, 2003.
-Tutor for the Logic course at Amedeo Avogadro University in 2003.
-Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, NY, 2002.

Talks and tutorials delivered:

• Teaching Methods: an introduction, Prague College, in Prague, 2009

• The Conception of Self in Multiple Cyber Worlds, Cyberspace confer-

ence, in Brno, 2009.

• Euclid’s Elements, at Institute of Mathematics, in Prague, 2008.

• Ancient Logic: Medieval Logic, at Institute of Mathematics, in Prague,


• Ancient Logic: Aristotle and the Stoics, at Institute of Mathematics,

in Prague, 2008.

• The Earliest Greek Mathematics, at Centre for Theoretical Studies, in

Prague, 2008.

• String Rewriting and Proof Complexity, Institute of Computer Science,

in Prague, 2007.

• Kreisel’s conjecture and speed-up Theorem, at Logic Colloquium, in

Athens, 2005.

• Godel speed-up Theorem and a conjecture by Kreisel, at Czech-Catalan

Conference in Mathematics, in Prague, 2005.

• Kreisel’s conjecture: a survey, at Institute of Mathematics, in Prague,


• Deontic Logic and Moral Philosophy, at Amedeo Avogadro University,

in Vercelli, 1999, 2000.

Main organizer and/or co-organizer of the following tutorials and seminars at
Amedeo Avogadro University, in Vercelli:

• Seminars on Metalogic held by Prof. Andrea Iacona (University of

L’Aquila), 2002;

• Seminars on Modal Logic held by Prof. Andrea Iacona (University of

L’Aquila), 2002;

• Tutorials on Artificial Intelligence, logic problems and perspectives

by Prof. Carlo Penco (University of Genova), 2001;

• Introductory tutorials on Game Theory held by Prof. Lorenzo Sacconi

(University of Milan), 2000;

Articles and Reviews:

• Games and computational complexity, in preparation.

• Games as formal systems, in preparation.

• The Conception of Self in Multiple CyberWorlds, to appear in MUJLT.

• The Lengths of Proofs: Kreisel’s conjecture and Godel’s speed-up

theorem, to appear in Notes of Mathematical Seminars of St.Petersburg
Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics and in Journal of
in Journal of Mathematical Sciences, special volume devoted to Yuri

• Applications of Propositional Logic to Cellular Automata, in

Mathematical Logic Quarterly, (2009), vol. 55, pp. 600-616.

• String Rewriting Systems and Proof Complexity: an interpretation of

Resolution, in Reports on Mathematical Logic, (2009), vol. 44, pp. 167-

• Speed-up theorem and Kreisel’s conjecture, (abstract) Bulletin of

Symbolic Logic, (2006), vol. 12(2), pp. 328-329.

• Review-essay, La regola aurea: considerazioni intorno al “seguire una
regola”[The Golden Rule: some remarks about “following a rule”, on
Carmelo Vigna e Susy Zanardo (a cura di), La regola d’oro come etica
universale, Vita e Pensiero, (2005), sudmitted to Fenomenologia e

• Review-essay, on Sergio Cremaschi, L’Etica del Novecento: Dopo

Nietzsche, Carocci Editore, (2005), in Croatian Journal of Philosophy,
(2006), VI, 16, pp. 154-157.

• Review on, Runggaldier E. and Ch. Kanzian, Problemi fondamentali

dell’ontologia analitica, a cura di S. Galvan, Vita e Pensiero, (2002),
in Epistemologia, (2006) 29(2), pp. 416-4190.

• Godel speed-up Theorem and a conjecture by Kreisel, (abstract) in The

First Czech-Catalan Conference in Mathematics, Chudlarsky (ed.), ITI
series, (2005), pp. 34.

- Games Studies: philosophy of games, in preparation.
-Ontology of Cyberspace, with Bruce Gahir, in preparation.
-Logica formale del primo ordine [First Order Logic], with Prof. Andrea Iacona
(University of L’Aquila), (classical introductory textbook on first order logic and
model theory), Carocci, to appear 2010.
-Esercizi di Logica [Exercises (Formal) Logic], (Basic textbook on the Natural
Deduction for undergraduate students), Carocci Editore, 2008.

Dr. in Mathematics (2008) at Charles University, in Prague. Dissertation
Subject: Propositional Proof Complexity and Computational Complexity Theory.

Dr. in Philosophy (2001). Degree awarded with full marks 110/110 Summa cum
Laude and Print Honours at Amedeo Avogadro University, in Vercelli (Italy).
Dissertation subject: formal languages and formal systems.

MA. in Science Communication (2002). Degree awarded with 110/110 points at

University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin, COREP (Centre for Permanent Research
and Education in Piemonte), in Turin (Italy). Dissertation subject: Science and

1. Excellence in teaching in 2009 at Prague College, Computing School.

2. The degree in Philosophy was awarded as the best degree of 2001 in the
whole Amedeo Avogadro University.(Comments: the degree has been
obtained achieving the maximum score 30/30 in all 19 exams (16 of
them with honor )).