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Dive Resort Oceans 5 is the only DDI (Disabled Divers International) Trainings Center in

Indonesia. PADI had awarded Oceans 5 for their effort to support disabled divers by given Oceans 5
the PADI Assessebility Award. Oceans 5 is the only dive center in South East Asia who got this

But where does DDI stands for:
Disabled Divers International (DDI) is a non-profit organization, with the aim to promote, develop and
conduct disabled scuba diving training programs for professional and non-professional students.
Since its introduction in 2010, DDI has gathered extensive support and recognition within the diving
industry and conducted both professional and non-professional programs all around the world. All
board members are volunteers, dedicated to promoting and developing disabled scuba diving
DDI programs are designed to work in cooperation with existing scuba diving training organizations
and their training programs. DDI programs adds a new layer on top of the existing diver training,
allowing individuals who would have difficulties fulfilling all requirements and standards to
experience diving safely with modifications and enhancements to their training and or equipment.
Oceans 5 runs once a month a DDI Instructor course. It is a 2-3 days program. DDI professional
training adds to the diving professional a new set of tools and knowledge to train disabled divers
safely and certify their students as a scuba diver, with varied levels of limitations depending on the
student’s ability to perform program requirements and standards.
To become certified as a DDI Professional, you must demonstrate that you have the ability to
successfully train / guide individuals with physical disabilities in an open water environment.
Learning to deal with all types of disabilities a Dive Professional can encounter is not possible in a 23 day training program. In order to develop your experience you must work with the disabled. The
PRO training comprises of knowledge development, Confined and Open Water training and the DDI
training programs and standards. In the knowledge development section you learn about all the
different types of disabilities you can expect to encounter when training disabled divers. It is
important that you, the Professional, have a good understanding of the disability you are dealing with
and not rely on hearsay, as it is of utmost importance that you feel confident with your students.
It is equally important that your students feel confident in your knowledge and ability in dealing with
their specific problems. To help increase your knowledge on the various disabilities you may
encounter, we suggest that you surf on the internet for more specific information.

The confined water training section deals with specific training, what to expect, and how to deal with
problems encountered by your students. It is important that you understand the difficulties your
students may experience during training and how you can assist them in overcoming these. By
simulating a disability yourself and then alternating as the Instructor for disabled students, you
develop a clearer understanding of problems that are encountered (during the pool training disabled
divers should be invited to assist if possible).
You will need to consider the disabilities of the divers you will be training and be sensitive and aware
of the special requirements that are specific for each student. In the open water, you are placed in
the role of being the disabled diver and subsequently as the instructor/guide for disabled divers. You
will also learn about how to evaluate dive sites and their accessibility, and develop a general
awareness of other logistic considerations, which are necessary when you are training or
accompanying disabled divers.

To participate in the DDI Pro-Training an individual must:

Be a renewed Instructor member and in active teaching status with an internationally
recognised diver training organization, the training system is working in accordance to the
ISO standards, and is qualified to train Open Water Divers.
Proof of status must be submitted.
Submit a copy of a medical examination stating that the individual is fit for diving. The
examination must have been conducted within the past twelve months.
Submit proof of training in First Aid / CPR within the past twenty four months.
Fill out and submit the DDI Instructor-Training application form and comply with the
equirements listed.
Undersign and submit a Safe Diving Practice Agreement and, where applicable, a liability

A certified DDI Instructor in active teaching status is qualified to:

Conduct the DDI Try Scuba Diving program.
Conduct the DDI Pool Diver and issue certifications.
Conduct the Scuber Diver and issue certifications.
Conduct the DDI Open Water Diver course and issue certifications.
Conduct the DDI Advanced Open Water Diver course and issue certifications.
Conduct the DDI Assistant Dive course and issue certifications.
Conduct the DDI Surface Assisrant and issue certification.
Conduct any new non-professional programs developed by the DDI.
Act as certified Pro member to dive with level 2 and 3 divers.

DDI Instructor Course
DDI Instructor Course
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DDI Instructor Course Schedule 2015

January 2015
12-13 DDI Instructor

February 2015
16-17 DDI Instructor

March 2015
23-24 DDI Instructor

May 2015
27-28 DDI Instructor

June 2015
31-01 DDI Instructor

July 2015
06-07 DDI Instructor


Augustus 2015
09-10 DDI Instructor

September 2015
13-14 DDI Instructor

October 2015
18-19 DDI Instructor

November 2015
22-23 DDI Instructor