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In what way do you think is Bhutan of help to India? What are the bilateral
relations of India-Bhutan? What were the recent agreements that they signed
during the PM’s visit?
Bhutan-India relations are governed by a friendship treaty that was renegotiated only in
2007. India has also provided financial assistance to its tiny neighbour’s five-year development
plans since 1961, last year committing Rs.4,500 crore for the period up to 2018. The gamut of ties
between the two countries covers cooperation and investment in infrastructure development,
health, education and most significantly, hydropower projects.
Beijing was “willing to complete border demarcation with Bhutan at an early date.” Both sides
have held many rounds of talks on the issue, without coming close to a resolution. Chinese
territorial claims in western Bhutan are close to the Siliguri Corridor, also known as Chicken’s
Neck, the narrow strip of land that connects West Bengal to northeastern India. China is also
interested in establishing formal ties with Thimphu, where it does not yet have a diplomatic
mission despite a nearly 500-km shared border with Bhutan.
Bhutan’s major exports are transferred via the Siliguri corridor or through Assam. Their physical
imports are also routed this way. Hence, maintaing good relations in the region is of utmost
importance to Bhutan.
Tourism is an area of great potential. The sheer diversity of the Northeast can be marketed and
segmented in different ways. A big push could be given to the Buddhist circuit covering Bodh
Gaya, Sikkim, Bhutan and Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.
Flanked by Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, the Northeast too can boldly go forward to
develop a robust policy of development and trade.
During the visit, the two sides reiterated an important clause in the 2007 Treaty — neither side
will allow its territory to be used for “purposes inimical” to the other.
He proposed that Bhutan and all the Himalayan states of India, particularly north-eastern states,
should organize joint sports events and devise packages for common circuit tourism.
“India plans to create an e-library network in Bhutan & we would double scholarships being
given to students of Bhutan,” he wrote.
Afghanistan does not share her boundary with India, but its importance and hence our
engagement with this country is no way lesser than our immediate neighbours.

under funded and ill equipped Afghan security forces can’t confront the n=renewed Taliban onslaught. Since West Asia is key to India’s energy security. Already the governments of the two nations have begun the process of signing contracts in these fields. the option of oil pipeline through Afghanistan is always there. governance and above all security. India will also benefit from the trade and tourism with Afghanistan. *** Afghanistan doesn’t have the defence it needs” to fight “proxy-terror groups” and said India and Afghanistan must strengthen their strategic cooperation. 3. negotiations over the TAPI gas pipeline from Turkmenistan. development. This will have a negative bearing on India supported reconstruction program. The under trained. Afghanistan can provide strategic locations for Indian military bases to counter threats arising from Pakistan. bring them closer for cooperation. India needs a stable Afghanistan as a counter to terrorism in Pakistan. A land route through Afghanistan to West and Central Asia. 2.Two strong and mutually friendly nations desiring peace on both sides of the border will also force Pakistan to fall in line. India is equally worried about its investments in afghan due to terror threats. This war-torn country now badly needs stability. A strong Afghanistan will be able to check and destroy the Taliban menace. Not only that Central Asia holds many mineral of our vital interest such as uranium to fuel our nuclear power plants etc. will boost India’s trading fortune manifold. The rich mineral resources of Afghanistan also attracts our attention.Interests 1. considering withdrawal of ISAF forces by the end of 2014. like the ancient time. but said security is a prerequisite for any “economic integration”. . 2. 4. India is also concerned about the terror funding and extra terrestrial support to terrorism. This is detrimental to Indian interests. Concerns 1. Due to past civilisational and cultural links and suffering at the hand of common neighbor. Afghanistan is the gateway to Central and West Asia. But the later aspect is bleak. India is concerned that post 2014 US exit the nation may fall into a period of great turmoil.

which Delhi had politely turned down. Afghanistan put in a “wish list” with India.In December 2013. Sources said this was a result of India’s desire not to upset Pakistan with overt military help that may be construed as interference in Afghanistan. helicopters and ground vehicles. . including requests for tanks. Instead India supported infrastructure projects and provided military training to Afghan troops and police forces in India itself.