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Spring 2015

CSE 1301 J, Programming & Problem Solving I
Section 001, CRN 3248
Prerequisite: None
Instructor: Mona Chavoshi
Office: J-261b
Phone: (678) 915-3075
Office Hours: 3:00 – 4:30 PM, Monday & Wednesday
10:00 – 11:00 AM, Tuesday & Thursday
Or by appointment
Class & Lab meetings:
Monday & Wednesday Lecture 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM J-262
Monday & Wednesday Lab
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM J-251
Java Illuminated, (second, third or fourth edition)

By Julie Anderson and Herve Franceschi

Course Description:
This course provides an introduction to computer science with a focus on object-oriented
programming using Java. Instruction centers on an overview of programming, problemsolving, and algorithm development. Specific topics include primitive data types,
arithmetic and logical operators, selection and repetition structures, interactive user input,
using and designing basic classes, single dimension arrays with searching and sorting,
and lists. Programming assignments focus on techniques of good programming style
including proper documentation. The student is taught to efficiently design, code, and
debug problem solutions. A Windows environment is used in the closed lab.
- Accurately use primitive data types and arithmetic expressions in programs.
- Apply basic programming structures in program solutions, including expressions,
selection, and repetition.
- Define and use classes in program solutions.
- Solve programming problems, which include array handling, searching, and sorting.
- Develop correct, efficient, and documented code.
- Compile and run programs in the Windows environment.
Closed lab assignments must be completed during lab sessions. Project assignments are
to be completed outside of class.

All projects are due at the beginning of class. There will be NO make-up tests unless prior arrangements have been made. Students are expected to do their own work for all assignments unless otherwise indicated by instructor. 2. All students should be aware of them. travel. Class Rules: 1. Homework assignments are due by MIDNIGHT on the day indicated. all collaboration must cease. If a class is cancelled for any reason. SPSU has an Honor Code and a new procedure relating to when academic misconduct is alleged. Meaningful and relevant class discussion is encouraged. work. No late assignments will be accepted.Final Grade: 40% of averaged Tests grades + 30% of Projects grade + 20% of averaged Labs grades + 10% of averaged Assignments grades Grading Scale: 90+: A 80+: B 70+: C 60+: D Below 60: F. DO NOT EMAIL ASSIGNMENTS. any assignment due that day will immediately be due the next scheduled class period. 3. 8. . Students are responsible for all announcements and assignments made in class. 5. 4. Any topic or test scheduled for that day will occur the next scheduled class period. All current Southern Polytechnic State University policies will apply. All programming assignments should include the following documentation on the source code: //Student Name: //Assignment Number: 9. If a student must miss an announced test due to illness. Class attendance and participation is expected. he/she must make alternate arrangements with instructor PRIOR to test date. All labs and project assignments must be turned in using D2L at the designated time. or other valid excuse. 7. Information about the Honor Code and the misconduct procedure may be found at http://spsu. 10. when you begin to prepare your assignment to turn in. 6. Group discussion and study of the assignments are permitted.

Labs are expected to be done and completed during lab time.Lab Rules: 1. Students are expected to attend lab each day that a lab is scheduled. your final grade for the course will be penalized 1 letter grade. 5. work travel or other valid excuse. If you have more than 2 missed lab grades (grades of 0). 3. Students with disabilities: "A student at Southern Polytechnic State University who has a disabling condition and needs academic accommodations has a responsibility to voluntarily identify him/herself as having a disability by scheduling an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible. he/she must make alternate arrangements with the instructor. Students are expected to work individually for lab assignments." (SPSU Catalog) Contact the Coordinator as follows: ATTIC in Student Center 678 915 7244 . If a student must miss a lab due to class cancellation. 4. holidays. 2. illness.