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Bachelor Education Program in Teaching English as a foreign language

Group # 11
Andrea Angélica Manosalva Santiago
Leivy Tatiana Torres Bayona
Carmen Sofía Corzo
Albeiro Vergel
CAU Ocaña

Research Foundations in Language Teaching
From Research Interest to Need Analysis

1. Language research topic.
Going along with the BA. Ed Paths1, this research is oriented by Language policy for languages
in the country according to EFL in the social context. The present study is interested in analyzing
an important phenomenon, as identify student’s language competence is. Colombia is a Spanish
language country where it is not necessary English in quotidian communication but for different
implications the subject is requested. Nowadays, globalization is a real fact that involves
technology advances and real-time business interaction; however a “Lingua Franca”2 means clear
contact. That places English in high position. So that has come with the requirement of learning a
foreign language aimed to make up for communication needs.

Government, throughout Ministry of National Education, has implemented an educational
curriculum3 that involves English as a foreign language into an important subject of teaching
programs. Guided by Common European Framework, Basic Competence on English as a Foreign

Research Paths in B.Ed. Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language –VUAD. Universidad Santo Tomás.
General format. Retrieve from:
Nicholas Ostler: Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World, HarperCollins, 2005, ISBN 978-0-06621086-5.
Ministerio de educación nacional. Serie guía #22. (October, 2006). PDF format. Retrieve from:

the basic competence standards on English as foreign language assessment according to Ministry of National Education. not good English level on students has been noticed and the “are educational institutions accomplishing goals ruled?” question has been asked by the community. delimitating population to Ocaña.Language Standards were designed to measure what schools have to execute and what students has to learn. Encouraged by previous affirmations this project has been raised in order to investigate and to clarify the real situation moved through language learning. . In spite of ministry implement measures. That is. specifically to Colegio Cristiano Luz y Vida’s eleventh grade students.

Searching for Coherence in language teaching: the issue of teaching competencies . e. moreover 4 Zárate J. Also. in this case. Retrieved from: http://revistas. A second article was consulted: “A study of EFL students’ interpretations of cultural aspects in foreign language learning”5. Retrieve form: http://revistas. to develop language cultural competence in order to make learning more meaningful. 2005). PDF Format. This exploration case and the previous analysis presented make aware about applicability on language learning competences into socio-cultural context living. Samacá Bohórquez Y.. The article called “A Perspective of the Implications of the Common European Framework Implementation in the Colombian Socio-cultural Context”4 was lighting on the path throughout the research. Finally. They both share reflection on curriculum orientations when developing language competencies towards acquiring and learning any language at different factors needs that are related to students as well as the social context. the curricula adaptation and study orientation. The research developed and this one are similar into the Common European Framework application.. As a final result.2.udistrital. Revising previous research Selected investigations were important bases to support this previous research because of clarify topics they carry on. Álvarez J.php/calj/article/view/171/278 6 Rico Troncoso C.php/calj/article/view/162/260 5 Hernández Castro A Perspective of the Implications of the Common European Framework Implementation in the Colombian Socio-cultural Context. Thanks to the article it was possible to find the specific differences throughout rural. urban. a third investigation was consulted. One of those is the need of raising awareness to reconsider the current practices and improving the competence standards according to the different socio-cultural contexts. (September 2006) PDF Format. “Searching for Coherence in language teaching: the issue of teaching competencies” the study helped the investigation to take into account the cultural aspects importance in the language context immersion. (September. i. there were characteristics that interfere in the socio-cultural context and competence standards’ development in Colombia. which support the main study with important elements’ definition as the approach or the method to be worked on a foreign language teaching. private and public schools in learning contexts. A study of EFL students’ interpretations of cultural aspects in foreign language learning. it is imperative to mention how aforementioned researches made impact on the society. it defines the design to be implemented according to the approach took on.

learners’ experience).the fact of becoming qualified on particular issues. the second subject showed how cultural context is needed when learning a new language. there are uncountable factors that interfere on Foreign Language Learning to achieve a real context knowledge. Because. affective states. it was not possible to consider social factors that influences language learning. so. if there is any problem there will also be the solution. . someway. except that it is also relevant to analyze personal characteristics on individual beings (as belief. Summarizing. And the last one contribution said that. they affect learning or acquisition process. Besides. there are uncountable ways of learning to supply any factor that could be on the way.

it was required to have in mind the process to achieve on it. (October. PDF Preliminary English Test (PET)10 was applied. Teaching. In order to evaluate the language level.colombiaaprende. these institutions are popular for its liberty about decisions and curriculum designs. in an overview. because of the intention of evaluating the English program carried on. This test is used to recognize how prepared is people into B1 language it was thought to delimitate population into eleventh grade students from Colegio Cristiano Luz y Vida7 owing to this college was founded by a VUAD graduate on Bachelor Education program on Kindergarten. to identify the learners’ English level depending of Common European Framework9 was the objective utilized in order to define the institution standard on English competence. In conclusion. Ministerio de educación nacional. Retrieve from: http://www.eui. difficulty. PDF Format. Only three interviewees were.coe. So. Assessment.pdf 11 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning. 7 Colegio Cristiano Luz y Vida. 2012. Resolution 2006). Attempting to develop the research. teaching. Council of Europe. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. The exam developed by the students as a method of data compilation had a negative report because any of them achieved the B1 level expected. On this way.pdf 10 Preliminary English Test. PDF format. Serie guía #22. graded at A2 level as well and the rest of them were at A1. Contextual Factors Analysis-Justifying Research Ocaña (Norte de Santander) is a small city where private schools have recently been established as high schooled Retrieve from: https://www. and to analyze if they have the communication skills11 needed at this point.pdf 8 . The principal goal was to assess the basic competence standards on English as a foreign language on eleventh grade students from Colegio Cristiano Luz y Vida according to Ministry of National Education demands. PDF format. Rector: Elizabeth Lopez Barbosa. Colegio Cristiano Luz y Vida does not fulfill the Basic Competence on English as a Foreign Language Standard required.pdf 9 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning. assessment. Retrieve from: http://www. Due to this 2006. a restructuration in the English curriculum is imperative to guarantee better results when new studies are developed.cambridgeenglish. The rule mentions B1 level as basic state for eleventh grade students8. Retrieve from: http://www. 03509 from October 30. but it is known that every establishment must be supported by government regulation.