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As I told you in the last post, I will tell you everything I know about Chinese

Visa. If you dont know yet, Im an Indonesian and AIESEC in Indonesia has
an initiative to make a kind of visa booklet.
Visa booklet is for us to fill in all information about our visa making process
and all. This would help upcoming exchange participants during their visa
making process.
I have to say that I was considered kind of late to submit the visa application.
Due to my university schedule, its difficult for me to spare some time to go to
the visa center. So, I forgot when I did it but it took 4 working days to finish.
Its quite easy to make the visa. I did it myself. Alone. Here are some things
you need to know.
No. Its not the embassy.
To make a Chinese visa, you dont go to the embassy but a Chinese Visa
Application Service Center (CVASC) since a lot of Indonesians go to China
nowadays. It lies in The East Tower, Mega Kuningan Street No. 2, South
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia.
To reach it, I went by our infamous mass transportation, Transjakarta. I
stopped at Patra Kuningan. After that, its about a 10-15-minute walk to The
East Tower. People said that theres a shuttle bus going around the Mega
Kuningan but I was not sure if people like me could ride for free or not. So I
decided to walk.
Just go straight and straight. If you dont know where you are, just ask people
nearby. I asked a man who happened to be a policeman or a security guard
for the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam. Cheers! Theyre friendly.
The CVASC is located in the 2nd floor but you dont have to ride an elevator or
use an escalator. I asked again the security guard in front of The East Tower
and I just had to go inside and use the stair on my right. There it is. The
Dont forget to turn off your phone(s).
Therell be a security guard to remind you to turn of you phones before you
enter the CVASC. Just ask where to go and tell him that you want to submit
your visa application. He would press a certain number and youll get your
queue number.
Download and print your visa application and fill it before going.
Yes, I did all of the above. You can download it at:
Bring all the documents!
This is very important. All of your energy and money you spend to go to the
CVASC is a waste if this is not important.
What to bring?
Passport photos
I brought a lot, just in case (3x4 and 4x6cm). The background must be
Family certificate (Indonesian: Kartu Keluarga)

It might be needed.
Filled visa application form
Documents according your type of visa
The most common types of Chinese visa for Indonesians are type L
(tourist) and type F (business). Since I applied for visa type F, I brought my
itinerary, proof of accommodation, and invitation letter (original ones sent
via mail provided by AIESEC from Zhejiang University).
Usually the officers in the CVASC already know about AIESEC.
The last time I asked about visa type L, its quite complicated because you
need to submit your round trip flight tickets, proof of accommodation (hotel
bookings or what), and your itinerary.
The process took 4 working days to get the visa. If its not accepted, you
still need to pay for the service fee for IDR 240.000. The visa itself costs
IDR 300.000

Yes. I stayed for about 7 weeks. But the visa was only for 30 days.
Before going, I informed AIESEC ZJU that I only had a 30-day visa. They
promised me that they would help me to extend my visa.
So I brought copies of documents with me. A lot.
Family certificate, birth certificate, copies of passport, ID card, visa, invitation
letter, proof of accommodation, flight tickets, and photos.
My flight was on July 3, my visa was issued on June 12.
Everyone around me said that its kind of late. It was suggested to have your
visa ready at least a month before flight date. Ngeh.
Chinese visa-extension process.
Go to a visa-applying center with the school officers. I was accompanied
by an English teacher and a student. I went there on July 21.
Fill a form for visa extension. And take a photo at a place nearby. The
photo place is usually near the visa center and it is specialized with visa
The teacher talked and talked to the visa officer and to submit the
documents, another school officer needed to be called and he brought
school documents (?) I didnt know what those black books were but they
looked important.
And finally we waited 7 working days to get the visa.
The visa extension fee was CNY 160 per person.
Additional information.
Indonesia Embassy in China:
No. 4 Dongzhimen Wai Street
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600
Mainland of China
Visa making and extension fee: IDR 540.000 + CNY 160

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