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Visited.................... GDSBO in account with.................... SO under.................
J«m_rUS>mH$godH$emImS>mH$KaH$m{XZm§H$..................H$mo................~Oonydm©h²Z/AnamôZ HO. at................... AM/PM on................................ and stayed there
_|Xm¡am{H$`mAm¡aBgH$mdm{f©H${ZarjUH$aZoHo${bE.........................~Oonydm©h²Z/AnamôZ upto.................AM/PM for carrying out its annual Inspection. The last
VH$dhm§éHo$Ÿ&A§{V_{ZarjUlr......................................×mam.......................H$mo inspection was carried out by Shri.................................................on..................
{H$`mJ`mWmŸ&CgAd{YHo$Xm¡amZlr............................................emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>a During the period, Shri................................................worked as the BPM.
Ho$ê$n_|H$m`©aVWoŸ&lr..............................................{Z`{_VVm¡ana{Z`wº$emIm Shri.................................................... is a regular appointed BPM and he has
furnished requisite security and is having adequate solvency.
The sanctioned establishment of the BO with the names of the in-
emImS>mH$KaH$sg§ñdrH¥$Vg§ñWmnZm_|{ZåZ{b{IVnXAm¡aCZnaV¡ZmVì`{º$`m|Ho$Zm_ cumbents holding posts is as follows :
Bgn«H$mah¢:- 1. Sl. No.
1.H«$_g§. 2. Designation
3. Rate of allowance
2. nXZm_ 4. Name of incumbent
3.^ÎmoH$sXa 5. Date of Birth
4. nXYmaH$H$mZm_ 6. Date of appointment.
5. OÝ_-{V{W
6.{Z`w{º$H$s{V{WŸ& 1. (i) Verify cash and stamp balances and the stock of money order
forms and record the results in the BO account, and also obtain
1. (i) ZH$XrAm¡aS>mH$-{Q>H$Q>m|VWm_ZrAmS>©a\$m_m]Ho$ñQ>mH$H$mogË`m{nVH$a|Am¡aCgoemIm the signature of the BPM concerned below the result noted.
(ii) Are the authorised balances adequate with reference to Savings
(ii) Š`m~MV~¢H$AmhaUm|,_ZrAmS>©a^wJVmZm|Am{XHo$g§X^©_|àm{YH¥$Veofn`m©áh¢Ÿ& Bank withdrawals, Money Order payments etc.
({Z`_13Ed§13-IŸ) (Rule 13 & 13b)

2. (i) emImS>mH$Kan{M©`m|naboImH$m`m©b`ÛmamZmoQ>{H$EJEAZwgmaAXÎmS>mH$_Xm|naXo` 2. (i) Check the balances of BO account for one day selected at
random, bi-monthly, since the last inspection by comparison with
S>mH$ewëH$g{hVeofHo$gmWVwbZmH$aHo${nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXXmo_hrZo_|H$moB©^rEH$ the balances including postage due on unpaid articles noted by
{XZMwZH$aemImS>mH$KaboImHo$eofH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`memImS>mH$Kan{M©`m| the Account Office on BO slips and see whether the entries against
Ho$erf©(H$)VWm(I)Ho$g_jXrà{d{ï>`m|H$moR>rH$T>§JgoemImS>mH$KaboIm_|A§V[aV heads (a) and (b) of the BO slips have been correctly transferred
H$a{X`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&`{XemImS>mH$Kan{M©`m|_|boImH$m`m©b`ÛmamZmoQ>{H$EJE~H$m`m to the BO Account. If any alterations have been made in the balances
_|H$moB©n[adV©Z{H$EJEh¢VmoBg~mVH$sg§Vw{ï>H$ab|{H${H$EJEg§emoYZghrh¢ noted by the Account Office in the BO slips, satisfy yourself that the
corrections made are genuine.
({Z`_133Am¡a136)Ÿ& (Rule 133 & 136)
(ii) boImH$m`m©b`ÛmamA§{V_àmáemImS>mH$Ka~H$m`mH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aemImS>mH$Ka (ii) Check the last acknowledged BO balance by the Account Office
ÛmamCgHo$níMmV{H$EJEboZ-XoZm|H$mogË`m{nVH$a|Vm{H$Bg~mVH$sg§Vw{ï>hmoOmE and verify the subsequent transactions of the BO to satisfy that
{H$àmáamoH$‹S>eofghrh¢Ÿ& the cash balance arrived at is correct.

1 1
3. A§{V_{ZarjUHo$~mXHo$emImS>mH$KaboImH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aZo 3. Examine the BO Account since the last inspection to see that the BPM
has not unnecessarily retained excess cash. Examine whether the
AZmdí`H$hrA{YH$ZH$XramoHo$ZhtaIrŸ&Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mboImH$m`m©b`Ho$gmWZH$XrHo$boZ-XoZ arrangements for exchange of cash with the Account Office are
H$sì`dñWmg§VmofOZH$h¡Ÿ&gmWhr{Z{Y`m|H$sH$_rHo$H$maU_ZrAmS>©am|,~MV~¢H$AmhaUm|Am{XHo$ satisfactory and record instances of delay in payment of Money Orders,
^wJVmZ_|{db§~Ho$_m_bm|H$mo^r[aH$mS>©H$a|Ÿ& Savings Bank withdrawals etc. for want of funds.
({Z`_ 136 (2)) (Rule 136 (2))

4. emImS>mH$KaagrX(E_Eg-87)(H$)H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&XoI|{H$Š`mboImH$m`m©b`Ûmam 4. Check the BO receipt (MS-87)(a). See whether necessary certificate

ImbragrXnwpñVH$m(E_Eg-87)(H$)H$mAmdí`H$Om§Mà_mUnÌn¥ð>m§{H$V{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&A§{V_ of having checked the blank receipt book (MS-87)(a) has been
{ZarjUHo$~mXOmaremImS>mH$KaagrX(E_Eg-87)(H$)H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&OmaragrXm|H$sg§»`m endorsed by Account office. Check BO receipts (MS-87)(a) issued since last
inspection. Mention No. of receipts issued. Satisfy yourself that unused
H$mC„oIH$a|Ÿ&Bg~mVH$sg§Vw{ï>H$ab|{H$Aà`wº$agrX|R>rH$goaIrh¢Ÿ&boImH$m`m©b`Ho$Ûmam receipts are intact. Mention receipts issued till date of inspection for
gË`mnZ{H$EOmZoHo${bE{ZarjUH$sVmarIVH$OmaragrXm|H$mC„oIH$a|Ÿ& verification of Account Office.
({Z`_22) (Rule 22)

5. (i) {ZarjUàm{YH$marH$moàË`oH${V_mhr_|EH${XZBg~mVH$sOm§MH$aZrMm{hE{H$Š`m 5. (i) The inspecting authority should also check for one day in each
^wJVmZHo${bEàmá_ZrAmS>©am|H$m^wJVmZVWm{dVaUHo${bEàmá|H$m{dVaU quarter whether MOs received for payment and VP articles
g_w{MVT>§Jgohmoahmh¡Ÿ&Bg~mVH$s^rOm§MH$a|{H$Ohm§Ano{jVh¡Š`mdhm§{db§{~V received for delivery are paid/delivered promptly and check whether
demurrage fees are being charged when required and relevant
ewëH${b`mOmahmh¡Am¡ag§~§{|Ho$g_jg§JV{ddaUH$moemImS>mH$Ka particulars have been noted in BO journal against the VP article
X¡{ZH$s_|{bImJ`mh¡Ÿ& concerned.

(ii) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m^wJVmZHo${bEàmá_ZrAmS>©am|H$mC{MVT>§Jgo^wJVmZhmoVmh¡Ÿ& (ii) To check whether MOs received for payment are paid promptly.
(iii) CZ_Xm|H$sOm§MH$a|OmoemImS>mH$Ka_|O_mh¢{H$doAÀN>rhmbV_|h¢Am¡aCÝh|A_mÝ` (iii) To check the articles which are in deposit to see that these are in
good condition and have not been unduly withheld.
T>§JgoZhtaImJ`mh¡Ÿ& (Rule 123)
({Z`_ 123)
6. Review the hours of business of the BO, hours of receipt, despatch of
6. n[adhZì`dñWm,boImH$m`m©b`goXyarAm¡aemImS>mH$KaHo$H$m`©^maH$moÜ`mZ_|aIVohþE mails and hours of delivery, keeping in view mode of transport,
emImS>mH$KaHo$H$m_Ho$K§Q>m|,S>mH$H$sàm{áAm¡aàofUVWm{dVaUHo$g_`H$sg_rjmH$a|Ÿ& distance from Account Office and workload of the BO.

({Z`_5) (Rule 5)

7. (i) S>mH$KaH$snÌ-noQ>rHo$AbmdmemImS>mH$Kagog§~Õ{H$VZrnÌ-no{Q>`m§h¢(H$) 7. (i) Apart from the office letter box, how many letter boxes are
emImS>mH$KaJm§dm|_|(I)g§~ÕJm§dm|_|,C„oIH$a|{H$Š`mnÌ-no{Q>`m§a§JH$shþB© attached to the BO (a) in the BO villages (b) in the attached
VWmAÀN>rhmbV_|h¢Ÿ&Š`m~mhaH$snÌ-no{Q>`m|_|Ky_Zodmbrg_`nÅ>rbJr villages, State whether the LBs have been painted and are in
good condition. Are the outside letter boxes provided with
moveable hour plates ?
(ii) Š`mCZ_|go{Z`{_Vg_`naS>mH${ZH$mbrOmVrh¡Am¡aS>mH${ZH$mbZoH$mg_`
(ii) Are they cleared punctually and are the timings of clearance
Cnw`º$h¡Ÿ& suitable.

2 2
(iii) XoI|{H$Š`mnÌ-no{Q>`m|_|go{ZH$mbrJB©S>mH$Am¡aJbVOJhna^oOZoHo$H$maUàmá (iii) See whether mails cleared from LBs and those received missent
are properly included in the despatch of the day. If it is not so,
please revise the duties of the BPM. GDSMD / MC to ensure the
H$màofUgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEJ«m_rUS>mH$godH$S>mH${dVaH$/S>mH$dmhH$Ho$H$m`m]H$mo despatch of mails on the same day. Similarly, in the case of
g§emo{YVH$a|Ÿ&BgràH$maJ«m_rUS>mH$godH$S>mH$dmhH$Ho$_mÜ`_goS>mH$Ho$àofUHo$ despatch of mails through GDSMC, action should be taken to en-
_m_bo_|^r{H$gr^r{XdgH$sS>mH$H$mCgr{XZàofUgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEH$ma©dmB© sure the despatch of the day’s mails on the same day.
H$sOmZrMm{hEŸ& (Rule 59 with notes 1 to 7)
({Z`_59-{Q>ßnUr1 go7VH$g{hV)
8. (i) (a) Examine the contents of BO bag received on the day of
8. (i) (H$) {ZarjUH$sVmarIH$moàmáemImS>mH$KaW¡boH$sA§Vd©ñVwH$sOm§MH$a|VWm inspection and comment on articles (MO/RL/Ordinary letters)
Q´>m§{OQ>_mZH$S>r+1,S>r+2,S>r+3,S>r+4Ho$g§X^©_|emImS>mH$KaW¡bo_|àmá_Xm| received in the BO bag with transit norms D+1, D+2, D+3, D+4
investigate cause of delay, if any and suggest improvement in mail
(b) Compare traffic with latest enumeration returns.
(I) A§{V_àñVwV{ddaUHo$gmWn[a`mVH$sVwbZmH$a|Ÿ&
(c) Also mention designation of officers to whom test letters have
(J) CZA{YH$m[a`m|Ho$nXZm_m|H$mC„oIH$a|{OÝh|narjUnÌ(Q>¡ñQ>b¡Q>a)^oOoJEWoŸ& been posted.
({Z`_125) (Rule 125)

(ii) Š`memImS>mH$KaHo$_mÜ`_go{dVaUHo${bEemImS>mH$Ka_|S>mH$go^oOrn§OrH¥$VAm¡a (ii) Are the registered and unregistered articles posted in the BO meant
for delivery through the BO being disposed of without routing them
through the AO (No. of such registered articles should be entered
n§OrH¥$V_Xm|H$semImS>mH$KaHo$X¡{ZH$boIm_|à{d{ï>hmoZrMm{hE)Ÿ& in BO daily account)
9. (i) emImS>mH$KaX¡{ZH$sH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Bgo{ZYm©[aVà{H«$`mHo$AZwgmaaImOmVm
9. (i) Examine BO journal and see that the same is maintained as per
h¡VWm{dVaUEO|Q>m|H$mo{ZYm©[aVà{H«$`mHo$AZwgmag_w{MVT>§Jgo_X|XrOmVrh¢Ÿ& prescribed procedure and the articles are made to delivery agents
properly in accordance with prescribed procedure.
(ii) XoI|{H${dVaUEO|Q>H$moOZgmYmaUHo$à`moJHo${bES>mH$-{Q>H$Q>/boIZgm_J«r~oMZo
Ho${bEàm{YH¥$V{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&nmoñQ>_¡Z~wH$(E_.Eg.-87) Am¡aJ«m_rUS>mHgodH$ (ii) See that delivery agents have been authorised to carry stamps /
S>mH${dVaH$H$s{d{OQ>~wH$(E_.Eg.-87) H$sOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$BZH$mR>rH$go stationery for public use. Also check the postman book (MS-27)
aI-aImd{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& and visit book (MS-87) of GDSMD to see that the same are
correctly maintained.
({Z`_ 16, 103, 106 Am¡a 123)
(Rules 16, 103, 106 & 123)
10. (H$) X¡{ZH$boImAm¡aàofUHo${bEV¡`ma{H$EJEemImS>mH$KaHo$W¡boH$sAÝ`A§Vd©ñVwAm|H$s
10. (a) Examine the Daily account and other contents of the BO bag made
ready for despatch. Are the articles properly stamped before their
W¡bmVmbm/grb~§Xh¡Am¡aC{MVT>§JgodOZH$aHo$Cgog§JV[aH$mS>©_|XO©H$a{b`m inclusion in the bag ? Is the cash bag locked / sealed / and weighed
J`mh¡Ÿ& properly and weight noted on the relevant records ?
({Z`_ 129) (Rule 129)
(b) Whether any change is required in the accounts / delivery
(I) Š`memImS>mH$KaHo$boIm/{dVaUjoÌm{YH$ma_|n[adV©ZAno{jVh¡Ÿ&
jurisdiction of the BO.

3 3
11. A§{V_{ZarjUHo$~mXH$sg^rn«mW{_H$agrXm|Eg.~r.-26Am¡$)H$sOm§MH$a 11. Check all the preliminary receipts, SB-26 and NC-4(a) issued since
the last inspection and comment whether the amount of cash receipt has
b|Am¡a{bI|{H$Š`mZH$XragrXH$sam{eH«o${S>Q>H$abrJB©h¡,Eg.~r.-26agrXm|Ho$g§~§Y_|H$m`m©b` been credited, the original receipts with proper acquittance on their reverse
à{V`m|g{hV_ybagrXH$moCgHo$nrN>o^wJVmZHo$g_w{MVà_mUHo$gmW{MnH$m{X`mJ`mh¡VWmg^r are kept pasted with office copies in respect of SB-26 receipts and all the
unused receipts are intact and run in consecutive order. See that the reasons
for any receipt SB-26 for which the original is not available or not obtained
h¡,àmáZhthþB©h¡Am¡a[aH$mS>©_|Zhth¡,VmoBgg§~§Y_|AnZrg§Vw{ï>H$ab|Ÿ&`h^rgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$ and kept on record is explained to your satisfaction. Also ensure that PR
nr.Ama.~wH$AWm©V²Eg.~r.-26Am¡$)agrX~wH$VrZà{V`m|_|h¡Ÿ& Book i.e. SB-26, and NC-4(a) receipt books are in triplicate.

12. (i) Om§MH$a|{H${d{^ÞàH$maHo$~MVImVm|O¡goEg~rImVm,Ama.S>r.,Q>rS>rVWmE_Eg 12. (i) See that the separate specimen signature books for the various
dmB©Ho${bEn¥WH$Z_yZmhñVmjanwñVH|$Cn`wº$ê$ngo~ZmH$aaIrJB©h¢VWmdm§{N>V types of savings accounts viz. SB A/c, RD, TD and MSY have
been properly maintained and action taken to secure the wanting
specimen signatures. Also see that the thumb impressions in case
O_mH$Vm©Am|Ho$_m_bo_|A§JyR>oH$sN>mnH$m`Wm{d{YOhm§naemImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmam of illiterate depositors have been kept duly attested by a resident
gË`mnZ{H$`mJ`mh¡CgHo$D$naH$moB©{ZdmgrJdmhÛmamgË`mnZH$aHo$aImJ`mh¡Ÿ&`h witness above the attestation made by the BPM. Test check a few
cases of closed/transferred accounts to see that the specimen
signatures of respective accounts have been properly cancelled.
(ii) See that the separate journals of SB/RD/TD/ and MSY and other
(ii) `hOm§MH$a|{H$Eg~r/AmaS>r/Q>rS>rVWmE_EgdmB©Ed§AÝ`àH$maHo$ImVm|H$s types of accounts are properly maintained.
13. Examine all the depositors receipts (SB-28) issued since last
13. {nN>bo{ZarjUgoOmarH$sJB©g^rO_mH$Vm©agrXm|(Eg.~r.-28)H$sOm§MH$a|VWm`h inspection and verify that the original acknowledgements for pass books are
obtained and kept on record. In case of non availability of any original receipt
see that reasons are explained to your satisfaction. Also satisfy yourself that
CnbãYVmZhmoZona`hXoI|{H$CgHo${bE{XEJEñnï>rH$aUgoAmng§Vwï>h¡§Ÿ&Bgna^rAnZoH$mo only prescribed SB-28 depositor’s receipts are issued.
AmœñVH$a|{H$Ho$db{ZYm©[aVEg.~r.-28 agrX|OmarH$sJB©h¢Ÿ&
14. Select at random one day in each quarter since the last inspection and
14. {nN>bo{ZarjUgoàË`oH$VrZ_mh_|H$moB©{XdgMwZ|VWm`hOm§MH$a|{H$Š`m~MV~¢H$X¡{ZH$s check whether the totals of deposits and withdrawals have been correctly
_|O_mVWm{ZH$mgrH$m`moJghr{X`mJ`mh¡VWm`hemImS>mH$KaboImH$sgX¥í`à{d{ï>`m|VWm struck in the Savings Bank Journal and the same tally with the corresponding
entries in the BO Account and the daily balance of those dates acknowledged
gÑeemImS>mH$Kan{M©`m|_|CZ{V{W`m|Ho$X¡{ZH$eofgo_obImVmh¡OmoboImH$m`m©b`Ûmam_mÝ`h¢Ÿ& by the Account Office in the Corresponding BO slips tally (Note:- These checks
({Q>ßnUr:-`hOm§Mg^ràH$maHo$ImVm|Ho${bEH$sOmZrMm{hEO¡goEg~r/Q>rS>r/AmaS>rBË`m{XŸ& should be carried out for all types of accounts viz. SB/TD/RD etc. Mention
Om§MHo${bEM`{ZV{V{W`m|H$mC„oIH$a|)Ÿ& the dates selected for the checks)

4 4
15. emImH$m`m©b`_|O_mA{dV[aVnmg~wH$mo§H$sOm§MH$a|VWmñd`§H$moAmídñVH$a|{H$BÝh| 15. Check the undelivered Pass Books in deposit in the BO and satisfy
yourself that they have not been unnecessarily detained. Verify these
AZmdí`H$ê$ngoamoH$H$aZhtaImJ`mh¡Ÿ&BZeofm|H$mgË`mnZg§JV~rAmoImVmX¡{ZH$s_|Xem©E balances with those shown in the relevant BO Savings account
JEeofm|goH$a|,{ZarjUàm{YH$marÛmamEogrXmonmg~wH$m|Ho$O_mH$Vm©Am|goì`{º$JVê$n_|BÝh| Journal, Depositors of two such pass books should be contacted
personally by the inspecting authority and to ascertain the reasons for deten-
tions and also for verifying the balance. Also make efforts during the period of
nmg~wH$m|H$moO_mH$Vm©H$mo{dV[aVH$aZoH$mà`ËZ^rH$a|&~rnrE_H$moBgVÏ`Ho$à{VOmJê$H$ your stay to have these pass books delivered to the
H$a|{H$S>mH$Ka_|boZ-XoZHo$níMmVH$moB©^rnmg~wH$ZhtamoH$sOmZrMm{hEŸ& depositors. Also educate the BPM that no pass book should be
retained in the post office after transaction.
16. (H$) nmg~wH$mo§H$sgyMrgoMmaImVm|H$mM`ZH$a|{OÝh|ã`mOH$sà{d{ï>Ho${bEZht^oOmJ`m
h¡(OmonhbogogË`m{nVZhth¡)VWmMmaAÝ`~MV~¢H$nmg~wH$H$mM`ZH$a|{OZ_| 16. (A) Select four accounts from the list of pass books not sent for entry
of interest (not already verified) and four other Savings Bank Pass
emImS>mH$Ka~MV~¢H$X¡{ZH$sHo$g§X^©_|^marO_m/{ZH$m{g`m§hþB©h¢Ÿ&g§~§{YV Books in which heavy deposits / withdrawals have taken place
nmg~wH$m|H$moEH$ÌH$a|VWmCZHo$eofH$sgyMr/emImH$m`m©b`~MV~¢H$X¡{ZH$sHo$eof with reference to BO Savings Bank Journal. Collect related pass
books and compare their balances with those in the list / BO
goVwbZmH$a|Ÿ&BgrVahAmaS>r/Q>rS>r/E_EgdmB©Ho$àË`oH$dJ©_|Xmonmg~wH$m|Ho$eof Savings Bank journal.Similarly, verify the balances of two pass
H$mogË`m{nVH$a|VWmQ>rS>r/E_EgdmB©ImVm|Ho$eofm|H$mo_w»`H$m`m©b`VWmAmaS>r books in each category of RD/TD/MSY and get the balances of
TD/MSY accounts verified from the Head Office and RD accounts
ImVm|H$mboImH$m`m©b`gogË`mnZH$admE§Ÿ&ànÌEggr-46 _|CZImVmYmaH$m|H$mo
from Accounts Office. Issue notices in form SB-46 to the
Zmo{Q>gOmarH$a|{OZH$snmg~wH$EH$ÌZhtH$sOmgH$s¨VWmàYmZS>mH$KaH$moCZH$s depositors of accounts whose pass books could not be collected
nmdVràYmZS>mH$Ka_|XoIZoHo${bE{ddaU^oO|Ÿ&({Q>ßnUr:`{X""ã`mOH$sà{d{ï>Ho$ and report particulars to HO for enabling it to watch their receipt in
HO. Similar checks may be carried out in respect of two RD
{bEàmáZhthþB©nmg~wH$m|H$sgyMr''àYmZS>mH$Kagon«máZhthþB©h¡VmoM`{ZVJ«oS>/ discountinued accounts also in addition. (Note :- If the ‘list of pass
amOn{ÌVCnS>mH$KaBgVÏ`H$moCn`wº$H$m`©dmhrhoVw{S>drOZbAYrjH$Ho$Ü`mZ books not received for entry of Interest’ has not been received
from the HO, the selection grade/Gazetted Sub Post Offices bring
_|bmE§Ÿ& the fact to the notice of the Divisional Supdt. for appropriate
(I) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`memImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aZodf©Ho$30OyZVH$boZ-XoZHo${bEn«ñVwVZhtH$s
JB©~MV~¢H$nmg~wH$m|H$moEH$ÌH$a{b`mh¡VWmCÝh|Sw>ßbrHo$Q>_|EH$gyMrHo$gmWã`mO (B) Check whether the BPM has collected the SB pass books not
H$sà{d{ï>Ho${bE15OwbmB©VH$àYmZS>mH$Ka^oO{X`mh¡,`{XEogmZhthþAmh¡Vmo presented for transaction by 30th June of the year and sent the
same to the HO with a list in duplicate by 15th July for entry of
emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$moVËH$mbEogmH$aZoH$m{ZX}eX|Ÿ& interest. If not direct the BPM to do so immediately.

17. (H$) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m{ZdbEg~rO_mVWmQ>rS>rO_m_|emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$mo^wJVmZ{H$E 17. (A) Check whether the commission paid to the BPM on the net SB
JEH$_reZH$sghrJUZmEd§^wJVmZ{H$`mJ`mWmŸ& deposits and TD deposits were correctly calculated and paid.

(I) `{XemImS>mH$KaH$mo~MVnÌì`dgm`_|V~boZ-XoZHo${bEàm{YH¥$V{H$`mJ`m (B) In case the BO has been authorised to transact certificate
business, then :

5 5
(H$) {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$g_`goIarXoJE~MVnÌm|Ho$g§~§Y_|`hXoIZoHo${bEamï´>r`~MV a) Check the application for purchase of NSC VIII th issue and KVPs
nÌAmR>dm§{ZJ©_VWm{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌm|H$sIarXHo${bEAmdoXZnÌm|H$sOm§MH$a|{H$ in r/o the certificates purchased since the last inspection to see
that the amount has been invested by those only authorised to do
so under the respective scheme and see that the amounts
àm{YH¥$Vh¢VWm`hXoI|{H${ZdoeH$sJB©am{eH$semImS>mH$KaImVo_|ghrJUZmH$s invested have been correctly accounted for in the BO account.
b) Check the amount paid in respect of certificates (Including NSC
(I) {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgoAXm{H$EJE~MVnÌm|(amï´>r`~MVnÌVIIIdm§{ZJ©_VWm VIIIth issue and KVPs) discharged since last inspection to see
{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌg{hV)_|^wJVmZH$sJB©am{eH$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$ that the amount paid tallies with the amount payable as per laid
^wJVmZH$sJB©am{eg§~§{YV`moOZmAm|Ho${bE{ZYm©[aVàmdYmZm|Ho$AZwgmaXo`am{ego down provisions of the relevant schemes and tallies with the amount
charged in the Branch office account.
c) See that the applications for purchase of PO certificates i.e. NSC
(J) `hXoI|{H$S>mH$Ka~MVnÌm|AWm©Vamï´>r`~MVnÌAmR>dm§{ZJ©_Ed§{H$gmZ{dH$mg VIIIth issue and KVPs are serially numbered and securely kept in
nÌm|Ho${bEAmdoXZnÌH«$_g§»`m_|h¢VWmJmS>©\$mBb_|gwa{jVaIoJEh¢Ÿ&àYmZ guard file. Satisfy yourself about the stock of the certificates
S>mH$Ka_|gË`mnZHo${bEg§nH©$gonhboAnZoAmnH$mo~MVnÌm|Ho$ñQ>m°H$Ho$g§~§Y_| before referring to the HO for verification.
AmídñVH$a|Ÿ& d) Does the Branch Postmaster know about all the current savigns
(K) `{X~MVnÌì`dgm`Ho$boZ-XoZH$moñd`§goH$aZoHo${bEàm{YH¥$V{H$`mOmVmh¡Vmo schemes i.e. Savings Bank accounts, RD, TD, MIS, and MSY
Š`memImnmoñQ>_mñQ>ag^rMmby~MVnÌ`moOZmAm|goAdJVh¡AWm©Vamï´>r`~MV~¢H$ besides NSC VIII th issue and KVPs schemes in case authorised
AmR>dm§{ZJ©_Ed§{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌ`moOZmAm|Ho$A{V[aº$~MV~¢H$ImVm,AmaS>r,Q>r to transact certificate business independently.

18. `{XemImS>mH$Kan|eZ^wJVmZH$aZoHo${bEàm{YH¥$Vh¡VmoOm§MH$a|{H$Š`m[aH$mS>©Cn`wº$ 18. In case BO is authorised to make pension payments, check whether
ê$ngo~ZmEJEh¢VWm`mÑ{ÀN>H$ê$ngoM`{ZVàË`oH${V_mhrnaEH${XZHo$Am§H$‹S>oH$snarjmOm§M records are maintained properly and also test check one day’s figures for
each quarter selected at random since the date of last inspection to see that
amount has been properly credited/charged in the BO account.
18.1 `hOm§MH$a|{H$Š`memImnmoñQ>_mñQaZo{ZYm©[aVJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mboZ-XoZa{OñQ>a 18.1 Check whether the BPM has properly maintained the prescribed Rural
PLI transaction register showing policy number, name of
insurant, amount of premium, month for which premium is due and
dh_mh{OgHo${bEàr{_`_Xo`h¡VWmX§S>H$sam{e`{XH$moB©hmoBË`m{XXem©B©JB©hmo(S>mH$ amount of fine, if any etc. (Dte. of PLI letter No. 5-10 / 95-II
OrdZ~r_m{d^mJnÌg§»`m5-10/95-II{XZm§H$5.2.96)Ÿ& dated 5.2.96)
18.2 J«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_ma{OñQ>aàm{ánwñVH$VWmemImS>mH$KaboImHo$g§~§Y_o§à{d{ï>`m|H$mo 18.2 Check the entries in at least five premium receipt books (collected
H$_goH$_nm§Mn«r{_`_àm{ánwñVH$m|_|({OÝh|~r_mYmaH$m|goEH${ÌV{H$`mJ`mh¡)`h from the insurants) with reference to RPLI register, receipt book and
gw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEOm§M|{H$EH${ÌVàr{_`_H$semImS>mH$KaÛmamghrJUZmH$sJB© BO account to ensure that amount of premium collected has correctly
been accounted for by the BPM. Record the particulars of PLI
premium receipt books checked in the inspection Report . In case of
H$a|Ÿ&J«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mHo$H«o${S>Q>àr{_`_H$sgQ>rH$VmH$snw{ï>hoVwJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ non availability of Premium Receipt book to the extent, issue notices to
~r_ma{OñQ>a_|à{d{ï>`m|Ho$g§~§Y_|`{XH$moB©àr{_`_àm{ánwñVH$CnbãYZhthmoVmo the Insurants w.r.t entries in RPLI register to confirm the correctness of
~r_mYmaH$m|H$moZmo{Q>gOmarH$a|Ÿ&~r_mYmaH$m|goZmo{Q>gHo$CÎmaH$sn«m{áH$mo{S>drOZb RPLI premia credited. Receipt of reply of notices from insurant may be
H$m`m©b`ÛmamXoImOmgH$Vmh¡Ÿ& watched by Divisional Office.

6 6
18.3 {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgoagrXnwñVH$(nrEbAmB©-2) `mE_Eg-87(H$)_|S>mH$OrdZ 18.3 Compare the entries of PLI premium collections in the receipt book
(PLI-2) or MS-87 (a) since last inspection with entries in register of
~r_màr{_`_g§J«hUH$sà{d{ï>`m|H$sVwbZmH$a|Ÿ&(H$)J«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mg§J«hUVWm Rural PLI collections and BO account and ensure that premia collected
emImS>mH$KaImVmHo$a{OñQ>aH$sà{d{ï>`m|goVwbZmH$a|VWmdhgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$EH$Ì{H$E have been duly accounted for into Govt. accounts. Send particulars of
JEàr{_`_H$sgaH$marImVo_|`Wm{d{YJUZmH$abrJB©h¡Ÿ&{nN>bo{ZarjUgoOmarH$sJB© receipts issued since last inspection to the Accounts Office for
18.3.1 Ensure that all GDS including GDSBPMS are using the same receipt
18.3.1 `hgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$g^rJ«m_rUS>mH$godH${Og_|J«m_rUS>mH$godH$emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>a book.
gpå_{bVh¢,EH$hràH$maH$sagrXnwñVH$m|H$mà`moJH$aahoh¢Ÿ& 18.4 Check whether the GDS BPM is well conversant with RPLI rulings/
instructions and takes keen interest in the business procurement.
18.4 Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mJ«m_rUS>mH$godH$emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$moJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mHo${Z`_m|/
18.4.1 Examine the acceptance / rejection memo sent by the PLI Section of
AZwXoem|H$mnyamkmZh¡VWmì`dgm`àmnU_|Š`mdhnyaré{MboVoh¢Ÿ& the Circle Office / Regional Office and see that the memo is available
against the premia collected upto month preceding the month of
18.4.1 g{H©$bH$m`m©b`/joÌr`H$m`m©b`Ho$S>mH$OrdZ~r_mAZw^mJÛmam^oOoñdrH¥${V/AñdrH¥${V
inspection. A list of such cases in which memos of acceptance or
kmnZnÌH$sOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`mdgyboJEàr{_`_H$mkmnZnÌnarjUHo$_mhgonyd© rejection is not available may be got prepared and sent to Circle
_mhVH$H$mh¡Ÿ&Eogo_m_bo{OZHo${bEñdrH¥${V`mAñdrH¥${VHo$kmnZnÌCnbãYZhth¡,H$s Office / RO for verification.
EH$gyMrV¡`maH$aHo$gË`mnZHo${bEg{H©$bH$m`m©b`/joÌr`H$m`m©b`H$mo^oO|Ÿ& 18.5 Examine whether the BPM and the other agent have been paid
commission correctly and in proportion to the amount of business and
18.5 Om§MH$a|{H$Š`memImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aVWmXygaoEO|Q>m|H$moghrH$_reZ{X`mJ`mh¡VWmì`dgm` premia collected.
Ed§dgyboJEàr{_`_H$sam{eHo$AZwnmV_|h¡Ÿ& 18.6 See the nature of publicity given by the BPM to PLI. Also see if RPLI
posters have been displayed in the post office.
18.6 emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamS>mH$OrdZ~r_mHo$à{VàMmaH$sàd¥{ÎmH$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&`h^rXoI|{H$
Š`mS>mH$Ka_|J«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mHo$nmoñQ>abJmEJEh¢Ÿ& 19. Check the PCO / Telegraph receipt book (MR-49-A) for one day in
each quarter since the last inspection and satisfy yourself that (i) these are
19. {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgoàË`oH${V_mhr_o§EH${XZH$snrgrAmo/VmaagrX~wH$(E_.Ama- maintained properly (ii) double sided carbon is used and (iii) credits are duly
49-E)H$sOm§MH$a|VWmñd`§H$sg§Vw{ï>Ho${bEXoI|{H(i)Š`mBZH$maIaImdC{MVê$ngo{H$`mJ`m accounted for.

20. Are the records of Telegraph Branch viz. Receipt Book, Traffic Book,
20. VmaemImHo$A{^boIm|`WmagrX~wH$,n[a`mV~wH$,bm°J~wH$,g§Xoe_gm¡Xm(H$,IE§dJ)H$m Log Book, Message Drafts (A, B & C) maintained properly and
aIaImdR>rH$go{H$`mJ`mh¡VWmg§Xoe_gm¡Xo{Z`{_Vê$ngoboImH$m`m©b`m|H$moàñVwV{H$EJEh¢? message drafts punctually submitted to Accounts Office ? Are the monthly
abstracts of daily cash collections of telegraph message
Š`mVmag§XoeamOñdHo$X¡{ZH$amoH$‹S>g§J«hUH$m_m{gH$gmaE_.Ama.-50_|Xmoà{V`m|_|aImOmahm revenue maintained in MR-50 in duplicate and submitted to the
h¡VWmŠ`mAZwgyMrHo$AZwgmaCÝh|boImH$m`m©b`m|H$moàñVwV{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& Accounts Office as per schedule.

7 7
21. (H$) >bmBZH$mC{MVaIaImdZhmoZoHo$H$maU`{XH$m`m©b`C{MVê$ngoH$m`©ZhtH$anm 21. (a) Take action to report to Telecom. Authorities if the office is not
functioning properly due to poor maintenance of line.

(I) Š`mVma/Q>obr\$moZHo$\$m_m]H$mñQ>m°H$n`m©áh¡? (b) Is the stock of Telegraph / Telephone forms adequate ?

22. emImS>mH$Kag§ñWmnZm_|nXm|Ho$H$m`©^maH$mAmH$bZH$a|VWmH$m`©Hw$ebVmnaà{VHy$b 22. Assess the workload of the posts borne on the BO establishment and
examine feasibility of combining duties of the GDSs for effecting economy
without impairing efficiency. In case the GDS BPM’s workload is heavy,
examine whether upgradation of the BO is justified.

23. Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m_obAmoda{g`a{Z`{_Vê$ngoemImS>mH$KaH$mXm¡amH$aVmh¡CgHo$Ûmam 23. Check whether visits of Mail Overseer to the BO are regular., note the
dates of last four visits. Has he checked / verified accounts / other
transactions as prescribed for him and has he noted the results of such checks
gË`mnZ{H$`mh¡VWmŠ`mEogo{ZarjUHo$n[aUm_m|H$moCgZoemImS>mH$KaH$sAmS>©a~wH$_|ZmoQ> in the order book of the BO ?
24. (a) Carry out physical verification of items of stock with reference to
24. (H$) >ñQ>m°H$a{OñQ>a_|XO©_Xm|Ho$g§X^©_|ñQ>m°H$H$s_Xm|H$màË`jgË`mnZH$a|Ÿ&
the Stock Register.
(I) ñQ>m°H$H$s_Xm|,ñQ>oeZarVWm\$m_m]H$sAnojmAm|H$mAmH$bZH$a|VWmCZH$sAmny{V©na
(b) Assess the requirement of articles of stock, stationery and forms
and take immediate action for supplying of the same.
25. (H$) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m{ZåZ{b{IVa{OñQ>a/~wH$/[aH$mS>m]H$maIaImdR>rH$go{H$`mJ`mh¡
25. (a) Check whether the following registers / books / records are
VWmCg_|{ZYm©[aVà{H«$`mHo$AZwgmaà{d{ï>`m§H$sJB©h¢(i)J«m_N>§Q>mB©gyMr(ii)ê$Q>H$s maintained correctly and written neatly according to the prescribed
gyMrd~rQ>H$mZŠem(ii)nmoñQ>_mH©$H$s~wH$(iv)Ìw{Q>-~wH$Ÿ& procedure (i) Village Sorting List (ii) Route List and Beat Map (iii)
Book of Postmarks (iv) Error Book.
(I) nwamZo[aH$mS>©H$sN>§Q>mB©naH$ma©dmB©H$a|VWmñQ>m°H$H$s_aå_VZhmogH$Zodmbr/gaßbg
_Xm|Ho${ZnQ>maoHo$gmWCZH$m^r{ZnQ>mZH$aZoH$sì`dñWmH$a|Ÿ& (b) Take action to weed out old records and arrange to dispose them
off along with unserviceable / surplus articles of stock
(J) (1) (i) Š`m{eH$m`VEd§gwPmdnwpñVH$mCnbãYh¡?Š`mOZVmÛmam_m§JoOmZona
(c) (1) (i) Is there a complaint and suggestion book available ? Is it
being given to the public on demand ?
(ii) Š`mgwPmdm|/{eH$m`Vm|H$mo{S>drOZHo$J«mhH$gw{dYmHo$ÝÐm|H$moAJ«o{fV
(ii) Whether suggestions/complaints are being forwarded to
{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& Customer Care Centre of the Division.

8 8
(iii) OZVmgoàmá{eH$m`Vm|H$sg§»`mVWmCZH$m{ZnQ>mZ/{ZdmaUŸ& (iii) Number of complaints received from the public and their
(2) Š`mboImH$m`m©b`H$mo_ZrAmS>©aHo$^wJVmZH$s{V{WH$sgyMZmXrOmVrh¡Am¡an§OrH¥$V 2. Whether date of payment of money orders are intimated to
nÌm|Ho${dVaUH$s[V{WH$moemImS>mH$KaHo$OZ©b_|VËH$mbZmoQ>{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& Account Office and date of delivery of regd. letter are promptly
noted in book of B.O. Journal.
(3) _ZrAmS>©a/a{OñQ´>rH¥$VnÌm|H$snmd{V`m§{Z`{_Vê$ngobm¡Q>m`rOmVrh¢Ÿ&
3. Acknowledgements of MO/RL are being returned back.
(4) OZ{eH$m`Vm|Ho$à{VJ«m_rUS>mH$godH$emImnmoñQ>_mñQ>am|Ho$ì`dhmana{ZarjU 4. Comments of Inspecting Authorities on attitude of GDSBPM
àm{YH$m[a`m|H$s{Q>ßnUrŸ& towards public grievances.

26. Check whether the following are displayed for information of the public
26. gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$Š`mOZVmH$sgyMZmHo${bE{ZåZ{b{IV_X|àX{e©VH$sJB©h¢Ÿ(i) S>mH$Ka
(i) Post Office Board (ii) Indication Board for PCO / Telegraph facility
~moS>©(ii) nrgrAmo/VmaKagw{dYmXem©Zodmbo~moS>©(ii) H$m_H$aZoHo$g_`H$sgyMZmŸ& (iii) Notice of Hours of Business.

27. Š`mAZwnmbZ{H$EOmZoHo${bE{nN>br{ZarjU[anmoQ>©H$mH$moB©n¡amb§{~Vn‹S>mhþAmh¡?`{X 27. Is there any para of previous Inspection Report pending for
compliance ? If so, get the same completed by the BPM in your
presence and record it in the Inspection Report.
28. H$m`©gog§~§{YVAnZo_yë`m§H$Z,{deofê$ngoemImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aHo$AmMaUVWmgm_mÝ`ê$ngo
28. Sum up your assessment regarding work and conduct of the BPM in
ñQ>m\$Ho$g§X^©_|V¡`maH$a|VWmemImS>mH$KaH$m[ZarjUH$aZoHo$Xm¡amZ{ZarjUàm{YH$marHo$Zmo{Q>g particular and other staff in general and instruct the BPM to take action on
_|AmE{d{eï>g§X{^©V_wÔm|naH$ma©dmB©H$aZoHo${bEemImnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$moAZwXoeX|Ÿ&emIm specific relevant points which come to the notice of the inspecting authority during
the inspection of the BO. Instruct the BPM about the action to be taken by him.
29. amO^mfm{hÝXrH$sàJ{Vg§~§Yr{ZarjUHo${bEàíZmdbr PROGRESS OF OFFICIAL LANGUAGE
1. (H$) Š`mg^r~moS>©/Zm_nÅ>Am{X{×^mfrê$n_|h¢? 1. (a) Whether all Name plates / Notice Boards etc. are bilingual ?
(I) Š`mH$m`m©b`_|n«`wº$hmoZodmbog^rZm_nÅ>Am¡aa~S>_moha|_m¡OyXmAmXoem|Ho$ (b) Whether all the Name plates and Rubber stamps used are in
accordance of the rules ?
(In rubber stamps letters in Hindi should have a point size greater than 2
(a~‹S>H$s_moham|_|{hÝXrHo$AjaA§J«oOrHo$Ajam|go2ßdmB§Q>~‹S>ohmoZoMm{hE) as compared to the English letters).
2. H$m`m©b`_|{H$VZo\$m_©Cn`moJ_|bm`oOmahoh¢?Š`mdo{×^mfrh¢? 2. How many forms are being used in the office ? Are they bilingual ?
3. {hÝXr_|H$m`m©b`Ûmam{H$EJE{deofH$m`©~VmE§: 3. Any special work done in the office regarding Hindi :

9 9

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