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1. J«mhH$m|H$sAmdí`H$VmAm|Am¡aCnbãYg§gmYZm|Ho$Bï>V_à`moJH$moÜ`mZ_|aIH$aS>mH$Ka 1. Take an over all view of the post office, keeping in view the customer
needs as well as optimal use of resources available. Your
H$mog_J«ê$n_|XoI|Ÿ&AmnH$s{Q>ßn{U`m|_|AÝ`~mVm|Ho$gmW-gmW{ZåZ{b{IVnhbwAm|nañnï>am` observations, inter-alia, must specifically comment among other things on
hmoZrMm{hE:- the following aspects.

(H$)^dZ/n[agaH$mñWmZAm¡aCn`wº$Vm (a) Accommodation and the suitability of the building / premises.

(b) Working environment including lighting, ventilation, approach etc.
(I) S>mH$Ka_|àH$me,hdm,gm_mÝ`bmoJm|H$snhþ§MAm{Xg{hVH$m_H$mn[adoe,
(c) (i) Ensure that a separate Information and Facilitation counter
(J) (i) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$E_nrgrE_g{hVAWdmCgHo${~ZmEH$n¥WH$gyMZmEd§ with or without MPCM is available and all relevant
gw{dYmH$mC§Q>ah¡VWmOZgmYmaUHo${bEg_ñVg§~§{YVOmZH$marO¡goS>mH$ information for use by the public such as postal tariffs,
pincodes, premium services, agency work and other matter
àewëH$,{nZH$moS>,àr{_`_godm,EO|grH$m`©VWmAÝ`_m_bm|gog§~§{YVgyMZm concerning public, are available with him.
CgHo$nmgCnbãYh¡Ÿ& (ii) Ensure that the official available at the counter is sufficiently
(ii) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$H$mC§Q>ana~¡R>ZodmbmH$_©Mmarn`m©ád[að>h¡Am¡aS>mH$KaHo$ senior and is well conversant with the work and other rel-
evant information and is also well trained in customer care
H$m`©VWmAÝ`g§JVgyMZmgoAÀN>rVahdm{H$\$h¡Am¡aJ«mhH$g§Vw{ï>_|n`m©á skills.
à{ejUàmáh¡Ÿ& (d) Notice of Hours of Business
(K) H$m`©ì`mnmaHo$g_`H$sgyMZm (e) (i) Availability of complaints and suggestions book and action
taken on the complaints/suggestions recorded. In case no
(L>) (i) {eH$m`VAm¡agwPmdnwpñVH$maIrh¡VWm{eH$m`Vm|/gwPmdm|naH$sJB©H$ma©dmB© action has been taken on any of complaint/
[aH$mS>©_|XO©h¡Ÿ&`{X{H$gr{eH$m`V/gwPmdnaH$moB©H$ma©dmB©ZhtH$sJB©h¡,Vmo suggestion recorded therein, note down its particulars.
CgHo${ddaUH$moZmoQ>H$ab|Ÿ& (ii) Ensure that a board indicating its availability is available in
the public Hall.
(ii) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$Bgg§~§Y_|EH$g§Ho$V~moS>©npãbH$hm°b_|CnbãYh¡Ÿ&
(f) Arrangement of all counters in a logical pattern consistent with
(M) g^rH$mC§Q>aVH©$g§JVê$ngoVWmCnbãYñWmZH$moÜ`mZ_|aIH$aì`dpñWVhm|Ÿ& the space available.
(g) (i) Whether arrangements for keeping forms &
(N>) (i) Š`m^§S>ma_|\$m_©Ed§boIZgm_J«rHo${bEì`dñWmh¡Ÿ& stationery in store is methodical and satisfactory ?
(ii) Š`mOZgmYmaUHo${bEn`m©ág§»`m_|ñQ>oeZar/\$m_©CnbãYh¡? (ii) Whether availability of stationery/forms required by the public
is adequate ?
(iii) Š`m\$m_m]Ho$JbVà`moJ/ì`W©H$aZogo~MZoHo${bEnpãbH$`y{Q>{bQ>r\$m_m]H$s
(iii) Whether suitable method for keeping acount of public utility
Odm~XohrHo${bECn`wº${d{YAnZmB©Omahrh¡Ÿ& forms is being adopted to avoid misuse/wastage of forms ?

1 1
(O) (i) H$mC§Q>aEd§S>mH$Kam|H$sgm\$-g\$mB©Ÿ&Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aBgg§~§Y_|n`m©áê${M (h) (i) Cleanliness of counters and offices. Does the Postmaster
take special interest in this regard and is sensitive about
this matter.
(ii) Š`mOZgmYmaUHo$BñVo_mbHo${bEn`m©á\$m_©ñQ>mH$_|h¡?Š`mH$mC§Q>aghm`H$/ (ii) Is the stock of all essential forms for use by the public
n`©dojH${dZ_«h¢Am¡aOZgmYmaUHo$àíZm|H$mOdm~{dZ_«Vmnyd©H$XoVoh¢Ÿ& available ? Are the Counter Assistants/Supervisors polite
and answer to the queries of the public courteously.
Counsel the Counter Assistant about the importance of good
~mVH$sOm§MH$a|{H$Š`md[að>ZmJ[aH$m|Ho${bEH$moB©{deofì`dñWmh¡? public relations. Examine if special arrangements are
available for senior citizens ?
(iii) Š`mZmJ[aH$KmofUm-nÌñWmZr`^mfm_|CnbãYh¡Am¡anpãbH$hm°b_|bJmh¡Ÿ&
Š`mH$m`©_m¡OyXm_mZXÊS>m|Am¡aZmJ[aH$KmofUmnÌ_|{ZYm©[aV{Z`_m|Ho$AZwgma (iii) Is a copy of Citizens Charter in local language available
and displayed in the public hall ? Whether the work is being
{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& done as per the norms available and prescribed therein ?
(iv) Om§MH$a|{H$H$mC§Q>a_|àmá{eH$m`Vm|Ho${bEn¥WH$a{OñQ>aaImh¡Am¡a`o (iv) Examine if a separate register is maintained for forwarding
{eH$m`V|g§~§{YV`y{ZQ>Ho$g§~§{YVJ«mhH$gw{dYmHo$ÝÐm|H$moAJ«o{fVH$sOmVr the complaints received at the counter to the concerned
customer care centres of the concerned unit.
(v) Whether regular meetings of POST FORUM are held and if
(v) Š`mS>mH$\$moa_H$s{Z`{_V~¡R>H|$hmoVrh¢Am¡a`{Xhm§,VmodoVmarIO~~¡R>H|$hþB© so, the dates on which meetings were held may be recorded.
hm|,CÝh|[aH$mS>©H$a|Ÿ&`{XZht,VmoCgHo$H$maU[aH$mS>©H$a|Ÿ& If not, the reasons thereof may also be recorded.
(vi) Review the minutes of such meetings and ensure that proper
(vi) BZ~¡R>H$m|Ho$H$m`©d¥ÎmH$snwZarjmH$a|Am¡agw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$àË`oH$gwPmdna
action is taken on each of the suggestions.
(vii) Examine the inward reference register to ensure that the
(vii) AmdH$g§X^©a{OñQ>aH$s`hgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEOm§MH$a|{H$grnrQ>r-21/ replies to CPT-21 / Search Bills are given within 48 hours.
gM©{~bm|Ho$CÎma48K§Q>m§oHo$A§XaXo{XEOmE§Ÿ& (viii) Ensure that norms for all transactions / settlement of
complaints are exhibited in public hall.
(viii) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$g^rboZ-XoZm|/{eH$m`Vm|Ho${ZnQ>mZHo$_mZXÊS>npãbH$hm°b
(ix) Whether Supervisors/Counter Assistants have been trained
on Citizen’s Charter and training guides are available. Have
(ix) Š`mn`©dojH$/H$mC§Q>aghm`H$m|H$moZmJ{aH$KmofUm-nÌHo$g§~§Y_|à{e{jV any Service Team / Quality Circles been formed for counter,
delivery, treasury and SB Accounts.
(x) Ensure whether name badges have been provided to
counter clerks.
(x) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$Š`mH$mC§Q>aghm`H$m|H$moZm_Ho$~¡O{XEJEh¢Ÿ& (xi) Ensure that a board indicating all filled up forms (Sample
forms) for the guidance of public like SB - 3, SB - 7,
(xi) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$OZgm_mÝ`Ho$_mJ©Xe©ZHo${bE~moS>©naEg~r-3,Eg~r-7,
SB - 103, Money Order form, purchase application form for
Eg~r-103,_ZrAmS>©a\$m_©Am{X^aH$a(Z_yZm\$m_©)bJmEhþEh¢Ÿ& KVP/NSC etc. / is available.

2 2
2. H¥$n`mA§{V_{ZarjU[anmoQ>©Am¡anmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$sAmS>©a~wH$[a_mH©$H$snwZarjmH$a|VWm 2. Please review the last inspection report and the order book remarks
{deofê$ngoC„oIH$a|{H$:- of the Postmaster and specifically state :

(a) Whether action to be taken by the divisional office is complete.

(H$) Š`m{S>drOZbH$m`m©b`ÛmamH$sOmZodmbrH$ma©dmB©nyU©h¡Ÿ&
(b) Discuss pending paras and see that action on them are
(I) bpå~Vn¡amnaMMm©H$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$CZnaAmnHo$dhm§ahZonahrH$ma©dmB©nyU©hmoOmEŸ& completed during your stay itself.
(J) Š`mgy{MVAZwgmaAZwnmbZH$mdmñVd_|AZwgaUhmoahmh¡Ÿ& (c) Whether the compliance as reported is actually being followed.

(K) Š`m{ZarjU[anmoQ>©H$mH$moB©n¡amA~Ag§JVhmoZoHo$H$maUN>mo‹S>>{X`mJ`mh¡Am¡a`{X (d) Whether any para of the IR needs to be dropped being
Eogmh¡,VmoVXZwgmaAmXoeX|Ÿ& irrelevant now and if so order accordingly.

(e) If any particular aspect of work has repeatedly come up for

(L) `{X{nN>bo3 dfm]_|{H$grH$m`©H$mH$moB©{deofnjà{VHy$bhmoahmÜ`mZ_|AmVmh¡
adverse notice in the last 3 years and continues to be so, it
Am¡aV~goEogmhmoZmOmarh¡VmoBgna{deof{Q>ßnUrhmoZrOm{hEVm{H$nwZarjU should be specifically highlighted so that the reviewing
àm{YH$marBgnjnaAnZm{deofÜ`mZXogHo$Ÿ& authority can bestow his attention on this aspect.

3. `hXoIZoHo${bEH$mC§Q>am|Ho$n`©dojUH$sdV©_mZpñW{VH$sOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mH$m`©H$m{dVaU 3. Examine the present status of supervision of the counters to see if

the distribution of work is in order, if the supervisors regularly and
practically check the working of the counters, if they are taking
pro-active stand to ensure that the counters are not only manned but also
H$m_{H$`mOmVmh¡~pëH$H$m_BgàH$ma{H$`mOmVmh¡{H$H$m_Ho$AË`{YH$X~mdHo$g_`^r`h manned to suit the peak pressure of the traffic.
4. (a) Check the cash and stamps balances of the HO and see whether
4. (H$) àYmZS>mH$KaH$samoH$‹S>Am¡a~H$m`mS>mH$-{Q>H$Q>m|H$sOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`màYmZ the HO account books, like treasury cash book, HO Cash Book,
HO summary, SO summary, BO summary etc. are written cor-
rectly and up to date and tally. Record your specific findings.
h¢Ÿ&AnZo{ZîH$f©[aH$mS>©H$a|Ÿ& (b) Are the balances regulated within maximum and minimum au-
thorised limits ? If these need revision, initiate action for the
(I) Š`m~H$m`mA{YH$V_Ed§Ý`yZV_gr_mHo$AÝXa{Z`{_Vh¢?`{XBZ_|g§emoYZH$sAmdí`H$Vm same.
5. (i) (a) Examine if the counters are rationally arranged according
to the volume of transactions and quantum of money handled
5. (i) (H$)Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mboZ-XoZm|Ho$dmoë`y_Am¡ag§Mm{bVYZHo$AZwgmaH$mC§Q>aH$mo
etc. Have the working hours of counter transactions been
increased in computerised offices ? Need for maintenance
boZ-XoZHo$H$m_Ho$K§Q>o~‹T>>mEJEh¢Ÿ&{OZS>mH$Kam|_|E_nrgrE_ewê$H$sJB©h¢, of existing number of counters in the offices where MPCMs
dhm§H$mC§Q>am|H$s_m¡OyXmg§»`mH$mo~ZmEaIZoH$sAmdí`H$VmH$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& have been introduced, may be examined.

3 3
(I) Š`mE_nrgrE_Am¡aAm°Z-bmBZ^ma_mn`§Ìm|H$mA{YH$V_gr_mVH$à`moJ (b) Whether MPCMs along with on-line weighing scales are
being used to the maximum extent. and AMCs is current.
(c) Whether sufficient stock of computer stationery is available.
(J) Š`mH$åß`yQ>añQ>oeZarH$mn`m©áñQ>mH$CnbãYh¡?
(d) In case of non working of MPCMs, what are the other
(K) E_nrgrE_Ho$H$m_ZH$aZoHo$_m_bo_|H$mC§Q>anaAÝ`d¡H$pënH$ì`dñWm alternative arrangements available at counters ?
Š`mh¡? (ii) Examine whether the counters are flexible for peak hours
transactions. Also examine and take action to ensure that at
(ii) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mH$mC§Q>am|H$moboZ-XoZHo$ì`ñVV_g_`Ho${bEn`m©ágwZå`~Zm`mJ`m least some counter assistants are available during the lunch
h¡Ÿ&`hgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEOm§MAm¡aH$ma©dmB©H$a|{H$H$_goH$_Hw$N>H$mC§Q>a periods. Have bulk customers been identified ? Please check
ghm`H$^moOZmdH$meHo$Xm¡amZCnbãYhm|Ÿ&~ëH$J«mhH$m|H$snhMmZH$a|Ÿ&H$¥n`mOm§M whether separate arrangements for bulk mailers, and bulk
transactions MO exists. Are special journals provided for bulk
H$a|{H$Š`m~ëH$_obg©Am¡a~ëH$boZ-XoZ_ZrAmS>©aHo${bEn¥WH$ì`dñWm_m¡OyXh¡Ÿ& booking of registered/parcel articles ?
(a) Are all the bulk mailers, who are availing of
(H$) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$Š`mg^r~ëH$_obaOmoNy>Q>àmáH$aahoh¢,AnZr_obH$s discount are presenting their mail presorted ? In case any
help is required by the mailer, he may be informed about
nyd©-N>§Q>mB©H$aHo$XoVoh¢Ÿ&`{X_obaH$mo{H$gr_XXH$sAmdí`H$Vmh¡,VmoCgo_mg the mass mailing center or necessary help be provided.
(b) Whether bulk mailers are presenting the letters having PIN
(I) Š`m~ëH$_obg©OmonÌ^oOVoh¢CZ_|ào{fVrH$m{nZ{bImhmoVmh¡Ÿ& written on addresses.
(iii) Whether the existing arrangements for clearance of cash from
(iii) Š`mH$mofm{YH$marÛmamAmd{YH$ê$ngoH$mC§Q>agoZH$XrH$sŠbr`a¡ÝgHo${bE_m¡OyXm
the counters by the treasurer periodically is in accordance with
ì`dñWmAmdí`H$VmHo$AZwgmah¡Am¡aŠ`m`hg\$bh¡Am¡a`{XZht,VmoBgHo$H$maUm| the needs and whether it is working, and if not, the reasons
H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aBgoR>rH$H$a|Ÿ&H$mC§Q>am|naamoH$‹S>,S>mH$-{Q>H$Q>m|VWmAÝ`_yë`dmZ thereof should be enquired and set right. The security
dñVwAm|H$sgwajmì`dñWmH$sOm§MH$a|VWm`{XH$moB©H$_rnmB©OmVrh¡,VmoAnZodhm§ arrangements for cash and stamps and valuables in the counters
should be specifically checked and any short comings found
ahZoHo$Xm¡amZhrCZH$snwZarjmH$a|Ÿ&`{Xg§^dhmo,VmoñWbnahrgwYmamË_H$ should be reviewed during the period of your stay. If possible
H$ma©dmB©H$a|Ÿ& initiate correcting action on the spot.

6. g^rH$mC§Q>aboZ-XoZm|H$s3 {XZnarjmOm§MH$a|(Amdí`H$Zhth¡{H$àË`oH$boZ-XoZH$mo3 6. Make test checks of all counter transactiosn for at least 3 days (not
necessary that every transaction should be checked for these 3 days) and
{XZOm§MmOmE)VWmgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$am{e`m§eãXm|Ed§A§H$m|XmoZm|_|ñnï>{bIrJB©h¢Ed§àm{áH$s ensure that the amounts are written in both words and figures and legibly,
H$m`m©b`à{Vñnï>Ed§nR>Zr`h¡Ÿ&CgnaVmarI-_whañnï>ê$ngobJrh¡VWmboZ-XoZBg{df`H$ that the office copy of the receipts are clear and legible, that the requisite
{Z`_m|Ho$AZwgma{H$EOmVoh¢Ÿ& date stamps are impressed clearly and distinctly and the
transactions are carried out according to Rules on the subject.
7. (H$) Š`mH$m`m©b`_|H$moB©`m§{ÌH$CnñH$ah¢Ÿ&
7. (a) Are there any mechanical aid in the office ?
(I) Š`m{ZYm©[aVa{OñQ>aC{MVT>§JgoaImOmVmh¡Am¡anmoñQ>_mñQ>a/ghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>a (b) Is the prescribed register maintained properly and being checked
Ûmamà{V{XZBgH$sOm§Mhmoahrh¡VWmYZam{eg_w{MVagrXHo$gmWH$mofm{YH$mar daily by PM/APM and the amount handed over to the Treasurer
H$mogm¢nrOmVrh¡Ÿ& under proper receipt ?

4 4
(J) XmoZmo|_rQ>am|H$sewê$H$sarqS>JAm¡a{nN>bo{XZH$sA§{V_arqS>JH$a|Ed§XoI|{H$`oXmoZm| (c) Compare the opening readings of the meters with the
closing reading of the previous day and see that these have been
R>rH$T>§JgoAJ«gm[aVH$sOmVrh¡§& correctly brought forward.
(K) {nN>bo{ZarjUgo`mÑpÀN>H$AmYmanaMmaVmarI|MwZ|Am¡aXoI|{H${XZ^a_|EH${ÌV (d) Select at random four dates since the last inspection to see if the
amount of the days collection of franking postage has correctly
am{eR>rH$goaIrJB©h¡VWmS>mH$KaHo$ImVo(\«¢$qH$JnmoñQ>oO)_|H«o${S>Q>H$sJB©h¡Ÿ& been arrived at and credited to the Post Office (Franking
Postage) Accounts.
(L>) Š`m{H$amEnaXrJB©g^r_erZm|Ho$A{J«_{H$am`oH$m^wJVmZAÚVZh¡Ÿ&{nN>bo
(e) Are payment of advance rentals in respect of all the hired
{ZarjUH$s{V{Wgo`mÑpÀN>H$AmYmanaMwZH$a{H$am`oH$s10_erZm|H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& machines upto date ? Test check 10 credits selected at random
since the date of last Inspection.
(M) `mÑpÀN>H$AmYmana10 _m_bm|H$snarjmOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$\«¢$qH$J_erZImVm
(f) Test check 10 cases selected at random to see if the amount of
advance postage as shown to have been deposited in
Ed§BZH$sImVmo§_|R>rH$go{bIVhþB©h¢Ÿ&{H$amEnabrJB©Am¡a{ZOrVm¡anaà`moJH$s (Column-5 of) the Franking Machine Ledger and (Column-3 of)
JB©\«¢$qH$J_erZm|H$sAbJ-AbJOm§MH$a|Ÿ& Franking Machine Record Book tallies and that the same has
correctly been taken into account. This check may be exercised
(N>) Š`m\«¢$qH$J_erZHo$g§~§Y_|àmág^r^wJVmZm|H$sagrX|{ZYm©[aVEgrOr-67 _|h¢Am¡a separately in respect of hired and privately used Franking
(g) Are receipts for all payments received in respect of Franking
(O) {ZarjUA{YH$marH$monmoñQ>_mH©$~wH$naCnbãYN>mnHo$g§X^©_|_whaAm¡a{Q>H$Q>H$s Machines issued in the prescribed form ACG-67 and are they
properly accounted for ?
(h) Inspecting officer should examine all seals and stamps with
Cgog_`-g_`nahþB©nwZ:ny{V©nanmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamH$sJB©H$ma©dmB©naAnZram`XoZr reference to impresssions obtained on book of postmarks and
Mm{hEAm¡aAnZr{ZarjU[anmoQ>©_|BgoXem©ZmMm{hEŸ&{dê$nH$Am¡a{dVaU_wham|Ho$ arrange replenishment of worn out stamps & seals. He should
comment on the action taken by the Postmaster on periodic
A{V[aº$g¡Q>m|H$sñQ>mH$pñW{VH$s^rg_rjmhmoZrMm{hEŸ&{ZarjUA{YH$marH$mo replenishment and reflect in his IR. The stock position of spare
Mm{hE{H$dhXoI|{H$Ohm§-H$htñQ>¡ånH¡$§g{b§J_erZm|H$mà`moJhmoVmh¡,dhm§A{V[aº$ sets of obliterators and delivery stamps also should be reviewed.
The Inspecting officer shall see that spare dyes are kept in office
where stamps cancelling machines are used.

8. (H$) nÌ-noQ>r{ddaUVWmS>mH$Ho$hdmB©/aob/~g/ñQ>r_a_mJm]Ho$_mÜ`_goAmZo/OmZo 8. (a) Examine the Due Mail and Sorting list by cross references to
Ho$gmW-gmWH$m_Ho$g_`Ho$Zmo{Q>gAm¡aCnbãYd¡H$pënH$gmYZm|Ho$g§~§Y_|hþE Letter Box statement and Notice of Hours of Business in
conjunction with the local timings of arrival / departure of air / rail
ZdrZV_{dH$mgm|H$sOmZH$marHo$g§X^©_|{ZYm©[aVS>mH$VWmN>§Q>mB©gyMrH$sOm§MH$a| / bus / steamer modes of transmission and with the knowledge of
VWmXoI|{H$:- latest developments regarding availability of alternative mode of
conveyance to see :-
(i) Š`mdhZHo${H$gr~ohVagmYZH$mCn`moJ{H$`mOmgH$Vmh¡Ÿ& (i) Whether a better mode of conveyance can be utilized.
(ii) Š`mW¡bm|H$sàm{áAm¡aàofUHo$g§~§Y_|S>mH$ì`dñWm_|gwYmabmZoHo${bEg_` (ii) Whether timings can be changed to improve the mail
arrangements better in respect of receipt and dispatch of bags.
(iii) Whether all mails cleared from the letter boxes can be
(iii) Š`mnÌ-no{Q>`m|go{ZH$mbrJB©gmarS>mH$g_w{MVàofUm|gog§~§YH$sOmgH$Vrh¡Ÿ& suitably connected to the proper dispatches.

5 5
(iv) {ZarjUA{YH$marH$moXoIZmMm{hE{H$Š`mS>mH$H$s_mÌmAm¡a~rQ>H$sXyarH$moXoIVohþE (iv) Inspecting officer should see whether the letter box clearance
{Vn{h`mdmhZm|H$sì`dñWmH$aHo$nÌ-noQ>rH$s{ZH$mgrH$m`m§{ÌH$sH$aU{H$`mOmgH$Vm can be mechanized by providing three wheelers considering the
volume of mails and distance of beat in order to provide more
h¡{OggoS>mH$H$sN>§Q>mB©Ho${bEA{YH$g_`{_bgHo$Ÿ& time for sorting of mails.
{Q>ßnUr1: `hH$ma©dmB©H$aVohþE{ZarjUA{YH$marH$mo_mZde{º$O¡goS>mH$Mnamgr,S>m{H$`o, Note 1 : While doing this exercise the Inspecting officer should also keep
J«m_rUS>mH$godH${dVaUEO|Q>Am{XH$sg§»`mH$m^rÜ`mZaIZmMm{hEAm¡aS>mH$Ho$ in view the available manpower like mail peons, postmen, GDS
Vrd«V_{ZnQ>mZH$mogw{ZpíMVH$aVohþECZHo${H$\$m`VrT>§JgoBï>V_Cn`moJnaÜ`mZ mail deliverer etc. and optimize their utilization ensuring
expeditious disposal of mails.
Note 2 : This examination should also, inter-alia, involve the examination
{Q>ßnUr2: BgOm§M_|AÝ`~mVm|Ho$gmW-gmWnÌ-no{Q>`m|Ho${ZH$mgrg_`H$sCn`wº$VmH$mo^r of suitability of clearance timings of letter boxes and whether proper
XoIZmMm{hEVWmBg~mVH$s^rOm§MH$aZrMm{hE{H$Š`mnÌ-no{Q>`m|H$s{ZH$mgrO¡go arrangements for checking clearance of letter boxes like LB plates
Eb~rßboQ²>g(g_`EEd§~r)Am{XH$sg_w{MVì`dñWmh¡Ÿ& (Hour A & B) exist.

(v) (H$) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mnrAmaAmB©/nmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamnarjUnÌ-S>mH$_|S>mbH$aS>mH$ (v) (a) Examine whether the checking of the mail-peons is regularly
done by posting test letters by PRI/Postmaster. With
reference to diary of PRI, check that they are posting test
{H$donarjU-nÌ{Z`{_Vê$ngoS>mH$_|S>mbahoh¢Ÿ& letters regularly.
(I) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mS>mH$W¡bm|H$sogwa{jVA{^ajmì`dñWmn`m©áh¡Ÿ& (b) Examine whether the arrangements for safe custody of mail
bags is adequate.
9. {ZarjUA{YH$marH$moAnZo{ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZH$_goH$_EH${XZg^rW¡bm|H$sOm§MH$aZr
Mm[hE{H$W¡bo{ZYm©[aVS>mH$N>§Q>mB©gyMrHo$AZwgmah¢,g_w{MVê$ngo_wha~§Xh¢,ghrbú`ñWmZHo$ 9. The Inspecting officer during his inspection should check at least for
one day, all the bags to see whether the bags are received as per Due Mail
Sorting List, with proper seals, for correct destinations, as per times
hrJbVS>mH$Ka_|AmJ`mh¡VWm`{XEogmhþAmhmo,VmoCnMmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©Ho$gmWCgHo${ZîH$f©H$m prescribed without delay, and any bag is missent / misrouted to the post office
C„oI{ZarjU[anmoQ>©_|H$a|&Cgoà{V{XZBZW¡bm|H$sOm§MHo${bEaIr{ZYm©[aVÌw{Q>-nwpñVH$mH$mo^r and record his findings together with remedial actions in IR. He should also
XoIZmMm{hE{H$Š`mBgg§~§Y_|g^r{df`m|naAmdí`H$H$ma©dmB©H$sJB©h¡Ÿ&{ZarjUA{YH$marH$mo check up prescribed error books maintained for the examination of such bags
S>mH$Ho$JbVàofU/JbV_mJ©goS>mH$^oOZoAm¡aAÝ`{H$gr^rA{Z`{_VVmHo$nmEOmZonaCgH$s daily and examine if action has been taken on all the points. He should
examine to see if there are any mis-sending / mis-routing / any other irregularity
Om§MH$aZrMm{hEAm¡a{ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZhrCgnaCnMmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©H$aZrMm{hEVWmBgH$m and take remedial action during inspection and reflect the same in his IR.
10. (a) Examine the Day bag book and satisfy yourself that the book
10. (H$) X¡{ZH$~¡J~wH$H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aAnZrg§Vw{ï>H$a|{H$~wH$H¡$ZdmgVWmZrboE`a_ob is maintained properly as prescribed separately for canvas and
W¡bm|Ho${bE{ZYm©[aVAZwgmaAbJ-AbJaIrJB©h¡§Ed§A§VeofW¡bm|H$sdmñV{dH$g§»`m Blue airmail bags and that closing balance agrees with physical
go_obImVmh¡Ÿ& count of the bags.

(b) Examine the memo of authorised bag balance fixed for the
(I) {ZYm©[aVW¡bmgyMrHo$AZwgmaS>mH$KaHo${bE{ZYm©[aVn«m{YH¥$VW¡bmeofkmnZH$s office according to the Due Bag list and see whether the
Om§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`meofH$mo{ZYm©{aVT>§Jgog§emo{YV/{Z`V{H$`mJ`mh¡Am¡a balances have been revised / fixed in the prescribed manner
AnZrg§Vw[ï>H$ab|{H$doR>rH$T>§Jgo{ZYm©[aV{H$EJEh¢Ÿ& and satisfy yourself that they have been fixed correctly.

6 6
(J) XoI|{H$S>mH$KaH$mA§Veof{ZYm©[aVA{YH$V_gr_mHo$A§Xah¡Am¡aAnZrg§Vw{ï>H$a (c) See that the closing balance of the office is within the maximum
prescribed and satisfy yourself that the office is not in the habit
b|{H$S>mH$KaA{YH$V_gr_mgoA{YH$W¡boaIZoH$mAmXrZhth¡Ÿ& of retaining bags in excess of the maximum.
(K) S>r~rAmoAm¡aBgHo$`y~rAmoHo$~rMg§`moOH$ì`dñWmH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡agw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$ (d) Examine the linking arrangements made between the DBO and
`og§VmofàXh¢VWmgaßbgW¡bm|Ho$àofUH$moÝ`yZV_aImOmVmh¡Ÿ&`h^rXoI|{H$ its UBOs and ensure that these are satisfactory and that the
transmission of surplus bags is kept to the minimum. See that
gaßbgAm¡aH$_VrdmboS>mH$Kam|Ho$~rMÝ`m`g§JV{dVaUaImOmVmh¡Ÿ&Bg~mVna judicious distribution has been made between surplus and
^rÜ`mZX|{H$W¡bm|H$sàm{áAm¡adm{ngrerK«Ed§g§VmofàXh¡Ÿ& deficit office. Also see that the recoupment or withdrawal of bags
is quick and satisfactory.
(L>) Š`mS>mH$KaH$mà^marX¡{ZH$nwpñVH$mH$moà{V{XZXoIVmh¡?Š`mdhà{V{XZW¡bm|H$s
(e) Does the in-charge of the office daily check the entries in the
dmñV{dH$Om§MH$aVmh¡?XoI|{H$X¡{ZH$W¡bmnwñVH$_|ZrMo{ZYm©[aVà_mUnÌ{X`m Day book ? Does he make a physical check up of bags on hand
J`mh¡Am¡a{XZH$sg_m{ánaW¡bmeof[anmoQ>©haamoO^oOrOmVrh¡Ÿ& every day ? See that the prescribed certificates have been given
at the foot of the day bag book and also see that the bag
(M) {ZYm©{aVW¡bmgyMrH$mgË`mnZH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$`oAÚVZaIrJB©h¡Am¡aS>mH$/ balance report is sent daily at the close of the day.
S>mH$Ka/goŠeZHo$n«Ë`oH$g¡Q>H$sEH$à{VS>r~rAmo/gr~rAmoH$mo^oOrOmVrh¡Ÿ& (f) Verify the Due bag lists and see that these are kept corrected
upto date and also see that one copy in respect of each set of
(N>) XoI|{H$~oH$m_/_aå_V`mo½`W¡bm|H$ma{OñQ>aR>rH$T>§JgoaImOmVmh¡Ÿ&Cg_|H$sJB© mail / office / Section is sent to DBO / CBO.
(g) See that the registers fo unservicealble / repairable bags are
(O) AnZrg§Vw{ï>H$a|{H$Amdí`H$VmAm|Ho$AZwê$nW¡bm|H$mñQ>mH$nyamh¡Ÿ& maintained properly. Also check the entries made there in.
(h) Satisfy yourself that the stock of bags is sufficient to meet the
(P) XoI|{H$W¡bm|H$monwamZo[aH$mS>©aIZoHo${bEà`moJZht{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& requirements.
(Äm) XoI|{H$Š`mS>mH$H$s_mÌmHo$AZwgmahr{d{^Þn«H$maHo$W¡bm|H$mn«`moJ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& (i) See that the bags are not used for keeping old records.
(j) See whether different types of bags are used according to
11. N>§Q>mB©Ho$g,N>§Q>mB©AmaoIAm¡aN>§Q>mB©ghm`H$Ho$H$m_H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`mBg_|gwYma quantum of mails.
11. Examine the sorting case, sorting diagram and the work of the
(i) (H$) nÌ-noQ>rAm¡a{ZYm©[aVW¡bm|H$sN>§Q>mB©R>rH$goH$sJB©h¡Am¡a`oV¡`mah¢Ÿ& sorting assistant with a view to check and improve it . See that :-

(i) (a) LBs and prescribed bags are correctly sorted and prepared.
(I) Š`mA{YH$W¡bm|/nÌ-no{Q>`m|H$moV¡`maH$aZoH$mAm¡{MË`h¡Ÿ&
(b) Whether there is justification of preparation of more bags/LBs.
(J) XoI|{H$Š`m{H$grW¡bo/nÌ-noQ>rH$mo~§XH$aZoH$sOéaVh¡Ÿ&
(c) See if any bag/LB requires discontinuation.
(ii) H$sJB©N>§Q>mB©H$sJwUdÎmmVWmHo$gH$mg_w{MVAjam§H$ZŸ& (ii) Quality of sorting done and proper lettering of the case.
(iii) à{VboIZ{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmAn`m©áewëH$àmáEd§S>mH$-ewëH$ZbJrdñVwAm|naH$a (iii) That transcription is done and insufficiently and unpaid articles
are taxed.

7 7
(iv) (H$) _whagm\$,ñnï>Ed§nR>Zr`h¡Ÿ& (iv) (a) Stamping is neat, clear and legible.

(I) nwamZrAm¡aQy>Q>r_wha~XbrOmVrh¡Ÿ& (b) Old and worn out stamps are replaced.
(c) Indent for procurement of fresh set of stamps and seals are
(J) ñQ>¡ånAm¡a_whaHo$ZEgoQ>m|Ho$àmnUHo${bE_m§J-nÌ{Z`{_Vê$ngonmoñQ>b sent regularly to the Postal Seals Industrial Cooperative
grëgB§S>pñQ´>`bH$moAmnao{Q>dgmogm`Q>r{b{_Q>oS>,AbrJ‹T>H$mo^oOmOmVmh¡Ÿ& Society Ltd. Aligarh.
(K) H$mbrñ`mhrHo$ñQ>¡ånn¡S>AÀN>rhmbV_|h§¡Vm{H$_whaH$snR>Zr`N>mnAm (d) Black Ink Stamp pads are in good condition, so that legible
gHo$Ÿ& stamp impression can be obtained.
(e) Stamps and seals are cleaned everyday and their legible
(L>) ñQ>¡ånAm¡a_whaH$mohaamoOgm\${H$`mOmVmh¡Am¡a{XZ^aà`moJ_|bmZmewê$ impression is taken in stamp books at the beginning of the
{H$EOmZogonhboñQ>¡ån~wH$_|BgH$snR>Zr`N>mnbrOmVrh¡Ÿ& day before putting them in use for the day.
(v) Hw$N>~§XW¡bm|H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`mBZH$sH$^r-H$^rOm§MH$sOmVrh¡VWm (v) Check some of the closed bags and see if checks are made
Ìw{Q>-nwpñVH$m_|BgHo$n[aUm_m|H$moZmoQ>{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmXmofm|goN>§Q>mB©ghm`H$H$mo sometimes, results noted in the error book and defects brought
home to the sorting assistant.
(vi) Despatch time bills are prepared properly.
(vi) àofUg_`{~bm|H$mog_w{MVê$ngoV¡`ma{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&
(vii) Whether the sorting case diagram has been prepared
(vii) Š`mN>§Q>mB©Ho$gAmaoIH$mod¡km{ZH$ê$ngoV¡`ma{H$`mJ`mh¡Am¡aBgHo${N>Ðm|VH$ scientifically and pigeon holes easily accessible; are earmarked
AmgmZrgonhþ§MmOmgH$Vmh¡VWm`oS>mH$Kam|Ho${bE{M•m§{H$Vh§¡Ed§W¡bo~‹S>r_mÌm for offices and bags receiving the largest quantum of mails. Also
examine if specific provision has been made for RLO and
_|S>mH$àmáH$agH$Voh¢&Bg~mVH$s^rOm§MH$a|{H$AmaEbAmoAm¡aCZn‹S>mogr neighbouring post offices for which missent bags have been
S>mH$Kam|Ho${bE{deofì`dñWmH$sJB©h¡,{OZHo${bEJbV^oOoJEW¡bo{ZYm©[aVh¡§Ÿ& prescribed.
(viii) narjUOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mN>§Q>mB©ghm`H$nÌ-no{Q>`m|gog_`na{ZH$mgrH$aVmh¡Ÿ& (viii) Test check if the sorting assistant clears the letter box of the office
in time.
(ix) bmb,har,ZrbrAm¡anrbrnÌ-no{Q>`m|H$s{ZH$mgrOmogm_mÝ`,ñWmZr`,_hmZJam|
(ix) LB clearance of red, green, blue & yellow letter boxes meant for
Am¡aamOYmZrM¡Zbm|Ho${bEh¡,{_bmZhtXrOmVrh¡Ÿ& general, local, Metro & Rajdhani Channels postings are not mixed.
(x) ñd`§S>mH$KaHo$AnZonÌm|H$moAbJ{H$`mOmVmh¡Am¡aaob_obgodmH$m`m©b`Ho$ (x) Whether letters meant for office itself are separated and sent
hñVjonHo${~ZmBÝh|{dVaUHo${bE^oOmOmVmh¡Ÿ& for delivery without intervention of RMS office.
(xi) gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$S>mH$KaÛmamQ>rS>rN>§Q>mB©(Ohm§EH$goA{YH${dVaUS>mH$Kah¢) (xi) Is TD Sorting being performed by the office (where more than
one delivery office) and sorted bundles are properly sent through
account bag/bagging unit as the case may be ?
(xii) Separate circle wise bags/bundles are prepared for neighbouring
(xii) n‹S>mogrg{H©$bm|Ho${bEn¥WH$-n¥WH$g{H©$bdmaW¡bo/~§S>bV¡`ma{H$EOmVoh¢Vm{H$aob circle so that contents are available for detailed sorting without
_obgodmH$m`m©b`_|àmW{_H$N>§Q>mB©Ho${~Zmhr{dñV¥VN>§Q>mB©Ho${bE{df`-dñVw preliminary sorting in RMS Office.
12. (a) Is the register prescribed for monitoring the posting of Regd.
Newspapers maintained upto date with reference to the lists of
12. (H$) Š`m{S>drOZbà_wIgoàmáZdrH$aU/ZEn§OrH$aU/{ZañVrH$aUAm{XH$sgyMrHo$ renewals/fresh registrations/ cancellation etc. received from the
g§X^©_|n§OrH¥$Vg_mMmanÌm|H$snmopñQ>§JH$mo_mZrQ>aH$aZodmbma{OñQ>aaIm Divisional Head. Are the entries in the registers authenticated by
OmVmh¡Ÿ&Š`ma{OñQ>aH$sà{d{ï>`m§S>mH$Kaà_wI/n`©dojH$Ûmamà_m{UVh¢? Head of the Office / Supervisor ?

8 8
(I) {ZarjUH$sVmarIH$moàmán§OrH¥$Vg_mMmanÌH$snmopñQ>¨JH$snarjUOm§MH$a|Am¡a (b) Test check posting of registered newspapers received on the date
gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$a{OñQ>aHo$g§X^©_|n§OrH$aUAÚVZh¢VWmg_mMmanÌHo$gmW of Inspection to ensure that their registrations are current with
reference to register, that there is no enclosure in or with any
gßbr_¢Q>H$moN>mo‹S>H$aH$moB©AÝ`AZwb¾H$ZhtbJm`mOmVmEd§Ohm§-H$htS>mH$-ewëH$ newspaper except supplements as prescribed and that postage
bJmh¡,dhR>rH$h¡Ÿ& wherever suffixed is correct.
(J) Š`mS>mH$-ewëH$Ho$nyd©^wJVmZHo${~Zmn§OrH¥$Vg_mMmanÌm|H$snmopñQ>¨JH$mO_m (c) Is deposit account in respect of posting of Registered
ImVm{Z`{_Vê$ngoAÚVZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&XoI|{H$S>mH$-ewëH$H$sdgybrHo${bE Newspapers without prepayment of postage regularly updated ?
{~b{ZYm©[aVAZwgmaV¡`ma{H$EOmVoh¢Am¡aàH$meH$Ûmam{ZpíMVgmV{XZm|Ho$A§Xa See that the bills for recovery of postage are prepared as
prescribed and paid by the publisher within stipulated period of
CgH$m^wJVmZH$a{X`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&`h^rXoI|{H$O_mImVo_|n«{d{ï>`m|Ho$gm_Zo seven days. Also see whether the payment particulars are
^wJVmZH$m{ddaUXem©`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&Š`mghram{eHo${bE{ZYm©[aVAZwgma{gŠ`mo[aQ>r reflected against the entries in the deposit account. Whether the
àmáH$abrJB©h¡? security for correct amount have been obtained as prescribed ?

13. (i) àYmZS>mH$KaH$mo{_bZodmboW¡bm|H$sgyMr,àYmZS>mH$Ka_|àmáHw$N>W¡bm|H$m
{ddaUAm¡anmoñQ>_¡ZH$mo{deofê$ngo^wJVmZ{H$EJEEd§boImXo`nÌm|H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& 13. (i) Examine list of bags due, the contents of some of the bags
received and particularly paid and accountable letters with the
AnZo{ZarjUH$sAd{YHo$Xm¡amZ`{XAmnH$m`©^maH$m_yë`m§H$Z`hXoIZoHo${bE postmen. For the period of your inspection get the figures from
H$aZmMmh|{H$Š`mBg_|H$moB©g§emoYZAno{jVh¡VmonmoñQ>_¡ZgoBgHo$Am§H$‹S>oàmá each postmen and test check some, if you like to assess the
H$aHo$Hw$N>H$sZ_yZmOm§MH$a|Ÿ&nmoñQ>_¡ZHo$nmgCnbãY_Xm|H$s`mÑpÀN>H$Om§M_| workload to see if any revision is required. Does your at
Š`mbJmVma{db§~Ho$H$moB©_m_bogm_ZoAmEh¢Am¡a`{Xhm§VmoBgH$sJhZOm§M random check of articles with postmen reveal case of repeated
delay ? If so probe deeper.
(ii) Check the trend of amount of postage taxed and realised and
(ii) bJmEJEVWmdgyboJES>mH$_hgybH$sam{eH$sàd¥{ÎmH$sOm§MH$a|VWm_Xm|H$mo whether articles are returned after making proper remarks ? Do
C{MV{Q>ßnUrHo$gmWdmngbm¡Q>mX|Ÿ&Š`mAmn_hgygH$aVoh¢{H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>ag§J«hU you feel that Postmaster does make as much collection as
Ho$hag§^dà`mgH$aVoh¢Ÿ&`{XBg_|Eogràd¥{Îm{XIo{H$gm_mÝ`{XZm|_|{~Zm possible ? If it indicates a trend, which shows that the amount
^wJVmZH$sdgybrJB©am{e,{ZarjUH$s{V{WH$mogw{ZpíMVAm§H$‹S>m|H$sVwbZm_|H$_ of unpaid realised in the normal days is lower than the one
ascertained on the date of inspection, probe deeply
disaggregating the figures postman wise to pinpoint the
VWmH$_g§J«hUH$aZoHo${bECÎmaXm`rnmoñQ>_¡Z/nmoñQ>_¡Zm|H$mo{deofê$ngo{MpÝhV postman / postmen responsible for lower collection. Remedial
H$a|Ÿ&nam_e©H$aZoHo$~mXhr,amOñd_|gwYmabmZoHo${bECnMmamË_H$Cnm`m{H$E measures should be taken after counseling and adopting other
OmZoMm{hE§Ÿ& measures for improvement of the revenue.

(iii) XoI|{H$Š`màmáhþB©nyarS>mH${dVaU_|em{_bH$abrJB©h¡Ÿ& (iii) See whether all the mails received are included in the delivery.
(iv) Check the transfer register of mails.
(iv) S>mH$Ho$hñVm§VaUa{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&
(v) Is HO doing Post Office sorting ?
(v) Š`màYmZS>mH$Ka,S>mH$KaN>§Q>mB©H$m`©H$aahmh¡?
(vi) Test check the beat sorting knowledge of sorting postman.
(vi) N>§Q>mB©nmoñQ>_¡ZH$s~rQ>N>§Q>mB©kmZH$snarjUOm§MH$a|Ÿ&
(vii) Whether stamp-cancelling machines have been provided and
(vii) Š`mS>mH$-{Q>H$Q>{dê$nU_erZ|CnbãYH$amB©JB©h¢VWmR>rH$goH$m_H$aahrh¢Ÿ& working properly.

9 9
14. (H$) nmoñQ>_¡Zm|H$sg§»`m,~rQ>H$mAm¡{MË`,CnbãYg_`Ho$AÝXanmoñQ>_¡ZÛmamnyarS>mH$ 14. (a) Examine the constitution of beats in the delivery jurisdiction of
H$m{dVaUH$aZog§~§YrCZH$sg§^mì`VmAm|,{d{^ÞnmoñQ>_¡Zm|Am{XÛmam{dV{aVnÌm| HOs keeping in view the number of postmen, the rationale of
beats, the possibility of postmen able to delivery of all mails
H$s_mÌmHo$_ÔoZOaàYmZS>mH$Kam|Ho${dVaUjoÌm{YH$ma_o§~rQ>Ho$JR>ZH$m{ZarjU within the time available, the quantum of letters delivered by
H$a|Ÿ&{ZarjUA{YH$marH$moBgg§~§Y_|nrAmaAmB©,nmoñQ>_mñQ>aVWmnmoñQ>_¡Zgo different postmen etc. The inspecting officer should discuss this
{dMma-{d_e©H$aHo$~rQ>Ho$JR>Zgog§~§{YV{H$gr^rn«H$maH$s{eH$m`VH$m{ZdmaU with PRIs, Postmaster and Postmen and redress any grievance
H$aZmMm{hEVWmOhm§VH$hmogHo${ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZhrBgg§~§Y_|AmXoeOmar{H$E regarding constitution of beats and issue orders in this regard
OmE§Ÿ&dh^mar_mÌm_|S>mH$àmáH$aZodmbrg§ñWmAm|,g§JR>Zm|Am{XH$mo{MpÝhVH$a|Jo as far as possible during inspection itself. He can identify
institutions, organizations etc. receiving mails in bulk and direct
VWmnrAmaAmB©dnmoñQ>_mñQ>am|H$mo{ZXoeX|Jo{H$doBZg§ñWmAm|,~ëH$_obg©H$monmoñQ>- PRIs and Postmasters to contact the institutions, bulk mailers,
~mŠg/nmoñQ>~¡J{H$amEnaboZoHo${bEào[aVH$a|Ÿ& organizations etc to hire post box/post bags.

(I) {d{^Þ_hrZm|H$sMma{V{W`m|H$sOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>-~m°Šg,nmoñQ>~¡JHo$Zm_oH$s (b) See for four dates in different months that credits of recovery
am{eH$sdgybr,qdS>mo{dVaU{Q>H$Q>m|Am{XH$mboIm-OmoImR>rH$goaImJ`mh¡VWm towards postbox, post bags, window delivery tickets etc. have
a{OñQ>a_|à{dï>{H$EJEnmoñQ>-~mŠgm|,nmoñQ>~¡Jm|,qdS>mo{dVaU{Q>H$Q>m|Am{XH$m been properly accounted for and the particulars of post boxes,
post bags, window delivery tickets etc., entered in the register
{ddaUR>rH$go{X`mJ`mh¡VWmCZH$snwZarjm{Z`{_Vê$ngoH$sOmahrh¡Ÿ& are reviewed regularly.
(J) `h^rXoI|{H$Š`mnmoñQ-~mŠgVWmnmoñQ>~¡JHo$YmaH$m|H$moAd{YH$sg_m{ágonhbo (c) Also see whether notices have been given to the holders of
Zmo{Q>g^oOoOmVoh¢VWm`h^rOm§M|{H$Š`mAm~§{Q>`m|ZoCZZmo{Q>gm|H$snmdVrXrh¡Ÿ& post boxes and post bags before the date of expiry of the
period and also check whether the notices have been
(K) `hXoIZoHo${bEnarjUOm§MH$a|{H$CZnmoñQ>-~mŠgm|VWmnmoñQ>~¡Jm|Ho$YmaH$Omo acknowledged by the allottees.
(d) Test check to see that past holders of post boxes and post bags
ahohm|Ÿ& who fail to renew, do not take delivery of mails through letter
boxes unauthorisedly.
15. OZg§nH©${ZarjU(nrAmaAmB©)H$sS>m`arH$sOm§MH$a|VWmCZgodnmoñQ>_mñQ>agoCZHo$
H$m`m]gog§~§{YVOm§Md{ZXoem|Ho$~mao_|{dMma-{d_e©H$a|Ÿ&Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamnrAmaAmB©H$s 15. Look into the diaries of Public Relations Inspector (PRI) and talk to
godmAm|H$mnyamCn`moJ{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& them and the postmaster about the checks and directions of their work. Does
postmaster make an effective use of the PRI ?
16. S>mH$KagoOw‹S>>oMwZohþEJ«m_rUS>mH$godH${dVaUEO|Q>m|/nmoñQ>_¡Zm|Ho$~rQ>Ho${d{^ÞñWmZm|
16. Make surprise check at various places in the beats of selected GDS
H$sAmH$pñ_H$Om§M`hgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEH$a|{H$_Xm|H$m{dVaUerK«VmEd§{Z`{_Vê$ngohmo Mail Deliverer / Postmen attached to office to ensure that the articles are
ahmh¡Ÿ&~rQ>Ho$Hw$N>MwZohþEnVm|go{OZ_|ì`mdgm{`H$VWmAmdmgr`XmoZm|àH$maHo$nVohm|,goBgH$s delivered promptly and regularly. Make enquiries to confirm the same from a
nw{ï>Ho${bEnyN>VmN>H$a|Ÿ&BgH$mC„oIAnZr[anmoQ>©_|{deofê$ngoH$a|Ÿ& few selected addressees on the beat both commercial as well as residential.
Mention the same specially in your report.
17. `hXoI|{H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>aVWmghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>a{dVaUS>mH$H$sàm{á,~rQ>N>§Q>mB©VWm
{dVaUH$mnarjU{H$VZrAd{Y_|H$aVoh¢Ÿ&`hXoI|{H$Š`mAXÎmnÌm|naH$ma©dmB©R>rH$àH$magoH$aHo$ 17. Look into how often the postmaster and APM delivery carry out the
checks on receipt of mails, beat sorting and delivery. See if the unpaid letters
CZnaà^mabJm`mJ`mh¡VWmJbV^oOoJEnÌm|H$moR>rH$àH$magonwZ:ào{fV{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ&`h are properly attended to and taxed and missent letters properly redirected.
XoI|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>a{deofê$ngo{ZarjUnaÜ`mZXoahoh¢VWmnmoñQ>_¡Zm|H$moMwñV-Xwê$ñV~ZmZo Is the postmaster particular about inspection and smart out turn of the
VWmAZwemgZH$s^mdZmOmJ¥VH$aZo_|g_W©h¡Ÿ& postmen and their sense of discipline ?

10 10
18. a{OñQ´>oeZVWmnmg©b{dVaUghm`H$,_ZrAmS>©a^wJVmZghm`H$VWm_yë`Xo`ghm`H$Ho$ 18. Look into the working register of registration and parcel delivery
Mmbya{OñQ>aXoI|Ÿ&`hXoI|{H$Š`mhñVmj[aVàm{á`m§VWmnmd{V`m§,{~Zm{dVaUhþB©a{OñQ´>rH¥$V_X| assistants, MO paid assistant and VP assistants. See whether signed
VWm_yë`Xo`gm_J«r^oOZodmboì`{º$Ho$ào{fVhmoZodmbmYZghrg_`go^oOmJ`mh¡VWmCgH$sagrX receipts and acknowledgements, registered articles returned
g§~§{YVghm`H$Ho$nmgCnbãYh¡Ÿ& undelivered and cash for remittance to the sender of VP articles are promptly
made over under receipt to respective assistants.
19. {dVaUerK«VmgohmoBgVÏ`H$moÜ`mZ_|aIVohþE,`h^r_hËdnyU©h¡{H${dVaUH$mg_`
`WmW©VmHo$AmYmana{ZYm©{aV{H$`mOmEVWmW¡bm|H$moImobZo,CÝh|AbJH$aZo,CZna_mohabJmH$a 19. It is important to review that delivery timings are fixed realistically
CZH$sN>§Q>mB©H$aZo_|bJ^J{H$VZog_`H$sAmdí`H$Vmh¡,BZg~naÜ`mZaImOmZmMm{hEVWm`{X with due regard to quick delivery and what time is required to open,
BZ_|H$moB©gwYmag§^dhmo,VmoBgnanmoñQ>_mñQ>aVWm{dVaUñQ>m\$Ho$gmW{dMma-{d_e©H$a|dCÝho§ separate, stamp and sort letters. If any improvements are possible, discuss
C{MVAmXoeX|Ÿ& them with the postmaster and delivery staff and order them.

20. nmoñQ>_¡ZH$snwpñVH$mH$sOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`mCg_|R>rH$goà{d{ï>`m§H$sJB©h¢VWm 20. Examine the Postmen’s book to see they are properly written and
{deofê$ngoBg~mVna^rÜ`mZX|{H$nmoñQ>_¡Zm|Ûmam{~Zm^wJVmZhþEVWmboImXo`gm_J«rHo${dVaU particularly how effective is their delivery of unpaid and accountable articles.
_|{H$VZoVËnah¢Ÿ&A{dV[aVhþEa{OñQ>S>©nmg©bm|,_yë`Xo`gm_J«rVWm_ZrAmS>©aHo$^wJVmZH$aZo_| Does the rate of nondelivery of registered parcel, VP and payment of money
Š`mH$moB©Agm_mÝ`VÏ`gm_ZoAmVoh¢?`{Xhm§,VmoŠ`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aBgH$mogwbPmZoHo${bEAnZo_w»` orders present any abnormal features ? If so does the postmaster utilize
nmoñQ>_¡ZVWmnrAmaAmB©H$sgodmAm|H$mCn`moJH$aVoh¢? Head Postmen and PRIs to rectify matters ?

21. H$¥n`mXoI|:- 21. Please check up

(i) Š`mào{fVr{ZX}em§o(AñWm`rdñWm`r)H$mR>rH$godJuH$aUH$aHo$\$mBb_|bJm`m (i) Whether addressee instructions (temporary and permanent) are
J`mh¡Ÿ& kept properly classified and filed.

(ii) Š`mào{fVr{ZX}enwpñVH$m_|{Z`{_Vê$ngoà{d{ï>`m§H$sOmVrh¡§Am¡aCÝh|AÚVZ^r (ii) Whether book of addressees instructions regularly written and
~Zm`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& updated.

(iii) Š`m~rQ>AZwXoea{OñQ>aH$maI-aImdR>rH$go{H$`mOmahmh¡,ào{fVrg§emoYZm|H$mo (iii) Whether beat instructions register is maintained properly,

XoIboZoHo$~mXŠ`mnmoñQ>_¡ZHo$AmÚjabo{bEJEh¢VWmg§~§{YVm|ÛmamAZwXoem|H$m initials of postmen in token of having seen revised addressees
AZwnmbZ{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& are obtained and instructions are acted upon by all concerned.

(iv) XoI|{H$Ohm§{ZYm©[aV{H$`mJ`mhmo,dhm§_obH$m`m©b`Ama~rHo${bEa{OñQ>S>©gyMr (iv) See whether Mail Offices are preparing triplicate registered lists
H$sVrZà{V`m§V¡`maH$aahmh¡Ÿ& for RBs, where prescribed.

(v) XoI|{H$Š`ma{OñQ´>oeZ{S>brdaremImH$mH$åß`yQ>arH$aUhmoJ`mh¡,`{Xhm§VmoŠ`mdh (v) See whether Regn. Delivery branch has been computerized. If
C{MVê$ngoH$m`©H$aahmh¡Ÿ& so, whether it is functioning properly.

(vi) JbV{dVaUVWm{dVaUZhmoZonaH$sOmZodmbr{eH$m`Vm|VWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamH$s (vi) Examine the complaints received on wrong delivery, non-
JB©CnMmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& delivery and remedial action taken by Postmasters.

11 11

{Q>ßnUr: {nN>bogË`mnZHo$~mXgo{d{^Þ_hrZm|_|àË`oH$_|4 {V{W`m|Ho${ZarjU_|{ZåZ{b{IV Note : The following items are to be checked for 4 dates each in separate
_Xm|H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&_mJ©Xe©ZEd§{dñV¥VOmZH$marHo${bEXoI|I§S>VIIIn¥ð>141n¡am months since last verification. For guidance and detail see Vol. VIII
Page-141 para 239 clause 1 to 37. The IPOs can assist the Suptd.
239Ymam1go37 ,S>mH$Ka{ZarjH$Bgg§~§Y_|AYrjH$H$moghm`VmàXmZH$a
and this section is to be covered both during the half yearly
gH$Vmh¡VWm`h{df`AÕ©dm{f©H$gË`mnZVWmdm{f©H${ZarjUEd§gË`mnZ,XmoZm| verification and the annual inspection cum verification.
22. (a) Check and note each item of cash, postage stamps &
22. (H$) ZH$Xr,S>mH$-{Q>H$Q>m|VWmñQ>oeZardZm°ZnmoñQ>oOñQ>¡ånAm{XH$moZmoQ>H$ao§dCZH$sOm§M stationery and non postage stamps etc, verify cash balance and
stamp balances and certify the correctness of the balances on
the relevant records and also see whether stock of each
g§ewÕVmà_m{UVH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`màË`oH$_yë`dJ©H$sS>mH$-{Q>H$Q>|n`m©á_mÌm_| denomination of stamps is adequate and in good condition. The
VWmAÀN>rhmbV_|h¡§Ÿ&~H$m`mS>mH$-{Q>H$Q>m|Ho$a{OñQ>aH$mgË`mnZàm{áVWmàofU stamp balance register should be verified with basic records
~rOH$m|Ho$_yb[aH$mS>©Ho$gmWH$aboZmMm{hEŸ&{ZarjUA{YH$marH$mo`mX¥pÀN>H$Om§M like invoices of receipt and despatch. The Inspecting Officer
should see through random check that the weekly statement of
balances are prepared accurately and sent to Superintendent
g_`goAYrjH$H$mo^oOrOmahrh¡VWmAYrjH$H$sgbmhHo$AZwgmaCgnaAZwdVu in time and follow up action taken as advised by the
H$ma©dmB©H$sOmahrh¡Ÿ& Superintendent.

(I) M¡H$m|Ho$a{OñQ>aH$sOm§MMma{d{^Þ_hrZm|H$s{V{W`m|goH$sOmZrMm{hE,àË`oH$ (b) The register of cheques should be examined for 4 dates in
different months one day for each month to see that all the
cheques received are cleared without delay and accounted for.
(c) Check ACG-9 and ACG-10 for 4 selected dates and check
(J) 4MwZrhþB©{V{W`m|Ho$EgrOr-9VWmEgrOr-10 H$sOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`mboZ- whether transactions have been properly accounted for.
XoZH$moghrImVo_|S>mbmJ`mh¡Ÿ&AnZr{ZarjU{anmoQ>©_|{V{W`m|H$mC„oIH$a|Ÿ& Mention dates and amounts in IR.


23. àYmZS>mH$KaH$mgmab|VWm{d{^Þ_hrZm|H$s4MwZrhþB©{V{W`m§o_|{ZåZ{b{IV_Xm|H$s
23. Take the Head Office Summary and check the following items for 4
selected dates each in different months.
(i) {~Zm{dV[aVhþAmdoVZVWmO_m_|AÝ`am{e (i) Undisbursed pay and other amounts in deposit.
(ii) Q>obr\$moZVWmVman[a`mVH«o${S>Q> (ii) Telephone and Telegraph traffic credits.

12 12
(iii) "~r'VWm"gr'erfm]Ho$AÝVJ©VH$sà{d{ï>`m|H$sOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`mH$moB©am{e (iii) Check entries under heads B & C to see if any amounts could
have been brought to account on date of receipt.
(iv) Is there a tendency to keep money out of account ?
(iv) Š`mZH$XrH$moImVogo~mhaaIZoH$sàd¥{Îmh¡?
(v) Check whether soiled/torn notes are being replaced regularly.
(v) XoI|{H$Š`mIam~/\$Q>ohþEZmoQ>H$mo{Z`{_Vê$ngo~XbmOmahmh¡Ÿ&
(vi) Whether currency-counting machines have been provided and
(vi) Š`mZmoQ>{JZZodmbr_erZ§oCnbãYH$amB©JB©h¢VWmdoR>rH$goH$m_H$aahrh¢Ÿ& working satisfactorily.

(vii) ZH$brH$a|grZmoQ>m|H$monhMmZZoH$sì`dñWmH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& (vii) Arrangement to check fake currency notes.

CnS>mH$KaVWmemImS>mH$KaH$mX¡{ZH$ImVmVWm SO and BO daily Accounts and SO and BO Summaries

24. (a) Compare the entries in the BO & SO Daily accounts with
24. (H$) CnS>mH$KaVWmemImS>mH$KaHo$X¡{ZH$ImVm|H$sà{d{ï>`m|H$sVwbZm{d{^Þ_hrZm| corresponding entries in the BO & SO summaries for atleast
H$sH$_goH$_MmaMwZrhþB©{V{W`mo§naemImS>mH$KaAm¡aCnS>mH$KaHo$gmaHo$gmW four selected dates at random in different months. Also test check
important items like cash and stamps in transit.
H$a|Ÿ& (b) Check up whether the financing of the BOs and SOs are done
properly, adequately and on time, specific attention is paid to
(I) XoI|{H$Š`memImS>mH$Kam|dCnS>mH$Kam|H$moYZghràH$magon`m©áê$n_|g_`go clearance of surplus as also timely supply of cash for clearance
{X`mOmahmh¡,Š`mgaßbgam{eH$s{ZH$mgrVWm_ZrAmS>©a^wJVmZd~MV~¢H$ of liabilities both for Money Order payment and Savings Bank
withdrawals. Please see that there is no bottleneck in the
25. (i) Check the stock of IPOs, all cash certificates including KVP,
25. (i) g§~§{YV[aH$mS>m]AWm©VñQ>mH$a{OñQ>a,àm{á`m|Ho$~rOH$VWmào{f{V`m|Ho$~rOH$m|, giftcoupons etc., pass books of all types of Savings Accounts
nmd{V`m|Am{XHo$g§X^©_|^maVr`nmoñQ>bAmS>©am|,{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌm|,{JâQ>Hy$nZm| with reference to the relevant records viz. stock register, invoices
of receipts and invoices of despatch, acknowledgements etc.
since last verification whether they are maintained properly and
goH$a|VWmXoI|{H$Š`mCZH$maI-aImdR>rH$go{H$`mOmahmh¡VWmIam~hmoMwHo$ destroy and write off the spoiled ones.
(ii) Also see that the Postmaster is carrying out the physical
(ii) `h^rXoI|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>anmg~wH$m|Ho$ñQ>mH$H$mgË`mnZàË`oH$_mh_|H$aahoh¡§? verification of stock of Pass books every month.

26. df©Ho$Xm¡amZCnS>mH$Kam|ÛmamàYmZS>mH$KaH$mobm¡Q>mEJE~MVnÌm|H$sdm[f©©H${ddaUrH$s 26. Examine the annual statements of certificates returned by the Sub
Offices to the Head Office during the year and see that necessary action has
Om§MH$a|VWm`hXoI|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aZoCZnaC{MVH$ma©dmB©H$sh¡Ÿ&àYmZS>mH$Kam|_|aIo been taken by the Postmaster on them. Verify entries in the statements of
EZgr-12-EVWmEZgr-12Ho$g§X^©_|CnS>mH$Kam|H$s{dda{U`m|_|H$sJB©à{d{ï>`m|H$mgË`mnZH$a|Ÿ& sub offices with NC-12a and NC-12 registers maintained in the Head Office.

(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-&&H$m{Z`_7) (Rule 7 of POSB Manual Vol. II)

13 13
27. {nN>bo{ZarjUgoJmS>©\$mBbm|_|aIo{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌm|VWmamï´>r`~MVnÌm|H$sIarXHo$ 27. Check a few applications of purchase of savings certificates for KVP
{bEàmáhþEAmdoXZm|_|Hw$N>H$sg§~§{YV[aH$mS>m]AWm©VñQ>m°H$a{OñQ>a,{ZJ©_amoOZm_MmVWmàYmZ and NSC (VIII Issue) kept in the guard files since the last inspection with
respect to connected records viz. stock register, issue journal, and HO sum-
mary to see that :-
(i) Ho$dbCZì`{º$`m|Ûmam{Zdoe{H$`mJ`mOmo{H$~MVnÌm|Ho$g§~§{YV{Z`_m|Ho$ (i) The amount has been invested by those only authorised under
A§VJ©Vàm{YH¥$Vh¢Ÿ& the respective rules of certificates.
(ii) ~MVnÌIarXHo$AmdoXZg§~§{YVJmS>©\$mBb_|Z§~admaaIoJEh¢Ÿ& (ii) The applications for purchase of certificates are kept serially
numbered in the respective guard files.
(iii) {d{^Þ_hrZm|H$s{H$ÝhtMma{V{W`m|H$snarjUOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H${ZdoeH$sJB©
am{eH$mon«YmZS>mH$Ka_|ghrImVm|_|S>mbmJ`mh¡Ÿ&`hOm§Mg§~§{YV[aH$mS>m]AWm©V (iii) Test check four dates in different months to see that the amounts
invested have been correctly accounted for in the HO This check
may be carried out w.r.t. relevant record, viz., applications for
n«YmZS>mH$KaH$samoH$‹S>nwñVH$Ho$g§X^©_|H$sOmZrMm{hEŸ& purchase, issue journal, stock register, HO summary, HO cash
(amï´>r`~MVnÌVIIIdm§{ZJ©_Ho${Z`_4VWm{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌ{Z`_mdbrH$m{Z`_6) book etc.

28. {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgo{d{^Þ_hrZm|H$sMma{V{W`m|_|amï´>r`~MVnÌ(VIIIdm§{ZJ©_) (Rule 4 of NSCs- VIII issue & Rule 6 of KVP Rules)

VWm{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌm|dnhboHo${ZJ©_m|Ho$H$moB©^rAÝ`ZH$Xr~MVnÌm|Ho$^wJVmZamoOZm_Mm|H$s 28. Test check discharge journals of NSCs (VIII issue) and KVP and any
Om§M`hH$aZoHo${bEH$a|{H$Š`m:- other cash certificates of earlier issues for four dates in different months
since the last inspection in order to see that :-
(i) ^wJVmZH$sJB©am{eñH$s_Ho${bE`Wm{ZYm©[aVg§~§{YVàmdYmZm|Ho$AZwgma^wJVmZ
H$sOmZodmbram{ego_obImVrh¡Ÿ& (i) The amounts paid tally with the amounts payable as per provi-
sions laid down in the relevant rules of the scheme.
(ii) g§~§{YVIarXAmdoXZm|naC{MV{Q>ßnUrXO©H$sJB©h¡Ÿ&
(ii) Suitable remarks are recorded on respective purchase applica-
(iii) BZ{V{W`m|naam{eH$moàYmZS>mH$KaHo$gmaVWmàYmZS>mH$KaHo$amoH$‹S>~hr_|ghr tions and
àH$magoà^m[aV{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& (iii) The amounts have been correctly charged in the HO summary,
HO cash book on these dates.
29. {d{^Þ_hrZm|H$sMma{V{W`m|Ho$B§{Xam{dH$mgnÌmo§Ho$^wJVmZamoOZm_Mm|H$mnarjUOm§M
`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$:- 29. Test check discharge journal of IVPs for four dates in different months
in order to see that :-
(i) amoOZm_MmghrVarHo$goV¡`ma{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&
(i) The journals are prepared in the correct manner.
(ii) ^wJVmZ{H$EJEB§{Xam{dH$mgnÌ{ZJ©_Ed§^wJVmZhþEB§{Xam{dH$mgnÌm|Ho$a{OñQ>a
(ii) The number of IVPs discharged tally with the entries made in
the Issue & discharge register of IVPs.
(iii) ^wJVmZ{H$EJEB§{Xam{dH$mgnÌm|H$sam{eH$mon«YmZS>mH$KaHo$gma_o§ghrImVm|_|S>mbm (iii) The amount of IVPs discharged have been correctly accounted
J`mh¡Ÿ& for in the HOs summary.
(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>Ÿ&&H$m{Z`_57) (Ruel 57 of POSB Manual Vol. II)

14 14
30. XoI|{H$H$mofm{YH$marH$samoH$‹S>~hrH$maI-aImdghràH$mago{H$`mOmahmh¡VWm~hr_| 30. See that the Treasurer’s Cash Book has been correctly kept and he
dog^ràm{á`m|H$moXO©H$aVoh¢VWmghm`H$m|H$mo{XEOmZodmbog^rn«H$maHo$ZH$Xr^wJVmZm|na takes all receipts in the book and that the Postmaster has initialed all cash
payments to the Assistants.

H$mofm{YH$marH$snmg~wH$ TREASURY PASS BOOK

31. (H$) Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aZoH$mofm{YH$marH$snmg~wH$ghràH$magoAnZonmgaIrh¡VWmg^r 31. (a) Has the Postmaster kept the treasury pass book properly him-
à{d{ï>`m|naH$mofm{YH$marHo$hñVmja{bEh¢Ÿ&aÔH$aZoHo$Am¡{MË``{XH$moB©hm§o,Vmo self and got all entries signed by the treasury officer.
Investigate into propriety of cancellation if any. Refer to the
Treasury Officer all cases of entries not signed by him.
(b) Have the Bank credit / debit-scrolls relating to HOs/SOs been
(I) Š`màYmZS>mH$Kam|/CnS>mH$Kam|gog§~§{YV~¢H$H«o${S>Q>/S>o{~Q>ñH«$m°bàmáhþEh¢VWm received and posted in the respective registers ? Whether these
g§~§{YVa{OñQ>a_|CÝh|XO©{H$`mJ`mh¡?Š`mg§{dVaUA{YH$marÛmamBZa{OñQ>am| registers are being checked daily by Disbursing Officer ?
H$sOm§MamoOhmoVrh¡? (c) Whether proper action has been taken in case of any
discrepancy noticed, and if so mention the final out come of the
(J) H$moB©MyH$ZOaAmZonaŠ`mCg_m_bonaC{MVH$ma©dmB©H$sJB©h¡VWm`{XEogmh¡Vmo
discrepancy. In cases of serious nature, take up investigation
CgMyH$H$mA§{V_n[aUm_Š`mahmBgH$mCëboIH$a|Ÿ&J§^raàd¥{ÎmHo$_m_bm|_| under intimation to Regional / Circle Office.
(d) Whether the re-conciliation statements are being submitted
(K) Š`mg_mYmZ{dda{U`m§{ZXoeH$boIm(S>mH$)H$mo{Z`{_Vê$ngo^oOrOmahrh¡§? regularly to DA(P) ?


32. (H$) {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgoàË`oH$_mh_|H$_goH$_EH${XZamoH$‹S>~hrVWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>a
32. (a) Please check the cash book and the Postmasters balance sheet
Ho$VwbZ-nÌH$sOm§M`hH$aZoHo${bEXoI|{H$Š`mamoH$‹S>>~hr_|R>rH$àH$mago for at least one day for each month since last inspection to see
à{dpîQ>`m§H$sJB©h¢VWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$mVwbZ-nÌR>rH$goV¡`maH$aHo$CgnanmoñQ>_mñQ>a whether cash book is written correctly and Postmasters
ZohñVmja{H$Eh¢Ÿ& balance sheet is prepared correctly and signed by the Post-
(I) XoI|{H$Š`mamoH$‹S>~hrH$mo{bIZoH$se{º$`m§àË`m`mo{OVH$sJB©h¢VWm`{XEogm
(b) Check whether delegation of powers exists for writing the cash
book and if so whether the correct person(s) to whom the power
H$mo{bIZoH$mH$m`©H$aVoh¢Ÿ& has been delegated only write the cash book.
(J) XoI|{H$Š`mEg~rgrAmo-à^marÛmam{d{^ÞboZ-XoZH$s_Xm|H$mX¡{ZH$gË`mnZ (c) Check whether the daily verification of various transactions -
{H$`mOmahmh¡`mZhtŸ& items by SBCO - In charge is made or not.

15 15
(K) XoI|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aamoH$‹S>~hr_|H$_goH$_Xmo{d{^Þ_Xm|H$sàm{áEd§^wJVmZ (d) Check whether the Postmaster is performing the duty of check-
ing at least two different items of receipts and payments in the
cash book and he places his initials in token of having carried
amoH$‹S>>~hr_|AnZoAmÚjaH$aahoh¢`mZhtŸ& out this check, in this cash book.
(L>) XoI|{H$Š`mZH$XrImVmAno{jVAZw~§Ym|Ho$gmW{Z`{_Vê$ngoboImH$m`m©b`H$mo (e) Check whether the cash account is being dispatched to the
g§ào{fV{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& accounts office regularly along with the requisite annexures.


33. (H$) S>mH$KaHo$àË`oH${d^mJH$sboImnarjmAmn{Îm`m|H$sJmS>©~wH$H$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo$ 33. (a) Examine the Guard Book of Audit Objection in each
{bEH$a|{H$CÝh|R>rH$àH$magoVWmerK«Vmgog§Mm{bV{H$`mOmVmh¡&b§{~VAmn{Îm`m| department of the PO to see that they are properly and promptly
H$sg§»`mVWm{V{WH$mC„oIH$a|VWmA{YH$goA{YH$_m_bm|H$m{ZnQ>mamH$a|VWm handled. Mention number and dates of pending objections and
try to settle as many as you can and give clear instructions
about the pending ones.
(I) Am§V[aH$Om§MnmQ>u/S>mH$Ed§VmaboImnarjmH$m`m©b`Ûmam{d^mJr`Ho$Abmdm (b) Investigate the cases of inordinate delay in settlement of the
AÝ`A{J«_(AmoQ>rS>rEAmoE){dda{U`m|_|CR>mB©JB©Amn{Îm`m|Ho${ZnQ>mZ_|hþB©AË`m{YH$ objection raised by Internal Check Parties / P & T Audit Office /
{db§~Ho$_m_bm|H$sOm§MH$ao§VWmCZHo$erK«{ZnQ>mZHo${bEC{MVAZwXoeX|Ÿ& Departmental and Other Advances (DAOA) / Other than
Departmental and Other Advances (OTDAOA) Statements and
(J) S>mH$Ed§VmaboImnarjmHo${nN>bo~H$m`mn¡amAm|VWmZdrZV_[anmoQ>©_|Am§V[aH$ give suitable directives for their earliest settlement.
Om§Mnm{Q>©`m|ÛmamC{„{IVn¡amAm|H$sVWmCZHo$erK«{ZnQ>mZnaH$sJB©H$ma©dmB©H$s (c) The outstanding paras of previous P & T Audit / Internal Check
Om§MH$a|Ÿ& Parties mentioned in the latest report may also be examined
and action taken for their early settlement.
34. Š`màYmZS>mH$KaH$samoH$‹S>>~{h`m|Ho$_m{gH$eofHo$kmnZS>mH$boImH$m`m©b`H$moào{fVH$a
34. Has the memorandum of monthly balances of HO Cash books been
dispatched to PAO.

35. eofH$s{dda{U`m|H$mgË`mnZH$a|Ÿ&dgybr`mo½`A{J«_m|H$s{ddaUrH$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo$ 35. Verify the statement of balances. Examine the statement of
{bEH$a|{H$Š`mdgy{b`m§erK«VmgoH$sOmahrh¢Ÿ& recoverable advances to see that recoveries are being made promptly.

36. Q´>oOar`mñQ>oQ>~¢H$H$mon¡gm^oOVog_``mCg_|go{ZH$mbZoH$sì`dñWmg§VmofOZH$h¡Ÿ&Š`m 36. See that the arrangements for remittances to or drawing from
Treasury of State Bank are satisfactory. Do the Postmaster and the
Treasurer maintain adequate liaison to solve problems mutually ?
Q´>oOar_|H$m_Ho$~§Q>dmaoVWmgwajmì`dñWmH$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&Š`mñQ>m\$H$sH$m`m©d{YVWmamoQ>oeZ Examine the distribution of work in the Treasury and security
g§~§Yr{Z`_m|H$mAZwnmbZ{H$`mOmahmh¡? arrangements. Are rules regarding tenure and rotation of staff followed ?

16 16
37. Š`màYmZS>mH$Ka(Eg~r-12gr)_|O_mA{dV[aVnmg~wH$m|Ho$a{OñQ>aH$mñd`§nmoñQ>_mñQ>a 37. Is the register of undelivered passbooks in deposit in the HO
Ûmamd¡`{º$H$ê$ngoAWdmCZHo$àË`jn`©dojU_|aI-aImd{H$`mOmahmh¡?Š`mdonmg~wH|${OÝh| (SB-12C) properly maintained by the postmaster personally or under his
immediate supervision ? Are the pass books, which are not shown in it as
returned to depositor or forwarded to SBCO, in the custody of the Postmas-
Eg~rgrAmoH$moAJ«o{fV{H$`mOmVmh¡?àYmZS>mH$Ka_|àm{áH$s{V{WgoCZ_|goVrZ_hrZogoA{YH$ ter ? See how many of them have been retained for more than three months
VH${H$VZrnmg~wH|$à{VYm{aVH$sJB©h¢VWmà{VYmaVmHo$Eogobå~og_`Ho$H$maUm|H$m_yë`m§H$ZH$a| from the date of their receipt in HO, and analyse reasons for such long reten-
VWmCnMmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©H$a|Ÿ& tion and take remedial action.

38. XoI|{H$M¡H$~wH$m|H$mñQ>mH$a{OñQ>aH$maI-aImdR>rH$go{H$`mOmahmh¡VWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>a 38. See that the stock register of cheque books is maintained properly
Ûmam_hrZo_|EH$~mañQ>m°H$H$sOm§MH$sOmahrh¡Ÿ& and the postmaster is verifying the stock once in a month.


39. O_mH$sJB©_Xm|H$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$:- 39. Examine the articles in deposit to see :-

(i) `h{H$_Xm|H$mo[ZYm©[aVAd{YHo$~mXVH$ZaImOmEŸ& (i) That articles are not detained beyond the prescribed period.

(ii) `h{H$CZHo${bEC{MV{Q>ßnUr[aH$mS>©H$sJB©h¡Ÿ& (ii) That reasonable remarks are recorded of them.

(iii) `hàYmZS>mH$KaHo$ImVoH$s_Xm|H$moCnS>mH$KademImS>mH$Ka_|JbVZ^oOm (iii) That articles are not missent to SOs and BOs in account with
(iv) That the instructions contained in Rule 143 of P & T Man.
(iv) `h{H$S>mH$Ed§Vma{Z`_nwñVH$I§S>VIHo${Z`_143 _|{XEAZwXoem|H$mAZwnmbZ Vol. VI are attended to.
(v) Records of MOs missent and misdrawn and write to offices
(v) JbVào{fV{H$EVWmJbVAmh[aV{H$E_ZrAmS>©am|dOmo_ZrAmS>©aO_mh¡§,Ho$ concerned and see those in deposit.
[aH$mS>m]Ho$~mao_|g§~§{YVS>mH$Kam|gonÌmMmaH$aZmŸ& (vi) Process of redirecting is properly carried out.
(vi) nwZ:ào[fVH$aZoH$sà{H«$`mH$mAZwnmbZR>rH$go{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& (vii) Postmaster does some times send articles returned by
Postmen for retrial by Head Postmen/ overseer or Public Rela-
(vii) h¡S>nmoñQ>_¡Z/Amoda{g`aAWdmOZg§nH©${ZarjH$ÛmamarQ´>m`bHo${bEnmoñQ>_mñQ>a
tions Inspector.
40. (a) Examine the entries of some of the VP articles for despatch to
40. (H$) àofUHo${bEaIrHw$N>drnr_Xm|H$sà{d{ï>`m|H$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$CZ_| see that amount written thereon agree with the entries in VPMO
{bIrJB©am{edrnrE_Amo\$m_©VWmdrnrOZ©bgo_obImVrh¡Ÿ& form and VP journals.

(I) XoI|{H$drnrE_AmoH$sàm{áZhmoZoHo$_m_bo_|Š`mdrnrH$m°bOmarH$sOmVrh¡Ÿ& (b) See whether VP calls are issued in case of non-receipt of VPMO.

17 17
(J) àmáhþB©drnr_Xm|Ho$a{OñQ>aH$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$Cg_|R>rH$goà{d{ï>`m§ (c) Examine the register of VP articles received to see that it is
H$sJB©h¢VWmO_mhþB©_Xm|H$sg§»`mH$mo{ZYm©{aVar{VgoamoOZmoQ>{H$`mOmVmh¡VWm written up properly and the No. of articles in deposit is noted in
the prescribed manner daily and the particulars of VPMO
issued in lieu of articles delivered have been noted.
(K) Š`m^oOZodmboH$modmngào{fVH$sOmZodmbrhñVmj{aVagrXm|,nmd{V`m|VWm (d) Whether signed receipts, acknowledgements and undelivered
A{dV[aV_Xm|,ZH$XrAm{XH$sdmngrR>rH$àH$magoH$sOmahrh¡Ÿ& articles, cash for remittance to senders is made over properly.
(L>) Š`mnmZodmboHo$AZwamoYnagm_J«rAnZrA{^ajm_o§aIZoHo$n[aUm_ñdê$nCgna (e) Whether demurrage charges have been recovered in case of
bJZodmbo{db§~ewëH$H$sdgybrH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& articles detained at the request of addressee.

41. {dXoenmg©bm|Ho$_m_bo_|Š`mH$ñQ>_S>çyQ>rZH$X_|EH$[ÌVH$sOmVrh¡VWm`{XnmZodmbm 41. In case of foreign parcels, is the customs duty collected in cash and
is the proper procedure followed in case addressee wishes reassessment ?
Are inward and outward acknowledgements properly disposed off ?
42. Examine the Registered and Parcel lists in accordance with
42. I§S>VIIIHo${Z`_239 H$sYmam34 VWm35 Ho$AZwgaU_|a{OñQ>S>©VWmnmg©bgyMrH$s clause - 34 and 35 of Rule 239 of Vol. VIII.
43. (a) Is the Register of PLI properly maintained ? Test check some
43. (H$) Š`mS>mH$OrdZ~r_ma{OñQ>aH$maI-aImdghrT>§Jgo{H$`mJ`mh¡?a{OñQ>a_|XO©
entries in the register to see whether
(i) Name of the insurants are in alphabetical order.
(i) ~r_mYmaH$m|Ho$Zm_dU©_mbmHo$AZwgmah¢Ÿ&
(ii) The receipt of information about a new policy issued noted.
(ii) ZB©OmarhmoZodmbrnm{bgrH$sgyMZmH$sàm{áZmoQ>H$abrJB©h¡Ÿ& (iii) The regular posting of PLI recovery made.
(iii) S>mH$OrdZ~r_mH$sdgybrH$mo{Z`{_Vê$ngoImVo_|M‹T>m`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& (iv) The schedule of PLI recoveries are prepared.
(iv) S>mH$OrdZ~r_mH$sdgy{b`m|H$sAZwgyMrV¡`maH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& (b) Examine and see whether a separate register for Rural PLI
transactions is maintained separately as per prescribed columns,
(I) Om§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`mJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mHo$boZ-XoZH$maIaImdAbJgo
transactions of RPLI at Branch Post Offices in account with are
`Wm{ZYm©{aVH$m°b_m|_|n¥WH$a{OñQ>a_|aImOmVmh¡,emImS>mH$Kam|Ho$gmWboIm~Õ incorporated in this register and that PLI and RPLI transactions
J«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mH$mboZ-XoZBga{OñQ>a_|{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmŠ`mS>mH$OrdZ are accounted for separately.
~r_mdJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_mH$mboZ-XoZAbJImVo_|Xem©`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& (Dte. of PLI letter No.5-18/95-LI dtd. 15.2.96)

18 18
(J) {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgo,àË`oH$_hrZo_|S>mH$OrdZ~r_mVWmJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ (c) Verify atleast two days PLI and RPLI collections in every month
~r_mH$sH$_goH$_Xmo{XZm|H$sàm{á`m|H$sVwbZm{nN>bràm{á`m|,S>mH$OrdZ~r_m since date of last inspection with reference to receipts, PLI
a{OñQ>aVWmàYmZS>mH$KaHo$gmaHo$gmWH$a|VWmñd`§`hnwï>H$a|{H$YZgaH$mar register and HO summary and satisfy that money has been
properly accounted for in Govt. accounts.
(d) If the Head Office is in rural area, the cases of non receipt of
(K) `{XàYmZS>mH$KaJ«m_rUjoÌ_|pñWVh¢,VmoJ«m_rUS>mH$OrdZ~r_màr{_`_Ho$ acceptance/rejection letters from Circle Office in respect of RPLI
g§J«hUHo$g§~§Y_|g{H©$bH$m`m©b`gon«máZhmoZodmboñdrH¥${V/AñdrH¥${VHo$_m_bm| premia collected may be listed out and sent to Circle Office
H$sgyMrV¡`maH$aHo$CgogË`mnZHo${bE{S>drOZbH$m`m©b`Ho$_mÜ`_gog{H©$b through Divisional Office for verification.
(e) See whether proper arrangement has been made for collection
(L>) XoI|{H$Š`mS>mH$OrdZ~r_màr{_`_H$sdgybrHo${bEC{MVà~§Y{H$EJEh¢,S>mH$ of PLI premiums, staff handling PLI work are well conversant
OrdZ~r_mH$mg§MbZH$aZodmbmñQ>m\$S>mH$OrdZ~r_mH$sà{H«$`mgo^bràH$mago with procedure of PLI and essential forms such as application
AdJVh¡VWmG$Un[anŠdVmVWm_¥Ë`wHo$XmdoHo$\$m_©VWm{dkmnZg§~§Yrgm_J«r for loan, maturity and death claims and publicity materials are
available in the Post Office.
(f) Assess the growth of business in the office, see whether there
(M) H$m`m©b`_|ì`dgm`H$sd¥{ÕH$m_yë`m§H$ZH$a|,XoI|{H$Š`m{~H«$s~mXgodmVWmàMma is any need for improving the after sale service and publicity.
_|Am¡aH$moB©gwYmabmZoH$sAmdí`H$Vmh¡Ÿ&Bgg§~§Y_|{ZarjU[anmoQ>©_|Amdí`H$ Record suitable directions in the inspection report in this regard
H$ma©dmB©Ho${bEC{MV{ZX}e[aH$mS>©H$a|Ÿ& for necessary action.
(N>) XoI|{H$Š`mS>rS>rE_/ES>rE_(S>mH$OrdZ~r_m)(Xmdm|Ho${bEgj_àm{YH$mar)Ho$ (g) Check whether the specimen signatures of DDM / ADM (PLI)
Z_yZmhñVmjaJmS>©\$mB©b_|aI|JEh¢VWm^wJVmZH$aVog_`CZH$m{_bmZH$a (Sanctioning authority of claims) are kept in guard file and are
{b`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& referred while making the payments.

(O) XoI|{H$Š`m^wJVmZH$sgyMZmg{H©$bH$m`m©b`/joÌr`H$m`m©b`H$sS>mH$OrdZ~r_m (h) Check whether the intimation of payments are quickly sent to
PLI branch of CO/RO and their record is maintained.
(i) Check whether schedules of PLI receipts and payments and
(P) XoI|{H$Š`mS>mH$OrdZ~r_mH$sàm{á`m|Ed§^wJVmZVWmG$UH$sdgybr/àm{áH$s loan receipt/payment to PAO and Circle office respectively upto
AZwgyMr{nN>bo_hrZoVH$H$«_e:S>mH$boImH$m`m©b`VWmg{H©$bH$m`m©b`H$mo^oOXr last month.
(j) Check whether stock of blank Premium Receipt Books (PRB)
(Äm) XoI|{H$Imbràr{_`_àm{á~wH$H$mñQ>mH$n`m©áh¡VWmŠ`mnm{bgrYmaH$m|H$mo is sufficient and fresh PRBs were issued to policy holders
àr{_`_àm{á~wH$erK«VmgoOmarH$sOmVrh¡Ÿ& promptly.

(Q>) XoI|{H$Š`màñVmdmo§Ho$gwPmdm|Ho${bE`m~r_mYmaH$/àñVmdH$Ûmam^oOrOmZodmbr (k) Check whether the box for dropping the proposals or
gyMZmH$sàm{áHo${bE~mŠgàYmZS>mH$KaHo$gw{dYmHo$ÝÐnañWm{nV{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& intimations by the insurant/proposer has been installed at Head
Post Office enquiry counter.
(R>) XoI|{H$Š`mV¡`maH$sJB©AZwgyMrghrT>§JgoV¡`maH$sJB©h¡VWmŠ`mdhgwñnï>h¡Ÿ&
(l) Check whether the schedules prepared are correct and legible.
(S>) {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgoAä`n©U/~r_mH$sn[anŠdVmgog§~§{YV{H$E^wJVmZHo$ (m) Prepare the list of at least five payments relating to surrender/
~mao_|H$_goH$_5 ^wJVmZm|H$sgyMrV¡`maH$a|VWmCgHo$gË`mnZHo${bEBgog{H©$b maturity made since last inspection and sent to Circle office PLI
H$m`m©b`H$sS>mH$OrdZ~r_memImH$mo^oO|Ÿ& branch for verification.

19 19
44. {ZarjUA{YH$marH$mo_ZrAmS>©aagrXm|VWmAÝ`g§X{^©V[aH$mS>m]H$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bE 44. The Inspecting officer should examine MO issue receipts and other
H$aZrMm{hE{H$:- relevant records to see that :

(i) _ZrAmS>©aagrXH$sE_Amo-Ÿ&(Eg)~wH$H$mà`moJH$aZogonhboCgoOm§M{b`mJ`mh¡ (i) the MO-I (s) Book of MO receipts is checked before use and a
certificate to this effect is noted on cover page of receipt book.
(ii) the entries noted on receipts are legible and the amount is noted
(ii) agrXnaZmoQ>H$sJB©n«{d{ï>`m§gwnmR²>`h¢VWmam{eH$moeãXm|dA§H$m|_|ZmoQ>H$a{b`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& in words and figures.
(iii) _ZrAmS>©aOmarH$aZodmbmamoOZm_MmghràH$magoV¡`ma{H$`mJ`mh¡VWm_ZrAmS>©a (iii) the MO issue journals are prepared properly, and MOs are
H$mog_w{MVEd§ghr{nZ-H$moS>(nhþ§MZodmbmñWmZ)na^oOmJ`mh¡Ÿ&Bgn«`moOZHo$ being duly drawn on the proper and correct PIN code
{bEEH$narjUOm§MH$sOmgH$Vrh¡,{Og_|{ZarjUHo${XZOmarhmoZodmbo_ZrAmS>©a (destinations). For this purpose a test check can be carried out
by checking the MOs issued on the day of inspection and by
checking whether the supervisor has carried out the necessary
Om§MH$sh¢`mZhtŸ& checks every day.
(iv) EMdrE_AmogyMr,E_Amo~§S>bV¡`ma{H$EOmahoh¢VWmCZH$s{ZYm©[aVà{d{ï>`m§H$aZo (iv) HVMO lists, MO bundles are being prepared and made over to
Ho$Cnam§VCÝh|a{OñQ´>oeZemImH$moCgrg_`agrX~wH$_|XO©H$aHo$^oOmJ`mh¡VWm registration branch duly entered in hand-to-hand receipt book
CgH$sagrXàmáH$abrJB©h¡Ÿ& under receipt.

(v) OmarhmoZodmbo_ZrAmS>©am|H$mH«o${S>Q>gaH$marImVm|_|XO©H$a{b`mJ`mh¡VWmE_Amo (v) The credits of MOs issued have been accounted for in
Government accounts by tallying the serial number of MOs
agrX~wH$_|Xem©EJEE_Amogr[a`bZ§~aH$moE_AmoOmarH$aZodmboamoOZm_MoVWm shown in MO receipt book and have been correctly
àYmZS>mH$KaHo$gma_|ghràH$magoXO©H$a{X`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&Bgà`moOZHo${bE{nN>bo incorporated in MO issue journal and HO summary. For this
{ZarjUH$s{V{WHo$AmJogo{d{^Þ_hrZm|H$s{H$ÝhtMmaMwZrhþB©{V{W`m|H$sEH$ purpose, a random check for four days selected at random in
AmH$pñ_H$Om§MH$sOmZrMm{hEŸ& different months should be carried out from date of last
45. (i) {ZarjUA{YH$mar`hXoI|Jo{H$Vma_ZrAmS>©a(Q>rE_Amo)gyMZmnwpñVH$m_|gyMZmE§
45. (i) The Inspecting officer shall see that the advices in TMO advice
book, run in consecutive serials and unused advices are intact.
(ii) `hXoI|{H${ZJ©VVma_ZrAmS>©am|gog§X{^©Vnmd{V`m§àmáhmoJB©h¢Am¡a{OZ{ZJ©V (ii) See that acknowledgements in respect of TMOs issued have
Vma_ZrAmS>©am|Ho$_m_bm|_|nmd{V`m§g_`naàmáZhthþB©h¢,CZ_|^wJVmZH$m`m©b`m| been received and are on record and in case of TMOs issued
H$moAmdí`H$H$m°bOmar{H$EJEh¢Ÿ& necessary calls are issued to the offices of payment in cases
where acknowledgements are not received in time.
(iii) ^wJVmZHo${bEàmáVma_ZrAmS>©agyMZmAm|gog§~§{YVS>mH$gånw{ï>Ho${_bZona
(iii) Has a proper watch & check been kept on receipt of postal
confirmation on TMO advices received for payments and postal
S>mH$gånw{ï>`m|H$sOm§MH$sOmahrh¡Am¡aBÝh|^wJVmZHo${bE{d{hVVarHo$go confirmations of telegraph advice are checked and disposed of
{ZñVm{aV{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& in the prescribed manner for payment ?
(iv) `hXoI|{H$g^ràH$maHo$[aH$mS>©O¡goàmáVma_ZrAmS>©am|H$ma{OñQ>a,_ZrAmS>©a- (iv) See that all the records like register of TMOs received, book of
àm{á-nwpñVH$m,Vma_ZrAmS>©agyMZmnwpñVH$mAm¡agm§p»`H$s`a{OñQ>aH$mog_w{MV money order receipts, TMOs advice book and statistical
VarHo$go~ZmEaImOmahmh¡Ÿ& register are properly maintained.

20 20
46. (i) `hXoI|{H$ñQ>oeZAm¡aemImS>mH$Kam|Ho$g§X^©_|E_Amo-3a{OñQ>am|H$mo{Z`_mZwgma 46. (i) See that MO 3 registers in respect of station and BOs have
g_w{MVVarHo$go~ZmEaImJ`mh¡Am¡aS>m{H$`m|H$monwZ…Omar{H$EJE_ZrAmS>©am|H$s properly maintained as per rules and money orders reissued to
postman are entered in the register in red ink.
(ii) See that money orders telegraph money orders are paid
(ii) `hXoI|{H$_ZrAmS>©am|/Vma_ZrAmS>©am|H$mVËnaVmgo^wJVmZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Am¡a
promptly and find out the causes for delayed payments, if any.
{db§~go{H$EJE^wJVmZm|,`{XH$moB©hm|,Ho$H$maUm|H$mnVmbJmE§Ÿ&Š`m{db§~Ho$ Whether cause of delay has been got investigated at random
H$maUH$snrAmaAmB©(nr)/N>§Q>mB©/hoS>nmoñQ>_¡ZHo$_mÜ`_go`mÑpÀN>H$ê$ngoOm§M through PRI (P)/Sorting/Head Postman and remedial action
H$admB©JB©h¡Am¡agwYmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©H$sJB©h¡Ÿ& taken.

(iii) `mÑpÀN>H$ê$ngoXoI|{H$^wJVmZHo${bEàmáEMdrE_AmoHo$gmWEMdrE_AmogyMr (iii) See at random that HVMO list is received along with HVMOs
H$sg§JVn§OrH¥$VgyMr_|{d{YdVê$ngoà{dï>H$sOmVrh¡Ÿ& received for payment and duly entered in the relevant regis-
tered list.
(iv) ^wJVmZH$aZoHo$Cnam§VS>m{H$Egon«má_ZrAmS>©am|H$s`hXoIZoHo${bEOm§M-n‹S>Vmb
(iv) Are money orders received from the postmen after payment
H$a|{H$CZH$sAXm`Jrghrì`{º$H$moH$sOmahrh¡Am¡a^wJVmZHo${Z`_m|H$mAZwnmbZ examined to see that they are paid to correct persons and rules
{H$`mOmahmh¡?Š`m^wJVmZZhmoZoH$sXem_|S>m{H$Eg_w{MVH$maU/{Q>ßn{U`m§ for payment are observed ? Do postmen record proper
XO©H$aVoh¢? reasons/remarks in case of non payment ?

(v) `hXoI|{H$^wJVmZHo${bE_ZrAmS>©aAm¡aZH$XràmáH$aZoHo$à_mUñdê$nS>m{H$Ego (v) See that the acquittance of postman in token of having received
àm{áH$mE_Amo-3 a{OñQ>a_|brJB©h¢Am¡aS>m{H$EH$moàm{YH¥$Vgr_mHo$_wVm{~H$ the MOs and cash for payment are obtained in the MO-3
register and the cash is given to the postman as per authorized
47. `hXoI|{H$_ZrAmS>©a{ZJ©_Am¡aàXÎm{dda{U`m§boIm/boIm-narjmH$m`m©b`H$mo`Wmg_`
47. See that money order issued and paid returns are sent to the
Am¡a{Z`{_Vê$ngo^oOrOmahrh¡Ÿ& Accounts/Audit Office in time and regularly.

48. {ZarjUA{YH$marH$mo`hXoIZmMm{hE{H$_ZrAmS>©aghm`H${Z`_m|{deofH$a^wJVmZgo 48. The Inspecting officer should see that money order Assistant is well
nhboAm¡aBgHo$~mX_|_ZrAmS>©aHo$Jw_hmoOmZo,nmZodmboH$mZm_~XboOmZoAm{XH$sXem_|AnZmB© conversant with the rules particularly about the procedure to be adopted in
OmZodmbrH$m`©{d{YgonyU©V`mAdJVh¢Ÿ& case of loss of a money order before and after its payment,
alteration of payee’s name etc.
49. àmáAm¡a{S>nm{OQ>_|aIo_ZrAmS>©am|H$s`hXoIZoHo${bEOm§M-n‹S>>VmbH$a|{H$Q´>m§{OQ>g_`
49. Examine the MOs received and in deposit to see that the transit time
is reasonable and they have not been detained unjustifiably.

50. àmá_ZrAmS>©am|H$sOm§M-n‹S>VmbH$a|Am¡a`hXoI|{H${H$grImgH$m`m©b``m{S>drOZH$s 50. Check the Money Orders received and see if any particular office or
àd¥{ÎmJbVT>§JgoAmh[aVH$aZoH$sahrh¡Ÿ&AJaEogmh¡,Vmogwñnï>Am¡aAmdVuAZwñ_maH$^oOH$a division is tending to misdraw them. If so please take action for putting an
JbVAmhaUm|naamoH$bJmE§Ÿ& end to the misdrawals by pointed and repeated reminders.

21 21
51. {ZarjUA{YH$mar`hXoI|Jo{H$ 51. The Inspecting officer shall see that the

(1) {ZJ©_H$sX¡{ZH$gy{M`m|Am¡aàm{á`m|H$sH$m~©Zà{V`m|VWm (1) daily lists of issue and carbonic copies of receipts and
(2) daily lists of payments of MO paid and TMO receipts received
(2) àXÎm_ZrAmS>©aHo$^wJVmZH$sX¡{ZH$gy{M`m|Am¡aCnS>mH$Kam|goàmáVma_ZrAmS>©a
from SOs are properly checked and whether index to MO re-
àm{á`m|H$sCn`wº$VarHo$goOm§MH$sOmahrh¡Am¡a`hXoI|{H$CnS>mH$Kam|Ûmam ceipts issued by SOs is maintained.
52. (i) `hXoI|{H$S>mH$ghm`H$H$moHo$db"E'H$mo`m{ZàMmbH$H$sXrOmEAm¡aH$moB©AÝ`H$s
`m{Z"Ama',"Q>r'Am¡a"EŠg'Ed§"OoS'>{H$gr^rg_`CgoZ{XEOmE§Am¡a`hXoI§o 52. (i) See that ‘A’ key only i.e. Operator’s key is given to the Postal
{H$`og^rnmoñQ>_mñQ>a/ghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$s{ZOrA{^ajm_o§ah|Am¡aO~Am¡a Assistant and no other keys, i.e. ‘R’, ‘T’ and ‘X’ and ‘Z’ keys, are
at any time given to him and see that all these remain in the
personal custody of the PM / APM and are used by him only as
(ii) `hXoI|{H$_ZrAmS>©a_erZA{^ajma{OñQ>aH$moCn`wº$VarHo$go~ZmEaImOmahm and when required.

h¡Am¡a"EŠg'Ed§"OoS'H$sH$mCn`moJXem©VohþEg§JVñV§^m|H$moCn`wº$VarHo$go^am (ii) See that money order machine custody register is properly
Omahmh¡Ÿ& maintained and the relevant columns are properly filled in
showing the use of ‘X’ and ‘Z’ keys.
(iii) BgH$sOm§M-n‹S>>VmbH$a|{H${Q>H$Q>n§Or"[a~Z',H$m~©ZnonaVWm_ZrAmS>©a{ZJ©_
(iii) Check whether adequate supply of ticket rolls ‘Ribbons’,
carbon papers and the paper for use as MO Issue Journal is in
(iv) `hXoI|{H$A§H$Zg^rXñVmdoOm|,Zm_V:,_ZrAmS>©a\$m_©,{Q>H$Q>n§OrAm¡a_ZrAmS>©a stock.
{ZJ©_OZ©bnagwñnï>>Am¡a{d[eîQ>h¢Ÿ& (iv) See that impressions are distinct and clear on all documents,
namely MO form, Ticket Roll and MO Issue Journal.
(v) JV{ZarjUHo$g_`goàË`oH$_mh_|Mma{V{W`m|H$s`mÑpÀN>H$ê$ngoOm§MH$a|Am¡a
`hXoI|{H$~wH${H$EJE_ZrAmS>©am|H$sgyMrR>rH$-R>rH$V¡`maH$sJB©h¡Am¡a_ZrAmS>©a (v) Check at random four dates in each month since the last
inspection and see that the list of MOs booked has been
correctly prepared and the serial numbers of MOs tallied as
ImVrh¢Am¡agyMr_|R>rH$-R>rH$Xem©B©JB©h¢Am¡a_ZrAmS>©a{ZJ©_OZ©b_|Xem©B©JB©h¢ shown in the MO machine custody register and have been
Am¡a_ZrAmS>©a{ZJ©_OZ©b_|`WmXO©Hw$bam{eH$moS>mH$KaboIm_|R>rH$-R>rH$H«o${S>Q> correctly indicated in the list and that the total amount as shown
{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& in the MO issue journal has been correctly credited to the Post
Office Accounts.
(vi) `hXoI|{H$_erZH$mn`m©áCn`moJ{H$`mOmahmh¡Am¡a{d{hVX¡{ZH$Am¡gV
(vi) See that adequate use of the machine is being made and the
prescribed daily average is being obtained.
(_hm{ZXoeH$28-4/84-{ZarjU{XZm§H$5.1.1986) (DG 28-4/84-Inspn. dated 5.1.1986)

22 22
drgoQ> VSAT
53. (H$) (i) drgoQ>H$mŠ`mH$m`©g_`h¡? 53. (a) (i) What are the working hours of the VSAT ?

(ii) Does it function at night and holidays / Sundays ?

(ii) Š`m`ham{ÌAm¡aAdH$me{Xdgm|/a{ddmam|_|H$m_H$aVmh¡?
(iii) Is sufficient body of staff trained in the handling of VSAT/
(iii) Š`mdrgoQ>/B©EgE_AmoàUmbrH$moh¢S>bH$aZoHo${bEà{e{jVñQ>m\$H$mn`m©á ESMO system ?
V§Ìh¡? (b) How many ESMOs are functioning under the VSAT stations ?
Are all of them operational ?
(I) drgoQ>ñQ>oeZm|Ho$AYrZ{H$VZoB©EgE_AmoH$m`©H$aahoh¢?Š`mCZ_|gog^rMmbyh¢?
(c) Give details of the dates during the last three months when the
(J) JVVrZ_mhHo$Xm¡amZ{OZ-{OZVmarIm|_|drgoQ>/B©EgE_AmoZoH$m`©Zht{H$`m, VSAT / ESMO did not function together with action taken to
CZH$mã`moamX|Ÿ& make the same operational.
(d) Is a maintenance contract in place in the Division for ESMOs ? If
(K) Š`mB©EgE_AmoHo${bE{S>drOZ_|AZwajUg§{dXmV`H$sJB©h¡?`{Xhm§,VmoCg so, mention the date upto which the contract will remain in force.
(e) Are you satisfied with the location of ESMOs ? Are any changes
(L>) Š`mAmnB©EgE_AmoHo$bmoHo$eZgog§Vwï>h¢?Š`m{H$gràH$maH$m~XbmdAmdí`H$h¡? necessary.
(f) Are the working hours of the ESMOs proper ? Each ESMO
(M) Š`mB©EgE_AmoH$mH$m`©-g_`Cn`wº$h¡?àË`oH$B©EgE_AmoH$mo0800go2000 should be running from 0800 to 2000 hrs. so as to enable it to
~OoVH$H$m_H$aZmMm{hEVm{H$`h{H$grEH${XZ~wH${H$Eg^r_ZrAmS>©am|H$moCgr transmit all money orders booked the same day and receive
{XZnmao{fVH$aZoAm¡adrgoQ>goàmáH$aZo_|gj_hmogHo${Oggo{H$AnZoñd`§Ho$ from VSAT with a view to making payment either the same /
next day in own office /GDSBOs in account.
H$m`m©b`/ImVm~Õ J«m_rUS>mH$godH$S>mH$Ka_|Cgr/AJbo{XZ^wJVmZ{H$`mOm
gHo$Ÿ& (g) Depending on the inward traffic is the installation of high speed
printer justified ?
(N>) AmdH$n[a`mVH$s_mÌmHo$AmYmanaŠ`mCƒJ{VHo$qàQ>aH$mAm¡{MË`~ZVmh¡?
(h) Has a UPS/Generator been provided ? Generator is to be
(O) Š`m`ynrEg/OoZaoQ>aCnbãYH$am`mJ`mh¡?{~ObrH$sAË`{YH$H$_rhmoZonahr provided only in case of acute shortage of electricity.
(i) Check the receipt / despatch of money orders for at least 4 days
(P) boIm~ÕS>mH$Ka`m{ZH$Q>dVuS>mH$Ka_|~wH${H$E_ZrAmS>©am|H$moS>mH$Kam|_|àmá in the last one month to find out the time taken in receiving money
H$aZo_|bJog_`Am¡admñV{dH$nmaofU-{V{WH$mnVmbJmZoHo${bE{dJVEH$_hrZo orders from post offices booked at the post office in account or in
Ho$H$_goH$_4 {XZmo§Ho${bE_ZrAmS>©am|H$sàm{á/àofUH$sOm§§M-n‹S>VmbH$a|Ÿ&Bgr the vicinity and date of actual transmission. Similarly check the
disposal of money orders received through the VSAT / ESMO.
(j) Is the entry date relating to payment of money orders received
H$a|Ÿ& through VSAT / ESMO being made daily and a system for
(Äm) Š`mdrgoQ>/B©EgE_AmoHo$_mÜ`_goàmá_ZrAmS>©am|Ho$^wJVmZgog§~§{YV{V{WH$s obtaining such information from post offices where payments
à{d{ï>X¡{ZH$AmYmanaH$sOmahrh¡Am¡aCgS>mH$KagoEogrgyMZmàmáH$aZoH$s are made exists. ?
àUmbr_m¡OyXh¡Ohm§^wJVmZ{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& (k) In the case of a Head Post Office are all money orders booked
(Q>) àYmZS>mH$KaHo$_m_bo_|Š`mboIm~ÕCn-S>mH$Ka_|~wH${H$EJEg^r_ZrAmS>©a in sub-office in account being received only through the account
bags at the respective VSAT / ESMO and sent to the offices of
g§~§{YVdrgoQ>/B©EgE_Amo_|Ho$dbboImW¡bm|Ho$_mÜ`_goàmáAm¡a^wJVmZS>mH$Kam| payment through the account bags or in direct bags without the
_|boImW¡bm|`maobS>mH$godmgogh`moJ{bE~J¡agrYoW¡bm|_|^oOmOmVmh¡? intervention of RMS ?

23 23
54. EogoO_mH$Vm©Am|Ho$X¡{ZH$à{VeVHo$~mao_|~MV~¢H$H$mCÝQ>an`©dojH$/S>mH$ghm`H$go 54. Please enquire and find out from the SB counter supervisor / PA as
nyN>H$anVmbJmE§{OZHo$Z_yZmhñVmjaZht{_bVoh¢Ÿ&BgH$sOm§M-n‹S>>VmbH$a|Ÿ&doH$mC§Q>anaBg to the daily percentage of depositors whose specimen signatures do not
g_ñ`mgo{H$gn«H$ma{ZnQ>Voh¢?Š`mdoBgn«H$maH$sg_ñ`mH$mohbH$aZo_|gh`moJboZo_|gj_hmo tally. How does he solve the problem at the counter ? Is he able to secure the
nmVoh¢? cooperation in this type of problem solving ?

55. Š`m~MV~¢H$n`©dojH$`hgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEH$mCÝQ>aEd§boOa{b{nH$m|nag_w{MV 55. Does the SB Supervisor exercise proper control over the counter &
{Z`§ÌUaInmVoh¢{H$OZVmH$moH$moB©{db§~Zhm|Ÿ& ledger clerks to ensure that there is no delay to the public ?

56. `hXoI|{H$g^ràH$maH$s~MV~¢H$ñH$s_m|`m{Z~MVImVm,AmdVuO_m,gmd{YO_m, 56. See that the lists of transactions and returns for all SB schemes i.e.
_m{gH$Am`ñH$s_,amï´>r`~MVñH$s_-87,amï´>r`~MVñH$s_-92,bmoH$^{dî`{Z{YAm¡a_{hbm saving accounts, RD, TD, MIS, NSS-87, NSS-92, PPF and MSY are
g_¥{Õ`moOZmHo${bEAÝVaUm|Am¡a{dda{U`m|H$sgy{M`m§àYmZS>mH$Kam|Ho$gmW-gmWCnS>mH$Kam|Ûmam prepared by HO as well as SOs in the prescribed form and submitted daily to
{d{hVànÌ_|V¡`maH$sOmVrh¢Am¡a~MV~¢H${Z`§ÌUg§JR>ZH$mo{Z`_mZwgmaX¡{ZH$AmYmanaàñVwV SBCO as per rule duly entered in voucher list after being sealed. Test check

H$sOmVrh§¡Am¡a_wha~§XH$aZoHo$~mX{OZH$sdmCMagyMr_|{d{YdVê$ngoà{d{ï>H$sOmVrh¡Ÿ&{^Þ- a few dates in different months say 4, to see that the total in the list of HO
transactions tallied with that in the long book / HO summary.
A§VaUm|H$sgyMrH$m`moJbm°J~wH$/àYmZS>mH$Kagmago_obImVmh¡ (Rule 46 of POSB Manual Vol.-I)

(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_46) 57. Is the ledger posting for savings accounts, RD, TD, MIS, NSS-92,
PPF and MSY savings scheme up-to-date ? Record the reasons if position
57. Š`m~MVImVm|,AmaS>r,Q>rS>r,E_AmB©Eg,EZEgEg-92,nrnrE\$Am¡aE_EgdmB©~MV
is not upto date and ensure that arrears if any are cleared without delay.
gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$~H$mE,`{XH$moB©hm|,H$m{~Zm{H$gr{db§~Ho${ZnQ>mZ{H$`mOmEŸ& 58. See that the index card cabinets, binders, cup boards are arranged
properly and that the Supervisor has overall view of counters and
58. `hXoI|{H$gyMH$H$mS>©H¡${~ZoQ>m|,~mBÝS>am|,H$n~moS>m]H$moCn`wº$VarHo$goì`dpñWV{H$`mJ`m Ledger Assistants.
59. Are all index cards (SB-3) in respect of each type of accounts for
59. Š`màYmZS>mH$Kag{hVàË`oH$S>mH$KaHo${bEImVm|Ho$àË`oH$àH$maHo$g§X^©_|g^rgyMH$ each office separately including HO arranged properly and kept in safe
H$mS>m](~MV~¢H$3)H$mCn`wº$VarHo$goì`dpñWV{H$`mJ`mh¡Am¡agwa{jVA{^ajm_|aImJ`mh¡ custody and kept in order of account number ? Test check some. Is proper
VWmImVmg§»`mH«$_mZwgmaaImJ`mh¡Ÿ&Š`mA{dÚ_mZZ_yZmhñVmjam|H$moàmáH$aZoHo${bEg_w{MV action being taken to obtain wanting specimen signatures. See that SB-3 of
H$ma©dmB© H$s Om ahr h¡ ? `h XoI| {H$ ~§X ImVm| Am¡a {ZpîH«$` ImVm| Ho$ ~MV closed accounts and silent accounts are not kept in cabinets with SB-3 of
~¢H$-3H$moMmbyImVoHo$~MV~¢H$-3Ho$gmWH¡${~ZoQ>m|_|VmoZhtaImJ`mh¡Ÿ& current accounts.

24 24
60. `XXoI|{H$Š`mg^ràH$maH$s~MVñH$s_m|`m{Z~MVImVm|,AmaS>r,Q>rS>r,E_AmB©Eg, 60. See whether the Registers of Nominations prescribed for entering
nominations in respect of all savings schemes i.e. Savings Accounts, RD,
TD, MIS, NSS-87, NSS-92, PPF and MSY schemes are maintained properly
{bE{d{hVZm_{ZX}eZa{OñQ>am|H$m{d{hVànÌ_|Cn`wº$VarHo$go~ZmEaImJ`mh¡,à{d{ï>`m§ in the prescribed form, entries authenticated, the applications for subsequent
à_m{UVH$sJB©h¢,AZwdVuZm_{ZX}eZm|`mZm_{ZX}eZ~XbZoHo$AmdoXZm|H$moJmS>©\$mBb_|H«$_ nominations or change of nominations are kept serially numbered in guard
g§»`mZwgmaaImJ`mh¡Am¡aZm_{ZX}eZ~mX_|~XbZoHo${bE{d{hVewëH$à^m[aV{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&b¡Oa file and prescribed fee is charged for change of nominations subsequently.
Test check a few entries in the registers with reference to the ledger cards /
(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_22) (Rule 22 of POSB Manual Vol. I)

61. (H$) Š`m~MVImVm|,EZEgEg-87,EZEgEg-92 Am¡anrnrE\$ñH$s_m|Ho$g§X^©_|31 61. (a) Was the interest calculation completed by the 31st March in r/o
_mM©VH$ã`mOH$mn[aH$bZH$m`©nyamH$a{b`mJ`mWmŸ&AJaZhtVmo{db§~Ho$Š`m savings accounts NSS-87, NSS-92 and PPF schemes. If not,
what were the reasons for the delay and steps taken to get it
(I) Š`mg_`mon[a^ÎmoHo$a{OñQ>am|H$mo~ZmEaImOmVmh¡?Š`mg_`mon[a^ÎmoHo$Xmdm|H$mo (b) Were the registers for OTA duty of interest calculations
erK«Vmgo{ZnQ>m`mOmVmh¡? maintained ? Were OTA claims settled promptly ?

(J) Š`m01 Aà¡bH$moAm¡aCgHo$~mXAÝVaU{Zînm{XVhmoZoHo$~mdOyXImVmnmg~wH$m|H$s (c) Are the special error books for entry of pass books of accounts
not received for interest posting even though there was
à{d[ï>H$aZohoVw{deofÌw{Q-nwpñVH$mE§àmáZhthþB©h¢Am¡aŠ`mg_w{MVAZwdVu transactions on or after 1st April maintained and is a proper
H$ma©dmB©H$sJB©h¡? follow up action taken ?
(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_74) (Rule 74 of POSB Manual Vol-I)

(K) Š`mEbEgOr/EMEgOrS>mH$Kam|Ho$g§X^©_|ã`mO{ddaUH$sà{Vg§~§{YVS>mH$Kam| (d) Whether copy of interest statements in respect of LSG/HSG

Post Offices has been supplied to concerned offices ?
(e) Whether passbooks of single-handed offices have been called
(L>) Š`mEH$H$_©MmardmboS>mH$Kam|H$snmg~wH$ã`mOH$sà{d{ï>H$aZohoVw_§JmB©JB©h¢Am¡a for interest posting and the record regarding posting of interest
nmg~wH$m|_|ã`mOH$sà{d{ï>H$aZog§~§Yr[aH$mS>©~ZmEaIoJEh¢? in pass books has been maintained.

(M) Š`mEH$H$_©MmardmboCnS>mH$Kam|(Hw$N>MwZohþEImVo)goã`mOH$sà{d{ï>H$aZohoVw (f) Whether the list of pass books not received for posting of
interest from single handed SOs (some selected accounts) have
ZhtàmáhþB©nmg~wH$m|H$sgyMrnmg~wH$m|Ho$àË`jgË`mnZhoVw{ZarjH$,S>mH$/ been sent to Inspector Posts / ASPOs for physical verification
ghm.AYr.,S>mH$KaH$mo^oOrJB©h¡Ÿ& with the pass books.

62. Š`mdoVZn§Or~MVñH$s_m|Ho$O_mAm¡aWmoH$A§VaUm|Ho${bEg_w{MVì`dñWmH$sJB©h¡? 62. Are the arrangements for Pay Roll Savings Schemes deposits and
bulk transactions proper ? Make a detailed study of the problems to ensure
that there is no delay in carrying out transactions in such
H$aZo_|{H$gràH$maH$m{db§~Zhthmo& accounts.

(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$mn[a{eï>11) (Appendix 11 of POSB Manual Vol.-I)

25 25
63. {ZarjH$A{YH$marH$mo`hXoIZmMm{hE{H$n`m©ág§»`m_|~mBÝS>a,boOaH¡${~ZoQ>Vmbm~ÝX 63. The Inspecting Officer should see that adequate number of binders,
H$aZoH$sì`dñWmHo$gmW{dÚ_mZh¢Ÿ&AJa{H$gràH$maH$sH$_rh¡,VmopñW{V`m|_|gwYmabmZoHo${bE ledger cabinets are available with locking arrangements. If there is any
H$X_CR>mE§Ÿ& shortage, take steps to improve the positions.

64. (i) Š`mAmn{Îma{OñQ>a~ZmEaIoOmahoh¢O¡gm{H${Z`_m|_|{Z{X©ï>h¡Ÿ& 64. (i) Are the objection registers maintained as enjoined in the rules ?

(ii) `hXoI|{H$hëH$o{H$ñ_H$sAm¡aAg§JV{eH$m`V|ZH$sOmE§Ÿ& (ii) See that frivolous and irrelevant objections are not raised.

(iii) N>h_hrZogoA{YH$g_`go{H$VZrAmn{Îm`m§b§{~Vh¡§?CÝh|{ZñVm[aVH$aZohoVwH$X_ (iii) How many objections are pending over six months ? Take steps
CR>mE§Ÿ& to settle them.

(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H$_¡ZwAbdmë`y_-Ÿ&Ho${Z`_92Ho$ZrMoH$s{Q>ßnUr) (Note below Rule 92 of POSB Manual Vol.-I)

65. (i) Š`mH$moB©ñWmZr`g_memoYZJ¥hh¡Am¡aàYmZS>mH$Kag_memoYZJ¥hH$mgXñ`/ 65. (i) Is there a local clearing house and is the HO a member / sub
member of the clearing house ? Are cheques both local and
CngXñ`h¡?Š`mñWmZr`Am¡a~mharXmoZm|àH$maHo$M¡H${~Zm{H$gr{db§~Ho$ outstations being cleared without delay ? Test check a few en-
Šbr`a{H$EOmahoh¢?M¡H$a{OñQ>a_|Hw$N>à{d{ï>`m|H$s`hXoIZoHo${bEOm§M- tries in the cheque register to see that there has been no delay
n‹S>VmbH$a|{H$M¡H$m|Ho$Šbr`aoÝg_|H$moB©{db§~ZhthþAmh¡& in clearance of cheques.
(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$mn[a{eï>1) (Appendix I of POSB Manual Vol. I)
CÎma{XZm§{H$VM¡H$ Post Dated Cheques -
(ii) Š`mCÎma{XZm§{H$VM¡H$_|^mdrXo`{V{W{Z{X©ï>H$sJB©h¡? (ii) Whether the future payable date has been specified on the PDC ?
(iii) BgH$sOm§§M-n‹S>>VmbH$a|{H$EogoO_mH$Vm©H$snmg~wH$AÚVZH$sJB©h¡{OgZoCÎma (iii) Check whether pass book of the depositor opted PDC has been
{XZm§{H$VM¡H$MwZmh¡? updated ?
(iv) BgH$sOm§MH$a|{H$Sw>ßbrHo$Q>M¡H$MmarH$aZoHo${bE{d{hVH$m`©{d{YH$mAZwnmbZ{H$`m (iv) Check whether the prescribed procedure for issuing duplicate
J`mh¡? cheques has been followed ?
(v) BgH$sOm§MH$a|{H$g_`nyd©~§X{H$EJEImVm|Ho$_m_bo_|4/-é.à{VAà`wº$M¡H$H$s (v) To check whether amount @ Rs. 4/ per unused cheques in case
Xagoam{eR>rH$-R>rH$à^m[aVH$sJB©h¡Am¡anmg~wH$,b¡OaVWmCÎma{XZm§{H$VM¡H$ of prematurely closed accounts has been charged correctly and
_|Ano{jVà{d{ï>`m§H$sJB©h¡§? necessary entries made in the passbook, ledger and PDC register.
(vi) àYmZS>mH$Kam|_|J«mhH$m|H$moOmar{H$EJECÎma{XZm§{H$VM¡H$m|Ho$[aH$mS>©H$sOm§MH$a| (vi) Check the record of PDCs issued to customers in the HOs and
Am¡aE_AmB©Egb¡Oam|_|VX²Zwgmaà{d{ï>H$a|Ÿ& make corresponding entries in the concerned MIS ledgers.

66. (H$) Š`m{OZH$_©Mm[a`m|Zo~MV~¢H$A{^j_VmnarjU_|Ah©VmàmáH$abrh¡,CÝh| 66. (a) Whether officials who have qualified in SB aptitude test are
~MV~¢H$emIm_|oV¡ZmVH$a{X`mJ`mh¡Am¡adon`©dojH$m|H$sg§Vw{ï>Ho$AZwê$nH$m`© posted in SB branch and are working to the satisfaction of
(b) Whether the relevant records regarding grant of SB allowance
(I) Š`m~MV~¢H$ñQ>m\$H$mo~MV~¢H$^ÎmoHo$AZwXmZHo$g§~§Y_|g§JVA{^boIm|H$mo to the SB staff are properly kept ?
(c) Is SB allowance paid to staff without delay ?
(J) Š`mñQ>m\$H$mo{~Zm{H$gr{db§~Ho$~MV~¢H$^Îmm{X`mOmahmh¡?
(D.G. Post Letter No. 2-3/86-SB dated 27.4.89 as amended from
(_hm{ZXoeH$nÌg§.2-3/86-Eg~r{XZm§H$27.4.89,g_`-g_`na`Wmg§emo{YV) time to time)
(K) BgH$sOm§MH$a|{H$~MV~¢H$/ZH$XnÌemImAm|_|{ZYm©[aVH$m`©H$mbgoA{YH$ (d) Check that no official is working in SB / CC Branches beyond
g_`goH$moB©H$_©MmarH$m`©aVVmoZhth¡Ÿ& the prescribed tenure.

26 26
67. (H$) ~MVImVm|,AmaS>r,Q>rS>r,E_AmB©Eg,EZEgEg-87,EZE_Eg-92,nrnrE\$ 67. (a) Examine the registers of Deceased Claim Cases maintained in
r/o Savings Accounts, RD, TD, MIS, NSS-87, NSS-92, PPF and
MSY Schemes and satisfy that these are maintained strictly as
Am¡aBgH$sg§Vw{ï>H$a|{H$BÝh|`Wm{d{hVVarHo$goghrAWm]_|~ZmEaImOmahmh¡Ÿ& prescribed. Review a few cases decided by the Postmaster and
nmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmam{OZ_m_bm|_|{ZU©`{bEJEh¢,CZ_|goHw$N>_m_bm|Am¡aA§{V_ also a few cases pending final disposal to see that there is no
{ZnQ>maoHo${bEb§{~VHw$N>oH$_m_bm|H$s^r`hXoIZoHo${bEg_rjmH$a|{H$ undue delay and action taken is in order.
AZw{MV{db§~VmoZhthþAmh¡Am¡aH$sJB©H$ma©dmB©{Z`_mZwgmah¡Ÿ& (b) To see supervisor has reviewed periodically the cases, which
could not be settled within the prescribed time and has made
(I) `hXoIZm{H$n`©dojH$ZoEogo_m_bm|H$sAmd{YH$g_rjmH$sh¡,Omo{ZYm©[aVg_`Ho$ reports in respect of field officers in case of delayed verification.
^rVaZht{ZnQ>mEOmgHo$WoAm¡a{db§{~VgË`mnZH$sXem_|\$sëS>A{YH$m[a`m|Ho$ Also, to see whether any field officer is not verifying the cases
g§X^©_|[anmoQ>]^oOrh¢Ÿ&gmWhr,`h^rXoI|{H$H$moB©\$sëS>A{YH$marghrVarHo$go correctly.
68. Examine the guard file of applications for duplicate pass books and
test check them to see that in each case where a duplicate pass book has
68. Sw>ßbrHo$Q>nmg~wH$m§oHo${bEAmdoXZH$sJmS>©\$mBbH$sOm§MAm¡aCZH$snarjUOm§M`hXoIZo
been issued, a record has been kept in the respective ledger card / ledger
Ho${bEH$a|{H$CgàË`oH$_m_bo_|Ohm§VH$Sw>ßbrHo$Q>nmg~wH$OmarH$sJB©h¡,g§~§{YVb¡OaH$mS>©/ and proper enquiries were made about the identity of
b¡Oa-~hr_|[aH$mS>©{H$`mJ`mh¡Am¡aAmdoXH$m|H$snhMmZH$aZoHo$g§~§Y_|C{MVOm§MH$sJB©WrŸ& applications. Generally see that there is no undue delay in disposal of cases
gm_mÝ`V:`hXoImOmE{H${~Zm{H$gr`w{º$`wº$H$maUm|Ho${ZnQ>mZHo$_m_bo_|H$moB©AZmdí`H${db§~ without valid reasons.
ZhthþAmh¡ (Rule 69 of POSB Manual Vol. I)

(S>mH$Ka~MV~§¡H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_69) 69. See that the index to ledger cards in respect of Savings Account,
RD, TD, MIS, NSS-87, NSS-92, PPF and MSY are maintained properly.
69. XoI|{H$~MVImVm,AmaS>r,Q>rS>r,E_AmB©Eg,EZEgEg-87,EZEgEg-92,
nrnrE\$Am¡aE_EgdmB©Ho$g§~§Y_o§b¡Oa-~hrH$sgyMrghrn«H$magoV¡`maH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& 70. (a) Examine the conditions of ledger binders in use. See that the
used up ledger cards of closed accounts and accounts
transferred are removed from the binders and kept separately
70. (H$) Om§MH$a|{H$BñVo_mb{H$EOmZodmboImVm~hr-~mB§S>g©H$spñW{VH¡$grh¡Ÿ&XoI|{H$
in bundles office wise and account number wise in safe custody.
h¢VWmH$m`m©b`-dmaEd§ImVmg§»`mdmagwa{jV~§S>bm|_|AbJaIoJEh¢Ÿ& (b) Test check that the ledger cards are authenticated before
putting it to use.
(I) narjUOm§MH$a|{H$BñVo_mbH$aZogonyd©b¡Oa-H$mS>©àm_m{UH$h¢Ÿ& (c) Test check that the ledger entries are invariably signed by the
(J) narjUOm§MH$a|{H$b¡Oaà{d{ï>`m|naAYrjH$Ûmamh_oemhñVmja{H$EJEh¢Omo supervisor in token of having carried out the check of entries
(d) See that entries in ledgers have been made carefully and
(K) XoI|{H$ImVm|_|à{d{ï>`m§Ü`mZnyd©H$H$sJB©h¢Am¡aH$mQ>H$aXw~mam{bIZo/H$mQ>Zona overwriting/cutting, if any, has been made under dated signa-
ImVmghm`H$Ho${XZm§{H$VhñVmjaCgna{H$EJEhm|Ÿ& ture of the ledger assistant.

27 27
(L>) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mH$moB©Iam~/\$Q>mhþAmb¡OaH$mS>©Eogmh¡{Ogo~XbmZhtJ`mh¡Ÿ& (e) Check if there is any mutilated / torn ledger card which has not
been replaced.
(M) narjUOm§MH$a|{H$eofH$moboZ-XoZHo${bEImVo/~m§BS>a_|XO©H$a{X`mJ`mh¡Am¡a
(f) Test check that balances have been cast in the ledger / binder
Hw$beofghrh¡Ÿ& for transactions and the balances worked out are correct.
(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_13) (Rule 13 of POSB Manual Vol. I)

71. {ZarjUA{YH$mar{d{^Þ_hrZm|_|MmaVmarIm|,àË`oH${V_mhrHo{bEEH$H$sOm§M 71. The Inspecting Officer shall examine and see at random for four dates
H$aoJmAm¡aXoIoJm{H$- in different months, one for each quarter that
(i) The applications for transfer (SB-10b) have been promptly dealt with,
(i) A§VaUHo${bEAmdoXZm|(Eg~r-10 ~r)H$mVwa§V{ZnQ>mZ{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&
(ii) In case of delay look into the causes for that and take remedial
(ii) {db§~Ho$_m_bo_|,CgHo$H$maUm|H$mnVmbJmEJmAm¡aCnMmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©H$aoJmŸ& action
(iii) EQ>rgwa{jVaIoJEh¢Ÿ& (iii) That ATs are kept in safe custody

(iv) Ama~rQ>r/nr~rQ>ra{OñQ>am|H$mo{Z`_mZwgmaV¡`ma{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& (iv) RBT / PBT registers have been maintained as per rules
(v) Advice of transfers received from other HOs have been dealt
(v) AÝ`EMAmogoàmáA§VaUm|Ho$gwPmdH$mo{ZYm©[aVg_`gr_m_|{ZnQ>m{X`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& within the time limit prescribed.
(vi) EQ>rH$snmdVràmáH$abrJB©h¡Am¡aCgoEQ>rH$sH$m`m©b`à{VHo$gmW{MnH$m{X`m (vi) Acknowledgemetns of ATs have been obtained and pasted with
J`mh¡Ÿ& office copy of the AT and
(vii) EQ>rH$m{ddaUb¡OaH$mS>©Ho$D$naZmoQ>H$a{b`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& (vii) Particulars of ATs have been noted on the top of ledger cards.
(Rule 64 of POSB Manual Vol. I)
72. (i) See that the withdrawals of Rs. 5000/- or above from single-
72. (i) XoI|{H$EH$bCnS>mH$KaAm¡aemImS>mH$Kago5000/-é.Am¡aA{YH$H$s{ZH$mgrH$mo handed SOs and BOs are being sent to the IPOs etc. for
gË`mnZHo${bEAmB©nrAmoH$mo^oOmOmahmh¡?Š`mOm§MHo$n[aUm_na[anmoQ>©H$s verification. Is a watch kept over the receipt of reports on the
àm{áH$mAdbmoH$Z{H$`mOmahmh¡? result of verification ?
(ii) Whether a report is furnished regularly every quarter to
(ii) Š`m{ZH$mgrHo$gË`mnZHo${bEH$ma©dmB©Ho$nyamhmoZoH$s{V_mhrgyMZmOZdar,Aà¡b, Divisional head by 5th of the month following each quarter in
OwbmB©Am¡aAŠVy~a_|àË`oH${V_mhrHo$AJbo_mhH$s5VmarIVH${S>drOZà_wIH$mo Jan, April, July and October informing completion of action for
g_`naàñVwVH$sOmahrh¡Ÿ& verification of withdrawals in time.

73. (H$) Š`m~MV/nrnrE\$/EZEgEgImVm|Ho$g§~§Y_|emImS>mH$Kam|/OrS>rEgCn 73. (a) Is the list of accounts, for which the pass books have not come
for interest entries up to 30th June, being prepared in r/o BOs /
S>mH$Kam|Am¡aEH$ì`{º$dmboCnS>mH$Kam|Ho$g§X^©_|EogoImVm|H$sgyMrV¡`maH$abr GDSSOs and of single handed SOs for savings / PPF / NSS
JB©h¡{OZH$snmg~wH$30 OyZVH$ã`mOH$sà{d{ï>`m|Ho${bEZhtAmB©h¡§Am¡aCÝh| accounts and sent to the Inspector Posts for physical verifica-
nmg~wH$Ho$gmWdmñV{dH$Om§MHo$[bE{ZarjH$S>mH$KaH$mo^oOmJ`mh¡? tion with pass books ?

(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_75) (Rule 75 of POSB Manual Vol. I)

(I) Š`m{S>drOZbàYmZÛmamMwZoJEEH$`mXmoH$_©Mm{a`m|dmboCnS>mH$Kam|_|Iwbog^r (b) Has the HO taken action for complete verification of all accounts
standing open in one or two single handed SOs selected by the
ImVm|H$mnyU©gË`mnZH$aZoHo${bEàYmZS>mH$KaZoH$ma©dmB©H$abrh¡Ÿ& Divl. Head.
(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_75(2)(vii) (Rule 75(2) (vii) of POSB Manual Vol. I)

28 28
74. (i) XoI|{H$àË`jImVo_|OrS>rEgCnS>mH$KaAm¡aemImS>mH$KaHo${bEnrAmaH$s 74. (i) See that the index to PRs for GDSSOs and for BOs in direct
{df`-gyMrH$mo{ZYm©{aVVarHo$goV¡`ma{H$`mOmahmh¡Am¡a{ZarjH$ÛmamOm§MH$s account is being maintained in prescribed manner and is being
Omahrh¡Ÿ& checked by the supervisor.

(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&H$m{Z`_11) (Rule 11 of POSB Manual Vol. I)

(ii) XoI|{H$Eg~r-45 a{OñQ>aH$maIaImdghràH$mago{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& (ii) See that SB-45 register is properly maintained.

75. {nN>bo{ZarjUgo~MVImVo,AmaS>r,Q>rS>r,E_AmB©Eg,EZEgEg-87,EZEgEg-92, 75. Check a few applications for opening accounts (SB-3) in r/o accounts
opened under Savings Accounts, RD, TD, MIS, NSS-87, NSS-92, PPF and
MSY schemes since the last inspection to see that :-
(a) The amount has been invested by those only authorised under
(H$) g§~§{YV~MV~¢H$`moOZmAm|Ho$A§VJ©VHo$dbàm{YH¥$Vì`{º$Ûmamam{eH$m{Zdoe{H$`m
the respective SB schemes.
(b) The account holders of PPF or NSS-92 schemes have certified
(I) nrnrE\$Am¡aEZEgEg-92 `moOZmAm|Ho$ImVmYmaH$m|Zo`hà_m{UV{H$`mh¡{H$
that they have no other account under the scheme either in the
same post office or any other post office and for NSS-92 scheme,
ImVmZhth¡Am¡aEZEgEg-92 `moOZmHo${bE,{dÎmr`df©_|{H$grAÝ` they have not opened any other account in any post office in
S>mH$Ka_|H$moB©AÝ`ImVmZhtImobmh¡Ÿ& the financial year.

76. {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mXgoImoboJEQ>rS>rAm¡aE_AmB©EgImVm|H$s`hXoIZoHo${bEnarjU 76. Test check TD and MIS accounts opened since the last inspection to
Om§MH$a|{H${H$gr^rníMmVdVuO_m_|H$moB©A{Z`{_VVmZhth¡Ÿ& see that there in none having the irregularity of subsequent deposits.

77. {nN>bo{ZarjUHo$~mX~§X{H$EJEnrnrE\$Am¡aEZEgEg-92ImVm|H$s`hXoIZo 77. Test check the PPF and NSS-92 acccounts closed since last
Ho${bEnarjUOm§MH$a|{H$_¥VH$Xmdm_m_bm|H$moN>mo‹S>H$aH$moB©ImVmg_`gonhbo~§XZht{H$`m inspection to see that no account has been closed prematurely
J`mh¡Ÿ& except for deceased claim cases.

78. XoI|{H$ImVmg_§OZH$m`©AÚVZh¡Ÿ& 78. See that the ledger agreement work is current.

79. XoI|{H$Š`mG$UmË_H$eofdmboImVm|Ho$H$moB©_m_boh¢Ÿ&BgAg§J{Vgo{ZnQ>ZoHo${bEàYmZ 79. See whether there are cases of accounts running with minus
S>mH$KaÛmamH$sJB©H$ma©dmB©H$mnwZ{d©bmoH$ZH$a|Ÿ& balances. Review the action taken by HO to settle the discrepancy.

80. dmCMa_Xm|Ho$a{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$H$moB©_XAZw{MVê$ngoA{YH$Ad{YHo${bE 80. Examine the register of “will follow” vouchers items and see that no
g_m`moOZHo${bEb§{~VZhth¡Ÿ& item is pending unadjusted for unduly long period.

29 29
81. àYmZS>mH$Ka_|{ZnQ>mZHo${bEb§{~Vnmg~wH$m|H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`mCÝh|Ho$db 81. Check the pass books pending disposal in the HO and see whether
they are retained with valid reasons only.
82. Examine the following registers and see whether action for transfer
82. {ZåZ{b{IVa{OñQ>am|H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`mã`mO/O_mHo$A§VaUH$sH$ma©dmB©C{MV of interest / deposits is taken properly and systematically.
(i) Register of automatic credit of MIS/TD interest into SB accounts.
(i) E_AmB©Eg/Q>rS>rã`mOH$mEg~rImVo_|AmQ>mo_o{Q>H$O_mhmoZoH$ma{OñQ>aŸ& (ii) Register of automatic credits in RD accounts by transfer from
SB accounts.
(ii) Eg~rImVm|goA§VaUÛmamAmaS>rImVm|_|Am°Q>mo_o{Q>H$O_mH$ma{OñQ>aŸ&
83. Are the register of SB accounts standing open in Branch Offices
83. Š`memImH$m`m©b`m|_|MmbyEg~rImVm|Ho$a{OñQ>aAÚVZh¢?
maintained corrected up to date ?

84. Eg~rgrAmoÛmamV¡`maG$UmË_H$eofa{OñQ>aAm¡aAZwdVudmCMaHo$a{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$a| 84. Check the minus balance register and register of will follow voucher
Am¡aOhm§Amdí`H$hmoCnMmamË_H$H$ma©dmB©H$mAmXoeX|Ÿ& maintained by SBCO and order remedial action wherever necessary.


85. (i) {ZpîH«$`ImVm|H$snarjUOm§MH$a|{H$Š`m50/-é.goH$_Ý`yZV_eofdmbo{ZpîH«$` 85. (i) Test check in respect of silent accounts whether service charge
ImVm|go20/-é.H$mgodmà^maH$mQ>{b`mJ`mh¡Am¡aImVmYmaH$H$moImVmnwZ…Mmby of Rs. 20/- has been deducted from the silent account having
H$aZoHo${bEZmo{Q>gXo{X`mJ`mh¡? minimum balance of Rs. 50/- and a notice to reactivate the
account served to the account holder ?
(ii) Š`mnyar`y{ZQ>Ho${bEàYmZS>mH$Ka_|{ZpîH«$`ImVm|gog§nyU©`y{ZQ>Ho${bEgodmà^ma
(ii) Whether the service charges deducted from the silent accounts
at the Head Post Office for the unit as a whole has been
à{d{ï>`m§H$aZoHo${bECnS>mHKaH$moCgH$sgyMZmXoXrJB©h¡Ÿ& accounted for in HO Accounts for the unit as a whole and
communicated to the SOs for making necessary entries.
(iii) Š`mEg~rgrAmoÛmamV¡`maã`mO-gh-{ZpîH«$`ImVm-{ddaUrCnS>mH$Ka_|g_`
naàmáhþB©h¡? (iii) Whether Interest-cum-silent accounts statement prepared by
SBCO has been received in SO on time.
(iv) Š`mEg~rgrAmoZon«YmZS>mH$Kam|Ho$[bEXmoà{V`m|Am¡aCnS>mH$Kam|Ho${bEVrZ
(iv) Whether SBCO has prepared a separate list of silent accounts
à{V`m|_|{ZYm©[aVÝ`yZV_grqbJgoH$_eofdmboã`mOgh{Z[îH«$`ImVm{ddaUrgo with balance of below minimum from the interest-cum-silent
Ý`yZV_goH$_eofdmbo{ZpîH«$`ImVm|H$sEH$AbJgyMrV¡`maH$sh¡? accounts statement in duplicate for HOs and in triplicate for SOs.

30 30
(v) Š`mã`mOn[aH$bZH$m`©Ho$ewê$hmoZoHo$~mX[anmoQ>©{H$EJE{H$grboZ-XoZHo${bE (v) Whether interest statement has been rechecked by the post-
master for any transactions reported after commencement of
nmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamã`mO{ddaUrH$snwZ…Om§MH$sJB©h¡? work of interest calculation ?
(vi) Om§MH$a§o{H$ã`mO-gh-{ZpîH«$`ImVm{ddaUrH$monmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamEH$\$moëS>a_| (vi) Check whether interest-cum-silent accounts statement is
aIZohoVwJmS>©\$mBb_|gwa{jVaImJ`mh¡? preserved by the Postmaster in the guard file to be kept in a
folder ?
(vii) Om§MH$a|{H${ZpîH«$`ImVm|H$monwZ…MmbyH$aZoHo${bEghrà{H«$`mH$mAZwnmbZ{H$`m
(vii) Check whether correct procedure has been followed in revival
J`mh¡? of silent accounts ?
(viii) Om§MH$a|{H$EH${Zo[îH«$`ImVoH$monwZ…MmbyH$aZoHo${bEO_mH$Vm©Zo{ZH$mgrAWdm (viii) Check whether for revival of a silent account the depositor has
O_mHo${bEAmdoXZHo$gmWnmg~wH$àñVwVH$sh¡Ÿ&`{XeofÝ`yZV_goH$_h¡VmoO_m presented the pass book with application for withdrawal or
deposit. If the balance is below the minimum the amount of
H$sam{eÛmameofH$moÝ`yZV_goA{YH$hmoZmMm{hEŸ& deposit should raise the balance above the minimum.
(ix) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m{Z[îH«$`ImVoH$monwZ…MmbyH$aZoHo${bE{ZYm©[aVa{OñQ>a_|à{dpîQ>`m§ (ix) Whether entries have been made in the prescribed register for
H$aXrJB©h§¡Am¡aH$§Q´>mobZm°Z-H¡$ea{OñQ>a_|Amdí`H$g_m`moOZH$aZoHo${bE{Z`§ÌU revival of silent account and given to the control organisation for
making necessary adjustments in the control non-cash

86. Om§MH$a|{H$g^ràH$maHo$~MVImVm|Ho$g§~§Y_|boZ-XoZHo$g§mp»`H$s`a{OñQ>aH$moC{MV 86. Examine that the statistical registers of transactions in respect of all
àH$magoAm¡aAÚVZaImOmahmh¡Ÿ& types of savings accounts are maintained properly and posted up to date.

87. XoI|{H$~MVnÌm|H$sn«Ë`oH$l¥§IbmHo$g§~§Y_|Zm_m§H$ZHo$a{OñQ>aghràH$mago{ZYm©[aV 87. See whether the registers of nominations in respect of each series of
certificates are maintained properly in the prescribed form and
\$m_©_|Am¡aAmdoXZH«$_mZwgmaJmS>©\$mBb_|aIoOmahoh¢Ÿ&JmS>©\$mBb_|aIoAmdoXZm|dmboa{OñQ>am|_| applications are kept serially numbered in the guard files. Test check few
Hw$N>à{dpîQ>`m|H$snarjUOm§MH$a|Am¡a{ZarjU[anmoQ>©_|n[aUm_XO©H$a|Ÿ& entries in the registers with the applications kept in the guard files and record
the results in IR.
(Rule 35 of POSB Manual Vol. II)
88. XoI|{H${ZJ©_ZAm¡a{S>ñMmO©OZ©b{ZYm©[aVT>§JgoV¡`ma{H$EJEh¢Am¡ag^r_m{gH${ddaUr 88. See that the Issue and Discharges journals are prepared in the
{Z`VVmarIVH$S>mH$boImH$m`m©b`_|O_mH$aXrOmVrh¡&Hw$N>OZ©bm|Am¡a{dda{U`m|H$snarjU prescribed manner and all monthly returns are submitted to the Postal
Om§MH$a|Ÿ& Accounts Office by the due dates. Test check few journals and
(Rule 20 and 33 of POSB Manual Vol. II)
89. XoI|{H$Š`mCnS>mH$Kaà_mUnÌAWm©V²{H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌAm¡aamï´>r`~MVnÌVIII dm§ 89. See whether the sub offices are showing the stock in hand of
{ZJ©_Ho$g§~§Y_|ñQ>m\$Ûmam{ZJ©_ZOZ©b_|{Q>ßnUrH$mb__|à{d[ï>H$sOmVrh¡,O~H$^rCgHo$Ûmam certificates i.e. KVP and NSC VIII Issue in the remarks column of
~MVnÌ~oMoOmVoh¢Ÿ&Hw$N>à{dpîQ>`m|H$snarjUOm§MH$a|Am¡aCnS>mH$KaHo$g§~§{YVñQ>m\$a{OñQ>a issue journal whenever any certifciates are sold by them. Test check few
entries and tally the balance with the balance shown in the respective stock
_|Xem©EeofHo$gmW~MohþEeofH$m{_bmZH$a|Ÿ& register of sub offices. (NC-12a)
(EZgr-12)(S>mH$Ka~MV~¢H${Z`_nwñVH$I§S>-Ÿ&&Ho {Z`_20 Ho$ZrMoXr{Q>ßnUr6) (Note 6 below Rule 20 of POSB Manual Vol. II)

31 31
90. (H$) XoI|{H$CnS>mH$Kam|H$moAmny{V©{H$EOmZodmbo~MVnÌm|H$ma{OñQ>a(EZgr-12 90. (a) See that the stock registers of certificates supplied to sub
offices (NC12a) are maintained properly and entries are made
H$)C{MVT>§JgoaImOmVmh¡Am¡aO~^r~MVnÌm|H$sS>mH$KaH$moAmny{V©H$sOmVr in them whenever any certificates are supplied to sub offices.
h¡Vmoa{OñQ>a_|CZH$sà{dpîQ>H$sOmVrh¡Ÿ&a{OñQ>a_|H$sJB©Hw$N>à{d{ï>`m|oH$sCn Test check few entries made in the Register with reference to
S>mH$Kam|H$moOmar~rOH$m|Ho$g§X^©_|Am¡aCnS>mH$Kam|ÛmamOmar~MVnÌm|H$sCn invoices issued to sub offices and certificates issued by sub
offices with reference to issue journals of SOs.
(Rule 5 of POSB Manual Vol. II)
(b) Compare the stock position as reflected in NC-12 (a) with
(I) A§{V__hrZoHo${bECnS>mH$Kam|Ho$Z{~Ho$ñQ>mH$H$s_m{gH${ddaUrHo$g§X^©_|EZ reference to monthly statement of unsold stock from the sub
gr-12 (H$)_|Xem©B©ñQ>mH$pñW{VH$sVwbZmH$a|Ÿ&`{XEH$ì`{º$dmboS>mH$Kago offices for the latest month. If the statment from any single
handed sub office is not received, get the stock verified
{ddaUàmáZhthmoVmh¡VmoñQ>mH$H$mì`{º$JVê$ngogË`mnZH$a|Ÿ& physically.

91. nhMmZ-nMunwñVH$({H$gmZ{dH$mgnÌñH$s_Ho$Cn~§YHo$A§VJ©VOmar)H$sOm§MH$a|Am¡a 91. Examine the book of Identity slips (issued under the provision of KVP
gË`m{nVH$a|{H$à`wº$Am¡aAà`wº$n{M©`m§H«$__|h¢Ÿ& scheme) and verify that the used and unused slips are in order.

(Rule 22 of POSB Manual Vol. II)

92. Examine the registers of deceased claim cases maintained in re-
92. Om§MH$a|{H$_¥VH$Xmdm_m_bm|H$ma{OñQ>a~MVnÌm|H$sàË`oH$grarOHo$g§~§Y_|aImOmVm spect of each series of certificates and review a few cases decided by the
h¡Am¡anmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmam{ZUuVHw$N>_m_bm|H$snwZarjmH$a|Ÿ&A§{V_{ZnQ>mZHo${bEbpå~V_m_bm|H$s Postmaster and also cases pending final disposal to see that there is no
undue delay and that they are processed as per rules / instructions on the
^rnwZarjmH$a|{H$CZ_|AZmdí`H${db§~VmoZhth¡Am¡aCZHo$g§~§Y_|Bg{df`H${Z`_m|/AZwXoem| subject.
93. See that the register of duplicate certificates issued in lieu of stolen,
93. XoI|{H$Mmoar,ImoJE,Zï>hþE,Iam~hþE`mH$Q>-\$Q>JE~MVnÌm|Ho$ñWmZnaOmarSw>ßbrHo$Q> lost, destroyed, spoiled or mutilated certificates has been maintained in the
prescribed form and also see that after issue of duplicate
certificates the mutilated, spoiled defective certificates are kept in the
Iam~hmoJE,XmofnyU©~MVnÌm|H$monmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$s{h\$mOV_|aImJ`mh¡Ÿ&a{OñQ>a_|CZH$sà{dpîQ>`m| custody of Postmaster and check their entries in the register. Destroy these
H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&{ZarjUHo$g_`BZ~MVnÌm|H$moZï>H$aX|Am¡aa{OñQ>aHo${ZYm©{aVH$mb_(Ÿ&)_|Zï> certificates at the time of inspection and note date of destruction in the
prescribed column (1) in the register.
(Rule 44 of POSB Manual Vol. II)
94. During the inspection of HO, the Inspecting officer shall see that the
94. àYmZS>mH$KaHo${ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZ{ZarjUA{YH$marXoIoJm{H$EgEEgEO|Q>H$moH$_reZ procedure for payment of commission to SAS agents is followed as
Ho$^wJVmZ_|{ZYm©{aVà{H«$`mH$mnmbZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Am¡aEO|Q>m|H$mo^wJVmZ{H$EJEH$_reZH$s prescribed and the returns of commission paid to agents are routed through
SBCO and PAO promptly. Proper records of Authorized Agents receipt books
has been maintained. Check the stock with balance shown in stock register.
g_w{MV[aH$mS>©aImOmVmh¡Ÿ&ñQ>mH$a{OñQ>a_|Xem©EJEeofH$mñQ>m\$Ho$gmW{_bmZH$a|VWm`h^rXoI| Also see that limit of supply to the authorized agents of such books has not
{H$BZnwñVH$m|H$soàm{YH¥$VEO|Q>m|H$moAmny{V©H$sgr_mA{YH$ZhmoOmEŸ& been crossed.

32 32
95. XoI|{H$Š`m~MVnÌm|Ho$ñWmZm§VaUHo$g^rAmdoXZnÌAm¡aB§{Xam{dH$mgnÌm|Ho$g§~§Y_| 95. See whether all applications for transfer of savings certificates and
verification memos in respect of IVPs have been transferred to
respective offices. In the case of application for transfer (inward), whether
nÌHo$_m_bo_|gyMZmn§OrH¥$VS>mH$Ûmam{ZdoeH$H$mo^oOXrJB©h¡Ÿ& intimation has been sent to the investor by registered post.

96. Om§MH$a|{H$àË`oH$grarOHo$~MVnÌm|H$mgm§p»`H$sa{OñQ>ag_w{MVT>§JgoaImOmVmh¡Am¡a 96. Examine that the statistical register of Savings certificates of each
BÝh|AÚVZboIm~Õ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& series are maintained properly and posted up to date

(Rule 51 (3) of POSB Manual Vol. II)

97. XoI|{H$CnS>mH$Ka_|à`wº$EZgr-4 (H$)àm{á`m|H$s{df`-gyMrR>rH$goaIrOmahrh¡Ÿ& 97. See that the index to NC 4(a) receipts used at SOs is being
maintained properly.
(H$) EZgr-4 (H$)àm{ánwñVH$H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&AbJ-AbJ_hrZm|H$s4 VmarIm|Ho$H«o${SQ>
(a) Examine the book of NC 4(a) receipts. Check the credits of 4
H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&gË`m{nVH$a|{H$ImbrAà`wº$àm{á`m§H«$_goh¢Ÿ& dates in different months. Verify that blank unused receipts are
in order.
98. EgrOr-67Ho$g§X^©_|~§YH$~MVnÌm|VWm~MVnÌm|Ho$H$«`Ho$AmdoXZnÌm|Ho$_m_bo_|
narjUOm±MH$ao§{H$Š`m{ZYm©{aV~§YH$ewëH$dgybmJ`mh¡Ÿ& 98. Test check in case of pledged certificates w.r.t. ACG 67 receipts and
application for purchase of certificates whether the prescribed
pledging fees have been collected.
99. Om§MH$a|{H$ImoJE~MVnÌm|H$ma{OñQ>aCZHo$ImoZogonhboAm¡aCZHo$ñWmZnaOmar~MV
nÌm|Ho$níMmVaImOmVmh¡Ÿ& 99. Check whether the register of certificates lost before and after issue
is maintained.

100. Examine that :

(H$) ZH$XrAm¡aS>mH$-{Q>H$Q>m|H$sAmny{V©VWm{ZnQ>mZEd§CZH$s{h\$mOVH$sg_w{MV
ì`dñWmh¡Ÿ& (a) Proper arrangements exist for the supply and disposal of cash
and stamps and their custody.
(I) AYrZñWS>mH$Kam|H$mog_w{MVYZ{X`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& (b) The subordinate offices are financed properly.

(J) CnS>mH$Kam|VWmemImS>mH$Kam|_|àofU{d{Z_`H$s{ZYm©[aVà{H«$`mH$mnyarVah (c) The prescribed procedure for exchange of remittances with SOs
nmbZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&`{XAmdí`H$hmo,VmoBg_|gwYmaH$a|Ÿ& and BOs are strictly followed, make improvement if necessary.
(d) Review the maximum and minimum balance of SOs in
(K) H$mofm{YH$marAm¡aCnboImghm`H$Ed§ghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>aà^marHo$gmWMMm©H$aHo$
discussion with treasurer and sub a/c assistant and APM
CnS>mH$KaHo$A{YH$V_Ed§Ý`yZV_eofH$snwZarjmH$a|Ÿ& in-charge.

33 33
101. Š`mn`©dojH${d{^ÞS>mH${Z`_nwñVH$m|/dmoë`y_/AZwXoem|_|~VmEAnZoH$m`m]goAdJV 101. Does the supervisor know his duties as discussed in various Postal
h¡?Š`mdhgw{ZpíMVH$aVmh¡{H$g^r{Z`VW¡boàmáAm¡aào{fV{H$EOmVoh¢;boImW¡bm|H$sA§Vd©ñVw Manuals / Volumes / Instructions ? Does he ensure that all due bags are
received and dispatched; the contents of account bags are
prepared properly and are labelled and sealed by the treasurer and sub
{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& accounts assistant ?

102. (H$) XoI|{H$

102. (a) See that the system of adjusting;
(i) àYmZS>mH$KaAm¡aBgHo$CnS>mH$Kam|VWmemImS>mH$Kam|Ed§
Cash/Stamp remittances in transit between
(ii) àYmZS>mH$KaHo$gmWboIm~ÕCnS>mH$Ka (i) The HO and its SOs and BOs
Q´>m§{OQ>_|ZH$Xr/S>mH$-{Q>H$Q>àofUm|H$mog_m`mo{OVH$aZoH$sì`dñWmH$moCnboImghm`H$ (ii) The SOs in account with HO
g_PVmh¡Am¡aQ´>m§{OQ>H$sBgam{eH$sgmdYmZrnyd©H$V~VH${ZJamZrH$sOmVrh¡O~VH$ is understood by sub account assistant and such amounts in transit
{H$`oŠbr`aZhmoOmEŸ& are carefully watched until they are cleared.

(I) XoI|{H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamnrE-17 àmá{H$`mOmahmh¡Am¡aCgH$snwZarjmH$aHo$Bgo (b) See that PA-17 is being received by Postmaster and reviewed
{S>drOZà_wIH$moAJ«o{fV{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& and forwarded to the Divisional Head.

103. Check for about 10 days at random, the entries in the HO & SO
103. àYmZS>mH$KaVWmCnS>mH$KaH$sno§eZAXm`JrH$sAZygy{M`m|_|H$sJB©à{dpîQ>`m§oH$s
schedules of pension payment, with the corresponding entries on the
`mÑpÀN>H$AmYmanaH$ar~10 {XZHo${bEg§{dVaH$m§oHo$nrnrAmoHo$XygaoAmYo^mJ_|H$sJB©nmañn[aH$ reverse of the disburser’s halves of PPOs. Satisfy yourself that the
à{dpî``m|Ho$[bEOm§MH$a|Ÿ&`hg§Vw[ï>H$a|{H$n|eZH$sAXm`JrHo${bE{ZYm©{aVnÕ{VH$mCn`wº$ê$n procedure for paying pension is being correctly followed. The total amount
gonmbZ{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ&àYmZS>mH$KaVWmCnS>mH$Ka_|AXmH$sJB©Hw$bam{eH$màYmZS>mH$KaH$s paid in the HO and the SO should agree with the aggregate amount in the
ZH$XrnwpñVH$mH$sHw$bam{ego{_bmZhmoZmMm{hEŸ& HO cash book.

104. (a) See that the disburser’s halves of PPOs are kept serially in
104. (H$) `hXoI|{H$g§{dVaH$Ho$nrnrAmoHo$XygaoAY©H$mnrnrAmoa{OñQ>a_|CZH$sà{d{ï>`m|Ho$
order of their entries in the register of PPOs and for each class
AZwgmaH«$_goVWmn|eZHo$àË`oH$dJ©Ho${bEaImOmVmh¡Ÿ&`hXoI|{H$Š`mn|eZa of pension. See whether an alert watch is kept in case of death
H$s_¥Ë`wHo$_m_bo_|`mñWmZm§VaUHo$AmdoXZHo$_m_bo_|gOJVm~ZmB©aIrOmVrh¡Ÿ& of pensioner or an application for transfer. Also whether the rules
`h^r{H$Š`m_¥VH$n|eZam§oH$o~H$m`m|Ho$g§{dVaUHo$_m_bo_|{Z`_m|H$moCn`wº$ê$n regarding disbursement of arrears in case of deceased
gog_PmOmVmh¡Ÿ& pensioners are properly understood.

(b) Verify that :-

(I) `hgË`m{nVH$a|:-
(i) The acknowledgements of MOs in respect of pension paid
(i) _ZrAmS>©ago^wJVmZH$sJB©n|eZHo$g§~§Y_|_ZrAmS>©aH$snmd{V`m§{Z`_m|Ho$ by MO are as per rules and the life certificate of
AZwgmah¡§VWmn|eZam|Ho$_ZrAm°S>©ago^wJVmZ{H$EOmZodmboOr{dVà_mUnÌ> pensioners paid by MO are obtained as prescribed and kept
{ZYm©[aVê$ngoàmá{H$EOmVoh¢VWm[aH$m°S>©_|aIoOmVoh¢Ÿ& on record.

34 34
(ii) `hgË`m{nVH$a|{H$n|eZam|H$s_¥Ë`wH$s[anmoQ>©VËH$mbàmáH$sOmVrh¡VWmnrnrAmo (ii) Verify that the reports of death of pensioners are received
promptly and duly noted on the disbursed halves of PPO.
(iii) Family pension in respect of eligible cases are scrutinized and
(iii) nmÌ_m_bm|Ho$g§~§Y_|nm[adm[aH$n|eZH$sg§drjmH$sOmVrh¡VWmVËH$mb^wJVmZ paid promptly.
(iv) That due returns are being submitted to PAO on due dates.
(iv) nrEAmoH$moXo`{dda[U`m§{Z`V{V{W`m|_|O_mH$sOmahrh¢Ÿ& (v) Verify by independent inquiries in a few cases in which the
pensioners draw their pensions by money orders that they are
(v) Hw$N>_m_bm|_|{Og_|no§eZa_ZrAmS>©agoAnZrn|eZàmáH$aahoh¢,ñdV§Ìê$ngo
actually alive.
105. See that the orders issued vide Directorate letter No. 6-1/2005-PO
105. `hXoI|{H${ZXoemb`Ho$nÌg§.6-1/2005-nrAmo{XZm§H$27-4-2005Ho$O[aEOmar dated 27-4-2005 are being followed meticulously.
106. (a) Examine stock register viz permanent / petty stock items w.r.t.
106. (H$) ~rOH$m|Ho$g§~§Y_|`hXoIZoHo${bE{H$~rOH$H«$_g§»`m_|h¢VWmH$moB©~rOH$Jw_ invoices to see that invoices were in consecutive order and no
Zhth¡,ñWmB©/N>moQ>r_Xm|Ho$ñQ>m°H$a{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& invoice is missing.

(I) `hgË`m{nVH$a|{H$~rOH$_|XrJB©_X|ñQ>m°H$a{OñQ>a_|`Wm{d{Yà{dï>H$sJB©h¢Ÿ& (b) Verify that the articles invoiced in the invoice are duly entered in
the stock registers.
(J) `hOm§MH$a|{H$aÔH$sJB©_Xm|Ho$g§~§Y_|n«_mUnÌ[aH$m°S>©_|h¡Ÿ&
(c) Check that certificates in respect of write off articles are in record.
(K) Am¡{MË`AZwgmañQ>m°H$/\$ZuMaHo$_Xm|H$sg§ñdrH¥${VHo${bEH$ma©dmB©H$a|VWmH$m_ (d) Take action to sanction articles of stock / furniture as per
`mo½`ZhtahJB©`mIam~hmoJB©_Xm|Ho${ZnQ>mZHo${bEVËH$mbAmXoeOmarH$a|Ÿ& justification and issue orders for disposal of damaged and
unserviceable articles on spot.
107. (H$) \$m°_©Ho$ñQ>m°H$,npãbH$\$m°_©VWmOZgm_mÝ`H$s_Xm|Ho$g§ajUH$sOm§MH$a|VWm`h
107. (a) Examine the custody of stock of forms, public forms and
arrangement of public items and see that the forms required for
h¢Ÿ&\$m°_m]H$sAmny{V©Ho${bEO~H$^rAmdí`H$hmo,ì`dñWmH$a|VWm`{XOê$aVgo office use and public use are kept as per requirements; make
A{YH$àmáhm|,VmoCÝh|CgH$m`m©b`_|^oO|Ohm§BZH$sOê$aVhmoŸ& arrangements for supply of forms wherever required and divert
forms if found excess to needy office.
(I) \$m°_©Ho$Cn`wº$g§ajU/aIaImdVWm_wÐUHo${bEg_w{MVH$X_CR>mE§VWmnwamZo
(b) Take steps for proper custody / upkeep of forms and
publications and destroy old publications and forms.
(J) boImXo`\$m°_©Ed§nwpñVH$mAm|Ho$^§S>maH$sOm§MH$a|VWm{d{^Þ_hrZm|_|`mÑpÀN>H$ (c) Check stock of acountable forms and books and see for four
ê$ngoM`{ZVMma{V{W`m|Ho${bE`hXoI|{H$gaH$marImVo_|{~H«$sgohþB©Am`H$m dates selected at random in different months that the sale
boImOmoImH$a{X`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& proceeds have been accounted for into Govt. accounts.

35 35
108. S>mH$Ka^dZH$sgwajmì`dñWmna{deofê$ngo{Q>ßnUrH$ao§VWm{Z`_m|Ho$A§VJ©VOhm§^r 108. Specifically comment on security arrangements of the post office
building and take measure under the rules to engage armed guards
Am¡aO~^rAmdí`H$hmogeóJmS>©aIZoH$sì`dñWmH$a|Ÿ& wherever possible and required.

109. (H$) `hXoI|{H$H$åß`yQ>arH¥$VdmVmdaU_|~¡R>ZoH$sì`dñWmCn`wº$h¡VWmZVmo^r‹S>>h¡ 109. (a) See that in the computerised environment the seating
Am¡aZhrOJh~oH$man‹S>>rh¡Ÿ& arrangement is proper and there is neither wastage of space
nor over crowding.
(I) `h^rXoI|{H$ñWmZH$mgdm}Îm_Cn`moJ{H$`mJ`mh¡{Og_|H$m`m©b`_|nyaodmVmdaU/
(b) Also see that the space is optimally used giving preference to
dm`wg§dmVZ/[aH$m°S>m]H$moCn`wº$ê$ngoaIoOmZoH$modar`VmXrOmEŸ& overall look / ventilation / proper placement of records etc. in
the office.
(J) Ohm§-H$htAmdí`H$hmon[adV©ZH$a|VWmâbmoMmQ>©H$sAmny{V©H$sì`dñWmH$a|VWm
(c) Bring changes wherever required and arrange supply of flow
Eogon[adV©Zm|nagwPmdX|OmoAmnHo$àm{YH$ma_|ZhtAmVoŸ& charts and suggest any further changes, which are not in your
110. (i) `hXoI|{H$J«oS>oeZgyMr,grAma,XÊS>a{OñQ>a,AmajUamoñQ>a,[aŠVñWmZa{OñQ>a
110. (i) Examine gradation list, CRs, punishment register, reservation
roaster, vacancy position register are being maintained as per
VWm`hXoI|{H$dhO¡go{ZYm©[aV{H$`mJ`mh¡,H«$_goh¡VWmCÝh|Cn`wº$ê$ngo~Zm rules. Also examine a couple of personal files and see they are
H$aaImJ`mh¡Ÿ& in order and properly maintained as prescribed.

(ii) Check the unfilled vacancies in every cadre and see that
(ii) n«Ë`oH$g§dJ©_|^arZhtJB©[a{º$`m|H$sOm§MH$a|VWm`hXoI|{H$^VuHo${Z`_m|H$m recruitment is made in strict compliance to rules in force. Take
g»VrgonmbZH$aHo${H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&^arZhtJB©[a{º$`m|H$mo^aZohoVwVWmAJbodf© steps to fill unfilled vacancies and also calculate the vacancies
for next year including for SC / ST / OBC, outsider quota and for
H$s[a{º$`m|,{Og_|Eggr/EgQ>r/Amo~rgr,~møH$moQ>mAm¡ag_yh"K'g§dJ©H$s promotion of group ‘D’ cadre.
111. Are the appointments of Postmen and Group D made in strict
accordance with the Rules.
111. Š`mnmoñQ>_¡ZAm¡ag_yh"K'H$s{Z`w{º$`m§g»Vrgo{Z`_m|Ho$AZwgmaH$sOmVrh¡§Ÿ&
112. (a) See, if the statistical registers are properly maintained and
112. (H$) `hXoI|{H$Am§H$‹S>>m|H$ma{OñQ>aCn`wº$ê$ngoaImJ`mh¡VWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmam authenticated by the Postmaster;
à_m{UV{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& (b) See that the action for review of establishment has been taken;

(I) `XXoI|{H$Š`mñWmnZmH$sg_rjmH$sH$ma©dmB©H$sJB©h¡? (c) Meet the staff for any suggestion / improvement in working of
HO; and
(J) àYmZS>mH$KaHo$H$m`©Ho$g§~§Y_|gwYma/gwPmdhoVwñQ>m\$go{_b|VWm`hXoI|{H$ See that work is equally distributed among staff and take steps in
H$m`©ñQ>m\$_|~am~argo~m§Q>mJ`mh¡VWmnÏ`§VaUnaCn`wº$H$X_CR>mE§Ÿ& case of any deviation.

36 36
113. (H$) {eH$m`Va{OñQ>a(grnrQ>r-21)H$sg_rjmH$a|VWm`hgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H${eH$m`Vm| 113. (a) Review Complaints Register (CPT-21) and ensure that it is
go{ZnQ>ZoHo${bE{ZYm©[aV11 ^mJm|_|Bgo~ZmH$aaImJ`mh¡Ÿ&`h^rgw{ZpíMV maintained in 11 parts prescribed for dealing with complaints. It
may also be ensured that the complaints are finally closed
under the signatures of the Head Postmaster.
(b) Select at random at least 10 cases and ensure that the work of
(I) `mÑpÀN>H$ê$ngo{H$ÝhrXg_m_bm|H$mM`ZH$a|VWm`hgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H${eH$m`V settlement of complaints is daily monitored by the postmaster
{ZnQ>mZHo$H$m`©H$mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamamoOAZwdrjU{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmH$moB©{dbå~ and there is no delay.
Zhth¡Ÿ& (c) Review complaints pending settlement over one month, three
(J) CZ{eH$m`Vm|H$sg_rjmH$a|OmoEH$_mh,VrZ_mh,N>…_mhVWmEH$df©goA{YH$ months, six months, and over one year. Record reasons for
gobpå~Vh¡Ÿ&b{å~VhmoZoHo$H$maUm|H$m[aH$m°S>©aI|VWm6 _mhgoD$nag^rbpå~V pendency and obtain brief of all pending cases over 6 months.
_m_bm|H$mgmaàmáH$a|Ÿ& (d) Examine the quarterly statement of complaints and see that it is
properly and punctually being submitted to the concerned
(K) {eH$m`Vm|Ho${V_mhr{ddaUH$sOm§MH$a|VWm`hXoI|{H$Bgog§~§{YV{S>drOZb divisional unit.
(e) In case the computer with internet connectivity is available,
(L>) `{XBÝQ>aZoQ>Ho$gmWH$åß`yQ>aCnbãYh¡Vmo`hgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$OZVmgoàmá ensure that all complaints received from public including RLs /
{eH$m`V|{Og_|AmaEb/E_AmoO/Eg~r/{dXoeS>mH$gpå_{bVh¡,H$sà{d{ï>Am°Z- MOs/SB/Foreign Mails are entered on-line and replies are also
bmBZH$sOmVrh¡VWmAÝ`J«mhH$godmHo$ÝÐm|goàmáhmoZodmbrAmdH${eH$m`Vm|H$mo furnished on line to all inward complaints received from other
customer care centres. For this the websites has to be accessed
daily/regularly to ensure that the complaints are settled with in
gw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEXoImOmZmMm{hE{H${eH$m`Vm|H$moEH$gámhHo$g_`_| a weeks time
114. See that the attedndance register is maintained properly and staff
114. `hXoI|{H$CnpñW{Va{OñQ>aH$moCn`wº$ê$ngo~ZmH$aaImJ`mh¡VWmñQ>m\$g_`goAmVm
are punctual, properly dressed and particularly that the postmaster is
Am¡aCn`wº$ê$ngodXu_|h¡Ÿ&{deofV…nmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$mog_yh"K'H$_©Mm{a`m|Am¡anmoñQ>_¡Z`y{Z\$m°_©_| insistent about the smart turn out of Group ‘D’ and postmen in uniform.
115. See that the current records have been properly arranged.
115. `hXoI|{H$_m¡OyXm[aH$mS>©Cn`wº$ê$ngoì`dpñWV{H$EJEh¢:-
(a) Also see that the register of old records weeded out is
(H$) `h^rXoI|{H$N>m§Q>{XEJEnwamZo[aH$mS>m]H$ma{OñQ>a^rCn`wº$ê$ngo~ZmH$aaIm maintained properly and details of records weeded out have
J`mh¡VWmN>§Q>Zr{H$EJE[aH$m°S>m]Ho${ddaUH$moa{OñQ>a_|n«{dï>H$a{b`mJ`mh¡ been entered in the register and register is duly signed by
VWma{OñQ>anmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmam`Wm{d{YhñVmj[aVh¡Ÿ& postmaster.

(I) `{X[aH$m°S>©N>§Q>ZrH$mH$m`©Zht{H$`mJ`mh¡VmoCgrg_`N>§Q>ZrH$mH$m`©nyamH$a|VWm (b) If the records have not been weeded out take action on the spot
to weedout records and entries be got noted on the register
and initial the register in token of having carried out weeding
hñVmjaH$a|Ÿ& out of records.
(J) a{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$a|VWmnw{ï>H$a|{H${H$gHo$AmXoego[aH$mS>©H$sN>§Q>ZrH$sJB©VWm (c) Also check register and confirm under whose orders records
à{d{ï>`m|H$moà{VhñVmj[aVH$a|Ÿ& were weeded out and countersignature the entries.

37 37
116. ñQ>m\$go~mVH$a|- 116. Talk to staff -

(i) Whether they have got any grievance regarding the delay in
(i) Š`mCÝh|ì`{º$JV_m_bm|Ho${ZnQ>mZ_|{dbå~Ho$g§~§Y_|H$moB©{eH$m`Vh¡Ÿ& settlement of personal cases.

(ii) H$m`m©b`CnñH$a,gw{dYmAm|,H$m`©{dVaU`m~ohVan`©dojUHo$g§~§Y_|~mVH$a|Ÿ& (ii) About office equipment, facilities, distribution of work or for
better supervision.
117. g_`mon[a^ÎmoHo$a{OñQ>aH$sOm§M`hH$aZoHo${bEXoI|
117. Examine the register of OTA charges to see;
(H$) {H$AmodaQ>mB_X¡{ZH$H$m`©^maHo$AZwê$nh¡VWmBgH$mn`m©áñnï>rH$aUh¡{H$H$m`©H$mo
(a) That the overtime is commensurate with the workload of the
H$m`m©b`K§Q>m|Ho$Xm¡amZŠ`m|Zht{H$`mOmgH$mŸ& day and there is adequate explanation why the work could not
be done during office hours.
(I) {H$AmodaQ>mB_gm_mÝ`àH$¥{VHo$H$m`©`m~ëH$boZ-XoZm|Ho${bEZht{H$`mJ`m{OgHo$
(b) That the overtime is not incurred on work of normal nature or
bulk transaction for which specific arrangements are necessary.

(J) {H$gj_àm{YH$marZog_`mon[a^ÎmoH$sAmdí`H$VmhoVwAmXoeXoZogonhboAnZoH$mo (c) That the competent authority has satisfied itselt about the
necessity of OTA before ordering it.
(d) In discussion with postmaster you can outline steps to reduce
(K) nmoñQ>_mñQ>agoMMm©H$aAmnAmodaQ>mB_H$moH$_H$agH$Voh¢`mhQ>mgH$Voh¢Ÿ& or curtail overtime

(L>) {H$grImgAZw^mJHo$ñQ>m\$H$moàXmZ{H$`mJ`mAmoQ>rEH$m`©^maHo$AZwê$nhmoZm (e) That the OTA granted to the staff of particular section should be
commensurate with the workload. The test check should be
carried out as per statistical data maintained in the office
Mm{hEŸ& statistical register.

118. S>mH$godmAm|_|Vma,n§OrH¥$VVWm~r{_VnÌm|H$snarjmOm§M4 {V{W`m|Ho${bE`hXoIZo 118. Test check the booking of telegram, registered and insured letters on
Postal Services for 4 dates to see that this is kept to the minimum. Impress
hoVwH$a|{H$BgoÝ`yZV_aImOmEŸ&BgHo$_hËdHo$g§~§Y_|àofUghm`H$EnrE_VWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$mo the importance of this on despatch assistant, APM and
OmJê$H$H$a|Ÿ& postmaster.

119. Examine the register of inward references and other correspondence

119. AmdH$nÌm|VWmAÝ`nÌì`dhmaa{OñQ>aH$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$gm_mÝ`OZVm,
registers to see that references received from the public, Divisional and Circle
{S>drOZbVWmg{H©$bH$m`m©b`m|goàmánÌm|naVËH$mbH$m`©dmhrhmoVrh¡Ÿ& Offices are promptly attended to.

38 38
120. `hXoI|:- 120. See that -

(i) Set of all manuals is available and correct up to date.

(i) g^r{Z`_nwñVH$H$mgoQ>CnbãYh¡VWmAÚVZh¡Ÿ&
(ii) Ruling files have been maintained branch wise and are up to
(ii) ê$qbJ\$mBbH$moemImdma~ZmH$aaImJ`mh¡VWm`oAÚVZh¢Ÿ& date.
(iii) _hm{ZXoeH$/nmoñQ>_mñQ>aOZabH$mn[anÌH«$_g§»`mgo~ZmH$aaImOmVmh¡VWm (iii) The DG’s circulars/PMG’s circulars are kept in consecutive
order and destroyed as per rules only.
121. (i) {dda{U`m|Ho$H¡$boÝS>aH$sOm§M`XXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$gyMrghrh¡,CÝh|g_`na 121. (i) Examine the calendar of returns to see that the list is correct,
they are sent in time and appropriate information is taken in the
^oOmOmVmh¡VWmgyMZmnwpñVH$m_|Cn`wº$gyMZmaIrOmVrh¡Ÿ& book of information.
(ii) `h^rOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aàË`oH$_mha{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$aVmh¡VWmOm§M (ii) Also examine whether the Postmaster checks the registers
H$moXem©ZohoVwAnZohñVmjaH$aVmh¡Ÿ& every month and puts his signatures in token of having carried
out check.
122. (i) `hOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aZo_m{gH$Vm¡anaà^mdnyU©Ed§JwUmË_H$VmgoàË`oH$
122. (i) Check whether the postmaster has carried out internal
emImH$mAm§V[aH${ZarjUH$a{b`mh¡VWmŠ`mg^rn¡amHo$g§~§Y_|AZwnmbZ inspection of each branch monthly, effectively and qualitatively
CnbãYh¡Ÿ& and compliance in respect of all paras are available.

(ii) `hXoI|{H$Ìw{Q>-nw{ñVH$mE§{d{^ÞemImAm|_|aIrJB©h¢VWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamCZna (ii) See that error books are kept in various branches and due
notice of them taken by the Postmaster.
123. (i) See whether Postmaster has full knowledge about the staff
123. (i) `hXoI|{H$Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$moCgHo$A§VJ©VH$m_H$aahonyaooñQ>m\$H$sOmZH$marh¡Ÿ& working under him. Make efforts to encourage the brighter
ñQ>m\$Ho$hmoZhmagXñ`m|H$mon«moËgm{hVH$a|{OggodhCËnmXH$Vm_|é{MbogH|$Ÿ&ñQ>m\$ member of staff, so that they take more interest in productivity.
Also try to encourage the weaker member of staff and motivate
Ho$H$_OmoagXñ`m|H$mo^ràmoËgm{hVH$aZoH$mà`mgH$a|VWmCZ_|n[adV©ZbmZohoVw and educate them to bring about a change in them and get the
CÝh|ào{aVAm¡a{e{jVH$a|VWm{d{^Þà{ejUEd§nwZíM`m©nmR>çH«$_m|Ho$Xm¡amZ staff trained during different training / refresher courses. Also
ñQ>m\$H$moà{e{jVH$a|Ÿ&nmoñQ>_mñQ>aVWmghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$moÁ`mXmgj_,B©_mZXma give some tips to Postmaster and APMs to be more effective,
honest and managerial.
(ii) Examine Memorandum of Distribution of Work to see that it is
(ii) H$m`©{dVaUHo$kmnZH$sOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bEH$a|{H$Cgo{S>drOZbAYrjH$AWdm duly signed by the Divisional Superintendents or the 1st Class
àW_loUrnmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmam`Wm{d{YhñVmj[aV{H$`mJ`mh¡VWmCgoS>mH$KaHo$ Postmaster as the case may be, that it is hung up inside the
Post Office and that the distribution of duties assigned therein
AÝXabJm`mJ`mh¡VWmCg_|Xem©EJE{d{^ÞH$_©Mm[a`m|H$moAmd§{Q>VS>çy{Q>`m|H$m to the different officials is duly observed in actual practice. It
dmñV{dH$ì`dhma_|nmbZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&BgH$s^rOm§MH$sOmZrMm{hE{H$Š`m should also be examined to see whether restrictions imposed
_ZrAmS>©a,~MV~¢H$`m{d^mJHo$CnboIm|Ho$H$m`m]Ho$g§~§Y_|bJmEJEà{V~§Ym|H$m on discharge of duties connected with the Money Order,
Savings Bank or Sub-Accounts Department are strictly
g»VrgonmbZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&Š`mH$m`©{dVaUHo$kmnZ_|{H$grg§emoYZH$s observed, whether the Memo of Distribution of Work require
Amdí`H$Vmh¡Ÿ& any modification.

39 39

124. (i) {nN>boEH$df©_|g^rZB©{Z`w{º$`m|VWmAJboXmodfm]Ho$AÝXagodm{Zd¥ÎmhmoZo 124. (i) Check in details the service book and service rolls of all those
dmbm|H$sgodmnwpñVH$mEd§godmd¥VOm§M`hXoIZoHo${bE{dñV¥VOm§MH$a|{H$CÝh| newly appointed during the last one-year and those due to re-
tire within two years to see that they are properly written up and
Cn`wº$ê$ngo{bImJ`mh¡VWmdhnyU©h¢Ÿ& complete.
(ii) nm§Mà{VeVgodmnwpñVH$mAm|Ed§godmd¥ÎmH$snarjmOm§MH$a|Am¡a`hXoI|{H$nwpñVH$mE§ (ii) Test check five percent of service books and service rolls and
g§~§{YVH$_©Mm[a`m|H$moAd{Ydma{XImB©OmVrh¢VWmO¡gm{ZYm©[aVh¡,gË`m{nV`m see that the books are periodically shown to officials concerned
nwZ…gË`m{nVH$amB©OmVrh¡Ÿ& and got attestation and reattestion as prescribed.
(iii) Check the service record of GDS of HO and leave record of
(iii) àYmZS>mH$KaHo$OrS>rEgH$mgodm[aH$m°S>©VWmOrS>rEgHo$AdH$me[aH$m°S>©H$sOm§M GDS.
(iv) Steps to ensure that the provisional appointments made in
(iv) {H$grOrS>rEgHo$g§~§Y_|H$sJB©AZ§{V_{Z`w{º$`m|H$moA{Z`{_Vê$ngo[Za§VaZht respect of a GDS are not continued irregularly and GDS are not
engaged without adequate justification against Group ‘D’ and
Postman Posts.
(v) Whether paid leave record of GDS has been maintained.
(v) Š`mOrS>rEgHo$^wJVmZ{H$EJEAdH$meH$m[aH$m°S>©~ZmH$aaImJ`mh¡Ÿ&
(vi) Whether claim of substitute is accompanied by a certificate of
(vi) Š`mEdOrHo$Xmdo_|EdOrH$sAmdí`H$Ah©VmHo$g§~§Y_|gj_àm{YH$marH$mà_mUnÌ competent authority about possession of requisite qualification
by the substitute and also its approval for making/continuing

125. `hXoI|{H${d^mJr`H$_©Mm[a`m|Am¡aOrS>rEgH$_©Mm{a`m|Ho$g§~§Y_|gwajm~m°ÝS>H$ma{OñQ>a 125. See that Register of Security Bonds in respect of Departmental
àË`oH$_m_bo_|ZdrH$aUH$s{V{WHo$gmWCn`wº$ê$ngo~ZmH$aaImOmVmh¡Ÿ&B©S>r{Z`w{º$`m|Ho$(Omo officials and GDS officials is maintained properly with date of renewal in
A~OrS>rEgh¢)a{OñQ>aH$sOm§MH$a§oŸ& each case. Check up papers of ED (now GDS) appointees.

126. (i) Whether the Establishment Register has been maintained

126. (i) Š`mñWmnZma{OñQ>aCn`wº$ê$ngo~ZmH$aaImJ`mh¡Ÿ&
(ii) Š`màYmZS>mH$KaVWmCnS>mH$Ka/emImS>mH$KaHo$A§VJ©VñWmnZmg_rjm{Z`{_V (ii) Whether the Establishment review of HPO and SOs/BOs under
ê$ngoH$sOmVrh¡VWmŠ`m{ZXoemb`Ûmam{ZYm©[aVàmo\$m_m©_|[aH$m°S>©~ZmH$aaIm its control is carried out regularly and record is maintained in
OmVmh¡Ÿ& the proforma prescribed by Directorate.
(iii) Whether justification of staff is examined according to norms
(iii) Š`m{ZXoemb`Ûmam{ZYm©{aV_mZXÊS>m|Ho$AZwgmañQ>m\$Ho$Am¡{MË`H$sOm§MH$sOmVr
prescribed by Directorate.
(iv) Whether latest norms for Group C & D posts available in
(iv) Š`mg_yh"J'Am¡a"K'nXm|Ho${bEAÚVZ_mZXÊS>àYmZS>mH$Ka_|CnbãYh¢Ÿ& the HPO.

40 40
127. ì`dgm`{dH$mggog§~§{YVàíZmdbr 127. QUESTIONNAIRE ON
1. Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mS>mH$KañnrS>nmoñQ>,EŠgàognmoñQ>Am¡aAÝ`àr{_`_CËnmXm|H$s~wqH$J
1. Check whether the office is authorised for booking of Speed
Ho${bEA{YH¥$Vh¡Ÿ&`{Xhm§,Vmo{nN>boN>h_hrZm|Ho$n[a`mVEd§amOñdH$snwZarjmH$a|Ÿ& Post, Express Post and other premium products. If so, review
2. `{XA{YH$¥VZhth¡,Vmo`hOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mS>mH$Ka_|godmE§ewê$H$aZoH$sH$moB© the traffic and revenue for the last six months.
g§^mdZmh¡Ÿ& 2. If not authorised, examine whether there is any feasibility of
introducing the services in the office.
3. XoI|{H$S>mH$Ka_|àË`oH$CËnmXgog§~§{YVn`m©án¡Š\$b¡Q²>g/{dkmnZgm_J«rCnbãYh¡Ÿ&
3. Find out adequeate pamphlets/advertisement materials on each
4. Š`màXmZH$sOmahrgodmE§J«mhH$m|H$sOmZH$marHo${bE½bmogmBZ~moS>©,nmoñQ>aAm{X product are available in the office.
àX{eVH$aHo$g_w{MVT>§JgoA{Ygy{MVH$sJB©h¢Ÿ& 4. Whether the services offered are properly notified by display of
5. joÌ_|Z`mì`dgm`àmáH$aZoH$sg§^mdZmHo$~mao_|ñQ>m\$Ho$gmWMMm©H$a|Am¡aC{MV glow sign boards, posters etc. for information of the customers.
ì`dñWmH$a|Ÿ& 5. Discuss with the staff the potential for tapping new business in
the area and make suitable arrangements.
6. àYmZS>mH$Ka/{S>drOZbH$m`m©b`Ho$gmWg§~Õ_mH}$qQ>JE½OrŠ`y{Q>dÛmam{H$EOm
6. Review the work done by the marketing executives attached to
ahoH$m`©H$sBg~mVgog§VwîQ>hmoZoHo${bEnwaarjmH$a|{H$Š`mH$_©MmargodmAm|H$m the HO/Divisional office to satisfy that the services of the
bm^àXT>§JgoCn`moJ{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& official has been profitably used.
7. ZE~rEZnrEbJ«mhH$m|H$moem{_bH$aZoH$sg§^mdZmH$mnVmbJmE§Ÿ& 7. Explore the possibility of adding new BNPL customers.
8. {nN>boEH$df©_|~rEZnrEbHo$_mÜ`_goàmáamOñdH$sOm§MH$a|VWm`hOm§MH$a|{H$ 8. Examine the revenue realised through BNPL for the last one
year and check whether any outstanding amount is to be
EH$_hrZogoA{YH$H$sH$moB©~H$m`mam{eVmoZhth¡{Ogodgyb{H$`mOmZmh¡Ÿ& recovered beyond one month.
9. ñnrS>nmoñQ>H$s{eH$m`Vm|Ho$b§{~V_m_bm|H$snwZarjmH$a|Am¡aBg~mVgog§VwîQ>hm|{H$ 9. Review the pending Speed Post complaint cases and satisfy
that no case is pending for more than three days.
10. Contact at least three regular customers and ascertain their
10. H$_goH$_VrZ{Z`{_VJ«mhH$m|gog§nH©$H$a|VWmS>mH$KaÛmamàXmZH$sOmahrgodmAm| views on the services rendered by the office.
Ho$~mao_|CZHo${dMmaàmáH$a|Ÿ& 11. Check whether adequate number of franking machines are
supplied to the office.
11. Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mS>mH$KaH$mon`m©ág§»`m_|\¡«§$qH$J_erZ|gßbmB©H$sJB©h¢Ÿ&
12. Check whether proper arrangements are made for pickup
12. Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m{nH$AngodmAm|Ho${bECn`wº$ì`dñWmH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& services.
13. Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mS>mH$KaHo$nmg~ëH$_obg©H$sgyMrh¡OmoS>mH$Kagogw{dYmàmáH$aahoh¢Ÿ& 13. Check whether the office is having the list of bulk mailers using
the facilities in the office.
14. _mH}$qQ>JE½OrŠ`y{Q>dVWmñQ>m\$Ho$gmWMMm©H$a|{H$Š`m~ëH$_obg©H$moAnZoì`dgm` 14. Discuss with the marketing executive and staff whether any
Xm`ao_|bmZoHo${bEH$moB©à`mg{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&`{XZht,VmoVarH$m|H$mgwPmdX|Ÿ& effort has been made to bring the bulk mailers to our business
fold. If not suggest ways and means.
15. ñnrS>nmoñQ>/EŠgàognmg©bnmoñQ>Am{XHo${dVaUHo${bEH$sJB©{dVaUñQ>m\$H$s
15. Examine the arrangements of delivery staff made for delivery of
ì`dñWmH$sOm§MH$a|Am¡aXoI|{H$Š`m`h{dVaUHo${bEàmá_Xm|H$sg§»`mVWmV`H$s Speed Post / Express Parcel Post etc. and see whether it is
JB©XyarHo$AZwê$nh¡Ÿ&`{XZht,Vmo{S>drOZbà_wI/nmoñQ>_mñQ>aHo$gmWMMm©H$a|Am¡a adequate to commensurate with the number of articles for
C{MVì`dñWmH$a|Ÿ& delivery and the distance travelled If not, discuss with the
Divisional Head/Postmaster and make suitable arrangements.
16. Om§MH$a|{H$Š`må`wMwAb\§$S>godmE§OZVmH$moCnbãYH$amB©JB©h¢VWmg_w{MVàMma 16. Check whether mutual fund services are made available to the
gm_J«ràX{e©VH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& members of public and proper publicity materials are displayed.

41 41
ñnrS>nmoñQ> SPEED POST

127 (i). (H$) Š`mñnrS>ZoQ>_|100% ~w{H$§JH$sOmVrh¡Ÿ&`{XZht,Vmo`hgw{ZpíMVH$aZohoVw 127 (i). (a) Whether 100% booking is made in the Speed net. If not analyse
Cn`wº$H$ma©dmB©Ho$H$maUm|H$m{díbofUH$a|Ÿ& the reason, take appropriate action for ensuring the same.

(b) Whether delivery status of all the articles are fed into the
(I) Š`mñnrS>ZoQ>_|g^r_Xm|H$s{dVaUpñW{VH$mã`m¡amS>mbmOmVmh¡Ÿ&`{XZht,Vmo`h speednet. If not, ananlyse the reason and take appropriate
gw{ZpíMVH$aZohoVwCn`wº$H$maUm|H$m{díbofUH$a|Ÿ& action to ensure the same.

(J) `{XhmS>©do`aCnbãYZhth¡VmoŠ`mñnrS>ZoQ>_|S>mQ>mà{d{ï>Ho${bE{dVaUS>mQ>mH$mo (c) If hardware is not available whether the delivery data is sent to
CnñH$agogwg{ÁOV{ZH$Q>V_S>mH$Ka_|^oOmOmVmh¡ the nearest office equipped with Speed net for entering the data
into speed net.
(K) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`mAmCQ>gmo{gªJEO|Q>H$m`m©b`Ho$gmWgå~Õh¡Ÿ&`{XEogmh¡Vmo (d) Check whether outsourcing agents are attached to the office, If
^wJVmZHo$g§~§{YVnonam|H$sOm§MH$a|VWm`hXoI|{H$Š`m`h_m¡OyXm{Z`_m|Ho$ so, examine the related papers of payment and to see whether
AZwgmah¡Ÿ& it is in consonance with existing rules.


128. (H$) S>mH$Ka_|{~b_obgodmH$sì`dñWmH$sg_rjmH$a|Ÿ& 128. (a) Review the arrangements made for Bill Mail Service in the P.O.

(I) `hOm§MH$a|§{H$Š`m{~b_obgodmHo$A§VJ©Vàmá{~bm|H$mo{dVaUHo${bECn`wº$ê$n (b) Check whether the bills received under Bill Mail Service are
go^oOmOmahmh¡Ÿ& being sent out for delivery properly.

B©-{~bS>mH$ e-bill POST

129. (H$) Š`mnmoñQ>_mñQ>ajoÌ_|godmàXmVmAm|H$sOmZH$maraIVmh¡? 129. (a) Whether the postmaster is aware of the service providers in the
area ?
(I) J«mhH$m|H$sg§»`mŠ`mh¡VWmŠ`màm¡Úmo{JH$s,CnñH$aEd§ì`dñWmnyU©ê$ngoàMmbZ
(b) How many customers are there and whether the technology,
_|h¡Ÿ& equipment and system is fully operational ?
(J) Š`mñQ>m\$H$moB©-_obHo$g§MmbZH$sOmZH$marh¡? (c) Does the staff know how to operate e-bill ?

(K) Š`màofUgw{dYmAm|Ho${bEB©-{~bS>mH$Ho$Am§H$‹S>>m|H$mEH$sH$aU{Z`{_Vê$ngo (d) Whether data integration of e-bill post for remittance facilities is
{H$`mOmahmh¡? being done regularly ?
(e) Check the arrangements the PO has in case on-line data
(L>) `hOm§MH$a|{H$`{XàofUgw{dYmAm|Ho$_m_bo_|Am°Z-bmBZAm§H$‹S>m|H$mEH$sH$aU integration for remittance purposes is not activated or when it
g{H«$`Zhth¡`mCg_|H$moB©Iam~rhmoOmVrh¡VmoCgHo$ñWmZnaŠ`mì`dñWmh¡AWm©V breaks down what are the office arrangements ? Whether
H$m`m©b`H$sì`dñWmŠ`mh¡?B©-{~bHo$A§VJ©VS>mH$Ka_|Š`mAmH$pñ_H$ì`dñWm contingency arrangements are available in the PO for
CnbãYh¡? remittance facility under e-bill ?

42 42
(M) g{H©$bAm¡a{S>drOZm|Ho${bEB©-{~bnmoñQ>na[anmoQ>©Ho${bE{ZYm©[aV[anmoQ>©Am¡a (f) Check the report and control mechanism prescribed for reports
on e-bill post for Circles and Divisions.
(g) Review e-bill post collection and payments made/remittance sent
(N>) àË`oH${V_mhr_|EH${XdgMwZH$a{d{^Þ_hrZm|H$sMma{V{W`m|Ho${bEàË`oH$ at least for 4 dates in different months - atleast one day each for
J«mhH$Ho$g§~§Y_|B©-{~bnmoñQ>EH${ÌVH$aZoVWm^wJVmZ/^oOoJEàofUH$s every quarter in respect of each of the customers.
130. (a) Check the internet facilities available in the PO. What is the present
130. (H$) S>mH$Ka_|CnbãYBÝQ>aZoQ>gw{dYmAm|H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ&_m¡OyXmì`dñWmŠ`mh¡? arrangements ?

(b) Whether alternate internet service providers could be used.

(I) Š`md¡H$pënH$""BÝQ>aZoQ>godmàXmVm''H$mCn`moJ{H$`mOmgH$Vmh¡?
(c) Discuss with staff the connectivity problems in respect of the
(J) ""BÝQ>aZoQ>godmàXmVm''VWmCnñH$aO¡go_moS>o_BË`m{XgoOw‹S>rg_ñ`mHo$g§~§Y_| internet service provider & equipment such as modem speed etc.
ñQ>m\$goMMm©H$a|Ÿ&S>mH$KaHo${gñQ>_n«emgH$goBgH$sMMm©H$a|Ÿ&{H$Ýhr§Xg{XZm|Ho$ Have a discussion with system administrator of the PO on this.
Check time of log in on any 10 days at random.
(d) Whether arrangements for booking of e-post messages are
(K) Š`mB©-nmoñQ>g§Xoem|H$s~wqH$JHo${bEì`dñWmh¡? there ?
(L>) B©-nmoñQ>g§Xoem|H$s~wqH$JHo${bEJ«mhH$m|H$moŠ`mgw{dYmE§CnbãYh¢Ÿ& (e) What are the facilities available to customers for booking of
e-post messages ?
(M) Om§MH$a|{H$Š`m~wH${H$EJEB©-nmoñQ>g§Xoeg_`goào{fV{H$EJEh¢Ÿ&
(f) Check whether e-post messages booked have been transmitted
(N>) OmoS>mH$KaB©-nmoñQ>Ho$ÝÐZhth¡CZgoB©-nmoñQ>g§XoeàmáH$aZoHo${bEŠ`mì`dñWmE§ on time.
Ÿ& (g) What are the arrangements for receipt of e-post messages from
PO which are not e-post Centres ?
(O) `hOm§MH$a|{H$Š`mB©-nmoñQ>do~gmBQ>H$mo{XZ_o§Xmo~maImobZoH$sì`dñWmCnbãY
(h) Check whether arrangements exist for opening the e-post website
twice in a day & arrangements have been made for downloading
CnbãYh¡Ÿ& the e-mail and sending it for delivery.

(P) Š`mB©-nmoñQ>ñQ>oeZarnonaAm¡a{b\$m\o$Cn`moJ{H$EOmahoh¢`mZhtŸ& (i) Whether e-post stationery paper & envelops are being used or
not ?
(Äm) E_AmB©Eg_|{gñQ>_ÛmamXem©EJEVWmS>mH$KaImVo_|^ràX[e©VB©-nmoñQ>Ûmam
(j) Check the revenue earned by e-post as shown by the system in
A{O©VamOñdH$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& the MIS and also as reflected in the PO Account.
(Q>) ~wH${H$EJEB©-nmoñQ>Ho$n[a`mVAm¡aamOñdH$sOm§MH$a|VWmgwYmaHo${bEgwPmd (k) Check the traffic & revenue of e-post booked and give
X|Ÿ& suggestions for improvement.

43 43
131. (H$) ì`dgm`S>mH$hoVwCnbãYAmdmgVWm{dÝ`mgH$mAmH$bZH$a|VWmBgH$sCn`wº$Vm 131. (a) Assess the layout and the accommodation available for
na{Q>ßnUrH$a|Ÿ& Business Post and comment on its suitability.

(I) {nN>bo{ZarjUgoA~VH${H$VZoH$m`©nyaohþEh¢?àË`oH$H$m`©Ho${bEH$ån{Z`m|go (b) How many jobs completed since the last inspection ? What is
{H$VZram{eEH$ÌH$sJB©h¡? the amount collected from the companies against each job ?

(J) X¡{ZH$AmYmana_obn[a`mVH$sAm¡gVàm{á{H$VZrh¡? (c) What is the average receipt of mail traffice on a daily basis ?
(d) Whether pick-up is arranged for the major companies ? If yes,
(K) à_wIH$ån{Z`m|Ho${bEŠ`m{nH$-Anì`dpñWVh¡?`{Xhm§,VmoŠ`mì`dñWmH$sJB©
what are the arrangements made ?
(e) How many franking machines are provided in the office ?
(L>) S>mH$Kam|_|{H$VZr\«|${H$§J_erZ|CnbãYH$admB©JB©h¢?CZHo$_oH$Am¡añnrS>H$m Mention make and speed.
(f) Whether all the machines and other equipments provided are
(M) Š`mCnbãYH$admB©JB©_erZ|VWmAÝ`CnH$aUMmbyhmbV_|h¢?`{XZhtVmo in working condition ? If not details of break down, date of
Iam~rH$mC„oIH$a|Ÿ&_erZH$sIam~rHo$g§~§Y_|_erZHo$Amny{V©H$Vm©/ informing the supplier of the machine / higher official about the
CÀMm{YH$m[a`m|H$mogy{MVH$aZoH$sVmarIHo$~mao_|C„oI{H$`mOmZmMm{hEŸ& break down should be intimated.

(N>) àofU{H$`oOmZodmbogm_mZHo$\«¢$H$naVmarIH$sOm§MH$a|{OggonVmMbo{H$S>mH$ (g) Check the date given on the franks of the articles awaiting
despatch to see that there is no delay in posting.
(h) Check at random the weight of the article and see that it has
(O) _Xm|Ho$dµOZH$s`mÑpÀN>H$AmYmanaOm§MH$a|VWmXoI|{H$g_w{MV_yë`Ho${bEBgo been franked for the proper value.
(i) Check whether the total credit made for the mail tallies with the
(P) Om§MH$a|{H$S>mH$na{H$`mJ`mHw$bH«o${S>Q>CgH$s_mÌmVWmdµOZgo{_bVmhmo`mZr volume and weight i.e. the credit tallies with postage due and
H«o${S>Q>Am¡abJZodmboS>mH$-ewëH$VWmS>mH$-àofUnyd©H$sH$ma©dmB©`m|H$m_yë`_ob value of pre-mailing activities done.
ImVmhmoŸ& (j) Have the payments received for Business Post been credited
(Äm) Š`mì`dgm`S>mH$Ho${bEàmá^wJVmZH$moghrerf©_|H«o${S>Q>{H$`mJ`mh¡? under the correct head ?

(Q>) Š`m_XXago_µOXyar(nrgao{Q>S>bo~a)ghràH$magoXrJB©h¡? (k) Whether the piece rated labour has been paid correctly ?


132. (H$) Š`m~YmB©S>mH$H$s{~H«$shoVwH$moB©AbJH$mC§Q>a/àXe©Za¡H$h¡VWmŠ`mdhm§H$mS>©aIo 132. (a) Is there a separate counter / display racks for sale of Greeting
JEh¢? post and are the cards displayed there ?

(I) {S>µOmBZHo$AZwgma~YmB©H$mS>m]Ho$eofñQ>m°H$H$sOm§MH$a|Ÿ& (b) Check the balance stock of Greeting cards as per the designs.

44 44
(J) Š`mñQm>°H$a{OñQ>aH$mghràH$magoaIaImd{H$`mOmahmh¡VWm{~H«$sH$sagrXEd§ (c) Whether stock register is being maintained correctly and the
entries w.r.t. receipt of a sale and balance tallies ?
(d) Whether the amount of sale has been credited under Greeting
(K) Š`m~YmB©S>mH$erf©Ho$VhV{~H«$sH$sam{eH$moZm_o{H$`mJ`mh¡? Post head ?


133. (H$) _r{S>`mnmoñQ>Ho$VhV{d{^Þlo{U`m|_|Am¡gVì`dgm`Š`mh¡§? 133. (a) What is the average business in different categories under
Media Post ?
(I) H$m¡Z-H$m¡ZgrH§$n{Z`m§{Z`{_VAmYmanaH$mamo~maH$aahrh¢?
(b) Which major companies are giving business on regular basis ?
(J) Š`mH$moB©EogmAmS>©ab§{~Vh¡{OgHo$g§~§Y_|^wJVmZnhbohràmáH$a{b`mJ`mh¡? (c) Whether any order is pending against which payment has
already been realised.
134. (H$) Š`mS>mH$KaA§Vam©ï´>r`YZA§VaUgodmàXmZH$aahoh¢?
134. (a) Is the Post Office offering International Money Transfer
(I) Š`mS>mH$KaHo$~mha½bmogmBZ~moS>©H$mon«_wIVmgoXem©`mJ`mh¡? Service ?

(b) Is the glow signboard promptly displayed out side the post
(J) J«mhH$m|H$monmoñQ>_mñQ>aHo$nmg^oOZoHo${bEŠ`mS>mH$KaHo$^rVa_mJ©Xe©H$n{Å>H$m
office ?
(c) Are the signage’s displayed inside the Post Office, to direct the
(K) Š`mS>mH$Kam|_|AmB©E_Q>rEgH$mg§MmbZH$aZoHo${bEH$_goH$_VrZà{e{jV customer to the postmaster ?

H$_©MmarJUh¢? (d) Are there at least 3 trained personnel to handle IMTS in the
Post office ?
(L>) Š`mS>mH$Ka_|""YZàmáH$aZo''(Q>rAmaE_)Ho$\$m°_©CnbãYh¢?
(e) Are “To Receive Money” (TRM) forms available in the Post
(M) Š`mhmS>©do`a(\¡$ŠgAmYm[aVAdpñW{VHo${bE\¡$Šg_erZ|Ed§nrgrAmYm[aV office ?

AdpñW{VHo${bEnrgr_moS>o_Am¡aqàQ>a)MmbypñW{V_|h¡§? (f) Is the hardware (Fax Machine in case of Fax based location
or PC modem and printer in case of PC based location) in
(N>) Š`mAmB©E_Q>rEggm°âQ>do`aH$mobmoS>{H$`mJ`mh¡VWmŠ`m`hnrgrAmYm{aVAdpñW{V working condition ?

_|ghrn«H$magoH$m`©H$aahmh¡? (g) Is the IMTS software loaded and working properly in case of
PC based location.
(O) Š`mCn^moº$mH$mo^wJVmZH$aVog_`àmáH$Vm©H$sd¡YnhMmZHo$g~yVH$sOm§MH$sJB©
(h) Is the valid identification proof of the receiver properly checked
h¡(d¡Y\$moQ>monhMmZH$mg~yV,nmgnmoQ>©,MwZmdn[aM`nÌ,nrEEZH$mS>©,ameZ while making the payment to the customer. (Valid photo
H$mS>©,S´>mB{d§JbmBg|g,gaH$marg§ñWmZm|ÛmamOmar{H$`mJ`m{dÚmWunhMmZnÌ, identification proofs, Pass port, Election Card, PAN Card,
Ration Card, Driving Licence, Student’s ID card issued by
[aâ`yµOrH$mS>©gaH$maÛmamOmarH$moB©AÝ`nhMmZnÌ,S>mH$KaÛmamOmarbm`ëQ>r Government Institutes, Refugees card, Any other Government
H$mS>©)Ÿ& issued identification, Loyalty Card issued by Post office.

45 45
H¥$n`mOm§MH$a|{H$:- Checks :-
(i) The identification proof bears the photograph of the receiver.
(i) nhMmZHo$g~yVnanmZodmboH$m\$moQ>moJ«m\$h¡?
(ii) Identification proof was valid and not expired on the date
(ii) nhMmZH$mg~yVd¡Yh¡VWmJ«mhH$H$mo^wJVmZdmbo{XZCgH$sVmarI{ZH$b the payment was paid to the customer.
(i) Are the RBI guidelines being followed while making the
(P) Š`m^wJVmZH$aVog_`Ama~rAmB©Ho${Xem{ZX}em|H$mAZwnmbZ{H$`mOmahmh¡? payments ? These may vary from time to time but as on March
2006 these are :-
`og_`-g_`nan[ad{V©VhmogH$Voh¢bo{H$ZOZdar2004 H$spñW{VHo$AZwgma`o
{ZåZdVh¢:- (i) Not more than 12 transactions are paid to the customer in a
calendar year.
(i) EH$H¡$b|S>adf©_|J«mhH$H$mo12 goA{YH$_Xm|H$m^wJVmZZht{H$`mJ`mŸ&
(ii) The amount exceeding Rs. 50,000 is paid by cheques or by
(ii) 50,000 én`ogoA{YH$H$sam{eH$m^wJVmZM¡H$Ûmam`mEg~rImVo_|àË`j direct credit to the SB accounts.
H«o${S>Q>ÛmamhmoZmMm{hEŸ& (iii) A single transactions does not exceed equivalent amount of
US $ 2500.
(iii) {H$grEH$bboZXoZ_|2500 A_arH$sS>m°bagoA[YH$am{eZhthmoZrMm{hEŸ&
(Äm) Š`m ^wJVmZ ñH«$sZ na “WILLCALLMONEYTRANSFERPAID” g§Xoe generated on the payment Screen and printout is obtained or
g¥{OV{H$`mJ`mh¡Am¡aCgH$sà{VbrJB©h¡`mg§XoeH$moXem©E{~Zm^wJVmZB{Vd¥Îm the printout of payment History without showing the message is
H$sà{VàmáH$sJB©h¡VWm^wJVmZH$aZogonhboCgo[aH$m°S>©_|aImJ`mh¡? obtained and kept in record before making the payment ?
(k) Check the details of transactions as recorded in the IMTS
(Q>) S>mH$Ka_|AmB©E_Q>rEga{OñQ>a_|[aH$m°S>©{H$`oJ`oboZXoZH$sOm§MH$sJB©h¡Am¡a register for four dates in different months one day from
CgH$mg¥{OVboZXoZm|H$sgyMrgo{_bmZ{H$`mJ`mh¡{Oggo`hgw{ZpíMVhmogHo${H$ each month in the Post Office and tally them with the list of
`o{_bVoh¢Ÿ& transactions generated to ensure that both of them match.

(R>) Š`mCnS>mH$KaZo{H$`oJE^wJVmZHo$dmCMaàYmZS>mH$KaH$mo^oOoh¢? (l) Whether the sub office has sent the vouchers of payment made
to Head post office ?
(S>) Š`màYmZS>mH$KaZo{H$`oJE^wJVmZHo$dmCMaS>rEnrH$m`m©b`H$mo^oOoh¢? (m) Whether the Head Post Office has sent the payment vouchers
(T>) Š`màYmZS>mH$Kag{H©$bñVaHo$Cn^moº$mgodmHo$ÝÐ(g{H©$bgrEggr)Ho$ê$n_|H$m`© to the DAP office.
H$aahmh¡,Š`m`h{ZXoemb`goàmá[anmoQ>m]Ho$g§~§Y_|g_yMog{H©$b_|{H$`oJE (n) If the Head Post Office is functioning as a Circle level Customer
boZXoZm|H$sOm§MH$aahmh¡? service centre (Circle CSC), is it checking the transactions done
throughout the Circle with the reports received from the Directorate.
135. H$åß`yQ>arH¥$VS>mH$Kam|Ho${ZarjUHo${bEàíZmdbr 135. Questionnaire for Inspection of Computerised Post Offices

Questionnaire on “Optimum use of Computers” and “Use
àíZmdbrH$mgwPmd{X`mOmVm h¡ Vm{H$AYrjH$ H$mÜ`mZ Ho$db of utilities of packages” are suggested so that the
gVH©$VmÑ[ï>H$moUgoXoIZoHo$ñWmZnaH$åß`yQ>arH$aUHo$gH$mamË_H$ Superintendent’s attention is drawn on positive aspects
nhbwAm|H$sVa\$AmH${f©VhmoŸ& of computerization rather than looking at vigilance angle only.

46 46
~hþCÔoí`r`H$mC§Q>a_erZ|-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- Multi-purpose Counter Machines - Ensure that -

 gm°âQ>do`aH$mAÚVZê$nà`wº$hmoahmh¡-Zm_V…qdS>moAmYm[aV{gñQ>åg_oKXyV{_bo{Z`_  The latest version of the software is being used - viz. Windows based
systems Meghdoot Millennium Point of Sale (stand alone / network
 g^rH$m§CQ>aboZ-XoZ(AmaEb/Amanr/drnrEb/drnrnr/B§g.-Eb/B§g.-nr/Q>rAmagr/  All the counter transactions (RL / RP / VPL / VPP / Ins L / Ins P / TRC
E_Amo/nrEbAmB©/`ygrAma/ñnrS>nmoñQ>/ñnrS>nmoñQ>nmgnmoQ>©Am{X)H$m`©H$åß`yQ>aÛmam{H$`o / MO / PLI / UCR / Speed Post / Speed Post Passport etc.) are being
Omahoh¢Ÿ& done through computers.

 n`©dojH${eâQ>H$màma§^H$aVmh¡VWmH$m`©Amd§Q>Zñd`§H$aVmh¡Ÿ&  Supervisor begins the shift and does the work allocation himself.

 User code of only regular PA is enabled and other user codes are
made inactive.
 Supervisor himself takes a printout of consolidated summary of
 n`©dojH$ñd`§X¡{ZH$boZ-XoZm|Ho$g_o{H$VgmaH$sà{Vñd`§V¡`maH$aVmh¡Ÿ& transactions daily.

 {ZåZ{b{IV[anmoQ>]à{V{XZbrOmahrh¢:-  The following reports are being taken daily -

 Transaction reports - user wise

 Transactions reports - Consolidated summary
 User account report
 Work allocation
 H$m`©Amd§Q>Z  MIS - Statistical report - monthly
 E_AmB©Eg-gm§p»`H$s`[anmoQ>©-_m{gH$  MO issue returns of HO - monthly
 àYmZS>mH$KaH$sYZmXoeBí`yàm{á`m§-_m{gH$  If there is more than one MPCM functioning in the office, explore the
possibility of bringing these MPCMs under network.
 The changes / additions / modifications in tariff / limit / Countries /
Speed Post Cities / EPP distances are duly incorporated as and when
 àewëH$/gr_m/Xoem|/ñnrS>nmoñQ>eham|/B©nrnrXy[a`m|_|n[adV©Zm|/~‹T>moÎmar/g§emoYZm|H$mo revised.
~XbmdhmoZoH$spñW{V_|emo{YVH$a{b`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&  The Register of MPCM transactions are maintained up-to-date as
shown in the annexure.
 The staffs are rotated so that more number of officials are exposed to
 H$_©Mm[a`m|H$mo~XbmOmVmh¡Vm{H$A{YH$goA{YH$H$_©Mm[a`m|H$moH$åß`yQ>ag§MmbZAmgHo$Ÿ& computer operation.

47 47
EgE_Amo/B©EgE_Amo-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- SMO / ESMO - Ensure that -

 S>mH$ghm`H$m|Ed§n`©dojH$m|Ho$H$m`©-K§Q>m|H$mog_w{MVVarHo$go{ZYm©{aV{H$`mOmVmh¡Vm{H$  The working hours of PA & Supervisor has been fixed properly to
ensure that the satellite money orders are received and dispatched
without delay.
 {Obogo~mhaOmZodmbog^rYZmXoem|H$moB©EgE_AmoHo$Ûmam^oOmOmVmh¡Ÿ&{nN>bo{ZarjUH$s  All the money orders out bound from the district are sent through
VmarIgo4 VmarI|MwZ|Ÿ&`hgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bE{H$YZmXoeVËH$mbg§ào{fV{H$`oOmaho ESMO. Select 4 dates since date of last inspection. Compare the
h¢,OmarYZmXoeg§H$bZemIm_|CnbãYOmarYZmXoem|H$sg§»`m(ImVo_|CnS>mH$Kam|Ho$ number of MO issued figures available in the MO issue compilation
Am§H$‹S>m|g{hV)H$sg§ào{fVYZmXoem|goVwbZmH$a|Ÿ& branch (including the figures of Sub Offices in account) with the money
orders transmitted to ensure that money orders are being promptly
 {ZarjUH$sVmarIgonhboEH$_mhHo$^rVaMwZrJB©4VmarIm|Ho$^wJVmZZ{H$EJE transmitted.
YZmXoem|H$sgyMrH$sOm§MH$aHo$YZmXoem|H$mVËH$mb{_bmZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&  The pairing of money orders are being done promptly by examining
 àmáYZmXoem|H$sOm§MH$a|Vm{H$`hgw{ZpíMVhmogHo${H$YZmXoem|H$màmnUnmaofU_mZXÊS>m| the list of unpaid money orders for 4 days selected within one month
Ho$VhV{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ&nmaofU_|{db§~H$spñW{V_|,H¥$n`mXoI|{H$nmaofH$ÛmamŠ`m previous from the date of inspection.
H$ma©dmB©H$sJB©h¡Ÿ&H¥$n`m`h^rXoI|{H$EgE_Amo/B©EgE_AmoñQ>oeZÛmamŠ`mH$ma©dmB©H$s  Examine the list of received money orders to ensure that the money
JB©h¡Ÿ&`{XXoeHo${H$grH$moZoHo$g§X^©_|H$moB©{Z`{_V{db§~Ñ{ï>JmoMahmoVmh¡VmopñW{VH$mo orders are being received within the transit norms. In cases of delay in
transmission, please see as to what action has been taken by the
SMO / ESMO station. If any regular delay noticed in respect of any
 S>mH$Ka_|^aoJE_ybYZmXoem|H$mog_w{MVê$ngo{ZañV{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ&à{dpîQ>{H$`oJE corner of the country take appropriate action to improve the situation.
YZmXoem|H$sgyMrHo$ã`moaoHo$g§X^©_|Hw$N>H$sVwbZmH$a|Vm{H$CZH$m{_bmZhmogHo$Ÿ&  Original MO forms in the office are duly cancelled; compare a few with
the details with the list of MOs entered to ensure that the same tally.
H$moIwbmaImOmVmh¡Ÿ&  The ESMO is kept open during the night also if necessary to enable
transmission of all the money orders.
 The staff working in ESMO are rotated so that more number of
officials get on-job training to handle ESMO.
 YZmXoem|H$m_wÐUH$m`©àmV…gw~hhr{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmCÝh|boIm~¡J_|CnS>mH$KahoVwàofU  The print out of money orders are taken early in the morning and the
`mS>mH$KaHo$E_Amo-3 _|em{_b{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& same are included in the dispatch for Sub Office in Account Bag or
included in the MO-3 of office.
Meghdoot Components - Ensure that -
ZoQ>dH©$nah¢VWmdoghràH$magoH$m`©H$aahoh¢Ÿ&  If the HO is total computerization site, ensure that all the modules of
Meghdoot component are on network environment and working fine.
 Cggr_mH$moZmoQ>H$a|Ohm§VH${d{^Þ_m°S>çyëg{H«$`mpÝdV{H$`oJEh¢Ÿ:-  Note the extent to which the different modules have been implemented.
- {~H«$sH$m{~ÝXw - Point of Sale
- S>m{H$`m - Postman

48 48
- àofU - Despatch

- Cn-boIm - Sub accounts

- Accountant
- boImH$ma
- Treasury
- IOmZm
- MO compilation (Refer Dte Letter No. 40-8/2005 - Tech dated 19.08.2005)
- YZmXoeEH$ÌU - Speed Net
 ñnrS>ZoQ>  Hard copy of the reports are being taken and filed properly
 [anmoQ>m]H$shmS>©à{VbrOmahrh¡VWmCgoghràH$mago\$mBb{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ&  The data installation has been done properly and correctly by test
 That the inbound complaint enquiries in respect of RL / RP / VPL /
 AmaEb/Amanr/drnrEb/drnrnrBË`m{XHo$g§~§Y_|AmZodmbr{eH$m`V|H$åß`yQ>a_|g§gm{YV VPP etc. are processed in the computer (query) and the reply is being
H$sOmahrh¢VWmVXZwgmaOdm~{X`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& given accordingly.

 boZ-XoZH$m{dê$nU:S>mH$Kam|Ho$àMmbZH$snyarà{H«$`mHo$g§~§Y_|"_oKXyV{_bo{Z`_'H$mo  Cancellation of Transaction : ‘Meghdoot Millennium’ is designed as

an integrated package for the entire gamut of operations in post
office. It is therefore, essential to ensure data integrity in order to
Am§H$‹S>oCnbãYH$admZoHo${bEAm§H$‹S>m|_|ñnï>Vmgw{ZpíMVH$aZmA{Zdm`©h¡Ÿ&AV…{gñQ>_ provide correct data to Accounts Offices, PLI etc. The System
àemgH$Ho$gmWagrXHo$_wÐUHo$~mX{H$grboZXoZH$moH¢$gbH$aZoH$sgw{dYmàXmZH$sJB©h¡ Administrator, therefore, is provided with a facility to cancel a
Ÿ&`hAmdí`H$VmV~CËnÞhmogH$Vrh¡O~H$mC§Q>aŠbH©${~ZmZH$XrO_m{H$`oOëX~mOr_| transaction after the receipt is printed. This necessity may arise when
agrX|_w{ÐVH$aVmh¡VWmCn^moº$mnyaram{eZhtXoVmŸ&O~^rH$moB©boZXoZaÔhmoVmh¡Vmo the counter clerk prints receipt in haste without collecting the cash
and the customer does not tender the full amount. Whenever a
pgñQ>_àemgH$H$moagrXEH$ÌH$aZo,CgoH¢$gbH$aZoVWmnmoñQ>_mñQ>aHo$nmgaIrÌw{Q>- transaction is cancelled, the System Administrator is required to
nwñVH$_|CgonoñQ>H$aZmhmoVmh¡Ÿ&H$mC§Q>aàMmbH$Ûmam{XZH$sg_m{ánaXrOmZodmbr[anmoQ>© collect the receipt, cancel it and paste it in the Error Book kept with the
_|H¢$gbboZXoZm|H$mnyamã`moam{X`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&n`©dojH$Ho$nmgCº${XdghoVwH¢$gbboZXoZm|H$s Postmaster. The day-end report generated by the counter operator
g_o{H$VgyMrg¥{OVH$aZoH$m^ràmdYmZh¡Ÿ&nyao{XZH$s[anmoQ>m]Ho$gmWa{OñQ>a_| gives details of the transactions cancelled. There is also provision for
the Supervisor to generate a consolidated list of cancelled
transactions for that day. Check the entries in the register with the
 `h~hþV_hËdnyU©h¡{H$àË`oH$H$m`m©b`_|EH$Cn`wº$H$_©MmarOmogwJ_VmgoCnbãYhmo,H$mo day-end reports.
{gñQ>_àemgH$Ho$ê$n_o§MwZmOmEŸ&nmoñQ>_mñQ>aEH$AÀN>m{dH$ënhmogH$Vmh¡Ÿ&bo{H$Z`h  It is very important that a suitable official who is easily accessible is
gw[ZpíMV{H$`mOmZmMm{h`o{H${gñQ>_n«emgH$Ho$nmgdS>©H$sH$m`m©b`_|{H$grH$mo^r selected as System Administrator in each office. The Postmaster is an
OmZH$marZhmoŸ& ideal choice. But, it must be ensured that the System Administrator
password is not known to anybody else in the office.
 Server in Cabinet : The offices where the software is installed on a
H$moVmbmewXmHo${~ZoQ>_|BgàH$magwa{jVaIZmMm{hEVm{H$Aàm{YH¥$Vì`{º$H$sdhm§na LAN, the server should be kept at secure place in a cabinet locked so
nhw§MZhmogHo$Ÿ& that unauthorized persons can not have access.

49 49
 âbm°nrS´>mBdg©H$moAj_H$aZm:ZoQ>dH$m]_|dm`agàdoe~m{YVH$aZoHo${bEn`©dojH$Ûmam  Disabling Floppy Drives : To prevent virus entering the networks the
à`wº$J«mhH$m|Ho${gdm`AÝ`J«mhH$m|Ho$âbm°nrS´>mBdm|H$moAj_H$aXoZmMm{hEŸ&H$¥n`mOm§M floppy drives on the clients except the client used by the Supervisor
should be disabled. Check whether this has been done.
 Anti-virus : The machines where flopply drive has to be active for
operational reasons should be loaded with latest anti-virus package
E§Q>r-dm`agn¡Ho$Ogob¡ghmoZmMm{hEVWmAm°Q>moàmoQ>oŠQ>^rg{H«$`hmoZmMm{hEŸ&H¥$n`mOm§M and auto-protect should also be enabled. Check whether this has been
H$a|{H$Š`m`h{H$`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& done.

g§M`nmoñQ>-H$¥n`mgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- Sanchaya Post - Ensure that -

♦ Eg~rHo$H$åß`yQ>arH$aUnaEg~rgrAmo_|H$m`©H$moAÚVZ{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmb¡OaEd§Eg~rgrAmo ♦ On computerization of SB the work in SBCO is updated and there are

a{OñQ>aaIaImdHo$g§~§Y_|H$moB©H$m`©~H$m`mZhmoŸ& no arrears in respect of ledger agreement and maintenance of SBCO
♦ H¥$n`mXoI|{H${Z[îH«$`gy{M`m|,dm{f©H${ddaUm|,gm§p»`H$s`a{OñQ>am|Ho$gmWg^rEg~rgrAmo
♦ See that all SBCO registers along with silent lists, annual statements,
statistical registers are kept update and copies of annual statements,
g§~§{YVH$m`m©b`m|AWm©V²nrEAmo/EAmoAmB©grAmo(Eg~r)/nmoñQ>_mñQ>am|H$mo^oOrOmE§Ÿ& interest statement and annual listing are sent to respective offices i.e.
♦ [anmoQ>m]H$shmS>©H$mnrH$moAÚVZH$aghràH$maaImOmEŸ& PAO / AO ICO (SB) / Postmaster.

♦ g_o{H$V{ddaUV¡`ma{H$`mOmahmh¡VWmAm§H$‹S>m|H$màYmZS>mH$KaH$samoH$‹S>~hrgo{_bmZ ♦ The hard copy of the reports are preserved update and properly.

{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmdoR>rH$h¢Ÿ&S>rEbAmB©goàË`oH$_mh_|MmaVmarI|MwZ|VWmCZH$màYmZ ♦ The consolidated statement is being taken and figures are compared
S>mH$KaH$samoH$‹S>~hrgo{_bmZH$a|Ÿ& with the HO cashbook and they tally. Select 4 dates in each month
since DLI and tally the same with the HO cashbook.
♦ `{Xb¡OaaIaImdH$mo~ÝX{H$`mOmVmh¡VmoXoI§o{H$n`m©ágwajmCnm`{H$`oOmE§O¡gm
♦ If the ledgers maintenance is discontinued see that adequate security
measures have been taken as prescribed by Directorate.

[aH$m°S>©H$maIaImd-H¥$n`mgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- Maintenance of Records - Ensure that -

 H$åß`yQ>am|,qàQ>am|,`ynrEgH$s{hñQ´>rerQ>H$mo{ZYm©[aV\$m°_}Q>_|AÚVZaImOmEŸ&`{XZhth¡,  The history sheet of computers, printers, UPS are maintained in the
VmoCgoVËH$mbAÚVZ{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&\$m°_}Q>AZw~§Y_|h¡Ÿ& prescribed format and kept up-to-date. If not, get updated. Format
given in the annexure.
à{d{ï>H$sOmVrh¡Ÿ&  Stock Book is maintained and all the computers, peripherals, printers,
UPS etc. are entered in the stock book.
 Up-to-date list of computers, printers, UPS etc. are available.
 List of operating system supplied by the vendor with machine number
ã`moamCnbãYh¡Ÿ& and the license details thereof.
 nona,[¨à§Q>a{a~Z,âbm°nr,ñQ>rH$aO¡grCn^moº$mdñVwAm|H$sñQ>m°H$pñW{Vn`m©áh¡VWmCgH$m  The stock positions of consumables like papers, printer ribbons, floppy,
ghràH$mago[aH$m°S>©aImOmVmh¡Ÿ& stickers is adequate and proper record is kept for the same.

50 50
H$åß`yQ>am|VWmghm`H$gm_J«rH$maIaImd-H¥$n`mgw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- Maintenance of Computers & Accessories - Ensure that -

• g^r{gñQ>_MmbypñW{V_|h¡§Ÿ& • All the systems are in working condition.

• g^r{gñQ>_EE_gr/dma§Q>r,O¡gr^rpñW{Vhmo,Ho$VhVAmVoh¡§Ÿ& • All the systems are covered under AMC/warranty as the case may be.

• AMC personnel attends periodically for maintenance.

• EE_grHo$H$_©MmarJU_aå_VAm{XHo${bEg_`-g_`naAmVoh¡§Ÿ&
• In case any system is out of order take appropriate action to set it to
• `{XH$moB©{gñQ>_Iam~hmoJ`mhmo,VmoCgoMmbypñW{V_|bmZoHo${bEg_w{MVH$ma©dmB©hmoVrh¡Ÿ& working condition.
• J¡a-_aå_V`mo½`dñVwAm|H$sgyMr~ZmH$aVWmCZH$m{ZnQ>mZH$aZoHo${bEC{MVH$ma©dmB©H$s
• Make a list of items unserviceable and take action to dispose of the same.
• The latest anti-virus has been loaded and protection of data against
• AÚVZdm`ag-amoYH$bJm`mJ`mh¡VWmdm`aggogwajmgw{ZpíMVH$sJB©h¡Ÿ& virus is ensured.
• âbm°nr/grS>r_|(E_EgS>rAmoEg,qdS>mo-95,qdS>mo-98,{dZEZQ>r4.0,qdS>mo"2000/ • Master copies of operating systems (MS DOS, Windows - 95,
2003,EgŠ`yEb2000')àMmbZ{gñQ>_m|H$s_mñQ>aH$m{n`m§CnbãYh¡§Ÿ& Windows - 98, Win NT 4.0, Windows 2000 / ‘2003, SQL 2000’) in
floppy / CD are available.
• àË`oH$H$åß`yQ>ana,à{Vgámh,ñH¡$Z{S>ñH$/{S>\«¡$J{Zînm{XVH$sOmVrh¡VWmbm°J~wH$_|Cgo
A§{H$V{H$`mOmVmh¡Ÿ& • Scan disk, defrag is performed weekly on each computer and the same
is recorded in the logbook.
• _mh_|EH$~madm`agñH¡$Z{H$`mOmVmh¡VWmH$åß`yQ>aH$sbm°J~wH$_|{ZîH$f©{bIoOmVoh¢Ÿ&
Am°Q>moàmoQ>oŠQ>H$moh_oemg{H«$`aImOmVmh¡Ÿ& • Virus scan is performed once in a month and the findings recorded in
the logbook of the computer. Auto-protect should be always enabled.
General :

1. H$åß`yQ>aAZwHy$bn[adoe-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- 1. Computer friendly environment - Ensure that -

• àYmZS>mH$Ka_|H$m`©dmVmdaUH$åß`yQ>am|Ho$AZwHy$bhmoŸ& • The working atmosphere in HO is congenial for computers.

• Yyba{hVdmVmdaUhmoŸ& • Dust free environment is provided.

• Specially designed counters, computer tables, chairs are provided to
• g^rH$m`©-ñWbm|na{deofVm¡anaV¡`maH$mC§Q>a,H$åß`yQ>aQ>o~b,Hw${g©`m§CnbãYH$amE§Ÿ& all work places.

2. nmgdS>©aIaImd-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- 2. Password Maintenance - Ensure that -

• Each official/Supervisor has been assigned appropriate user code.
• àË`oH$H$_©Mmar/n`©dojH$H$mog_w{MVà`moº$mH$moS>{X`mJ`mhmoŸ&
• User code allotted is identifiable.
• Am§d{Q>Và`moº$mH$moS>nhMmZ`mo½`h¡Ÿ&
• The user code like OP1, OP2 or PA1, PA2 are not being used.
• Amonr1,Amonr2`mnrE1,nrE2O¡goà`moº$mH$moS>à`wº$Zhthmoahohm|Ÿ&
• The official is fully aware of the importance of password and changes
• H$_©MmarnmgdS>©H$s_hÎmmgonyarVahAdJVhmoAm¡adhBgoAŠga~XbVmhmoŸ& it frequently.

• n`©dojH$/nmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamà`moº$mH$moS>hoVwEH$a{OñQ>aaImOmEO¡gmn[a{eï>_|Xem©`mJ`mh¡Ÿ& • A register for ‘User Code’ is maintained by Supervisor / Postmaster.

51 51
3. gm°âQ>do`aH$mAÚVZê$n-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- 3. Latest Version of Software - Ensure that -

• Latest version of software is being used at the office.

• S>mH$Ka_|AÚVZgm°âQ>do`aà`wº$hmoahmhmoŸ&
• If the older version is available take action to replace with newer
• `{XBgH$mnwamZmê$n(dµO©Z)CnbãYhmo,VmoBgoZEê$n(dµO©Z)go~XbdmZoHo${bEH$ma©dmB©H$a|Ÿ& version.

• `{XAàm{YH¥$Vgm°âQ>do`aH$mà`moJ{H$`mOmahmhmo,VmoBgoàm{YH¥$VdµO©Zgo~XbZoHo${bE • If unauthorized software is being used, take action to replace it with

H$ma©dmB©H$a|Ÿ& the authorized one.

• {gñQ>_àemgH$goOm§MH$a|{H$gm°â`do`aHo$g^rdµO©Zgwa{jVaIoOmE§Vm{H$doAàm{YH¥$V • Check-with System Administrator that all the versions of the software
are kept securely to ensure that they do not fall into the hands of
bmoJm|Ho$hmW_|Zn‹S>|Ÿ& unauthorized persons.

4. H$åß`yQ>aH$sbm°J~wH$-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- 4. Log Book of Computers - Ensure that -

• The logbook is maintained in the format furnished in the annexure.

• n[a{eï>_|{X`oJEàmê$n_|bm°J~wH$aIrOmEŸ&
• If the system is out of order the remarks are noted in the logbook.
• `{X{gñQ>_Iam~h¡Vmobm°J~wH$_|{Q>ßn{U`m§H$sOmE§Ÿ&
• Maintenance by AMC/Repairer - details recorded in the logbook.
• EE_gr/_aå_VH$Vm©ÛmamaIaImd-bm°J~wH$_|ã`moam[aH$m°S>©{H$`mOmEŸ&
• Daily work done on the particular computer is recorded in the logbook.
• {H$grH$åß`yQ>a{deofna{H$`mJ`mX¡{ZH$H$m`©bm°J~wH$_|[aH$m°S>©{H$`mOmEŸ&
• Name and phone number of the service engineer is prominently
• g{d©gB§Or{Z`aH$mZm_Am¡a\$moZZå~aghrOJhnaXem©`mOmEh¡Ÿ& displayed.

5. Submission of Monthly Statement - Ensure that -

5. _m{gH${ddaUàñVwVH$aZm-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$-
• Monthly statement on computers is being submitted by the office
• H$åß`yQ>am|na_m{gH${ddaUH$m`m©b`m|Ûmamg_`naàñVwV{H$`mOmahmh¡Ÿ& promptly.

• _m{gH${ddaUH$sA§Vwd©ñVw{ddaU_|{XEn[aH$pënV{dñVmaH$sghrVñdraàñVwVH$aVrh¡Ÿ& • The contents of monthly statement gives the exact picture as

envisaged in the statement.
6. à{ejU-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$-
6. Training - Ensure that -

• g§M`nmoñQ>,EgE_Amo,ñnrS>ZoQ>Am¡a_oKXyVHo$g^r_mS>çyëgnan`m©áH$_©Mm[a`m|H$mo • Adequate number of officials have been trained on Sanchaya Post,

à{ejU{X`mJ`mh¡Ÿ&`{XZht{X`mJ`mh¡,Vmo{d{^ÞgmâQ>do`a_|à{ejU{XEOmZodmbo SMO, Speed Net and all modules of Meghdoot. If not make up list of
officials to be trained in various software and include the same in the
H$_©Mm[a`m|H$sgyMr~ZmE§Am¡aBgoMmbydf©H$sH$m`©-`moOZm_|em{_bH$a|Ÿ& current year’s action plan.

52 52
• {gñQ>_àemgH$Ho$ê$n_|{d[YdVà{e{jVn`m©áH$_©MmarS>mH$Ka_|h¡§Ÿ&g§M`nmoñQ>,_oKXyV • Adequate number of officials duly trained as System Administrators
are available in the office. Identify staff to be trained as System Adminis-
trator for Sanchaya Post, Meghdoot Components, SpeedNet and SMO.
• H$åß`yQ>aHo$à{VOmJê$H$VmCËnÞH$aZoHo${bEH$_©Mm{a`m|H$snhMmZH$a|VWmH$åß`yQ>aVWm
• Identify officials to conduct local training classes to spread computer
AZwHy$bn[adoeV¡`maH$ao§Ÿ& awareness and thereby to create computer friendly environment.

• hmS>©do`aVWmgmâQ>do`a_|{XEàmdYmZm|H$mgdm}Îm_Cn`moJH$aZoHo${bEH$_©Mm[a`m|H$mo • The officials have adequate knowledge of computer and software to

H$åß`yQ>aVWmgmâQ>do`aH$mn`m©ákmZhmoŸ& make best utilization of provision made in hardware and software.

7. ~¡H$An-gw{ZpíMVH$a|{H$- 7. Backup - Ensure that -

• Backup is taken according to the schedule.

• gmaUrHo$AZwgma~¡H$An{b`mOmVmh¡Ÿ&
• In case of Sanchaya Post 6 tapes for daily backup, 5 tapes for weekly
• g§M`nmoñQ>Ho$_m_bo_|X¡{ZH$~¡H$AnHo$6Q>on,gmám{hH$~¡H$AnHo$5Q>on,nIdm‹S>>m~¡H$AnHo$ backup, 2 tapes for fortnightly backup, 2 for monthly backup to be
2Q>onAm¡a_m{gH$~¡H$AnHo$2Q>onà`moJhm|Ÿ& used.

• {H$grH$maUgoS>mQ>mImoOmZonan«mdYmZh¡{H$Cgo~¡H$AnH$monwZ:MmbyH$aHo$n«má{H$`mOm • There is provision in case of data loss for any reason the same can be

gH$Vmh¡Ÿ& retrieved by restoring the backup.

• ~¡H$AnS>mQ>mH$moâbmnr,Q>onAm{X_|gwa{jVaImOmVmh¡Ÿ& • Backup data in floppies, tapes are preserved securely.

• A register of backup for data preservation is maintained and kept in

• S>mQ>mn[aajUHo${bE~¡H$Ana{OñQ>aaImOmVmh¡Am¡a`hn`©dojH$H$s{h\$mOV_|hmoVmh¡
the custody of supervisor.
8. Modification to Software -
8. gmâQ>do`a_|AmemoYZ-
• Discuss with the staff to encourage them to come up with the
problems they are facing and any suggestion for modification in the
• ñQ>m\$H$moàmoËgm{hVH$aZoHo${bECZHo$Ûmamgm_ZmH$sOmZodmbrg_ñ`mAm|naMMm©H$a|Am¡a
software, which is felt user friendly. List up the suggestions and take
up the matter with the software vendor or Postal Training Centre,
gmâQ>do`a{dH«o$VmAWdmS>mH$à{ejUHo$ÝÐ,_¡gya,O¡gm^r_m_bmhmo,VH$nhþ§MmE§Ÿ& Mysore as the case may be.

• CZjoÌm|H$sn‹S>>VmbH$a|Ohm§H$åß`yQ>rH$aUbmJyZhth¡Am¡aXoI|{H$CÝh|H¡$goH$åß`yQ>arH¥$V • Examine the field where computerization is not effected to see that
{H$`mOmEŸ& the same can be computerized.

53 53
9. nwZV£ZmVr- 9. Redeployment :

• àYmZS>mH$Ka_|H$åß`yQ>arH$aUHo$à^mdAm¡aCnbãYA{V[aº$ñQ>m\$K§Q>oH$mAÜ``ZH$a|Ÿ&Bg • Study the impact of computerization in the HO and excess of staff

hours achieved. Examine as to how best the excess staff hours can
be utilized in areas like Business Development etc.
• On total computerization of office, see that a fresh Memo of
• S>mH$KaHo$g_J«H$åß`yQ>arH$aUhmoZonaXoI|{H$_mZde{º$H$mBï>V_à`moJH$aZoHo${bEH$m`© Distribution of Work has been adopted for optimum use of manpower.
10. Upgradation / Condemnation :
10. CÞ`Z/{ZamH$aU -
• Discuss with the System Administrator regarding upgradation of
computers required, if any. Sum up the advantages and come up with
• {gñQ>_àemgH$Ho$gmWH$åß`yQ>am|Ho$Ano{jVCÞ`ZnaMMm©H$a|Ÿ&BgHo$bm^m|na^r{dMma
proposal for upgradation.
• List out the unserviceable items. Take action to condemn these
• ~oH$m__Xm|H$sgyMrV¡`maH$a|Ÿ&AnZojoÌr`H$m`m©b`Ho$gmWnam_e©H$aHo$BZ_Xm|H$m{ZnQ>mZ
articles in consultation with your Regional Office.
11. Meet the staff working on Computers and discuss :
11. H$åß`yQ>am|naH$m_H$aZodmboñQ>m\$go{_b|Am¡aMMm©H$a|-
• The problems faced in computerization.
• H$åß`yQ>arH$aUHo$_mJ©_|AmZodmbrg_ñ`mAm|Ho$g§~§Y_|Ÿ&
• Any suggestion they feel advantageous.
• `{XdoHw$N>bm^àXg_PVoh¢VmoCg~mao_|gwPmdŸ&
• Explore the possibilities of further improving the performance on

• H$åß`yQ>am|naH$m`©-{ZînmXZ_|Am¡agwYmaH$sg§^mdZmAm|H$moTy>§T>>ZmŸ& computers.

12. H$åß`yQ>am|H$mBï>V_à`moJ- 12. Optimum use of Computers :

• Š`mg^rH$åß`yQ>am|H$mBï>V_Cn`moJ{H$`mOmahmh¡?Š`mH$åß`yQ>am|H$mo[H$gremIm`m • Are all the computers optimally used ? Is there any tendency to attach the
computers to a branch or official for the exclusive use of that branch or official.

• H$åß`yQ>am|H$mBï>V_à`moJH$aZoHo${bEŠ`mZmoS²>gH$moEH$bmoHo$eZ_|ñWm{nV{H$`mOmgH$Vm • In order to put the computers to optimum use, can nodes be placed in
one location, to facilitate use of the same node by different officials at
h¡Vm{H${d{^ÞH$_©Mm[a`m|ÛmamCgrZmoS>H$mAbJ-AbJg_`_|n«`moJ{H$`mOmgHo$Ÿ& different hours ?

• Š`mH$åß`yQ>am|VWmñQ>m\$H$mBï>V_à`moJH$aZoHo${bEñQ>m\$H$sCnpñW{VHo$g_`_|{H$gr • Does the hours of attendance of the staff require any rescheduling
~XbmdH$sAnojmh¡? with a view to optimally use the computers and the staff ?

54 54
13. n¡Ho$Om|H$sCn`mo{JVmAm|H$mnyU©à`moJ- 13. Full use of utilities of the packages :

• By reference to the checklist of utilities offered by different packages.

• {d{^Þn¡Ho$Om|_oCnbãYCn`mo{JVmAm|H$sOm§MgyMrHo$g§X^©_|gË`m{nVH$a|{H$Š`mS>mH$Ka Verify if all the utilities are made use of in the office.
136. amO^mfm{hÝXrH$sàJ{Vg§~§Yr{ZarjUHo${bEàíZmdbr PROGRESS OF OFFICIAL LANGUAGE

1. Š`mAmXoenwpñVH$m_|AmXoe{hÝXrAWdmA§J«oOr_|Omar 1. Whether orders are issued in Hindi or English in

order book ?
2. Whether all letters received in Hindi are being
2. Š`m{hÝXr_|àmánÌm|H$mCÎma{hÝXr_|{X`mOmahmh¡? replied to in Hindi. If not, the reasons therefoe ?
`{XZht,VmoBgHo$Š`mH$maUh¢? 3. Whether Targets for originating *A Region B Region C Region
3. Š`m{hÝXr_|_ybê$ngonÌmMmaH$aZoHo$ *H$joÌ IjoÌ JjoÌ correspondence in Hindi have been
achieved. If not, the reasons therefore ?
*A Region : Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh,
Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Delhi and Andman
*H$joÌ: {h_mMbàXoe,h[a`mUm,CÎmaàXoe,_Ü`àXoe,{~hma,amOñWmZ,N>ÎmrgJ‹T>, Nicobar Island.
CÎmam§Mb,PmaI§S>,{XëbrAm¡aA§S>_mZ{ZH$mo~maÛrng_yhŸ& B Region : Maharashtra Gujarat, Punjab and Chandigarh.
IjoÌ:_hmamîQ´>,JwOamV,n§Om~Am¡aM§S>rJ‹T>Ÿ& C Region : All other states and UTs except those stated in A & B above.
JjoÌ:Cn`w©º$H$Am¡aIjoÌ_|d{U©VamÁ`m|dg§Kem{gVn«Xoem|H$moN>mo‹S>H$aŸ& 4. The total number of officers / employees Officers Employees

4. Hw$b{H$VZoA{YH$m[a`m|/H$_©Mm{a`m|H$mo{hÝXr A{YH$mar H$_©Mmar who do not possess the working

knowledge of Hindi.
H$m** H$m`©gmYH$kmZZhth¡?
Those who have studied Hindi as a subject (upto
Matric or Tenth Standard or those who have furnished
n‹T>rhmo`m{OgZoKmofUmH$aXrhmo{H$CÝh|{hÝXrH$m declaration saying they possess working knowledge
H$m`©gmYH$kmZàmáh¡Ÿ& of Hindi.
5. Whether all employees who possess proficiency
5. Š`mg^ràdrUVmàmáH$_©Mmar{d{Z{X©ï>{df`m|na{Q>ßnU
in Hindi are submitting notes and drafts in Hindi
Am¡aàmê$nU{hÝXr_|àñVwVH$aahoh¢?`{XZht,VmoBg on the prescribed subjects ?
~mao_|AmXoem|H$mH$m`m©Ýd`Zgw{ZpíMVH$aZoHo${bEŠ`m if not, please indicate what action is being
H$ma©dmB©H$sOmahrh¡? taken ?

55 55
6. (H$) Š`mg^r~moS>©/Zm_nÅ>Am{X{Û^mfrê$n_|h¢? 6. (a) Whether all Name plates / Notice Boards
etc. are bilingual ?
(I) Š`mH$m`m©b`_|à`wº$hmoZodmbog^rZm_nÅ>Am¡aa~‹S>
(b) Whether all the Name plates and
_moha|_m¡OyXmAmXoem|Ho$AZwê$nh¢? Rubber stamps used are in
accordance with the rules ?
(In rubber stamps letters in Hindi should have a
ßdmB§Q>~‹S>rhmoZrMm{hE)Ÿ& point size greater than 2 in figure as compared
7. Š`mamO^mfm{d^mJÛmam{ZYm©{aVàmoËgmhZ`moOZmE§H$m`m©pÝdVH$sOmahrh¢?`{Xhm§,VmoCZ to the English letters).
7. Whether incentive schemes laid down by Deptt. of O.L. are being
implemented ? If yes, indicate the number of officers / officials who
bm^CR>m`m? benefited from these incentive schemes during the last year.

8. Š`mamO^mfmH$m`m©ÝdVZg{_{VH$s~¡R>H|${Z`{_Vê$ngoAm`mo{OVH$sOmahrh¢?`{Xhm§,Vmo 8. Whether the meetings of Official Language Implementation Committee

are being held regularly ?
If yes, indicate dates of last four meetings held immediately from the
9. Š`ma{OñQ>am|VWmgodm-nwpñVH$mAmo§_|_m¡OyXmAmXoem|Ho$AZwgma{hÝXr_|à{d[ï>`m§H$sJB©h¢Am¡a inspection date.

Š`mCZHo$erf©H$/{df`{Û^mfrê$n_|h¢?Š`m\$mBbm|_|{bIo{df`pÛ^mfrh¢? 9. Whether entries in registers and service books are being made in Hindi
and whether their headings/subjects are in the bilingual form ? Whether
10. H$m`m©b`_|{H$VZo\$m_©Cn`moJ_|bm`oOmahoh¢?Š`mdo{Û^mfrh¢? subjects on the files are bilingual ?
11. Š`mamO^mfm{Z`_,1976Ho${Z`_12Ho$AZwgmaH$m`m©b`_|MoH$ßdmB§Q>ñWm{nV{H$EJEh¢ 10. How many forms are being used in the office ? Are they bilingual ?

Am¡aBZMoH$ßdmB§Q>m|H$moA{YH$H$m`©Hw$eb~ZmZoHo${bEŠ`mCnm`{H$EJEh¢? 11. Whether any check points have been set up in the office vide rule 12 of
O.L. 1976 and what are the steps being taken to make these check
12. {hÝXr_|H$m`m©b`Ûmam{H$EJE{deofH$m`©~VmE§: points more effective ?
12. Any special work done in the office regarding Hindi:
137 go 159. `oàíZ{ZarjUA{YH$marÛmam{deofê$ngoV¡`ma{H$EOmE§JoŸ&BgàH$ma
{ZarjUA{YH$marAnojmZwgmaàíZm|H$moOmo‹S>gH$Vmh¡Ÿ& 137 to 159. These questions are to be framed by the inspecting officers
according to special relevance. As such, the inspecting officers shall add the
questions as per their requirement.
160. nmoñQ>_mñQ>aÛmamemImdmaH$ma©dmB©Ho${bE{df`(AWm©Vghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>adma)Ÿ&
160. Points for action by Postmaster branch-wise (i.e. APM-wise).
Points for action by Superintendent / Divisional Offices.
g{H©$bH$m`m©b`ÛmamZmo{Q>g,H$ma©dmB©Am¡a{ZU©`Ho${bE{df`& Points for notice and action and decision by Circle Office.

nmoñQ>_mñQ>aAm¡an`©dojrñQ>m\$H$mOZgånH©$Am¡añQ>m\$& Staff and public relations of the Postmaster and supervisory staff.

56 56
àíZg§»`m 135Ho$ê$n_|g§X^©hrVCnerf©[aH$mS>m]H$maIaImdHo$A§VJ©V
H§$ß`yQ>aH$màH$maEd§_m°S>b MAKE & MODEL OF COMPUTER
AMC, if any
àMmbZ {gñQ>_ ({dZ 98/{dZ 2000/
WIN 2000 / WIN 2003, ETC.)
DATABASE (SQL 7.0 / 2000)
_moZmoH«$mo_AWdma§J KEYBOARD
H«$_g§»`m MAKE & MODEL

H§$ß`yQ>am|H$mñWmZn[adV©Z(S>mBdO©Z),`{XH$moB©h¡: DIVERSION OF COMPUTER IF ANY :

{OgS>mH$Kago {OgS>mH$Ka_| ñWmZn[adV©Z ñWmZn[adV©Z Office from Office to Date of Reasons
ñWmZm§V[aV{H$`mOmZmh¡ ñWmZm§V[aV{H$`mOmZmh¡ H$sVmarI Ho$H$maU which diverted which diverted diversion for diversion

57 57
_oH$Ed§_m°S>b MAKE & MODEL
EE_gr,`{XH$moBh¡ AMC, if any

{d{ZX}eZ(CXmhaU) SPECIFICATION (example)

qàQ>a ñH¡$Za _moS>o_ nmg~wH$qàQ>a `ynrEg PRINTER SCANNER MODEM UPS
S>mQ>_¡{Q´>Šg/B§H$O¡Q>/ ~maH$moS>/ Am§V[aH$/ 24nrAmB©EZ Am°ZbmBZ/ DOTMATRIX / Barcode / Internal / 24 Pin Dot Online /
boOa80/132H$mb_ âbT>Q>~¡S> ~mhar S>m°Q>_¡{Q´>Šg Am°\$bmBZ INKJET / LASER Flat bed External Matrix Offline
9/24nrAmB©EZ àñVmd: 56Ho$~rnrEg 90H$mb_ 1/2/3/5/10 80 / 132 COLUMN Resolution : 56 KBPS 90 Column 1/2/3/5/10
gr nr Eg : 240,300 ñH¡$ZXa: 300grnrEg Ho$drE 9 / 24 PIN Scan rate : 300 CPS KVA
Am{X CPS : 240, 300


H§$ß`yQ>am|H$mñWmnn[adV©Z(S>mBdO©Z),`{XH$moB©h¡: DIVERSION IF ANY :

{OgS>mH$Kago {OgS>mH$Ka_| ñWmZH$[adÎm©Z ñWmZn[adÎm©Z Office from Office to Date of Reasons
ñWmZm§V[aV{H$`mOmZmh¡ ñWmZm§V[aV{H$`mOmZmh¡ H$sVmarI Ho$H$maU which diverted which diverted diversion for diversion

*Cnamoº$àmo\$m_m©Ho$AZwgmaàË`oH$CnñH$aHo${bEAbJB{Vd¥ÎmV¡`ma{H$EOmZoMm{hEŸ& * Separate History Sheets should be maintained for each equipment as per
the above proforma.

58 58

I. One month before the inspection, the inspecting officer should send
I {ZarjUHo$EH$_mhnyd©{ZarjH$A{YH$maràíZmdbr_|{Z{hVàíZm|Ho$Abmdm to the Postmaster a list of questions decided by him for carrying out checks
Om§M-n‹S>VmbH$aZoHo${bECZHo$([ZarjH$A{YH$mar)Ûmam{ZUuVàíZm|H$sgyMrnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$mo^oO|JoŸ& by him in addition to those in the questionnaire. These questions will be
{ZarjH$A{YH$mar{H$grImgàYmZS>mH$KaHo${ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZ{OZ-{OZàíZm|H$mg_mYmZH$aZo framed by him taking into account the relevance of those questions for the
particular Head Post Office which the inspecting officer proposes to resolve
during the inspection. The Inspecting Officer should also simultaneously
{ZarjUA{YH$marnmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$mo^rEogo_m_bm|Am¡aàñVmdm|H$sgyMrCÝh|({ZarjUA{YH$mar)^oOZo request the postmaster to send him a list of cases and proposals on which
Ho${bEAZwamoYH$a|Jo{OZna{ZarjUA{YH$mar{ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZAÝ`_m_bm|Ho$gmW-gmW{ZU©`bo the inspecting officer may take decisions during the inspection. These efforts
gH$Voh¢Ÿ&BZà`mgm|H$mCÔoí`{ZarjUH$moAW©nyU©~ZmZmh¡Ÿ& would be aimed at making the inspection purposeful.

The inspecting officer should take efforts, to obtain maximum

compliance report during the inspection itself or within a month thereafter.
AZwnmbZ[anmoQ>©àmáH$aZoH$sH$mo{eeH$a|JoŸ&nmoñQ>_mñQ>aH$moà{V_mhEH$emImH$m[aarjUH$aZmh¡ The Postmaster has to inspect one branch every month and record his report
Am¡aAmS>©a~wH$_|AnZr[anmoQ>©XO©H$aZrh¡Ÿ&ghm`H$nmoñQ>_mñQ>am|H$moAnZrñd`§H$sàíZmdbr~ZmH$a in the order book. The APMs have to inspect their own branch assistant-wise
AnZremImH$mghm`H$dma{ZarjUH$aZmh¡Ÿ&{ZarjH$A{YH$marBZàíZm|Am¡aAZwXoem|H$sgyMrH$mo by framing their own questionnaire. The inspecting officers can help them
AÚVZH$aZo_|CZH$sghm`VmH$agH$Voh¢Ÿ&{ZarjH$A{YH$marCÝh|gh`moJXoZoHo${bEghm`H$ update these questions and the list of instruction. The inspecting officers can
take the help of the ASPOs or inspectors to assist them but the responsibility
and judgement must be that of the inspecting officers.
Ÿ There will be one verification and one verification cum inspection
df©Ho$Xm¡amZEH$gË`mnZAm¡aEH$gË`mnZ-gh-{ZarjU{H$`mOmEJmŸ&gË`mnZdf©Ho$ during a year. The verification will be carried out during the first half of the
n«W_AY©^mJHo$Xm¡amZ{H$`mOmEJmAm¡agË`mnZ-gh-{ZarjUdf©Ho${ÛVr`AY©^mJHo$Xm¡amZ{H$`m year while the second verification cum inspection will be carried out during
OmEJmŸ&[ZarjH$A{YH$marH$moboIm-gË`mnZHo$Xm¡amZàW_38àíZAm¡aàíZg§.43,54,129 the second half of the year. The inspecting officer should cover the first 38
questions and question numbers 43, 54, 129 (g), 131 (i), (j), 132 (b), (d), 134
(k) during the accounts verification and also any other question that he may
{deofê$ngoMwZZmMmhVoh¢,H$daH$aZoMm{hE§Ÿ&gË`mnZ-gh-{ZarjUHo$Xm¡amZg^ràíZH$da{H$E choose specially from the rest of the questions. All the questions should be
OmZoMm{hE&H$åß`yQ>arH¥$VS>mH$Kam|_|H$sOmZodmbrOm§M-n‹S>Vmbm|Ho${bEàíZm|Ho$n¥WH$goQ>{ZYm©[aV covered during the verification cum inspection. Separate set of questions
{H$EJEh¢Ÿ&`oàíZn¥WH$AZw~§YHo$Vm¡ana{XEJEh¢VWm{ZarjUm|Ho$Xm¡amZBÝh|H$da{H$`mOmZm have been prescribed for the checks to be carried out in the computerised
Mm{hEŸ& post offices. These questions are given as separate annexure and should
be covered during inspections.

I. Ohm§H$hr^rH$sOmZodmbrOm§M-n‹S>Vmbm|Ho${bE{XZm|H$sg§»`mH$m{deofê$ngoC„oIZht II. Wherever the number of days are not specifically mentioned for the
{H$`mJ`mh¡dhm§Mmha{^Þ-{^Þ{V{W`m|Ho${bEOm§M-n‹S>VmbH$sOmZrMm{hE{Og_|àË`oH$_mhHo$ checks to be carried out, the checks may be done for four different dates,
{bEEH${V{WhmoZrMm{hEŸ& one date for each month.

(i) (ii)

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