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emf induced in the ring and (b) the electric eld induced in the ring
Q29.14 . A type-II superconductor in an external eld between
Bc1 and Bc2 has regions that contain magnetic ux and have resistance, and also has superconducting regions. What is the resistance
of a long, thin cylinder of such material?
Q29.15 Can one have a displacement current as well as a conduction current within a conductor? Explain.
Q29.16 Your physics study partner asks you to consider a parallelplate capacitor that has a dielectric completely lling the volume
between the plates. He then claims that Eqs. (29.13) and (29.14)
show that the conduction current in the dielectric equals the displacement current in the dielectric. Do you agree? Explain.
Q29.17 Match the mathematical statements of Maxwells equations as given in Section 29.7 to these verbal statements. (a)
Closed electric eld lines are evidently produced only by changing
magnetic ux. (b) Closed magnetic eld lines are produced both
by the motion of electric charge and by changing electric ux.
(c) Electric eld lines can start on positive charges and end on negative charges. (d) Evidently there are no magnetic monopoles on
which to start and end magnetic eld lines.
Q29.18 If magnetic monopoles existed, the right-hand side of
Eq. (29.21) would include a term proportional to the current of
magnetic monopoles. Suppose a steady monopole current is moving in a long straight wire. Sketch the electric eld lines that such a
current would produce.

Section 29.2 Faradays Law

29.1 . A single loop of wire with an area of 0.0900 m2 is in a uniform magnetic eld that has an initial value of 3.80 T, is perpendicular to the plane of the loop, and is decreasing at a constant rate of
0.190 T> s. (a) What emf is induced in this loop? (b) If the loop has
a resistance of 0.600 , nd the current induced in the loop.
29.2 .. In a physics laboratory experiment, a coil with 200 turns
enclosing an area of 12 cm2 is rotated in 0.040 s from a position
where its plane is perpendicular to the earths magnetic eld to a
position where its plane is parallel to the eld. The earths magnetic eld at the lab location is 6.0 * 10 -5 T. (a) What is the total
magnetic ux through the coil before it is rotated? After it is
rotated? (b) What is the average emf induced in the coil?
29.3 .. Search Coils and Credit Cards. One practical way to
measure magnetic eld strength uses a small, closely wound coil
called a search coil. The coil is initially held with its plane perpendicular to a magnetic eld. The coil is then either quickly rotated a
quarter-turn about a diameter or quickly pulled out of the eld. (a)
Derive the equation relating the total charge Q that ows through a
search coil to the magnetic-eld magnitude B. The search coil has
N turns, each with area A, and the ux through the coil is decreased
from its initial maximum value to zero in a time t. The resistance
of the coil is R, and the total charge is Q = It, where I is the
average current induced by the change in ux. (b) In a credit card
reader, the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card is rapidly
swiped past a coil within the reader. Explain, using the same
ideas that underlie the operation of a search coil, how the reader
can decode the information stored in the pattern of magnetization
on the strip. (c) Is it necessary that the credit card be swiped
through the reader at exactly the right speed? Why or why not?
29.4 . A closely wound search coil (see Exercise 29.3) has an area
of 3.20 cm2, 120 turns, and a resistance of 60.0 . It is connected


to a charge-measuring instrument whose resistance is 45.0 .

When the coil is rotated quickly from a position parallel to a uniform magnetic eld to a position perpendicular to the eld, the
instrument indicates a charge of 3.56 * 10 -5 C. What is the magnitude of the eld?
29.5 . A circular loop of wire with a radius of 12.0 cm and oriented in the horizontal xy-plane is located in a region of uniform
magnetic eld. A eld of 1.5 T is directed along the positive
z-direction, which is upward. (a) If the loop is removed from the
eld region in a time interval of 2.0 ms, nd the average emf that
will be induced in the wire loop during the extraction process.
(b) If the coil is viewed looking down on it from above, is the
induced current in the loop clockwise or counterclockwise?
29.6 . CALC A coil 4.00 cm in radius, containing 500 turns, is
placed in a uniform magnetic eld that varies with time according
to B = 10.0120 T>s2t + 13.00 * 10 -5 T>s42t 4. The coil is connected to a 600- resistor, and its plane is perpendicular to the
magnetic eld. You can ignore the resistance of the coil. (a) Find
the magnitude of the induced emf in the coil as a function of time.
(b) What is the current in the resistor at time t = 5.00 s?
29.7 . CALC The current in the
long, straight wire AB shown in Figure E29.7
Fig. E29.7 is upward and is
increasing steadily at a rate di>dt.
(a) At an instant when the current B
is i, what are the magnitude
direction of the eld B at a distance r to the right of the wire?
(b) What is the ux d B through
the narrow, shaded strip? (c) What
is the total ux through the loop?
(d) What is the induced emf in
the loop? (e) Evaluate the numeri- A
cal value of the induced emf if
a = 12.0 cm, b = 36.0 cm, L =
24.0 cm, and di>dt = 9.60 A>s.
29.8 . CALC A at, circular, steel Figure E29.8
loop of radius 75 cm is at rest in a
uniform magnetic eld, as shown in
an edge-on view in Fig. E29.8. The
eld is changing with time, accord-10.057 s-12t
ing to B1t2 = 11.4 T2e
(a) Find the emf induced in the
loop as a function of time. (b) When
is the induced emf equal to 10
of its initial value? (c) Find the
direction of the current induced in the loop, as viewed from above
the loop.
29.9 . Shrinking Loop. A circular loop of exible iron wire
has an initial circumference of 165.0 cm, but its circumference is
decreasing at a constant rate of 12.0 cm>s due to a tangential pull
on the wire. The loop is in a constant, uniform magnetic eld oriented perpendicular to the plane of the loop and with magnitude
0.500 T. (a) Find the emf induced in the loop at the instant when
9.0 s have passed. (b) Find the direction of the induced current in
the loop as viewed looking along the direction of the magnetic
29.10 . A closely wound rectangular coil of 80 turns has dimensions of 25.0 cm by 40.0 cm. The plane of the coil is rotated from a
position where it makes an angle of 37.0 with a magnetic eld of
1.10 T to a position perpendicular to the eld. The rotation takes
0.0600 s. What is the average emf induced in the coil?