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Dok Bhowon, Sonsod Morg, NewDethi-lIOOl6 Dofed: October, 9 All Chief postmoslers Generol, Afl Postmqsters Generol Direcfor,poslolStoffColtege,Ghoziobod Direcfor,poslol TroiningCenlres. All Generof Monogers Finonce/Director of Accounts poslol 2OO?

sub: lmpfemenlolion of Recommendotions of shri R.s. Notorojo Murti committee - Revision woge strufture of of Gromin Dok sevoks (GDs). Ihe Deportmentof postsvide Resorution No. 6-l / doted 23,dJury 2007set up one-mon committee under shri R.s.Notorojo Murii to exomine the systemof ExtroDeportmentolPost offices ond woge structureof Gromin Dok Sevoks' The committee submitied its report oi 2g,noctober, 2oo'. The Government'ofter corefulconsiderotio.n of the report hos decided to implement the Recommendoiions the committee of os detoiledberow: Allowonce for different cotegoriei of Gromin Dok Sevoksto be implemented w.e.f. 1,l .2006 given in Annexuref is . The revisedTRCAfor the GDSwiil be fixed ts under: "BosicTRCAos on r.r.2006+ 570 increoseos on 1.4.2A04 muftiptied o by foctor of 1.74 ond rhen odding 40% filment os orrived of the 20thstoge of prerevisedTRCA ond fixorion oi nexr obove the stoge in the revised slob of Iime Reloled Continuity Allowonce.,, 2'1 The Time Reloted c-ontinuity Allowonce in respect of Gromin Dok sevoks engoged upto 3l- 12-2005 rt"'ottbe fixed in the correspondingstoge with effect from 1-1-2006in the respeciive TRCA slob.The TRCAlo Gromin Dok Sevoks engoged on or qfter 1-1-2oo6sholl fixed of the minimum be of lhe revised TRCA srob from the dote -of their engogement.

st.N Cotegory of GDS o

o'owedro Gromin Doksevoks workins os
Pre-revised TRCA Revised
rr r .rvarf. , .

1 . cDS

Poslmoster 2. GDS Bronch
Postmoster (75 pointsworklood)


R s . 2 l 2 5 S 0 -3 1 2 5 Rs. 4575 -85-7125 Rs1280-35- l98O Rs2745 -50- 4245

n rl - n v r - - l r l o( n ; n t l Y r ,

TRCA 40%fifmenl to

be ollowed Rs.1250 Rs. 792

- t

3. 4.




Brqnch Rs.I 600 -40- 24OO Rs.3660 I GDS -TO-5760 Poslmoster(more I , thon 75 points work I loqd) GDSMoil delivere/ Rs 1375 -25- 2125 R s3 3 3 0 - 6 0 - S l 3 0 Stomp vendor (work lood I up lo 3 hrs 45 mts) I GDSMoil deliverer/ Rs1740 -30- 2640 Rs4220-TS- 6470 Slompvendor ( work lood more lhon 3 hrs45 mts) GDSMoil Corrier/ Rs.I 220-20-1600 Rs. 2870 -S0-43ZO Pocker/ Moilmon (work lood up lo 3 hrs45 mlst Rs.1545-25- 2O2O Rs.3635 -65-5595 GDSMoil Corrier/ Pocker/ Moilmqn (work lood more lhon 3 hrs45 mts)

Rs. ?60

Rs. 750

Rs. 936


Rs. 808

2 '3 The new slob of Time Reloted coniinuity Allowonce for GDS Moil Deliverer/ Stomp vendor ond GDS Moil corriers/pockers up io 3 hours work lood given in AnnexureI is opplicoble for new entronts to be engoged from the dote of issueof these ord.rr. The concerned Appointing Authority sholl corefully ossess the work of irre post follen vocont ond if the Assessed work lood is up to 3 hrs, the new TRCA slob should be indicoted in the notificotion for filling the post. Thiswill be opplicoble for vocont posts unfilled for which notificoiion not issued os yet. The work lood of ihe GDS Moil Deliverer/ GDS Moil corriers/Pockers coniinue will to be ossessedby cycle beot formuro wherever the beot is cycreobre. 2' 4 lllustrotions fixotionof lime Reloted for continuity Allowonce in ihe new slobs of Time Reloted continuity Allowonce ore given in Annexure tv(A,B&C)

The fixotion of TimeRelotedcontinuity Allowonce for the incumbents recruiied before 1-1-2006 will be done os on 1-l -2006 by the o bove meihod ond the next Annuol Increose willbe ollowed ofter completion of l2 monfhscontinuousservice from thot dote. In respect of those Gromin Dok sevoks engoged on or ofier I -1-2006, the fixotionwill be done ot the minimum of the new TRCAslob opplicoble os on their dote of engogement ond next Annuol Increose sholl be ollowed ofier completion of one yeor of continuousservice from the dote of fixotion. 4' lf o Gromin Dok sevok hoppens to be on reove on l-1_2006, the revised TRCA will be effective from the doie of rejoining of duty. In cose of Gromin Dok Sevoks,on put off duiy os on 1-l -2006,the revised TRCA will be subject to finol order to be possed by the Disciplinory Authority.


5' DeornessAllowonce(DA) : Deorness Allowonce on bosic TRCAwill be moinioined os CI seporote component ond will be reguloied of the following roteswith effect from I .l .2006 sonctioned by the Government. os Period Revised Roteof DA w.e.f0l -01. 2006

I .l .2006 lo 30-6.2006 1.7.2006 fo 3l - I 2-2006 1.1.2007lo 30-06-200z 1.7.2007 lo 3l - I 2-2007 1.1.2008to 30-06-2008 1.7.2009 to 3l - I 2-2OOB -2009 I . I .2009 to 30-06 From 1-7-2009 6

2% 6%
9% 12% 16%

22% 27%

Olher Allowonces: Other Allowonces Office Mointenonce Allowonce,Fixed viz. Stotionery Chorge,Boot Allowonce,Cosh Conveyonce Allowonce,Cycle Mointenonce Allowonce, Combined Duty Allowonce for Bronch Postmoster,Allowoncefor Combinotion of duty for Moil Delivery ond Moil Conveyonce ond Compensotionio Moil Corriers who ore detoined for exchonge of moils ore given in Annexureil.

The increose in Olher Allowoncesreferredlo in this Porq will be effeclive from lhe Dole of issueof lhe Order. ServiceDischoroeBenefifs: The revisedrotes of Ex-grotio grotuityond SeveronceAmount is given in Annexure lll. The increose in the service DischorgeBenefits sholl be effective from the dote of issueof the order. I MolernifuGront: Women GDSwill be providedMoternityGront equivolent to three monthsTRCA with DA for the birthof two childrenout of the welforefund of the Deportment. This toke effectfrom the dote of issue of lhe order will I Produclivifu (P[B): Present LinkedBonus colculotionof the Ex-grotio bonus by opplyingthe colculotionceilingof Rs. 25OO Bosic os TRCA+DA sholl continue to be odopted tillsuchtime o new schemeisdevisedby the Deportment. 10. Exlro Deporlmenlol Group Insuroncescheme The present Monthly subscription will be enhonced to Rs.50 per month, ond increosein the insuroncecover to Rs.50,000, the event of deoth of in Gromin Dok Sevokwhile in service. The revised subscriptionwitl be etfeclive from the TRCA poyoble for Jonuory 2O1O 7


Arreors TRCA of w.e.f. l.l.2006to 30-09-2OOg be poid in cosh sholl in two

rhe monrhty + DAdrown TRCA :lY _*f:1i?]1._1"ry?nr:lode ioword bosic
cnaaifia inclrrrall^-!lL!r r


z_w tv-



I I'1 lhe entire process of fixotion of IRCA in the new slobs ond colculotionof the orreorsoccording to the instructions contoined in thisletter should be storted immediotelyso ot to ensurepoyment of firstinstolment of orreors 3l - I 0-2009. by Thedetoiled inslruclions ore given in AnnexureV for strict observonce. with regord to the poyment of orreorr,Lnundertoking in the prescribed formot ( Annexurevl) should be obtoined from eoch Gromin Dok Sevok ond kept on record before disbursement the first of instorment Arreors. of 12' The Circle Poslol Accounls office sholl cqrry oul cenl percenl verificolion of fixolion of TRCA consequenl on revision. The enlire process of verificotion shoutd be completed by 3l-03-2olo This issues with ihe concurrenceof Integroted Finoncewlng vide iheir Advice in Dy.No. 223/rA/09/csdoted ,9-ro-2009 Hindiversion follow. will

(A K Shormo) Dy. Direcfor Generol (Estt)

Copv fonrqrded lo :

o M ExecutiveAssistont Secreto to PS to Member (p)/Uember(T)i /Member (PLI)/ Member (O) The JS& FA/SecretorypSB Chief GenerolMonoger plt/Cm All the DDGs in Directorote TheDDG (PAF) Directorote for rssueof necessoryinstructions to circle P.A .Osfor conductino 100% checking of fixoiion of TRCA by g I -03-201 0 All the Directorsof postol troininq Centres Director PSCI Ghoziobod GDS/BGT/PAP/PE.t/pA section/pi The Director posiolTroiningcentre l, ysor@ orders in the website All re ond unions ry1qd Federotions Guord file

(K.Romeswoi6R-oo) Asst. Director Generol(Estt)


Annexure| No.6-l /2009-pE.U Government Indio of

S . N o Cofegory


GDS I 2 GDS Sub Poslmosler
GDS Brqnch Poslmosler


Revised TRCA Work w.e.f. 0l -01 -2006 lood in

Work lood in hours
4 - 5 hours

points Rs2125-50-3125 R s . 4 5 7 5 - 8 5 - 7 1 2 5 .

R s 1 2 8 0 - 3 5 - 1 9 8 0 Rs 2745-50-4245 75 poinls Up lo 3 hours work New TRCAslob Rs3200-60-5000 87.5 More thon 3 points hours up to 3 hrs.30 min Rs 1600-40-2400 R s 3660-70-5760 r 0 0 Up to 4 hours.



G D SM o i l deliverer/ Slomp vendor


GD S M o i l Corrier/ Pocker/ Mq i l mo n

More lhon 4 hoursup lo 4 hour 30 min R s . 4 5 7 5 - 8 5 - 7 1 2 U pto 125 More thon 5 poinls 4.hrs 30 min up lo 5 hours N e w TR C Asl ob Rs 2665-50-4165 Forwork up lo 3 hrs for new entronts @ Rs 3330-60-S130 For Work lood Up to 3 hours 45 minules Rs 1740-30-2640 4220-75-6470 More thon 3 hours 45 minules up to 5 hours New TRCAslob Rs 2295-45-3695 For work up lo 3 hrs for new enlronfs Rs 1220-20-1600 Rs 2870-50-4370 More thon 3 hrs up to 3 hrs 45 min Rs 1545-25-2020 Rs 3635-65-5585 More thon 3 hours 45 minules up to 5 hours. poinls

N e w TR C Asl ob

R s 4 l l 5 - 7 5 - 6 3 6 5 112.5


' , (K.Romesworq Roo) Assl.Direclor Generql(Estt)



Annexure ll No.6-l Governmenlof Indio Deportmeni of posts Subject Other Allowonces.*

Noture of Existing Allowonce RevisedAllowonces Allowonce Office Ks.JU per month for GDS Sub Ks. tuu per month for GDSSub Mointenonce Postmoster/Bronch postmoster Postmoster /Bronch postmoster Allowonce


Stotionery Chorge

Ks.tu r.M ror GDSSub postmoster/ Ks. '25 p.m. for GDS Sub Bronch Postmoster ond Rs.5 p.M Postmoster /Bronch postmoster for other cotegories of GDS ond Rs. l0 p.M for other cotegories of GDS (like GDSMoil Deliverer/ Stomp vendor ond Moil
C o r r i e r_ , .

Actuol cr'offio the Bootmon subject to o moximum of Rs. 50 per month for Conveyonce of Moil Cosh Ks.tu per occoston plus Bus fores R s 50 per month . Conveyonce for conveyonce of cosh from Allowonce Bronch office to Account office. Cycle Rs.30 per month provided the Rs.60 per month for GDS n4oil Mointeno nce Gromin Dok Sevok trovels o Deliverer/Mail Corrier who use Allowonce distonce of l0 kmsper doy. their own cycle for dischorge of (c.M.A) Duty. Present Minimum Distonce Condition of lO kms for gront of cycle mointenonce Allowonce. Stonds withdrown c o m b i n e d l * r r o op e r m o @ postmosters l. .GDS. Bronch Duty j deliveryor conveyonce or both. I perrormtng delivery or I Allowonce I conveyonce duties or both will J (cDA) forI I O. poid Rs.5OOp.M. for eoch Bronch I j item of work seporotely. Postmosters. I | 2, lf the Bronch postmosteris I performing delivery of the BO villoge only, it will be restrictedto Rs. 250 P.M 3. BPM exchonging Moils of Bus stond or of Roilwoy Stotionswill be compensotedof ihe rote of Rs. 250 P.M.

Boot Allowonce

R s .l 0 p e r m o n i h

c -l n i.n n , i 7 - _ ,

r { arl i r rvav r,y ^ vvr

rve r n/ r L Y\- t




Allowo nces Rs. 75 per month for GDS Moil for Deliverer/Moil Corrier for combinotion performing odditionolduiy. of duties for Moil Delivery/Moil Conveyonce. Compensotion R s . 3 / - p e r h o u r s u b j e c t t o o to Moil Moximum of Rs. per doy. 6 Corriers who ore detoined for exchonge of moils.

GDS MD/MC ottoched with the odditionolduty of onother post, revisedrote of Allowonce will be of the rote of Rs.25 per doy subject to o Moximum of Rs.625 P.M.
Rs. 6/per hour subjeci to o

Moximum f o R s .1 2 p e r d o y subject existing to conditions.

(-) Effeclivefrom lhe dote of lssue of the orders onlv.

(K.Romesworo Roo) Assl. DirectorGenerol(Estt.)

No.6-l 't09-PE.ll Governmenf Indio of Ministrvof Communicolions lT & Deportment of Posts )


Nolure benefit Ex-grotio Grotuity of Presenl Benefils

Revised Benefils.

Severonce Amount

Gronted of the rote of holf months Continuonce of the existing bosic TRCA drown immediotely formulo for gront of Ex-grotio before dischorge of service for Grotuity subject to o Moximum eoch completed yeor of service of Rs. 60,000. subject to o moximum of Rs.I B,OOO or I 6.5 months bosic TRCA lost drown whichever is less. Minimum prescribedis I 5 yeiors. lqIyLCe A Lump sum severonce omount of Severonce Amount shollbe poid Rs.30,000/- poid on dischorge of the rote of Rs.1500 for every is provided o GDS hos completed completed yeor of service 20 yeors of continuous service. ln subject to o Moximum of Rs. cose of o GDS cornpleting 15 60000with reduction in Minimum yeors of servicebut lessthon 20 eligibilityperiod to t 0 yeors. yeors of continuous service the severonce omount poid is Rs. 20,000

(K.Romesworo Roo) Asst.DireclorGenerol(Estt)

N o .6 - l / 2 0 0 9 - p E . t l Government of Indio. Deporlment of posts

Annexure lV (A )

Cotegory of GDS G D Ss u b P o s i m o s t e r

P re-revi sedIR C A

Rs.2125-50-31 25

Revised TRCA yv.e.f0l -0.l-2006 . R s . 5 7 5 -5 - t i 2 5 4 8 Rs.247 5
Rs. 121

A s s u m i n gB o s i c T R C A o s o n l - 1 - 2 0 0 6 5 % i n c re o s e w i th e ff ect tro, 2 4 2 5 o s o n 0 l -0 4 -2 0 0 4ond 5% i ncreose on R s.242sl Iotol ( 1+2

D e o r n e s sA l l o w o n c e z4 %o n R s . 2 5 9 6 o n r - r - 2 0 % @ os Add fitment
T o t o(l 3 + 4 + 5 Fixqlion in the new slob

Rs.l92l Rs.566Z bove o T o t o lT R C Aw i t h A n n u o l i n c r e o s eo n l _ j _ 2 0 0 7

IRCA fixed os on t-l-20o6n i B 5 - 22 5 ( i nt h e n e x to b o v e s t o g eo f R s . 5 5 6o r r i v e d t 1 z o

Rs.5680-00 = Rs. + 5680-00 Rs.BS Rs.5Z65 = + Rs 5265-00 Rs.B5 Rs.5B5O = + Rs. 5850-00 Rs.B5 Rs.5935

T o t o lT R C Aw i t h A n n u o l i n c r e o s e o n l _ l _ 2 0 0 8 T o t o lT R C Aw i t h A n n u o l i n c r e o s e o n l _ l _ 2 0 0 g Note:

l' In re s p e c t o f G ro mi n Dok S evoks w orki ng from o dote pri or to j -4-2004, s% inc r e o s e i s to b e o l l o w e d o n thei r bosi c TR C A drow n os on 1-4-2004 y w hi l e fi xi ng onl ihe TRCA in the new slob. 2' F o r G ro mi n D o k s e v o k s w ho j oi ned servi ce betw een 2-4-2004ond 3l -12-2005 5% in c re o s e i s to b e o l l o w e d o n the mi ni mum of pre-revi sed Ti me R el oted conti nui ty Allowonce in which they were oppointed while fixing the TRCA in the new stob. 3' T h o s eG r o m i n D o k s e v o k s e n t e r e d i n s e r v i c e o f t e r l - l - 2 0 0 6 TRCA is to be f ix ed o f th e mi n i mu m o f n e w TR C A sl ob. They w i l l noi be ol l ow ed the benefi t of 5 7" increose ond fitment in fixolion. 4' G r o m i n D o k s e v o k s w o r k i n g o s o n 3 1 - 1 2 - 2 0 0 5t,h e i r T R C A w i l l be fixed on t-t2006 o s p e r th e o b o v e me th od, ond next onnuol i ncreose w i l l be ol l ow ed ofter c o m p l e t i o n o f o n e y e o r ' s c o n t i n u o u ss e r v i c e i . e . ,o n 1 - 1 - 2 0 0 7 , i - 1 - 2 o o 8 1 - 1 - 2 O Oo n d g so on. 5' ln respect of Gromin Dok Sevcks newly oppointed on orofter l-1-2l}6,their TRCA will be fixed of ihe minimum of new rRCA slob ond the next onnuol increose s h o l ib e o l l o w e d o f t e r c o m p l e t i o n o f o n e y e o r ' s c o n t i n u o u s service, from the dote of their engogement.

for ot h e r c o te g o ri e s o f G ro mi n D ok S evoks.

T h e s o m e p ri n c i p l e s h o l l b e odopted

for the fi xoti on o f T R C A i n n e w s l o b s (K.Romesworo Roo) r \ Assl. Director Generol (Estt)

- 9-

Annexure lV (B)
No.6-l Government of Indio.

Deportmenf of posts STRAIION FORFIXATION F IRCA twe

ect of Gromin Dok 1-4- 4 Revised TRCA w.e.f 0l-01-2006 . Rs. 45-50-4245 27


Cotegoryof GDS

Pre-revised TRCA

GDS BronchPostmoster R s . 2 8 0 - 3 5 - 1 9 8 0 l with work lood of 75 pointsossuming Dote of Joiningos 1-2-2001 Assuming Bosic TRCAos on 1-1-2006
5% increose (BosicTRCAos on j-4-2004

Rs.I 420

ond 5% increose Rs.l3B5 on Totol ( I +2 L J c u lr l 5 5 A i O w O n C e @ 14% n Rs.l B g o s o n I _ I _ DeornessAllowonce g / 4 y oon R s .| a8g o 4 2006 Add fitment T o t o( lA + 4 + s Fixolionin lhe new slob

R s .I 4 8 9

Rs. 102 I Rs. 792

TRCAfixed os on I - I -2006 tfre next of Rs.3395 obove stoge in the slob of Rs.2745-50-4245 (inihe next obove stoge of Rs.33B3 orrivedot S l . n o .o b o v e ) 6 TotolTRCA with Annuol increose = on l-1-2007 Rs. 3395+ Rs.50 Rs.3445 T o t o T R C A i t h A n n u o l i n c r e o s eo n l - l l w = Rs. 3445+ Rs.5O Rs.3495 2008 TotolIRCAwith Annuol increoseon l-l 2009 Note: l. In respect of GrominDok sevoksworking from o dote priorto l-4-2004, 5% increose is to be ollowed on iheir bosic TRCA drown os on 1-4-2004 only while fixingthe TRCAin the new slob, 2. For GrominDok Sevokswho joined servicebetween 2-4-2004 ond 3l_ 12-2005 5% increose is to be ollowed on the minimum of pre-revisedTime RelotedcontinuityAllowonce in which they were oppointed while fixing the TRCAin the new slob. = Rs. 3495+ Rs.50 Rs.3545

- l 0-

3. Those GrominDok Sevoksentered in service ofter l-l-2006 TRCAis to be fixed ot the minimum of new TRCA slob.They will nol be ollowed the benefif of 5 7" increose ond filmenl in fixotion. 4. Gromin Dok Sevoksworking os on 3l-12-2005, their TRCA will be fixed on 1-1-2006 os per the obove method, ond next onnuol increosewill be ollowed ofter completion of one yeor's continuous service i.e.,on l-l-2007, l1-2008 1-1-2009 o nd so on. 5. ln respect of GrominDok Sevoksnewly oppointed on or ofier I - I 2006'their TRCA will be fixed of the minimum of new TRCA slob ond the next onnuol increosesholl be ollowed ofter completion of one yeor,s continuousservice,from ihe dote of their engogement. 6. The some principle shollbe o{opted for the fixotion of TRCA in new slobsfor other cotegoriesof GromintDokSevoks. (K.Romes*.;;*;6-'

K r\ tt-- /__

Asst. Direclor Generol (Esfi)

ll -

Annexure lV(C)

N o .6 - l n 0 9 - P E . t l Governmentof lndiq. Deportment of Posts OF TRCAlN NEW SIABin respect of Sevok joined beiween I -4-2004ond t -t -2006 Coiegory of GDS
Prer-revised TRCA, R e v i s e dT R C A w.e.f . 0l -0 1-2006

GDS BronchPostmoster Rs.I 600-40-2400 with work lood of more thon Z5 pointsossuming Dote of Joiningqs I -T2004

Rs. 3660-70-57 60

Assuming Bosic TRCA os on 1-j-2006

2 3

5% increose minimum TRCA nr f OOO on of i.e. Totol ( I +2) Deorness Allowonce @ l,{To Rs.l on Z2O on I _I os 2006 ( T o t o l3 + + + 5 ;
Fixolion in fhe new slob

R sI 6 4 0 .

Rs. B0 Rs. 220 I Rs.2/3 I R s .9 6 0 Rs.3953


TRCAfixed os on l-l-2006of the next Rs.40l0 obove stogein the slobof Rs. 3660-lO-Sl60 Rs. (inthe next obove stoge of Rs.3953 orrived os of obove)
Totol TRCA with Annuol increose on l-1-2007 TotolTRCA with Annuol increose on l'-l _2OOB T o t oT R C A i t hA n n u o l i n c r e o s e o n I - l _ 2 0 0 9 l w = R s .4 0 1 0+ 9 5 . 7 9 R s . 4 0 B O R s .4 0 8 0+ R s . z = R s . 4 t 5 0 O R s .4 l 5 0 + R s . 7 = R s . 4 2 2 0 0

Note: l. ln respect of Gromin Dok Sevoksworking from o dote priorto l-4-2004, 5% increose is to be ollowed on their bosic TRCA drown os on 1-4-2oo4only while fixing the TRCAin the new slob. 2. For GrominDok Sevokswhc joined service between 2-4-2004 ond 3l12-2005 5% increose is to be ollowed on the minimum of pre-revisedTime Reloted continuiiy Allowonce in which they were oppointedwhile fixing the TRCAin the new slob. 3. Those Gromin Dok Sevoksentered in service ofter 1-l-2006 TRCAis to be fixed of the minimum of new TRCA slob.They will not be ollowed the benefil of 5 % increose ond fitment lfi fixotion.


4' Gromin Dok sevoks working os on 31-12-2005, their TRCA will be fixed on 1-l-2006 os per ihe obove method, ond next onnuol increosewill be ollowed ofter completion of one yeor's continuous service i.e.,on l-j-2007, jl-2008 1-1-2009 ond so on. ln respect of GrominDok sevoks newly oppointed ! on or ofter l- l2006'their TRCA will be fixed of the minimum of new TRCA slob ond the next onnuol increoseshollbe ollowed ofter completion of one yeor,s continuous service,from the dote of their engogement. 6' The some principleshollbe odopted for the fixotion of TRCA in new slobs for other cotegories of Gromin Dok sevoks. . rh ,

t \ '/b )A' .--J uv Assr. ?*:5 ir:fl r,,::,::



AN NEXU RE.V _ N o .6 - l 1 2 0 0 9 - p E . t l Government of tndio. . Deportment of posts fNSTRUCT|ONS ON fl NOF

The responsibiliiy Fixotion for of lime Reloted continuity Allowonce in the new slobs of TRCAopproved with effect from j-j-2006 rests superintendent of Post offices with Divisionol /RMi unitsfor oil Gromin Dok sevoks under iheir jurisdiction' In working respect of Gromin Dcrk Sevoks working in independent units like Gozetted Hos in cr,orge lr senior postmoster/chief Postmoster, the fixotion sho, be o"n. tv the sr. pM/chief pM. ?, Ihe respective Authorities sholl fix the


Time reloted continuity :[[?::,""In I?, y.::s; ":l. ry: ",, :?i .:::'t T; ll:L ];'i j:Jl:,li',H:,-y:,:::;.1 t'l; o3,''n ::i":.?;: s]l fi:' :: iiSo'oo,,#;'Ji.J",,i:i!.,1i,. .??*J;;i""1,il3 ;5lLJr:.ffiiln Z:l;r?_:^!,in'1*1:n,i' "'o,' 8iftlJ"".;:'fr: ff:ll ;q'i # "J"il
the onnucrl inr-ron.oc , rn *a rL ^


?11^?l:lrjr'lg ven in Annexure_Vl) fr

Disbursino officers(\r v,rr-;rvinn^, ,+ rr^Officers f workins for our rhe

il;. li [,"J"n]'" ,'J",n :,:"Jf J"$,?,1',i orreors.
v\l tv \Jl


t I n o



n ihe

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3' The Divisionol superintendent, sholl consiitute o speciol cell if required for this purp-os-e'-similorlythe Drowol ond Disbursing officers sholl drow the orreors froml-l_2006 30-0e-zoos ro of ;;.;.;;ilil onddrownsrotemenr olso ofter odjustment of TRCA ond including_ orr6odypoid ond DA work out 40%of the orreors qld orronge theii p"vr.i't' . Thuentire exerciseshouldbe before31-10-2009 compreted ond [oy,n.nt of firslinstolment of 4o%of orreors ensured. 4' The Divisionolsuperintendent-will orronge to communicote the of Bronch postmosterdoing nomes Deliveryor conrieyonce work or both ond srobs of revised combined Duty Allowonce. Ihe Bronch postmosters ooing derivery in ottoched villogessholl be poid ot Rs. 5oo pM TheBpMs exchonging Bo of ihe Accouni office or of Bog o tronsit orri.u shollbe eligiblefor comoined Duty Allowonce of Rs' 5oo PM' core must be token tC tix the combined Allowonceot Rs'250 P'M' where the gFN4is doing derivery in th; post Duty only' similorly'the revised combined viroge Duty Allowtnce of Rs.250 p.M is io be postmosters exchonsins


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5. The Regionol Director of postol services/postmosierGenerols while inspecting the Divisionoloffice sholl corry out verificotion of iO% fixotion of TRCA coses. 6' Ihe circle Postol Accounis office shollco'y out ceni percent verificotion of fixoiionof TRCAconsequenton revision by 3r-03-20lo.Discreponcyony got if settled on ihe spot. ExcessArreors due to wrong fixotion shollbe listed ond reported to Regionol Director of Postol servLes/postmosier Generol/chief Postmoster Generol concerneo.

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\ p N o .6 -l n 0 9 - E . t l Governmenlof Indio. Deporlmenl of posls


UNDERTAKING I . . . . . . . G r o m i nD o k Sevqk Sub Poslmosler/Bronch Poslmosfer/Moil Deliverer/Stomp vendor/Moif pocker/Moil Mqn/Mqil corrier(*)hereby underloke thot ony excess poyment fhot moy be found to hove been mqde crso resull of incorrect fixotion of Time Reloled continuity Allowonce or qny excess poymenl delecled in the light of discrepon.i.r-" noticed subsequenlly will be refunded by .. lo lhe Governmenl eifher by odjuslmenl ogoinst furure poymenfs due to me or otherwise.
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(*) slrikeoul whichever is not opplicoble.


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