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East Java - Idonesia
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3. Belajar bahasa Inggris Percakapan:
4. Belajar Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Dengan Barbagai Topik:
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page 1 - Buying Tickets (reading passage)

page 2 - Vocabulary List
page 3 - Sentence Pattern ("I prefer A to B.")
page 4 - Vocabulary Review
page 5 - Vocabulary In-depth
page 6 - Review of Reading Passage
page 7/8 - Dialogue: At the Check-in Counter (with vocab list)
page 9 - Booking Tickets Online (fill out the form and write a paragraph)
page 10/11 - Useful Phrases and Questions (asking and answering polite questions)

8 Letters in Search of a Word

Clueless Crossword Puzzle
Hang Mouse Word Game
Hig Pig Word Game
Higgy Piggy Word Game
Match and Make: Oxymorons
Primary Alphabetizing Game
Unscramble the Words
Vocabulary Quiz
Word Search Game

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Free Teacher Vocabulary Worksheets

You'll find the a wide range of printables here. We also feature worksheets by grade level.
1. Compound Words - Partner Challenge
2. Create Compound Words
3. Compound Word Challenge (Word Paths)
4. How to Learn New Vocabulary Words Quickly
5. Middle School Level Vocabulary Matching Words 1
6. Middle School Level Vocabulary Matching Words 2
7. Middle School Level Vocabulary Word Match Worksheet 3
8. Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Quiz
9. Vocabulary Teaching Theme
10. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 1
11. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 2
12. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 3
13. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 4
14. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 5
15. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 6
16. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 7
17. Vocabulary Worksheets For Grade 8

These Sets You Will Find an immense number

of high quality works.
1. Pre-Kindergarten Vocabulary Words
2. Kindergarten Vocabulary Words
3. First Grade Vocabulary Words
4. Second Grade Vocabulary Words
5. Third Grade Vocabulary Words,
6. Top 100 Misspelled Vocabulary Grade 3-8
7. 1000 of the Most Often Used High School Words
8. Top 100 Science Words
9. Top 100 Social Studies Words
10. Top 100 Misspelled English Words
11. Most Common Verbs
12. Most Common Adjective
13. Most Common Adverbs
14. Most Common Nouns
15. 600 Vocabulary Words Every High School Student Should Know

Word Walls and Vocabulary Makers

Full word walls and tools for making your own printables.
1. Kindergarten Vocabulary Word Wall
Suhantos Collection Page_3

2. First Grade Vocabulary Word Wall

3. Second Grade Vocabulary Word Wall
4. Third Grade Vocabulary Word Wall
5. Fourth Grade Vocabulary Word Wall
6. Fifth Grade Vocabulary Word Wall
7. Sixth Grade Vocabulary Word Wall
8. Dolch Sight Words Pre-Primer Bingo Cards
9. Dolch Sight Words Primer Bingo Cards
10. Dolch Sight Words First Grade Bingo Cards
11. Dolch Sight Words Second Grade Bingo Cards
12. Dolch Sight Words Third Grade Bingo Cards
13. Crossword Puzzle Worksheet Maker
14. Cryptogram Worksheet Maker
15. Vocabulary Fill Puzzle Maker
16. Word Chop Worksheet Maker
17. Word Scramble Worksheet Maker
18. Word Search Worksheet Maker
19. Word Search Maker With Clues
20. Spiral Vocabulary Worksheet Maker
21. Vocabulary Maze Worksheet Maker

Teacher Cloze Worksheets

Have students complete the passages using the words that are provided. This is a wonderful
practice activity for students of all ages. When you are put in situations where you struggle to
understand a word, the word sinks in a great deal more.
1. Harold Searches for the Book - Bank On It!
2. Elves in My Garden - Bank On It!
3. The Big Bad Storm - Bank On It!
4. Kali the Crazy Koala - Bank On It!
5. Just Ducky Cloze Worksheet
6. Crooks the Duck Cloze Worksheet
7. Thad the Tadpole Cloze
8. Gary the Skateboarding Gorilla
9. Mike, Mike Motorbike
10. Making My Swimming Pool
11. What Went Bump In The Night?
12. The Skating Moose
13. The Bike Riding Moose
14. The First Time I Drove a Car...
15. Sarah the Soccer ball Juggler
16. Birds of a Feather (Kiki and Kiku)
17. The Terrific Taxi
18. Being a Comedian Isn't All Laughs
19. Terrible Tuesday
20. Ivan the Incredible

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Teacher Vocabulary Science Worksheets

All passages here are Science Related.
1. Animals
2. Cells
3. Dinosaurs
4. Elements, Compounds, And Mixtures
5. Environment
6. Food / Nutrition
7. Forces Of Nature
8. Human Body
9. Inventors/Invention
10. Magnets and Electricity
11. Oceans
12. Planet Earth
13. Plants
14. Rainforest
15. Space
16. Top 100 Science Words
17. Volcanoes

Teacher Vocabulary Social Studies Worksheets

All of these works are Social Studies related.

Community Helpers
Graphic Organizers: Language Organizers, Vol. 2
Top 100 Social Studies Words
Veterans Day

Vocabulary Related Teacher Resources

Other areas on our site that will be valuable for you, if you are working on this unit.

Classroom Organizers Workbook

Language Organizers Workbook
Language Arts Worksheet Maker Tool
Spelling Lesson Plans
Spelling Teaching Theme
Teacher Curriculum For Language Arts
Vocabulary Lesson Plans
Vocabulary Teaching Theme

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Learning Prefixes
A prefix is a group of letters attached to the beginning of a root or word (or
even group of words) serving to modify and/or extend meaning. Prefixes
generally have an easily understood meaning in and of themselves, which
they apply to continued
3rd-5th Grade Games

6th-8th Grade Games

9th-12th Grade Games

3rd-5th Grade Prefixes Games

Elementary Prefix

More 3rd-5th Grade

Prefixes Games Coming

6th-8th Grade Prefixes Games

MS Prefix Meaning

Prefix Division Game

9th-12th Grade Prefixes Games

Divide the Prefix

HS Prefix Meaning Match

the root word to which they are affixed. For example, un is a negative
prefix which will change the otherwise positive word happy into
unhappy. Learning about prefixes early on is important in that it greatly
improves reading comprehension at all levels. Kids and adults alike enjoy
learning about prefixes through fun word matching games.
Understanding prefixes and suffixes for kids is an important part of learning
English grammar. Just as teaching kids root words is crucial to improving
general reading comprehension skills, so does learning prefixes and using
prefixes greatly increase kids vocabulary.
Knowing prefix meanings and prefix definitions also helps students see and
use context and etymological clues, allowing them to make educated guesses
Suhantos Collection Page_6

about the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Teaching kids prefixes early on (prefixes for elementary school students)
helps build a strong foundation of parts of speech which will be very useful
later on when taking graduate and professional school entrance exams
especially since there are many prefixes on the GRE itself. For an early
introduction to be most successful, it should be followed by learning prefixes
in middle school and further reinforced by continuing to study prefixes in
high school.
As numerous suffixes are derived from Greek and Latin roots, ESL students
and teachers can benefit from a multi-lingual approach to the meanings of
Whether learning or teaching prefixes, there are excellent online prefix
resources for creating prefix worksheets as well as prefixes activities and
prefix lists. Fun prefix games for kids are also a great way to embark on
prefix learning.

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