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ZTE Corporation is a globally-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network

solutions. With operations in 160 countries, the company is a leader in technology innovation,
delivering superior products and business solutions to clients all over the world. Founded in
1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges and is Chinas
largest listed telecoms equipment company.

Offering the industrys most comprehensive product range and end-to-end solutions, ZTE
delivers cutting-edge technology to telecommunications clients in wireless, access & bearer,
value-added services, terminals, managed network services, and ICT solutions for enterprises
and government agencies The companys expertise and flexibility in these areas enables
telecommunications operators and enterprises globally to achieve business objectives and attain
increased competitiveness. ZTEs technology is deployed by leading international operators and
Fortune-500 enterprises globally. The company is the worlds fourth-largest handset maker,
offering stylish and intelligent devices for consumers around the world.

ZTE believes in technology innovation as a core value of the company, investing more than 10%
of annual revenue in R&D. The company has established 18 state-of-the-art R&D centers in the
China, France, India and employs over 30,000 research professionals. With 107 subsidiaries
devoted to innovation globally, ZTE was the worlds biggest originator of technology patents in
each of the past two years, according to data from the World Intellectual Property Organization.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, ZTE is committed to a vision of balanced, sustainable

development in the social, environmental and economic arenas. Promoting freedom of

communications around the world, the company has incorporated innovation, technological
convergence and the concept of "going green" into the product life cycle. This includes R&D,
production, logistics and customer service. The company also is committed to maximizing
energy efficiency and minimizing the CO2 emissions.

Active in community programs, ZTE participated in relief efforts related to the 2004 tsunami in
Indonesia, the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan, China, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. ZTE also
established the ZTE Special Children Care Fund, the largest charity fund in China.

Looking forward, ZTE will continue to shape the global telecommunications industry, working
with our customers and partners to stay on top of shifts in technology, business models and
market needs.

ZTE Corporation is one of the listed global integrated telecommunications manufacturing

companies and the global providers of telecommunications equipment and network solutions.
Through twenty-five years' development, ZTE has scaled up its operation, at the same time, has
seriously implemented the scientific development concept, actively fulfilled the corporate social
responsibility, and consciously put the corporate social responsibility in the mindset of the

company's strategy, corporate culture and operating activities, thus making every efforts to
establish harmonious corporate.
In February, 2009, ZTE Corporation has formally become a member of the United Nations
Global Compact. ZTE will take this as a new starting pointing to bring the Global Compact and
its Ten Principles into its corporate culture and business concept to make great effort to promote
the harmonious development among economy, environment and society, thus committing itself
to become the paragon of the Global Corporate Citizenship.

ZTEs CSR vision is to

- conduct all business in an ethical and sustainable way that protects and advances the human
rights, health, safety, well-being and personal development of all people working directly or
indirectly for ZTE,
- operate always in an environmentally responsible manner and actively contribute to solving
the worlds current and future challenges
- help all its customers internal and external take advantage of the opportunities of a
changing world and to positively impact societies on a local level around the world.


ZTE continuedindustry leadership in next-generation PON technology

ZTE presented its first smartphone Skate under own brand in Germany

ZTE launchedindustry first TD-LTE Pico Base Station at MWC 2012

ZTE reachedwireless network expansion agreement with Etisalat Misr

ZTE, Telefonica jointly launched Call Me Now service in Venezuela

ZTE joinedglobal IT leaders on Cloud Computing Standards Study Group

ZTE attainedglobal No.1 PCT patent filings spot

ZTE and Hi3G Sweden signedstrategic deal worth US$74 million

ZTE achieved breakthrough in 400Gb &1Tb optical transmission during field trial in Western

ZTE unveiledworld-first multi-application 400G and 1T DWDM prototype

ZTE partnered with KPN Group Belgium to deploy packet switched core network

ZTE won Best Broadband Partnership at Broadband InfoVision Awards

ZTE became the 4th biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world during the third quarter of

ZTE launchedinnovative energy saving solutions for LTE networks

ZTEs GoTa was accepted by ITU reporton the ITU conference in Geneva

ZTE helped China Mobile Hong Kong to launch the world first converged TD-LTE / LTE FDD


ZTE held 235 LTE essential patents, 7% of all LTE essential patents declared on the IPR online
database of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (as of 30 November 2010).

ZTE reached No. 3 spot for global market growth.

ZTE No. 2 worldwide in international patent applications in 2010, topped PCT patent
applications in Q1 2011.

ZTE deployed LTE/DC-HSPA+ national network for Hutchison 3G Austria.

CTIA recognized ZTE with 2011 emerging technology awards.

ZTE delivered world's first LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode infrastructure equipment to Hi3G.

ZTE was selected for first batch of China TD-LTE trial network construction.

ZTE and P1 successfully demonstrated the ability for WiMAX and TD-LTE to co-exist on the
same network, making ZTE the first company in the industry to successfully test this
revolutionary technology.

ZTE, Qualcomm completed industry's first CDMA2000 1x advanced IOT test.

DiGi appointed ZTE to deploy 5,000 LTE-ready sites.

ZTE and Sri Lankas Mobitel carried out the first successful 4G(LTE) trial in South Asia.

ZTE unveiled proprietary cloud computing operating system Co Cloud and announced the
completion of the Nanjing Cloud-Computing Centre.

ZTE and Cell C announced Africas first 42Mbps DC-HSPA+ 900MHz commercial network.

ZTE ZXR10 T8000 router passed MEF tests.

ZTE awarded Optical Vendor of the Year and IPTV Vendor of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

ZTE and Indias Sistema signed an MOU, outlining principles and strategic direction for future
cooperation between the two corporations. The signing ceremony was attended by the presidents
of India and China.

ZTE shipped 60 million terminal products, including 35 million handsets in the first half of 2011.

ZTE unveiled worlds first commercial LTE micro base station.

ZTE achieved worlds first TD-LTE and 2G/3G handover interoperability test.

ZTE set world record with first WDM Tbit ULH transmission in beyond-100G field.

ZTE debuted first TD-LTE multi-mode dual standby smart terminal at Shenzhen Universiade

ZTE completed industrys first interoperability test between FDD-LTE/TD-LTE and


ZTEs President Shi Lirong was named one of the most powerful executives in the annual Global
Telecoms Business Magazine Power 100.


President Hu Jintao visited ZTE booth at " Expo on Emerging Industries of Strategic
Importance" in Shenzhen, giving great concern to TD-LTE deployment.

ZTE Chairman Mr. Hou Weigui was selected as one of the "Outstanding Innovation Persons"
among the "Top 30 Elites during the 30-Year Development of Shenzhen Special Economic

ZTE was awarded two Glod China Patent Awards recognized by the World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) and State Intellectual Property Office of P.R. China (SIPO). ZTE had an
accumulated patent applications of 30,000.

ZTE was awarded the Best Investor Prize 2010 by the Greater Paris Investment Agency,
recognising the company for its contribution to the Greater Paris region.

ZTE and CSL were awarded the LTE Infrastructure Innovation award as part of the Global
Telecoms Business Innovation Awards 2010.

Telenor commissioned ZTE to build Hungary's first LTE-ready network. ZTE would deploy over
6,000 base stations including LTE eNodeBs throughout the country.

ZTE and Telefonica deployed Spain's first WiMAX 802.16e network for residential and
enterprise market.

ZTE helped UCell launch 4G network in Uzbekistan. As of July 2010, ZTE had deployed seven
LTE commercial networks and over 50 LTE trials in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and
the Asia Pacific region.

ZTE launched the industry's first xPON+EoC solution, enabling quick convergence of the
three networks.

ZTE topped the global CDMA market with a 30% market share.
ZTE ranked second in the world in terms of market access of broadband products.
ZTE announced that it's one of the top 3 GSM equipment vendors in the industry in terms of
carrier frequency.

ZTE was ranked third in the global optical networking (ON) industry by sales revenue.

ZTE overtook Alcatel-Lucent to become the 4th largest firm in the industry, by wireless carrier

ZTE recorded 200 million terminal shipments, ranking the first in China.


ZTE showcased various next-generation integrated end-to-end LTE solutions at the Mobile
World Congress Barcelona 2009.

ZTE and CSL announced availability of the world's first SDR-based HSPA+ commercial
network with a high-speed wireless download of up to 21Mbps.

ZTE Chariman Mr. Hou Weigui won Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Award.

ZTE launched world's first symmetrical 10G EPON equipment prototype.

ZTE and Qualcomm collaborated to boost WCDMA system capacity and performance.

ZTE was chosen to provide full scale, future-proof network for Promonte, part of the Telenor

ZTE was named World's Best CDMA Equipment Manufacturer 2009 by Frost & Sullivan.


ZTE served 51 of world's top 100 operators.

ZTE served over 500 operators in more than 140 countries.

ZTE acquired 36.0% market share from I &II phases of China Mobile's TD-SCDMA
procurement; 26.9% of China Telecoms phase I CDMA2000 procurement; 21.5% of China
Unicom's Phase I UMTS procurement.

ZTE signed Global Cooperation MOU with Vodafone, covering all infrastructure equipment
including GSM, UMTS and optical transmission.

ZTE clinched UMTS contract from CSL, and deployed the SDR based network in Hong Kong.

ZTE announced its 3G strategy with the launch of its newest 3G terminal products for TDSCDMA, CDMA and WCDMA divided into nine different terminal categories and 40 product
types. ZTEs handset ranked No. 6 in the world with sales volume reaching 45 million in 2008.

ZTE won North America 2008 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award.

ZTE was included into the InfoTech 100 by BusinessWeek.


ZTE's revenue from international principal operations accounted for 60% of the Company's total
revenue, exceeding the domestic market share for the first time.

ZTE formed strategic partnerships with world's leading multinational operators including
Vodafone, Telefonica and Hutchison, providing them with its customized terminals.

ZTE entered into a master purchase agreement with Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) in WiMAX

ZTE bagged 51% of China Mobiles initial TD-SCDMA procurement.

ZTE was ranked as the top 1 CDMA vendor for two consecutive years for its CDMA global
shipment volume.

ZTE joined world top four GSM vendors, obtaining the fastest growth in the industry in 2007.

ZTE GPON won InfoVision Innovation Award at Broadband World Forum Europe 2007.


ZTE initialized the internationalization strategy via reorganizing the corporate structure and
dispatching domestic management into overseas markets.

ZTE signed a general contract with Telus, the second largest Canadian telecommunications
operator, to supply 3G terminals. That marked an important breakthrough for the Company in the
European and American high-end markets.

ZTE announced a long-term strategic partnership with France Telecom, paving the way for
profound cooperation in a wide range of sectors including fixed network access, services and


Ranked as one of the 'Top 100 Information Technology Companies' by BusinessWeek

Joined the league of global telecoms giants by teaming up with Alcatel, Ericsson, France
Telecom and Portugal Telecom

Became China's largest wireless equipment provider with a global wireless capacity exceeding
100 million lines

Became one of the three largest DSLAM suppliers worldwide (Source: Gartner )

Further enhanced its presence in Europe by rolling out a five-month 3G Roadshow in 10

European countries


Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as the first A to H listed Chinese enterprise

Launched the world's first CDMA2000-based digital trunking technology GoTa (Global open
Trunking architecture)

Provided telecoms services for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens ADSL system covered 16
facilities throughout the event

Made the first 3G call in Africa over a ZTE UMTS network in Tunisia


Strategic emphasis on international business, with the number of international marketing staff
increased by over 100%

Became the largest CDMA system provider to BSNL, India's largest telecoms services company,
and constructed Africa's largest CDMA WLL network in Algeria


Established ZTE handsets as a strategic product and a new source of revenue growth

Partnered with Intel (China) to develop 3G wireless and wireless LAN integration
communications technologies and equipment for CDMA2000 and UMTS

Established ZTE Global Customer Support Centre


Constructed ZTE's first CDMA network for China Unicom, with a capacity of up to 1.1 million

Constructed the world's first Softswitch network for China Netcom

Ranked No. 3 in the 'Top 50 listed companies with greatest development potential' in China
Securities Journal-Asia Business magazine

Launched the world's first CDMA handset with detachable SIM card

Successfully put through the first CDMA2000 1x call using ZTE equipment


Launched ZTE189 dual-frequency handset, the first Chinese dual-frequency product with
Chinese-owned intellectual property

First deployed the ZTE ZXMVC3000 video conferencing system in an overseas market, in

Signed ZTE's first PHS contract with China Telecom

Established first overseas office, in Islamabad, Pakistan


Won a US$95 million turnkey bid in Pakistan, the first large-scale overseas telecoms project
contracted with a Chinese telecoms company

Opened the company's first R&D institute in the USA, developing software, switching and
CDMA2000 1x technologies

Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China


Started transition to a multi-product R&D strategy, embracing wireless switching, transmission,

access, videoconferencing and power supply systems in 1996

Became the first Chinese telecoms equipment provider to attain ISO9001 quality standard
certificate in 1995

Developed ZXJ2000 digital SPC exchange which was awarded the 'Star of Innovation and
Invention' by the Chinese Branch of Technology Systems at the United Nations in

Founded Zhongxing Semiconductor Co. Ltd., the predecessor of ZTE Corporation in 1985,
Shenzhen, China

ZTES CSR strategy

ZTEs CSR strategy is to pro-actively develop, implement and improve CSR compliance
throughout ZTE and its supply chain based on industry best practices, continuous learning and
improvement efforts. Its objective is to develop into a global CSR leader long-term.
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ZTE Communications
ZTE Communications is a quarterly peerreviewed technical magazine ISSN (16735188). It
focuses on the innovation of ICT technologies, and has been listed in major international
databases. It is distributed to telecom reseachers and operators in more than 140 countries.

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To meet the needs of operators due to increasingly more services and network building, seize
opportunities from industrial integration, keep the leadership in wireless products, and expand
business to high-end operators, ZTE will uphold and reinforce development strategies based on
continuous innovation, cost leadership and quick customization, provide operators around the
world with innovative wireless solutions involving various standards and products, provide
integrated E2E solutions covering terminals, services, wireless access and core network.

High Efficiency

Flexible Networking




Network Optimization Tools

ZTE actively participates in the research of both Chinese and international standards and patents
related with bearer network technologies. Now ZTE is a member of about ten Chinese and
international standardization organizations including ITU-T, ETSI, IETF, IEEE, BBF, MEF,
MSF, OIF, IP/MPLS Forum, and CCSA. It has submitted over 400 standard drafts to the ISO
during the definition of bearer network technologies and standards, and had over ten seats of ITU
Editor. In China, ZTE has led or actively participated in the preparation of most industrial and
national standards. It has applied for about 1,800 domestic patents and about 150 international
patents concerning bearer network technologies.

Network Efficiency

Network Profit

Intelligent OAM & Eco-Friendly Design

Hot Technologies

Core Network
Based on comprehensive understanding of core network, ZTE puts forward Concept: CConvergence, O-Open, R-Reliability, and E-Efficiency. In the high speed developing era of
mobile Internet, ZTE owns the future-oriented intelligent platform ETCA (Enhanced Advanced
Telecommunications Computing Architecture) and high-end router T8000, which provides
solutions of advanced ZTE Smart Pipe solution (ZSP), intelligent user data convergence (UDC),
next generation CS&IMS convergence network and intelligent network O&M, etc. so as to help
operators build a new core network with high efficiency, high intelligence and low cost.

Voice Communication

Packet Core

Convergence User Data

Intelligent OSS

Architecture Evolution

ZTE started R&D of Value-Added Service (VAS) products in 1995 as one of the first vendors
that invested heavily in this field in China. As a leading value-added service provider in the
industry, ZTE established 9 professional value-added service R & D centers with over 3000
engineers in the world.

With the Anyservice brand, it provides the Any service solutions in any network at any
place any time for individuals, enterprises and families. ZTE Anyservice mainly provides 8
solutions, including NGIN solution for fixed network and mobile network, iVAS solution for
integrated message, IPTV solution for multimedia, national security solution for anti-terrorism
(M2M-based), NGCC solution, SDP+APPstore solution, integrated program signal coverage
solution for DVB-C, T and S modes, and Digital home solution for network terminal products,
such as OTT and IPTV forth screen.



Industry & Enterprise


Fixed Access
ZTE provides numerous flexible and green solutions for global operators to enhance their fixed
network value and achieve a sustainable development, such as 10G-EPON solution, Nextgeneration home network solution, Green broadband solution, Next-generation PON,
Broadband operation and maintenance solution, ZXA10 MSAN integrated service access
network system and ZXDSL broadband access solution.

Energy & Infrastructure

ZTE took to the R&D of telecom power products in year 1995 and its power supply has gained
rapid development with its in-depth understanding on telecommunication technology and
powerful R&D.

ZTE dedicates to the research and development of new technology. By now, it has obtained more
than 140 national patents in power, electricity and electronics, 85% of which are invention
patent. It also led and took part in the formation and modification of over 10 national and
industrial standards. ZTE has EMC lab certified by and reliability lab certified by CNAS. The
power products are with certifications such as ISO14001, TL9000, TLC, TUV and CE.