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David A. Benoit
920 Hunters Creek Dr. Apt#2308

I would like to advance further in my knowledge/skills and would like to see myself
working in a position where I can utilize my knowledge and skills in a well known and
growing company such as yours while also helping others such as my team and

I'm an experienced Computer system analyst, as well as customer service representative,
with adverse experience working with all operating systems (32bit & 64bit) and their
affiliated programs.

Strong analytical skills
Windows Linux & mac osx experience
Data privacy applications
Computer applications
System backups

Data backup/retrieval
Customer needs assessments
Strong troubleshooting skills
Software testing & programming
Fast to adapt to new Operating

Keiser University
Tampa Fl 33615
Information and Technology

Passed my Microsoft Office course and began my basic system commands class.
Appointed team manager while doing group studies.
Offered advanced courses for already knowing most of the courses I was currently
W.T.I Withlacoochee Tech
Inverness FL 34452
Graduated 2008

X-Cell PC, Inverness, FL - Owner Operator

Jan 2009 Aug 2011

I ran and managed my own computer repair business in my spare time. I did
everything from folder organization to virus removal to restoring data from damaged

HDD's and building full systems from the ground up.

Built over 43 custom computers for customers.
Repaired 36 computers in just the first 3 months.
Installed and proficiently used over 12 different OS's
Maintained are regularly checked customers pc's for satisfaction.
David A. Benoit

Cutrale Citrus Juices, Inc. Leesburg, FL Bin Control Operator

Jan 2011 Sept 2011
I operated digital control panels in order to successfully mix and process fruit according to
weight and date received. I opened certain bins, then logged data before running the
next process.

Successfully learned a new program within 2 days.

Ran multiple operations at once while storing data.
Documented and reviewed my data hourly for safety and consistency.
Stored and maintained my own work flow charts for system performance.

Data Doctors Inc., Gilbert, AZ Systems Technician

Nov 2011 Feb 2012
I worked on location and in home as a systems technician installing and maintaining
company and public systems.
Repaired and maintained multiple computers at once.
Ran weekly tests and maintenance on company systems.
Took technical support calls and worked quickly and proficiently to resolve the
Assisted in home technicians over the phone while installing equipment.

Convergys, Home Rep, Fl At&t Tier 2 Tec Support

Oct 2013 Aug 2014
I currently still work with this company and am in good standings, However I feel like I
could be advancing further elsewhere. I answer phone calls and review customers
accounts and troubleshoot phone problems or account issues quickly and efficiently or if

need be tech cases for further resolution.

Multitasking on a single screen with multiple windows open in multiple Operating

Efficiently logging customer information while taking control of the call and
resolving any and all issues.
Adapting to new issues daily across multiple phone operating systems and keeping
track of newly found problem resolutions.
Reviewing customers accounts while assisting them in a calm pleasant manner.
Using multiple programs at once to review or resolve customers questions or

References Upon request