Volume 13

7996 JanuaryAebruary


The Newsletter of the Wesi;.,rn Star Dancers, 584 Castro St., Suite 480, San Francisco,CA 94114-2588. E-Mail: A contemporary fun:::r-an Square l):rnce Club primarily rrving the San Franciro Cay ai,,,i l.rshian community. Subscriptions to the Western Star are free to Wll) 'qernber.;. li18 to others. A;is are complementary to members; comrn.l;',ilil a;lvertisers may contact us for information.

1980's. wonderful to have a reminder of all the It's friends who have touched our lives and how those lives have changed through the years. Also, a couple of old WSD board meeting minutes were found and it reminds us how some things nevei change.
Be good to each other.

Happy New Year!
The Ficiidays are Cone and 1996 is just

beginning. I hope the new year is successful for
everyone. I irrn also excited this years convention

'""#'ilLJl ffiw xil
by the i*q,, hosted iAGSDC* ciubs of jifrrnia Northern C:. uniter:l in a ci,-,r-'tli:non goai ,rf being host io squaredance friends from all over.



EagleBeer Busts









''f -l-t




will be h',:'stingthe beer bust at lire i'ii.rilagie on Janu-riy 7, 1996,and Gc,IclRush will be

As tlrr,se i;:st few months zoom by, before that GrAnd Vi,irch riztrts, please take a momi.iltt to see il there is sorne tirne you can volunteer to the Stars,Thars 6; Cables Cars committee. We want our clubs to shine rl-uring thil 1'car'st.'cii::irtion, but ii .ariil61,iy l;,-..-'r.:r all gi re a hand. if For those of you who feel lrau might be rusty for not 1rl"rng dance'i in a while, severalof us 'dea have tossed ;ri'-irrnd tlrr of .ravinE a brief refresh.,rworkshop rr i'i'in8 ar.yone who might be interes',ed iii .rrushi.lg back i:-: full speed. If "p yr'r'ie one of the interesie.i ones, pleasecall me so that q:lmr:s, ccli,rerrient tirnes and suggestions on whA, -trouwoulll like to work on can be ,.;r..,|led iirio w' ,'r':sl6p. A specal ihank you to Chelsea Baylor who recerl*:irran acr.'lr:ia wsD's Suest log book from the

hosting the one on Feb:*uary !i'1"Come show your s:rpport [u,v helping these troups servicethe local Leathennen. Membe ;r'hi.p Re""' :,,,lals Its that time of year again. If you haven't returned your "Form One Renewal"yet 1:,':ase so. Those do not renewing by the end of February will be drupped from the mailing list.

Anniversary Dance
WSD's 14th Anniversary Dance will be held on Friday March 15 at Temple United Methodist Church locatedat Nineteenth Avenue and Junipero SeraBlvd. Watch for further details to be released in the next ccuple of weeks.

Change in By-Laws
The changeto the by-laws that allow Ron Maskerto serveon the WSD Board of Drectors was approved Trimester Meeting. at the December

Information on other IAGSDC* Clubs in the greater Bay areaJanuary/February 1996 Capital City Squares
Offers Basicthru Plus instruction lus Mainstream,/P club dancing Tuesday @ JeffersonSchool St., 2001Pebblewood Sacramento or Contact Info: George Fox (916)929-8697 |amesOzanich (916)9?54242 E-Mail : W472087

Advancedlevel dancing Fridays@ Monta Loma School,Mountain View Contact info: Iill Marci (408)377-5453

ChrisAnderson - 1st Alvarez - 3rd Jesse Bert Swerer - 4th ScottPreble - 8th Ozanich - 10tl'r James Tom Tripp - 13th Harry Ohira - 21st LeonJ. DuBois - 25th Karl Carcia - 26th


David Baker - 18th

Dablo Dancers
OffersBasicthru Plus instruction club dancing Mainstream/Plus Center, TuesdayVThursdays Willow PassRecreational @ EastOlivera Road @ Salvio,Concord Contactinfo: Ed Conley & Paul Cahiil (415)558-8467 E-Mail : (c/oBob Frame):

El CaminoReelers
OffersBasicthru Advanced instruction PluVAdvanced club dancing Wednesdays St.Andrews United Methodist Church, @ St., 4111'Alma PaloAlto Mondays @ CrittendenSchool,1701Rock St.,Mountain View Contactinfo: Chuck Fisher(408)435-3011 : E-Mail

WSD Board of Directors
Jim Anderson Nick Carlson Lee Gianfrancesco KeithHenderson Ron fablonski Ron Masker RussKing

FoggyCity Dancers
OffersBasicthru Plusinstruchon club Mainstream,/Plus dancing Mondays @ Jon SimsCenter,1519MissionSt.,San Francisco Tuesdaysfihursdays Live Oak School, @ 117DiamondSt.,SanFrancisco Contactinfo: SquareDance Hot Line (415)905-4546 E-Mail:(do John Kolb):

Who's Doing What
RonJ. Ron M K Russ Nick C P a tS . Lee C. fim A. - AdministratorIACSDC"" Rep - Instructclr Calendar Alt. Board Secretary4ACSDC'" Rep Danp;leDiva Attendance Taker Star Database/TreasurerAVestern Editor

Felix F. & Lee C. - Plus ClassArchaneel

Midnight Squares
Offers Advanced/Challengeinstruction Advanced/Challenge club dancing Sundays@ Live Oak School, 117DiamondSt..SanFrancisco 3rd Wednesday@ EVRCTheater,San Franciro or Contact info: Claire Meisel (415) 861-7979 Roger Miller (415)554-0513 : E-Mail: (c/oCarl Williamson) Prime 8's OffersAdvancedinstructionand club dancing School Mondays @ Jefferson St., 2001Pebblewood Sacramento Contact info: Jeff Barlow & Dennis Moore (976) Ur9306 E-Mail:f

I -

New Year'sDay WSD Dark

January 1996
WSD Dark





"7 I
STCC host Beer Bust @ SF Eagle 3 : 0 0 r o 6 : 0 0p m Midnight Squares Advanced & C h a l l e n g eD a n c e ; 7:30 pm Live Oak School N{ike Jacobs, Callcr

WSD PlusClass
Ron Masker, Instructor @ BVRCThcatcr 7 : 3 0p m r'!


WSD ClubNight
Ron Hinch, Caller @ EVRC Theater 7 : 3 0p m





M L King Jr Duy WSD Dark

!*iog ThruAZ" / Phoenix -



Midnight Squares EVRC Theater @r 7:30pm Advanced & Challenge Dancing


_L -/








WSD Board Meeting 7 : 3 0p m @ Ron Jablonski's


WSD ClubNighr Ed Conley,Cailer
@ EVRC Theater 7:30 pm




WSD PlusClass Ronlv{asker, I nstructor
@ EVRC Theater 7 : 3 0p m








WSD Club Night ChuckYeo,Calter Theater @ EVRC 7:30 pm

WSD Plus Class Ron Masker, Instructor @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm

& _ Nights 7:30 9:30 at P-?og_91Iutonday Wednesday EurekaValleyRecCenter untess btle]rwise announced. Events theCalendar subject change. on are to

3 0thSuperBowl Phoe AZ nix

February 1996
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Dancingon Monday& Wednesday Nights7:30- 9:30at Eureka ValleyRec C-enter unlsess otherwise announced. Events the Calendarare subject change. on to


Midnight Squares
Advaoced & Cballenge


Diablo Dancers
"Cast A Shadow" Anne Uebelacher, Caller; 7:30 pm Pleasant Hill Adult C-e nter (See Flyer)

AnniversaryDance Anne Uebelacher, Calle4 7:30pm Live Oak School,SF



) WSD PlusClass
Ron N{asker, I nstructor @ rL V R C T h e a t e r 7:30pm

WSD Dark






1J' l L/
WSD PlusClass
Ron N{asker, Instructor @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm

T3 YSP..
WSD Board Meeting 7:30pm GilJim Anderson's

r t Lluo Nlghr Ron Masker, Caller @ EVRC Theater 7 : 3 0p m





Valqniiie's Dsy

'lDiveThruInng leach Flv"In"/ [A

Gold Rush Beer Bust @ rhe sF Eagle 3:00- 6:00pm

President'sDay WSD Dark







MidnightSquares @ EVRCTheater 7:30 pm
Advanced & Challenge Dancing

"DiveThrulnng leachFly-In'/LA I

FPintTriangles Down Under't /Australia


WSD PlusClass
Ron Masker, I nstructor @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm


WSD Club Night Ron Hirsch,Calter
@ EVRC Theater 7 : 3 0p m


"Pink TrianglesDown Under,'/ Ausrralia




Day, natch! When?On Groundhog's

Friday, Februory2nd

of British Columbia
'96 Capital City, El Camino,and Diablo IWS ClassDancers)AND FULL


7:30to 10:30p.m.--Pleasant Adult Center Hill
Conventionin san Frencisco: nsrARS, THARSAND QABLE cARs?l


i:i:"3:,:;"::,", $s --$41 i: *,il:ffi:H
Fpm Son Frolrcisco


680 Sorrth,Exitot Ook Pork Blvd. night ot firstlight (North Moin), go under overpcEs. left ot the light, tf€n right ot the next llght onto Ook PorkBvd.

l+rrV24 Eostto 680 North,exit lreot Bvd., turn lefl ot lighi Oreot), then nght st next llght (North Moin), go under overposs. t€fi qt th€ light, then right qi n€rt tight onto Ook PorkBlvd.

FromOok PorkBlvd.
3/'10mi..turn nght st the unnomed seMce rood morked by o fioshlngyellowlight on Ook Pork8lvd. Pleosont HillAdulf Center s 2nd building on nght obout 2/10 mi. fiom flciring light. Lookfor bolloons ond signsfor Dioblo Doncers.



Ne€dmoreinformdion? 937-9101 CallDonat (510)

Gold Rush

(Actually,it's in a Garage!!)

Members! We're looking for fr{ew
Wednesday. January10 & 17 7:00- 9:00 p.".. 250 Hartford Street
( ) B l o c k E a s to f C a s t r o l 1 2B l o c k S o u t ho f l 9 t h )

If you're a CLI/-SquareDancer (Mainstream& Up), love to Perform to on Audience,andenjoy Good Companionship Drop By And Try Us Out! Major Events Planned 1996Include: for A Floal in the San FranciscoGoy FreedomDay Parade & Performing at the San FranciscoIrtternalional DanceConventionGa1, LesbianSqtrare & TWO BIG HOMETOWN EVENTS!

lf you'reinterested meeting- and dancing- with us, or want more information in please oneof the numbers call listedbelow.

EVERYONEWELCOME! Monte@415 1255-6458 Don @415 1552-8593
l0 Celebrating \'ears of Communit-v Service
Associatel\lembe r Since l9lJ6 / Intern:rtional Associalionof Ga1 Square Dancc Cluhs Membcr Sincr 1995 / lnternational Assrriation of Gar & Leshian Countn/Westcrn Dance Clubs


"Form One"
Today'sDate: I I

584 CastroSt..Suite584 SanFrancisco. 94114-2588 CA

New Class
Directon Infomntion

is releasedto clab members and UGSDC"

Membership Renewal2

DirectoryInformation Change

Affihated. cfubs onlv. For information you wish to be withheld from the directory, circle NO.

Please PRINT or TYPE:

Publishinformation in WSD Directory? V
[-ast Name: Apartment Number State:

Street Address:



Home Phone:


Work Phone: E-Mail Address:
Birthdav: Month:




Club/Class BadceInformation- Name: Signarure: This sectionapplicable only if you circled Applicationor Renewal Membership.
I would like to participate E in the following club I committees:

oo.tntttration ruuri.Relations

[l !

Instruction eu.n,,

Publications Finaoce

Processing, Onlv.


Data Entry





Directon' 'Dues are $30for full year.After June?Oth $15 'Dues are$30for full vear.

Capital City Squares,Sacramento
want va'Il to come to our

"I{atrIE SewKrNs"FAT

Saturd"y March2, 1996
7230 1-0:00 p.rrl.

(otherwiseknowed as the "It Ain' t-Quite-Sadie-Hawkins-Day" Dance)

In her first calling engagement for a lesbian/gay club. Golly!

Basic(Calls 1-60) and Plus Levels $6 per person

JeffersonElermentrySkool only, please! Soft SoledShoes (If'n ya eaenu)earshoes!) 200I PebblewoodDrive Sacramento TraditionalSquareD ance - near Dogpatch) Duds ain't required. (SouthNatomas
Club Membersare encouraged
ya For more information,get Pearlto connect to: at or Georgeat (916)929-8697 James (916)925-4242, or
r^ tu l"-.:".^ ut trLE ^.:Ltl-^ ULtLLC> ^l-^..^ t^ LU JtLut(,

(Please, possum innards!) no

then on to East Business'80, North l'5. Exit from Directions BayArea:l-80 (Azevedo). left light at and El at West Camino turnright light.Turn at next (Pebblewood). is up2 blocks lefl. on School stop right second sign at Turn Blvd.Left Nodhgate on to 1-80 to Direction: West Notlhgate FromReno' (third on to and SanJuan(atK-Mart) turnRight.Proceed Azevedo street turn leftpastAlbertsons), left. Turnleftat firststopsign(Pebblewood). School is up 2 blocks 0n left, For map see www site: ptown, http://www. com/users/ccs/

/ r\- ) t s )





15TH ?
,-^. ^rr/


V YEAR E $aror,"at9

The 13thAnhual| Convention July 3-6,1996 . San Francisco,CA


Square Dancers,

I am looking for country,/western and square dance a x h i b i ti o n te a ms to p er tor m at this year s convention. As of t h i s ti me , e xh i b i ti o n per for mances ar e planned for Satur day JuIy 6th. r a m se a rch i n g fo r a var iety of dance teams to anter tai n a _ n dho p e to g e t a s ma ny danccr s to par ticipate as possible. f ' d li ke n o t o n l y p re cision dance taams, but the f' un and outrageous ones too (who could forget the dancing vajtresses trom Vancouver back in 1993). Neryone is welcome, and I encourage all to participate. W e a re w o rki n g o n s etting up the cxhibitions in the atri um a f i h e i i o te i . T n e b e aucy of the atr iun is beyond anything r c o u l d p u t o n p a p e r, b ut tr y to imagine skyligr hts, plenty of greenery, and a view of the dance ar€a from as far as ten tloors up.
Any group interested in strutin' their stuff at t}r-rs years convention p) contact me and we wi I I get thrs convention in full svinq. See you all soon!

Don Graco Star, T?rars 6 CabJe Cars



Don Greco c,/o GQLD RUSH performance 89 Eureka 5t. Sa n Fra n ci sco , C A g 4 l L 4 (415) 552-8593 E-mai I : gldrushQaol . com


P . O .B o x 1 4 1 0 5 S a n F r a n c i s c o ,C A 94114-1410 E-Mail: W\lW: http:/ Phone: 415324-6107


X- ,I .b

fhuiles tern sffi/l*
Volume 13

March/April 1996

Another WSD anniversary is upon us. This year's dance is on 3/15/96 the Ides of March (Bcware) at Temple United Methodist Church wirh Eric Henerlau ca[ing (sce flyer for more details). I plan to sce y'all tlere. And if that isn't enough fun, Diablo Dancers have invited WSD to their club night on Thursday March 2lst at 7:30 p.m. (see insert for more information). Refreshmentswill be provided. All they ask us to bring is a smile. Hopefully we can have a good turnout. If you travel by BART, plan to be at the lcncord S'.-atron 7:00 p.m. - tley'!! have sone by club members there to bring any of our merry group to tle action. The Yellow Basicclassis about to start. We will be doing guerrilla squareson t}re last 2 Saturdaysof March (the 23rd & 30th). Plan to meet everybody at noon in front of tle AIDS Health Project - 400 Castro at Marker. The first 2 introductory dasses are free and will be on April lst & 8th @ 7:30 p.m. in the EVRC Theater. The official start date for the classis April l5th. Make sure you remind all those friends of yours who said they wanted to take up square dancing. And while everybody is busy doing their spring deaning - remember to saveyour bcst (?) treasures for our annual garage sale on April 27th & 28th. We will be in our usual spot in front of Uvc Oak School, on Diamond St., across from Most Holy RedeemerChurch, and if you find yoursclf in dire need of treasures to add to your unique decor bring cash! ^hat's about all the news I have from my desk on high - and for those few who haven't gotten their renewal memberships in yet - hurry so this won't

Issue2 bc your last newslettcr (and to the many who already have - thank you!). Bc good to each other. Your Grand High Pooh Bah,

Stars,Thars & Cable Cars
will be hosting a fund raising dance with Nate Bliss calling on May I lth. Watch for flyers and detailsto surfacein the near future. On March 16, 1996 ST&CC will be tcsting the floor that is to be used at this vear's convention. Pleasebe there at 8:00 a.m. to help set up and tJren dance a tip or two. After the floor test, tJrere will be a volunteer recmitment and convention update meeting (seeflyer for more details).

Trimester General Meeting
will be held before Club Night on April lOth from 7:00-7:30p.m. at EVRC Theater. Pleaseplan on being there to discuses any issues and current plans for the Club.

C'old Rush Beer Bust
Gold Rush rnds its thanks to everyone who hclped make thcir bcer bust successful.They prerenrcda cbcckfor $1,085.00 the Rita Rockct to Foundationwhidr provides Sunday Brunchesfor AIDS Petientsat San FranciscoGcneral Hospital.
Tbc Na&ncr dWcrcra Frerirco. CA 9l I l+25t8.

Srer Dencen, 58,{ C.rtro St., Suire 480, S'n E-Meil:

A mtcopcery,fmeri<zn Squ$e D.Dce Clux primarily rrving rbc San Freocirco C'ey ead Lcrtien Comnuniry. Subrcriptioar to rbc Wertera Srrr erc &te to WSD c:obclr, ro qbcn. Adr err flt compbmory ro rDcDbcrr; canDcrri.t dvcnir-n mty cooun ur for icinr infurmetion.


Diablo Dancers
Offers Basic thru Plu.r instruction Mairutreae/Plus dub dancing TuedaydThurrdays @ Willow Pars Recreationd C,enter, EarnOlivera Road @ Sdvio, C,oncord C-ontact info: Ed C-onley& Paul C,ahill (415) 55E-8467 E-Mail: (do Bob Frame):

fuu l(iog- 0t Cartu ttlw.a - O2
brald C Sclvnvchcr -


e$llR&ne - t7
Roa Hirczlr - 25

iliclncl Hulg - O6 &clntd C+lo,rd - 08 A Co,olcg 12 Ocnaia Turncr - 13 Mt Gneo - t3 kirh Hcdarcon - t9 Pang Afth - t9


El Camino Reelers
Offen Barb thruMvanced imtruction PluVAdvanccd dub dancing Wednedayr @ Sr Andrews United Methodirt Chunch, 4l I I Alma Sr, Palo Alto Mondayr @ Criaenden School, lTOl Rod St., Mountain View Contact info: Chud Fisher (4O8)435-301I E-Mail:

Foggy Clty Dancers
Offers Basic thru Plus instruction Mainstream/Plus dub dancing Mondays@Jon SimsCenter, l5l9 Mirsion St., San Francisco TuesdayVThursdays@ Live Oal School, I l7 Diamond St., San Francisco Contaa info: Square Dance Hot Line (al5) 905-{546 E-Mail: (do John Kolb):

WSD Board of Directors
Jim Anderson Nick Carlson Lee Gianfrancesco Keith Henderson Ron Jablonski Ron Masker RussKing
I .I tI - ^ r gv

Midnight Squares
Offers Advanced/Challengeinrtruction Advanced/Challengedub dancing Sundays@ Uve Oak School, I l7 Diamond St., San Francisco 3rcl Wedneday @ dVRC Theater, San Francisco Contactinfo: Claire Meisel(415) 861-1979or Roger Miller (415) 66,4-0513 E-Mail: (do Carl \{illiem g1n);


IrrL^r lt


R o nJ . Ron M. Felix F. & Lee G. RussK. Nick C. PatS. l,ee G. Ji- A.

Administrator/IAGSDC@ Rep Instructor Plus Class Archangel Calendar Board Secretary/IAGSDCO Rep Alt. DangleDiva AttendanceTaker Database/TreasurerA'Vestern Editor Star

Prime 8's
Offers Advanced instruction and dub dancing Mondays @ J efferrcn School 2001 PebblewoodSt., Sacramento Contact info: Jeff Barlow & Dennis Moore (916) 645-9306 E-Mail: J efr

Information on other IAGSDC@ Clubs in the greater Bay area March/April 1996
Capital City Squares
Offers Basic thru Plus inscruction Mainsrream/?lusdub dancing Tueday @Jeffercon School 2001 PebblewoodSt., Sacramento Contaa Info: George Fox (916) 929-8697or JamesOzanich (916) 925-4242 E-Mail: 0004I


Carnival Twirlers
Advanced level dancing Fridays @ Monta l,oma School, Mountain View Contactinfo:Jill Marci (408) 377-&53

lffi lru(%,

SFCoaio Rqbilbf.c 3r@.@o l/l

CTfdCfysqrrru lfE?LD-a r/ljzt&o





WSD PlusOlss 8o Llskrr, hstrustor @ E'lRllbcabr ?:30pn








1t 1 I
WSD Pitr!Alss 8,o lrsku, Iastrrctar .@F'Ti! T"te'e; 7:30pn

10 L)
WSDhrdlltilt 7:$pu @ fuallrkrtl

1? t_)
WSDOil fttht ld CooLy, Crllor @ wRITt-t r ?:Spa


vsDt{t,h AulurrryDr,uol t td.Eorb4ellc fufir ttii.i rlt-\


' , , , . : ' , ' , , . , ,,, l t D

ilS &tbddert

(srlFu)i,,.,td ffi'solo
Itdd$tS9rlr @ lvRlltrt r ?1q8 firr&.df fulagr hlchg

,r,s#4uuta' qi,ftr


WSD PlusClrss Gndurtion Bn &skrr, Cr.lhr @ l\IRl Tbcatar ?:30pn



?? 22 oocrillrssrlrry
foo,taMdtEP Irrilf Orbo
fb8in', il'jRrllld.;: ":

fffiGilr!-" t

25Hil'., ?'6

LL rs-rndil



olvrrb t4F

hldllr3F$r Ico,bbddfEP Ir*dltdro


Em. )t
I '




Dudry o Inday &Wrdltdry Digbt! - *!pr 7:30 qdruLc otbsrb u!illcd fu*rVdtryB.c lvofu o tlb hl.oi.' u nlirt b cbogl


i ttTil

i Frb Dty




I WSD BaicOrss Ncu llwhtroNirbt: fua &sbr, hstrtrctor: EVR! lbstu : ?:Slpu :

9tylillt loitg tiu ltgiw


WSD NcwBasic Clrss PnQlrtrc Nistt fua lasker, Iastructrr E\El Thcaler ?:3Qn : : : : : : ;


llinstuOrunl LdjryEVRC ltratuTSpr


WSDOTbNi$t CLuk Crlhr Yro, lVBl lltabr 7:30u

WSD NawBasic Class Etgrasl fua llasko,

T5 iI0

IiddgLtS{Bns @ lVRl Tlratar ?:3Qn Adrucld & 6dbog!Dudlt



: : i wsDBddlrtilt Z:SOpn : , @lcc 0's

EltRl Thcater 7:3Qn


i WSD BasicCbgs ful laskcr, i , Iutnctor i WRI ltatrr : ?:30on


WSD OtrDligtt Bc&rb,blh ltRllLtr ?!q6

WSDO.ngrSrb Dfrn-tfipu lftrhL&lsl


i'. tiaa|ria+tat l t aaaa,aa,a..a

0rngr Salc t00Oru {trpro Lin Oak &tool
(S.. F}ytt)


WSD Oass Basic fualrskcr, Iastnrctor !!VRlTbcater 7:3Qu I : i : :






::i i


liir ;iil



iiii ii:i
,iiil iii:;


gsle?? gslsge wsD
-* Gr

Corne qnr! !!nd cui for yeiirrelf

Seiturday & Sunday April 27 & 28 loam r 4pm Live Oak School Diqmond neerr lSfh
(Across from frlost Holy Rcdccmcr Churchl

Brlng your lrceisuresby rhc dtc cfrcr groo cm

P*tr ii;i;i-;^sw'f,aw;ull. ';:Wti*n*t$.ffi
""'i;;::*'ru*+,taltu f*#,,,,',

r:ii;::ri..:.: r


p $e only magazine tiat gives you exciting coverage squaredance of and rodeo events, music and book reviews &om your point of view, informative Westem trerrcl features, indepth inrerviews, rnd complete evenrc nd locetions listings.




by Definition," our exdusive dencecolunn urltten by rqrnrc fuce aficisnedo,Liz l{uw. Roudapis your connecrion to the Country-Western nd rquare drnc omnrunities. I fubsa&c tdayl

_ *s, 'Dan"ing

yuu'll get

lunter anOErgrErioi

6 bimotthly irsues t32 USA, 3{2 6nrde & Mcrico, t56 Orhe, (elif. rrs;idar .A t.Si ts)

Clcdit crrd holdero call too.23*.g877
lrurh Crc f Xcdie, tnc. 2215-R M|'tct St cct ,l4E S|n Frrncisco,CA 9{l t4


Mnnch16, 1996 l0:OOA.M. - ll:00 A.M. Hynn ErrnbnncRdeRo,Ctiff Roonn Srn ConrncrCor.rr.rle Gronqe fon MoRE lr.rfonnnnrf on (flO) 977-ffiU


A fuI] hour of thc 199,


Hlont g$ur nrnlss filnels|lss$G
t001ilG1 0 Go[IdfiGuldeo

forlounolf.Ihlslshe last [methlsofle] bemtilG, Hlll
0fleryoul toilaul conlos
b. ltrl

Eloh Copy lh Ufdro d $20 hdrdu prtrgr do.

of llumber Trroh Chlcrgo 2 Uldeu 0dtnd

$rd b:

I $eo
l*&fu Frnrh: Jrh hp, l3t6 l.rtrrl, Glbrt , l130att trh Srob d h Gll-tntprnr rr_ r ^ | lffll

lrfu lb llml1 Tcrrl Qrrn rlflr h dl rl.

Reelers El Camino to invttes,you their cordially

California, of Spreckels, IAGSDC debut club makinghis


ftch Gierwtan

lwels and Dancing beat theMairctream Plus will Sur with an Aduanced Tip. Thars,& will All pyoceeik thednnce beilonaudn Stars, from of the CableCars, 1996AnnualConvmtion theIAGSDC. 8:00-10:30 March23, 7996, Saturday, Andreuts UniwdMetlwdktChurch Saint . | ,. 4111 Alma St,PaloAlm
: 1""...' :7

.: : $6 pn person. Cannlonireis mcourased.

of EI Camirc Reelets a metnber tlv is Intstutiotul Asnciation GayS4nre Danrz dlubsn, lzribbnad C'ay of and a Organizatint, tlu Sanufura Valley llsrociatiotr. Squre Dancers

Did you know that this year'sTAGSDC@ convention be in SanFrancisco 3'd-7ft? will on "I'd love to go", you say,"but my squaredancing a little rusty - or a whole lot rusty." is Not having seenyou nightsfor a while, we suspected much - so we've scheduledfour as monthsof classes and club nightsto help you brushup. Even if you do not plan to go to the convention, pleasecomeback - we'vemissed you. Wanted - all current and formerWestern Star Dancers and Foggv Citv Dancers. BasicClass: WesternStar's basic class: Freenights4ll,418.Class starts 4/15. Classnightsare Mondays, 7:30to EurekaValleyRecreation Center, Collingwood Street, SanFrancisco. No chargefor angels.$45.00 be a class to member. MainstreamClass: Therewill be no Mainstream classes between now and the convention.Come and brushup your Mainstream skillsat class (seebelow). nights Plus Class: Foggy City'splusclass, started earlyMarch. in Class nightsare Wcdnesdays, 7:00to Live Oak School, EurekaStreet(between and 196),SanFrancisco. 18s No charge angels. for Club Nights: Mainstream PlusDancing and WesternStar'sclub niqhtsare the second, fourth and fifth Wednesdays, to 9:30, T:30 at EurekaValleyRecreation center,collingwood Street, san Francisco. Charge:$3.00for current or former FC and WS members. Foeev Ciw's club niehts are every Thursday,8:30 to 10:00(following plus class),at Live Oak School, Eurekastreet,SanFrancisco (enterthrough rear parkinglot). No chargefor club nights,until after plusclass ends.After plus classends,club nightsare 7:30to 9:30;cost$3.0O current and former FC & WS members. for Cail (al5) 905-4546 schedule FoggyCiry events. for of IAGSDC@convention: July 3 through7 at theHyatt Regency, Francisco. San Registration forms are available class at and club nights. The convention committee's voice mail numberis (415)824-6107. E mail address Its is If you know of any current or former members who havenot dancedin awhile,pleaselet them know.

Yellow Rocks. Your fellow WesternStar and FoggyCity Dancers

Trlr fll[tTrnil * $T[t
Volume 14.


May{une 1996


A Warm and friendly hello to all of my comrades of Wescern Star. Our garage sale was a great success netting $477.00. Thank you Lo everyonc rvho gavc so fi-eely ol. t-heir time, their [reasures and their money [o make these future heirlooms thcirs. If you still haven'[ sent your reeistration for convcprion --- HURR\'! rrlsc,,if you havc :rn1' room for early birds or late stayers, pleasc lct your club's ST&CC's rep knorv. It's no[ to early to let those overrvorke<l members ol' ST'&CC committce know you'cl love to volunteer-to do one or two o1'the thousancl and three things that sLill need to be clone before we can wow the other IAGSDC@ clubs rvith our hoscing of the convention. If you want to be on the IAGSDC@ boarcl, there ar-c rwo positions up for grab, at this convcn[ion. Pleasecontact Bob Young at 105 W 55rh Sr. # 7 E , N e w Y o r k , N Y 1 0 0 1 9 - 5 3 3 6o r b , vE - m a i l , at This shoulcl be clone ASAP as convention is just weeks away. Just before conven[ion we'll be throrving orlr 'Pre.Parade' annual dancc rhis year ar EVRC on June 29th. (See enclosed fl,ver for details.) We are pleased to have Paul Waters up from Southern California to do rhe calling, and since we expecc it to be a really big clance, rvith many dancers of all levels, we're please [o have Harland Kerr calling in l>e[ween

Paul's tips. We expect to have Basic, Mainstream, and Aclvancecllevels along with a Star C tip. ['m sure everyone will have a Epeattimel Our annual Angle lslancl ferc is scheduled Ibr Jull' 20th. Ron Masker is coordinacing this cvent. (Seeenclosedflyer for more details.)So star[ .searching for where you storcd yorlr picnic basket. Our nerv Yellorv class if off to a great starl 'fhc (ancl rvhat a nice group they are I). "Yellow Class Welcome Potluck" will be help somci-imc in .\'.:gust. l,ccll for- r'iore rletail.strr fbllow. I rvoulcl like to extencl a special rhanks [o Ron Hirsch for his $100.00clonation to the club. -l-hat's zrbou[all for now be good to cach othcr.
so untrl ncxt trnlc -




The Newsletter of Western Star Dancers, 584 Castro St., Suite 480, S a n F r a n c i s c o , . 49 4 1 l 4 - 2 5 8 8 . E - M a i l : W S D N e w s @ a o l . c o m C A contemporary American Square Dance Club primarily serving the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Communitv. Subscriptions to the Western Star are free to WSD rnembers, $18 to others. Ads are complementarv to members; commercial advenisers may contact us for pricin g informatio n.

Freedom Day Parade ST&CC will be hosting T.AN FTAACI'aO this vear's Freedom Dar, Parade. Local bay area callers rvill be calling for us u'hile we mar-ch.If r,ou are interested in marching or helping rvith the parade please con[acr Lee Gianfrancesco (415) 621-2639 to sign up. @ (Note: We rvill be limiting the size of the parade contingent to 150 people.)

Information on other IAGSDC@ Clubs in the greater Bay area MayuJune1996


CA]ts r9t6

Capital City Squares
Offers Basicthru Plus instruction lvlainstream,/I)lus dancing club Tuesciay@ IeffersonSchool 2001Pe'bblewood Sacramento St., ContactInfo: Ceorge Fox (916)929-8697 or JamesOzanich (916)925-4212 E-Mail: Carnival Twirlers Advancedleveldancing Fridavs@ Monta LornaSchool,Mountain View Contactinfo: Jill Marci (408)377-6453

Mav Agnes Smith - 04 DemianQuesnel 05 I{elen Sornmers I0 B u d B u d l o n g -I 3 BoLr Lehr - l5 "' Jss' Curt Vantine-l6 NxncyAger - 0? Richard,:simonetti.t. tS Ron,JnblrnSki, 16

arey.: ,,,,i4.olll,ff 27

Diablo Dancers Offers Basicthru l)lus instruction Mainstream/Plus club dancing Center, TuesdavVThursdays Willow PassRecreational @ EastOlivera l(oad @ Salvio, Concord Contactinfo: Ed Conley & Paul Cahil (a15)558-8467 E-Mail: (c/o Bob lrrarne):

El Camino Reelcrs
Offerc Basic thru Advanced instruction l'luVAdvanced club dancing Wednesdays @ St. Andrews United Methodist Church, ,1111 Alma St:; Palo Alto Mondays @ Crittenden School, L701 Rock St., Mountain View Contact info: Chuck Fisher (408) 435-3011 E-Mail: ecr-irrfo(!

Foggy City Dancers
Offers Basicthru I)lus instruction Marnstrca m./Plus club dancing Center,1519MissionSt.,San Francisco Mondays@ Ion Sirns Tuesday#Thursdays Live Oak School, @) 117Diamond St.,SanFrancisco Contact intb: SquareDance Hot Line (415)905-4546 E-Mail:(do Iohn Kolb) Midnight Squares Oft-ers tlengeinstruction Advanced/Cha club dancing AdvancerVChallenge Sundavs@ Live Oak School, 117DiamondSt.,San Francisco 3rd lVednesday EVRCTheater, SanFrancisco @ or Conlactinfb: ClaireMeisel(415) 861-1979 Roger Miller (415)664-0513 E-Nlail:(c/o Carl Williamson): Prime 8's Offers Advanced instructionand club dancing Mondavs @ IeffersonSchool 2001PebblewoodSt.,Sacramento Contactinfb: Jeff Barlow & Dennis Moore (976)6419306 E-Mail: f

WSD Board of Directors
Jim Anderson Nick Carlson Lee Gianfrancesco Keith Henderson Ron fablonski Ron Masker RussKing

Who's Doing What
Ronf. Ron M. Lee C. RussK. Nick C. PatS. Lee C. Iim A. Administrator,{AGSDC@Rep Instructor Yellow ClassArchangel Calendar Board SecretarylAGSDC@ Alt. Rep Dangle Diva AttendanceTaker Database/TreasurerAVestern Editor Star

Sunday Monday

r] glgE
sv!v:9r ,

Tuesdav Wednesdav Thursdav " Friday ...:,-,,,,,--,,, -,-,-L..-..-.... -,,.,,,

WSD Dark



WSD Rasic Class I{on Masker, Instructor EVRC Theater 7:30pm
WSD Club Night Ron Ilirsch, Caller EVRC Theater 7:30pm


10: tfARf,Tr|Altti




v 4Ga=t

. : i

STCC Dance Nate Bliss, Caller

"""" """"':""""

oFYl9119t1 ;











Fogry City Dance Spring w/GaryKindall

WSD BasicClass i : Dark

WSD Board Meeting 7:30pm (o) Njck C's

Midnight Squarcs @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm r\dvanced & C h a l l e n g eD a n c i n g



Boy to Brtqken

WSD BasicClass Ron Masker, Instructor EVRC'fheater 7:30pm






WSD Club Night Chuck Yco, Caller EVRC Theater 7:30pm
Golden State Round-Up, Oa.liland, CA

WSD Basic Class Dark

Ll t/

an . GSGRA J I i
Bay Area Rodeo San Jose I

WSD Club Night Ed Conley, Caller EVRC Theater 7:30pm

Sundav Monday

T gDgB
Wednesday Thursday Friday t":TriIfr i. i,|IIHI:":Srllffi Saturday i
Diablo Dancem MS/PL Dance Wsandra Bryant 7:30pm - PleasentHill Adult CeDter I I tsay








Midnight 1 L Squares A&C Afternoon f)ance w/Sandra Bryant Live Oak School GsaRAB;;Ed";l

-t 1 WSD Basic Class Ron Nlasker, Instructor @ EVRC Theatcr 7:30pm

WSD f)ark



7 ;m8

EI.A;FI afu=<
Sacramento Gay& ksbim Frwdom I;air

El Camino Reelcn I lib Anvsry Dmce w/Darryl Lipscomb

Fe y@#1

WSD llasic Class Ron Masker, Instructor
/ai Ii\/DrThr-rrr


WSD Club Night Ron Masker, Caller @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm




3on ton Prldr Fqlr


Flqg Bory


i I

\!SD Board Meeting ll:00pm (4 Ron J's

Midnight Squares @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm Advanced & C h a l l e n g eD a n c i n g



Foggy City MS Graduation Dance VAndy Shorc Unitarian Ce nter

i Fqffieft D.w

r>1 {xJ }re"L^


WSD Basic Class Ron N{asker, I n s t r u ct o r @ EVRC'Iheater 7:30pm

EBegllns Todoyz


WSD Ilasic Class Ron Nlasker, Instructor @ EVRC Theater 7:30pm

25 W S D

-a /'



28 wsD


LC. Qoy ?ildc Urchrnd


Club Night RonHinch, Caller @ EVRCTheater 7:30pm

Pre-Parade Dane Paul Waten & Harlin Ken, Calling @ EVRC 7:30pm

45th Nati(rnal SquareDance Convention, San Ant


Dancing on Monday & Wednesday nights 7:30 - 9:30 pm at Eureka Valley Rec. Center unlessotherwise announced. Events on this Calendar are subject to change.

gr# gAEu^
3.1. qqt Frccdom Doy


q thqRhb ThRII oq1 lrtr,s

$ounilno Bryonf
Alternating Mainstream Plus $8.00 and . 10:30pm 7:30pm Pleasant AdultCenter Hill 3100OakParkBlvd Pleasant Hill

Chicogo [nom -

For more information,contactPeggy- 408 245-3261



Itlesfern Da,neers Sfar
1c -=



& they you Join want to them their for pre-p Da Annual arade nce
callers with dancing continous I

Prornenad/g jde rvjfh Pr

Paul Waters California
*ot Southern

& HarlinF'rancisco
from San

Alternating Mainstream, Basic, plus & Advanced tips, withaStarCtip

' $8'00 '?:30Pm 29 lune
Wesf entt
,t ParlbyEureka Valley Recrealion Cenler


Western StaP Dancers

Cast meets West
ComeJoin Western Star Dancers kick off this gcars Dance. conv€ntionwith a Pre-Convention IAGSDC@

Ron Masker from Western Star Dancers, San Francisco

Howard Richmanfrom TimeSquares, New York Citg

Mondag Julg lst - 7:3O pm - $3 €ureka Valleg RecneationCenter
Collingwood Er lBth (behindcala)

Mainstr€am Er Plus dancing with Stan Basic Tips



Wnrtnnn Ston D"ncePS
fonthnin onnrol4th rf Jrlu Anqnl tr C U P S I O N LX

5ofr"Jo9 J r l , J2 C , 1 9 9 6 MorLnn .olli,,g lQon Bcsic, M o i n s t ' e o - o n JD l * ,
, ' t



''u, 1''




Mnnlof lh" lQ.J& Whil" Fnnn
Wl'o"[ ll-,nn9t3O om. (Fi.h""-o.'. fintunningo"ounJ i. So' F"o..i..o)
5t3O pm ("orli"" J'ponlr"". porribl").

t;.kntoffi.nDinn43t/, no lolnn

thn Ti.k"t.fon f""nq $
(po,roLl" o[lh.""'l). BningfoJ J"q o .lolhing, nJ r unr .nnnn. Conto.l Qon Mot[, @ "n

ognnnJ & Jninkfon gounr nllf,

(+ts)zsz-I s22fon nrl-,.fu
V o u o . h o n . n t o n o n nf u n J o n q l n . !

Nr* Clo* M"-tnn, onn rn.o.rnoq.J ott"nJ lo !

EVerysquareis different
-i'hat's u ' h a t n r a k e s a v a n c ll e s b i a ns q u a r ec l i r n c i r . r g n r u c h g o r v r .s t v l e ,f l a i r a n c lL r n p r e i c t a b i l i t r . . r d

It has

A t r d n o r v i t h a s i t s o w u ( l L r a r t c r l v t a q i r z i n e v i t h p r o f i l e s ,reports, n i opinions, & n e r v sa n c lh u r l o r . . . a l l c l c s i s n e d o c a p t u r e t h e s p i r i t a n d fur-r a hobby t of

enioved ovcr 2000uten anclrvornen. by Subscribe SrluarcUpl to Nlagazine rvherc trru'llfind or-rt sqLrares everthe sanrc. are

no tl\ro

Yes, I n'ant to subscribeto SquareUpl Nlagazine.Please send me fitur great

is s u s . e Before7l15196 \i;(-.\\ After7l15196
\]O (,AN

. \ l l p r r r c : r r rL . 5 . d o l l . r r r

Don't miss our special ot-fer!For only $10 more,you can add a new
s u b s c r i b e r w i t h y o u r r e n e w a l . r ( ) f1 ( ' r r p i r e s7 / 1 5 i 9 ( . . r l i n r i t s S l 0 r c l c l i t i o n aiir r c \, , f a r c h / r c h , s u b s c r i b el rl.e l s er r r i t e t h e i r n , r n r c s n d a d d r e s s co n t h e b r c k o f t h i . s i r r n r .) ' a s l


- *jri"ik*,:c#



Z Citv,State, ip pavable 5 q u at eU p Circcks to
5 0 1 N l u l b e r r l ' S t\ E . - l l b u q u e r q u e , N { i i 7 l 0 6 . N

lh'lf ortern * otiln


July/August 1996

lssue 4

The Newsletter Western of Star Dancers, 584 CastroSt,, Suile480, San Francisco, 941 l4-2588. E-Mail: CA A coniemporary AmericanSquareDanceClub primarilyserving the San Francisco Gay and LesbianCommunity.Subscriptions the Western to Starare freelo WSDmembers, lo $18 to others.Ads are complementary memLcrs; commercial advertisers may contactus lor pricinginlormalion.

Yes,electiontime is upon us again. So if you are planning run, or if you know someone who wants to the chance help WesternStar moveeverforward, to just raise yourhand.We wouldloveto haveyou. Be goodto eachother,

HowdyPardners, Summer is here and it's really a busy season. I hope everybody has a chance to attend this year's Gay Pride Dance with Paui 'vVaiersarrci Harlan Kerr calling. lt remember Castro shouldbe fun. Please the will be closed Saturday nightand parking aroundtherewill be hardto find. lf youcan, takeMunito getthere.

.-q"k;Moreinformation upcoming on Election.
we r^ri!!be a:ccpting ncrninations tiie IVSD fcr Board Directors starting August5th, Nominations of will close August 26, Pleasecontact one of the electioncommitteemembers to nominate you or someone who you think would be a good representative. The term is l4 months, from September96 to October 97. There are seven positions the board.The electioncommittee on is madeup of the following:
R i c kG r a n t J i mP e l l m a n n P a tS m i t h ( 4 1 5 )5 5 8 - 9 4 9 7 ( 4 1 5 )5 6 3 - 3 2 2 0 (415)863-5081


As you'regettingreadyfor welcoming world to the "Star, Thars, & Cable Cars", pleasetake a few moments to update your calendarswith our c o n t i n u i nf u n . J u l y l s t w e w i l l b e h o s t i n g p r e g a convention dancein placeof our usualMonday night Basicclass at EVRCTheater. July 20th we'll be h e a d i n g u t t o A n g e ll s l a n df o r o u r a n n u a l4 t h o f o July fete (seeflyerfor more details). Bringyoursel{, bringa friend,& bring your eats. Saturday August 3rd, WesternStar and FoggyCity will be joining forces hosta benefit to dancefor St. Paulus church. Throughthe years,St. Paulushas been good to squaredancers;So, let's show them how much squaredancersare apprecrative them and help to them rebuild. The benefit danceis beingheldat the First Unitarianchurch locatedat I I87 Franklin /more information be available a laterdate). wilt at

U p C o m i n gE v e n t s . . . Western Star will be hostinga Thanksgiving dance the 29th and 30th of November. DeborahParnell will be calling both days. Anybody interested in housingsomebody who are in need of housing, or c o n t a cR o nM a s k ea t ( 4 1 5 ) 2 5 2 - 1 5 2 2 . t r ThisyearsPre-Folsom Street Fair Leather Dance will 28th, Bill Eyler be heldSeptember will be calling.

Stamper 07 Freeman -i 1 1 A n n aD a m i a n RonMasker 17


JohnConley 05 - 06 Don Breer Harold Little 10 Aft Bradley 11 Robert Atria- 15 Ron Douglass23 Felix Fornino 27

Otfers Basicthru Plusinstruction Mainstrearn/Plus dancing club Center, Tuesdayqffhundays Willow PassRecreational @ Concord EastOlivera Road@ Salvio, info:Ed Conley PaulCahill(415) 558-8467 & Contact net : lapalma@community. E-Mail (c/oBob Frame):

El Camino Reelers
instruction OffersBasicthru Advanced Plus/Advanced dancing club Wednesdays St. AndrewsUnitedMethodistChurch, @ A 4 1 1 I A l m aS t . ,P a l o l t o View 1701 RockSt., Mountain School, Mondays Crittenden @ (408) 435-3Ol l Contact info:ChuckFisher us E-Mail :

FoggyCity Dancers instruction Offen Basic Plus thru

WSDBoard Directors of
Jim Anderson N r c kC a r l s o n LeeGianfrancesco KeithHenderson RonJablonski Ron Masker RussKing

Mainstream/Plus dancing club St., 1519 Mission San Francisco Mondays Jon SimsCenter, @ TuesdayVThursdays @ LiveOakSchool, I 1 7 D i a m o n d t . ,S a nF r a n c i s c o S ( : H C o n t a crtn f o S q u a r e a n c e o t L r n e 4 1 5 ) 9 0 5 - 4 5 4 6 D (c/oJohnKolb): E-Mail:

Midnight Squares
instruction Offers Advanced/Challenge club Advanced/Challenge dancing Sundays LiveOakSchool, @ I l 7 D r a m o nS t . ,S a nF r a n c i s c o d Theater, San Francisco 3rd Wednesday EVRC @ (4i info:Claire Meisel 5) 86i -1979 or Contact R o g eM i l l e( 4 1 5 )6 6 4 - 0 5 1 3 r r net rl : E-Mai|: (cioCa Willamson) carl@hooked.

RonJ. R o nM . LeeG. R u s s .K NickC. PatS. Jim A. Administrator/IAGSDC@ Rep Instructor Archangel/ Attendance Taker Yellow Class Calendar Alt. Board Secretary/IAGSDC@Rep Dangle Diva StarEditor Database/TreasurerAVestern

instruction club dancing Advanced and Offers School Mondays Jefferson @ St., 2001 Pebblewood Sacramento ( & M C o n t a citn f o : e f fB a r l o w D e n n i s o o r e 9 1 6 ) 6 4 5 - 9 3 0 6 J E - M a i lJ e fb @ h p r p c d . r o s e . h p . c o m , f

Clubsin the greater on Information otherIAGSDC@ Bay area. Capital City Squares instruction Offers thruPlus Basic
M a i n s t r e a m / P cuu bd a n c r n g l ls Tuesday Jefferson School @ 2001 Pebblewood Sacramento St., fnfo:George (916) 929-8697 or Contact Fox ( J a m e s z a n i c h9 1 6 ) 9 2 5 - 4 2 4 2 O E - M a i l0 0 0 4 12 0 8 7 O @ m c i m a i l . c o m :

Carnival Twirlers
Advanced level dancing View Mountain Fridays MontaLomaSchool, @ C o n t a citn f o ,J i l l M a r c i( 4 0 8 ) 3 7 7 - 6 4 5 3 i E - M al: j i l l m @ n e t c o m . c o m

Enl G: E E ml rc,E@ E .wF

,du IITT E:E


Etr8l[ w


fr re rm

m n

tn ND nln
G Ell

re, EFg En1..E Ebril*''t 5m''


re /rc,ire




Er m G"arnr w,w

Prc-Convcntion Dancc Howard Richman Er Ron Maskcr c!llin9 73Opm - $3 €VRC Theater


WSD Dark

ffi E:ffi
Doy Independence
9:00am IACSDC Board Meetinc

pm 3:00-3:45 Exhibirions FCD-NYC.GLD

!,2:00pm rlloslr:d .,,,,,Fn irch 3 : 0 G 3 : 4p m 5 Exhibitims SAD-BAR-GLD 9i3O'p$,Melrrorial& Llos[}g, I rp

t:30,Rrn Binqu6t,,& ,tlenl.M€€litp :
l0:0 pm Honll Tonk (Jueen Contesl

$;30pm Gmnd March

Thars,& CableCars"/SanFrancisco llii ] "Stars,
.ffi l:

8:00am .12:00 pnr Fun Badge Tur I200-3:(X)pnr Farc*'elll)ancc

W S D B a s i cC l a s s Ron lr,laskcr I ns(rtrctor ( a -l : \ ' l { ( . ' I ' h c a t c r 7:3t)prn


WSD Ilasic Class Ii.on Nlzr-skcr I n s lr u c t n r ( 4 ,I : V I t ( ' I ' h c a t c r 7:30Pm







WSI) lloard Nlecting 7:30pm (n .lim A's

4 I







\ [ ' S l ) I ] : r s i c( ' l r r s s Ilon lrlaskcr I n s lr t r ct t l r (r. IrVIt("l hcatcr 7:30pnr

N { i d n i e h tS t l u : r r r s (r I:\rll.('-l hcatcr 7 : . t i )l ) n ) A d v a n c e d& ( ' h : r l l c n g e) u n c i n g I

. \ " i , I l . l , , '| [ ] i ,u i , \ 1 , . ,@ t , , , . t t Y z ,1 ,,, | ,t... il,,,, ),.i( ( l , , , t ,r l - , , , \ 1 , . 1 , , "
( .I l . ) ) - ) , r _ ) -) _ ) - ) , . { l;



( \\'SI) IJasic 'lass Ilon lr{askcr Inslruct()r ( o -E V I I ( i ' l - h r a t c r 7 : 3 0 pn r


WSI) ClrrhNight l : d C o n l c r ' ,c a l l c r (4'IT.VRC'l'hetcr a 7:30pm




Ln !-, it*

W S I ) B : r s i cC . l a s s Ron I\laskel Instruet()r (g I:\'lt(''l hc:rtrr 7:-i0prn


W S DC l u bN i g h r Wescolrl [)onald & J i ml U e r r i k i o s ,
calk'I\ (g EVIIC I'hcate r 7:-10pnr

G i a n t sv s A t l : i n t a
t j n b lI h ( r ( s I O l . [ J a \ '

L ; Y.r' ;tl.:t l,;;a

Dancing Monday& Wednesdav on nights l: - 9:30pm at Eureka 7:3() VallevRcc.Ccnre.r i. unless otheruriscannounced. Evcntson this l, Calcndar subject changc. are to ii tL. t I

lt:,,:n:l:7Ti:tilt:j,j,I,::, r::.iXIi:X

;.t- -1"





WesternStar & Foggy City " S t . P a u l u sB e n e f i t Dancc R o b f r r e n c h& C J , callen


WSI) lloard N o r n i n a t i o n sC ) p c n W S I ) l ] ; r s i cC l a s s Ilon [r{askcr I n s tr u ct i t r (4 I:\'I{("l.hcatcr 7:-lf)pnr




t \\'SI) I)ark



.r a, ta
W S I ) I l r r s i c( ' i ; r s s Il.on N{askrr Instructol (c I'\'l{( l-he:rtt'r 7:-1()prn


WSI) ('lub Night ('hr.rck ro, calltr Y (,. IrVII("I'hcatct 7:30pnr

/4 /6
22 23

('apital ('itr Squ:rrcs " S t a t cI : a i r "[ ) a n c c ca Ant11'Shore, ller ('iil I'rgr Irrarounds.




WSI) lirarrl p I\lccting7:-10 rl (<r Ron lvl s

-r./t al
I r { i d n i g h tS q u a r e s ( r r . ': \ ' l l ( ' 1 ' h c a t c r l 7:-10 pnr A d l a n c c d& C h a l l c n s cD a n c i n r


S / S l ) B a s i cC l a s : Ilrrn N'[askcr lnstructrrr (q IrVlt( l'hc:rtcr 7:-j()pnr

" P c c l - O f f i n t h e icrras-I l "i I{a nch C l i c a d aI l c t ' a t / S c c I ; l v c r IT;:,:l,TtriiIXiilr:,I;*




\\'SI) lloarrl N o r ) r ; n a t i ( ) n( - ) ( ) \ c s ( \ \ ' S I ) I J r r s i c' ) a s s Il.on Nlir.skcr lnslrUct()r ( a .I : \ ' R ( " l h t i r l c r 7:3(lpnr

27 28 29
U'Sl) CIuh Niqht I l o n I l i r s c h ,c : r l l c r (rr- :\'l{( I hcatcr I l:3(ipnr



:firc Vll"r('hicaco i ..-----.. -.--. -,:---): ---- ----. ::::::::i::aa: ::ta: ::::::::a::) ::::tt:::: t:::::::::::::a::t:: :::: ::

OpTtorunl ClorHlNQ ARE Wrrkrrud Squ DnNcE

Fon Mrn...

I fl ee

Bmurrul lnIHr

W'rrH Ca[[Ens

I 996

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S r r . r q t rT r r . r r D r s r n r d T
S l e ep r n c B e q R r N r a l ? Cnbrni lr.rrenesrT Need Rrdt? Fnov Exrnq Day(s) Hou,Mar.iv Dqvs?

Yes Y Yrs

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No ngrunids u,rll be ruqdr errrn Junrr I Payrurrr.rr r rull rs REeLrrREd v .lur'rr I 5, 1996. b Mqrl RtsERvATloN Fonv u,rrx drpostr oF $>O on pAyMENr rrr rull or $ I gO ro: PEEL-OFF IN THE SIERRAS-II ,r7 \ Srxrrerrx Srneer # I 2 Sar Fnqr.icrsco, CA 94 I I .4- 1 627 f c r n r u r o n er N F o R M A r r o r r r l t p H o n i r 7 l O . > > 1 2948 oR 4l,.4,l 9?A1 rs AT yoL,R o\\r.. ntsk Usr or RqrrrcHo Crcqdq RtrnrAl A l l q r - r s N d E r s w r l l b e n r q u r n e d r o s r e l , a r u r l l n e I ea . s r o r l r a b r l r r y .

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gQuSRE W il | & M W@ fll LbANCING at t6p l??6 O@ State /a,ao
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7-Andy i 4earu''WV
SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 1996 1 7:00- 9:00p.m. at "TheFarm" Located behindBldgs.B & C at CafExpo,Sacramento
V For more information: George: (916)929-8697 Traditional SquareDance Attire NOT Required. If you have a club shirt, we encourage you to wear it. No tank tops while dancing. Y No chargefor dancing. Regular Fair Admission is $6.00. Parking feesnot included in admission price. Y The ASDSCis hosting dancing each night of the Fair, August L6 through September 2,7996. For more info contactHelen at (916) 773-2538

James: e2s-4242 fr!)
E-Mail: V / users ccs / /

Member Club: International Associationof Gay SquareDanceCIubdIAGSDC)@ & AssociatedSquareDancersof SuperiorCalifornia (ASDSC)



the Let'sRe-rnake 0hurch!
fon Chuncl-r A Brruefir Sr. Pnulus
the of event benefit construction to City Sfar \frestern andFoggy in thisfundraising Please support which destmyd a hagicfirc! was in replacing old ihe churcb Church, thenewSt.Paulus - !)


and J. Featured a^re French C. Smii,h callers Rob *Uro Rob and J. Our ,orra are FrenchC. Smith


Church 3rd, August at theUnitarian on and until Dancing startsat 7:30pm goes 10:30pmSaturday, and of Cost is Francisco. ofadmission$10.Many usdanced at in Frankljn Creary San at located 1197 this and successl friends letsmake a rousing teIl graduatedSt.Paulus please all your so at


Tn'I[Iostern stan*
/\ Volume 15_.


lssue 5

The Newsletter of Westem Star Dancers, 584 Castro St., Suite /+BO, San Francisco, CA 9411/t-2588. E-Mail: WSDNews( A contemporary American Square Dance Club primarily seruing the San Francisco Cay and Lesbian Community. Subscriptions to the Westem S[ar are free to WSD members, $18 to others. Ads are complementary to members; commercial advertisers mav contact us for pricing information.

Torch of Llberty

Hello to all of my friends at Western Star Dancers. I hope you've had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. By the time that you get this,
it will be fall and time for our annual Leather dance. This yeals dance features Bil! Eyler from Albuquerque and is being held the 28th of September at the llarvey Milk Civil Right Academy

'Torch The creator of the of LiberQ/ (that was built for the 1996 l.esbian & Cay Parade), Jim Reid is seeking donations to help pay off the debt incurred in building the torch. Any member wishing to make a donation to help can do so by sending it to The Rainbow Flag Fund, 584 San #473, Castro CA94714. Francisco"

Angel Island Revlsited
by Ron Masker The annual 4th of July WSD Primal Square Dance to Angel Island was held on July 2Oth this year due to the LACSDC@ convention. It was a beautiful sunny day with 20 WSD'ersand friends meeting at the RedArVhiteferry, with Dan's mother meeting us at Tiburon on the way over. For those who have been there before you know what a fun day it can be and it was. We were even granted a delightful surprise by being dropped off on the other side of the island due to a Special Reconigation Day for the immigration center that was once located there. It was nice not having to climb those 'Vonderful" steps to get to the other side. The weather was fantastic all day. Dancers eamed thoses great dangles like the "duckie", "sandflea","dancing with a bald man", ect. Plus a special new dangle that was created for the day by Mike Sellers which will be available from our Dangle Diva in the near future to anyone that has been there. Thanks go to all the dancers from Diablo Dancers, Foggy Cify, El Camino Reelers, and Midnight Squares for joining us. We look forward to seeing you back next vear on Julv 4th 1997.

(formally Douglas Dlementary School) on 19th between Collingwood and Diamond. So, start oiling that leather, polishing your buckels,and clips. See ya' there. The Yellow class is doing really well and they're charging through Mainstream fast. Please plan on joining them October 28th for their class graduation and potluck. The potluck starts at 7:OOp.m. and graduation aL 7:3O p.m.. Club members are requested to bring their favorite dish to share with the soon to be graduates. Refreshmentswill be provided. Be good to each other,


Diablo Dancers
SeDtember Serge Pluess - I Rick Grant - 5 PegSVOsterkamp - 1 9 ThadTrela - 22 Veronica Martinez - 22 Kaori Fujitani - 23 PatriciaSmith - 25 October :,RondaSwerer - 5 :::$i:Ii€€ Chandler - 9 Raszl - -lO :::iii:Darryl Mawikios - 11 iiiii:ilim t"tay - 14 ;iiii,;i,8'ick. Mike Stars - 22 .,:,, Rod Odgers - 29 Donald Queen - 50
Offers Basic thru Plus instruction Mainstream/Plus club dancing Tuesday9Thursdays @ Willow Pass Recreational Center, East Olivera Road @)Salvio, Concord Contact info: Dd Conley & Paul Cahill (415) 554-4467 D-Mail:({o Bob Frame):lapalma( Dl Camino Reelers Offers Basic thru Advanced instruction Plu9Advanced club dancing Wednesdays@ St. Andrews United Methodist Church, 4111 Alma St., PaloAlto Mondays @ Crittenden School, 1701 Rock St., Mountain View Contactinfo: Chuck Fisher(4OB) 455-5011

Foggy City Dancers
Offers Basic thru Plus instruction Mainstream/Plus club dancing Mondays@:r Sims Center, 1519 MissionSt., San Jon Francisco Tuesdays,/Tlrursdays(t) Live Oak School, 117 Diamond St., San Francisco Contactinfo: Square Dance Hot Line (415) 905-4546 E-Mail:(c/o John Kolb):

WSD Board of Dlrectors
Jim Anderson Nick Carlson Lee Cianfrancesco Keith Henderson Ron Jablonski Ron I'iasker Russ King

Midnight Squares
Offers Advanced/Challenge instruction Advanced/Challenge club dancing Sundays @lLive Oak Scirool, 117 Diamond St., San Francisco 5rd Wednesday @)DVRCTheater, San Francisco Contactinfo: ClaireMeisel(415) 86l-1979 or RogerMiller (415) 664-0515 E-Mail: (c/o Carl Williamson):

Who's Dolng What
Ron J. Ron M. Lee Q. RussK. Nick C. Pat S. Lee C. Jim A. Administrator/IAGSDC@ Reo Instructor Class Archangel Calendar Board Secretary/IAASDC@ Rep Alt. Dangle Diva Attendance Taker Database/TreasurerAVestem Star Editor on other IACSDC@ Clubs in the

Prlme 8's
Offers Advanced instruction and club dancing Mondays @ Jefferson School 2OO1PebblewoodSt., Sacramento Contact info: James Ozanich 9l-6)' 925-1242 E-Mail:OzMar(


greater Bay area September/October 1996 Capttal Clty Squares
Offers Basic thru Plus instruction Mainstream/Plusclub dancing Tuesday @ Jefferson School 2OO1Pebblewood St., Sacramento Contact Info: Ceorge Fox (916) 929-8697 or James Ozanich (9\6) 925-4242 D-Mail:

Camival Twirlers
Advanced level dancing Fridays @ Monta Loma School, Mountain View Contact info: Jill Marci (4OB)377-6453 D-Mail:

USD Ocm llS lon Xarkrr lndruclor @ IURC lhrotrt ?:l0pm : . i : I

BB0 i hgcrCht Donc r t Bsrn

$lSD Dsrt


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.':..' ,.,,::, .,.,: ,,., ..,,,, I

, tSD Oub lllghl Conhy, rollr , Ed lhrctrr r @ EUIC : I:l0pn
,i: i;!

UID SS0ort Ron ilo*rr lnrlruclor @ EVIC lllolrr l:30pm

WSD Ocrr llS lon llorkrr lnslrurtol @ EUIC Thectu l:30pm llldnlght Squonr @ IURC ltrcfrl pm 1:30 Adrcnmd I Chclhngo Donclng

i UISD 0orr ll5 : Ron lloskrr Inrtruclol : nrcct.r : O tVnC i l:30pm
Begins Today

lftD Oub l{lght Ron lllnch, tslhr @EURC ltoctu l:l0pm

Prrlorsou Sr. IArRDANct Bur tvu& caun, HARyf Mrx SoiooL


i lnslrudor Thaatcr i @ EIIRC l:lOpm i

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HSDfS Cht3

Ron ilosbr lmtulor @'IYl( tlrn. ..' ..l:lOpr ..

,':UtDOub llhhr lln llswlllor,csllr ', @ [Ul( ltrdrr , l:30pm
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CodtolOttSqtotc 'llth lmlrrsry Dcrr Slrrrlcpnrr,fuIln; hhcnrr I Pb 3rcrrrto, l:l0tn (Srrllpt)

.tldnlght Squorrr ,',.@ nrrqtrr EURC ...,i t,t0 pt lditncrd& .. 'Clicitrngr Dcnclng


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Angel lsland Kevisited



A PRE-FoISOAn SrnrEr DnrucE
SrnmntB.ERXgg,6 28.
7:3A- l0:30rpm - $S"OO ADMrssxoN

Pur LrnrHrn GEf 0N, yollRBoOrS ,,/,,,,1 yoLIR ,

FVENrNL r)FsqtLnnr l)nNcrNc.


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Courx'o,voon br,wonnt


Capital City Squares/ Sacramento
invite you to our


Mainstream and Plus Levels
(& One Ciass-Level Basic Tip)

from Knoxville, Tennessee

Saturduy October L9,1996 7:30- 10:00 p.m.
JeffersonElementary School 2001Pebblewood-Drive Sacramento (South Natomas)

(Free for Basic Dancers)

$7 per person

D Traditional quare ance S Attire NOT Required. Soft SoledShoes only, please!
CIub Members sre to encouraged bing goodiesto share.

For more information, call: Ceorge at (916) 929-8697 Jamesat (916) 925-1242, or or e-mail:
www: http: / /members /

Directions BayArea:l-80East Busrness-80, North l-5. Exitat West Camino turn lrom to then on El and (Azevedo), right second sign rtght light. Turn at next left at light Turn (Pebblewood). isup2 at stop School 'RenoDirection: blocks ieft.From on l-80 West Northgate Left NorthgateSan to Blvd. on (at to Juan KMad) turnRight.Proceed Azevedo street leltpast ano (third to on Albertsons), left.Turn ai first tuin left stoo (Pebblewood). is up2 blocks left. sign School on (Thomas Brothers reference: 2n-85\ Formap see www : nttp :i/mem rs/aol. be site com/ccsq uaresi


you to join our new invites

Advanced Class
October stafting 2nd
7:30- 9:30PM


Lime Ridqe Open SpaceClubhouse I-680


pace. Midnight's Advanced Program features at instruction a relaxed Eddie Joe Conley andRon Hirsch, members Callerlab and of GCA,willco-teach. At thecompletion the,A1program, of to will dancers be invited join Midnight Squares, SanFrancisco area's the Bay and Advanced GayandLesbian Dance Challenge Square Club CallBobat (510) 676-9899 additional for directions,transportation coordination,moreinformation. voutheret! or See
FromNorth SACK n,\ e.rJrc> f 680 South to Treat Blvd exrt, tefr ar light,lefi al nexl light on to Treat 3 . 5 M i l e s t o T h o m o s o n ,m a k e a U lum, .3 mtlesto parkrng lot


From SouthAt/eet4|SAN FRAflCr.Ica Hsny2C to 680 Nonh. Exit Treat Btvd 3 . 5 M i l e s t o T h o m o s o n .m a k o a U tum. .3 mttesto Oar111no lot

Fron East county Klrker Pass or EaileY to ClaYtonor Cower to Treat wssl .5 miles Pasr Cowell, tum nght into parkinglol

tr lh' l,iles l.n[* teynst

Nor"mber/December 996 1

eventg to promote square

The Newsletter o{ \flestern Star Dancers, 584 Castro St., Suite 48O, Frucisco, San CA 94114-2588. E-Ilail, \[SDNews @ A contemporary American Sgra.e th. San "y G Lr"Liur "rd tle \Tegtern Star are free to \ISD to -.rrL"."; "." "o*pl"-"otary c o n t a c tu s f o r p r i c i n g i n f o r m a t i o n D..ce CluL primarill, serving C o m m u r : i t y . S u L s c r i p t i o n st o *"-L.rr, $18 to odr".r. Ad" commer(-;al advertisers may

protram. We can use

Jutr." uttJ o*."1r.r, u. ."ll as other lo.ul Pleose "htbr. your precioustime to think Jout this take a httl" "{ idea and ,hu." yo* suggestions with any o{ th" \ZSD bou.d *.*b"rr. Al*uys ."h"dnl" time to attenJ an occasionul "lJ night, *e love to se" famili.. {u""r utrd to keep irr touch with out f.llo* *"-I"rr. Rememl"t... "Dorr'tStop, Don't Slow Down". Y"llo-.o"Lr, Lee Trimester ]r{eetinds Due to urv inulrilitv to get the uewsletter out on time, we the bout,l vo"r" rltrotl" to get pJh"ir"d the date o{ the secol.l trimesterneeti::!. TL" t.".J h;: elc.tef t. wave that rneetingat tLis time. \7e ho.'" th" "chedr,l"d third trir:rester rneetingthe 11th of D"""tnb"r at -1:00 Pl"as" plun on joining us to give your input for wLat you *,r'.,ld lihe to ,"" holrp"n in the upcorning

It's Fall. \7eve sun,ived Hollo*e".r utrJ th" time change!The Yellow Class hu. ..,.."rr{ullv cotnrrlet"d th" Basic u',1 Mainstrear:r l",r"lt und hur starteclto di,r" h.udlong into Pl'..s. The new BOD lor \Testenr Star Dancers is Searing up fot anotirer year of busirtess.

to take this opportunit-v thanle Rus-"King un.l Ro,r Jolrlot..hi i.rt tt', ull th"it h"11,o.,", the last -."'rr"rulyears,we could not hu"" ,lotr" it s'ithout voul You Lno* Loth of votr *ill ul*o',r. *"I.'-.rrn"d b" Lo.[ to tLe lr.,or,1 the futtue. irr WSD has a specialv,""L"trd event plann",l for Friday Nor'",t", 22nd and Satuday No,renrlrer 23rd with caller D"boruh Porr,"ll (see{lv"r Mahe sute "t "lor"d). yo.l r"h"d.,I" orr" or both o{ th"t" events on your Oth"r ,."* to WSD *ill b" r.l,"d,rl"d "ul"r,Jut. "ull"r. throughoutthe nert y"ur, u,rd the BOD is alwaysopen to suggestiomf.o- *"rrlr"r. fo. .ull"rc yo., *o.rld lit" to danceto again. The BOD hur d""id"d to focus most of its e{{orts on providing the highest l"t"l of q,,ulitv in the a."u o[ regularclub night ,Iur..", 3nJ ,"pecial eventslike 'R"tnuk" "Iu.."r, the Church" orhi.h raisecl $1000 for St. Paul.,s this year. W.' *o*ld like to h"o, front "otli". ,"urb"rs uny id"or for u sp"cial event that *or.,l,l bene{it an organization,a communitv proiect or other

\7SI) Newsletter This is the last newsletterthat I will lr" p"l,lirhi"g. I apologize .uy inubilitv to get it out on time. Thanks {o. for yo,-,. patience with me. Y"llo*ro.h., Iim.. \7e are excitedthat we hut" fo.rnJ a new to taLe "Jito. o',,"r p,ttlirhing it. Alro, look for u charrge in the fornrat u.d a new narne sometime in the near "r"r, {uttue. Fotm Otr.e ReNe*al Looh {or tr"*b".rhip ,"r"*ul forrrm to be mailed sometimea{ter the {irst of January.Pl"ur" veri{v the in{ormation contained on them. If a,ry u.e "hurrg". .t""d"d pl"u." maLe thern and return tLe {orm along with you chechto us as soon as you can. \fSD Directorv 'fhe \Testern Star Directory is now u ."ulity. LooL {ot it in the mail within the ne:,t weeh.

\flSD Boarcl of Directors Pr"ss Rel"rse

by John Kolb, Foggy City Danccrs On August 3, 1996 Foggy City Dancerc und VTestern Star Dancers cosponsor".l u du.r"e at the Unitarian Ch.,'rtch to raise money to h.lp rebuild St. Pa..-,lus *hi"h was lost to a tragic fire last year. "h*"h, Anyorr" *ho hut 1r".r, .q.,ur" dancing fo, ,no." than a y"ar hur probubly dutr."d in the basement at St. Paulus. Even my own Fogly City Mainst."un, graduation "luss *ur held th"r". It holJr many special memories {o, -" utrd *ho hur dut ."d th"r". "'u"ryon" "h" So it gives me particulu. pl"urnr" to report that tLe ftrnd-raise, *as a resounding succe-"sl \7e netted $f ,OOO *hi"h Lee Cia'frarlcesco un.l I *".. honor"d to present to L.'e G"rcles o,rd the St. Pur.l.,t conjrelation on Sunclav,August 11. O" b"Loli "i Foggy City and Wcstcnr Star, we thuttk"d tLem for their stqrport to or-rr conulunity, and with the check on our hopes tl.rat tli.'v will b" obl" t., :::::d Thutrkt to Lee Giaufrun""r"o fo. coming up with the idea and coordinating tLe. dante with Foggv Citu uud to everyone'o'ho h..lp"d with the. dun"", utr.l to ull of o,1.. att,:'rJe,l \fl" folL. {ron, eight Ji{f,:r.',.t 1r.1'.' square dou...' A,lJitio'ollv, ..oll".r RoLe French "lr,L.l uud C.l. Snrith donatecl their {"", toward the restoration project along with the Unitarion Chrrr"},'. donatio' Loll th" hall re.tal fee. "f





)im Anderson Ni"k Ca.Lott L." Giun{rancerco Ro' Mask".

No.r"'"r BirthJ.vs
Gary Gray - 4

Dec"rrrtur BirthJ.rt
Fubiut Alra.odo - 7 Jinr AnJ..ron - 7 Ri"hu.J R""l - 12 MarL Carey - 14 D*u1'ns Treat - 24 i . \ i c L C a r l s o n- 3 1

Dun Gol,l.-. 6 -B B"b L"'ll" Ju"kDa"i"l - 10 Stoner Lichtv- 14 Karen\Cight- 18 E<i Zeigler 23
L e e G i a n f r a n c e s c o- 2 9

ln{orrnation on ot}rer IACSDCt" Cl"Ls in the greater Bay areu fanuary/Fetruary 1996

Capital Citv Smrares
Offers Basicth.t Phs instruction M a i n s t r e a m / P l u .c l r t d " n " i n g T r " " . 1 " 1 ,@ J e [ { u . s " " S c h o o l 2 0 0 I P " b l r l " " , . . o dS t . , S a c r a n r e n t . . C o n t a r - tl n [ . ' , G e o r g e F o x ( 9 1 6 ) 9 2 9 - 8 6 9 7 O Janres za,rich(916\ 925-4212 E-lr'lail, Ozlrlar @ "o1..-om

Thottk. Fro'r St. Po..l,r.
On August 19, Reveretrd G"..l"r sent rrs a moving thank you letter. Ile wrote in part "l'hunh uor-,fo, yon. lolring srrpport ur..1yor:r clonatiorr of $1,000. At tirnes liL" th"se so nranv p"opl" wc're there to offer a loving at d affinnintl presence in many different ways. Please ktro* ho* *ond".f*l this has 1r.."' fo, ull of ,* us ." grieve the lo.. of a truly magni{icent builditrg.' He "moy God c.ontinue to tless of you as "on"ltrd"d, "u"h yor',dun." i., jov f,rr lif"."


Carni*al Twirlers
AJ""r."d l"t"l Jor"irg Fridays @ Monta Loma School,Morntain View Contact info: Jill Marci (408) 377-6453, lillm @

Dioblo Dancers
Of[ers Basictl- Pl"" instruction Mainstrearn/Plus dan.irg "hI T u " s d a y s / I h ' r s d u y s @ \ f i l l o * P a s s R e c r e a t i o n a lC e n t e . , East Olivera Ro"d @ Salvio, Conco.d Contact in[o, Ed Conley I P."l C"hll (415) 558-8467 E - l v l a i l :( c / o B o L F r a m e ) :l " p a l n r ^ @ " o m r n u n i t y . n e t

'W.ho's Doinp \flhat
Lee G. Ron 11. - AJnrinistratc,r - lnstrrrctor/Dance coordinator

L.. G. Nick C. Pat S. Lee G. Iim A.


Clu"" At"L"r.,g.l Bou.J Secretary/IAGSDC'" R.p D a n g l eD i v a Attur.tdu,,."TuL'", D a t a L a i e / T l s a p p v s l / \ f q ; [ 1Srtra , E J i t o r / C u l . t r J o r ' r

EI Camino
Oi{ers Basicth^ Adt"rced instruction Pl"s/Ad"anced cluL dancirg \(ednesdays @ St. Ardre*s United Methodist Church, 4 1 1 1 A l r o a S t . ,P a l " A l t " MonJays @ CrittenJen S.ho"l, 1701 Roct St., Mountain View C o n t a . - ti " f o , C h " c t F i s L e r ( 4 0 8 ) 4 3 5 - 3 0 1 1 E-i'1ail: cr-in{o e @

Fodd'v Citv Dancers
Offers Basic thru Phs instruction M a i n s t r e a m / P I u ". l r b d " . " i r e Mond"ye @ Jou Sims Centef 1519 Mission St., San Francisco Tresdays/Thrr.d.y. @ Live Oat S"hool, I l 7 D i m o n J S t . , S a n F r a n ei s c o C o n t a c t i n [ o : S q r a . " D a n . - eH o t L i n e ( . 1 5 ) 9 0 5 - 4 5 1 6 1 E-Mail, (c/o loh Kolb), tio."llie@"ol."o-

IqiJnie,Lt Smrares
O{{ers Adv"nc"d/Ch"ll"oe" instruction Adt"o""d/Ch"ll"rg" "hb SrnJays @ Lit" Oal S"hool, I l7 Diamond St., San Fran.'isco 3rd V.dnesd"y @ EVRC Theater, San Francisco Contact in{o, Claire Mei6el (.115) g61-1979 or R o g e 'M i l l e . ( 4 1 5 ) 6 b 4 - 0 5 1 l E-Mail, (c/o Carl \ilillian'son),

O{f"rs Adtar"ed irrstructiorr .lrL darr..irrt ".,.1 Mondol's @ Je{fer;onselro.l 2001 PebLle*"od St., S"".orr,",,r.t C o n t a c t i n { o , l a r r r e rO z u ' i c h ( 9 1 { : t \ g 2 5 - q 2 ^ t E-Mail: Ozlrlar @ a.1..-..'r





't a E t I I E I

gl -a *€



B E 3

Plus llS0 Cldss Ron lnslructor l'losher @ tYflClheoler

0otlt li50

Dancers E "SpinChainthe f CandyCane" f Dawson, Shelby caller(Fcoyer)

Diablo trp

l|orld 0att flll9

?..r?e P rml fln r ,


y.B SF Yr 9-.4 *fi ! *V 5E \BF

aaE r xn tla a alt XTg g nF EE I XW

..{,.,B AEF Fq e .,,8 a,,w PPr gEE E tsrc

bE FAI a 4E Eg tr .lt E qtt El'A !fw



& r.{t EE

F qu p 'r. E J'r E E.JT^ E' FI XI


Plus HS0 Class ( IllflS llouse 0ten flon hashet Inslruclor flT @ Jtm Theoter @ IVRC l:00 [:00
fu lsefll]er detdrls] :6 ;ffi
nB,8 IJ F!

qo tJS0 Pdrtu It'lRS E [i[ to0qtl 0oncers T:30pm'Squorolinq[oslro' [xchange. inlhe flon llashet [aller
I r i m e s fr 0 e n e r dlle e l i n 0 l e 7 : 0 0 0 m I / RlC e d f e r h E


7vlvfl lt nl m .. r

, "rr gs E e88
'ry_ * ! cry r Es Es I s U | alalsLF gg g g ll E , @ , Q,4INEE I BI E I alrln\F | T

E n-rq EU

tsr A--E RE F tc EX E! !m rte An g \W


r & a & a It Eu 4.e Bsts E eF


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5 55 XE!, I 18,,-g Eq f[r B -ls EEIs BW

mffii/Fs.' gnttu | BTB abx X I -_rftEsl-__EX cFF4l ts,t R I arEa Xa I I E C & iE El r r S r C


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r A s |l I| lt I


@n R aE r XT8

HSD tldss Plus Squltes IlS0 llretrn!| llt0ntghl Soord 710 Ron lldsher lnslructor 7:30pmltclt I @ fln[ T|leolet pm tT @ IVRCTheoter @ 7:30p rn
,rscx atsHa
IE Errl6 FI!FE

BF ___I' ---t

$ }[ lr4 8EE -.-E F .ry 4* XX
lta=E FE9X gt' m



a-xt ,r d{g &u * pfr. n *n B& ,i* B 8ET FB EgR

at "n Fta Xgtrtr lIE -.-n !;.-s.t,t ,tpt A EE E-Erl nEnxi

mffi x a aIU F,2 -_,n n neg aat

'."s I".t fItlX FXN 8d b. E Tf EraX aBSn q' nfis

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Pllls HS0 Cldss flonl,losker Inslructor @ tVfiCThealer
?. 'Jl UlP r m l n rl ,



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b.s EE4{

3P'38 ffi, '' |r EP E trt ,( !{5 .IRgE t*5n -lErE E HgE \@ \Eg

ry-E EP ud


II sg BF -E I g EH E ti''

Plus l{50 fioss er flonl'lasfi Inslructot @ tVB[Theater
?. . 1P r nl m 0r , uu

nights7;30; 9130pm Dancing Monday& Wednesday on at Eureka Valley Rec. Cenler unlessolherwiseaanounced, to on are Evcnts thisCalendar subject changc.

Stat estorll Daltcers
you invites to

DPT Weekend
tl,ot'o},nlo,oL P*,r"ll J,,r'n!

Friday 22nd November 7:30-10:30 pm - $8.00 Admission

Harvey Cirfn I[iXk RAghts Aoademy
(formally Douglas Elementary School)

4235 St, 19'th
(between Collingwood & Dianond)


f)nn14 (+arl v Yvvf/,

T'\ar14 (]nrrr Tlnrrn vval v wlvYY vvYYlf.,

a r s .r n r r . r e ^ d T f r r v s . r e { i. '.l.' l <r{ a.r*d I 1' $ , . . , *. . ' i J

formore infornation call lee @ (415)621-2639 orE-mail at WSDNews@aol.cona us

check oruother out flyer

u- il's

-Pa|ll >PT\,/eel.,ed
l-wtce) 6ufu )eboahFanrell

'J-ake we off vufth Nohrsonersl' Asyui renenbel; left- onFnday l'low fne fr.gva-vbfy to pin rn it's

RrllManstrearn Daonsl and P{us
l"loyenber23d' Sat.udqy pn BC-Ia3O - $8.00 Adrlssion


lZnple MelfrCsf t-hitad Church
+ fffr Ave. Juntpao Sta'r.a Blvd Sarliadsco

.Snpl .Sbw Donf Donf Dow,,..
for no-e tnfo'nation Lee YttX2l-26n call a orE-nalus f \i$Aler,,soaol.ccn

/tol1t =(

s7 z



C/tf; I t\e





from New Mexico

Mainstream Plus- $8.0O Alternating and pm 7:30pm 10:30 Pleasant AdultCenter Hill 3100OakParkBlvd Hill Pleasant

From Sacramento: 680 South, Exit at TreaUOakPark Bvd Bight at first lightonto N. Main. Left ar 2nd lighr(oak Park Blvd.)

Frorn San Frandeco: 24 Eastto 680 North.Exitat Treat, Lefton Treatat light Right N. Mainat light on Leftat 3rd light(OakParkBvd)

From Oak Park Blvd: yellow lights, lor Bightat nextlight(OakPark).Look llashing turnrightontoservice road. Looktorbaloons signsmarfting on and P.H.AdultCenter 2ndbuilding right. is entrance parking to lot.


#* ffi ffiF@

louled lo a lwr',,.e ?haialmat hpenJlwrw
U*oJatl- li* flndeam,
120 # IOS $aalnruid,r)a,
San 4r,anci,r,crt

9unl,a,1*lna In Stl+
l{r* - 6fr*

"':i,l:;,:, ,

' l',tli,il..
I . _: .


' '.tr"


.,.i'R.S.A.p{+rs) sa6_TasS

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