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MCQ type Objective Question Bank

Name of the Trade : Telephone & Mobile Set Repairing

Trade Code : TMSR
Choose the correct answer :
1. Who invented the Telephone :(a) Alexander Graham Bell, (b) Thomas A. Watson, (c) Thomas Alva Edison,
(d) None of above
2. What is the unit of measurement for the inductance of a coil :(a) Watt, (b) Henry, (c) Farad, (d) Ohm
3. How do you identify an Electrolytic Capacitor :(a) Identifying the positive & negative terminals, (b) Observing the size,
(c) Observing the value, (d) None of above
4. Sound energy is converted to electrical energy through :(a)Microphone, (b) Speaker, (c) Radio, (d) None of above
5. Farad is the unit of :(a)Diode, (b) Resistor, (c)Transistor, (d) Capacitor
6. What is the full form of SMT:(a)Surface Mount Technique, (b) Strong Mount Technique, (c) Surface Mount
Technology, (d) None of above
7. Bridge Rectifier is built up with :(a)4XBB501, (b) 4XIN4007, (c) 2XIN34, (d) None of above
8. BTS stands for :(a)Base Transmitting System, (b)Base Transreceiver System, (c)Base Terminal
System, (d) None of above
9. DIL stands for :(a)Dual in Line, (B)Direct in Line, (c) Divided in Line, (d) None of above
10. The incoming ring alert of telephone is heard by:(a)Speaker , (b)Microphone, (c)Buzzer, (d) None of above
11. AGC stands for :(a)Automatic Gain Control, (b)Automatic Ground Control, (c) Active Gain
Control, (d) None of above

12. What is the purpose of a Coupling Capacitor :(a)Bypasses all signal, (b)Pass AC & Block DC, (c) Pass DC & Block AC, (d)
None of above
13. LDR depends on :(a)Photo, (b)Voltage, (c)Light, (d) None of above
14. The basic material of an Integrated Circuit is :(a)Copper, (b)Zinc, (c)Silicon, (d) None of above
15. RF Crystal Frequency, which is mostly used in Mobile Phone is of the value :(a)13MHz, (b)26MHz, (c)19.2MHz, (d) None of above
16. The unit of the capacitance is :(a)Henry, (b)Ohm, (c)Farad, (d)Watt
17. TDMA stands for :(a) Trade Development Man Access, (b)Time Division Multiple Access, (c)Time
Dependent Manual Access, (d) None of above
18. What is the Audio frequency range :(a)Less than 20Hz, (b)20Hz to 220 KHz, (c)Above 20KHz, (d) None of above
19. Solder is an alloy for :(a)Tin & Zinc, (b)Tin & Nickel, (c)Tin & Lead, (d)None of above
20. What is the key which you have to press in a telephone hand set, when you make
a change over from pulse dialing to tone dialing :(a)#, (b)*, (c)0, (d) None of above
21. R-20/22 of Nokia 3310/3315 is in which portion :(a)Memory, (b)Power, (c)Audio, (d) None of above
22. What is 1KB in terms of bytes :(a)1000 Bytes, (b)1012 Bytes, (c)1024 Bytes, (d) None of above
23. GSM stands for :(a)Group Special Mobile, (b)Global System for Mobile, (c)Global Special
Mobile, (d) None of above
24. What is the full form of WAP:(a)Wireless Application Protocol, (b)Wireband Application Protocol, (c)Wireless
Application Public, (d) None of above
25. In a Mobile SIM socket, how many pins are there :(a)10, (b)6, (c)4, (d) None of above

26. When the VCO is damaged, then what happens :(a)No message, (b)No Audio Tone, (c)Power off, (d) None of above
27. The incoming signal frequency in a GSM Handset is :(a)947 KHz, (b)952 KHz, (c) 947 MHz, (d) None of above
28. IMEI stands for :(a)International Mobile Equipment Identity, (b)International Mobile Engineering
Industry, (c) International Mobile Equipment Industry, (d) None of above
29. What type of battery are used for the memory of a Mobile Handset :(a)Li-Ion, (b)Li-Cd, (c)Ni-Cd, (d) None of above
30. What kind of modulation is PCM :(a)Delta Modulation, (b)Digital Modulation, (c)Analog Modulation, (d) None of
31. VLR stands for :(a)Voice Loading Resistor, (b)Visitor Location Resistor, (c)Visitor Loading
Resistor, (d) None of above
32. FM stands for :(a)Frequency Modulation, (b)Frequency Module, (c)Frequency Memory, (d)
None of above
33. When the Hagar IC in a Nokia 3310/3315 is damaged, then the fallout is :(a)No Network, (b)No Display, (c)No Charging, (d) None of above
34. Write value of the resistor, having the colour code Red-Red-Red :(a)22M, (b)22K, (c)2.2K, (d)22
35. What is the Audio Frequency Processor of Nokia 3310 :(a)Cobba IC, (b)Hagar IC, (c) CC cont IC, (d) None of above
36. SMS stands for :(a)Short Messaging Service, (b)Standard Messaging Service, (c)Short Messaging
System, (d) None of above
37. LED stands for :(a)Light Emitter Diode, (b)Light Eliminator Diode, (c)Light Emitting Diode,
(d) None of above
38. CDMA implies :(a)Code Divide Multiple Access, (b)Code Division Multiple Access, (c)Code
Division Manual Access, (d)None of above
39. GPRS stands for :-

(a)General Packet Radio Service, (b)General Pocket Radio Service, (c)General

Pin Radio Service, (d) None of above
40. Potential difference of electrical circuits are measured in
(a)Unit of time, (b)Watt hour, (c)Unit of Volt, (d) None of above
41. What is the full form of PCB :(a)Printed Circuit Board, (b)Printed Circuit band, (c)Printed Circuit base, (d)None
of above
42. Optical Fibre is used in :(a)For Transmission, (b)Frequency Measurement, (c)Wire Breaker (d)None of
43. The working capacity of a battery is given by :(a)Watt-hour, (b)Ampere-hour, (c)Voltage-hour, (d)None of above
44. WLL stands for :(a)Wild Local Loop, (b)Wireless Local Loop, (c)Wire Local Loop, (d)None of
45. The range of Bluetooth application :(a)Long range, (b)Medium range, (c)Short range, (d)None of above
46. The cause of no Backlight in the display of Nokia 3310 is due to :(a)Damaged Flash IC, (b)Damaged Interface IC, (c)Damaged Power IC, (d)None
of above
47. FET stands for :(a)Field Effect Transistor, (b)Fixed Effect Transistor, (c)Field Exaggerated
Transistor, (d)None of above
48. What is the full form of ISDN :(a)Integrated Service Digital Network, (b)International Services Digital network,
(c)Internet Service Digital Network, (d)None of above
49. How many Diodes are there in a half-wave rectification :(a)2 nos, (b)4 nos, (c)1 no, (d)None of above
50. What is the meaning of the word SMD :(a)Short Mount Diode, (b)Surface Missing Diode, (c)Surface mount Devices,
(d)None of above
51. MMS stands for :(a)Multimedia Messaging Service, (b)Multiple Messaging Service (c) Multimedia
Mobile Service (d)None of above

52. ALU stands for :(a)Arithmatic Logic Unit, (b)Active Logic Unit, (c)Actual Logic Unit, (d)None of
53. Majority Carriers in n-type semiconductor are :(a)Electrons, (b)Holes, (c)Protons, (d)None of above
54. A Beetel telephone set uses IC UM91214Bfor :(a)Dialer IC, (b)Ringer IC, (c)Sound Amplifier, (d)None of above
55. A sound amplifier IC TEA1062A has how many pins :(a)16, (b)12, (c)10, (d)8
56. The output of a two input AND gate is low when :(a)Both the Inputs are low, (b)Both the inputs are high, (c)None of the inputs are
low, (d)None of above
57. What is the full form of SAW filter?
Surface audio wave filter
Surface acoustic wave filter
Surface airwave filter
None of above
58. What type of switch is antenna switch?
None of above
59. What is the supply pin no of the LOGICIC of NOKIA N3310?
(a) 15
(b) 18
(c) 20
(d) 25
60. What is the full form of IVRS?
Intermediate Voice Recording System
Interactive Voice Response System
Intermediate Voice Response System
None of above
61. CO416 implies what?
4 extension line of EPABX
16 extension line of EPABX
4 telephone lines and 16 extension line.
None of above

62. What is RTC?

Real Time Clock
Red Tone Clock
Real Time Collector
None of above
63. What is the full form of PUK?
Phase Unlocking Keys
Personal Unlocking Keys
Personal Universal Key
None of above
64. What is the unit of work done?
65. The O/P of a T-flip-flop is a
Square Wave
Sine Wave
Triangular Wave
(d) Trapezoidal Wave
66. Full form of CRT is
Colour ray tube
Cascaded ray tube
Cathode ray tube
Contact ray tube
67. Sectoring is used in
None of above
68. Cell breathing is phenomenon in
None of above
69. The full form of TMSI is
Temporary Subscriber Identity
Total Mobile Subscriber Identity
Total Modern Subscriber Identity


None of these

70. The SIM supply voltage of NOKIA 3310/3315 is

71. Crystal Oscillator works on
Piezo electric effect
Ringer effect
Sound effect
None of these
72. 1G mobile phones are based on
GSM System
CDMA System
FDMA based system
None of these
73. What sort of microphones is used in telephone handsets?
Carbon microphones
Condenser microphones
Ceramic buzzers
None of above
74. TSOP package is a _________package.
Thru hole
None of above
75. What is the value of 1pF ?
10-9 F
76. The row group frequency of DTMF generator is
77. PCB cleaning can be done using


None of above

78. Anti-static mat is used for

Limiting the effect of ESD
Limiting current in a PCB
Limiting voltage on PCB
None of these
79. Porcelain is an
None of these
80. Cu is a

None of these

81. The ringing voltage of a telephone handset is

50-70 VDC
None of these
82. Thinner is

Ethyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Methyl alcohol

83.The drop voltage of a telephone is found in which condition?

(a) on load condition (b)off load condition (c)no load condition (d)none of these air gun is used in mobile repairing for
(a)soldering and desoldering for SMT component (b)testing SMT
Components (c)identifying SMT components (d)none of these
85.Trojan moss is (a)computer program (b)computer command(c)virus(d)none of these
86.Amplitude shift keying is a(a)phase modulation technique(b)amplitude modulation
technique(c)analog modulation technique(d)none of these

87.Signal transmitted thru the local loop is(a) dc in nature(b) sinusoidal in nature
(c)pulsed in nature(d) none of these
88.The potentiometer is affixed value
(a) resistance(b) capacitor(c) inductor(d) none of these
89.IMEI is used to indentify a (a)BTS(b) MSC(c) BSC(d) mobile handset
90. A buzzer is made of (a) ceramic material(b) plastic material(c) polyester material (d) none of these
91.TRAI stands for(a) Telephone regulatory authority of India (b)Telephone and radio
authority of India(c) total regulatory authority of India (d)none of these
92. Antenna in a mobile phone is used for(a) receiving only(b) transmitting only
(c)transmit and receive only(c) none of these
93 Joule is unit of (a)resistor(b) time(c) work(d) power
94 To activate SIM how many volts are required (a) +10 (b) +8 (c) +5 (d) +3
95The value of resistor R22 is(a) 220ohm(b) 0.22ohm(c) 22ohm(d) 2.2ohm
96.What is the crystal frequency required to obtain dialing pulses in a telephony
(a)35MHz (b) 32MHz(c) 3.85MHz (d) 3.0MHz
97. What is the full name of BAW filter (a) background audio wave filter
(b) Background acoustic wave filter(c) bulk acoustic wave filter (d) none of these
98. Mute stands for(a) audio stop(b) video stop(c) audio & video stop(d) none of these
99. What position should be done for ring signal alert in telephone (a)ON HOOK
(b)OFF HOOK(c) transmission (d) none
100. The power on voltage of a mobile (a) 3.2V (b) 3.6V(c) 2.8V (d) none of these
101. UEM stands for(a) unit energy measurement(b) universal energy measurement
(c) universal energy module(d) none of these
102. PAM stands for (a) pulse amplitude modulation (b) pulse altered modulation
(c) phase amplitude modulation(d) none of these
103. PCM stands for (a) phase control modulation(b) pulse code modulation(c) pulse
control modulation(d) none of these
104. ROM is a (a) Resistor (b) Integrated Circuit (c) Artery (d) Tranistor

105. 3G technology are used for (a)SMS(b) video calling(c) MMS(d) none
106. What kind of modulation is PCM(a) analog(b) digital(c) delta (d) none of these
107. Phase shift keying is what sort of modulation(a) digital(b) analog(c) delta(d) none
108. A DTMF generator O/P consist of how many frequencies (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) none of these
109. SIL stands for(a)single in line(b) straight in line(c) short in line(d) none of these
110. The ringing voltage of telephone handset is (a)50VAC(b) 70VAC(c) 80-100VAC
(d) none of these
111. The full form of MIMO is (a) multiple i/p ,multiple o/p(b) max i/p, min o/p (c) min
i/p,max o/p (d) none of these
112. The melting point of unleaded solder is (a)350c(b) 450c (c)550c(d) none of these
113. ESD stands for
(a) Electro-Short Discharge
(b) Electro-Static Discharge
(c) Electro-Surface Discharge
(d) None of these
114. The unit of conductance is
(a) mho
(b) Ohm
(c) Henry
(d) None of these
115. The full form of ROM is
(a) Run-only memory,
(b) Read-only memory,
(c) Rapid action memory,
(d) None of these
116. The full form of EEPROM is
(a) Electrically Eras able Programmable ROM,
(b) Electrically Erectable & Preparing ROM,
(c) Electrically Easy & Programmable ROM,
(d) None of these
117. Flash is a
(a) VRAM
(b) SRAM

(d) None of these

118. The tolerance of a tantalum capacitor is
(a) Very low
(b) Very high
(c) Nil
(d) None of these
119. TDMA is a
(a) Analog multiplexing technique
(b) Digital multiplexing technique
(c) Mixed multiplexing technique
(d) None of these
120. Optical fibres are .noisy than Cu.wires :(a) Less
(b) More
(c) Equally
(d) None of these
121. Piezo-electric effect is
(a) Conversion of mechanical energy to electrical
(b) Conversion of electrical energy to mechanical
(c) Conversion of kinetic energy to electrical
(d) None of these
122. The sound amplifier IC of Beetel Telephone is
(a) UM045
(b) UM91214B
(c) UM91224
(d) None of these
123. The full form of MIN is
(a) Mobile Identification Number
(b) Mobile Identity Number
(c) Maximum Identity Number
(d) None of these
124. The color code of 1K resistance is
(a) Brown, Black, Yellow
(b) Brown, Black, Red
(c) Brown, Black, Silver
(d) None of these
125. The filter in any electronic circuit is used for
(a) Boosting current

(b) Filtering noise

(c) Reducing current
(d) None of these
126. Video calling is possible in
(a) 3G
(b) 2G
(c) 1G
(d) None of these
127. A potentiometer is a resistance which is
(a) Fixed value
(b) Variable value
(c) Temperature Dependent
(d) None of these
128. Carbon film resistor are color coded for
(a) Coloring purposes
(b) Identifying the power level
(c) Identifying the value
(d) None of these
129. SIM is a
(a) Microprocessor
(b) I / O device
(c) Memory device
(d) None of these
130. FET is a
(a) Bi-polar device
(b) Uni-polar device
(c) Tri- polar device
(d) None of these
131. Voltage dropper section is used in
(a) Telephone
(b) Television
(c) Mobile
(d) None of these
132. Ohms law implies
(a) R=V/I
(b) R=I/V
(c) R= I x V
(d) None of these

133. The full form of MSC is

(a) Mobile Service Centre
(b) Modern Service Centre
(c) Mobile Switching Centre
(d) None of these
134. What type of antenna is used in Mobile phone
(a) Rod antenna
(b) Patch antenna
(c) Pin antenna
(c) None of these
135. The full form of VCO is
(a) Voltage Controlled Oscillator
(b) Voltage Crystal Oscillator
(c) Voltage cut off oscillator
(d) None of these
136. Two one resistor are connected in parallel then the equivalent resistance is (a) 05 Ohm
(b) 1 Ohm
(c) 2 Ohm
(d) None of these
137. Signals can be seen in CRO in
(a) Time,
(b) Frequency,
(c) Voltage,
(d) None of these
138. PTC is a type of
(a) Capacitor,
(b) Resistor,
(c) Inductor,
(d) None of these
139. The frequency of line current in our country is
(a) 100 Hz,
(b) 50 Hz,
(c) 150 Hz,
(d) None of these
140. Equivalent capacitance of two capacitors connected in parallel in comparison with
any individual capacitor is (a) More
(b) Same

(c) Less
(d) None of these
141. Varistor is a
(a) VDR
(b) LDR
(c) CDR
(d) None of these
142. Nokia 3315 is a
. handset
(a) CDMA,
(b) GSM,
(c) EDGE,
(d) None of these
143. An induction motor is a
(a) Rotating,
(b) Static,
(c) Non-Static,
(d) None of these

. transformer

144. GSM is a
(a) Simplex,
(b) Half-Duplex,
(c) Duplex,
(d) None of these
145. A Flip-Flop has
(a) Memory,
(b) No-memory,
(c) Less memory,
(d) None of these
146. NSS a GSM system is in
(a) BSC,
(b) BTS,
(c) MSC,
(d) None of these
147. P-N sequence is the
(a) Time,
(b) Code,
(c) Frequency,
(d) None of these

. of CDMA.

148. A roaming mobile handset is connected to

(a) VLR,
(b) HLR,
(c) NSS,
(d) None of these
149. SOT is as
(a) SMT,
(b) Thru hole,
(c) BGA,
(d) None of these
150. SMT inductors are made of
(a) Ferrite leads,
(b) Coils,
(c) Air-Core Inductors,
(d) None of these

Bengali Version
1.Vmge BhLl La L ?
(a)BmLSeXl Nqj hm (b)Vjp,H,JuVpe (c)Vjp
Bmi HXpe (d)LeV eu
2.Luml CeXLVp fljfl HLL L ?
(a)JuV (b)qel (c)glX (d)Jqj
3.L ih CmLVmCVL LfpVl Qqa Ll ku ?
(a)deaL Hhw GeaL jl ec Llel jdj (b)BLl
cM (c)je cM (d) LeV eu
4.n nL asv na lfla Ll (a)jCge (b)fLl (c)lXJ (d)LeV eu
5.glX HLV qm
(a)XuV (b)lSl (c)VeSl (d)LfpVl
6.SMT nVl fl Lb L ?
(a)plgp jEV VLeL (b)Vw jEV VLeL (c)plgp
jEV VLemS (d)LeV eu
7.hS lgul al Lla mN
(a) 4 x BB501 (b) 4 X IN4007 (c) 2 X IN34
(d) LeV eu
8.BTSfl LbVl Ab qm
(a)hp VpjVw(b)hp Vplpil (c)hp Vljem pVj
(d)LeV eu
9.DIL fl LbVl Ab qm

(a)Xum Ce mCe (b)XCl Ce mCe (c)XiCXX Ce mCe

(d)LeV eu
10.Vmgel CeLjw lw ne ku kl pqk(a)fLl (b)jCge (c)hSl (d)LeV eu
11.AGC fl LbVl Ab qm
(a)AVjVL Ne LVm (b)AVjVL NE LVm (c)Hi
Ne LVm (d)LeV eu
12.Lfmw LfpVll fuSeua L ?
(a)pj pNemL hCfn Ll (b)ACfp Lle Hhw
DCBVLe (c)DCfp Lle Hhw BVLe (d)LeV eu
13.LDR eil Ll (a)gV (b)iVS (c)Bm (d)LeV eu
14.CeVNVX pLVl jm Efce qm
(a)Lfl (b)S (c)pmLe (d)LeV eu
15.jhCm ge phQCa hn hhqa RF Vm Lup qm
(a) 13 MHz (b) 26 MHz (c) 19.2 MHz (d)LeV eu
16.LfpVpl HLL qm
(a)qel (b)Jqj (c)glX (d)JuV
17.TDMA hma hTu (a)VX XimfjV je HLpp (b)VCj Xine jmVfm
HLpp (c)VCj XfeXV jeum HLpp (d)LeV eu
18.AXJ Lup l hma hTu
(a)20 Hz Hl Lj (b)20 Hz bL 220 Kz (c)20 KHz Hl
hn (d)LeV eu ej daml HLV pwLl
(a)Ve Hhw S (b)Ve Hhw eLm (c)Ve Hhw mX (d)LeV
20.fmp Xumw bL Ve Xumw H flhae Lla Nm Vmgel
Le pCQV Vfa qu (a) # (b) * (c) 0 (d) LeV eu
21.R-20/22,eLu 3310/3315 pVl Le Awn
(a)jjl (b)fJul (c)AXJ (d)LeV eu
22.1KB H hCV qu (a)1000 hCVp (b)1012 hCVp (c)1024 hCVp (d)LeV eu
23.GSM hma hTu
(a)Nf fnm jhCm (b)Nhm pVj gl jhCm (c)Nhm
fnm jhCm (d)LeV eu

24.WAPfl LbV L ?
(a)Julmp HfLne fVLm (b)Julh HfLne
fVLm (c)Julmp HfLne fhL (d)LeV eu
25.jhCm pj pLV LuV fe bL
(a) 10 (b) 6 (c) 4 (d) LeV eu
26.VCO Mlf qu Nm L OV
(a)Le J jpS bL e (b)Le J AXJ Ve bL e
(c)fJul Ag qu ku (d)LeV eu
27.GSM q pVl CeLjw pNem Lup qm
(a) 947 KHz (b) 952 KHz (c) 947 MHz (d)LeV eu
28.IMEI hma hTu
(a)CeVlenem jhCm CLCfjV BCXeVV
jhCm Ceeulw CeXV (c)CeVlenem jhCm
CeXV (d)LeV eu
29.jhCm q pVl jjll Se L dlel hVl hhql Ll qu
(a) Li-Ion (b) Ni -Cd (c) Ni-Cd (d)LeV eu
30.PCM L dlel jXEmne
(a)XV jXEmne (b)XSVm jXEmne (c)HemN
(d)LeV eu
31.VLR hma hTu
(a)iup mXw lSl (b)iSVl mLne lSl (c)iSVl
mXw lSVl (d)LeV eu
32.FM hma hTu
(a)Lup jXEmne (b)Lup jXEm (c)Lup
(d)LeV eu
33.kMe Nokia 3310/3315-Hl qNl BC,p,Mlf qu ku aMe
al gm qu
(a)eVJuL eC (b)Xpf eC (c)QSw eC (d)LeV eu
34.k lSl Lml LX :"lX-lX-lX'al flje La
(a) 22M (b) 22K (c) 2.2K (d) 22
35.Nokia 3310 Hl AXJ Lup fppl L (a)L (b)qNl (c)pp LV BC,p (d)LeV eu
36.SMS hma hTu (a)pV jpSw pip (b)VX jpSw pip (c)pV jp

pVj (d)LeV eu
37.LED hma hTu (a)mCV HjVl XuX (b)mCV HmjeVl XuX (c)mCV
HjVw XuV (d)LeV eu
38.CDMA hma hTu
(a)LX XiCX jVfm HLpp (b)LX Xipe jVfm
HLpp (c)LX Xine jVfm HLpp (d)LeV eu
39.GPRS hma hTu
(a)Selm fLV lXJ pip (b)Selm fLV lXJ pip
(c)Selm fe lXJ pip (d)LeV eu
40.CmLVLm pLVl fVpum Xglp fljf Ll qu
(a)pjul HLLl l (b)JuV qJul (c)iV HLLl l
(d)LeV eu
41.PCB fl LbVl Ab L (a)fVX pLV hX (b)fVX pLV h (c)fVX
pLV hp
(d)LeV eu
42.AfVLm gChl hhqa qu
(a)Vpjnel Se (b)Lup ljfl Se (c)al ia
(d) LeV eu
43.hVll Lk rja hTe qu (a)JuV qJul (b)Hful (c)iVS qJul (d)LeV eu
44.WLL hma hTu (a)JuC mLm mf (b)Julmp mLm mf (c)Jul mLm
mf (d) LeV eu
45.h-Vb hhqll clal flje qm
(a)m clal (b)jTl clal (c)Af clal (d) LeV eu
46.Nokia 3310Hl Le J hLmCV e bLl Lle qm
(a)gn BC, p, Mlf qu kJuu (b)CVl gp BC,p Mlf
qu kJul (c)fJul BC,p Mlf qu kJuu (d)LeV eu
47.FET hma hTu
(a)g Hg VeSpVl (b)gLpX Hg VeSpVl (c)g
HNSSlVX VeSpVl (d)LeV eu
48. fl LbV L
(a)CeVNX pip XSVm eVJuL (b)CeVlenem
XSVm eVJuL (c)CVleV pip XSVm eVJuL (d)LeV

49.qg-Jui lgLne LuV XuX mN

(a)2 V (b)4V (c)1V (d)LeV eu
50.SMD LbVl Ab L
(a)pV jEV XuX (b)plgp jpw XuX (c)plgp jEV
XiCpp (d)LeV eu
51.MMS hma
(a)jVjXu jpSw pip (b)jVfm jpSw pip
(c)jVfm jhCm pip (d)LeV eu
52.ALU hTu
(a)HlbjVL mSL CEeV (b)Hi mSL CEeV
mSL CEeV (d)LeV eu
53.N-Type pjLl jSlV Llul qm
(a)Cmep (b)qmp (c)fVep (d)LeV eu
54.hVm Vmge pV ICUM9124Bhhqa Ll qu
(a)Xuml BC,p qph (b)lwNl BC,p qph (c)pE
Hjfgul qph (d)LeV eu
55.pE Hjfgul ICTEA1062A a fel pwM
(a) 16 (b) 12 (c) 10 (d) 8
56.V-Ce fV H NVl BEVfV "m' qu kMe
(a)Eiu CefV "m' (b)Eiu CefV "qC' (c)Le J CefV m
eu (d)LeV eu
57.SAW gVl fl LbV L (a)plgp AXJ Jui gVl (b)plgp HLVL Jui gVl
(c)plgp HulJui gVl (d)LeV eu
58.HeVe pCQ L dlel pCQ (a)Xfl (b)Xfl (c)XfLVl (d)LeV eu
59.Nokia N3310Hl mSL BC,p l pfC Hl fe el La
(a) 15 (b) 18 (c) 20 (d) 25
60.INRS Hl fl LbV L
(a)CVljXuV iup lLXw pVj (b)CVlHi iup
lpfp pVj (c)CVljXuV iup lpfp pVj (d)LeV eu
61.CO X 416 hma L hTu (a)EPAB X-Hl 4 HVene mCe (b)EPAB X-16
HVene mCe(c) 4V Vmge mCe Hhw 16 V HVene
(d)LeV eu
62.RTC hma L hTu
(a)lum VCL LL (b)lX Ve LL (c)lum VCj Lml

(d)LeV eu
63.PUK-fl LbV L
(a)gp BemLw LCp (b)flpem BemLw LCp (c)flpem
CEeipm LCp (d)LeV eu
64.Lkl HLL L ?
(a)JuV (b)Hjful (c)Sm (d)eEVe/jVl
65.T-gf-gf Hl BEVfV L (a)ul Jui (b)pCe Jui (c)Vml Jui (d)VfSuXm
66.CRT fl LbV qm
(a)Lml l VEh (b)LpLXX l VEi (c)LbX l VEi
l VEi
67. "plw' hhql Ll qu
(a)p,X,Hj,H,(b)S,Hp,Hj,(c)Hg,X,Hj,H (d)LeV eu
68."pm. hcw'HLV OVe k k (a)p,X,Hj,H (b)S ,Hp ,Hj (c)Hg,X,Hj,H (d)LeV eu
69.TMSI fl LbV qm
(a)Vfll phChl BCXeVV (b)VVm jhCm phChl
BCXeVV (c)VVm jXe phChl BCXeVV (d)LeV eu
70.Nokia 3310/3315 Hl SIM Hl pfC iVS qm
(a) 2.5 v (b) 3 v (c) 3.5 v (d) 5 v
71.Vm ApmVl LS Ll
(a)fS CmLVL Hg (b)ll Hg (c)pE Hg
(d)LeV eu
72.1G jhCm ge eil Ll
(a)S,Hp,Hj,pVj (b)p,X,Hj H pVj (c)Hg,X,Hj,H pVj
(d)LeV eu
73.Vmge qpVl L dlel jCge hhql Ll qu
(a)Lhe jCge (b)LeXepl jCge (c)pljL hSlp
(d)LeV eu
74.TOSP fLS qm HLV fLS
(a)bqm (b)Hp,Hj,V (c)h,S,H (d)LeV eu
75.1 PF hma L hTu
(a)10-9F (b)10-12F (c)10-6F (d)10-3 F
76.X,V Hj, Hg, SelVll l Nf Lup qm
(a) 80-100 Hz (b) 200-300 Hz (c) 500-600 Hz (d)
697-941 Hz
77.PCB flLl Lla hhql Ll qu

(a)bel (b)HmLqm (c)Sm (d)LeV eu

78.HV VVL jV hhql Ll qu
(a)ESD Hl fihL Ljel Se (b)PCB a LlV Ljel
Se (c)PCB a iVS Ljel Se (d)LeV eu
79."fpme' qm HLV
(a)flhq (b)Ad flhq (c)Lflhq (d)LeV eu
80."Lfl' HLV
(a)flhq (b)Ad flhq (c)Lflhq (d)LeV eu
81.Vmge qpVl lwNw iVS qm
(a) 50-70 V DC (b) 80-100 V AC (c) 150-200 V AC
(d)LeV eu
82."bel' qm
(a)CbCm HmLqm (b)VCLlCbme (c)BCpffCm
HmLqm (d)LeV eu
83.Vmgel Le Ahu Xf iVS fJu ku
(a)AemX Ahu (b)Ag mX Ahu (c)e mX Ahu
(d)LeV eu
84.jhCm plea "qV HulNe' hhqa Ll qu
(a)Hp,Hj,V LjfeV plw J Xplw Lll LS
(b)Hp,Hj,V LjfeV VpVw Lll LS
(c)Hp,Hj,V LjfeV Qqa Lll LS
(d)LeV eu
85."VSe jp' HLV
(a)LjfEVl fNj (b)LjfEVl Lj (c)iClp (d)LeV eu
86.HjfLQX pgV Luw qm HLV
(a)gp jXEm VLeL (b)HjfLQX jXEmne VLeL
(c)HemN jXEmne VLeL (d)LeV eu
87.mLm mfl jd cu fhqa pNem qm
(a)QlNa ih X,p (b)QlNa ih pCepuXm (c)Ql
ih fmpX (d)LeV eu
88.fVepjVl kl je ec Ll (a)lSp (b)LfpVl (c)CeXLVl (d)LeV eu
89.IEME hhql Ll qu ,k Qqa Lla a qm
(a)h,V,Hp (b)Hj,Hp,p (c)h,Hp,p (d)LeV eu
90."hql' al qu (a)pljL fcb (b)fVL fcb (c)fmul fcb (d)Le

91.TRAI hma hTu

(a)Vmge lmVl AblV Ag Cu
(b)Vmge H lXJ AblV Hg Cu
(c)VVm lmVl AblV Hg Cu
(d)LeV eu
92.HeVe HLV jhCm ge,k hhqa qu
(a)Lhm j lCpiw Hl Se (b)Lhm j VpjVw Hl Se
(c)VpjVw Hl lpiw Eiul Se (d)LeV eu
93."Sm' qm kl HLL
(a)lSl (b)pju (c)JuL (d)fJul
94.SIM L Hi Lla qm La iVSl fuSe qu
(a) +10 (b) +8 (c) + 5 (d) +3
95.R 22Hl lSl flje La
(a)220 Jqj (b)0.22 Jqj (c)22 Jqj (d)2.2 Jqj
96.Vmgea Xumw fmp fa La Vm Lup qJu
(a) 35 MHz (b) 32 MHz (c) 3.85 MHz (d) 3.0MHz
97.BAW gVll fl ejV L
(a)hLNE AXJ Jui gVl (b)hLNE HLVL Jui
gVl (c)h HLVL Jui gVl (d)LeV eu
98."jEV' hma hTu
(a)AXJ h (b)iXJ h (c)AXJ Hhw iXJ h (d)LeV
99.Vmge lw pNem HmV Hl hhfeu Le Bhu
qu (a)AeL (b)Ag L (c)Vpjne (d)LeV eu
100.HLV jhCml fJul Ae iVS hma hTu (a)3.2 V(b)3.6 V (c)2.8 V(d)LeV eu
101.VEM hma hTu
(a)CEeV HeS jpljV (b)CEeipm HeS jpljV
(c)CEeipm HeS jXEm (d)LeV eu
102.PAM hma hTu
(a)fmp HjfQX jXEmne (b)fmp AVX jXEmne
(c)gp HjfQX jXEmne (d)LeV eu
103.PCM hma hTu
(a)gp LVm jXEmne (b)fmp LX jXEmne (c)fmp
LVm jXEmne (d)LeV eu
104."lj' qm HLV

(a)lSl (b)CeVNVX pLV (c)hVl (d)VeSl

105. 3 G VLemS hhqa qu
(a)Hp,Hj,Hp (b)iXJ Lmw (c)Hp,Hj,Hp (d)LeV eu
106.PCM L dlel jXEmne
(a)HemN (b)XSVm (c)XV (d)LeV eu
107."gp pgV Llw' L dlel jXEmne (a)XSVm (b)HemN (c)XV (d)LeV eu
108.HLV X,V,Hj,Hg SelVll BEV fV Lam Lup bL
(a)1 (b)2 (c)3 (d)LeV eu
109.SIL hma hTu
(a)pm Ce mCe (b)VV Ce mCe (c)nV CemCe (d)LeV
110.Vmge qpVl lwNw iVS qm
(a)50 AC (b)70 AC (c)80-100 V AC (d)LeV eu
111.MIMO LbVl fl Lb qm (a)jVfm CefV ,jVfm BEV fV (b)jjj CefV j
BEVfV (c)jejj CefV jjj BEVfV (d)LeV eu
112.BemXX pll Nme qm
(a) 350 C (b) 450 C(c) 550 C(d)LeV eu
113.ESD hma hTu (a)CmLV nV XpQC (b)CmLV pVL XpQS (c)CmLV
plgp XpQS (d)LeV eu
114.LeXLVpl HLL qm
(a)j (b)Jqj (c)qel (d)LeV eu
115.ROM fl LbVl Ab qm(a)le Jem jjl (b)lX Jem jjl (c)lfX HLne jjl
(d)LeV eu
116.EEPROM fl LbVl Ab qm
(a)CmLm ClShm fNj hm lj (b)CmLm Clhm
H ffulw lj (c)CmLm CS H fNjhm lj (d)Le
117."gn' qm HLV
(a)ilj (b)Hplj (c)He,i lj (d)LeV eu
118.VeVmj L[fpVl Hl Vmlp qm
(a)Mh Lj (b)Mh hn (c)HLhlC eC (d)LeV eu

119.TDMA qm
(a)HemN jVfw VLeL (b)XSVm jVfw VL
(c)jX jVfw VLeL (d)LeV eu
120.Lfl all ameu AfVLm gChl euSl j-(a)Lj (b)hn (c)pje (d)LeV eu
121.fS CmLVL Hg hma hTu (a)kL n bL asv na lfl (b)asv n bL
kL na lfl (c)Na nL asv na lfl
(d)LeV eu
122.hVm Vmgel pE Hjfgull BC,p qm (a)UM045 (b) UM91214B (c) UM91224 (d)LeV
123.MIN fl LbVl Ab qm -(a)jhCm BCXeVgLne el (b)jhCm BCXeVV el
(c)jjj BCXeVV el (d)LeV eu
124. 1 K lSVpl Lml LX qm (a)hEe,hL,Cum (b)hEe,hL,lX (c)hEe,hL,
(d)LeV eu
125. CmeL pLV gVl hhqa qu Ll qu (a) LlVL hVw Lll Se (b) euSL gVlw Lll Se
(c) LlV Ljel Se (d) LeV eu
126.iX J Lmw ph (a) 3S (b) 2S (c) 1S (d)LeV eu
127.fVepjVl Hje HLV lSVp kl -(a) je l (b) je flhae nm (c) afj eil Ll (d) Le
V eu
128.Lhe gm lSll Lml LX Lll Lle (a)lP Lll Se (b)fJul mim Qqa Lll Se (c)je ec
Lll Se (d)LeV eu
129.SIM qm HLV (a)jCfppl (b)CefV/BEVfV XiCp (c)jjl XiCp
(d)LeV eu 130.
130."gV' qm HLV (a)hCfml XiCp (b)CEefml XiCp (c)VC fml
XiCp (d)LeV eu
131.iVS Xfl pLne hhqa qu -(a)Vmge (b)Vmine (c)jhCm (d)LeV eu

132.Jqjl p hma hTu (a) R=V/I (b)R=I/V (c) R=I X V (d) LeV eu
133.MSC fl LbVl Ab qm (a)jhCm pip pVl (b)jXe pip pVl (c)jhCm p
pVl (d)LeV eu
134.jhCm ge L dlel HeVe hhql Ll qu -(a)lX HeVe (b)fQ HeVe (c)fe HeVe (d)LeV eu
135.VCO fl LbVl Ab qm (a)iVS LeVm ApmVl (b)iVS Vm BpmVl
(c)iVS LV Ag ApmVl (d)LeV eu
136.cV 1 Jqj lSlL pjlm mNe qm, acl pjam
lSll flje La (a)0.5 Jqj (b)1Jqj (c)2Jqj (d) LeV eu
137.CRO a pNem cM kJul m qm -(a)pju (b)Lf (c)iVS (d)LeV eu
138.PTC HL dlel
(a)LfpVl (b)lSl (c)CeiVl (d)LeV eu
139.Bjcl cn mCe LlV Hl Lfl je
(a)100 Hz (b) 50 Hz (c)150 Hz (d)LeV eu
140.cV LfpVlL pjlm mNe qm al pjam
flje I LfpVlcVl k LeVl QCa -(a)hn (b)pje (c)Lj (d)LeV eu
141.ilul qm HLV (a)i,X,Bl (b)Hm, X, Bl (c)p,X ,Bl (d)LeV eu
142.Nokia 3315 HLV qpV
(a)p,X,Hj,H (b)S,Hp,Hj (c)C X S C (d)LeV eu
143.CeXLne jVl HLV ----- Vpgljl
(a)lVVw (b)VVL (c)ee VVL (d)LeV eu
144.S,Hp,Hj, qm HLV -(a)pjf (b)qg Xfm (c)Xfm (d)LeV eu
145.gfgfl BR -(a)jjl (b)e jjl (c)Lj jjl (d)LeV eu
146.He,Hp,Hp, HLV S,Hp,Hp,Hj qu (a)h Hp p (b)h,V,Hp (c)Hj Hp p (d)LeV eu
147.P-N pLup --- p,X,Hj ,Hl
(a)pju (b)LX (c)Lf (d)LeV eu
148.HLV ljw jhCm qpVl LeLpe qu -

(a)i Hm Bl (b)HCQ,Hm,Bl (c)He,Hp,Hp (d)LeV eu

149."pV' qm HLV ----LegNlne
(a)Hp,Hj,V (b)b qm (c)h,S,H (d)LeV eu
150.Hp,Hj,V, HeXLVl al Ll qu (a)glCX mX (b)Lump (c)Hul-Ll CeXLVl (d)LeV eu

MCQ type Objective Question Bank

Name of the Trade : Telephone & Mobile Set Repairing
Trade Code : TMSR

Answer :
1. (a)
2. (b)
3. (a)
4. (a)
5. (d)
6. (c)
7. (b)
8. (b)
9. (a)
10. (c)
11. (a)
12. (b)
13. (c)
14. (c)
15. (b)
16. (c)
17. (b)
18. (b)
19. (c)
20. (b)
21. (b)
22. (c)
23. (b)
24. (a)
25. (b)
26. (c)
27. (c)
28. (a)

29. (c)
30. (b)
31. (b)
32. (a)
33. (a)
34. (c)
35. (a)
36. (a)
37. (c)
38. (b)
39. (a)
40. (c)
41. (a)
42. (a)
43. (b)
44. (b)
45. (c)
46. (b)
47. (a)
48. (a)
49. (c)
50. (c)
51. (a)
52. (a)
53. (a)
54. (a)
55. (a)
56. (c)

57. (b)
58. (a)
59. (c)
60. (b)
61. (c)
62. (a)
63. (b)
64. (c)
65. (a)
66. (c)
67. (b)
68. (a)
69. (a)
70. (b)
71. (a)
72. (c)
73. (a)
74. (b)
75. (b)
76. (d)
77. (a)
78. (a)
79. (c)
80. (a)
81. (b)
82. (b)