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Volume 6, Issue 11 January 17, 2010

ASSEMBLY TIMES We all know a Cinderella story, rags-to- there are those who are deeply affected by
riches is an all time favorite for most avid Poverty in this society. The people who
Sunday Morning: readers. The protagonist in the story is dirt have rights to the “greener grass” mindset
10:00am Bible Class poor; it is hard to image more humble of are the ones who make such stories of rags
11:00am Worship Service circumstances. Their life is a tattered and -to-riches so popular. We love true stories
ruined mess. People mistreat them and of lives changed forever, as seen in the hit
Thursday Evening:
take advantage of their need. They are series put out by ABC television “Extreme
abused and discarded, longing for the Makeover: Home Edition?” Motivational
7:00pm Bible Study
greener grass of the other side. When speakers use such stories in their reper-
something seemingly miraculous happens; toire of inspiring words. Many movies like
they are rescued. They are brought from Mr. Deeds, or the classic tale of little or-
CONTACT INFORMATION poverty to wealth, from a bad life to a good phan Annie, resound with hope. How many
life. They are set free from the misery that people play the lottery today in hopes of
1 Christina Street binds them, released into a new existence. attaining great wealth? “If I win the Lot-
Village of Kenosee Lake Disney’s “classic” movie is Cinderella. It tery…” they say, followed by some altruis-
was upon the Cinderella film that Walt Dis- tic deed that they would bring about.
Box 184 ney founded his trademark logo; a castle. These movies, stories and
S0C 2S0 There have been two sequels to the Cin- biographies are so im-
(306)577-2477 derella story produced by Disney, and each mensely popular sim-
one maintains ply because people
its own popu- are longing for
larity and each a greater
sequel main- existence
LEADERSHIP tains the same and in
rags-to-riches them they
Elders: theme. This find hope.
Garnet Goud genre of story As we journey
Cameron Husband is made popu- deeper into who we
Howard Floyd lar in our are as a people, as
Harold Floyd world today a church, we can-
simply as a not help but to
Minister: result of reflect back on
Rolland Bouchard
affluence. this rags-to-
No doubt riches mentality.



THRIFT STORE DAYS tion for our eldership. During our service that
Marie McMillan - continued health
We will be working the thrift store morning we will be taking some special time to 
January 26 & 28 pray for our eldership and the men and their
February 23 &25 wives who have allowed their name to stand. Bernard and Alicia Krogsgaard—
More dates coming very soon. If you have any questions please talk to Rol- 
missionaries in Mexico.
Anyone interested in volunteering to help out land.
please come any of the days listed here! Feel  Bernice Lawrence—struggling with

free to talk to Kay LADIES SPA NIGHT health problems
 January 22, 2010 at Shelby Goud’s Brent Peterson–
HOMEMAKERS CIRCLE There will be a partylite/spa presentation 
Here is a list of upcoming Homemakers Circle and Melissa Dixon will be there to do
events. For more information talk to Judith. Chris Cornforth—continued health
some hand massage - the cost will be 
January - Spa Night. concerns
February - General Craft Night. $20.00 dollars and we will need to let
March - Spa Moose Jaw. Shelby know ahead of time. Outdoor hot Those whose names have been put

April - Public Speaker/ to be announced. tub so bring your suit. Door Prizes! Late forward for Shepherding
May - Greenhouse. night movie and sleepover. Tea, coffee,
June - Tea house.  The new year: Our Resolute hearts
The specific details will be announced as each snack and some good old visiting. You are
activity comes up. welcome to bring a friend. We look for-  Pam asked us to Pray for her
 ward to seeing you. Please contact myself
THIRD SUNDAY! or Shelby if you have any questions. Paul and Katrina Korchinski - friends
During our potluck lunch on January 17th,  of Pam King. Paul is undergoing sur-
2010 we would like to have a special celebra- geries for Colitis.
Volume 6, Issue 11 January 17, 2010

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Thank you to all who have made contributions

Probably the greatest story of rags-to-riches is that of the everyday Chris-
to the comment box by the entrance to the
tian, bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. Looking deeper at 1 Peter 2:9 we
auditorium. We have received a list of names
read that Christians are “a Royal Priesthood, a holy nation, a people belong-
ing to God!” This passage rings out a clear message for us; we have been of gentlemen doing the work of shepherding.
brought from the most humbling poverty into great wealth. We have been The names are as follows:
made into royalty, made holy, made to belong! Before this, we were noth-
ing. Harold Floyd
We are a Nation of Royal Priests, the Basileon Hieratuma. This high calling Dale King
does not come without a price! In fact, it is the blood of Jesus that has
brought us to this place of privilege. That alone should invoke a response Cameron Husband
within us, bringing us to a place where we cannot help but to respond. Jim Sedor
This is it, We are made into this Chosen, Royal, Holy people for some very
specific reasons. We can see those reasons listed very clearly in 1 Peter 2. Please spend this week praying for these men
First, to offer sacrifices to the King, in other words, to Minister to God Him- and their wives as they too consider what it
self. The Second is not far off from there, to Declare the praises of him who means to shepherd the flock.
called us out of Darkness. Everything else that we do, and are should fall
under these two things. Other names have been submitted as well, I
have spoken to each person whose name has
It is unfortunate, however, that these two things are often the least been put forward. Some have graciously
thought of. We are less interested with offering sacrifices and declaring His declined but wish to thank those who have
praises than we are about issues and doctrines within the church. Being suggested them.
right is more important at times than being righteous. What is it that God
desires from us? A perfect service? A perfect doctrine? Or a perfect sacri-
fice? What is it that He truly wants? Through History we can see that it
was never the sacrifices of the Israelites that he desired, but instead He
wanted their hearts, their whole being. Our sacrifice to God is not simply
coming to church on Sunday mornings, it is our very lives. Don’t believe
that, read Romans 12:1. “Offer your bodies as living sacrifices…” that is
what God desires, anything else would be off the mark.

We have come from Rags to Riches, it’s due time that we remember our
roots and our purpose.

Excerpt from January 10, 2010 sermon

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