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wwAssignment 3: Popular Press vs.

Peer Reviewed Articles (30 Points)

General Psychology UC Berkeley Spring 2013 Due at Exam on December 4 th
Like a literature review, this assignment is intended to have you compare and contrast the writing
style and information content found in a popular press article and a peer-reviewed primary
research article that discuss a psychological phenomenon, written within the last 10 years.
The articles need to address the same area of interest (for example, depression and gender, love
and crying, teenage norms and ostracism etc.), but do not have to necessarily be about the same
exact experiment. For hints on appropriate psychological phenomena, reference the textbook and
lecture notes.
Your popular press report must come from one of the following:
Psychology Today

Time (Time Magazine)


Readers Digest

Your peer-reviewed primary research article must come from one of the peer-reviewed scientific
journals listed below:
Journal of Personality and Social
Journal of Social Psychology
Journal of Personality Psychology
Personality and Social Psychology
Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
The Journal of Neuroscience
Cognitive Psychology
American Journal of Psychology
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Behavioral Neuroscience

Developmental Psychology
Culture and Psychology
Cognitive Neuropsychology
Educational Psychologist
Experimental Psychology
Health Psychology
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Educational Psychology
Journal of Mind and Behavior
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly
The European Journal of ## (## =s

any version)
Asian Journal of ##
Canadian Journal of ##
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Research in Personality
Journal of Experimental Psychology: ##
Journal of Consulting and Clinical
Journal of Comparative Psychology
Journal of Counseling Psychology

You can search for specific articles in these journals at the Ed-Psych Library found in Tolman Hall. I
would suggest finding an article of interest in the popular press section first, and then searching
for a related article in one of the approved peer reviewed primary research journals. The staff in
this library will be able to direct you to the journals and be able to help you in your computer
searches for the articles pertaining to your topic of interest if you need help. I cant stress enough
how beneficial it is to use this resource that is available to you.
For this paper you must:
(1) Summarize the point and information found within each resource in approximately 150-300
If you are unable to clearly summarize the main points then this may be a sign that you
should chose a different article.
(2) Describe at least 2 ways that the popular press article is unique
(3) Describe at least 2 ways that the peer reviewed primary research articles is unique
(4) Describe at least 2 ways that the articles are similar
(5) Describe one situation where you would benefit using a popular press article, and one
situation where you would be better off using a peer-reviewed research article
(6) Provide in-text citations and a reference page in APA format (including DOI number)
(7) Attach the first page of each article to the back of your paper
(8) Write a paper that is coherent, with smooth transitions between topics (no bullet points or
Each article MUST be from the approved sources listed above and they MUST be full
articles (avoid summary papers, blurbs, or blogs). They must be no more than 10 years old. You
will lose 6 points per article that does not come from the correct source, and 6 points for any
papers that arent papers or are blurbs or blogs. You will also lose 6 points if your peer-reviewed
article doesnt cover an actual experiment.
Assignments should be roughly two to three typed, double-spaced, regularly margined
pages in length. You will not lose points for the length of your paper, but if you are fulfilling all of
the requirements and providing enough detail, your paper will be at least one full page. If you are
being clear and concise it should not be more than three pages.

Please write several drafts, spell check, proofread, and revise your work before handing in
your assignment. You will not receive full credit if your assignment contains multiple grammatical,
spelling, or stylistic mistakes. The University offers resources to help refine your writing. Your GSI
will not be able to proofread drafts.
Papers must be submitted in hard copy at the start of section. Late work (work turned in or
emailed after your assigned section start date and time) will receive half credit if and only if it is
turned within one week of the due date. Work turned in after that will not be accepted. No makeup work, or re-write options will be offered or accepted.
Any questions about this assignment can be emailed to your GSI.
A Caution about Plagiarism and Cheating:
Use your own words! Plagiarism and cheating in this assignment are not tolerated. Anyone
caught submitting work that is in some way not their own will receive a 0 on the paper and an
entire grade reduction on their final grade. Plagiarism can exist in many forms. Examples of
plagiarism include:
1) Copying statements and writings of another without correctly acknowledging their
contribution (quotes, reference, etc.).
2) Using the views and statements of others in your papers in a manner that makes them
seem as if they were your own original views and statements.
3) Constant paraphrasing and copying of statements throughout your paper (this can be
considered plagiarism even if you cite your sources if you are doing this too frequently).
4) Submitting a past paper that you have used, or submitting someone elses paper.
If you have a question or concern about this, please contact me immediately. DONT leave room
for uncertainty.