On Jan 20th 2003 at about 10 am two men showed up at my residence 4 Santa Fe place a high scale Neighborhood in Odessa Texas

and identified them as agents from secret service and FBI They were interested in talking to my daughter Noreen barely 18 who had drawn a caricature of a person holding a banner which said death to Bush , it was a reflection of massive anti -Bush protest worldwide on television that week , the agents asked her lots of questions and made notes .I felt uneasy and called an attorney in Odessa Texas who advised me to allow them this interview ,because times have changed . My Family left for Pakistan on annual vacation . On Jan 24th 2003 at 4.45 pm while I was seeing patients and the office which was full of patients I was told that few people wanted to talk to me ,they couldn’t wait till I finish seeing the patient . When I came outside a gentleman named Hoover introduced him And gave me search and seizure warrants saying the office was involved in Medicaid fraud . In a very short time about 19 agents came inside the office with and weapons badges and started to fill boxes of anything and everything they wanted to they were downloading the Computers but in reality they were snooping around and looking for stuff which had nothing to with Medicaid . The office staff was relieved of their duties , patients were sent away ,and it was just me and the 19 agents, who ransacked the office. They asked me if I had any weapons on the premises I told them I did and they were in the gun safe which is locked . The head of the team Mr. Hoover and agent Sutherland along with other agents spent 7 hours in my personal office 15x15 looking at every piece of paper overturned every inch of and confiscated my personal belongings including my passport , photo albums , airline tickets letters from friends , they seemed to be very interested and focused on my Islamic books ,of which I had many, including ,female warriors of Islam , book by Imam Khomeini, book titled , the bomb, Glorious past of Islam, many copies of Holy Quran , books relating to Islam , children’s Islamic books ,my office was decorated with Islamic calligraphy on all walls , there were large photographs of Kaaba . They showed jubilation when they found flight manuals and maps ,from an earlier interest in flying . They behaved as if they have found the twentieth 9/11 terrorist they left at 1.45 am . The following day I received a call from the FBI office in Midland Texas they wanted to talk tome and told me that they would like to return some of confiscated stuff to me . I insisted on the meeting the same day and went to their office in the afternoon , there were four people in the room one at the door sitting to my left was a fellow who did not Identify himself .

Mr. Hoover was leading the talks he showed me a patients chart and asked me how many tests were performed on this child , after looking at the chart I replied 48 tests , Mr. hoover said ,his records show that the patients was billed for 48 tests and 96 tests on the same day , and waived a paper in the air. I told him it was obviously an error and the billing clerk should be asked about it not me because I have never personally handled billing moreover I said we have never done that many tests on anybody in 20 years. ( Next Day we checked our computer in the office and found the billing to be correct there were no 96 tests billed ) Then the man on my left ( Mr. Mark Roomberg the assistant US attorney ) asked me why I have traveled to Saudi Arabia and Dubai on so many occasions I gave him appropriate answers , He asked me about the photo album of a Tameer-Nau College in Quetta Pakistan and asked If I had helped I replied yes , he asked if I will continue to do so and I replied affirmative , he also asked me if I built mosque in Pakistan the answer was yes. built mosque and schools in Pakistan ,my country by birth. He asked me if I had weapons and why do I have them , I replied that I live in Texas that I was American citizen and it’s my right to bear arms that I use them for hunting with friends. I told him that my immediate neighbor is a hunter and has 44 weapons in his house . He pushed my passport and album on the table. Mr. Hoover showed me a dairy and asked me to read what was written , the handwriting was mine and it had names of few chemicals used in explosives that I had jolted down I had lot of difficulty reading it , he informed me that it was a bomb recipe used by the shoe Bomber . I always wanted to go to Pakistan and flatten a hill to build a house on a mesa , I had come across these chemicals in a news paper. They didn’t seem to believe Me . All of a sudden Mr. Hoover stood up and said , why did you write a threatening letter to Mr. Bush , I was taken aback , I said I had done no such thing and they were way out of line in accusations . I asked him to show me such letter ,he said he will when the time comes , another officer informed me that I was in big trouble and I was looking at 200 Years behind bars . The meeting was ended I was escorted out . On the way to the parking lot I felt dizzy , for the first time I realized that I was being investigated for something I have not done , but I was innocent and feared nothing as I believed strongly in the justice system .It appeared to me that they were fishing for something and I had nothing to be afraid of. I felt I was being followed , and this practice continued 24/7 for the entire duration of investigation.

I narrated this account to immediate neighbors Drs Leshnawer and Dr Peitella who were Angry and said I was being railroaded by the FBI . Dr Leshnawer advised me to contact an attorney immediately he suggested an Odessa Attorney Bob Leheay I contacted the attorney and requested him to arrange a meeting with Mark Roomberg The assistant US attorney in Midland to find out what exactly were they up to. A meeting was` arranged , we went to see him ,there were three people but Mr. Mark Roomberg conducted the meeting he said they have about thirty thousand dollars of fraudulent billings .but had no evidence to show us. He gave me the option of admitting to fraud ,that he will keep things all hushed and I will spend one year in jail . I was outraged and He was visibly angry , mostly because of defiant and rather insulting behavior toward the whole thing. He vowed to indict me . My attorney was convinced that the government was up to no good that I will be indicted And will have to go court and that he will charge me a sum of seventy thousand dollars Plus expenses to represent me .I thought he was a good attorney but perhaps I needed the Best , so I called around and found out that the best criminal defense attorney is Mike Ramsey from Houston Texas . I made an appointment to see him. Mike Ramsey was a gentleman , he listened to the whole story very patiently meeting lasted for hours , at the end he folded his papers and said ,Doctor they are fishing for something other than Medicaid fraud I have never heard of any case where the government would even bother to go after a doctor for thirty thousand dollars and if they had something against you they would have already gotten you and wouldn’t wait so long. Go home relax , If they say anything let me know. He didn’t charge me anything. After visiting with mike Ramsey I was feeling better and kept low profile. The FBI agents kept chasing my car from my house to my office to the mosque routinely They contacted everybody that I spoke to on the phone and forbade everyone to talk to me or else they would be implicated , only one person had the courage to come and tell Me about it and he wasn’t a Muslim brother . Most of the people I knew were scared to associate with me and shunned me when they Could initially many months passed before they started to come back And showed support. An employee named Mona spears quit under pressure from the FBI. Things continued , my telephone was bugged my e mails were supervised they kept Hassling my friends and the chase continued. We frequently needed patient charts that they had been taken away by the FBI . An agent named Steve Frank used To bring these records to the office when we needed them to see those patients .He told me that FBI would like to subject me to lie detectors test ,I

said fine , a time was set but I was informed that there equipment or staff Was not available so the test was cancelled for another time. The last time Mr. Steve French came to my office he told me the they were not looking at Any Medicaid Fraud but they want me to take a lie detector test for reassurance , this was almost nine months after they came to the office first. I was exhausted everything around me was suffering my family my practice my finances I was heartbroken , people used to call me saint ,guy who hung the moon , magician When it came to treating patients , for what I did for others cannot be listed. Then one day they showed up and arrested me , I was to be released on hefty bail but the prosecutor filed for stay and had my bail cancelled by a different judge next day on laughable grounds The trial was mockery of justice. We weren’t allowed to bring key witnesses , we were not allowed to present facts all our motions were denied and my attorneys who had very little interaction with me failed me We lost the case in jury deliberation some jury members conjectured my support for banned organizations. My punishment was time served , I was freed and placed under supervision , I requested permission to leave the country which they happily granted first time in fifteen years of court history , their objective of clipping my wings and fatally wounding my soul achieved . no practice of medicine no support of charities back home .one less Muslim . We filed an appeal , in twenty minute they upheld the lower court decision ignoring many flaws in dispensation of first verdict ,we filed a writ certiorari in the Supreme Court and it was not heard . We went back and filed a writ of habeas corpus which was accepted for hearing but my attorney Don Flanary from Goldstein Goldstein and Hilley informed me that the honorable judge was angry and I could expect anything. so keeping that in mind and being aware of whets going on , my friends and family members did not allow me to return to the same court in front of the same judge who was also “angry”. So after consultation with family and friends I decided to spare myself participation in another farce played in the united states federal court of western district under honorable Judge junell who will have to answer to a higher court one day .

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