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Who we are

Who we are

PT. Taka Hydrocore Indonesia is a fully Indonesian company of PT. Taka Turbomachinery (a world class turbine
manufacturing & service company) with PT. Hydrocore, manufactures and operates proven equipment with high
quality, to provide services for :

Offshore geotechnical survey for jack up rig, production platform, MOPU, FSRU to maximum 100m
water depth and 150m max penetration depth in accordance with internationally approved methods.
using Geotechnical vessel or barge

Deep water well drilling and monitoring well to 400m depth and other deep hydrogeological works.

Seabed sampling i.e. vibrocoring to maximum 500m water depth, seabed CPT 2.5ton & 5ton capacity,
gravity coring, and grab sampling.

Deep onshore drilling/coring and sampling.

Onshore CPT using 10ton and 20ton CPT trucks and crawlers.

Specific drilling and testing including top head percussion drilling for Menard Pressuremeter testing
with drilling parameter logging

PT. Hydrocore is a fully Indonesian, leading in onshore & nearshore geotechnical works , producing innovative
equipment for onshore & nearshore work, to provide services for :

Small scale to large scale onshore geotechnical investigations using the latest technology of drilling
method and sampling equipment

Nearshore geotechnical survey to maximum 25m water depth for jetty, terminal, port, reclamation,
subsea pipeline, etc with cost effective and reliable methods.

Hydrogeological investigation to maximum 150m depth including well drilling, permeability testing
(Packer lugeon test, falling/constant head test)

Supplying various core drilling (NQ/HQ/PQ) to 150m depth.

Onshore CPTu using 2.5ton, 5ton, 10ton and 20ton skid CPTU with Geomil & AP Van den Berg CPTu

Specific drilling/sampling i.e. downhole CPTu with alternate sampling/drilling

Onsite/offshore lab testing and onshore lab testing (see our laboratory brochure)

10ton CPTu Truck

Offshore Rig
(heave compensated)

20ton CPTu Truck

Water Well

Tractor Rig

Portable Mini
Drill Rig
Tractor Rig
Tractor Rig

Portable Mid
size Drill Rig

Auto Triaxial Lab

10ton skid CPTu

Seabed CPT

Downhole Mazier
Sampler ^& Sand

Geomil & AP Van

Den Berg CPTu

Modular Pontoon

20t Crawler CPTu

Box Corer

Our Facility & People

Crawler Drill Rig

Drilling data

Our Facility & People

Workshop 1500m2 machining area and 2000m2 yard, welding machine, milling machines, drilling
machines and 3 CNC machines of our Taka workshop, NDT testing facility of our Taka workshop
Manpower Total manpower of more than 105 consisting of 15 geologist/geotechnical engineers, 4
HSE officer, 10 drillers/CPTu operators, more than 40 drill crew/technicians, 1 welder inspector, 3
certified welders, 2 rig designers, 1 hydraulic engineer, 1 mechanical engineer, 1 electronic engineer, 3
milling operators, 12 workshop technicians, and more than 12 administration/finance/logistic etc.


Jln. Gede Bage 247 Bandung 40295 West Java Indonesia, Phone : 6222 7563903,
email : or or

Piston, Sampler

Crawler roll Armed


Workshop 500m2 machining area and 1000m2 yard, welding machines, drilling machines
Manpower Total manpower of more than 149 consisting of 18 geologist/geotechnical engineers, 3 lab
engineers, 8 lab technicians, 5 HSE officer, 14 drillers/CPTu operators, more than 70 drill
crew/technicians, 3 welders, 2 rig designers, 1 hydraulic engineer, 1 mechanical engineer, 1 electronic
engineer, 10 workshop technicians, and more than 13 administration/finance/logistic etc.

Jln. Legoso Raya 67 Tangerang Selatan 15419 Banten Indonesia, Phone : 6221 7426115,
email : or