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Al-Khobar Driving School

General Questions:
1. Its strictly prohibited driving on the roads without: To obtain a permit or driver's license.
2. Privacy private driving license driving a vehicle, including private, not weighing more than: 3.5 tons.
3. Do I have to comply with specified speed in all circumstances? Must be adhered to, but does not consider the
condition of the road and whether conditions and circumstances.
4. Allow visitors to the kingdom when they want the leadership of private vehicles under the following: Mentioned in A, B
should not exceed that period one year.
5. Do you have a driver's license mean: Accept responsibility for compliance with regulations and traffic rules.
6. The applicant a certificate of school leadership conferred to the following: Not drive on the roads by the management
review Amstar to extract permit or license.
7. Maximum speed for vehicles within the small towns: 80 km per hour.
8. Maximum speed for vehicles destined for transport within cities: 50 km per hour.
9. Maximum speed for vehicles transport outside cities: 100 km per hour.
10. Maximum speed for vehicles outside the small towns: 120 km per hour.
11. To move between tracks on the drivers use of indicator reference and make sure others know this.
12. Know the blind spot with: The region that cannot be seen without moving the head.
13. When there are two ways the central line, it means: Doesn't allow overtaking.
14. When there's a solid line in the dashed line route in the opposite course, this means: Allowed overtaking vehicle
coming from the opposite direction.
15. Do not allow overtaking in the Highlands and turns to it: Lacking vision in the opposite direction.
16. When you feel tired or sleepy while driving at night is recommended that: Stop your vehicle beside the road to take a
17. Research and studies confirm that the use of safety belt helps to: reduce the chances of injury and severity at the
time of incident.
18. Pregnant women need a seat belt: Very necessary.
19. Necessitate traffic systems on every driver driving a vehicle on the road in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have:
Insurance against non-cooperative.
20. To secure a role in: Separation of the dispute between the parties to ensure the incident is not material rights.
21. As you approach the intersection of the rotor, the priority of traffic for those who are: inside the rotor.
22. When the driver approached the intersection of a railway vehicle exceeds the prohibited if in front was moving away
at an intersection by a space: 30 meters.
23. To the driver before the sun half an hour to do the following: illumination lights of the vehicle.
24. It's better for the driver only on the use of low light at the night: Always.
25. The use of seat belts within cities is necessary: Always
26. Children under the age of ten needs to install the seats do not need a seat belt always.
27. Traffic violation that the commission of legal means: Pay a fine for traffic and add points to the driver's record.

28. The seat belt will be installed on: Chest and abdomen together.
29. Arakp driver or who was not using a seat belt for the moment it is exposed to collision: All or some of the above.
30. Provides the traffic system in the Kingdom on the use of seat belts for driver and passenger to: All roads
31. The points system is a system: to monitor violations of the driver.
32. of the main reasons for the occurrence of fatal accidents: speed
33. To move between tracks on the road it is a driver knee to do the following: Use the pointer (reference).
34. In general, the priority traffic always be those who: Walking a straight line.
35. To make sure there are no vehicles in the blind logic, you do the following: To circumvent.
36. A solid line in the route means: prevent overtaking.
37. Safe distance between your vehicle and vehicle in front of you depends on: speed you drive your vehicle.
38. To avoid glare lights of emergency vehicles on the highway you: Allow them to priority traffic.
39. When you exit the highway it is advised to: Reduce speed.
40. At the entrance to the highway it is advised to: increase the speed.
41. There's no difference between the original spare parts and commercial: Error.
42. When driving motorcycles is required: Wear a helmet for the head.
43. Points are dropped from the register of the driver when: When one year without committing traffic violations.
44. If there's no panel to clarify the speed limit on the road within the city for the driver do the following: Not exceed 80
km / h for small cars and 50 km / h for large cars.
45. The most serious traffic violations throughout the kingdom: Cutting speed and the reference.
46. Triangle of safety: Emergency items.
47. Fire extinguisher safety kits: All vehicles.
48. Safety requirements in the vehicle are: Triangle of safety, and fire extinguisher.
49. The speed limit on the road has always meant: Abide by taking into account the road conditions.
50. Preventive driver is: Driver, who always takes a positive attitude towards the command.
51. You get driver's license mean: Your knowledge and your commitment to all traffic rules and regulations.
52. When you feel tired while driving, you must: Stop and walk away a stress.
53. Stop the vehicle in positions allocated to people with special needs is: It is strictly prohibited.
54. If the position is dedicated to people with special needs free driver cannot stand the category: This is a traffic
55. The more traffic accidents, which is located at the school: Run over
56. Advises the driver when you see a school bus stopped to load or the descent of students to the following: Going to
stop until the bus.

57. Most of the incidents run over a pedestrian at dusk or at night because: Low level vision.
58. Known as blind on the road: Campaign to stick a white.
59. When you see emergency vehicles is an absolute sound Allonan you must: Stand on the right side of the road.
60. When you cross the work area, you must: Reducing speed, attention.
61. If you have to stop your vehicle in a signal side of the road for an emergency, the safety you need to put a triangle on
the near of the vehicle after: after 100 meters.
62. If the slide is the first vehicle, the driver did brake Decelerate: Error.
63. If your vehicle is equipped with ABS and I had to use the brakes you have to press strongly and consistently
decelerate brake to activate the system: Always true.
64. Crash when headlights suddenly during the night you do the following: Remove the vehicle from the road.
65. There are three categories of tires are the (CBA) and the most appropriate categories to the circumstances of the
Kingdom, where the temperature is: B, then A
66. Of the things that must be checked when replacing tires is the date of production, symbolized in the tires to: Three
67. When a tire exploded during the walk is advised to: Gradually reduce speed and steering wheel control the vehicle
until the vehicle stands.
68. To stop external bleeding to the injury accidents you do the following: pressing hard over the place of bleeding.
69. The higher speed whenever: I estimated in the control of the vehicle.
70. Use the brakes in the turns may result in: Sliding or vehicle overturned.
71. By the behavior of camels when you see a vehicle crossing the road: Do not be afraid of it and away when you see
72. When you see a camel cross section of the road you should: Reduce speed and wait until it crosses the road full of
73. When you see emergency vehicle lights illuminate front of you: Reduce the pace of.
74. The crowd around the sites of accidents or disasters may not: Impediment to the ambulance and rescue operations
and a cause of the impact of traffic accidents.
75. If you're the first person to reach the accident site to you: Stop your vehicle off the road after more than the scene.
76. It's not dismissed or his involvement in a traffic accident while under the influence of a drug, the penalty is : Withdraw
the license for a year and the application of legal boundaries of.
77. Fatigue or stress weakness the ability of the driver to focus so it is advisable to: But go a long distance during a night
of continuous and stop to take a break.
78. If you're living in the incident and there's no fire at the scene, then you move the people to resource them: This act of
79. The use of drugs to treat the driver headaches, colds and flu: Often cause drowsiness.
80. In the corners there is momentum side of the vehicle known as: Centrifugal force!
Typed by: RaasimSL Facebook: Twitter: @RaasimSL