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Issue 21 May 2014


Trung S Phan (

CONTENTS - Issue 21

On the News
Message from the Managing Director - Phuong Ngo
Business update



Trinh Dang (

Mobility & Social

Global news


Mr. Manish Tomar, VP and GM of Applications

Thanh C Nguyen


Tai H Le (


Trung S Phan


Quoc Minh Pham


Huy T Chung (


Managed Services visits CSC Vietnam

Mr. Richard Wilhelm, VP Technology GBS Software
GDN visits CSC Vietnam
CSC Vietnam re- appraised at CMMI Level 5 (Version
Software Estimation A Semi-Automatic Estimation
Global recognition awards go to CSC Vietnam
LTS team in Vietnam receives certificate of
excellence from client
Duy Le joins CSC Connect Asia
CSC Vietnam celebrates Womens Day 2014
CSC Vietnam join non-surgical mission organized by
Operations Smile Vietnam
CSC Vietnam supports the Philippines for Hayan
Top Tips from Energy STAR
iPOS where CLEAR values shining
Voice of customer

Tech Watch
A distributed version control system(SERIES 3)
An introduction to Angularjs


Quiz Result and game.




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Dear All CSCV Associates,

Following the global organizational changes in
CSC, our Vietnam delivery is now running in a truly
global model, where each team works and reports
solid-line to their respective global team.
In GBS Applications, we have 5 Leads in
Vietnam taking care of 8 CoEs (Center of
Excellence). They are:
Tai Le for Vietnam Web Technologies CoE &
Vietnam Database CoE
Quang Truong for Vietnam and China EAI,
Mai Huynh Nguyen for Vietnam Testing CoE &
Packages CoE
Mai Hoang for AMEA Mobility & Social CoE &
Vietnam SAP CoE
Vinh Le Tran for Rest of Asia Mainframe &
Legacy CoE
As you can see, some of the Leads here are
managing resources not only in Vietnam but also in
other regions as well.
In GBS Software GDN (formerly known as IS&S)
and GIS, although the structure has not been
finalized but it will be likely organized in a similar
With this new model, there will be a lot of
opportunities for you to grow your career
globally. But it also presents you with more

challenges. Therefore, I urge you to keep

communication skills and re-skill/cross skill/up skill
to cope with new challenges and to take on new
expected to grow 400 resources more. This is a
big goal for us but this is also very
exciting! This comes along with the fact that
Vietnam Delivery Center is one of the 8 global
delivery centers of CSC. Again, this provides great
opportunities for each and every of you to grow.
CSC has made good progress in turning around
but the global market has been tough and is
getting tougher this year. CSC has to continue
taking several actions such as fixing the Pyramid
mix, improving OI to optimize our operations to
be competitive. CSC also has to continue
implementing Cost Saving plan to meet our goals. I
hope you understand and support the plan.
Thanks for your contribution and dedication in
FY14. I am looking forward to your continued
pr o fessio nalism,
ex cellent
per for mance,
cooperation and great support to take our CSC
Vietnam to a new height this year. I strongly
believe that, with the tremendous efforts and
Can-Do attitude from all of us, we will achieve
our goals.
Phuong Hung Ngo

On the news | Page 3

There have been a lot of changes in CSC
recently and the transition process takes
longer time than expected. As we kicked off
FY15 the transition from the Get-Fit to the
Grow phase of CSCs transformation has
being taken place. CSC Vietnam is always an
offshore center positioned for growth in the
CSC strategy. The goal for this year is to add
400 more headcounts and we will send 50
people to onshore. The people will be seeds to
drive more demands & grow Vietnam in
future. The goal is quite aggressive and
challenge but is strongly supported by CSC
executives such as Manish Tomar - VP GM
Applications Managed Services, Vimaljit S
Kohli - Regional General Manager Applications
Services Americas, Ravi Krishnamoorthi Regional General
Manager Applications
Services - UKI & NL, David Anthony Mosquera
- Applications Business Operation Head,
Roberto Morelli - Applications Transformation
Lead, Sunil Tuli - Applications Independent
Testing Offering Head, etc. Now its our show
Weve received a lot of Open Positions from
CSC & reviewed regularly with all CoEs &
resource management to see which ones we
can fill. Theres no limit in filling the positions.
We can fill as many as we can. Its totally up to
us. But our CVs need to be qualified and the
important thing is we have to pass the
interview. So interviewing skill becomes
critical for our business. To support this, we
initiate an intensive & dedicated training on
interviewing skills for our people. Therefore
we would like you to spend serious effort &
time on the training.

We recently won notable deals in CSC, Asia /

Australia/ UK/ US and domestic market. Notable
new logos we won:

MSF Singapore - Led by Vu Do, Le Dang, Cuc

T Pham.

CSC UK - Tools and Services Register - Led

by Vu Do, Minh C Ly, Thuong Mai Nguyen.

Coca Cola Vietnam Led by Nguyen Cat

Duong, Phuong Thi Anh Dang.

CSC Sale Catalogue Led by Hung Le

Pfizer - Led by Quang Truong.

Dominion Diamond - Led by Nam Ngo, Thanh

C Nguyen, Nhat Thong Nguyen.

WA Police - NTIMS project Led by Tai Le,

Nam Ngo, Anh T Duong, Thanh C Nguyen,
Nhan Phan Tran, Thanh Hoai Pham, Phuoc
Dang, Thang T Nguyen, Tien T Nguyen.

Among these WA Police deal from Australia is a

new account weve followed for a long time
nearly two years and spent a lot of effort on bid,
faced with many pressure & short deadline.
Especially it happened during our Tet. Well done
& big thanks to the bid team! This is a sweet &
strategic win as these will open doors with WA
Police account where we can explore many
potential opportunities. The WA Police also
visited our office on the 10th of May before the
project kick off.
The new operating model keeps all of us
occupied all the time. This is a promising signal
of a successful year. Were looking forward to an
exciting year ahead.
Hoang A Nguyen
On the news | Page 4


Manager - AMEA Mobility & Social CoE

As more businesses operate 24/7 and seek to
expand globally, those most likely to succeed
will embrace enterprise mobility as a key
communications strategy, according to a
report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The
market researcher expects the global market
for enterprise mobility solutions to reach $217
billion by 2018. All types of industriesfrom
health-care to logistics and transport to
huge opportunity for CSC as a technology
consultant and services company.
CSC Vietnam, with the vision to be the
dedicated hub for CSC Global Mobility &
Social Center Of Excellent (CSC M&S CoE),
has been working on placing itself in the
ready state for the this huge opportunity
ahead. In the past several months, we did
start many initiatives in mobility in order to
take the challenges of growth. This includes
the establishing of the mobility lab, launching
of the mobility fresher program, getting
enriching our portfolio by develop many R&D
The establishing of Mobility Lab is an
important milestone in our road map for the
expanding of mobility works. The lab is
equipped with best-of-breed mobile devices,
including iPhone 5S, iPhone5, iPad Mini, iPad
Air, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 7,
Nokia 950, BlackBerry Z10. The lab also have
a wide range of MAC PC, including iMac, MAC

mini and Mac Book PRO as well as a strong

server to install all the middle ware and
Database. All devices are connected via a
Wi-Fi switch which is separated from CSC
network for the sake of security. With all these
high-tech equipment, the lab places a key role
in facilitating our research, development and
testing various projects in CSC Vietnam Mobility & Social CoE.
With the availability of the mobility lab, we did
start another initiative on composing the
mobility training curriculum which will serve
as a basic for expanding our workforce when
necessary. Basing on this curriculum, in
December 2013, we rolled out the Mobility
Fresher Program in CSC Vietnam. It is a ten
weeks program with the first part contains
courses falling into three tracks: iOS App
Development, Android App Development and
Cross Platform Development. The first part
also includes some basic course on the Mobile
Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) as
well as Mobile Device Management (MDM). All
courses are built with the practical orientation
in which theory is minimal and students have
more chance to do a lot of hand-on practices.
The second part is a final project which
trainees need to develop a real application to
demonstrate their ability to do the real work
using the trained technologies.
Upon the
completion of the program, we successfully
transferred two fresher associates to work on
a mobility project for Emirates account in
Dubai for a long term assignment.

On the news | Page 5

(Voice Of Leader Group) project where we

developed a RWD web application that
presents single consolidated view of Group
Leader information requiring action will
allow for Group Leaders to more quickly,
information for actions they need to take.
And the storm has just been started as it is
anticipated that there are more demands to
come on this technology.

On the market trend side, we notice the

increasing on the mobile web technology. In
the last several months, we have been working
with a lot projects using HTML5/CSS3 and
Responsive Web Design (RWD). We started
with PT6 project, an initiative to create a
Responsive Web Design (RWD) to allow Pratt &
Whitney Canada owner/operators to find the
nearest field service representative and facilities
using geo-location on their mobile device. The
next one named Home Comfort Center, a
mobile application for sales agent to offer
products and services to optimize energy and
operational efficiencies of buildings, automotive
batteries, electronics and interior systems for
automobiles. CSC was requested to fully build
HCC Mobile app using HTML5 & JQuerryMobile
for three brands which are York, Luxairie and
Coleman and the app is required to work
perfectly on smart phone, tablet and PC. Toyota
TEMA just came after that with the VOLG

Last but not least, we put the effort in

getting many different certificates in mobile
technology. We are now certified with
Programming in HTML5 with JS & CSS3,
Titanium Certified Developer, MobileIron
Administrator Certification, MCPD on
Windows Phone, just to name a few. In the
next period, we continue to engage in many
mobility certificates program on various
Appcelerator, IBM Worklight and SAP
Mobility is not the future but it is now. With
the transformation of CSC and the new
organization structure, CSC Vietnam, has a
great chance to take the power of now and
can-do attitude. We all look forward to a
successful fiscal year a head - FY15.
Mai Hoang

On the news | Page 6

CSC Expands VMware Partnership with Hybrid
Cloud Brokering Solution
March 27, 2014 CSC (NYSE: CSC), a global
leader in next-generation IT services and
solutions, today announced the expansion of
its partnership with VMware with the addition
of a hybrid cloud brokering solution for
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, which is
interoperable with CSCs ServiceMesh Agility
The solution will enable customers to develop
and move workloads on any combination of
vCloud Hybrid Service, CSC BizCloud, and
CSC CloudCompute as well as other
commercial cloud offerings. CSC will also add
to its CloudCompute client offering by
reselling VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.
Additionally, both companies will collaborate
to train key technical personnel in support of

BizCloud, and CSC CloudCompute as well

as other commercial cloud offerings. CSC will
also add to its CloudCompute client offering
by reselling VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.
Additionally, both companies will collaborate
to train key technical personnel in support of
clients. During its decade-long partnership
with VMware, CSC has been an innovator in
the VMware Service Provider Partner
program. With BizCloud and CloudCompute,
CSC was the first global systems integrator to
offer a certified VMware vCloud Datacenter
cloud service. CSC was named a leader for
CSC BizCloud, a secure and highly flexible
private cloud offering in the infrastructure-asa-service market (Gartner, Inc., Magic
Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a
Service, August 19, 2013).
CSCs ServiceMesh Agility Platform and
Microsoft System Center Combine to Deliver
Hybrid Cloud Management Solution

During its decade-long partnership with

VMware, CSC has been an innovator in the
VMware Service Provider Partner program.
With BizCloud and CloudCompute, CSC was
the first global systems integrator to offer a
certified VMware vCloud Datacenter cloud
service. CSC was named a leader for CSC
BizCloud, a secure and highly flexible private
cloud offering in the infrastructure-as-aservice market (Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant
for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, August
19, 2013).

March 31, 2014 CSC (NYSE: CSC), a global

leader in next-generation IT services and
unveiled plans to launch an
innovative hybrid cloud management solution
that integrates CSCs ServiceMesh Agility
Platform with Microsoft Corp.s System
Center datacenter management product to
provide enterprises with greater flexibility,
cataloguing and deploying applications on
multiple clouds, including CSC BizCloud and
Microsoft Azure.

CSC Expands VMware Partnership with Hybrid

Cloud Brokering Solution

For nearly two decades, CSC and Microsoft

have worked together strategically to help
companies around the world embrace
ServiceMesh Agility Platform facilitates the
development, delivery and management of
enterprise applications across hybrid clouds
capabilities such as policy-driven governance,
compliance and security, integrated release
automation, and cloud and infrastructure
independent application blueprinting.

March 27, 2014 CSC (NYSE: CSC), a global

leader in next-generation IT services and
solutions announced the expansion of its
partnership with VMware with the addition of
a hybrid cloud brokering solution for VMware
interoperable with CSCs ServiceMesh Agility
Platform. The solution will enable customers
to develop and move workloads on any
combination of vCloud Hybrid Service, CSC

On the news | Page 7

CSC Introduces New Application Security Offering

April 2, 2014 - CSC (NYSE: CSC) introduced an offering that enables organizations to test the
security of software applications and build security into the software development lifecycle.
AppSEC on Demand is hosted in a secure environment that meets both U.S. federal and
commercial regulatory requirements.
While organizations have focused traditionally on cyber network and perimeter defenses,
businesses and governments are highly vulnerable at the application layer, where personal
information, financial records and intellectual property reside. Eighty-six percent of successful
cyber attacks penetrate the application layer rather than infrastructure, as demonstrated in
7Safes Analysis of Data Compromise Cases 2010.
To deliver this offering to clients, CSC has teamed with HP to host its Fortify application security
products within CSCs global network of security operations centers, integrating them with CSCs
security information and event management and global threat intelligence platforms.
CSC Announces Collaboration with Amazon Web Services on Cloud Solutions for Enterprise
May 2014CSC (NYSE: CSC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) recognize that forward-thinking
customers are rapidly accelerating the adoption of cloud services and seeking proven expertise
to deploy and integrate AWS cloud services into their IT environment under consistent
management and governance practices. Based on this shared vision, CSC, a global leader in
next-generation IT services and solutions, and AWS, the industry-leading provider of cloud
services, have agreed to collaborate on a CSC Global Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) for
enterprise and public sector customers.
CSC will establish an initial Global Cloud CoE in Austin, Texas, that will enable customers to
accelerate the development, migration and transformation of enterprise workloads to AWS along
with the integration of private and hybrid clouds, including CSC BizCloud, in an extended
enterprise environment. The Global Cloud CoE will leverage CSCs global consulting services and
next-generation offerings, including cloud-based enterprise applications, big data analytics, cyber
-security, and AWS services and support. CSCs ServiceMesh Agility Platform will complement
AWS management and security offerings to automate the deployment and management of
enterprise applications and platforms, and ensure the enforcement of governance, compliance
and security policies. CSC will work with AWS to establish industry-specific cloud CoEs
addressing the cloud requirements of industries across natural
resources, manufacturing, banking, insurance and public sectors.
CSC customers will have access to standardized solutions built
for the AWS cloud to complement existing CSC BizCloud
Find more Press Release of CSC at

On the news | Page 8


It has been an honor for the Vietnam team to
welcome Mr. Manish Tomar, VP and GM of
Applications Managed Services, who paid a
one-day visit to CSC Vietnam office on Thursday,
March 20 2013. The key objective of the visit
was to meet and interact with the CSC Vietnam
management team as the result of the GBS
Transformation Model as well as to chair the
Town Hall meeting with all the Managers.
During the meeting, Mr. Tomar shared with the
team about the new GBS Growth Plan Objectives
& Metrics which will be driving verticalized
business value for our customers and answer a
number of questions & concerns have been
addressed by the CSC Vietnam team regarding
the new business operating model of GBS.
Mr. Tomar was greatly impressed with the highly
engaging discussions he had with CSC Vietnam
members who are excited to be part of the
transformation for further success and he is
looking forward to further success of CSC
Vietnam and definitely giving great support to
the growth plan of CSC Vietnam.

On the news | Page 9





CSC Vietnam is very delighted to

welcome Mr. Richard Wilhelm, VP
Technology GBS Software GDN
who spent a day visit to CSC
Vietnam on Feb 21 2014. The key
objective of his visit was to meet
with the Software GDN Team of
CSC Vietnam and to know more
about the centers capabilities.

Mr. Wilhelm had interactive

meetings with Financial Services
team of 130+ members received
quick updates and demonstration of
banking and insurance projects /
products, including Integral, Exceed,
Early Resolution, Celeriti SOA. Mr.
Wilhelm shared with the team about
the future of CSC products. He
highlighted that we are continuing
turning our software products to
services to sell the services - SaaS.
He explained that CSC is not going
to give source code to the end
customers when we sell the
products to them. Instead, we will
move our product deployment into
clouds and only sell services to our
clients like what is providing in the market. That gives our customers flexibility in
getting what they are expecting. He also emphasized that next version of the software products
need to have ability of intensive customization through configuration.
In addition, Mr. Wilhelm also emphasized on applying agile tools, methodology to increasing teams
agility to quickly bring products/services to market. One of those is to applying Agility Platform as
a cloud development environment at CSC in the future.
Mr. Wilhelm also had an interactive meeting with whole GLS team of 130+ members and received a
quick overview of the entire FirstDoc family products architecture including Tracker, Viewer,
Toolbox etc. The main key point in his discussion is the quick turnaround in order to meet client
expectation not only in the product development but also in the product delivery & support as well
where new Technologies, Services and Processes emerge such as Cloud, Agile and Mobility.
His follow up action was to send three Vietnam technical members to Noida, India for a 3-day
ServiceMesh Train-the-Trainers training. The trainers, in return, now, train many other Vietnam
staff on this newly service.
The visit is also the chance for Mr. Wilhelm to chair the Town Hall meeting with the attendance of
all leads and key members of Software GDN Financial Services team & Healthcare team. Mr.
Wilhelm shared the ideas of the creation of Software GND, the future of CSC Product development
groups, the new trends of development focusing on agility and transparency and answered all
questions concerned from the members. We are all very motivated and excited for the future and
look forward to it.
Mr. Wilhelm was highly impressed with the capabilities and knowledge of the Vietnam team and
appreciated the warm welcome and hospitality he has received from the team.
On the news | Page 10


CSC Vietnam has been successfully appraised
at Level 5 of the CMMI Institutes Capability
Maturity Model Integration (CMMI-DEV,
Version 1.3), the highest maturity level under
the CMMI model. The scope of appraisal
covered Development, Maintenance and
Testing projects from CSC Vietnam in Ho Chi
Minh City. The appraisal was performed by
QAI India Limited.
CSC Vietnam was earlier rated at CMMI
Maturity Level 5 version 1.1 in 2005 then
reappraised at CMMI Maturity Level 5 version
1.2 in 2009 and was the first IT company in
Vietnam to achieve this highest level. This
re-assessment is a great milestone for CSC
Vietnam as SCAMPI version 1.3 is the latest
and most stringent appraisal methodology for

Process Improvement of CMMI Institute.

CMMI is a process improvement approach
that provides organizations with the essential
ultimately improve their performance. An
appraisal at maturity level 5 indicates that the
organization is performing at an "optimizing"
level. At this level, an organization continually
based on a
quantitative understanding of its business
objectives and performance needs.
The organization uses a quantitative approach
to understand the variation inherent in the
process and the causes of process outcomes.

On the news | Page 11






PhD of Computer Sciences

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Thanh Chanh Nguyen, an employee
of CSC Vietnam, who has been selected in the Honorable Mention in the 2014 CSC Papers
Dr. Thanh's topic is about Software Estimation A Semi-Automatic Estimation Approach which
has been selected among a great number of submitted papers and it is highly appreciated by the
committee led by Mr. Dan Hudson Chief Technology Officer of CSC.
Congratulations to you Dr. Thanh! We are so proud of you!
Highlight about the Software Estimation A Semi-Automatic Estimation Approach
Software estimation is one of the most important activities in the software development cycle in
many of CSCs development centers around the world. There are many estimation methods, such
as Function Point Analysis (FPA), COCOMO, ROM and Delphi, but experts apply them after
manually doing software requirements analysis. This takes a lot of time and also impacts
estimation quality. The aim of this research is to investigate a way that can help estimators
analyze requirement documents automatically to provide initial results in the first step, then do a
mapping between those results and parameters of the selected approach, and process
automatically the estimation process in the last step. After that, estimators can retrieve final
results to review and adjust. The initial experiment of our research has been re-applied on FPA
for some previous projects in the Vietnam Center. There was some noisy input in the first step
processing that influenced the requirements analysis quality, but our approach has shown to be a
feasible way to do estimation activities in a development center.
Please read the full paper which is currently posted in

On the news | Page 12


April 2014 - We are very delighted to announce that a number of our project team members in
CSC Vietnam have been received the Global Recognition Award. This award is in recognition for
their outstanding demonstration in CSC CLEAR Values that deliver greater value to our clients.
The Global Recognition Program is designed to recognize and celebrate the valuable contributions of our employees globally; contributions that exemplify their commitment to CSCs vision,
strategic objectives, and CLEAR Values.
Please join us in congratulating our members for their great success, contributions, and constantly
shining the CSC values.

Global Award

for PHL project

1. Nguyen Hoa Hiep

2. Nguyen Xuan Sang
3. Nguyen Viet Khang
4. Nguyen Thanh Thoai Anh

Global Award for FSS Asia project

1. Nguyen Cong Trieu Long
2. Le Hong Son

Global Award for ITAG Product Development, Implement and Support

1. Nguyen Huu Hoai Phuong

On the news | Page 13


April 2014 - We would like to
congratulate our LTS team in
Vietnam that recently received the
project bonus and Certificate of
Excellence from our client LTS
The recognition program is to
appreciate the LTS team for their
great efforts in consistently
providing the great services to the

Our big Congratulations to LTS Team members :


Vo Thi Mong Trang

Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh
Cao Thi Dung
Dang Nhat Thuong
Du Quoc Chinh
Luong Hue Chanh
Ngo Thanh Nhan
Nguyen Thi Ngan Son


Pham Thi Thanh Thuy

Phan Tuan Le
To Van Quang
Tran Thuy Phuong Thao
Vo Thi Hang Hai
Vu Le Phuong Dung
Nguyen Ngan Binh


Connect Asia 2014 is an exclusive conference focused on
financial services that brings hundreds of people
together to collaborate, connect and share experiences
all while learning about the latest in technology and
business advancements. This year, the Connect Asia
2014 was organized on Feb 19-20 by CSC Asia in Hong
Kong and the conference featured the sharing of
experiences around various thought leadership issues by
internationally renowned speakers and industry leaders.
To showcase the recent developments of CSC and
partner solutions in financial services, Mr. Duy Le, Global
Mobility Lead (FY14) from CSC also was invited to speak
at the event with the topic named "Mobilize Your
Business in A Mobile World". The topic helps enterprises
understand the full picture of a mobility journey that if
done right, enterprises can reap the benefits and gain
competitive advantage in the new mobile world. The
topic touched upon the multiple challenges, how they
should be overcome and how CSC positions itself as the
vendor-agnostic partner to prospective enterprises.
CSC's M1 offering stack was also introduced during the
On the news | Page 14



CSC Vietnam celebrated the International Womens Day on March 7, 2014. This year, there is not
only the welcome activity to greet CSC Ladies when they arrived at the office, but the
Management Team also visited each working floors to deliver the greeting message to every
female associates. In addition, the exciting Lucky Draws sessions in both offices were just as joyful
as always.
On this special occasion, we also organized the Writing Contest for all associates to tell about the
women they love. There are 10 writings submitted and all are very beautiful and touching that we
all enjoy reading very much.
Our special thanks go to all the male associates of CSC Vietnam, who make this Womens Day a
wonderful day for all of us!

On the news | Page 15



With the efforts to assist the surgical mission for those poor children who were born with facial
deformities organized by the Operation Smile Vietnam, CSC Vietnam team was present at the
National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, Ho Chi Minh City on April 21 2014. Together with other
sponsors for this mission, we provided logistical assistance to the medical staff at the hospital such
as arranging the screening site, preparing medical records, guiding patients and giving them all
necessary support at the check-up session.
There are nearly 150 patients showed up at the hospital. All are adorable little kids who are
suffering with facial deformities. After health checking, all those kids who are qualified to undergo
surgery will be transferred to My Thien Hospital.
We strongly hope that after the surgery all these beautiful children will have a better life; not
only a beautiful smile, but also the ability to eat, drink, speak properly and attend the school like
the normal kids. This surgical mission is implemented followed by the sponsor of CSC Charity
Foundation in November 2013 with the hope to bring new smiles to disfigured children in the further provinces.

On the news | Page 16



On Feb 2014, CSC Vietnam offered a donation of 77,600,000VND to Mr. Le Quang

Ninh, Chairman of the Red Cross of HCMC. This total sum of cash will be delivered to
the Consulate of Philippines in HCMC to support for disaster relief efforts that reach to
the families and communities most affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
In addition, a donated amount of 46,500,000VND was also presented to the Red
Cross of Ho Chi Minh City which will be helping those families, who are currently effected by the flood in Quang Ngai.
This donation amounts have been contributed by employees in CSC Vietnam. In addition, CSC Foundation also matched one-for-one employee donations to the fund for
disaster relief efforts in the Philippines and the fund was sent to the American Red
Cross for Philippines.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all affected by this historic disaster in the Philippines and Quang Ngai. Through this meaningful activity, CSC hopes to ease the difficulties and console the residents in Philippines that suffered huge losses from the
devastating Typhoon Haiyan and the flood in Quang Ngai.

On the news | Page 17


Even if you rent an apartment, townhouse, or a home, you can make a big difference, too! These
tips will show you how to be more energy efficient and save energy, money, and reduce the risks
of climate change. If there are things you can't change on your own, share these tips and
encourage your landlord to help you make a change for the better.
Lighting is one of the easiest places to start saving energy. Replacing your five most frequently
used light fixtures or the bulbs in them with ENERGY STAR qualified lights can save more than
$65 a year in energy costs. ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
provide high-quality light output, use 75% less energy, and last 610 times longer than standard
incandescent light bulbs, saving money on energy bills and replacement costs.
1. Considering purchasing a room air
conditioner? Consider an ENERGY STAR
qualified model. They use at least 10
percent less energy than standard models.
2. If possible, install a programmable
thermostat to automatically adjust your
home's temperature settings when you're
away or sleeping.
3. Consumer electronics play an increasingly
larger role in your home's energy
consumption, accounting for 15 percent of
household electricity use. Many consumer
electronics products use energy even
when switched off. Electronics equipment
that has earned the ENERGY STAR helps
save energy when off, while maintaining
features like clock displays, channel
settings, and remote-control functions.
4. A ten minute shower can use less water
than a full bath.
5. Make sure all air registers are clear of
furniture so that air can circulate freely. If
your home has radiators, place heatresistant reflectors between radiators and
walls. In the winter, this will help heat the
room instead of the wall.

6. During cold weather, take advantage of the

sun's warmth by keeping drapes open during
daylight hours. To keep out the heat of the
summer sun, close window shades and
drapes in warm weather.
7. Save water by scraping dishes instead of
rinsing them before loading in the
dishwasher. Run your dishwasher with a full
load and use the air-dry option if available.
8. Wash your laundry with cold water whenever
possible. To save water, try to wash full loads
or, if you must wash a partial load, reduce
the level of water appropriately.
9. Don't over dry your clothes. If your dryer has
a moisture sensor that will automatically turn
the machine off when clothes are done, use it
to avoid over drying. Remember to clean the
lint trap before every load. Dry full loads, or
reduce drying time for partial loads. Learn
This tips is to support the EARTH DAY 2014
celebration by CSC
(Learn more at

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peak. The product also drew the attention from

Richard Wilhelm, Vice President and General
Manager Global Software GDN, who also paid a visit
to CSC Vietnam in March 2014. He was really
conducted by Son at eTown office while he was
taking the facility tour there and he spent over half
an hour talking with the team to understand more
about iPoss functionalities.
Looking back upon the past, iPoss success has been
and still is attributed to CLEAR values which the
team set in the stone as their goals: Client Focused,

INTEGRAL Point of Sale (aka. iPos) is a
strategic project in INTEGRAL program of CSC
Vietnam. It is aimed to run the marketing and sale
aspects on a broad spectrum of lines in Life and
Non-Life Insurance Industries, including facilitating
customer and agent interactions, such as benefit
illustration, financial analysis, e-signature and
payment activities. The architecture of iPos is
based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
innovations that offer the loose coupling and
isolated scalability of the system.
Back in early 2010, when the insurance domain had
been totally new at CSC Vietnam, following the
lead of Yeu Fui Mak, who was a Solution
Architecture from CSC Singapore, Hiep B Nguyen,
Son H Le stepped up to the plate and started
working on seed ideas to build iPos, which was at
the conceptual stage and implied many risks as
well as challenges.
Nevertheless, as pioneers, they knew from bottom
of their hearts that by venturing into the unknowns
is the only way to find new frontiers.
Two years of working like a Trojan, after several
trials and errors, many prototypes had been
proposed, one of them eventually got the green
light to proceed with the project and finally iPos
was born in 2012.
Early 2013, Son once again rolled up his sleeves to
work diligently on demonstrations in order to
attract potential clients. His teams continuous
effort was paid off when they got their first
engagement from a customer in Indonesia - TMLI
(Tokio Marine Life Insurance) - in March, 2013.
Never resting on laurels, along with TMLI went-live
in February 2014, iPos continued to expand their
geographic footprints with other clients across
Asia. eTiqa Life Lion, a Singapore Insurance
Company which is a branch of Malaysia Maybank
Group, was chosen to be the next destination in
September 2013. eTiqa then became a real
blockbuster. Resource staffed as rapidly as people
could be hired and reached to a number of 30+ at

iPos development team always put Client in center

when developing their functionalities. Not only
providing to end-users an elegant user experience,
the system also ensured the security and
performance of the transactions, strengthen
transparency around agent activities and fostering
customer collaboration. It has never been that easy
before when a large, bureaucratic, and cumbersome
process of marketing and selling insurance policies is
now cost as much as the time spent for sipping the
morning coffees simply with couple of touches on a
Members in the Management board took a crucial
part in the success of the project. Trang T Kim
Nguyen, Khoa X Nguyen and project managers
showed their strong leaderships and management
skills on practicing and tailoring Agile methodology
to meet the needs of stakeholders and streamline
project activities. They have also been on top of their
game where their primary job is to anticipate the
upcoming storms and to lead the team to safely
avoid their paths.
responsibilities as excellent captains guiding the way,
a strong crew was needed to carry the ship to its
destination. iPos members were very young, though
lack of experience, they were very creative and
always good team players. They possessed not only
competent skills but also the working attitudes which
always went beyond their calls of duty. Members
were highly responsive, always did their best and
were willing to pulling out all the stops to make
releases delivered successfully, on time and with high
Last but not least, with the "cloud" named
SeviceMesh is coming to fit into the big picture, iPos,
a fat land fertilized by CLEAR nutrition, in which
young talents can be seeded and leaders are
provided with great opportunities to engage. The
upcoming roadmap is opening the visions of many
features which promise to drum up more business as
well as challenges. iPoss next-generation will have to
provide solutions for IT big trends such as BYOD
(Bring your own device) to support multiple devices
and the cloud landscape which demands migrating
to cloud-based services. By remaining focused on
the clients, keeping aspiration, momentum and
strong leadership, iPos team will definitely achieve
their goals with flying colors in the next journey.
Anh H Mai

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The client finally confirmed that the BIRDS Human Pharma system went live on the morning
of January 16th 2014 and they gave great praise to the CSC team for having a direct
influence on this success by working towards a common goal with innovative solutions.
Jane Gilham, Project Management Consultant, IS&S Life Sciences, CSC
I would like to thank you on behalf of the team for the fantastic work that you and your
team have done to bring ASK to the new design in a very short time frame. This is much
appreciated and we look forward working more with you and team as we progress on this
Elise Botiveau, Principal, Offering Manager Service Management Offerings, GIS, CSC
Skillsoft is happy with the cost for value received for services related to SOW #28 & SOW
#29. Both teams This is the first project done by CSC Vietnam developers which they have
done a good job with guidance Israez and Hiep. Special thank you to CSC Vietnam team. I
am looking forward to work with CSC Vietnam team in the future projects. Well done
team!! .
Thomas Lim, Regional Solution Architect, Industry Software & Solutions (IS&S) CSC Malaysia
Sdn Bhd
Overall, Vietnam has yet again provided a valued service from a financial and technical
perspective this year, well done!
Jan Todd, Domino/Sharepoint Manager, Diageo/Diageo ISS & Diageo Mosaic Support, CSC
Great and very professional support
Claudio Muscella, Platform Manager, ZFS - Collaboration Platform, CSC
I wish to highlight and recognize the contributions made by Khiem Quang Tran. Khiem did
a very good job in getting the J.2.3 support issues. Khiem's support is very appreciated in
tight timelines on the project thought VN team has started it later 10 days. Well done !!!
Raghu B. Korrapati, Ph.D., PMP., CPCU, GBS- Insurance Software & Solutions, CSC
I wish to highlight and recognize the contributions made by Minh Thai Le. Big thank you for
dedication and hard work in troubleshooting and resolving issues of Kemper CD1 Well
done !
Raghu B. Korrapati, Ph.D., PMP., CPCU, GBS- Insurance Software & Solutions, CSC
On the news | Page 20

I wish to highlight and recognize the contributions made by Ty Van Pham. Big thank you
for dedication and hard work in troubleshooting and resolving issues of Kemper CD1 Well
done !
Raghu B. Korrapati, Ph.D., PMP., CPCU, GBS- Insurance Software & Solutions, CSC
It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have gone Live with our first Integral
Point of Sale (iPOS) implementation. We have had a successful cut-over for iPOS for TMLI
(Tokio Marine Life Indonesia today. All the hard work over the past months have finally
borne fruit. We would not have achieved this major milestone in CSC without the hard
work and dedication of the entire iPOS team. The team had to stretch a lot given the very
tight timelines and had to also work through quiet a few of the weekends and public holiday.
I would like to thanks everyone of them who ensured that we all cross the finish line
successfully. The TMLI team is very pleased with the fact that we have achieved this as per
the original agreed target date and are really appreciative of the effort put in by the team to
make this happen!!
Gurindar Singh, Industry Software & Solutions (IS&S) Insurance, CSC Singapore
It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have gone Live with our first Integral
Life Java implementation. We have had a successful cut-over for Integral life for TMLI (Tokio
Marine Life Indonesia) today. We would not have achieved this major milestone in CSC
without the hard work and dedication of the entire team. The team had to stretch a lot given
the very tight timelines and had to also work through quiet a few of the weekends and
public holiday. I would like to thanks everyone of them who ensured that we all cross the
finish line successfully. The TMLI team is very pleased with the fact that we have achieved
this as per the original agreed target date and are really appreciative of the effort put in by
the team to make this happen.
Gurindar Singh, Industry Software & Solutions (IS&S) Insurance, CSC Singapore

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In this article, I will walk you through Git workflow to accommodate development purposes and
how Git can be integrated with other systems such as GitHub. If you have not already known
about Git, please check out the Git overview in CSC Vietnam Newsletter Vol. 19 [1]. Gits common
features can also be found in CSC Vietnam Newsletter Vol. 20 [2].
Keywords. Git, Distributed Version Control System.


Because of the distributed nature and the compelling branching model, any Git workflow can be
adapted to our projects. One of the common workflows is the integration manager model. In
this workflow, the integration manger is a single person who commits to the blessed repository.
Other developers then clone from the blessed repository and push changes to independent

Figure 1: Integration - Manager Workflow [3]

For a very large scale project such as

Linux kernel development, the dictator
and lieutenants workflow is a good
choice. It is quite similar to the
integration manager workflow. But
the lieutenants are in charge of merging
code from developers and pushing
changes to the dictator for reviewing.
After all, the dictator will commit
changes to the blessed repository.
The study of Vincent Driessen [4]
presents a successful Git branching
model for development project as
shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2: Dictator and Lieutenants Workow [3]

In this model the main branches are

master and develop which are in
remote severs. Master is a ready branch
for production. The develop branch
contains the latest changes. Other
supporting branches such as feature,
release, and hotfixes are at local
developers environment. The author
also writes git-flow tool to support this
Tech Watch | Page 22

GIT - A distributed version control system continued...

Figure 3: A successful Git branching model [4]


GitHub [5] is a code-hosting service using Git under the hood. It offers both public and private
hosting options including many additional features such as wiki, issue tracking, code snippets
(Gits), etc.
One of popular models of collaborative development on GitHub is the Fork & Pull. As we can see
in Figure 4, the model lets anyone fork an existing repository and push changes to their personal
fork without requiring granted access to the source repository. The changes must then be pulled
into the source repository by the project maintainer.

Figure 4: GitHub Fork & Pull model [6]

To capture the model concept, lets make a real experiment on GitHub as the below scenario.
Figure 5 and Figure 6 present how a coder forks an existing project on GitHub to his account in
order to get the Read+Write access to the project.

Figure 5: Coder wants to contribute to an existing project

Tech Watch | Page 23

GIT - A distributed version control system continued...

Then, the coder can clone the project from his GitHub account and push any changes or new
features. Once he completes his implementation and wants to contribute back to upstream, he
can send a Pull Request to the project maintainer (Figure 7).

Figure 6: Coder forks the project to his GitHub

Figure 7: Clone the project, work on new branch, and
pull the change to upstream

Figure 8: Maintainer reviews the pull request

As shown in Figure 8, when receiving the Pull Request from the contributor, the project
maintainer can review and decide if the changes will be merged upstream.
In this series, we have studied Git workflow and how Git can be used with other systems such as
GitHub for development. We can see that using Git in development helps to improve developers
collaboration and productivity. Furthermore, Git can be used to manage not only for the source
code but also for other project works. Future researches will be about how DevOps movement
uses Git for version control system.

CSC Vietnam Newsletter Volume 19., October 2013

CSC Vietnam Newsletter Volume 20., January 2014
Scott Chacon, Pro Git, July 29, 2009 Last access in March 2014 Last access in March 2014 Last access in March 2014
Long Ngoc Hoang
Tech Watch | Page 24


Support two-way data bindings with Model

The trend of web development has been

changed dramatically in the last couple of
years. No longer does a website show some
boring pieces of static information, a lot cooler
concepts have been implemented to allow
audiences to interact with the information
displayed on your site. You are seeing more
and more websites supporting HTML 5 and
using AJAX behind the scene to fulfill users
requests. Many new frameworks and design
models have been introduced to help bring
more business values with the least
development effort and keep the application
even more maintainable. Among these
AngularJS on which the author would like to
( is an open source
Javascript MVC template engine maintained
by Google engineers which enables two-way
bindings and how you can get started as
a .NET developer. This article might provide
different and contrary perspectives of the
framework and also hints at the products/
applications which play well with AngularJS.
However, it is not trying to debate whether
AngularJS is the best framework but rather to
provide the reader with an overall view to this
framework from different angles which is
partly subjective from the experience and
personal opinions of the author up to this

Support mock objects for unit-testing


Is a template engine

Ajax and service based actions. Heavily em-

bedded the concepts of Dependency Injection inside so it empowers more unit testing
ability to developers.
Finds AngularJS concepts harder to under-

stand and stricter than other frameworks

Does not support well old browsers (IE7,

Open-source project maintained by Google

Its design goals:

Decouple DOM manipulation from application logic. This improves the testability
of the code.

Regard application testing as equal in importance to application writing. Testing

difficulty is dramatically affected by the
way the code is structured.

Decouple the client side of an application

from the server side. This allows development work to progress in parallel, and allows for reuse of both sides.

Guide developers through the entire journey of building an application: from designing the UI, through writing the business logic, to testing.


Extend your HTML with new syntax

AngularJS website should be your first source

of reference.

Data binding, as in {{}}

Hands-on labs:


AngularJS documentation: http://

Support for forms and form validation

When you are more than ready to take your

journey to the next level, reaching out to other
community channels is a good idea.

control structures for repeating/

hiding DOM fragments

Attaching code-behind to DOM elements

Grouping of HTML into reusable compo-

Support plenty of helper libraries Provide

useful functions when writing web apps

Youtube Video channel:
Tech Watch | Page 25

Some more demonstrated techniques

AngularJS can be found on JS fiddles


UI transformation using different templates:
Usable HTML attribute which will make obh ttp:// jsf
jec ts
drag- able:
AngularJS promotes a different approach and
the learning curve for it might bit a little
problematic compared to other frameworks.
(http:// principle is the
first thing you need to understand before you
can master AngularJS. The general concept is
that all dependencies should be injected to
the controller so that you can test it
independently from other factors. For that
reason, everything is close in what so-called
Angular $scope (or $rootScope). You will not
in theory have access to any of the global JS
objects which are not a part of the scope.
However, it does allow you to inject $window
scope to your Angular controller. The passedObject in function accessDummyObject below will be undefined in the example below.
<script type=text/javascript>
var dumyObject = .;
<div ng-init=accessDummyObject
// AngularController
function Controller($scope)
$scope. accessDummyObject = function(passedObject){

title: Info',
text: (msg),
opacity: .8,
delay: 3000,
type: 'info',
remove: true
However, it is totally going against Angular
way and is not recommended. Rather than
doing so, you can create an AngularJS service
to wrap around it and inject the service into
your controller as a dependency.
app.factory('notifyService', function() {
return {
info: function(msg) {
title: Info',
text: (msg),
opacity: .8,
delay: 3000,
type: 'info',
remove: true
error: function(msg) {
title: Info'',
text: (msg),
opacity: .8,
delay: 3000,
type: 'error',
remove: true
['$scope', '$http', '$window', '$interval',
'notifyService', ReportDashboardController]);



To access it use $window

The framework supports unit testing with a set

of tools and mock objects for you to get started
with. Jasmine (BDD unit testing framework) and
Karma are two of the most used tools with
AngularJS for this purpose.

function Controller($scope, $window)

$scope. accessDummyObject = function(){
$window. dumyObject = .
You are freely to use JQuery accessor or call
other JQuery widgets inside your Angular
controller like the one below:


Due to the scope of the article, we could not
include step by step instructions on how to
construct a basic .NET app using AngularJS.
However, these tips below might be helpful to
Tech Watch | Page 26

#1: ASP.NET MVC (and WebAPI)

Help speed up your development as it
supports very nice routing & Web API (with
good JSON platform). It is absolutely needed
when working with a very Ajax centric
framework like AngularJS
public JsonResult GetOrderDetails(int table)
return Json(model, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
// JavaScript file
$http.get('/Order/GetOrderDetails?table=' +
(data) {
#2: Bootstrap UI (instead of Jquery UI)
AngularJS works well along with JQuery but
not quite so with JQuery UI. Bootstrap UI
(, on the
other hand, integrate nicely with AngularJS
and it supports a lot of beautiful and easy-touse widgets.
#3: NuGet Package Manager (NPM) is
your friend
Try to make use of NPM as much as you can
avoid manual adding JS/CSS files into your
solutions. Practice this installing these
packages every time you start a new solution:
1) AngularJS
2) AngularJS UI Boostrap
3) Jasmine Test Framework
4) Update JQuery to the latest (2.00+) (if
you want to use JQuery). Default JQuery
with some of the MVC version (MVC 4 especially) does not work well with latest

1. Jquery (if you plan to use it)

2. Scripts\AngularJS.js
3. Scripts\ ui-bootstrap-{version}.js (for
BootStrap UI)
4. Scripts\ui-boostrap-tpls{version}.min.js (for BootStrap UI)
#5: Utilizing third party apps/frameworks
A lot of frameworks have been ported to work
well with AngularJS. Some examples might be:
Chart library NVD3 ( and
NVD3 directives for AngularJS (https://
HighChart JS (
and highcharts-ng (
There are a lot more from the big and rapidly
growing community supporting AngularJS. The
last thing you might do is writing your own directive wrapping around some widgets which
you want to use.
Writing your own directive: http://
Example of using JQuery UI DatePicker in

AngularJS Official Page
AngularJS on Wikipedia
Hung Dang JSFiddle J
Hung Quoc Dang

#4: Script files should respect certain

order when loading

Tech Watch | Page 27


C is the best choice. Long was considering free video conferencing software that does not
operate on a secure network, which could expose sensitive or confidential information to
unauthorized individuals. Long should contact his IT team to determine other low cost solutions
that are available to him and his team.
We are sorry to say that there was not any correct answer submitted.

Earth Day is an annual event, on which events
are held worldwide to demonstrate support for
celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated
globally by the Earth Day Network, and
celebrated in more than 192 countries each
1. When is Earth Day?
What can you do for Earth Day?

Send us your answers and stand a chance to

win a prize.
The person who has a correct answer for the
question #1 and the most approximate
answer for the question #2 will be prized.
Priority will be applied basing on the earliest
sent date if there are same answers.

2. How many correct responses are there?

Trung Phan


Author: Phong Q Tran

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