Welcome Address

To our distinguished guest, to our school administrators, headed by
the Chairman of the Board and Treasurer, Dr. Arturo A. Orosco, Sr.,
our school’s President, Dr. Arturo O. Orosco, Jr., to our beloved
principal, Mrs. Maria Veronica C. Calubaquib, principals of different
campuses, dynamic teachers and staff, our dear parents, fellow
graduates, a pleasant afternoon and welcome to the Graduation
Ceremony of Saint Francis of Assisi College for school year 2013 –
The most significant event in a student’s life is none other than
graduation. And since it is the end of this stage in our education, it
brings us a mixture of joy and pain. Joy for reaching our goals, and
pain for saying goodbye to the people who became a part of our
My fellow graduates, we are about to reach high school. We must
enjoy the next 6 years of our lives in order for us to reach our goals
of graduating high school, and finally, college. Our Alma Mater,
Saint Francis of Assisi, taught us the values that we need in order
for us to face our future without fear.
We would like to thank those who worked hard in organizing this
well-prepared event. Our Graduation is even more memorable
because you have spent time and effort to ensure that we will have
a meaningful ceremony. Thank you dear teachers for the knowledge
you have given us and all those lessons you have shared with us.
Thank you dear parents for working hard to give us a good
education. We are happy that you are here with us today because
this is a milestone for us. And most of all, thank you God for all of
Your blessings.
And so my dear parents, honoured guests, in behalf of the
graduating class, it is my pleasure to welcome you to witness this
year’s Graduation Ceremony. Very soon we shall march on this very
stage, one by one, to receive our awards and diplomas.
Classmates, fellow graduates, I wish you all good luck for the
coming years in our lives. May the years to come be kind to all of us
and may God and His wisdom bless us with success. Thank you
very much. Once again, welcome and good afternoon.