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Today, human resource management has become essential to
an organization’s competitive advantage. Organizations seek
professionals who bring HR best practices and expertise, a strategic
focus, the ability to manage change, and knowledge of business and
finance. Challenges and opportunities for HR professionals have
never been greater as they are recognized as a partner in the business.

The shift to business partner provides HR professionals with

opportunities for personal and professional career growth and
a strategic role in organizational leadership. To transition, HR
professionals must increase their knowledge of business essentials
in order to maximize performance of human capital, produce
quantifiable results and add value to the organization.

University of Mary degree programs prepare you for the role of

business partner. HR programs are an integrated blend of business
and human resource curriculum designed to help individuals
progress through any level of their career. Courses are delivered in
an interactive format intended to provide “real-world” experiences
and application.
A Program Designed to Meet
Your Unique Needs
The University of Mary accelerated human
resource degree programs provide adult
learners the opportunity to earn their degree
while continuing to work. Classes are facili-
tated in a seminar style, allowing for student
participation and discussion. You learn from
one another as you develop business and
human resource skills. Classes meet from
6-10 p.m. one night at week.

Through a “cohort” format, you will earn a

degree with a group of adult student peers.
You will stay with these peers until gradu-
ating. This results in strong support, work
teams and long-lasting friendships.

Courses are delivered by credentialed faculty

who hold master’s or doctorate degrees, Admission Requirements Graduate Degree Programs
bringing practical expertise to classroom Individuals holding a bachelor’s degree from
discussions. Bachelor’s Degree an accredited institution of higher education
Applicants to the undergraduate program and who have an undergraduate GPA of
Accreditation must have a minimum of 30 semester hours 2.5 overall, or 2.75 during the last two years
of transferable college credit (2.0 GPA or of the undergraduate degree, or 3.00 in a
The University of Mary has enjoyed major field of study, will be admitted to begin
better on a 4.0 scale) from an accredited
continuous accreditation by the Higher graduate study.
institution of higher education and/or
Learning Commission of the North Central
a minimum of three years relevant work
Association of Colleges and Schools since To complete the application process, please
1969. submit:
Upon receipt of your application, your • Completed application
academic records will be analyzed to (including goal statement)
determine your status with regard to • Official transcripts
entrance requirements and a subsequent
• Two letters of reference
credit analysis will be completed.
• Resume
To complete the application process, please • Application/enrollment fee
• Completed application After successful completion of the first term,
• Official transcripts of prior credits an academic review of your progress will be
earned made. Later in the graduate program, you will
• Current resume be considered for advancement to master’s
• Application/enrollment fee candidacy according to the following criteria:
• A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for
graduate course work
• Acceptable personal, academic and
professional conduct
• An approved program of study
Foundations of the Program credentials, real-world learning in a partici- MGT 486 Employee
pative and engaging classroom environment, and Labor Relations
University of Mary human resource programs
and a schedule designed to meet the unique This course is designed to examine the
promote the business, leadership and
needs of working adults. principles and laws of collective bargaining
HR competencies necessary to become a
and labor relations as well as the reasoning
successful and strategic human resource
and practical application involved in the
leader and business partner. Bachelor HR Concentration collective bargaining process. Students will
Effective HR practices can positively affect This concentration is offered with the gain an understanding of labor management
organizational performance. The Society for Bachelor of Science in Management. issues and the need to strategically manage
Human Resource Management (SHRM) Non-degree seeking students may also apply collective bargaining and employee relations.
promotes academic programs that teach to take these courses. Contact a U-Mary
today’s business realities and real-world undergraduate adult learning counselor for MGT 487 Safety, Health and Security
problem solving skills, giving HR practitioners more information. The course is designed to examine risk
knowledge outside of HR. To meet this need, management: occupational health, safety
MGT 473 Foundations and Issues in and security. The philosophy and historical
the University of Mary has designed human
Human Resource Management development of major concepts in the field
resource curriculum based on a defined body
The overall intent of this course is to provide will be studied. Specific attention will be
of HR knowledge and existing competency
students with a comprehensive and up-to-date paid to the development of programs
models delivered within the context of
introduction to human resource management compliant with OSHA and emerging
business competence, leadership excellence
and demonstrate how to successfully apply legal issues in a variety of industries.
and an ethical philosophy of business based
this knowledge. Course content includes
on the Benedictine values.
the changing nature of human resource
Become one of the best and brightest, and management, staffing the organization,
advance your career with a degree from the developing human resources, compensating
University of Mary. human resources and managing employee

The Curriculum MGT 484 Human Resource

The curriculum is based on a solid Development
foundation of communication, critical This course addresses the impact of workforce
thinking, academic and business compe- learning and performance in a rapidly
tencies, and the HR body of knowledge changing workplace. The content of the
and practices developed by SHRM and the course is designed to provide a comprehensive
Human Resource Certification Institute approach to developing the competencies
(HRCI). necessary to a successful human resource
development business professional as well as
Students will find that the textbooks and individuals charged with the responsibility of
subjects covered in these courses will help training.
them prepare for professional exams in
order to become a Professional in Human MGT 485 Compensation and Benefits
Resources (PHR®) or Senior Professional This course has been designed to build an
in Human Resources (SPHR®) certified by understanding of the issues of compensation
the HRCI. and benefits. The course will focus on
strategic management and planning related
As a student in the HR program, you will to compensation and benefits, and explore
benefit from contemporary and academically current legislation, total compensation and
sound course content, skilled facilitators pay administration. Students will develop and
with appropriate certification and academic utilize compensation and benefits evaluation.
Graduate Human Resource relations. The course emphasizes the need MGT 624 Health, Safety and Security
Management Program of Study for HR professionals to effectively contribute This course provides students with the
to their organization as a strategic and rationale for safety and health regulations;
The graduate human resource management
knowledgeable business partner. Course demonstrates how to apply learning in
program of study is available to students
competencies and outcomes focus on the support of business initiatives; explains the
taking a variety of master level degree
importance of integrating HR knowledge with moral, legal and economic basis for standards
programs. Graduate HR courses are available
business essentials. and providing a safe and healthy work
on-site and online, and are also available
environment; describes the key elements of a
to non-degree seeking students. Contact a
MGT 618 Collective Bargaining and safety and health management program; and
U-Mary graduate advisor or adult learning
Labor Relations acts upon opportunities to meet organiza-
counselor for more information.
This course examines the principles and laws tional safety, business and strategic goals.
of collective bargaining and labor relations,
and the reasoning involved in the collective MGT 626 Contemporary Issues in
MGT 505 Human Resource
bargaining process. Today’s workplace is also Human Resource Management
in a state of rapid change and is becoming This course explores contemporary issues
This course has been developed based on the
more complex and competitive. Negotiations in human resource management and the
human resources body of knowledge defined
do not end when a settlement is reached and importance of discovering innovative
by the HRCI and the Society for Human
an agreement is signed. This course focuses solutions to provide an organization a
Resource Management (SHRM). This course
on collective bargaining as a continuous competitive advantage. Emphasis is placed on
will study the nature of human resource
process consisting of contract negotiations, current issues in the areas of globalization,
management, staffing the organization,
administration, interpretation and sometimes measurement and assessment in human
developing human resources, compensating
arbitration. resource management, conflict management
human resources and managing employee
and communication skills needed by HR
MGT 621 Strategic Compensation professionals, information and technology
This course is designed to provide a solid issues and concerns, and the demonstration
understanding of the art and science of of critical thinking and problem solving skills
compensation practices. Compensation related to HR issues.
systems can promote an organization’s
competitive advantages when properly aligned
with strategic goals. This course is designed
to enhance the student’s knowledge, skill
and analytical ability in the area of strategic
compensation practices.

MGT 622 Human Resource

The overall intent of this course is to provide
students with a comprehensive understanding
of human resource development and how to
successfully apply this knowledge in support
of organizational goals and objectives. Course
content includes adult learning and devel-
opment, gap analysis, learning objectives,
needs assessment, developing and delivering
training curriculum based on adult learning
theory, and the evaluation of programs.
The University of Mary
— an HRCI Approved Provider
The University of Mary is authorized to
determine HR-relatedness and calculate and
award recertification credit hours. Human
Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)
Approved Providers have submitted extensive
information about their organizations’
continuing education programs to HRCI.
U-Mary human resource courses have been
approved for recertification credit hours.

Additional U-Mary business courses have

been approved for HRCI recertification
credit hours.

Education Partnership
Do you or your organization need customized
or specific HR training? In addition to under-
graduate and graduate courses, U-Mary offers
workshops and training sessions focused on
providing HR professionals with the business
and human resource essentials necessary
to professional development and career
advancement. Contact us with your HR
professional development needs. The University of Mary offers this program
in partnership with the Society for Human
Resource Management (SHRM). The
Prepare for curriculum, designed by subject matter
HR Certification with the experts, covers the HRCI Body of Knowledge
SHRM Learning System® Course and includes application exercises that
Certification distinguishes a professional from develop specific competencies and decision-
those without it; certification demonstrates making skills. As a certification preparation
your mastery of the HR body of knowledge program, it consistently beats the national
and your commitment to stay informed and pass rate.
current on the best practices and knowledge
in the HR field. By attending our course, you will develop new
knowledge and skills that will improve your
If you’ve been planning to earn your workplace effectiveness immediately.
Professional in Human Resources (PHR®)
or Senior Professional in Human Resources There’s never been a better time to pursue
(SPHR®) designation, now is the time to your PHR® or SPHR® designation. With our
enroll in our updated and expanded HRCI blended approach, you’ll learn from printed
exam preparation course based on the SHRM workbooks, software, online tools and a
Learning System®. dynamic classroom experience.
The SHRM Learning System® course provides The SHRM Learning System® offers a variety The course is designed for managers and staff
an in-depth study of key areas in human of study features that reinforce concepts and in general management or human resource
resource management. Course materials help students prepare for the certification management positions:
include six extensive print modules that exam: • HR professionals planning to take the
correspond to the six functional areas, respon- • Periodic online updates cover significant PHR® or SPHR® certification exam
sibilities, and associated knowledge defined changes in legislation and HR policies.
• PHR® professionals seeking to “upgrade”
by HRCI:
• Comprehensive bank of test questions – their certification to SPHR®
• Strategic Management more than 1,600 in all.
• Certified HR professionals needing
• Workforce Planning and Employment • Practice tests that are formatted to mimic credits for PHR®/SPHR® recertification
the current HRCI exam experience.
• Human Resource Development • HR practitioners seeking professional
• An interactive case study featuring development to advance their career
• Total Rewards
real-life scenarios to test students’ ability
• Employee and Labor Relations to apply concepts learned throughout • Experienced managers who are new to
the course. the HR field
• Risk Management
• SPHR® Preparation Book to help • Other mid-level managers pursuing a
Course participants also receive an SPHR® students take a more strategic approach, career change or promotion
Preparation Book for specialized training. applying information across functional • Individuals needing recertification credits
Besides being a powerful tool for PHR® or • Access to the SHRM Learning System® Take our course, earn your certification and
SPHR® certification preparation, this strategic Resource Center, featuring HR updates, be ready for career advancement. Contact a
course fosters professional advancement Webcasts, test-taking tips, related links, U-Mary adult learning counselor for more
and builds confidence for managing HR and eFlashcards that can be printed or information.
challenges. downloaded to a PDA.

SHRM® Essentials
of Human Resource
Management Certificate Program
If you’re new to human resources or need to
strengthen your employee management skills,
the SHRM® Essentials of Human Resource
Management Certificate Program is for you.
Knowledge of the essentials can improve
valuable on-the-job effectiveness, protect your
small business from needless litigation, and
help advance your career. The course will arm
you with practical skills you can immediately
apply to your own situation.

Offered in partnership with SHRM, this
cost-effective course covers real-life HR issues,
including employment law, selecting qualified
employees, compensation, the employee
performance process, and much more. You
will also learn key information to keep you on
track with compliance issues.

The SHRM® Essentials course is specifically

designed to challenge you and provide the
skills you need to confidently face today’s • HR specialist • Employee Development
complex HR situations and compliance issues • Small business owner • Performance Management
within your organization. You will participate • Manager
in interactive case study activities designed Designed to launch your career and increase
• HR generalist
for you to practice real-life HR situations in a your HR effectiveness. Designed to deliver
• Executive assistant
non-threatening atmosphere. results. Contact a U-Mary adult learning
• Recruiter
counselor for more information on how to
You’ll benefit from the shared experiences • Office manager
earn your certificate and advance your career.
of your instructor and peers, while learning • HR administrator

techniques for handling HR challenges • Trainer
through interactive case studies designed to • Staffing specialist
make you feel comfortable dealing with HR
The SHRM Advantage
• Admissions counselor
issues. The Society for Human Resource
• Administrative assistant Management is the world’s largest association
This program is designed for entry-level HR devoted to human resource management.
This course provides important knowledge
professionals, small business owners respon- The Society serves the needs of HR profes-
and skills you can use immediately in your
sible for the HR function in their companies sionals and advances the interests of the
day-to-day job:
and people looking into HR as a career- HR profession. Founded in 1948, SHRM
change possibility. • Human Resource Management has more than 225,000 members in over
• Employment Law 125 countries, and more than 575 affiliated
These are typical job titles of students who • Recruitment and Selection chapters. Visit for more
have completed the program: • Compensation and Benefits information.
Dedicated to Your Success! Welder Library
Learn with us –
The University’s Welder Library has
The University of Mary was established
approximately 70,000 volumes of text and experience the difference.
in 1959. It is a Christian, Catholic, and
over 5,000 multi-media teaching and learning
Benedictine university with the main
campus located south of Bismarck, ND. The
materials. The Library subscribes to nearly University of Mary
600 journals and newspapers. Full-text online School of Accelerated
University was founded by the Benedictine
indices are provided in both general and and Distance Education
Sisters of the Annunciation.
special subject areas. Materials in the Library
Main Campus
are cataloged and fully accessible through
The University maintains an atmosphere that 7500 University Drive
the use of INFO*LYNX, an automated
nourishes Christian values and provides for Bismarck, ND 58504
catalog. INFO*LYNX is a joint catalog listing
individual needs and growth. 701.355.8128
the materials of Welder Library with other
800.408.6279 ext. 8128
libraries in the region. Adult learners also
Services for Adult Learners have access to the collections at the University
Fax 701.255.7687
Your success as a learner is important to
System Libraries and an international library
University of Mary faculty and staff. An array network that provides automated support
of services is available to you as an adult Fargo Center
for cataloging, database searching, and
learner in the learning community at the 1351 Page Drive
interlibrary loan through access to nearly 48
University of Mary. Fargo, ND 58103
million items. More information regarding the
library and its available resources can be found
Life-Long Learning Advisement 877.868.6279
at the Welder Library page, http://it.umary.
and Course Support
edu/library/ or by calling 1.800.288.6279,
An advisor is assigned to you the minute you
extension 8070.
enroll at the University as an adult learner. Billings Center
Questions and guidance regarding programs 3320 2nd Avenue North
of study, planning, policies and procedures, Textbook Service
Billings, MT 59101
course registration, and completion of You may purchase required textbooks from the
degree requirements are examples of areas University of Mary online by visiting www.
addressed by you with your academic advisor. and responding to the
Your academic advisor is available to you by prompts. Textbooks will be mailed the same
day as order is received and generally arrive Kansas City Center
telephone, e-mail and fax throughout your
in five to seven business days. You may also 7703 NW Barry Road
program of study. Faculty for each course
purchase your textbooks at any local bookstore Kansas City, MO 64153
you take are likewise available to you for
or online vendor. 816.741.9797
monitoring your progress, offering content
assistance, and addressing questions. The
“team” of advisor and faculty partners with
you to promote consistent communication and Distance Education: Online
academic support. 7500 University Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504
Career Services 800.408.6279 ext. 8128
The University of Mary’s Career Services
provides a wealth of information regarding
job opportunities, as well as resources to put
you on the path to success. For information
on workshops, resumes, cover letters,
interviewing, and job search, contact career
services at or by calling
1.800.288.6279, extension 8050.