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Dear Readers,
Whenever the holiday season begins, I have the
flush of excitement and anticipation that I felt as a
child when the decorations started to come out, I
wrote my list to Santa, and Mom and I planned what
cookies to make that year. But then the experience
of the years is recalled and my excitement wanes,
eroded by too many seasons of decorations coming
out in October to give stores more time to make
money and of messages to buy, buy, buy bombarding
me in the newspaper and on TV. Tears may enter
my eyes as I watch the Hallmark card and Kodak
moment ads, but I quickly wipe them away as I
ponder the fact that the promotion of such rich
family experiences all but disappears once the
holidays are over. I feel manipulated.
I countered all the commercialism with my own
children by giving them each a modest allowance
with which to buy gifts for family members, which
encouraged them to apply their creativity and
crafting skills to make the money stretch. The
present opening became joyful and noncompetitive,
full of laughs and gratitude. We have kept our
tradition of thoughtful but not extravagant gifts
even as they have become adults. It’s nice to not be
pressured to overspend when we all seem to be living
on tight budgets.
The other reason I’m jaded about holidays is
because it looks like a once-a-year-giving-frenzy
to persons less fortunate. People are hungry and Choose your level and mail a check made out to the Women’s Community Center with Women’s Press on the memo line.
homeless all year long, but it’s mostly in December Mail to:Women’s Community Center, 880 Industrial Way, SLO 93401
that we remember and donate canned goods, money
for a holiday meal, coats and other warm clothing.
All these collections and good deeds make for good Subscribe to the Women’s Press: The annual subscription fee for delivery of the Women’s
front page stories so for one month a year persons Press by U.S. Mail is $20/year (six issues). Mail check to Women’s Community Center, 880 Industrial Way, San
needy all year long experience our generosity. Luis Obispo,CA 93401. Write “Women’s Press subscription” on the memo line.
I guess I want the warm fuzzies available during
the holidays to be part of our lives all year long.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we all made volunteerism WOMEN’S COMMUNITY CENTER BOARD
and monetary contributions a part of our everyday Angie King, President
Your Opinion
lives? That we knew who in our community needed Wanted
Dawn Williams, Secretary
assistance and helped out not just with money but
ourselves? Are our lives really so busy that we cannot Kathleen Deragon Send your letters to :
entertain that possibility? Susan Howe Women’s Press–Your Opinion
I think the outpouring of generosity to the Kacey Kralicek Women’s Community Center
victims of Katrina and the other storms showed that Sue McMeans 880 Industrial Way
we do feel a responsibility for one another. May we Andy McMeans San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
keep those feelings alive. Send eMail to :
Jan Potter
Go to to find a volunteer
opportunity or to post one. Renee Sanpei
( “Your Opinion” in subject line)
Robin Werderits
— Kathleen
Karol Vogt

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 The mission of the Women’s Press is: to educate, enlighten and
empower women of all ages in San Luis Obispo County; to
show women that they can be the change they want to see in BUSINESS CARD:
MANAGING EDITOR: KATHLEEN DERAGON the world; to strive to provide a quality newspaper that builds $35/ONE ISSUE $150/YEAR (6 ISSUES)
MANAGING-EDITOR@WOMENSPRESS-SLO.ORG awareness of women’s strengths in all areas of life; to remind us
LAYOUT & DESIGN: that we are not alone in our joys and our struggles and that we 4" X 5":
REBECCA BROWN are constantly growing, changing, and making a difference. $75/ONE ISSUE $350/YEAR (6 ISSUES)
PUT “ADS” OR “SUBSCRIPTIONS” IN SUBJECT LINE Articles, essays, opinion pieces, letters, artwork, poetry HALF PAGE:
wanted & appreciated. The Women’s Press reserves the $190/ONE ISSUE $850/YEAR (6 ISSUES)
right to edit all submissions for content, clarity & length. FULL PAGE:
EDITORIAL STAFF: Contact or call


Page 2 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

Women’s Community Center
880 INDUSTRIAL WAY • SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 • 805.544.9313


Thanks for supporting Dealing With Divorce
Women’s Press! 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7 PM
Upcoming: Nov. 16, Dec. 21, Jan. 18
OUR MISSION IS: Talk with other women who have been there, done that in a
supportive, non-judgmental environment. $5 donation
Susan Rodriguez, Pat Soulliere-Ochylski • TO maintain an accessible center to collect and
exchange information of interest and concern to Self-Represented Litigants’ Clinic
women 4th Tuesday of each month – 5:30 PM
Shirley Clark Herbel Upcoming: Nov. 22, Dec. 27, Jan. 24
• TO organize and facilitate workshops, clinics,
Get family law advice from local attorneys and/or paralegals.
seminars, classes and support groups on subjects of
interest and need Reservations required $25 donation
Margaret Hennessey Call the WCC- for more information
• TO engage in and facilitate interaction and to confirm dates: 805.544.9313
among local, state and national agencies and
organizations working to benefit women

You can make a difference Mark your calendars for the upcoming cl
Learn the Basics of
Money Management
One of the programs of the can call into the Women’s times that the decisions are
Women’s Community Center Community Center to ask for even affected. After you watch,
is courtwatching. You sit in this service or you can sit in you write up the procedure on
family court and observe the on court and see that a case our form for court watch and The Women’s Community Center is offering a series of classes in
proceedings of cases of persons is a self-represented one and we gather them, summarize financial literacy, presented by Carmel Vignocchi.
who do not have legal counsel, choose to follow up on it. them as to general and specific “All too often women ask me, ‘Am I doing it right?’” reveals
self-represented litigants. It is interesting to see the observations, and report back Carmela. “Most want reassurance that the financial decisions
Court watch serves several difference in behavior of the to the family court. they have made are on target. Others question me about credit
purposes. One is to support judges when there are court If you are interested in or budgeting because they don’t know and are worried. They
those persons who are going watchers there. Patience in doing this kind of service, have never had a personal finance class. They may be lacking
through a divorce representing handling the self-represented call the WCC at 544-9313 confidence in their financial literacy skills or are seeking additional
themselves in family court. and explaining things to them and we will arrange for a knowledge. These classes cover the very basics of personal
Unrepresented litigants is present, and it seems at training session. financial literacy. They are not investment classes. Each class is a
stand-alone module that can be taken independent of the other
modules. Together all 5 modules will cover the very basics of
money management.”

Let me introduce you …

Cost: $20 each session
Prerequisites: None
BY KATHLEEN DERAGON Length: 2 hours each
My call for photographers for the Women’s Press Number of participants: Minimum 10 - Maximum: 30
reaped a bountiful response. We now have three Location: Goodwill Building, 880 Industrial Way, SLO
women who have volunteered to take photos for Time: 7-9 p.m.
the paper as needed. Let me introduce them to you. 0 06
Thanks! L2
Schedule of Classes
Lynda Roeller N ED
OOctober 5 – Getting Financially Organized: Where
I like my photographs to elicit S TP Are You Now? Where Do You Want to Be?
emotion and impact, to show the PO
October 19 – How Does Your Cash Flow?
beauty that exists at any given
moment and share it. I would rather November 9 – Banking and Credit: Tools for Your
be behind the camera than in front Cash-Flow System
of it.
November 30 – Managing Your Risks: Insurances,
Services, & Programs

December 7 – The Basics of Saving and Investing

Anne Skelton
For me, photography is about What will the first class cover? Getting Financial Organized:
capturing a moment, an interaction Where are you now? Where do you want to be?
- whether it be the play of light and At this class, you will be discussing issues regarding later life
shadow on a statue or the guy on the financial security. You will learn to:
motorcycle zooming down the street • Clarify myths from realities about later-life financial security
with a shopping bag in his teeth. I see • Identify specific action steps that can help protect financial
wonderful photos everywhere I go and security
it is my pleasure to sometimes catch • Assess your personal progress in planning, acting and
one. evaluating your financial security
• Know which financial documents are necessary to keep and
for how long
• Create a snap shot of your financial net worth.

Call 805-544-9313 to save a space.

Rani Shah
I currently work for the SARP Center, as the Crisis
Carmela Vignocchi has a Masters in
Services Coordinator. I have a goddess daughter and
Business Administration and a BA in
another one due in November! I love photography and
Psychology. She retired from Public
all things arts and crafts, especially scrapbooking! The
Education after 16 years as an Assistant
Women’s Press is one of my favorite local publications
Superintendent of Business Services.
and it’s an honor to volunteer as a photographer with
In 1996 she joined with Consumer
them. I hope to contribute more in the future!
Credit Counseling Service as the
Director of Outreach and Education.
Her passion is helping people learn about money.

Page 3 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

News National Organization for Women

Roe v. Wade Celebration

Only one person responded to my
query last issue about the changes in
our newsletter. I hope that doesn’t
mean I am writing this stuff into the This year, NOW is celebrating the 33rd including California, are fighting right-
void. The one lone response urged anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision wing attempts to restrict access. The
us to continue publishing because, with a screening of the acclaimed movie Hyde Amendment and the Mexico City
as she put it, members need local “Vera Drake” at the Palm Theatre in San
Luis Obispo. Tickets will be sold at the
NOW Prents Rule insure no federal money is spent to
terminate a pregnancy. Re-criminalizing
contact and information from the
chapter leadership. So until further door for a $10 donation to NOW. `Vera Drake´ abortion is the ultimate goal of the
notice, I’ll give you one page every Thanks to the generosity of Jim Dee,
we have the opportunity to bring you
January 22, 2006 anti-choice lobby, and they have been
successful in scaring politicians to do
other month til something happens,
like there’s too much news to fit into this movie, which tells the story of an 10 AM their bidding, even though the majority
one page (that’s already true!), or a good-hearted working class woman
who lived a happy life with her family,
Palm Theatre, SLO of the American people are pro-choice.
The good news is that Scalito cannot
someone steps forward to help.
This won’t get printed until cleaning houses for money, but also be confirmed before next year. Justice
sometime in the middle of performingNOW
HAPTER # CAfor565
poor O’Connor has said she will stay until
November, and since the news working PO
class women
BOX in London
1306, SLO, CA 93406after We are announcing this event early her successor has been confirmed. She
Imelda @ KCBX.NET as Vera
Staunton because we want to make sure everyone must be disappointed at the delays,
changes so fast, any comments on
today’s news would be out of date was nominated for Best Actress. Critics has it marked on their calendars. Join but feminists are not complaining.
by then, so I am not commenting have called this a “memorable film that us in affirming a woman’s right to O’Connor has been the swing vote on
on Roberts/Meiers/Scalito or Prop painstakingly creates a truthful and choose, which has become the issue du a lot of issues NOW supports and the
73 or any of the many other issues often painful reality.” jour (again). longer she stays the safer are our rights.
confronting us. There will be refreshments and an Bush’s judicial nominations want Join us for the movie and the
But one thing that seems not to audience discussion after the showing. to do away with Roe; many states, discussion: Where do we go from here?
be changing, and which bothers
me as much as – or more than-
the shenanigans coming out of VAWA dramatically improved the 39 countries have laws making EC
Washington and Sacramento, is the Action Shorts law enforcement response to violence available without a prescription.
lack of response to those shenanigans against women and made many more “North Country” Illustrates
at any meaningful level - by anyone NOW and Progressive Allies March services available to victims. In 2000, Woman’s Brave Fight Against
– Democrat, progressive, radical, in New Orleans: When hundreds of Congress re-authorized the law, Violence, Sexual Harassment
anarchist. I think we have all evacuating Katrina survivors, mostly adding services for rural, older and Academy-award winner Charlize Theron
internalized the rhetoric, and believe African American, attempted to cross immigrant women, as well as those with stars as Josey Aimes, a single mother
ourselves powerless to change the the Crescent City Connection Bridge disabilities. who takes a job in the iron mines of
situation, even when we could, and into the city of Gretna as they were Senate Amendment Would Northern Minnesota — a lucrative job
can, and should, maybe even taking instructed, they were met by armed Reinstate Data Collection for where men outnumber women 30 to 1
back democracy in the process. But Gretna police who had reportedly been Women at BLS and make it clear that they think women
we’re made to feel afraid and we ordered by the police chief to seal off An amendment was added to the don’t belong. The movie is inspired by
seem to have given up. We have an the bridge, denying safe passage to Senate Labor-HHS Appropriations a true story, the case of Jenson v. Eveleth
administration only too willing to evacuees. Bill requiring the Bureau of Labor Mines — the first class-action sexual
stir up our own worst demons, to NOW joined other civil rights allies Statistics to reinstate collection of the harassment lawsuit in U.S. history.
support their own drive for power. in a Nov. 7 march across that bridge, Women Worker data series. The BLS NOW is working with Participant
Sound like a call to action? Well, “sending a message to the police that had announced in August that it would Productions, one of the movie’s
it is! We can do it. But we aren’t. their actions were unacceptable and discontinue collecting data on working producers, to launch an action campaign
Where are the speeches in the inexcusable, and that people are willing women. called “Stand Up: A Campaign to End
Senate demanding answers and to stand up against racism,” according to Emergency Contraception (EC) Sexual Harassment and Domestic
threatening filibuster? Where’s NOW President Kim Gandy. Update Violence.” The campaign allows those
Howard Dean doing what he does Violence Against Women Act As long as EC is available only by who are moved by what they see in
best – railing against the machine? (VAWA) Re-Authorization Bill Still prescription, individual pharmacists can the movie to get involved in the issues.
Where are the investigative Stalled: VAWA expired September refuse to fill them. Over-the-counter Visit their web site: www.participate.
journalist exposés? Where’s anybody? 30. The re-authorization bill is stalled availability would completely bypass net/standup for more information and a
If you want to take action, write in conference committee, leaving these refusals. While we are still fighting community discussion space.
letters, become an escort at the women in limbo. Enacted in 1994, for OTC access to EC here in the U.S.,
Planned Parenthood clinic, table
at Farmer’s Market to hand out
information, or - even just to know
there are other like-minded people in Jingle Bells and All That Jazz
SLO - come to one of our meetings.
We meet the 3rd Tuesday evening
Feminist Holiday Shopping Tips
each month, at the GALA center, and NOW Party Time
11573 LOVR at 6 PM. Call 541-5242
Tis the holiday season. Pick your reason. (indeed, all their workers well), i.e.,
for directions.
It’s holiday time. And since most of not Wal-Mart. I mean businesses
winter holidays derive from the ancients that provide health benefits for
NOW Calendar using the promise of springtime renewal
to cope with the long cold darkness,
their workers, including coverage
for reproductive health; I mean
Nov 8: there are candles and fires and lights businesses that pay a living wage so
Election Day and songs and gatherings of people. families can actually have a decent
Nov 15 Each holiday has a version of spiritual life and the kids have opportunities. NOW Chapter # CA 565
NOW regular meeting, 6 PM renewal also, making efforts to clear up And of course, where possible, PO Box 1306, SLO, CA 93406
Nov 24: misunderstandings, paying old debts, patronize a woman-owned business. SLONOW @
Thanksgiving Day. Since 1916, giving gifts to each other, etc. You’ll be helping those retailers and
native peoples have also used the So, as you buy things for the people manufacturers and service providers and
occasion to celebrate their history you exchange gifts with at this winter business owners as well as giving joy to
and cultures. National American holiday season, consider the politics your friends and family with thoughtful The local chapter of NOW celebrates
Indian Heritage Month is now of your choices. I don’t mean only gifts. Those businesses that show by the Winter Solstice on December
celebrated all during November to buy local (to deprive corporations their behavior and policies that they 20, at Pat’s house. December 20th is
Dec 20 of more profit and to preserve local understand that the women employees/ Tuesday, our regular meeting date,
NOW regular meeting, small businesses thus maintaining customers are equal to men are feminist and the party starts at 6 PM with
6 PM holiday party. a vibrant economy). I mean buy to and should be supported. After all, that’s a potluck dinner. Bring musical
(See invitation this page) support feminist businesses. Those all feminism is – the notion that women instruments, beverages, etc.
that treat their women workers well are people. Call 528-6753 for directions.

Page 4 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005
Women’s Stories
Peopl’ Self-Help Housing
Helping Women Gain Autonomy
(from an interview of Jeanette Duncan by Renee Sanpei and Summer Fehrer)

Recently on National lack of skills many of

Public Radio’s us take for granted,
“California Report,” find these tutorials
it was revealed that especially helpful.
a family of four
(two parents, two Because the PSHH
children), living in understands the
California, needs importance of
to earn $71,000.00 maintaining a
annually in an effort healthy life, they
to scratch out a assist in meeting
living. Housing, the health needs of
health care, their residents by
transportation networking with
and food were health professionals
the necessities and connecting
considered in this women to the proper
assessment. services, which
This startling dollar provide prenatal care,
Photo by Lynda Roeller

amount points to the parenting skills and

ever-growing need nutritional counseling.
for organizations like Many female residents
Peoples’ Self-Help experienced their first
Housing, which for mammogram through
35 years has sought these programs and
to provide affordable PSHH Executive Director Jeanette Duncan two women were
housing in the Central diagnosed early and
Coast for single mothers, heads their lives by offering economic lack a high school diploma. and nurture their dreams to treated for cervical cancer.
of household, and those with development programs, Women are advised on career fruition. Youth programs are included
limited or no English skills. educational, health, and youth choices and the necessary skills Successful businesses include in many residences and provide
Initially, the goal was to services. needed to obtain employment. an alteration service, a floral a safe place for children after
operate a self-help housing It takes considerable skills to One program which business, and a produce market. school. Available five days a
program, which they achieve financial independence seeks to encourage women’s The knowledge acquired in week, these learning centers
successfully achieved with over and the PSHH is sensitive entrepreneurial spirit are these classes lead to financial provide tutoring, computer
1,000 rental units developed. to the needs of the diverse the small business classes stability and confidence. access, and mentoring.
They’ve also completed 3,000 population it serves. By forming conducted by Andrea Zeller, Programs ranging from Clients discover PSHH
housing rehabilitation and partnerships with Cuesta director of the Mission driver’s education and mostly through word-
home repairs. Recognizing College and Adult School Community Services creating a household budget of-mouth. For further
that providing housing wasn’t Education, English as a second Corporation. These workshops to providing exercise facilities information, opportunities
enough, the PSHH has language instruction is provided encourage women to develop further encourage wellness to help, or to make a referral
expanded into a comprehensive for women of limited or no their own business ideas, trust and self-sufficiency in women. for residential placement,
group which helps women English skills and classes are their abilities, market the Women of immigrant please contact PSHH at
gain autonomy in all aspects of offered in GED for women who business to the community communities, impeded by a 805-781-3088.

Local PSHH’s Rental Housing

ARROYO GRANDE Apartments style apartments designed for bedroom townhomes, and 6 Los Robles Terrace
Cawelti Court 2835 Schoolhouse Lane, a 24 seniors. three bedroom townhomes. 2940 Spring Street, 40
351 South Elm Street, a 28-unit unit multi-family complex, Sequoia Apartments La Brisa Marina Spanish-style apartments
development designed for has the distinction of being 365 - 389 Sequoia Street, 12 1720 17th Street, 16 providing housing for seniors
seniors. the first and, currently, two- and three-bedroom permanently affordable 62 and over. A Section 8
Oak Forest Apartments only affordable housing town homes for low-income apartments. Two, three, guarantee insures that the
163 South Elm Street, 20 development available in San families. and four bedroom units residents will never have to
affordable multi-family Luis Obispo County’s north Pacific View Apartments are included. Occupancy pay more than 30% of their
apartments developed in coastal area. 485 Main Street, a successful is restricted to households income for housing.
partnership with the City of buyout of a Farmers Home earning at least 50% of their
Arroyo Grande. Administration (FmHA) “at income from farm labor.
Sea Breeze Apartments Sea Haven Apartments
Juniper Street Apartments risk” project, which averted the ORCUTT
1251 Los Olivos, a beautiful 211-251 Addie Street, the only
119 Juniper Street, 14 displacement of the tenants, Mariposa Townhomes
garden setting for 29 one- permanently affordable rental
permanently affordable rentals many of whom are low-income. 218 Park View South, 80 two-,
bedroom units. housing in the City of Pismo
with onsite recreational A number of these tenants had
South Bay Apartments three-, and four-bedroom units Beach.
facilities for Arroyo Grande lived in the building since it constructed in townhouse style.
1351 P. Los Olivos, a 75-unit SAN LUIS OBISPO
lower -income families. was built in 1976.
apartment complex. PASO ROBLES Brizzolara Apartments
MORRO BAY 537 Brizzolara Street, 5-unit
Atascadero Gardens Belridge Street
Oceanside Gardens 401 Oak Hill Road, a family rental complex.
7480 Santa Ysabel, a 17 unit Apartments permanently affordable rental
2612 Elm Street, 21 garden- TEMPLETON
apartment complex within 1261 Belridge Street, 12 community for seniors in
style apartments providing Templeton Place
walking distance to all major townhome style apartment Paso Robles, offering 40
affordable housing for senior 1005 Petersen Ranch Road, a
services in Atascadero. units providing multi-family one-bedroom, garden-style
citizens. 29-unit apartment complex for
housing to low-income area
CAMBRIA Ocean View Manor apartments in nine single-story
senior citizens.
residents. The units consist buildings.
Schoolhouse Lane 456 Elena Street, 40 garden-
of 1 two bedroom flat, 5 two

Women’s Press November/December 2005 E-mail the editors: Page 5

Women’s Stories …
A Cultural Contrast The Continuing
Shared Over Tea Adventures of the
An emerging global about to give birth, at the her mother during the Nazi BY SHELLEY SPRANZA
consciousness calls to all of us door. No one keeps them occupation outside of Moscow.
to connect. Our opportunity informed of her condition. There is a family story that the
Four rear ends
lies in diversity. When we When the baby is born, a treatment was kind. Of course,
hung out of
interact with our neighbors, notice is posted. we are only seeing a small part
the engine
we have a chance to ask good The new mother enters of a large picture. This is one
compartment of
questions, thus weaving the the hospital alone and can woman’s story.
the Dodge when
fabric of our lives into a remain alone throughout her She knew a society closed
I arrived to pick
community. Svetlana mentally, not due to
her up from a
is my neighbor. Her ignorance rather due
routine tune-up
family emigrated from to a lack of exposure to
and oil change.
the former Soviet Union ideas. It’s an intellectual
Mechanics from
nine years ago. We met world, serious and
three neighboring
over tea. grave. Strangers avoid
shops were giving
Early on in our tea the each other’s eyes and
advice, like
subject of Motherhood do not smile. There is
specialists called “Pick her up Monday,” he
came up. I was surprised no safe place, no good
in on a heart transplant case. tells me.
to learn that in Svetlana’s neighborhood,and
“Whazzup?” I ask. Carlo, my Monday night is a re-run of
homeland, a pregnancy dangerous people
mechanic, shoots me a look of Saturday. Carlo looks grayer
is not a source of joy everywhere.
frustration. than when I last saw him.
and congratulations.
“It’s running like crap,” he “It’s better, but I can’t get
The hot cups in our Here in the United
says. the timing right,” he says in
hands, a story was told. Far delivery. She enters a world States, Svetlana has a new way
I felt his pain. I dropped the a strangled voice. I pat his
away from the Central Coast, where there is no compassion, of being. It took a long time for
car off on Thursday night. It arm consolingly.
a new mother is quiet for where rudeness and severity her to get used to the smiles,
was Saturday. In the end I pay him and say
months before she shares greet her at every turn. Taken the “hellos” from people she
“Did you check the wiper thanks. As I pull away from
the news of her pregnancy to a room full of iron beds; the did not know, the relaxed
fluid?” I ask. a light, the engine makes a
with family and friends. They mattresses piled high upon one way of life that we take for
Quick grins all around. They horrible noise. I go around the
receive it with concern, even of those beds, she must pull granted. She traveled back to
know I’m joking. I have “cool block and pull back in to his
fear. People think, “How will down a mattress, alone, make a the former Soviet Union some
chick” credit with them. shop. He’s gone. I leave the car
we survive?” Families share place for herself and wait. No years ago, looking forward to
The brand-new distributor and a note.
crowded apartments. Health is one comes to advise her. seeing her home again and
cap Carlo installed was part of “I heard a scream this
a concern. Doctors are solemn When asked about the was overwhelmed with the
the problem. morning,” I tell him when I
and talk negatively. option of birthing at home, negativity and fear present
“I put the new one on, call the next morning. “I can
All babies are born in Svetlana spoke of the women there. Upon taking her return
it runs like crap. I put the only assume it was you finding
hospitals as far as Svetlana, in her family. Their stories seat in an airplane, she felt
old one back on, and it runs my car back in your lot!”
her mother and her speak only of hospitals. The great relief to find a healthy,
better.” He laughs. “There was a
grandmother know. Members old ways of midwifery are gone young man in the next seat,
I roll my eyes. Whatever hole in your muffler. It’s fixed.
of the family are not allowed from their memories. There an American, who smiled, said
happened to quality control? Come get your car!”
into the hospital building. are no choices. Svetlana’s “hello,” and proceeded to chat
They must drop the mother, grandmother gave birth to with her.

Personal chefs are not just for

the rich and famous Lisa’s Vegetarian Chili
If you thought that having your become my Personal Chef we ner is taken care of for the next �T. olive oil
very own Personal Chef was meet bi-monthly to discuss the couple of weeks! 2 med. onions, chopped
only for the Rich and Famous, next two weeks’ worth of meals, Before having a Personal 6 cloves garlic, minced
better think again! Granted new recipes, budget, and my Chef, I poured dollars down � green pepper, chopped
it does have the ring of opu- goal to shed 30 pounds before the drain every week on � red and/or yellow pepper, chopped
lence, but if living the life of a my next high school reunion. spoiled or dried up food, fruits 2 T. canned jalapeño chilies
millionaire eludes you for the Lisa then designs a personalized and vegetables. That amount, � 6 oz. can diced green chilies
moment, you will be pleasantly menu for the my approval. Now coupled with wasteful spend- � 28 oz. can tomatoes in puree
surprised to learn that procur- the real work begins. She shops ing on junk food and eating �/2 t. ground coriander
ing a Personal Chef is not only for the best values for fresh out in delis, restaurants all the �/4 t. ground cloves
affordable, but in my particular produce (usually at Farmer’s time was ridiculous. I’ll also �/4 t. ground allspice
case, has shaved enough money Market), goes to meat and fish admit that I had no willpower 2 t. oregano
off my food bill in one month markets, bakeries, delis, and when it came to eating junk. 2 T. brown sugar
for a exhilarating weekend in ethnic markets. As for nutrition and portion 2 T. chili powder
Las Vegas! Shall I explain? Preparing the food takes control, a “well-balanced diet” 2 T. ground cumin
I met Personal Chef Lisa place in my own kitchen on an to me meant a gallon of ice 2-�5 oz. cans kidney beans, drained
Lovett through a mutual friend assigned “cook” day and is what cream in one hand and a whole �-�5 oz. can black beans, drained
who had hired Lisa to prepare a Lisa truly loves. She brings all chocolate cake in the other. �-�5 oz. can pinto beans, drained
gourmet vegetarian Thanksgiv- of her own culinary tools in- With Lisa’s expert guidance, I � pkg. (�2 ounces) Morningstar Farms Burger
ing Dinner last year. My friend cluding pots and pans to be as- now understand portion con- Crumbles, Yves Ground Round (�2 ounces), or other
was thrilled with the results. sured of having what she needs. trol and by having delicious soy ground meat substitute
From that point Lisa became my The food is prepared, packaged food ready to eat in a mo- Salt and pepper to taste
friend’s Personal Chef. (in serving-sized portions pre- ment’s notice have refrained
Good friends secretly share
the identity of their Personal
designated beforehand) and
labeled with heating instruc-
from the feeding frenzy of
a bag of Fritos and block of
I n a Dutch oven, heat oil and sauté onions, garlic, peppers,
and chilies until softened. Add tomatoes, seasonings, beans,
and meat substitute. Bring to a boil, reduce heat. Cover the pan
Chef like they would that of a tions and dated. My kitchen is Velveeta cheese for dinner.
and simmer 30 minutes.
skilled plastic surgeon. Thus, left clean and the freezer full Most surprising but best of all,
word of mouth is the best way of healthy meals to pop into I’ve discovered the fact that Don’t let the list of ingredients scare you. They’re mostly spices.
of finding the exceptional Per- the oven or microwave. The …I’m worth having my own This is a quick and easy recipe that tastes even better the next
sonal Chefs. Now that Lisa has thought of what to fix for din- Personal Chef. day. It also freezes and reheats beautifully, so make extra.

Page 6 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

… Women’s Stories

Unsung Heroine:

Annie Dunbar The Clutter

bringing clarity to conflict
which helps open lines of
Annie Dunbar is a vocalist, communication between Sometimes, to get through never had children.
artist, playwright, and people in conflict. Many times, my day, I imagine myself as Maybe if we parents all
composer. She and her husband Proactive Mediation keeps the one of those sit-com moms band together we can stop
have traveled widely through conflict out of the courts. of decades past. Remember the proliferation of the
the United States and Europe In a court setting, there them? Happy women raising cheap toy. Are you with me?
as entertainers. She is an is little time to speak and spotless kids in immaculate Think of the difference it
accomplished artist. Her plays decisions are made by a Judge. homes. They were always will make in our lives! Our
have been performed here In mediation, the playing field so carefree and in control, children can experience the
on the Central Coast and she is balanced and everyone in it seemed like even their simple joys our grandparents
has conducted theatre, vocal, the room is equal. Everyone houseplants smiled at them had; playing outside with
and face-painting workshops gets equal time. They get to be when they walked by. rocks and sticks. Those must
for adults and children. She heard. Teenagers thrive under It is not like that in my have been the days. Dirty
has introduced Non-Violent these conditions. Very often house. My plants are so fed kids, clean houses. Heck of
Q: Where does mediation
Communication to the YMCA parent and teenager reach an up with me that they would a trade-off, I say! Let’s bring
take place?
and the Rotary Club in San agreement with each other. hurl themselves at me if not back those austere times,
A. It is important that the When people have a part in
Luis Obispo County and has for their weak, neglected and the sooner the better.
mediation space is neutral drafting their own agreements,
been the featured speaker at condition. Then the only clutter we
and confidential. It should be very likely they uphold it.
various functions. I can work all day, get my will have to deal with will
neutral for all parties, including
Annie does extensive Q: What about children? kids to and from school, be junk mail and laundry
me. A neutral space is not
professional and volunteer A: Mediation is helpful for keep milk in the fridge, even trails. Oh, and dirty dishes
someone’s home, for instance.
work to help people improve children. Children feel urgency manage to have a friend or (in every room except
You don’t want to have phones
their lives. She is also an when there is unresolved two and a family that still the kitchen), and rock
ringing or people coming to the
experienced, certified conflict. They’re in pain and speaks to me. But there collections, abandoned juice
door. You don’t want personal
Facilitative Mediator with may not even know it, but it is one thing over which I boxes, closet avalanches,
objects around, which could
over 500 hours experience in shows in their eyes. Children cannot seem to gain control. trash-filled cars…oh, never
create distractions. It can be
Superior Court. are naturally inclined to resolve If you are a parent, chances mind.
an office space, a room in the
Q: Annie, what exactly is conflict. There is healing when are you know it well. It is Maybe I am just looking
library, a conference room;
a Facilitative Mediator? they connect with someone The Clutter. at it the wrong way. Perhaps
any space that is neutral and
A: A Facilitative Mediator who helps them when they I have convinced myself instead of condemning The
impersonal. There are lots of
functions as a neutral have not been able to help that if I could get my clutter Clutter in my living room,
party who provides a safe, themselves. problem under control, I should celebrate it! After
Q: Do you mediate with
confidential environment for a Q: Any parting words for everything else would fall all, there are hidden benefits
teenagers in conflict with
meeting between people who us? into place and I could take to having a messy home: I
are in conflict. Mediation is A: Conflict occurs when back my life. Alas, not only never have to worry about
A: Absolutely. I think
protected in its confidentiality communication breaks down and am I hopelessly losing the those pesky HGTV people
mediation can make a
by law. A mediator cannot be people begin to imagine what is fight against The Clutter, I dropping by to do a segment.
difference in their entire
called into court as a witness going on with the other person. am also dangerously close That annoying Type A
lives. I believe in pro-active
and anything said in mediation Issues become lost in a conflict to the point of not caring neighbor does not stop by
mediation. While working with
cannot be brought into a court dialogue. Mediation brings anymore. unannounced. And just think
the probation department, I
situation. clarity to the situation. Chances The people who invented of all the time that I could
began to envision providing
Q: Who would use a of resolution are excellent when small, cheap toys must be free up in my schedule if I
mediation before a conflict
mediator? the mediator helps people to stopped. You know what let go of the house cleaning
reaches such a level. Often,
A: Families, roommates, hear and be heard. I am talking about: Those completely!
by this time, a split occurs
neighbors, business associates, pesky little items disguised So I say, lets go for it! Let
between teenager and parent Annie Dunbar can be
friends, spouses, anyone who as party favors, fair prizes, us wear it like a badge of
that may last decades. I reached at 805-441-7391 or
is in conflict and needs help and Happy Meal toys. Those honor. Feel neither guilt nor
have developed a program proactivemediation@yahoo.
resolving it. insidious objects that find remorse; for The Clutter
called Proactive Mediation, com
their way into our homes in our lives is a symbol
and cars, into our kitchen of the most precious and
drawers, under sofas, in unpredictable challenge of
bathtubs--anywhere they them all: Motherhood.
Thank you, Rebecca. Help! can hide for a few days
NOTE: Rebecca’s moving while they procreate.
Our layout designer, Rebecca She has challenged her editor on leaves us without a layout I just know that the
Brown, is leaving her post at the to focus on the visual appeal of designer for the paper. At this
manufacturers of
Women’s Press. Over the last the paper, not just the content, time, we cannot pay for design,
these things are
two years, she has applied her and been willing to offer but next year hope to do some
fundraising that will provide sitting back in their
knowledge, skills and resources constructive and challenging orderly mansions,
at least a small stipend for
to advancing the papers visual comments on how the paper the work. If you have skills in laughing at us and
appeal. Under her skilled could be improved. All of us InDesign or Quark or know reveling in the fact
hands, the paper has become a who enjoy the paper thank someone who does and would be that they
publication that invites readers her and wish her well with her willing to volunteer to lay out the
in to read and enjoy. future graphic design work. paper, PLEASE call 474-6444.

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Holiday thoughts
What is
‘Sizzling Family Togetherness?’ From Where I Stand
From where I stand
Once, husband, two-year importance of this in the life Last year we took our family
I can see fair days and silent nights
old son, and I had lunch at a of my child, I resigned to tone portrait with my son and
and gentle seas to wash away my fright.
Chinese restaurant. Our nap- down my expectations. our four-month old daughter
Grace will be the sweet air that I breathe
free son tested the ideal of Much to our surprise, our son cuddling in bed. This year
and the smile that I offer when it is right.
family time by knocking over did everything the photographer we will opt for another low
his water and bouncing from asked of him and got a huge maintenance portrait and
From now on,
high chair to booster seat. As kick out of saying, “Stinky Feet.” recall the words a wise boy
I’ll have hope to keep me warm,
we ordered, we noticed an When it was time to write once said, “To good food and
there will be rainbows after the storms,
entree called “Sizzling Family our “personalized” greeting, I good families” (Maximus, age
the pot of gold will be a focused sigh
Togetherness.” Not wanting realized that we’d just made it 3). Happy Holidays!
and I won’t be content
to pass up a serving of fresh through some Sizzling Family Yvonne Duran is the
until I fly.
irony, we ordered it. I can’t Togetherness, the kind that mother of Maximus, age 5 and
recall what was in the dish, but tests, but reaffirms your love. Odessa, age 14 months
Starting now,
the humor of this memory has That year, we wished everyone
the wind can hold me up,
often been our saving grace. Sizzling Family Togetherness,
or keep me down
One year, as we prepared for not with the hope that they too
and only I can make the choice
our traditional family portrait, would experience a challenging
to whimper or rejoice.
our son vacillated between day with a three-year old (or
asserting his will and having sibling, spouse, parent).
When my life begins anew
extraordinarily intense, tear- But to share
I will live whole
filled meltdowns. As I evaluated how having a
and give away control.
the rapidly diminishing sense of humor
I’ll have complete faith in me
possibility of a quality family helped us keep
and never forget where I have stood...
photo, I asked myself “Why perspective
as if I could.
are we doing this?” Oh, yeah, during the
we need it for the Christmas holiday
card! After weighing the net season.

The Santa Man

There was a man today, gold bullion. I wanted to turn
standing at the exit of the mall. around, invite him home with
He was thin, with white beard me, feed him a hot dinner, and
and worn clothes. He was take care of him. I wanted to
You are the gift holding a cardboard sign.
“Hungry, homeless...”
show him that there is still
warmth and love and joy in the
Holiday Volunteer Opportunities Out of habit, I reached over
to lock my car door, then felt
“Merry Christmas,” I had
ashamed. My mind flashed said to him, like he had been
Big Brothers Big Sisters back to the store; where only an acquaintance I had run
of San Luis Obispo County minutes ago I had been casually into while shopping – “Merry
writing a check for Christmas Christmas!” For the first time
We are looking for Mentors willing to spend a minimum of 6-8 hours a month for presents my kids would take for in my life, I felt betrayed
one year with a child. We are in dire need of male volunteers in the North and South granted. The stop light turned by those words. I felt as if
County. green. I had insulted him or made
Please call for more information, 781-3226. I fumbled in the passenger fun of him. He would have
seat for two granola bars left no Christmas at all, let alone
Peoples’ Self-Help Housing behind by my children. As I a “merry” one. And why did
Will need wrapping and sorting of donated toys, clothing etc. from Toys for Tots. rolled my window down, I I lock my door and wait for
Contact Annette at 781-3088 ext 457 pushed the door lock. the light to turn green before
“Sir?” I said, as I held out the I opened the window? I felt
Transitions Mental Health Association cereal bars. He was surprised. enormously sad and empty
Volunteers to work in Growing Grounds Downtown, our new garden and gift store on
“Bless you,” his voice was low inside.
Chorro in SLO, particularly Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Possible payment
and gentle. No smile, but a I struggled with the idea
in cut flowers and plants. Should be willing to work with the public, sell garden-related
genuine kindness. that this man was once some
items, use a cash register and benefit people with mental illness. Volunteers for various
I fumbled for words, woman’s precious baby. This
bulk mailing projects. Contact Shirl Freed at 541-5144, ext. 120.
“, Merry man with cashmere skin and
Volunteers to work at TMHA’s Growing Grounds Farm in SLO. Various
Christmas....” eyes so blue--how could such a
activities. Contact Craig Wilson at 543-6071.
His cold fingers touched man become the man I pitied
If you have questions, please call me or Jill Bolster-
mine as he took my gift. His – and feared – today? I thought
White at 541-5144, 104.
skin was as soft as cashmere of my own son, now only four.
against mine; cracked and Who knows what the future
rough. That irony stays with holds for any of us? Why was
me. Our eyes connected and that man there? What had
through the intense blue in happened to him that brought
his I saw sadness, but also him to that lonely place?
comfort and reassurance, as if I know that my slight gesture
he understood the unease that I didn’t change his life; but he
was feeling. surely changed mine. I think
“Merry Christmas, ma’am.” of him often, especially when
The green light beckoned, I look at the toys I bought for
and I reluctantly pulled away, my son on that day.
still watching him in my rear- My son – who has the softest
view mirror. He clutched the skin and the bluest eyes I have
granola bars as if they were ever seen.

Page 8 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

Viewpoint of an Elder
Thanksgiving Dinner Need Never Be Solo!
Older Women Alone (OWA) marrying younger men, but occasion, there’s no guarantee. we caught up on each other’s
are discouragingly numerous. that is not apt to happen to Once I did have the prospect grandchildren, what each was
As a widow, I’ve thought about mouthy non-cooking women of a solo Thanksgiving. doing to help humankind,
it. Statistically we outlive our like me. (Plus, few single Having always been a prefaced by “What each of us
life partners, of course. And older men, unless they were hospitable soul, I decided to has to be grateful for still.” I
I’m not the only OWA who, satisfactorily married, would populate my own table with surprised myself by enjoying
after raising a family, found prove compatible as elder- other OWAs. I could think of more fun on that particular
the transition back to cooking spouses.) more than half a dozen friends Thanksgiving than when
for two boring and wasteful of I trust I made my point. whom I thought would be empathic younger friends had
time, money, and effort. Now, on to holiday festivities. happy to tell me if they’d been me as a guest (and only elder).
Even though it may seem Once the nest is emptied of invited elsewhere. Five of them So, consider the idea – it’s up
a relief to women like me to sons and daughters, they marry, had not. I ended up with a for grabs.
cease cooking “3 squares” a etc. – with varied results for potluck for five including me.
day, other kinds of OWAs take the holidays. The year may I furnished the turkey, and
casseroles to Older Men Alone come when all one’s offspring parceled out the rest of the
– even the most unpleasant are committed to spending meals to others. I think we all
ones. (I know stories, but they Thanksgiving dinners at cooked our part of the potluck
don’t belong here). Further, other tables faraway. While at that time. Since I am now in
older men alone feel enlivened thoughtful friends often invite my later eighties, nowadays we
when they marry women OWAs to be the lone older might all go to delis.
somewhat younger. Similarly, single on some hospitable At my jolly table for five,
older women feel revitalized

Don’t Quash That Squash!

As the holiday season careens for a fabulous side dish or tender. Then halve it, remove
toward a gastronomic lunch entrée. One of the more the seeds and fibers, sprinkle
crescendo, December tables
from Nipomo to San Miguel
whimsical ideas I found was
a recipe for pumpkin soup
the stringy surface your favorite
Italian herbs and some fresh Roasted Acorn Squash Ravioli
spill over with fruited pies, that comes to the table in its grated Romano and garlic, and with
traditional tamales, savory
stuffings, merry men made
own shell, ready to ladle into
waiting bowls.
dig in. A fork will twist out the
long strands of flesh and you’ll
Walnut, Sage, and Red Pepper Cream Sauce
of gingered pastry, a golden Summer squash is equally be able to savor the aesthetic (Serves 4 as a main course or 8 as an appetizer)
bird, rack of lamb, or crown versatile. And because this delights of pasta without the
roast, and the inevitable is California, the moist and fat and carbos of the egg and For ravioli:
fruitcake. So where in this tender zucchini, crookneck flour variety. 2 acorn squash
cacophony of culinary bounty and pattypan are available year All squashes are gourds: 1⁄2 c. mascarpone cheese
does the humble squash fit round for grating raw into fleshy vegetables with seeds 2 shallots, roasted and chopped
in? Anywhere it wants is my salads (unbeatable for texture on the inside and protective 1 T. fresh sage
equally humble opinion. and nutritional value); sautéing rinds outside. Time-Life’s pinch ginger
Although this gorgeous for omelettes; currying, “Vegetables” says that in salt and white pepper
gourd is on the “ick” list of stewing, or baking en casserole. summer varieties, the rinds 1 package round wonton papers
foods children are most likely There’s Asian style squash and seeds are tender and
1 egg
to leave on their plates, squash rings with ginger, soy sauce edible because the squashes For sauce:
deserves a special spot on our and honey; penne pasta tossed are harvested when they are 1⁄2 c. walnuts
winter menus, both festive and with thyme-flavored Hubbard immature. 2 roasted shallots, chopped
otherwise. Beginning with the squash; a spicy squash and Winter squashes like generous dash julienne sage
first blustery days in October, black bean stew; even squash Hubbard, acorn, pumpkin, and 1⁄2 c. marsala wine
when the most famous of pancakes with nutmeg and butternut have tough seeds 1⁄2 stick butter
squashes, the pumpkin, cinnamon. Chef Christian Raia and hard shells. Nutritionally, pinch nutmeg
announces the end of summer has created a truly spectacular all squashes are high in fiber 1 roasted red pepper (seeded, skinned, & julienned)
for sure, squash satisfies use for squash. His roasted and plentiful in vitamins and 1⁄2 cup fontina cheese
appetites in a surprising acorn squash and mascarpone minerals. And the best thing
number of ways. raviolis with a sage and walnut about them is their limitless Halve, seed, and roast the squash (cut aside down) in a
Did you know, for instance, sauce will turn that warm versatility going from the 375° oven for about an hour. Scoop out flesh and mix with
that pumpkin can be used for winter menu from satisfying ground to the plate. They’re all but wonton wrappers and egg. Fill each wonton round
more than just pies? Or that to sublime. The recipe, easily kind of like mushrooms that with quarter-sized spoonfuls of mixture. Brush perimeters
the bright orange flesh of adapted for home cooks, way; they have a unique texture with eggwash and place second wrapper on top; crimp sides
to seal, pushing out all air. Cook in boiling water 3 - 5
acorn squash makes a spicy and follows this article. and flavor of their own will take
minutes; strain under cold water; coat in oil and reserve.
tempting soufflé? Add some If you’re waging war with on whatever combination of Make sauce: Saute shallots in 1 T. oil 3 minutes over light
anise, cardamom, and lemon pasta, lay down your weapons spice, herb, oil, or condiment heat; add walnuts for 1 more minute. Add roasted pepper
to the dense and hearty flesh and your will power, and make you can think of. another 2 minutes; deglaze with marsala. Reduce by 3⁄4; add
of a butternut squash and turn peace with the spaghetti So as the year winds down sage, cream, butter, nutmeg, and cheese. Cook until bubbles
supper into a winterfeast. The squash -- nature’s gift to the and the New Year dawns, never form on entire surface. Add ravioli to the pan and place it
sweet and tender chayote, incorrigible fork twirler. Just underestimate the power of the in oven, pre-heated to 400° for 3 - 5 minutes. Garnish with
mashed with sautéed onions pierce this large, canary yellow squash. Eat well and be happy. fresh sage, walnuts, and roasted peppers.
and grated Parmesan can be winter squash with a fork and
stuffed back into its own shell bake or steam it whole until

Bt wish for the holidays and for the new year
from the WCC Board & the Staff of the Women’s Pr
Page 9 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005
Body and Soul
Being at Peace Using Yoga and Ayurveda
This Holiday Season During the Winter Season
BY LISA JANSEN wind is high and nature begins colors such as gold and green;
BY LAURA HYDE AND HOLLY PADOVE to pull her energies inward in and of course centering

preparation for winter. This is meditation. Self-reflection and
When you think of the oga and Ayurveda have a time when many of us begin gentle walks versus marathon-
upcoming holidays what comes both been around to feel off-balance, as if we are like runs are also helpful.
to mind? Family get-togethers? more than 5,000 years pushed in all directions by the Once a yogi understands the
Spending money? Stress? For and are two ancient healing windy conditions! basic principles of Ayurveda
most of us, singing to the tune traditions from India that Because many of us are and his or her own rhythms and
of the “holiday blues” seems complement each other; in feeling symptoms of the needs, he or she can tailor these
more realistic than “Joy to the fact Ayurveda is considered Vata season, from anxiety principles to meet their needs
World.” Depression occurs the healing side of yoga. Yoga to spaciness to feeling cold on a year-round basis. In fact,
more frequently during the cleanses both the body and to constipation, we can a seasoned practitioner will do
holidays than any other time of mind through asana (postures), incorporate yoga asanas that just that. Through the Yoga
the year. Although the holidays pranayama (breathing help to “ground” and warm us. Sutras (yogic scripture) , a yogi
present us with a wonderful exercises), meditation, and is asked by Patanjali (father
chance to bond with each discipline. Ayurveda, which of yoga) to honor and support
other, to celebrate the spirit means the “science of life,” According to Ayurveda,
one’s system by choosing foods,
within each and every one of offers a natural, balanced each person has a unique
Laura V. Hyde, M.A., pro- activities, work, and social
us, they’re often imbued with approach to optimal health. constitution, or “dosha” and
vides counseling and coach- situations that increase one’s
stress and anxiety. The principles of Ayurveda therefore Ayurveda takes
ing and is a national author balance rather than deplete it.
Why? Because we’ve been address all aspects of well-being into account an individual’s
and speaker. Laura is also In other words, being in
taught to succumb to societal - mental, physical and spiritual. particular needs in order to
the host of “Relationship agreement with the Yoga
norms: spending time with Every decision that one makes create balance and health in
Wisdom” on Public Televi- Sutras, a yogi would choose a
others and buying gifts is can be a beneficial choice her life. Each of us is either
sion and may be contacted lifestyle that not only maintains
expected. Yet whenever that encompasses Ayurvedic Vata, Pitta or Kapha, or a
at or her health and well-being at all
we do something out of principles, from the food you combination of all three.
805.748.7506. times, but permeates into the
obligation--versus pure desire eat and the time you go to sleep Vata is comprised of air
world in which we live. This
and willingness--we’re not and wake up to the colors you and ether, Pitta of fire and
has a positive effect on all other
following our heart and stress what to give, consider first, surround yourself with, the water, and Kapha of earth
sentient beings that we come
and anxiety are likely to ensue. what you want to give, then books you read, and the music and water.
into contact with.
Obligation demands sacrifice notice your body and your you listen to. There’s more to it than what
and sacrifice is in opposition energy. If your energy sags The fall is a time of change These types of asanas include Westerners originally realized
to love. And since most of us while thinking about what to as the weather shifts from gentle yoga that promotes when they approached this path
have been raised to believe give – stop It means you’re warm to cool, the wind picks warming, circulation and a to self-realization! It’s more than
that love requires sacrifice, considering something you up, the sun sets lower in the downward movement of energy a discipline; it’s a lifestyle.
our perception of what we really don’t want to do and are evening sky, and schedules are to help provide a foundation Luckily, we have the rest
should do, versus what we not following your heart. tighter with the start of school and balance us. Examples of our lives to understand,
truly want to do, has become Giving from your heart and less daylight to get things include slow sun salutations, practice, and enjoy! As I tell my
convoluted. Whenever we feel means listening to it and done. Our bodies inherently squats and asanas that engage students, “It’s all about process;
obligated to do anything (this following it. As you access your follow nature’s rhythm, and as the legs such as warrior 1, stay engrossed in that and
applies to giving and receiving), heart’s desire, your energy will we get deeper into fall we begin camel, and bridge pose. unattached to any outcome. The
there’s a sense of sacrifice and increase, leaving you inspired to require more nourishing, Forward bends are also great as fruits of labor will start to seep
expectation. and at peace. Think about warming foods, more sleep they help us to relax. their way into your daily lives.”
The greatest gift we can give it; what better gift can you and practices to support us in In addition to warm
another is our willingness to give someone than your love? maintaining our balance. “comfort” food and grounding Lisa owns Central Coast
be happy and at peace, which Despite the commercialism During this fall season, yoga yoga asanas, you can subdue or Yoga and teaches to students
means taking care of our body, around the holiday season, the practitioners can do yoga with even eliminate Vata imbalances of all ability levels.
mind and soul. These “gifts” greatest gift we can ever give Ayurvedic principles in mind. with soothing music; a nice Holly is a practicing
are not only genuine and from is our willingness to be ourself, According to Ayurveda, fall is warm bath using aromatherapy Certified Ayurvedic
the heart, but they’re free. to be true to who we are and considered the “Vata” time of oils such as jasmine, clary sage Specialist and teaches Yoga
This year, while contemplating extend that to everyone. year, where the air is cool, the or rose; warm and soothing at Central Coast Yoga.

NEW COLUMN: Spirituality Matters

Towards a Feminist Spirituality for the New

Millennium: Religion and Spirituality
“Who am I? Why am I here? or only when crisis strikes, is dimension that melds and the coincidences that spark
Where am I going?” are the same energy or force that unites us as essentially one our curiosity, bearing in mind
questions that most of us ask we read about in the prayer and the same. Unique and the old French proverb that
at some stage of our lives. For books of the faith community different and yet at the same suggests coincidence is God’s
some, the questioning comes to which we belong or in which time, identical. Are we human way of remaining anonymous.
through personal experience we were raised. beings on a spiritual journey For women particularly, the
of trauma. For others, natural For spiritual seekers or spiritual beings on a human time is now, to speak our truths
curiosity or maturity motivates interested in world religions, journey? The answer is yes. and take hold of our lives. Heather Mendel, author
these questions. We tend to it becomes apparent that Non-denominational Spiritual direction is the of “Towards Freedom: a
look inwards as we ponder the surface rituals of our spiritual direction and storytelling of, and deep feminist haggada for men
the meaning of our lives and individual faiths may keep us journeying is the process of listening to, the sacred nature and women”, has focal-
face our own mortality. The apart, while the underlying accompanying others on the of our lives that motivates us ized women’s spirituality
journey on which we embark essence or mystical core of spiritual journey. Neither to sense God’s presence in our groups for the past 15 years.
as a result of the asking is each religious tradition comes psychotherapy nor counseling, everyday, mundane experiences, A calligraphic designer
one of discovery, relating to from the same wellspring. it is the opportunity for one- translating the ordinary to and artist, she is able to
combine her love of the
our unique life-story and our Like a cup, that needs both on-one ‘God-talk’ that passes extraordinary, leading us
written letter and painting
spirituality. its outer, material body through religious barriers to know peace, to live with with her ongoing studies in
For some, religion and composed of clay, as well as that may separate, moving compassion, and find the joy universal spiritual teach-
spirituality may be one and the the emptiness within that the journeyer deeper into the that is our human birthright. ings. She can be contacted
same. For many, this is not the spherical shape, to function “center space” of the cup, the As this column will now through her website at
case. We can ask whether the as a cup, we each have an mystical and mysterious center be a regular feature, we will,
God or Higher Power to whom outer physical body, individual of our lives, bringing us closer welcome your questions of a E-mail: heathermendel@
we pray in the sanctuaries of and totally unique, as well to Divinity. It is about sharing spiritual nature for discussion or called at
our own souls, on a daily basis as the inner, fluid spiritual the sacred stories of our lives, in future publications. 544-4933 or 201-2932.

Page 10 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

Local Perspective
Celebrate the Cynic's Corner
Results 2005 ‘I DO’
A long time ago, after my fi rst added to the appeal, but even regarding the conventionality
It’s not often progressives intentional that the measures divorce, I stopped believing for an old cynic like me, joy of the institution of marriage.
get to celebrate after an affecting the state’s three in marriage. Due to a broken was the theme of the day. So, maybe a cynic is just
election, but the recent most vulnerable populations heart and stolen dreams, my Seeing my daughter (who a disenchanted idealist or
special election results are were placed first, drawing idea of wedded bliss was given took her husband’s name, by romanticist; maybe being
a cause for celebration. All voter attention? over to disillusionment and the way) and my new son- cynical is something a person
the propositions went down The election cost us all disappointment. Marriage, in-law looking so buoyant, becomes after they are
to defeat! Even here in SLO a lot of money and time– to my mind, was for co- and so dizzyingly in-love, disappointed a few (hundred)
County. collectively, the state spent dependents, conformists, I realized that although times and cannot fight back
Proposition 73, the parental more than was spent in the and business majors. No self- marriage time had passed for without giving/losing their
notification restriction on last presidential election respecting cynic would want me, there was still something hearts again.
abortion for minors, squeaked nationwide – and what did a government-sanctioned extremely captivating about a Or maybe, a Cynic just
by with the closest margin, we get? Was it worth it? sanctuary that required a hopeful future and a lifetime needs to go to her daughter’s
but was defeated nonetheless. YES. We actually got a lot license, tax assistance, and a of promise. Standing with wedding, in a beautiful garden,
The other close race, the for our efforts. We proved we legal correspondent. an array of our east-coast/ in the middle of heaven,
public workers’ union check- could stop the machine. We However, last week I west-coast guests who flew, surrounded by loving family
off measure, also went down might even have reversed the attended a garden wedding drove or somehow shlepped and friends from all over the
to defeat. trend towards rampant right- that was so beautiful, and so to Nipomo (where? the New country, seeing her daughter
The early returns showed wing autocratic paternalistic enchanting, that it brought Yorkers asked), I felt that the in the most magnificent
Propositions 73, 74, and 75 government. We mobilized tears to my eyes, and elation time had come for me to drop Cinderella gown, watching love
initially being approved, large numbers of people to my skeptical heart. The my pessimism regarding the blossom and hearts opening
but as returns came in, the in an off-year election, fact that it was my youngest fifty-percent marriage success with joy, and take a deep
margins got smaller and people we hope to count daughter’s wedding may have (failure) rate, and my suspicions breath and say “I DO,” too!
smaller, and by 11 PM, the on to continue pursuing
tide had turned and from then progressive policies. Our
on there was never a doubt. victories will make those
The other propositions were in other states who were
defeated by big margins. counting on California as the
One thing I noticed in beginning of a nationwide
watching the returns is that campaign to limit civil
the first three measures
were the only ones ever in
rights pause and re-think
their strategies. And, we did Circling the Square
contention; it’s as if voters got protect the rights of women BY DOROTHY SEGOVIA
that far in the booklet and and teachers and public
said the hell with it and voted workers, and that is no mean
no on the rest. Is it ironic or feat. So let us celebrate.

Gender-based biases are what I is learned. Yet all

Your business card here call “projection erections.” Just powerful means is
$35 /ONE ISSUE • $150/YEAR (6 ISSUES) the other day, I found myself, that a person knows
powerful woman who was my
a columnist for a women’s what they want and visions a
teacher for a very short time.
newspaper, buying into the path to their goal-a path.
CALL 544-9313 tired boring societal belief that Assertive, strong, and
Once I realized that I had let
those biases into my psyche,
powerful women are shrews, confident are the words used
I was able to let them go. The
gold diggers, and plain old to describe men’s qualities.
stories were just stories; I was
nasty. I had to bust myself for Supportive, kind, feeling, and
able to get in touch with my
a projection erection, which emotional are the stereotypical
own reality.
is believing that the one with words used for women. When
The truth is that for one
the penis gets to be strong, women are assertive and
short moment I was blessed
assertive and named powerful, strong, they are unfeminine.
enough to stand along side this
but the one without a penis Unattractive. Too smart, too
wonderfully strong, confident,
and the same qualities is named strong, too independent.
direct, kind and gracious
“bitch.” Or worse. Unable to be both feminine
human being who inhabits the
I remember once hearing and powerful. Until Wonder
body of a beautiful woman.
two male coworkers talking Woman burst on the scene,
And once I got over my scared
about a particularly beautiful powerful females were the
self, I realized that power lives
sales rep that had a car they witches and evil stepmothers in
in a female body like mine.
coveted. Divorce, they assumed fairy tales.
May you and your daughters
knowingly, as she roared off in Water cooler office politics,
live powerfully.
her silver Porsche oftentimes engaged in by
“Do you know that she got women, further combines
the car through divorce as a with our programmed psyches
fact or are you just jealous?” to perpetuate the myth. If Dorothy Segovia asks you to
I asked. Of course, if this men are doing the gossiping claim power against the next
astute lady did get the car in (because men are still seen as prejudicial joke or statement
a divorce settlement, it would the ones in the know), then the you hear against women.
automatically discount her rhetoric they are spewing about Power can take the form of
college degrees and hard work the head of the department, noticing, commenting or
that got her the job of account company, etc, must be true, writing down your own fear-
representative in the first place. right? based beliefs. She is currently
A projection erection is The real danger lies in letting writing a book about
buying into a fear-based idea such statements seep into female power and invites
and accepting it as truth. The our psyche uncontested. Not you to share your stories.
idea comes to us from society, knowing myself well enough All e-mails will be held in
parents, and television. Power had me believing the biased confidence. Send your stories
as unfeminine is a belief that statements I learned about a to

Page 11 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

Local Perspective

Growing on #’s Having a Personal Life During the Holidays
Mind Your Business

May this year-end season find you your wellbeing is the primary matter. Embrace the discovery Is it possible for the 2. Set priorities and
and those you hold dear healthy, self-employed to have a plan ahead. Once you
concern in your relationships, and recovery of your innate
appreciative and anticipating our personal life? have your personal mission
for without your own true Self treasures.
collective progression. This question becomes defined, you are focused
in tact, there is no way that
Whether you celebrate our
annual transition in a traditional,
you can give or receive the love
and caring that you are capable
S EVEN: Since it is highly
probable that you will
be tempted to explore some
more relevant as the
holidays arrive and each
and better able to align
your priorities. What
new-age or personally designed of us are struggling to do are the top ten things
and worthy of. realm(s) of the forbidden,
way - or not at all, do find time to it all – especially women! you want to accomplish
honor YOU and acknowledge all
the growth you have experienced
T HREE: It’s highly
probable that you will
enjoy many opportunities to
choose those experiences
that represent your most
enlightened understanding
Women typically take on
responsibility for holiday
through the holidays?
Write a schedule to
during 2005. Whatever the effect traditions – engaging achieve your goals.
reveal and/or become better and possibilities. Because the the children in creative 3. Increase your self
of your most gratifying encounters
acquainted with your-own- decisions you make today activities like baking esteem. Know who you
or the extent of your challenges,
true Self. Whatever creative determine how your future holiday cookies, making are and what you are really
know that under the universal
experiences you initiate or unfurls, use clear-headed decorations, or, for the good at.
influence of #7, every experience
choose to explore, do so bent confidence as you reconsider, really ambitious, making
you encountered served to augment 3. Protect your time
on self-expression. Whatever redefine, and refine your personal holiday gifts and,
the use of your intuition, self- and manage your
your profession or personal aspirations. Pursue moderation oh, then there’s our desire
knowledge, and ability to perform relationships; be they
involvements require, you will in all you do. for those special romantic
–as only you can. clients, family or friends.
be wise to read all of the small
Having evolved to the 8th phase IGHT: When a personal times with our significant Respect yourself and
print and between the lines year # equals a universal other.
of a 9-year numerological cycle, don’t over commit. Set
before joining. year #, you can expect one All this and manage a
during 2006 you will be called upon boundaries. Some small

to choose between behaviors that OUR: On the ground of the most rewarding and, small business, too?! business owners believe
represent quick, fun fixes and those floor of your evolutionary possibly, challenging years Studies indicate that they must jump at
which facilitate the very best life cycle, you are in a position of your life. To realize the more than 50 percent of everyone’s whim: doing
has to offer. The influence of the #8 to capitalize upon, with and powerful potential of this small-business owners so lowers your value in
may appear, at times, to tear things through your circumstances. configuration and enjoy the work more than 60 other’s eyes because it
apart, compelling you to reexamine Many of the choices you face benefits available to you, hours a week. Are we shows you don’t value
how you relate with yourself, will be related to your finances. making and sticking to a plan really holding reasonable yourself. Clients, in
sustain your relationships, pursue You may want to consider that will support your process. This expectations of ourselves? particular, like to know
your goals, and choose your path. in order to improve the flow plan should help you make Ask yourself, can you really they are seeking products
Rely on your skills of discernment, in your direction, a generosity the right decisions at the right maintain all the personal and services that are in
be true to you, and relish the fruit of spirit that facilitates sharing time with the right people attention on the home high demand – so let
of your wisdom. and giving will make room for under the right influences if front as well as working them know that you’d
While the influence of #8 will more and better in your life. you concentrate on maintaining those 60+ hours a week? It love to do their work
balance. While a numerological is important to keep these
touch us all, your personal year # IVE: In this position you but that you are already
provides your specific guidelines consultation can really benefit expectations in check committed. Then suggest
are primed to expand
for 2006. Add your birth month# you at this stage, whether you and keep life in balance an alternative deadline.
upon your 2005 efforts. If
+ your birth day# + 8, and choose this option or not, – especially through the 4.Take time for re-
you have been conscious and
then reduce this # to one digit. avoid extremes. holiday season. creation. Time away
genuinely caring about the
“How do we do that?”
Remember? people and circumstances you INE: You are set to corral from work allows you to
you might ask. I believe
O NE: Have fun with this encountered, you have every and rid yourself of any re-create yourself and
the answer is in planning regenerate the batteries
new beginning. The reason to anticipate rewards leftover, useless or otherwise
ahead, holding yourself to which feed the sparks of
transitions you faced in 2005 that appreciate and augment unhealthy pieces of your past.
reasonable expectations, creativity. Making exercise
have cleared the way for a more your value. Many opportunities It’s time for you to clear the
and in setting priorities a priority creates windows
original, enlightened approach to broaden your sphere of way for your future endeavors
and boundaries. of time for re-creation.
in your life. Your choices influence are yours. Do avoid and make room for more
1. Develop a personal Brainstorms that come to
create openings for improved being too full of yourself to satisfying living. Whatever you
mission statement. you from re-creation time
circumstances. If you can avoid believe and behave wisely. may be concerned about losing
Attend the free Brown can revamp your business
will definitely be replenished
making ego-centered decisions, IX: While the only person Bag Dialogue workshop and lead to increased sales.
how you design this first year of you can modify and more fully as 2006 moves
Dec. 9 from noon – 1 pm
this new cycle will support your improve is you, your gentle into 2007. Decide and do Ultimately, holidays are
at the Creekside Career
dreams coming true. You may influence can contribute to – consistently. for celebrating love and
Center in SLO. Call 595-
be called upon to lead. resolving many situations that It has been an honor and an thanksgiving for our gifts.
1357 to register. Or visit

T WO: Interactions with concern you. With whom and absolute privilege to share my Begin the celebration of
others carry a great deal how you choose to share your numerological experience with missionbuilder/index.html love and thanksgiving
of weight for you. You may gifts determines the extent of you. You have my appreciative for a free wizard to help within yourself, then
find it necessary to choose your delight and succeeding. best wishes for joyously happy you write your personal channel the abundant
between those who nourish Your intentions and good holidays and the very best and most mission statement and/or overflow to those around
you reciprocally and those deeds will be noticed and beneficial of everything you seek a corporate statement you. Bountiful peace and
who do not. Keep in mind that appreciated by those who during the coming year. as well. good will to all!

Andrea Zeller, Executive

Director of Mission Com-

munity Services, coordinates
Women’s Business Partners
(WBP), which serves every-
one interested in establish-
In San Luis Obispo County, 26% of families with a female head of household ing self-sufficiency through
and no spouse present had incomes below the poverty level. small business ownership
—American Community Survey Profile, US Census Bureau, 2003 while primarily focusing as-
sistance towards socially and
In 2000, the median income for women in California was $20,527 while the economically disadvantaged
minimum annual salary a woman needs to be self-sufficient with one child in women. WBP can help those
any county in California is $22,132. who speak only Spanish. Vis-
—US Bureau of Labor Statistics it or call
595-1357 to find out more.

Page 12 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

Community Bulletin Board

• Workshops •
Hospice Workshop
“Coping With the Holidays”
The holidays are a very dif- on Tuesday, November 15, from The TV show that inspires
ficult time for those who have 5:30-7 pm and Tuesday, Decem- awareness & growth
through relationship.
Spialists in women’s
recently dealt with a death, or ber 13, from 5:30-7:00 pm at health for all ag
the impending death, of a loved the Hospice Office, located at –
SLO Public Access, Ch 2
one. Hospice of SLO County 1304 Pacific Street in San Luis Hosted by national author, Low-cost/no-cost
is offering a Holiday Workshop Obispo. There is no charge to speaker & counselor reproductive health servic
(on two separate evenings) to attend the workshop. for women, men and teens
help support those who are Please call the Hospice of- Laura V. Hyde –
dealing with a loss. fice for further information, Minor urgent care
The workshop takes place 544-2266. 805.748.7506

Mon-3:30PM • Wed-7PM San Luis Obispo 542-0900

Sat-4PM Pismo Beach 773-4500
The Basics of Atascadero 610-8865

Money Management
Bi-monthly at the Goodwill Building
880 Industrial Way, SLO
7 to 9 p.m.
$20 per session (Scholarships available)
Session 1 – Getting Financially Organized:
Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Call 805-543-9313 to save a space. 1345 Broad Street, SLO

• Lifestyle Management
If you have an ad or a listing you would like to • Certified Applied
appear in Workshops, call 805-544-9313
• Sports/Work Rehabilitation
• Certified Sacro-Occipital
• Nutrition Counseling
• Gentle Care
• Massage

ok ing for Then look to your good neighbor

Lo State Farm® agent. Through an
unbeatable alliance with
Fortis Health*, I’m offering flexible
and affordable insurance coverage.
If that’s what
you’re looking
for, come see
me today:
Code Pink meets the second Monday of every month at ECOSLO, corner of
Marsh and Nipomo in SLO from 7-8:30 p.m. Susan Rodriguez, Agent
Call for details on coverage, costs,
Lic.# 0D30697
Current activities include putting together Soldier Care Packages (contact restrictions and renewability.
*Coverages issued and underwritten 1317 Broad Street Suite A
Shelly at, helping a Katrina displaced family living in Santa Maria by Fortis Insurance Company,
San Luis Obispo, CA
a Fortis Health member company,
(contact Vivian at, and countering military recruitment Milwaukee, Wisconsin. No member 805-783-7050
at local high school campuses (contact Sherry at picky@slonet) The group is also of the State Farm family of
companies is
working on getting a resolution passed at each city council requesting the National financially
responsible for the
Guard be brought home (contact Dawn at
Items needed for the troops: lotion, AA & AAA batteries, pop tarts, sun screen
Individual Medical
Coverage product. Like a good neighbor,
(SPF 30+), magazines, cup-o-noodles, shampoo, conditioner, canned soup, Spam,
Fortis Insurance
Company is not an
State Farm is there.®
cookies, trail mix, envelopes (no stamps), crackers, candy (not chocolate, it melts), affiliate of®
State Farm.
stationery, canned fruits, tuna, feminine products, beef jerky. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois
For information contact Vivian 801-0466 or Dawn 544-0826. P01421 11/02

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Community Bulletin Board
We are a senior group where Equality Coalition
you can get help on various The Civil Marriage Equality
computer subjects. Meets 1st Coalition of San Luis Obispo
Thurs. each month 10 a.m. is now organizing to defeat
at Arroyo Grande Hospital, the proposed California
Halcyon at the corner of Fair Constitutional Amendment
Oaks in the conference room, to prohibit gays and lesbians
which is in the Annex. from civil marriage. The
Info: 528-3892 or initiative would also nullify all domestic partnership rights.
This initiative is expected to
be on the June 06 ballot.
�������������������������� Long-Term Care We need help. If you would
We are a zestful non-smoking Ombudsman Services like to volunteer, please
group of 60+ seniors who enjoy provide monitoring visits contact David Kilburn at
������������������������ various lifestyles of tennis, and resident advocacy for or
golf, dancing, theater, travel, skilled nursing and residential 440-6487.
cards, dining, etc. care facilities for the elderly
Info: 489-5481 or throughout SLO County. Information and referral Women’s Shelter
����������������������������������������������������������� available for families Holiday Baskets
considering placing a loved
World Dance Studio The Women’s Shelter Program
one in long term care.
The World Dance Company is currently soliciting items
Upcoming training for new
specializes in promoting to fill their holiday baskets.
volunteers: January 2006.
and performing in benefits Perishable items such as turkeys
Please call Jess at (805) 785- and/or hams and non-perishable
and fundraisers for arts and 0132 with any questions.
humanitarian organizations. items such as canned and
Your business card here The World Dance Studio and packaged food or market gift
cards would be appreciated.
Company has a new e-mail Compassion & Choices
address and server: Contact Louise at 781-6401,
$35 /ONE ISSUE • $150/YEAR (6 ISSUES) (formerly End of Life Choices) ext. 110 (Tues/Wed/Thurs.
has new phone numbers: 938- 9:30-3:00), for drop-off
7853 or 458-5328. location and times/dates.

‘Voices of Christmas’ CASA Benefit

EOC Health Services

Clinics provide low-income,

uninsured, and underserved

women with access to lifesaving
screening programs for early
detection of breast and cervical
cancers at low to no cost
Monday through Friday year-
round at two clinic locations. Mark Padgett, creator
In addition to clinical breast and host of the Voices of
exams, mammograms and Pap Christmas luncheon, joins
NEW DIRECTIONS FOR KIDS tests, the San Luis Obispo and the children from the Joy
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CENTER Arroyo Grande Clinics ensure of Music Kids’ Choir for a
appropriate diagnostic follow- holiday song.
Individual Therapy /Sensorimotor Groups up, case management and
for Children with Special Needs
referral for medical treatment Mark Padgett will host he 11th Annual Voices of Christmas
Sande Rutstein, OTR/L when appropriate. luncheon benefit for CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates)
Occupational Therapist SLO Clinic, 705 Grand Ave. featuring Phoenix Fine Catering, The Uncommonne Carolers,
South County Clinic, 1152 E. Usonia Jazz Band, silent auction, live auction and raffle of holiday
145B Bridge Street Arroyo Grande, CA
Grand Ave. in Arroyo Grande wreaths created by local designers.
Phone 805-541-7628 • Fax 805-528-5069
To make an appointment, When: Friday, Dec. 9, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
“Holding the potential of each precious child” call EOC Health Services at
Where: SLO Veterans Memorial Building,
544-2478 for San Luis Obispo
801 Grande Avenue, San Luis Obispo
or 489-4026 for Arroyo
Grande. Tickets: $45 per person, $500 for sponsor table of ten
Call 541-6542 for reservations

Commiion rponds to community concerns

GE Task Force Expands
On October 17 the San Luis about GE foods raised in last to investigate and gather
Obispo County Health year’s election. information.
Commission unanimously Measure Q, an initiative The Health Commission, on
voted to create a more balanced aimed at keeping GE crops a motion from Dr. Don Pinkel,
GE Task Force. from being grown in SLO unanimously voted to add three
The Task Force was formed, Co., was defeated but many more members to the task
at the request of the Board SLO Co. citizens remained force balancing the professional
of Supervisors to the SLO concerned about the health, training of its members.
Co. Health Commission, environmental and economic The Health Commission
to investigate the health impacts of GE crops being now seeks a biomedical
implications of genetically locally grown. The Board of researcher, a biomedical
engineered crops and foods. Supervisors requested both ethicist, and a public health
This request came in the Health and Agricultural professional to join the task
response to public awareness Departments form task forces force.

Page 14 E-mail the editors: Women’s Press November/December 2005

545.8888 489.5481 466.7226 (Atascadero/Templeton)
781.6406 Free monthly workshops 541.7908 544.1342 (SLO)
(inc. domestic violence support groups) FINANCE/BUSINESS SLO 549.9446
545.8888 GAY & LESBIAN
781.6400 CODE PINK
541.3211 Mostly socializing! Call 474.9405 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS
927.1654 544.2266
Women’s Recovery Home 481.8555 544.2266 and 434.1164 ADULT LITERACY
DRUG & ALCOHOL SERVICES AARP 788.2643 549.9656; contact Shirley Powell
NA 800.549.7730 Jobline 756.7107
541.3164 756.1533 SENIORS
461.6084 Jobline 546.3127 544-4355 ext.531
929.1789 Get help with computers.
215.536.8026 549.3361 In-Home Support to the Elderly/Homemakers
ARTS WOMEN’S BUSINESS PARTNERS nursing help for the terminally ill 781.5540
541.2272 or 800.727.2272 ACLU HELPLINE free, trained in.home counseling for 60+
“A child’s voice in Court in SLO County” CORE MEDIATION SERVICES
541.6542 544.6334
781.4058; ask for Susan Hughs FAMILY LAW FACILITATOR Sunday service, 10–11 AM; 772.0306
Moe 541.3471 PRO PER DIVORCE WORKSHOP Mondays, 7:30–8:30 PM; 772.0306
544.4355 and 466.3444 SENIOR LEGAL SERVICES Every Sunday, Coalesce Bookstore, MB
489.6569 528.6996
460.9016 ALZHEIMER’S SUPPORT 781-3993
781.1600 226.8669 (Templeton) 543.4478
473.6507 547.3830, 534.9234 (SLO/Los Osos) 461.1338
EMERGENCY/CRISIS Paso Robles 238.9657 544.9313
549.8989 or 800.549.8989 ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION
543.1481 ext. 3 for information
PROGRAM 781.5821 CAREGIVERS OF AGING PARENTS 481.1039; Cici Wynn, President
547.3830 (AG); 927.4290 (Cambria); HADASSAH.SLO
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT 226.8669 (PR); 547.3830 (SLO)
543.0388 546.3727
434.3061 or 534.9234 or 800.443.1236 (for breast cancer survivors)
543.3764 EOC HEALTH SERVICES CLINICS 544.3399 or 783.2383
542.0577 (SLO) 481.5093 (Grover Beach) 544.2478 (SLO); 489.4026 (Arroyo Grande) 938.7853 or 458.5328
927.1654 (Cambria) 466.8600 (North County) HEALTHWORKS OF THE CENTRAL COAST FRIENDS OF OCEANO
COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER no or low cost reproductive health services 474.9094; fax 805.474.9096
543.7969 787.0100 (SLO), SLO GREEN PARTY
EATING DISORDERS SUPPORT GROUP 773.4500 (Pismo), 544.1580
546-3774; free, meets weekly in SLO 610.8865 (Atascadero)
support) 544.2266 or 434.1164 772.3059 Please send additions, corrections or deletions to:
free, trained in-home counseling for 60+ 2nd Monday, 4:00-5:00 pm at the WCC: 805.544.9313. Last update 11/9/05.
549.0150 782-9300 for info

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Women’s Community Center
880 Industrial Way
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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Back talk
What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?

Anne – “Doing a Sara – “Decorating the Kathy – “Making Vivian – “Leaving the Dorothy– “Making
really great jigsaw Christmas tree with Enlish toffee with country for Christmas!” cioppino for the
puzzle with friends loved ones.” my daughter at New Year’s Day get
and family over the Christmastime.” together.”
holiday season.”

Where to find Women’s Press

All SLO County Libraries
and the following exceptionally fine establishments!

NORTH COUNTY: Atascadero – Harvest Health Food Store,

North County Connection, Senior Center, Women’s Resource Center/Shelter
Office; Paso Robles – Community Thrift Shop, Paso Robles Health Foods;

Templeton – Twin Cities Hospital
NORTHERN COAST: Baywood – Coffee & Things;
Cambria – Cambria Connection, Gym One, La Crema, 7 Sisters;
HEALTHCARE CENTER Cayucos – Cayucos Super Market, Kelley’s Espresso & Dessert, Lily’s Coffee
House, Ocean Front Pizza; Los Osos – Baywood Laundry, Cad’s, Carlock’s
Bakery, Chamber of Commerce, Copa de Oro, Garden Café, Los Osos Deli,
Peter J. Muran, MD Valley Liquor, Volumes of Pleasure; Morro Bay – Backstage Salon, Coalesce
Bookstore, Coffee Pot Restaurant, The Rock, Southern Port Traders, Sunshine
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Health Foods, Two Dogs Coffee

Integrated Medicine Specializing in Cardiac, Brain, SAN LUIS OBISPO: Cal Poly Library, Center for Alternatives to Violence,
Chamber of Commerce, Cuesta College Library, EOC Health Services Clinic,
Digestive & Immune Disorders and Healthy-Aging French Hospital, Garden St. Essentials, HealthWorks, Healing Alternatives,
Jamaca You, Karen Hale Chiropractic, Laguna Laundry, Linnaea’s, Monterey
Express, Natural Foods Coop, New Frontiers, Nautical Bean, Outspoken
Sexual Vitality Beverage Bistro, Panache, Phoenix Books, Planned Parenthood, Rudolph’s
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