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Date:Dear Mr.

This has reference to our discussion/Interview on dated 01.08.2014 we are pleased to

appoint you as Branch Manager in the sales department of our Organization subject to the
terms and conditions discussed and agreed upon as under:-

1. EFFECTIVE:This appointment is effective from 11.06.11, the date of your joining in our Organization.
2. EMOLUMENTS / STATUTORY BENEFITS:Your salary and other allowances shall be as Finalized in discussion/Interview with us. All
statutory benefits shall be as per the provisions of the Grade/Level. The breakup of CTC
is annexed with letter.
3. RULES:You will be entitled to statutory and service benefits and be governed by Discipline and
other rules existing or may come into existence from time to time, as and when
applicable as per rules of the company and such other benefits as applicable to
employees in force from time to time to the location/place wherever you are working.
You shall strictly abide by the rules, regulations, office order and instructions issued by
Senior Management from time to time.
You shall faithfully and to the best of your ability perform your duties that may be
entrusted to you from time to time by the management.

You will be bound by rules, regulations and orders promulgated by the management
in relation to conduct, discipline and policy matters.
4. REVIEWS:Your future increments or promotion or any other salary increase shall be based on
merit considering your periodic and consistent overall performance, business

conditions and other parameters fixed from to time at the discretion of the
management and shall not be considered merely as a matter of right.
5. NO SIMULTANEOUS EMPLOYMENT:During the period of service with the company, you shall not indulge and/or take
part in any activity of formation of council and/or association or become a member
being part of management staff which is found to be detrimental in the interest of
the company in any way. You will not seek membership of any local or public bodies
without first obtaining specific permission of the management. Such an action shall
be deemed as infringement to service conditions of the company and amount to
causing damage to its interest and shall call for disciplinary action being taken
against you, as it may deem fit and appropriate.
6. TRANSFER:Your services are liable to be transferred or loaned or assigned with/without
transfer, wholly or partially, from one department to another or to office/ branch
and vice-versa or office/branch to another office/branch of an associate company,
existing or to come into existence in future or any of the companys branch office or
locations anywhere in India or abroad or any other concern where this company has
any interest. In such case, you will abide by responsibilities expressly vested or
implied or communicated and shall follow rules and regulations of the
department/office, establishment, jointly or separately, without any compensation
or extra remuneration or provision of accommodation. You, thereupon, may be
governed by service conditions and other term of the said concern as may be
7. LEAVE:Every employee is eligible for leaves as per the prevailing leave policy of the

8. CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION:The employees shall treat all information obtained by him/her during the course of
his/her employment with the company, either directly from the other employees of
the company, as strictly confidential. Such information may include, without
intimation, the companys finance, customer, client, mode of operation, information

related to research, development, trade secret, contact names, addresses, phone

numbers, etc..
You will not, during the continuance of this appointment and therefore, disclose,
divulge or communicate to any interested or other persons, whatsoever, any
information relating to the companys technical know-how, business practices or
any other information of confidential character you will not give out to anyone, by
word of mouth or otherwise, particulars of our business or administrative or
organizational natters of a confidential nature.
9. POSTAL ADDRESS:You will keep the company informed of your postal address along with contact
number for communication including the changes that may occur during your period
of employment with the company.
10. AUTHENTICITY OF INFORMATION:This appointment is made on the basis of information provided by you in the
application and also at the time of interview. Original copies of your certificates,
testimonials and previous employment records should be submitted along with the
photocopies for verification. If any declarations given by you to company prove to
be false or you are found to have wilfully suppressed any material information, you
will be liable to be removed from service without any prior notice.
11. TERMINATION:In the event you are absent from duty for five (05) days without information or
permission of leave or you overstay your sanctioned leave for five (05) days, the
Management will treat you as having voluntarily abandoned the services of the
The written notice of termination of this contract of employment will be one (1)
month by either party or one months gross salary in lieu of notice period.
In case you leave your employment without giving your requisite notice, no
relieving order will be issued and settlement of dues will be at the discretion of
the Management. The Management reserves the right to deduct, as liquidated
damages, an amount equal to one months total salary from any amount that may
be due to you and if the same is not available or insufficient then the Management
shall have the right to recover such amount as found due from you in any manner
deemed fit. You will have to submit one-month notice, prior to leaving the

services of the Company and/or one month gross salary in lieu of that similarly
you will be severed with one months notice if you are asked to leave the
12. TAXES:The Company is obliged to deduct Income Tax at source at per provision of Income
Tax Act/ Rules. Accordingly, you are required to submit all required proof of
permitted savings/investments and other details from time to time to enable the
company to comply with the provisions of law.
13. GENERAL:For all other matters not herein specified the companys conditions of service and
service rules and amended from time to time shall be applicable. Please note that
your compensation is personal to you and you should not share details of the same
with anyone else in the company. In case this is not adhered to, the company will
take serious view of it.
You are requested to return the enclosed copy duly signed as a token of your
acceptance of the terms and conditions of your employment.
We welcome you in our Company and wish you a pleasant, faithful and mutually
beneficial association with us & also a beginning long and successful career with us.

Thanking you,

For Vikas Decowoods Pvt Ltd (LEGEND PLY)

Authorised Signatory

I agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the letter of appointment.

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