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Some OSDB migration question for the Certification TADM70

1) Which of the following statements is true? Regarding incremental migration

a) The export of the bigger tables select by IMIG must be do offline.
B) The IMIG migration make sense only when a few tables have the more date.
2) In the SAP versions 4.X which file is used to restart the export?
-) file TOC;
3) Which must be the release of R3load for the request of the migration key, in
a system 4.6x ?
The release of the R3load must be the same of the SAP kernel released for the re
lease 4.6x
4) Which programs create the CMD files ?
5) Which of the following statements is true? TABART
A) Every Table can be assigned to one TABART
B) TABART has the dimension of tables
6) For verify if the existing objects in the *.STR files are on DB which control
must to be do?
7) Which things are questioned on Remote Audit Project?
8) files TSK:
-) are introduced on version 6.10
-) they has R3load execution parameters
-) Allow the restart management for export import
10) In which situation must be CALLED an OS/DB migration consultant?
When we are doing an Heterogeneous System Copy, in every kind of system (develop
ment, test and production).
11) If we change an entry in task file from ok to err what must happen at restar
t th
e import with R3load?
11) When we are doing a Heterogeneous System Copy?
When we are changing DB or OS.
13) Which program produce the DBSIZE.TPL file on 4.X migrations ?
The program R3SETUP
14) R3load options
socket , continue_on_error ..
15) Which program produces the EXT files on 6.X migrations ?
The program R3szchk
16) Which program produce the DDL.TPL?
The program R3ldclt
17) merge_bck option of R3load
When the merge of task file finish, the import process start automatically
The option merge_bck change the status of the entries xeq to err in task files
18) If own system crash for POWER FAILURE in a 4.X migration which action can be
Delete TOC, DUMP and LOG files from the package that was interrupted at crash ti
19) When is not possible do a migration with R3LOAD ?
When an INCV conversion has not completed
When the PREPARE phase has been started
20) From which program has been created the R3LOAD TSK files ?
21) In which directory is created the file DDL.TPL ?
a) install directory
b) data
c) DB
e) Dump directory
22) When a certified consultant for OS/DB migration is supported by SAP ?

When use the tools released for SAP

23 ) Which kind of thinks is able to do MIGMON ??
a) Copy dump files with rcp command
24) if a customer have an CUSTOM tablespace with the correct TABART, but after r
eorganization activities the tablespace can be placed on standard tablespace wit
hout modify the TABART. Indicate if the follow sentences are true or false:
A) The export R3LOAD is interrupted because doesnt found the correct tablespace.
B) R3SIZECHK can be able to calculate the dimension without any problem
25) Which files/directory must be copied from source to target system?
a) I command files?
b) Installation directory ?
c) Dump files ?
d) Task files ?
e) DB directory ?
26) DUMP file
a) In the dump file can be found the information for the follow file dump for be
b) Is created by R3LOAD