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During the constructing. do the experiment by constructing the circuit project.Study and research the title of project Study and analysis the circuit using Pspice software simulation Do the procedure and experiment by construct High Voltage Circuit Compare and analysis between simulation and experiment OR NO YES Choose the best one of the analysis circuit End Fig. . By doing this the circuit is tested by simulating and to get the proper result before using it in the experiment. After that doing analysis of the circuit project by using PSPICE software. After the experiment exceed to the result choose the best one of the analysis circuit.1 Project flow chart The following steps performed in methodology before starting the project. The circuit using component and equipment from Haefely. history and also know the field that want to be research in the project. Then when the simulation had been test. 3. If the experiment does not exceed the equivalent result as in simulation. follow the procedure because these circuits are high voltage that can cause danger to life. first study and research title of the project to find the basic theory. repeat the test or if the result still dose not exceed do the simulation again to find the error.

. there are four type of circuit in single stage impulse.2 Simulation flow chart Starting of the simulation first choose which one of the circuit that want to be simulate.3.3. to get high voltage impulse characteristic first generate DC voltage source by constructing a rectifier circuit. But for this simulation the circuits that want to best test in the experiment later are state by Haefely.2 SIMULATION METHOD Start Choose the circuit for simulation Construct the circuit in Pspice Simulate the output voltage of the experiment NO Compare the result with the result of the test certificate and theory YES Capture the waveform of the output End Fig. Rectifier circuit functions as to convert AC source to DC source using a couple of diode and after that simulates the circuit to see the output result. Then construct the circuit in the PSPICE software.

3. if the result did not match with other result repeat the step by constructing again the circuit until the result match.3 EXPERIMENT METHOD Start Install the circuit as the diagram .Compare the result with the result in the theory and test certificate. Finally capture the result of output waveform.

release the emergency push stop button Raise the voltage and adjust the distance of sphere gap NO Evaluated the generated output voltage YES Capture using digital camera End Fig.Double-check the connection of the circuit Close the gate Turn on the key.3 Experiment flow chart . 3.