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Descension Integration

This Descension Integration manual is for personal use only.

Channeled and manual written by Mariah Windsong Couture, December 5th, 2013

Descension Integration is designed to help those parts of you that descended

from your soul any-time after birth to integrate with you seamlessly.
At various times throughout our lives, more of who we are arrive from our
soul. Most of the time, these descensions dont have a personality that
contrasts with the parts of you that are already here in this body.
Sometimes a soul part arrives with likes and dislikes as well as a demeanor
that is different than what you are accustomed to. Integrating these various
aspects of you can be a challenge. Integration often requires direction in
order for it to happen. That is to say that integration is not necessarily
automatic after a part of your soul arrives to you that has not been in this
body previously. It can be rather disconcerting to feel two ways about
something rather than being of a single mind on any topic.

When do descensions usually happen? A descension generally happens after

youve completed a life purpose or mission. Many Lightworkers have felt
that feeling of wanting to go home after they complete what they feel they
were here to do. Unless a new life purpose presents itself to them, life here
can feel meaningless although complete. It can feel as if their job is done.
When a new life purpose is brought forth from deep inside you by Eternal
Sacred Source, it is probable that new skills and abilities may need to arrive
in order for you to be equipped to accomplish your new mission.
Sometimes the parts of you that are already here in this body can simply be
upgraded in such a way as to be completely ready to do what you feel that
you need to do. Other times, it would serve you and Divinity better to have
more of you, from your soul level descend into your body to help you.
Yes, I did say, To help you. After receiving a descension, many people do
not feel like they are helped. They may feel even more fractured. This is
because at the conscious level they probably are not familiar with the part(s)
of themselves which arrived from their soul. If those parts have a strong
identity, or personality quality, then there may be a feeling of having
someone new in your body with you.
Please listen closely as I clarify the differences between a descension and a
walk-in or drop-in as I prefer to call it. A descension is more of you from
your own soul. The aspect(s) or part(s) of you who have arrived are indeed
you! You will notice that they have the same energy signature as you, as
your soul. I am saying you, as in your soul is you for the purposes of this
discussion. You, here in this body may not recognize the personality quirks
of this new part of yourself at the conscious level, if you dont happen to
remember this part of you which existed in your soul.
However, if you check with your own inner guidance or ask a trusted
spiritual advisor it will be confirmed that the energies you are asking about
really are you. If they are not confirmed to be you, then you might have a
braided walk-in (drop-in) situation happening. That would mean that the
aspect or personality that you are noticing co-existing in your body is not of
your own soul. That would bring up an entirely different set of questions
which is not the purpose of this manual to describe.

If the energy you are asking about is not you, then youll need to decide if
you wish to allow it to remain with you or not. I postulate that you are the
owner of this body and that you have the right to throw anyone out of it that
is not of your own soul. If the energies/aspects/personality parts that you are
asking about are of your own soul, you probably will have less choice about
whether they stay or return to your soul.
That is because if the energies are from your own soul, then the decision to
have them arrive was made from an Authority higher than you here in this
body and had consent of your soul, which is a vaster, wiser you. That means
that there is a plan that you might be partially or entirely unaware of, and
spiritual trust is required to allow this to unfold in Divinitys timing.
I am speaking of a part of you arriving from your soul that was not here
before. For the purposes of this manual, I am not talking about a multiple
personality of you here in this body already. (Even if it is a new personality
that has just been formed or just revealed itself) This energy system helps
you to make friends with a part of you that arrived from your soul which
may feel unfamiliar now. Maybe it does feel familiar and you welcome this
part of yourself, but still are having difficulty integrating it with the rest of
who you are here in this body. Descension Integration is here to help!
Some of the clues that this energy system is for you:
You feel scattered.
You noticed a change in life outlook.
You felt like you were done with all you were supposed to do here,
now you are not so sure, new possibilities feel to beckon you.
Your likes and dislikes have recently changed.
You feel one way sometimes about a topic and another way at a
different time without a continuity of the thoughts.
Headaches came on recently and last longer than before.
Parts of you feel totally done here while other parts feel geared up for
life purpose.
No ability to reconcile vastly different feelings about the same topic.
Mood swing increase.
Depression increase.
Wanting to rip part of yourself out or send it away.
Feeling like a part of you is near, but you cant quite integrate it.
New abilities have arrived but arent always accessible.

Now spend a few minutes to invite your Descension Integration attunement

that your teacher sent out to you to arrive fully unto you.
Simply say, out loud or in your mind:
I ask to fully receive my Descension Integration attunement as sent out
by my teacher and made perfect by
Eternal Sacred Source, NOW!
Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up and
streams down into the top of your head. Your attunement will easily arrive
to you because Eternal Source is not limited by space or time.
When you want to activate this energy system, please say, with strong desire
to receive: Descension Integration Activate! Say it a few times.
I highly recommend that you activate this energy system when you will be
reclined for at least a half hour.
It works wonderfully with other Divine energy systems and so please feel
free to activate many other energy systems while it works in the background
for you. The necessity is to remain still while it does work.
Every few minutes, please say:
Descension Integration Activate!
Descension Integration Activate!
Descension Integration Activate!

Repeating the instruction for the energies to activate reassures your body and
being that you want this assistance and keeps the energies active. Otherwise
they will cease their activity for you. This is a powerful energy system.
Your conscious will to have it active for you is required frequently in order
for its action to continue to work for you. This is a big step that you are
taking in your spiritual growth to participate in consciously integrating more
of who you are from your soul into you here in this body.

If you feel that there are parts of you here in this body who are resistant to
the arrival of this new aspect of you, seek to hold council and ask yourself
the reasons why. You can do this in meditation. It is your Descension
Integration Session. This session needs to be done while only focusing on
what you are doing. You may have already activated other Divine energy
systems in order to prepare a sacred space for this session to happen. That is
perfectly fine. Once you begin your Descension Integration Session, please
focus only on what you are intending, rather than letting your mind wander
to other energy systems at that point.
Imagine the outer circle of a council of your deity(s) and trusted guides and
angels. The inner circle would consist of you and many parts of who you
are. These would be the parts that were here in your body originally and any
new arrivals from your soul. Say, audibly or in your mind with strong desire
to participate with your Descension Integration Session:
I now call forth my Descension Integration Care Team and
request my Descension Integration Session to activate for
my highest joyful, easy good.
Now ask the parts of you who were here before if any of them have
completed their life purpose here on Earth. You may have a sense of Yes,
or No. It doesnt matter if you feel a response or not. Simply by going
through this visualization you consciously participate in this process and it
will happen perfectly as it is to happen for you have exercised your free will.
Next ask those parts to please confer with the new aspects of you to
determine if those new aspects have anything to teach or give to the parts
that feel complete and done with life here in your body and on Earth.
You may be surprised to feel a transfer of energy between the various
aspects of you. (I use the words parts and aspects interchangeably.)
Say: Descension Integration Session Activate!
Descension Integration Session Activate!
Descension Integration Session Activate!
Please be aware that parts of who you are may still be complete and done
with being here in your body with you.

Some parts might be ready to go home to your soul even after theyve
received energy or gifts from the new arrivals. Maybe they needed to know
that it is alright to go on back to your soul. You can facilitate their return
together with your Descension Integration Care Team now. If there are any
parts that are ready to return, they can do so because youve received new
soul parts who are eager to be with you here and integrate fully with you.
It is not possible to do anything wrong with this session. All is overseen by
the Descension Integration Care Team and Eternal Sacred Source. Just as
soul aspects of you who have not been here in your body previously have
arrived, so too, if there are any tired ones who have completed their mission
here, they will be perfectly escorted back to your soul.
The reason I ask you to participate is because it is a very empowering
experience especially if you are sensitive to subtle spiritual energies. It is
likely that you may feel their joyful departure and then the settling in and
complete integration of the newer soul parts with you here in this body.
If you dont feel anything, please do not worry. Your participation is
exercising your right as an incarnated being here on this planet to have
sovereignty within your body and being. It is proper here in this free will
zone of Earth to stand up within your personal power and state your choice.
Making a stand is a very powerful energetic statement of spiritual maturity
and simply doing so can open the door for more skills and abilities to come
online and be fully functional within your body and being.
Continue with your session by saying, with strong desire for it to be so:
Through Divine Will, all parts of myself whose life purpose is complete
here, please ascend unto my soul for rest and relaxation. I thank you for
your service and shall rejoin with you in eternity when my time in this
reality is complete.
If you feel any fear or worry about what you are doing, pause. Get very clear
about what parts of yourself you are inviting to ascend to your soul. It is
only the parts who were making you feel like you didnt want to be here on
planet Earth, or parts who are so tired that they are feeling disinterested.

If you dont want to do this part of the session, that is perfectly alright. There
might not be any parts that need to ascend right now. This might not be the
time for their ascension or more might need to be learned or received from
the new parts first.
There very well could be plenty of room and perfect integration among the
parts of yourself that have been here and the new ones who have arrived.
It is not known when the newer soul aspects of you arrived. I postulate that
you dont need to know when it happened. It is sufficient to recognize that
integration is useful so that all parts of yourself can function well with one
another. Doing this descension integration session could spark a new soul
aspect to arrive unto you today.
That is not something that you can make happen. The very fact that such
assistance is here for integration could provide the perfect foundation that
Eternal Sacred Source and your helping healing deities, guides and angels
may see as the right opportunity and time to bring you more of your soul.
If you feel that happens, please do another Descension Integration Session in
the near future. It is acceptable, though not entirely recommended, to
consciously invite more of who you are to arrive unto you here in this body.
Soul Descension is receipt of another aspect of you arriving from your soul.
It is not your entire soul dropping down into your body. Your physical body
probably would not be able to maintain physicality if that was to happen.
I provide a statement that you can use to state your invitation to your soul.
Please understand that the warnings that come with this is that the clearing
symptoms of such an invited descension rather than one whose time is
entirely chosen by your helping healing deities, guides and angels could be
more intense. Anytime you take the steering wheel of your life into your
own hands and increase the acceleration dramatically, the ride could be
rough for a while. This is not to say it cannot be done. But I will say for you
to only do so if you have the time to spend the next week doing Descension
Integration Sessions every of work obligations. Even household
family obligations may need to be diverted to another family member while
you tend to a Soul Descension that you invoke of your own free will.
Please understand that your invitation, is an invitation. Yet which part(s) of
you will arrive is completely out of your control and under the authority of

your higher self, soul and Eternal Sacred Source. You can make requests in
regards to skills assistance. Any other requests can be made but, from my
experience facilitating Soul Descension invitations, the recipient does not
get to order a specific soul aspect to arrive.
It doesnt matter your beliefs here in regards to whether reincarnation. An
incoming soul aspect may arrive who was incarnated in another body
previously or not. I am saying that these kind of invitations can bust open the
boxes of your reality in regards to your personal beliefs about what is and
what is not. It is possible that an invited soul aspect could be much more
self- aware and have its own personality than the ones who arrive without
your conscious request. That means that it could arrive with its memory
intact in regards to where it was before (not just at the soul level but any
lifetimes it was a part of no-matter what that body type or species was)
This is very important because the type of descension you are looking to
integrate right now might be entirely different than one who arrives as a
result of a direct request. Request for arrival without choice of who arrives.
The reason that you will be stating is very important. That means that any
life purpose that you already have a sense of could be mentioned. You could
state skills or attributes that you want enhanced or spiritual gifts you want to
embody and be fully functional with.
This energy function is called Soul Descension. Say:
I (state your name and your spiritual name if any) of my free will, do
request a Soul Descension to (state reason) and assist me with
my life purpose here on Earth and beyond.
I am ready for more of me here. I am ready for the fast track.
More of me arrive here and now, integrate with all of who I am
here in this body and in all realities I AM.
Now please re-activate Descension Integration for this new soul part. I do
not know if a soul aspect will arrive unto you after you make this invitation.
I dont know if it would happen right then or at a later time. I do know that
this type of invitation is telling your helping healing ones in the light and
love of Eternal Sacred Source that you are ready to co-create your reality.

For all the times you say: Descension Integration you could say: Soul
Descension Integration. This energy system will work with either title.
If you chose to make the invitation to a new soul part, it would be more
specific to put the word soul in front of this activation statement.
Say: Soul Descension Integration Activate!
Soul Descension Integration Activate!
Soul Descension Integration Activate!
No matter which parts of this Descension Integration Session you chose to
do, please remember that you called upon and assembled your helping
healing ones in a sacred circle as well as the many aspects of you.
Now it is time to thank them for their service and attendance for this
session and conclude this session, returning to a more everyday state of
consciousness. You may have felt very spacey while the energy exchanges
and integration was happening. You might not have felt anything at all.
Say: Thank you, all of my helping healing ones in the Light and Love of
Eternal Sacred Source, and all of who I AM for being here with me today
and always. Please help me be grounded here in this reality as I return to
my daily life activities and you return to your usual duties.
Be sure to drink water and possibly fruit juice and get a light snack to help
ease you back into your day here in this reality. When youve been focused
inward and changes happened, transitioning back into your regular daily life
activities needs to be done consciously and slowly. Please dont drive a
vehicle for at least an hour after your Descension Integration Session.
Descension Integration is an original energy system channeled by Rev.
Mariah Windsong Couture
December 5th, 2013 ~All Rights Reserved
Please contact the author at for permission to
translate this manual. If you translate, you agree to send the author a copy
and the manual must accurately portray the original.


For Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Couture states that this Descension Integration

is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form of natural energy healing, and
is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment or initiation now, in the past,
or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is not meant to replace any professional
medical or legal advice. Mariah Windsong Couture is not engaged in rendering medical service or
diagnosis of any kind.
Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort to provide accurate information and takes no
responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees are issued toward the validity of
information. Mariah Windsong Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising this
empowerment. This manual may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. Mariah Windsong
Couture does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the materials or the reliability of any advice,
opinion, statement or other information displayed or linked in this manual. By purchasing this manual
or receiving this empowerment or attunement, you acknowledge that any reliance on such opinions,
statements, energy or energy streams or information shall be at your sole risk. December 5th, 2013

Please dont post this manual on any public sites. Send directly to your students.

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