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Lead Storr: Harvard's New Pluralism CD
Maps Americas Religious Topography 20
Encounters: Tolerance Isn't Enough 24
Mission: Satyamitranand in the UK 27
Fairs: Would You Buy a Used Elephant
f;rom this Man? 34
Business: Right-Minded Money-Making 36

Career: US Armed FOLces Reach Out for
Hindu Clergy ".., 24
IJlsight: Iv Timeless Treatise on How Human
_ 1?~ings .Can Be More Human 2a..
Art: Meet the Gods' Portrait Artist 32
SOCiety: Madhu Kishwar's 38
Pilgrimage: FootworkOfthe Faithful 44
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PubJjsher's Desk: He's One Worldly
and He's Willing to Be Yo_ur Guru 10
LeUers 12
'"ae- My ,-urn: Plea to You~h-Find the Truth 13
:c Editorial: Triumphalism Can't Triumph 16
Ayurveda: Guggal, New Healing Herb 45
z Healing: AIDS, the Oonfusi9D Spreads 46
.,< Minister's Message: BFeath Is Divine 50
~ , Dlaspora 7 News in Brief 49
~ .- Quotes &Quips 17 Digital Dharma 56
~ Evolutions 46

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Maharishi University of Management Rudraksha-Sacred Peace and Power

Founded in 1971 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Experience the power, peace
• Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and and purifying influence of
Schools • Graduate and undergraduate programs in a broad the sacred rukrasha seed.
range of disciplines, including pre-med, computer science,
electronic engineering and Maharishi Vedic Medicine "Even if one holds merely one
• Students learn to engage the managing intelligence of Nature Rudraksha seed purified and Queen Visits
for success in their professional and personal life • Food is all- surcharged with Shakti, he
vegetarian. Campus is drug-free, crime-free and alcohol-free uplifts his twenty-one genera-
tions, attains to heaven and
Arts School
• Financial aid is available • For a free video:
Office of Admissions, Maharishi University of Management resides there with respect." UEEN ELIZABETH OF
Fairfield, IA 52557-000l USA -Srimad Devi Bhagavatam Q Great Britain visited the
famous Kalakshetra Foundation
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Choose from a large music and dance performing
selection of: arts school in Chennai as part
• rudraksha of her two-week state tour of
• sandalwood Pandit Dwivedi Shastri India and Pakistan last year. R.
Meditation Seminar in Delaware, USA • tulsi Venkataraman, the former pres-
• crystal beads, and more. GUAElELOUPE ident of India, accompanied
Meditation seminar offered by her as she walked through the
Yogi Bharat J. Gajjar, yoga and
We guarantee the authenticity and purity of all our Roving Pandit seaside campus on the grounds
meditation teacher for 30 years. products. Send for a free catalog. of the Theosophical Society, /
March 14-15, 1998 ~ S A SYMBOL OF GUADE- visiting classrooms where st].l.-
Wilmington, Delaware. Wholesale opportunities available. J=\loupe's nascent Hindu re- dents demonstrated their skills,
Only US$30 (one day, $20). Proceeds naissance, visiting Pandit and watching a performance in Kanchi's Jayendra Saraswati and Vijayendra Saraswati
go to charity. Checks payable to: Jai Hanuman International Ltd. Dwivedli Shastri presented a the main auditorium. The
Sivananda Yoga Center 808 S. 2nd st. (PO Box 1764 ) Ganesha statue to Jean-Claude school had been abuzz with ex- INTERFAITH
clo Bharat, 614 Loveville Rd-DIF Fairfield, IA 52556-3607 USA Petapermal, president of the citement for weeKs prior to the
Hockessin, DE 19707-1611 USA Tel: 800-379-6439 or 515-472-2448
Caribbean island nation's Insti- short royal visit. It was a pleas- Kamakoti Head Visits Delhi
Tel: 302-234-8553 • tute of the Indian World. The ant respite for the queen from a
http://www.rudraksha.coml French-speaking brahmin pan- visit marred even before her ar- IS HOLINESS JAYENDRA SARASWATI, SANKARACHARYA OF
Fax 302-234-8554
dit and astrologer expressed his rival in India by gaffs in diplo- HKanchi Kamakoti Peetam in South India, accompanied by
hope that the statue would one macy and protocol. ' his designated successor, Vijayendra Saraswati, received a near-
day grace a traditional royal welcome in Delhi in November, orchestrated by the ruling
Hindu temple built for BJP party. Large, official "Government of Delhi" newspaper
the 30,000 Guadeloupe ads announced his honoring not at one but several events. He
citizens of Indian de- was felicited by the former president of India, Dr. Shankar Day-
scent. The pandit per- al Sharma, by Atal Behari Vajpayee, the BJPs proposed prime-
formed satsangs and pu- minister (should they win the next elections), Delhi's chief min-
jas across the island. He ister, Sahib Singh, and BJP party vice-president Murli Manohar
called for proper educa- Joshi. The pontiffs message during the visit was that the Vedas
tion of the community contain the basic principles of right living. He urged people to
to counter the dominant "come off our lethargic attitude," remove differences and work
Freneh acculturation for society. He dedicated a newly completed Adi Sankara tem-
and recommended cre- ple and attended an All-India Vedic Conference. The two
ation of.a well-trained swamis arrived in New Delhi after touring Maharashtra, Uttara
group of local priests. Britain's queen at Kalakshetra, Chennai Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Nepal, Bihar and Kashmir.

INTE lR FAITH your friend or earning the icy likely to get answered in the what to wear, what to bring and
stares of his entire congrega- middle of the service, but if you what to do at each kind of cere-
The Perfect tion? It's not a question you're had already read Arthur J. mony or gathering. We can't
Magida's new book, How to Be vouch for the accuracy of the
Visit Vaisnava 11011)) )Dlaces tfui011gn
this mag~ificent 8(i)0 page volume.
Str::lnger a Perfeq Stranger, you'd know sections for other faiths, but the
just what to <to (stay put, in this one on Hinduism has just a few
This hand-made hard bound ~U'VE BEEN INVITED TO cas~), not only in your neigh- mistakes-the name-giving cer-
11" x 14" volume with its 249 pages T the naming ceremony for bor's synagogue, but at wed- emony, namakarana, for exam-
. . . . ._ ...I!III!II...ijiII_!l!!!.~ of color photos will take you and your Jewish neighbor's newborn dings, funerals and holidays of ple, is confused with the fIrst
your family on a wonder of discovery. child. In the middle of the ser- • nearly two dozen faiths includ- giving of solid food, annapra-
vice when the Torah scripture ing Christians of various de- sana. Technical errors aside,
SEE OUR ELEVEN PAGE ADVERTISEMENT ON THE INTERNET is beihg taken from its place on nominations, Buddhists, Hin- this is a very useful manual for
the altar, your beeper sounds dus, Muslims and Jews. Each navigating America's pluralistic with an important message

from the hospital. Can you get
up and leave without offending
chapter systematically covers

Diversity's newest road map

religious landscape.

Lea,rn Kriya Yoga from a Realized Master God,God,God
The Kriya Yoga Institute wel-
Kiwi's Return comes sincere seekers to learn
A rare opportunity offered to my brothers and sisters all over
• the authentic Kriya Yoga med-
the world .
to India itation technique. The God-
"What right has a man to say he has a soul if he does not feel
realized living master of the it, or that there is a God if he does not see Him?"
ENNA ON MY HANDS" IS A original Kriya lineage, Parama-
H TV-documentary prqduced hamsa Hariharananda teaches
Anyone with a burning desire to truly and honestly see, feel,
hear and talk to God, contact:
for Asia Dynamic on the real- at the Institute. Paramahamsaji
life arranged marriage of a attained the supreme pulseless
New Zealand girl of Indian ori- Dr. Aruna • 183 Jalan Besar, Bukit Tengah
and breathless state of nirvi- 154000 Bukit Mertajam
gin, Nalini Chhim~, to Prakash kalpa samadhi in 1948.
Kansara a boy from her fa- Penang, West Malaysia
ther's ancestral village in India. Kriya Yoga is a direct gift
The producer, Robin Kingsley- from God, and was taught by
Smith, called it a '1abor of Krishna to Arjuna (Gita 4:1-2).
love," but some Hindu com- The modern revival of Kriya
The yasundhara swan boat on its Ganges River awareness trip plained that it "painted a very
negative image of our customs." EGYPT
Yoga began in 1861 when Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya. The Works of Swami Sivananda Radha
Swanli Shriyukteshwar, a realized disciple of Lahiri Baba,
ECOLOGY The show explored the consid- initiated Paramahamsa Hariharananda into original Kriya
erable cultural challenge faced Sri Chakra Yoga. Hariharanandaji also received direct teachings from
Swami Sivananda Radha was trained
Another Kind of Swan Song by the New Zealand-raised girl Paramahamsa Yogananda.
in Yoga by Swami Sivananda of Rishi-
kesh. Her teachings are based on her
adjusting to arranged marriage. INDIAN RESEARCHER /
VGE CROWDS GREETED THE SWAN-BEDECKED MOTOR IR.K.S. Muthukrishnan be- Initiation is available at the Institute on Saturdays at 9 am.
40 years of personal experience with
the practices of Mantra, Kundalini,
H launch of the Sri Ganga Conservation Awareness Trip at
every stop from Calcutta to Allahabad. Swami Chidananda
Saraswati, president of the Divine Life Society of Swami Sivanan-
lieves Egyptian pyramid trian-
gles are based on 't he same an-
gles as the Sri Chakra and that
Monthly ten-day intensives are offered. Direct initiation is
also available at more than 25 centers countrywide by monks
and yogacharyas of this lineage.
Hatha Yoga, Hidden Language, Karma
Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and dreams. Free
catalog of books/tapes/videos.
da, traveled most of the journey on the boat. Dozens of other the Egyptians may have fol-
Timeless Books • PO Box 3543 HT
saints, politicians and ecological activists joined for all or part of lowed a geometric cosmology Kriya Yoga Institute. 24757 SW 167th Ave Spokane, WA 99220 USA.
the Vishwa Hindu Parishad program. Reports Rakesh K. Jaiswal of similar to the Hindus.' He says Homestead, FL 33031-1364, USA. Tel.: 305-247-1960 E.mail: • Tel: 800-
Eco-friends in Kanpur, "Millions of people were made aware of the the base angles, 51° and 52°, of Fax: 305-248-1951. • 251-9273 • TelJFax: 509-838-6652
pathetic condition of Ganga, and hundreds of thousands took a the great pyramid of Giza
pledge to protect Her." The program's next stage is b~ educate the match the central triangle ,of
millions coming to the Haridwar Khumba Mela in Feb~ary-April. At the sacred marriage rite the Hindu mystic diagram.

SiViilnanda Ashram Yoga Camp Mahabharata on tape or CD

THE VEDAS fifth: the Veda of Vedas, the ritual for ancestors, calculus, the Establlished by
augural sciences, ethics, political science, theology; knowl- Enjoy this magnificent epic
Swanli Vishnu- on audio tape or CD while on
God's Word,
edge of the spirits, military science, astrology, the science of
snakes and of celestial beings. The Word also makes known
heaven, earth, wind, space, the waters, fire, the Gods, men,
devananda in 1962
and located amidst
250 acres of peace-
the road, or relaxing at home.
Introduce your children to
animals, grass and trees. It also makes known what is right this immortal classic. Let
ful forest in the them absorb its lofty ideals,
and wrong, truth and untruth, good and evil, what is pleas- Laurentian moun-
Let us now invoke for our ing and what is unpleasing. Verily, if there were no Word, its unforgetable characters
tains, 1 hour north and fabulous stories.
aid the Lord of Speech, the there would be knowledge neither of right and wrong, nor of of Montreal. Year-
Designer of all things that truth and untruth, nor of the pleasing and unpleasing. The round program
are, the Inspirer of wisdom! Word makes all this known. Meditate on the Word. An exquisite reading of C.
May He, the ever-kindly, be SAMA VEDA, CHANDOGYA UPANlSHAD 7.2.1 morning Rajagopalachari s translation,
and evening complete and unabridged.
well disposed to our sum- meditations and two yoga classes.
mons, and may He, whose By means of the hymns one attains this world, by the sacri-
work is goodness, grant us ficial formulas the space in-between, by holy chants the
• June 27-July 25: Childrens'SUlllIDer Yoga Camp
"The rendering is specially
good when it expresses the
$ IHAftATlVA VI DVA SHAVAN, AlU"' .... L... ao 007.

His blessing! world revealed by the sages. With the syllable Aum as his
• June 28-July 4: Vedic Architecture, with Dr. V. Ganapati fear, excitement, anger, as
RIG VEDA 10.81.7 sole support, the wise man attains that which is peaceful, Sthapati, founder and research director of the Vastu Vedic
unaging, deathless, fearless-the Supreme. well as the bravery and heroism which fill the epic."
Research Foundation, Madras, India -Upendra Sabat, News India-Times.
To the heavens be peace, to the sky and the earth; to the ATHARVA VEDA. PRASNA UPANiSHAD 5.7
• July 5-August 2: Yoga Teacher's Training course
waters be peace, to plants and all trees; to the Gods be • August 2-9: Bhagavata Saptaham with Sant Venu Gopal
peace, to Brahman be peace, to all men be peace, again Homage to the source of health, and to the source of delight. "Ethnic Enterprises has done all of us a remarkable service
Goswami by putting this scholarly piece of work on compact discs."
and again-peace also to me! Homage to the maker of health and to the maker of delight.
• August 17-23: Vandana Shiva, director of Research - Jyotsna Sanzgiri, India Currents.
SHUKLA YAJUR VEDA 36.17 Homage to the Auspicious and to the more Auspicious.
Foundation for Science, Technology & Ecology, Dehradun,
India and Andrew Kimbrell, founder National Centerfor 12 CD set: US$89.95 • 6-tape set: $49.95 plus shipping. Allow
The Word, verily; is greater than name. The Word, in fact, Technological Assessment, Washington, DC
Verses are drawn from various sources. Those taken from The Vedic 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. (For orders from outside the USA:
makes known the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda, Experience by Pro£ Raimon Panikkar are available at www.Hin- Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp. 673 8th Avenue
the Atharoa Veda as the fourth, and the ancient lore as the Mastercard, Visa or money orders only, please.)
duismToday.kauai.hi.uslashramlDir-New.btml#VedExp.html Val Morin, PQ, JOT 2RO Canada. Tel: 800-263-9642
(from Canada), 800-783-9642 (from USA), 819-322-3226 Ethnic Enterprises Inc. • PO Box 385468
Fa"{ 819-312-5876 • E-mail: BlOOmington, MN 55438-1182 USA
www.sivananda.orglcamp.htm Tel: 800-496-4074 or 612-914-9064

Knowingly or Not
Introducing Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru Maha-Maharajji,
the grea~ world teacher of hard knocks
RI SRI SRI VISHVAGURU MAHA-MAHARAJJI IS SEEN IN THE tell us that those pursuing something as
picture to the right with·me in Rio de Janiero. What were we sensitive, as personal and final as the
doing there? Well, it was the 1992 Earth Summit, when hun- path to perfection cannot on their own
dreds of political and religious leaders met to discuss the gain the necessary skills and knowledge l
fate of mankind. It was only fitting that this worldly-wise to be successful in this endeavor.
one be there at that time, .being a world teacher, a very strict one Well, we are having fun here, aren't
at that. Vishvaguruji, as I call him, teaches so patiently, yet accepts we? But it is also a serious subject. Think
no excuses and remains unforgivingly exacting in his lessons. about it. In the realm of training and
Everyone living on this planet has a guru, whether they know it or responsiveness, we can say that there are
not. There are !hree kinds of gurus that are traditionally available two basic margas, or stages: the anava
to guide the souL The first, of course, are the parents. Next is the marga and the jnana marga, the path of
family guru, or a guru chosen by the children. The third guru, wisdom. Those on the jnana marga
often the most attractive and always the most demanding, is Vish- know they need someone in their life
vaguruji. He does live up to his name in all ways, for vishva means who has already attained what they are
"everything and everyone in the world," and guru, of cpurse, seeking to attain, who can see ahead of
means "teacher." Maharaj is "great ruler." their seeing and consciously guide them.
When the world becomes the teacher, the lessons can be rough, This'is the traditional path of Hind\!
enticing, unloving, endearing, unpleasant or full of temporary hap- dharma leading to Self Realization.
piness. The world is relentless in its challenges, in the rewards it Those on the way of external ego have met many teachers, tested the process. Love and relationships is very popular, with intensives Earth personified: Some have wondered whether the ancient
offers, the scars it leaves and the healing it neglects. The unrelent- them very carefully and have found them all npt meeting up to in promiscuity, marriage, infidelity and divorce. How to find your world teacher Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguruji is a real be~ng or a fanciful
ing Vishvaguruji works surreptitiously through the people you their standards. They are the devotees of Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru little self and make it big-name and fame-is among the top ten fiction. His somewhat burdened existence is validated in the photo
meet, as past life karmas unfold into this life. He never gives direct Maha-Maharajji, members of his Bhogabhumi Ashram, place of pursuits. There are numerous variations on the acquisition and loss above, taken June 6, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro at the Earth Summit.
advice or guidance but leaves the lessons from each experience to pleasure. The regular daily sadhana, discipline, is stimulating the of property. Suicide and threatening suicide to get your own way
be discovered or never discovered. His favorite sloka is desire for 'sex, for money, for food and for clothing. have many students. Certain subjects are compulsory, including Vishvaguru Maha-Maharajji and suggested that students nearly
3111:1"12)"11(\ ~ -"Learn by your own mistakes." His way of Unlike other ashrams, here there are no apparent boundaries or the quest: for health and longevity, and the reality of decline, death ready to graduate might be recommended the solid principles of
teaching is through unexpected happenings and untimely events, clear-cut guidelines. Followers are free to do as they please. All and dying. The emotional wing is always full, especially the se~­ Sanatana Dharma, the less strenuous path of daily sadhana, right
which are timely from his point of view. Unnecessary karmas are classes are open to everyone, from the most refined studies to the sions on joy and sorrow. Anger is overcrowded, and jealousy, too. speech, right thought and right action, nOninjury-ahimsa-physi-
created while the old ones that were supposed to be eliminated most devious and low-minded. Advanced low-level classes feature The list goes on and on. How to be totally committed to being cally, mentally and emotionally. He complied. He understood. In
smolder, waiting patiently for still another birth. Pleasure and pain how to "do in" your enemies and remain undetected; how to access noncommitted keeps many from advancing into higher grades. fact, he said he's always drepping hints for his nearly five billion
are among his effective methods of instructi n. He is the teacher pornography on the Internet, one of the great tools of the ashrapl, Keeping your children from becoming interested in religion, lest it enrollees, that his every course points in iliat direction, though
of all who turn their backs on parents, elders, teachers, laws and and then participate in the pleasures it recommends. There are hamper their education and job possibilities, has lots of apparently most students are very slow to catch on. He is infinitely patient.
traditions of all kinds. courses on effective ways to beat the children, the wife, the hus- intelligent advocates. Making a living is one of the largest branches, So, you can tell your friends, "I have a guru and you have one,
Those on the anava marga, the path of the external ego, often band to maximize domestic chaos. Executive education includes with a recent addition of remaining sane while holding three jobs. too. Everyone has a guru, whether they know it or not." All three
claim to be their own guru. Some untraditional teachers even en- how to climb a corporate ladder, the pros and cons of saving face Understanding your rebellious te~nager and other parenting chal- gurus-parents, family guru and Vishvaguruji-unanimously say,
courage this attitude. However, being ones own guru is a false whell rightly accused and downing your accuser as misinformed lenges are very big. How to have a family and neglect it at the "Its a dirty job, but somebody has to db it." Vishvaguru's school of
concept. Traditionally, one would be his "own guru" only if he or as a petpetualliar. One whole department is dedicated to self- same time (subtitled Latch Key Kids) is the latest rage. hard knocks eventually, in this life or a future one, delivers all er-
were initiated as such and his guru left the physical body. But even indulgence. Advancements in technology provide never-ending Most ashramites, or bhogis, are swamped with so many subjects. rant seekers back to a satguru, minister, rabbi, shaman or priest. To
then he would be bound by the .lineage within the sect of novelty. Theres experiential training in crime and punishment, in I They struggle twenty-four hours a day and still never catch up. not repeat his training, you either learn through the tough reactions I
Sanatana Dharma he dedicated his life to, and would still maintain terrorism and being terrorized, revenge, retribution and the quest This is one tough school, and the odd thing is, enrollment is auto- of his courses or gentler lessons under the guidance of the two oth-
contact with his guruji withirt the inner world. Therefore, he for forgiveness. The ashram's brochure was mailed to me to publish matic; even without applying for'a course, you wind up studying it. er traditional gurus. All gurus are conspirators in the evolution of
_ would not really ever be his own guru at all. Being one's own guru in HINDUISM TODAY; ouf it was too extensive and provocative for It's the default when the guidance of other gurus is rejected. Vish- the soul, and Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru Maha-Maharajji is no exception.
.is a definite part of the anava marga, a very important part. It is our journal. (I'm sure its available on the Internet.) Vishvaguruji vaguruji has many doors for entering his ashram and only one for Well, Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru Maha-Maharajji and 1 have become
_. raw, eccentric egoism. A teenager doesn't become his own teacher has teachers allover the globe, in every city and small community exiting. Gradually, eventually, and it may take many lifetimes, friends, partners, in the gruelfug guruing business. We understand
in schooL A medical doctor doesn't become his own prof~ssor and in every country. In fact, every facet of our lovely planet partici- everyone comes to see that he is leading them to an understanding each other and work together along with elders, swamis, gurus of all
then get a license to practice, signed by himself Nor does a pates in his training programs at every moment in time. that every freedom has its price, every action its reaction, th'at the denominations of all religions. Oh! 1 almost forgot to mention: visit
lawyer, an engineer or even an airline stewardess. So, logic would Mid-range subjects include politics, how to lose and still gain in path to perfection is up and up and up. Recently 1 called Sri Sri Sri his home page: www.hindu.orglbhogal


December 25th's Pagan Roots

Youths Need to G~asp

tolerance, benign neglect and passivity. It is In this regard, I was pleasantly shocked
IN REFERENCE TO YOUR EDITORIAL [IT'S not uncommon to see Hindu gods, sages'and tW9 years ago when the main newsletter of
Chrismastime in the Ashram Again, De- gurus being ridiculed in prime time sit- this University did a large, full-page review
c;mber, '97], I don't think you"would 4nd coms. It is time we fight back to protect our pf my first book, The Astrology of Death. I
any Christian historian who would deny great religion and cultural heritage. didn't even know they had it! This book

'T he Value of Religion

that Christmas has pagan roots. For that PRADEEP SRIVASTAVA was specifically dedicated to bringing
matter, so does All Saints Day and Candle- DETROIT, MICHIGAN USA many of the ideas of Vedic astrology to..
mas and Lady Day and, well, pretty much " Western astrologers. To my amazement,
every traditional feast day. As you probably '" there was no mocking of the concept at all.
Clearly the world of conventional medicine
lq1ow, the Church deliberately "Christian-
ized" Europe's older holy days. Whatever I COMMEND THE LETTER BY MR. ARJUN J. is indeed changing! HINDUISM TODAY was founded January 5, 1979, We will be neither happy nor successful if
one might think of that practice (and the Mehta and regret to say that your reply was RICHARD HOUCK by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, for the
Puritans obviously hated it), I am not sure disappointing not because it did not recom- GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND, US"A
following purposes: 1. To foster Hindu solidarity
as a unity in diversi~y among all sects and lin-
we fail to bring spirituality into our life
that it is in the same category as the horri- mend violence but it promotes unques-
ble commercialization which, as Nis- '" tioned tolerance [The Limits of Tolerance, • I eages; 2. To inform and inspire Hindus world-

senbaum rightly points out, has been around LETTERS, January '98]. My view is that you India in the Middle East wide and people interested in Hinduism; 3. To BY YARSHA RAMOUTA'R
for quite a while. Also, I hope that Nis- can only forgive'a person, a community or a WE IRANIANS LIKE INDIAN PEOPLE VERY dispel myths, illusions and misinformation
religion if it asks for forgiveness. I have yet to much and are interested in getting ac- about Hinduism; 4. To protect, preserve and
senbaum doesn't say, as your editorial seems ELIGION CAN BE DEFINED tivity. They will make and keep

promote the sacred Vedas and the flindu reli-
to suggest, that Christmas first became im- meet a Muslim who regrets what was and quainted with their culture, literature and as a belief in, reverence for, you strong. Adversity will not
gion; 5. To nurture and monitor the ongoing
portant during the Reformation. Eastern still is being done to Hindus where they are religion-particularly mysticism'. I see stu- or worship of a deity or hold you down, but spur you on
Christians have never been verY' big on in a minority in Islamic nations. Forgiving dents today inquiring about India. They
spiritual Hinou renaissance. We invite our read-
ers to share these purposes with us by WTiting deities and an observance to achieve more. When you /
Christmas, but it wqs quite a lively feast day what is not requested for is total cowardice, learn of Hinduism by reading books like letters, contributing reports and articles on of a particular doctrine or doc- think all has failed and a fight
in the medieval West. and we have probably used this aspect of the Bhagavad Gita. They ask themselves, events, sending news clippings and encouraging trines. But religion is much between you and the world is
HEATHER ELIZABETH PETERSON our religion wrongly and unknowingly. It is "How is this dreamy land in the new other to subscribe. more It is a way of life and a on, your faith will be your
GREENBEL~MARYLAND , USA time to say enough is enough and forgive world? What happene'd to it in the age of method of thinking, conduct weapon.This is very, very im-
" those who ask for it. speed?" Fortunately, we find out India still and speech. Religion builds our portant for the youth. I cannot
Publisher': Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
SHASHI H. DAVE is India. We have reached this conclusion character, instills in us values even begin to stress its signifi-
Admin. Dir.: Paramacharya Bodhinathaswami
This Course ,is on Course OYSTER BAY, NEW YORK, USA through your good magazine. It helps us to
Editor-in-Chie! Acharya Palanis~ami
and inspires good deeds. It cance. The figures of academic
WE ARE DELIGHTED TO REPORT THAT THE know and experience India today. teaches us to be scrupulous and to know dropouts and suicides are increasing.
first edition of the book Explaining Hindu Let's '"Not Idolize MARYAM AMINY
Publisher"s Aide: Acharya ~eypnswami
Deputy Editor: Acharya Kumarswami
the difference between right and wrong. Times are tough. Students are giving their
Dharma: A Guide for Teachers, produced I AGREE WITH A. K. NATARAJA (THE SEARCH SHIRAJ, IRAN Thus, it'IIlolds our conscience. That is why all, but they seem to just fall short. Frus-
Managing Editor: Sannyasi Arumugaswami
by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad to aid teach- is Within, LETTERS, November, '97) that we religion is ~o important to the youth in soci- tration and the thought of themselves as
Graphics Director: Sannyasi Natarajaswami
ing of Hinduism in British schools, has been should be strong enough to resist external Toward Better Brahmins ety, especially now when there are so many failures eat their spirit away. They loose
sold out. The work has started on the second
edition. This book tooK nearly three years to
produce and has contributions from sixteen
authors belonging to various Hindu organi-
ridicule. However, I can also see Dr. Ram- THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT THE SITUA-
bachan's point of view in his article (MY tion of brahmin priests deserves much im-
TURN, September, '97). The younger genera- provement. However, this cannot be accom-
tion, especially those growing up in the plished in contegtporary India if they
i Mauritius Editor: Sannyasi Murugaswami
Mauritius Staff Writer: Sannyasi Devaswami
Prod) Promotion Manager: Sannyasi Kathirswami
Managing Ed. 's Aide: Tyagi Saravananathaswami
Dep. Managing Ed.: Tyagi Karttikeyanathaswami
distractions, avenues of escape to inlmorali-
ty and temptations to be led astray.
It seems as if the tapestry of a good,
pure and disciplined society that took our
sight of all their hopes and aspirations, and
they shut the gates to imagination and
sinother their dreams. If they only knew
that with faith they could,fly anywhere,
zations. HINDUISM TODAY also provided West, need to have ambiguous terms cleared continue to claim superior . social status forefathers lifetimes to weave has fallen to no matter how many obstacles come in
some very useful material for the book up since the language and wording we. use based on their birth and knowledge of ritu- Editor-in-Chiefs Aide: Yogi Yuganatha rapid moral decay and frayed ends. Abuse their way.
which presents the Hindu point of view to makes all the difference. I would like to als and scriptures. They will serve better Advertising Manager: Sadhaka Jothinatha of drugs and alcohol, prostitution, defiance Youth is often described as the spring-
pupils from 5 to 16 years of age. This year point out that in the West and among those their cause, as well as our religion, if they Subscription Manager: Sadhaka Haranandi~atha of parents and family life, theft, viotence time of our lives. It is when we are most
thousands of 16-year-old students in the UK who profess to not being idol worshipers reach out to other Hindus, especially the so- Correwondents: Gowri Shankar & Anandhi Rama- and wanton destruction are rising rapidly, energetic, imaginative, impulsive and
chandran., Chennai; Choodarnani Shivaram, Banga-
selected the option to study Hinduism for
their GCSE (General Certificate of Educa-
tion"Examination). Most of these students
there is plenty of that very thing going on! called lower castes, and shed tJleir "touch
When someone "idolizes" another person, me not" and "holier than thou" attitude and
one ~ho is full of flaws and physically mor- communicate with love. I am convinced
I lore; Rajil( Malik &: Mangala Prasad Mohanty, Del-
hi; V. S. Gopalakrishnan, Kerala; Basudeb Dhar,
particularly ampng the twelve to twenty-
five-years age group. Alcohol abuse is re-
sponsible for ramp911t drunk driving
carefree, living life to the fullest. Religion
-in youth helps us to enjoy all these, and
other things, even more. We learn to ap-
are non-Hindus. The book has received ex-
cellent reviews from schools teachers, in-
spectors and examiners.
tal, whether it be a princess, a pop singer or that such a change will result in very posi-
a Ilolitician, then the true sin of idol worship , tive responses from the rest of the popula-
is committed. When someone worships tion and usher in a n~w renaissance of Hin-
money, possessions or a vulgar pin-up girl- duism, and also respect toward brahmins.
I Bangladesh; Archana Dongre, Los Angeles; Lavina
Melwani, New York; Prabha Prabhakar Bhardwaj,
Kenya; Dr. Hari Bansh Jha, Nepal; Parasrarn Rarnou-
tar, Ani! Mahabir, Trinidad; Dr. Devananda Tanda-
among the youth as well as sixty percent
Q[ petty theft and fifty percent of spouse
and sibling battery. We pick up the papers
and read of so many crimes being com-
preciate life for what it was, what it is and
what it will become. We learn to see peo-.
pIe f9r who they are, and not what they
can offer. We learn to laugh and sing with
that is idol worship. It is harmless to have
role models to look up to, but it is not healthy
to "idolize."
BUCKHANNON, WEST VIRGINIA, USA 1 van, Chicago; v.G. Julie Rajan, Philadelphia; Shikha
, Malaviya, Minnesota, Rajesh Jantilal, Sputh Africa
Artists: A. Manivelu, S. Rajam
mitted by the youth of our country. Why?
Can this be avoided or at least curbed? Of
course it can! It all begins in the home. If
our spirit, to let our personality shine
through our eyes, to appreciate nature and
all its glory. We learn what it truly means
" Cartoonists: Barry Geller, David Lourie,....Mario de
SONIYA SHANKAR each parent took his or her child to the to be free.
Enough with Tolerance CORK, IRELAND Miranda, Manick Sorcar, Gary L. Stair, Bob Thaves temple, church or mosque and brought As we go through life, the lessons will be
I WAS INFURIATED TO LEARN ABOUT Photo Contributors: Thomas L. Kelly, Stephen P. them up in an atmosphere of spiritual many. But our life will be incomplete with-
Letters with writer's n~e, address and daytime
Chicago's nightclub, "Kafma" [Hindu Bar Surltrising Transformations phone number, shou!Gl. be sent to: Huyler, Dev Raj Agrawal, Phal S. Girota, Tony Stone knowledge, there would not be as many out love; love's glory will never shine with-
Protested, DIASPORA, January .' 98], which is YOUR' JANUARY '98 ISSUE, WITH ITS FOCUS Letters, HINDUISM TODAY Images, Photobank, Art Wolfe Inc., Gohlon Wiltsie, lost people out there. The vicious circle of out freedom; freedom will never be
one of the first Hindu '"theme bars." I hope on alternative medicine, was most interest- 107 Kaholalele Road IndivaJ; Sivanathan domestic violence, oppression and hate ach1eved without peace; and peace cannot
the American Hindu Anti-Defamation ing. I was particularly intrigued. by the KAPAA, HI, 96746-9304 USA Web Masters: Deva Seyon, Sadhunathan Nadesan would be broken. exist without spirituality-our religion.
comment in one of the articles [Welcome or faxed to: (BoB) 822-4351 Scanning: Vikram Patel, New York Wisdom, no matter how little, goes a
Coalition files a lawsuit against this bar and or e-mailed to:
puts it out of business. It is not enough to be the-;New Healers, HEALTH] that the Johns Distribution: Jiva Rajasankara, Bangalore; Dohade- long way. Religion and God would provide VARSHA RAMOUTAR, 22, is a veterinary
just "shocked.' They have to act on their out- Hopkins University and Medical Center, Letters may be edited for space and clarity and may va Samugam, Singapore; Chudikadevi Saravan, Sel- a haven, a phice of hope when feeling dis- medical science student at the University of
rage. Hindus are tolerant to a fault. People perhaps this country's leading hospital, appear in electronic versions of HINDUISM TODAY. ladurai Perakasam & Rohini Kumar, Malaysia traught and love'when experiencing nega- the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.
have always taken advantage of their over- now offers courses in alternative medicine. .... I NDICATES LEITERS RECEIVED VIA E-MAIL


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EDITORIAL creeds. In many hearts and nations

religious triumphalism is still the flavor of
choice. What is triumphalism? Prof Dur- ms
One pay' My Religion wood Foster of the Pacific School of Reli-
gion in Berkeley, California, defines it as
the belief which "assumes the primacy of
"There is enough in this worJd for everyone's need, but
there is riqt. enough in this world for everyone'~greed."
Will Ru'le the World
one's own values and the right to rule oth-
ers." It is the hope that my religion will
. one day rule all others, that it will take ·
Mah~tma Gandhi (186g-1948)
over the world, eIlminate lesser dogmas,
and reign as the global mega-faith. Many Fran~~ and Ernest
wish this in their hearts, though they may
Irs called triumphalism, and it seem.s that not openly speak of it outside their own ty"1 WANT TO HAVe AN DID YOU KNOW?
circles. Triumphalism is found in all reli- OUT-Of!- 'ObY Serious Studiousness
almost nobody is immune from its conceits gious communities. For the religious right
tf" ' eXPE~/~N'~1
\ in many spiritual Naditions, it IS a
mantra: "We shall overcome. Our God. ~ PON'T HE WORLD' S FIRST UNIVERSITY
BY THE EDITOR will be the judge of all who worship at 'LAMe YOU. was established at Takshashilla,
lesser altars. This is our mission on Earth, well known as Taxila (in India's
ARVARD UNIVERSITY'S GROUND BREAKING PROJECT our prayer and promise." Ahem! northwest region), in
on religious pluralism in America [page 20] is a potent The definition of triumph derives from a military parade for Ro-
sign of our multicultural times. To some it is a joyous • man conquerors returning from war. The qualification was • . approximately 700
sign, a welcome reconciliation in which past hatreds are simple-he had to have won a battle in which at least 5,000 BCE. Another large /
being hammered into present understandings. To many it enemies were killed. That sense of conquest abides in the word as The arrow is straight but cruel; the lute is One has to discover the voidness of the university was found-
is a frightful omen, a most unwelcome misapprehension that will applied to religion, though the battlefield now is more in people's crooked but sweet. Therefore.! judge men seeming full before one can know the , ed at Nalanda in Bi-
dilute and destroy Christianity's historic dominance in the United hearts and minds. Religious leaders still perceive the struggle be- • by ~eh" acts, not their appearance. fullness of the seeming void. Ram Swarup, har circa 500 CEoAc-
States. Hindus, of course, tend to side,with the first view. In fact, tween faiths in warlike terms, their missions as campaigns, their
most Americans do. But by all means not all. . gains as conquests, their losses as being besieged. Evangelists still Tirukural, Verse 279 in an essay comparing Hinduism with cording to Chinese
Those who stand opposed to Harvard's celebration of religious love to sing "Onward, Christian Soldiers!" Buddhism. traveler Hiuen Tsang,
differences are justifiably worried. Within a few short decades, the Lest you find yourself taking refuge in the fact that not all If you don't believe in reincarnation, don't the Taxila campus housed 10,000 stu-
religious rainbow in America has grown from a basic pallet of red, faiths think in such bellieose terms, ponder this. On the World worry. You probably will in your next Student activist U Aung Ko: "We will need dents and 2,000 professors. Students
white and blue-Protestant, Catholic and Jewish-to a dozen or Wide Web this month you can follow an internal debate in the lifetime. Swami Beyondananda to make an offering." American visitor from as far away as China came to ob-
more colors with many subtle hues between. As new pigments are Bahai faith about triumphalism. That's right, Bahai, one ot: the
added, basic colors are both enriched and diluted. That dilution most embracing and tolerant faiths in existence, one which has Laura: "What kind of offering?" tain a religion-based education.
worries those who love plain red. They don't want pm'k or rose. suffered the most harmful hubris of which triumphalism is The Chinese may have Tai Chi, but tasteful U Aung Ko: "That would depend on how
They may detest cerise, vermilion and maroon. While we see it as capable, is itself wrestling with t;he notion that it may become Indians have Chai·Tea! much good karma you want for your llext
a more colorful world, they are seeing red. the world religion of the future. If a small and tolerant religion life." Laura: "Hmm, I can't plan that far More enlightening than a course on en-
And for good cause. Consider NEWSWEEK'S December 15 like Bahai can dreain such triumphal dreams, imagine what There are voices which we hear in soli- ahead."·U Aung Ko: "Then some fresh fruit lightenment. Sri Sri Sri Vishvaguru Maha-
cover which asked, "Whose Faith for the Kids? Mixed Marriages, nightmares larger faiths are capable of. An~ don't get too smug.
Holidays and Hard Choices." The story reveals a growing trend Even our own Hinduism is not exempt, though we may be mas- tude, but they grow faint and ~audible as from the market will do!" from the Holly- Mahariiji speaking of how,he, the world,
for people to marry ,outside their born religion, and what happens ters of the subtler martial arts. While accept'hg all faiths, Hin- we enter into the world. American poet, wood mov~e "Beyond Rangoon," as teaches Dharma to people who follow his
to the children raised in a multi-faith home. In describing how in- dus also,take a kind of perverse pride in our universalism, not- lecture1" and Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo U Aung Ko and Laura prepare to enter a path. (See page 10)
terfaith marriages are "creating, irr effect, a new form of religious ing-even when we don't say it-that our religion teaches the Emerson (1803-1882) who, disillusion,e d Myanmar (Burmese) temple. •
ictentification in America, analogous to the 'mixed race' category," principle qf "Truth is one, paths are many" or "Yoga'~ light by Chnistianity, taught that God could Seek truth in meditation, not in molp.y
the story tells of Dilip Visvanath and Carmen Guerra, two doctors illumines all religions." This being true, all faiths are part of the
raisM in New York City. They were married at a Hindu temple in Sanatana Dharma:. So, in a sense, all are following our path, best be ,found by looking inward to one's books. Look to the sky to fmd the moon,
Queens on Friday night, and again by right? It's a philosophical triumphalism, own Sot?!. • "not in the pond. Persian proverb
her Catholic priest the following morning and though we don't apply it to convert
in Manhattan. Speaking of their hoped- and condemn, we apply it nonetheless.
for children, Dilip said, "We want to ex- Christians appear to be discovering
pose them to both religions." the dangers of triumphalism, and theFe
Similarly, Muslims are marrying Mor- are signs that a wiser view is being MY.'GONE.~
mons, Jews are espousing El"iscopalians adopteg. Read From Triumphalism to I'M TRYING TO CUT DOWN TAKEN A
and Buddhists are wedding JaiJ).s. How Maturity by Harvard's Donald A. . ON MY AifACHMENT5.
VOW TO --------
profoundly is this affecting these com-
munities? Very. NEWSWEEK cites several
Carson. Whenever we feel the flush of
our ancientness and our all-embracing-
ness, we can recall that is only our vieW CHOCOLATE.
studies which conclude that today 50%
of all American Jews of ~ and give honor to others' ways. That
other faiths, as do 21 % of Catholics, ~ said, we need not accept the argument,
3Q.% of Mormons and 40% of Muslims. U still common in the Abrahamic faiths
Hindus have no such statistics, but certainly they would be com- that their scriptures coJ.{imission them to evangelize the Earth,
parable. and since we claim to respect their faith we must accept their
Even with all this mixing and mingling of isms, America is not mission. We must do no such thing. Instead, we can remind them
freed of religious conflicts, and the rest of the world has yet to . of the simple rule oflaw taught in first-year torts classes: Your
experience the full impact of a free-flow of peoples and their right to swing your arms freely ends at my nose.



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The book that has touched

February 27-March 2, 1998 the lives qf millions...
Keauhou Beach Hotel • Kona, HawaII Rramahansa Yogananda's acclaimed "A
1"1.utobiography of a Yogi has been in-
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• Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Classes sages, providing a rare firsthand glimpse Ananda Moyi Ma, and other luminaries of
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. _l~N~I~
' ~~l~Q~
, -=a~y~
· ~P~A~R~A_M_'_A_R_A __N_S__ __D_A______________~
A__y_Q_· _G_A_N_'_A_N 19
COMMUNITY · Team-CD: (left to right) Grove Harris, Sat-
nam Khalsa, Sam Herring, Diana Eck, Jen-

Stirring 'Up:the ny Juyun Song, Ellie Pierce and Lance Laird

giving'"in-depth information on core beliefs,

praptices and the challenges, historical
overviews, timelines, discussions of religious

Melting Pot
practices and profiles ofleaders. Encounter-
ing Religious Diversity takes on the hard is-
sues faced by each religion as it tries to fit
into the surrounding community. Hindus
may be surpri?ed to see and hear how oth-
er faiths face the exact same obstacles they
do, such as zoning and traffic complaints as
Harvard~s Pluralism Project Delivers a attempts to stop temple building. Encounter- ,
ing Religious Diversity engages one to con-
Ground-brecikipg CD-ROM: On Comrrwn Ground sider how passive tolerance can be turned
... int0 truly interactive religious pluralism, and
discusses the ups and downs of this path.
By LAVINA MELWANI, NEW YORK through every town and city. Some even - The CD features an abundance of movies
au ARE ABOUT TO GO ON A PIL- share the same street. " that bring each religious tradition to life as
,grimage. Not to India's Kashi or How are the tra'ditions evolving, and what real people tell their stories. Excellent pho-
Vrindavan, but to the sacred sanctu- are the problems and issues facing faiths tographs show devotees engaged in day to
aries of the United States of America. that alight in this land? How is America it- day practices. Music of the various tradi-
You will visit the more than 80 Hin- self changing as a result? These are ques- tions augments the cultural"diversity even
du temples scattered across the conti~ tions that Comnwn Ground asks and an- further. These real-life glimpses have a mag-
n'ent, including the towering Sri Venkates- swers. It is the fruition ,of fastidious work by ical way of instilling a feeling of empathy, a
wara -Temple in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Diana L. Eck and the Pluralism Project at djstinct feeling that "We are all in this to-
the Chola-styl~ Meel\akshi Temple in Texas, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massa- . gether" and "Those people are not so differ-
and America's oldest Hindu temple, located chusetts. Eck, Profe§sor of Comparative Re-. ent from us." If the CD is taken up by
in Queens, New York. Y<'lU'li also immerse ligion and Indian Studies at Harvard, spent schools across the nation as expected, the so-
yourself in every nuance'of Hinduism as you over three intensive years with her team of cial impact of youth's increased understand-
listen to priests, devotees and second-gener- researchers to actualize this powerful social ing will be unprecedented. One scholarly re-
ation youth talk about their faith. You'll see education tool. viewer affirms that, "Every social studies
the rituals of puja, listen to the Ganesha Eck is convinced that the Eastern reli- teacher in America should have this CD."
Saranam chant and much, much more-all gions in the US have adapted and evolved, There's more, including over 100 technical
V\.\ithout leaving home. and that the influx of new immigrants has, documents-a treasury of data for students
All you need to embark upon this intrigu- in hirn, transformed US communities. Once and academics. All this is supplemented-
ing journey is a computer and the remark- foreign, these transplanted cultures and their get this-by a comparative thematic index, a
able multimedia CD-ROM, On Comnwn faiths are now integral. They have become glossary, bibliography ' and a guide written
Ground: World Religions in America (1997, American. "This is happening before our by Eck. Online updates and an expanding
Columbia University Press, New York). A very eyes," Eck narates, "and historians of re- database are available at the Columbia Uni-
few hours of browsing will take YOllFnot only ligion need to pay attention to it. it is the on- versity Press website (see end of article).
through the salient points of Hinduism in the going history of religion .... America is chang- The Pluralism Project offers affiliate grants
US, gut also of 15 other world religions now ing, too, as ~ begin to appropriate thls much for "professors and/or departmen!s to in-
thriv,ing in this multicultural climate. Be- more complex religious pluralism." centers, from Buddhist temples and Islamic vestigates the diversity in 18 regions of the locate the centers-and addresses and volve themselves and their students in re-
sides countless churches and synagogues, The world's religions in your hand: On centers to Christian churches and their di- US. At the click of a mouse one can access a phone n,!Pllbers are included! There are over search on the changing religious life of their
there are now hundreds of mosques, ,temples, Comnwn Ground documents the changing 'Verse denominations. The CD is in three comprehensive directory of mosques, tem- 400 portraits of different centers. America's city or region ... and the new patterns of re-
shrines and meditation halls scattered ' face of faith in over 18 communities in 400 main parts. A New Religious Landscap ~ in- ples and gurudwaras (Sikh temples). Maps Many. Religions covers 15 different faiths, ligious and interreligious involvement in •


American civil society." Applications can be Clickable culture: Screen captures show the izing of Hindu shrines and burning of
found online. elegant graphjcs and easy navigation win- mosques are realities, as are the bigoted
Media for tlie masses: CD-ROM was cho- dows. Windows offour offifteen traditions statements of people like Pat Robertson, the
sen as the most effective technology to give are shown, along with the main entry win- truth j s that there are a multitude of ways
students and academics the prodigious fmd- dow and the gateway to the religiOns. (Be- that America's civic life is changing because
ings of the Pluralism Project's years of mas- low, left to right) Pagan, Hindu, JeWish, of ~ew initiatives of inter-religious coopera-
sive research. As Eck points out, education American Indian (NavajO), Christian and tion. After all, America was the site of the
is one arena where inter..religious encoun- Muslim images from movies on the CD. first World Parliament of Religions way
ters can be intense, because school and col- back in 1893 and again, one hundred years ,
lege communities most reflect the diversity later in 1993. In cities across America, there
of society. She says, "Teaching about .religion are sincere efforts at interfaith dialogue and
is important in public school curriculums. experiments i1l, living together. Observes Di-
For too long we have had the idea that it is ana Eck, "We see both things happening in
less controversial to steer away from religion the US. We can see incredible religious
in curriculum. This is the moment in Amer- 1~~~~~~~1-' chauvinism on all sides and also attempts at '
ican history when we are trying hard to cor-
rect that."
....t cooperation and bridge-building that are
virtually unprecedented. I think the picture
This is a comprehensive teaching tool that 00
... is more optimistic than not."
makes it fun to learn about religion. In its and cultural life flourished On Common Ground is impressively com-
fair and balanced way it gives answers to the around that hub. At first, .prehensive, and it takes several long and fo-
many questions which minority children of- many temples and mosques cused sittings to absorb all its information.
~ The same insight, depth and detail about
ten ponder. Since religious and community
leaders have given their own input, the in-
were in makeshift quarters
or loaned premises span- ~ Hinduism in American that we have just 7'
formation is correct and personable. Chil- ning everything from a for - >< discussed is there for each of the 14 other
dren and teenagers who I]1ay being mer mattress showroom in ~ religions. Its many navigatioflal options give
force-fed religion will certainly be drawn to- Northridge, California, to a '~" freedom to wander off in diverse directions
ward Common Ground. They can play the YMCA in New Jersey. The ~ and explore as inspiration 'directs. On Com-
quicktime movies and learn an eye and ear- Muslim and.Hindu commu- .., tions are largely from one area of India, the "!On Ground's world of intriguing facts can
ful about Hinqu pujas; see Cat Steven's call nities of Houston, Texas, ~ temples are more insular. be the starting point for dialogue, tolerance
to prayer; or hear gospel music from San gathered for prayers in the ~ As Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Budqhists, and, better still, advises Eck, religious plu-
multi-faith Rothko Chapel 81.._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~_ _ _ _...1_ Jains and :Barsis become Americas next door ralism. It clearly should be required brows-
Francisco and on and on. it is an irresistible
invitation to pigh school students to become until they built their own neighbors, service providers, teachers, ing at schools, colleges and places of wor-
interested in the religious diversity of their centers. The Houston Zoroastrians still gath- teerism that is so typical of Ameri- physicians and friends, the Eastern religions ship. "Part of the strategy of the CD," Diana
area. They can enter through the US gate- er in this chapel while they complete their ca's many religious traditions. Mem- lose their strangeness. Intercultural mar- explains, "is to give the teacher a company of
way map to find out what's happening in own Dar-e-Mehr. Sikhs in Queens, New bership dues, annual fund-raisers, temple tower. Indeed, the Hindu identity and what riages, too, are adding to the climate of tol- friends and scholars from a variety of stand-
their vicinity. Teachers, too, are empowered York, established their gurtidwara in a for- publication~ and newsletters, videotapes of constitutes a Hindu is constantly being ne- erance and pluralism. Hinduism is especial- points to be present in the classroom to talk
to explain religion fairly and accurately with mer church while Muslims in Chicago start- temple festivals and audio tapes of devotion- gotiated in America, as fudians from differ- ly qualified to participate in this new drive. about each faith. Since a variety of voices
this CD as the guide. Hindus will fmd many ed out with an old movie theater as their . al music are all now part of the American ent regions and communities reside in close As explained in the CD, " 'The one and the are included, you get the idea that these re-
fascinating facts about their own faith, and community center. temple milieu." , proximity. In Nashville, Hindus building, a many.' No other theme in India has played ligions are not monolithic. You begin to un-
parents will fmd answers to questions their The CD shows how Hinduism is changing Many of the newer temples are an amal- temple sent out a ballot to decide which so co'nstantly, like a continuously evolving derstand each religioris tradition as a con-
children ask about the reasons for rituals. as it becomes counted as an American reli- gam of Hindu and AmeJjcan styles, incor- would be the central Deity, since there are raga, a musical scale with a multitude of versation, and sometimes even as an
The history of tHe growth of Hinduism gion. While vast numbers of Americans con- porating just a few ornate touches, while worshipers of Kali, Krishna and Shiva in variations. No culture on Earth has devel- argument. All the ideas we have about one
and the other world religions in America verted to Hinduism through vari~us organi- others go for overt Hindu architecture. The their area. It was democratically voted to oped as complex an understanding of hu- another can actually be transformed when
makes for interesting reading. In the early zations, born Hindus living in America are magnificent Sri Meenakshi Temgle in Pear- choose Lord Ganesha. In Livermore, the man and Divine as Hindu India. To say we meet one another. The CD is a way to
days,. when there were few temples and becoming mpre Americanized in thclr ways. land, Texas, for instance, echoes the archi- community decided on a joint Shiva-Vishnu 'This is the one and only' may be a marker meet one another in virtual space." . :..;
mosques, people would meet informally in The CD defines the trend, ']\merica's great tecture of South India. The Hindu Temple Temple, thus appeasing the devotees of both of importance to other cultures. Hindu In- COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS, 136 SOUTH BROADWAY, IRV-
I N GTON, NEW YORK 10533 USA. TEL : (USA) 1-800-944-8648;
each other's homes and pray at the home new Hindu temples signal the presence of a of Greater Chicago has a complex which Gods. IJl most temples, in deference to the dia, however, has long taken a different mea- FAX (USA), 1-800'944-1844;
shrine. Yet, as each community established religious community that has taken to 'houses both a Sri Rama Temple and a Gane- many languages spoken by Indians, the lit- sure of the meaning of plurality." E-MA.I L: CW204@coiumbia.ed.u
itself, a place cl worship was established, , American ways, with the spirit .of volun- sha-Siva temple, with a 8o-foot-tall temple erature is often in English. Where popula- Altf.ough dotbusters, hate crimes, vandal- ,. httpilwww.fas.harvard.edul- plUlalism •


Kriya Yoga Seminars: US, Can., Europe Deities Gilded in 24 K. Gold
doing the research, of putting
Roy Eugene Davis, a disciple Ganapati sitting (or dancing), Ram
themselves over and over in the
of Paramahansa Yogananda,
Let's Go position of b~ing a stranger in Darbar, Lakshmi, Shiva-Parvati,
will teach in these cities: Durga, Shirdi Sai Baba, Hanuman,
someone else's community. Eck
herself recalls witnessing Bais- Santoshi Ma, Tirupati Balaji, VIshnu,
I • Los Gatos, CA: Mar. 12 Shiva Nataraj, Krishna, Krishna with
Beyond. akhi celebrations at a gurudwara
(Sikh temple) in Fairfax County,
VIrginla. "I remember arriving at

Vancouver, BC: Mar. 17
Ashland, OR: Mar. 20-22
Dallas, TX: Apr. 4
Cow. 3 to 5" (7 to 12 cm) high. $19.95
to $39.95. $3.50 shipping. Catalog.
Discounts for retailers and temples.
Tolerance " that gurudwara at six in the
evening as a total stranger and
leaving at midnight from the

Munich, Germany: Apr. 18, 19
London, UK: Apr. 25
Detroit, MI: May 9
Nirvana Collection
94 Route 416, Campbell Hall, NY
10916 USA. Tel: 800-374-2304 or
midst of what really felt like a
914-294-1498 • Fax 914-294-3870.
A Harvard professors new family." One of the things
Eck has noticed in her research is
Request information and
our free book catalog:
report c¥d on religion the gradual Americanization of
Hinduism as it takes root in this
Center For Spiritual
Awareness • PO Box 7-H
country. She observes, "The Hin-
By LAVINA MELWANI, NEW YORK du temple in Troy, Michigan, is
Lakemont, GA 30552 USA Superlative Tours to India-1997-98
Tel: 706-782-4723. Fax 706-782-4560
MAGINE BEING COVERED IN COLORS very unusual as an American •

E-mail • Website • Tour 1: March 7-22, '98
from head to toe and having to walk sev- Hindu temple because it has
Celebrating Phagwa (Holi)
eral blocks in crowded Manhattan. This brought t0gether people from a
Roy Eugene Davis' Books in India: in India.
is the predicament Diana Eck, Director
of the Pluralism Project at Harvard Univer-
vast spectrum of society who
have tried to design a Hindu tem-
(when ordering by mail add Rs. 15 postage each book) • Tour 2: April 10-24, '98 /
B. Jain Publishers • Post Box 5775 New Delhi 110 055 Kumbha Mela at Haridwar
sity, found herself in after attending an avid ple that really is American." The
An Easy Guide to Ayurveda, Rs. 45 and other inspiring destinations.
celebration of the Hindu Holi festival at the temple is designed in the typical-
Motilal Banarsidass, Publishers
Pushtamargi Temple in Sayerville, New Jer- ly Western way, with a vast audi-
41 U.A., Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi 110 007 For more information, contact:
sey. "They had a bonfire in the parkiNg lot torium, ibckers for shoes, a large
The Book of Life, Rs. 65 Kali Travel Ltd. ·169-12 Hillside Ave
and were throwing colors back and forth be- kitchen, skylights and a big con-
A Master Guide to Meditation, Rs. 85 Jamaica, NY 11432-4498 USA
tween the pujari [priest] and the wor-
shipers," she recalls. '~ll of us were smeared
with red powder. I was splattered with col-
gregation hall. She says, "They
actually hired an architect to de-
sign not a Chola Hindu temple,
t Life Surrendered in God (yoga-sutras),
Hardcover, Rs. 295 • Softcover, Rs. 195.
Tel: 718-291-9292
Fax: 718-262-0928
or allover IIJ.y face, my hair, my clothes. I but an American Hindu temple."
didn't quite know what to do. So I just drove Eck, who has visited many temples and
into Manhattan, through the toll booth, and witnessed countless rituals, fmds that tradi-
parked in a garage in the Upper West Side tions of North and South India often merge
and walked five blocks to the apartment in America \is the Indians here try to find a Moneesh Resources - Gifts and Books Visit Barsana Dham
building I was staying in. Literally no one happy compromise. She recalled how the
noticed my appearance, and that is a elaborate Ram Navami celebrations at the For the past 18 VIsit Shree
tremendous testimony on the diversity of temple in Troy incluqed the marriage of years, we have Raseshwari Radha
New York City. I was walking home from Sita and Ram in a typically South Indian developed an ex- Rani Temple,
Holi as if I were in Vrindavan!" context followed by rounds of Om Jai tensive collection Barsana Dham,
Dr. Diana L. Eck"has been following the Jagdish Hare, a time-honored North Indian of gifts, statues and and you will
growth of Hinduism in America fer many song. And in a nod to the Americanization books to support find you are in a
years. She is also Chair of the Committee on of Hinduism, this was followed b¥ a delight- you in your spirit- different world, a
the S!udy of Religion in the Faculty of Arts ful play about Hanuman versus Superman ual upliftment. world of spiritual
and Sciences, and a member of the interna- by high school students. She says, "The play peacefulness that
tional presidium of the World Conference was touchingly devotional, but entirely pre- • A broad collec- will excite your
on Religion and Peace. Eck has spent some sented in an American teenage idiom that tion of spiritual heart with love of
time at Banaras Hindu University and is the .. was very winning." • texts of all tradi- Radha Krishn.
author of Banaras, City of Light and Dar- .Still, there exists an obvious gap between tions, esp. Hindu-Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras, Puranas, etc.
shan: Seeing the Divine Image in India, our 'live and let live" attitude and our actu~ • The fmest rudraksha malas, custom made-gold-filled, Barsana Dham founder, H.D. Swami Prakashanand
among other books. Beginning around 1990, al living together. Eck believes Americans 14k gold, with silver etc. • A wide collection of wrist or Saraswati will be in residence during May and June, 1998.
she noticed more and more s~cond-genera­ need to step up from simple, passive toler- necklace malas in various stones and styles • Statues of VIsitors can stay in the comfortable new guest rooms, enjoy
tion South Asians in her classes, children ance to actIve pluralism. "Tolerance lets lie deities: Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva Nataraj, etc. • Posters, fresh vegetarian meals and take part in the daily devotional
who had grown up in America.: as Hindu, the half-truths and the half-baked stereo- calendars and notecards of deities from the finest artists- activities of the temple.
Muslim, Sikh or Jain. She recalls: "I realized types we hold. If there are incidents of van- all sizes • Puja and meditation items: Incense, prayer
at that point how much the religious com- dalism, people aren't prepared to responeV shawls, wool meditation asanas, cushions and more Write for information about Barsana Dham, books by Shree
munities of America must be changing. I de- because they just don't have accurate infor- • Alternative health care remedies and books: ayurvedic Swamiji, audio and video tape lecture series in English and
veloped a research project that used Har- mation. Our diversity is encountered in and herbal preparations, essential oils and related books Hindi by Shree Swamiji and chanting meditation cassettes.
vard students, employed them as summer very critical areas-schools and colleges, • Apparel: hatha yoga T-shirts and mats, meditation clothes,
re!:earchers to do hometown research in hospitals and the military-so we certainly kurtas and dhotis Upcoming 1998 events at Barsana Dham:
Denver, Houston, Salt Lake City and Chica- Trusts, and the end result was On Common do need to know more about each other. Maha Shivratri, Feb. 28 • Holi, Mar. 14 • Ram Navrni, Apr. 5
go to fmd out exactly what was happening." Ground: World Religions in America [see ar- That, to me, is the difference between mere Call or write for our free catalog!
From these early beginnings evolved the ticle page 20]. The most exciting part for all tolerance and an active, generative plural- International Society of Divine Love, Barsana Dham
Pluralism Project, which is funded by the the researchers involved with the project ism, which requires an engagement beyond Moneesh Resources 400 Barsana Road, Austin, TX 78737-9075 USA
Lilly Endowment and the Pew Charitable was the illuminating hands-on experience of tolerance." ... 467 Brickman Rd., Hurleyville, NY 12747-5314 USA Tel: 512-288-7180 • Fax: 512-288-0447
Tel: 914-434-8990 • Fax: 914-435-0018
Armed Forces presents an interesting career
option to a motivated Hindu. The qualifica-
tions are quite stringent~American citizen-
ship (or permanent residence), a college de-
gree and the Hindu equivalent of a Master
of Divinity in religious study, two years of
pastoral experience, character references
from one's guru dud temple society and the
approval of a certified endorsing agency.
There is so far orily one endorsing agency ,
for Hindus, Chinmaya Mission West. They
will, at present, provide endorsement only
for a fully qualified teacher within their
own Mission. Other Hindu organizations
can request certification as an endorsing
agency. There are 'about 220 endorsing
agencies of all faiths nationally. One can en-
roll in the Chaplain Candidate Program, a
pre-commissioning training program, as a •
graduate student. This is perhaps the sim-
plest way to fulfill all the requirements, in-
cluding the two years of pastoral experi- UK Scenes: Scottish bagpipers-a common Sight at Hindu events-lead Swami into the ltall. Right, he presents prize to marathon winner.
ence. The services are prepared to adapt
their requirements to the particulars of the MISSION beliefs, methods of worship, celebrations
Hindu priestly tradition. There are about
and their meanings, our id ills and values.

Swrami Satyamitranand
3,000 chaplains in the combined US forces,
Then only shall we be able to meaningfully
and 100 to 200 are added each year.
appreciate and preserve oUr identity."
Being a chaplain in the US Army, Navy or
On July 20, Scottish bagpipers led Swami

Tours United Kh~gdom ,

Air Force is a full-time commitment. One
into a huge London hall overflOwing with
lives on a military base, wears an officer's
disciples for the celebration of Guru Purni-
uniform and is subject to all the regulations
ma, the yearly honoring religious teachers.
of the military. Chaplains are not allowed to
He advised those gathered to "pause and
carry arms, but if the troops they minister
to are sent to the front lines, the chaplain Devotees across the Isles honor their guru ponder upon the intimate relations you have
built with wife and children, parents and
APluralistic Army: Chaplains of several faiths pose with the US Army soldie;S they guide goes with them. Each chaplain ministers to
friends. Worthwhile intimacy can only exist
those of hi~ or her own faith through reli- TER COMPLETING AN ENTIRE YEAR health and comfort. Among the highlights of

CAREER between us and our Creator, the one who re-
gious services, classes and counseling. in silence, which he observes every his UK tour was a two-day Rudra Puja sides in each heart."
Overall, chaplains are responsible for the , five years, Swami Satyamitranand youth event at Leicester. There after fielding At Coventry, a giant Surya Yagna, three
Call for Military Ministers morale of the troops av-d expected to coun-
sel anyone in need. Every chaplain is
trained to give last rites tg, a dying soldier of
Ciri visited Britain in June and July
of 1997. In forty years, the venerated swami,
65, has traveled to more than 50 countries,
dozens of religious questions from the thou-
sands of adolescent boys and girls, he ex-
claimed, "The air is full of holy vibrations,
days of open-air Sun worship, was conduct-
ed by 501 devotees under Swami's direction,
and enjoyed by 30,000 spectators. .,..;
any religion. "There are no atheists in fox- beginning with Nairobi in 1962, always like a Vedic school in India." He declared,
US Armed Forces are recruiting qualified holes," says the old military adage. But pros- alone, penniless and caring little for his own "There is need for us to find out about our
elytizing or "sheep-stealing"-converting
Hindus as career clergy among i,ts soldiers soldiers from other denominations or reli-
gions-is not only frowned upon but would
be cause for disciplinary action, according
RMIES SINCE ANCIENT TIMES HAVE Chaplain is a general term for a person to one senior chaplain.

A ! required the services of religious

! '. guides. Consider, for example, Lord
. Krishna on the battlefield at Kuruk-
shetra, advising Arjuna on his duties as a
kshatriya, or warrior. This reality of war has
holding a spiritual office. It encompasses
priests, ministers, rabbis, imams-any per-
son of any faith holding such a post. In the
United States Armed Forces, chaplains are
regularly commissioned career officers, ex-
Pay is good, beginning at US$30,000,per
year at the rank of captain, and perhaps
reaching $60,000 as a full colonel by the en.{!
of a 20-year career. Benefits are excellent-
housing, food, full lifetime medical cover-
not changed, and nearly every army in the pected to serve twenty year~ or more. age, discOlfnt purchasing at base stores and
world provides chaplains to minister to its The Indian Army has the same system, but 30 vacation days per year, to name a few.
soldiers. What has changed is the religious uses the term "religious teachers." These Lifetime retirement pay is about 50% of the
make-up of the world's armies. In a dramat- serve as junior commissioned officers, na- highest salary earned. The entire employ"
ic example of America's religious pluralism, yabsubadar. There are religious teachers of ment package is far beyond anything the
the US Armed Forces have t ommissioned five faiths-Hindu, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist Hindu temples offer their priests.
not only Jewish and Christian chaplains of and Christian. They are trained for their re- , For the right people, the US military
all denominations, but Buddhist and Islam- ligious duties at a special schooL Each major chaplaincy offers a challenging religious
ic ones as well. Recently the Department of military base in India has a saroa dharma lllnistry, and for Hindus, it would be official
Defense stated its willingness to commission sthal where all religions can worship. Some recognition of a permanent presence on the
Hindu chaplains to minister to the nearly bases have built huge temples-for example, American religious scene. .,..;
one thousand Hindus, mostly doctors, serv- that of the Rajputana regiment in Delhi. CHAPLAIN RECRUITING CENTERS: CHAPLAIN VANN, US ARMY,
800 223 3735. EXT. 60435; CHAPLAIN JOHNSON, US NAVY, 703
ing in American armed forces. The post ot chaplain in a branch of the US 6g6- 5363; CHAPLAIN LEM.MON, US AIR FORCE 800 803 2452
Guru Purlllima: Youth participate in personal ritual worship (puja). Right, Swami sits bedecked in flowers offered in the guru-honOring rites.
masterpiece ofthe Tamil language, written by Saiva Saint Tiruvalluvar (ca 200 BCE) near present-day
Chennai in South India. This sagely compendium of practical advice is so pithy, so profound and so
sacred that it is sworn upon today in South Indian courts. The text focuses primarily on the first three
goals of life-artha (wealth), dharma (conduct) and kama (desire)-but also includes thirteen chap-
ters on renunciate dharma, relating to life's fourth goal, rrwksha (liberation). In an extraordinarily compact
verse form of fourteen syllables, the poet presents 133 subjects of ten verses each on relationships, human
strengths and foibles, statecraft and more-1,330 verses in all. One of the worlds earliest ethical texts, the
Tirukural has been called "a bible on virtue for the human race."
Although it has been translated into English by many scholars, the haps its main function-to perfect and protect our lives in the every-
Holy Kural has remained virtually unknown in the Western world. day world by preventing mistakes which can cause an unhappy kar-
There is a similar work, written in modern times by the mystic ma, by preventing erroneous attitudes which can bring unnecessary
Kahil Gibran, called the Prophet, which has been widely distributed. sorrow into our experience. There is nothing in the Kural that has
Everyone knows and loves this great work. The Holy Kural parallels to be obeyed. Each of the couplets contains such insight, however,
the Prophet in many ways. Both books speak in profound yet useful that we are drawn to it and want to comply with its discernments.
terms of love and friendship, of health and death, of joy and sorrow. Teach these gems to the children. This advice and admonition,
Details of Tiruvalluvar's life are meager. It is known that he was a coming from the Sanatana Dharma, the world's most ancient faith and
weaver lmd that his wife, Vasuki, was the perfect example of devotion culture, will enrich every childs understanding of goodness, right
and obedience to her husband. Several stories are told depicting the conduct and right thought. It is essential that the values which are the
exemplary harmony in their marriage. The Tirukural was his only substance of the Holy Kural-the do's as well as the donts-be carried /
work, and though it is relatively short, it was sufficient to bring renown over into the next generation with courage, persistence and fortitude
to the humble weaver, making him a venerated sage and lawgiver. so that our descendants are benefited by these age-old insights into
The Holy Kural is most useful in everyday life when its verses are universal laws, humanitarian laws and plain common sense.
committed to memory and meditated upon, quoted freely as one's The Kural does not contain a single ethical concept or expression
very own. One of its greatest benefits is to guide our actions and our that would offend another faith, and thus it is a fme introduction to
thoughts, to direct our purpose in life and refine our interactions the scriptures of the East. The Holy Kural is a liberal meeting ground
with our fellow man. Business, family and personal problems can be for all religions. It could well be called a Common Creed for the
resolved in the light of the saint's wisdom. If something is going modern world. The selected verses which follow were rendered into
along wrong in your life, bring the forces of life back into harmony modern 'i\merican English" by two acharyas of the Saiva Siddhanta
by studying the Holy Kural and applying its knowledge. That is per- Yoga Order at the request of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.

Translation's Dubious Art

Ho\1V uneasily the Kurars cryptic verses yield
. N THE TAMIL LANGUAGE, TIRU to the strong claims of intimacy.
)means "holy" or sacred, and kural G.U. Pope (1886): Not folly merely, but
l means anything that is brief or short. familiar carelessness, esteem it, when
'. In this case it describes the difficult your friends cause you distress.
and disciplined kural-venpa meter in A. Ranganatha Mudaliar (1949): Deem
which the verses were written. Each two- the sting caused by friends to be born of
line verse is short, containing just four not folly merely, but of easy fanllliarity.
feet in the first line and three in the sec- K.M. Balasubramanlam, (1962): When
ond-14 syllables in all. As a rule, the last thine own friends perchance did some-
foot of the first line, or the first foot of the thing thou dost hate indeed, do treat it as
second line, rhymes with the first foot of their folly or as friendship's privilege-deed.
the first line. In many ways these couplets Shuddhananda Bharatl (1971): Offence of
are similar to such Sanskrit verses as the friends feel it easy as folly or close intimacy.
Brahrna Sutras. With subjects or predi- G. Vanmlkanathan (1984): If intimate
cates often only implied, the reader is left friends do some painful thing, take it ei-
to intuit the meaning, and the result is an ther as a piece of foolishness or privilege
array of legitimate interpretations. Show- of friendship.
ing the range of style and meaning, here P.S. Sundaram (1989): If friends hurt,
is verse 805 rendered by eight of the put it down to ignorance or fanllliarity.
Tirukural's 150 known English translators: Salva Siddhanta Yoga Order (1993): <&U6m~6mlD ~dr<&!Drr
Rev. W.H. Drew (1840): If friends should When friends do things that hurt you, Qu@iN$lW 6m1D 6TdrW~rT85
perform what is painful, understand that attribute it to unawareness or to the
it is owing not only to ignorance, but also privileges of friendship. <&ffirr ~a;85 ffiLLrTrT Q6'ulldr.

Greatness of Renunciates Asserting Virtue's Power Avoidance of Envy Resoluteness of Action Judging the Audience Hatred
Behold those who have weighed the Be unremitting in the Fortune's Goddess, intolerant of men Do not disparage men who Speaking to an audience Though men plot disunity
dual nature of things and followed doing of good deeds. who cannot tolerate other's success, appear small, for there are those, of thinking men and deliberately harm you,
the renunciates way. Their Do them with all your might and Introduces them to her sister seemingly insignificant, who is like watering a the highest path plans
greatness illumines the world. by every possible means. Misfortune and goes away. are like the linchpin of a mighty chariot. bed of growing plants no hateful retribution.

One's Duty to Give Destiny Unjust Reign Honor Possession of Courtesy Begging
Riches retained A man may amass millions, A scepter-wielding king Cultivate modesty in the If a man is easy of access to all, There are men who never
by big-hearted men but its enjoyment requesting a gift is like midst of good fortune, then the virtue of courtesy deny a request, even in a dream.
Resemble a fruit tree will never exceed that a lance-bearing robber but in times of adversity will be easily Begging from such men
ripening in the heart of a village. portion allotted to him. demanding, "Give me all you have." preserve your dignity. accessible to him. is as good as giving.


On his hl~me village On his early life and training me, Sri Kumarasamy, taught me how to
I was bOirn in Sikkal village of Tanjavur, Mter schooling I became a mechanic, and shine as a devotional painter.,

Ne Cameras Allowed
Tamil Nadu. Sikk'al is famous for the eventually the supervisor of a fIrm. Mean-
Surasamhara temple festival, which denotes while, I had great interest in my faffiily pro- On his transition to full-time painting
the day Lord Murugan received the Vel fession of painting and did this in my spare When Jayendra Saraswathy Swami of
from -His mother Shakti. Qn this auspicious time. I learned from my father, be~g
" . day the vigraha (image) of Lord Muruga at age tel). I did not attend any art school
Kanchi Peetam visited Chennai two years
ago, I showed him my paintings and asked
perspires the same way hurn@ beings do. ·or classes. I assisted my father and careful- him to bless me. He \vas impressed and ad-
Even after wiping it again and again, the ly observed his methods. He usually paint- vised me to quit the supervisor job and
Capturing on canvas the concealed countenance of Indias temple Deities vigraha continues to perspire. ed near the temple or at home. The chief concentrate on painting full-time. With
artist of Kalaimagal magazine and guru to that blessing to sustain me, I complied.

On his depictions of temple icons
1 , Hindu temples, such as Madurai's There are differences between paintings
I ! Meenakshi citadel, evokes profound for ordinary magazines and portrayals' of
. reverenCe and joy. As bhakti-filled temple deities. My guru 'Sri Kumaras;my
devotees bathe in the powerful radiance of said, 'm-tists in abundance draw mundane
the f}eity, they long to sorn.i!how bring the pictures, but only a few can depict the
DeifIJ 's image, which may be hundreds or Gods." Ever since he told me this, I painted
thousands of years old, back to their own only the Gods. Since 1978, Jnanabumi has
homes for personal worship. But this is eth- commissioned me to pOFtray the mgT-aha in
ically impossible. Even taking photographs the main sanctum of India's most popular •
or video of a temple's main sanctum is tradi- temples. Before entering the temple I ob- /
tionally taboo. The Gods, however, do have serve religious disciplines such as fasting,
recourse to appease their devotees' desire early morning worship and japa. Some peo-
for constant company. In 1978, they enlist- ple tried to intimidate me by sayillg that the
ed Sri. A Manivelu to paint their portraits. fIerce-lookIng Gods will curse me if I went
DiVinely inspired, Manivelu, 56, patiently too close! But nothing but blessings have
sits before the temple's\ sanctum sanctorum
for hours at a stretch to sketch India's Gods
ever come to me. I do a sketch prior to the
abhishekam, ritual bathing, and after the
and Goddesses and later to bring them to decoration. Finally, I drtlw sketches of the
life in oil an4 watereolor. Manivelu, the face-every detail is noted. I ask the priest
chief artist ofJnanabumi, a monthly Tamil for the temple's customs-what jewelery and
family magaZine, thus fills a unique niche dress are used on the deity, how many gar-
in the art world. He also regularly pro- lands are put on, etc. I draw the sketches just
duces original drt for HINDUISM TODAY, as I see the deity, asking the priest not to
influding the Publisher's Desk illustrations. decorate just for the painting. I take a week
Our Insight section this month displays an- t6 sketch, then do the painting at home
other of his commissions-fdurteen illustra- within 45-60 days. I have c;ompleted about
tions of the ancient TIRUKURAL scripture. one hundred paintings-all published in
Manivelu recently spgke with HINDUISM Jnanabumi and suitable for hgme worship.
TODAY at his home itear Chennai.
On why modern Gods look like film stars
0", the drive to portray divinity Some art students draw the same type of
At ag~ ten, my wife endured the extremely amateur pictures over and over again and
traumatizing.experience of losing most of ·these images stay in their minds. Mter
her family to small pox. Depressed, she be- graduating, they repeat the same style.
came unusually withdrawn, and I only dis- Therefore, the presEtnt pictures are the
covered her condition after our marriage. I same as they had practiced long ago. An
fervently prayed to almighty God, seeking artist must observe every part of the body
His grace for my wife's fast recovery. This carefully for his pictures. He must tell him- ....
spiritual involvement naturally gave me the self that the eyes must be like this, and the
urge-and a special power-to. render nose should be sharper and so on. He ~ust
Gbd's images on canvas. " be self-critical' of his paintings.
On his heritage On finance and the future
My ancestors were chariot and temple Everything is God's grace. My father used F
builders. I am in the ninth generation of to say, "Do not worry. If not this God, some
this lineage. It is the custom 6f temples to other God will look after you. The Gods
appoint the elder sons of chief temple will not let you starve." I believe my chil-
bUilders to assume the father's post after dren will have the same intuition as I 'did to
his demise. My elder brother is currently portray the Gods. My second son has com-
holding such a post. My father, Sri pleted a course in fIne art. A person should
Arumuga Achari, was a chief temple not treat painting the Gods as a chore. It
builder, carpenter and also should be done on one's own free will with
a capable artist. full -involvement and commitment. ' __


EXlllerience ... Shipping and Freight Forwarding ,
Asia\; oldest and largest elephant fair, a year-
ly month-long jamboree during November. man's quest for the Pure Self Best choice in shipping
within. Relive with him his years
The elephants come fro'm across India to
with ParanIhansa Yogananda, and
between USA and India,
Pakistan, Sri Lanka and
Sonepur, a dusty village in the eastern state PTRANSPORT LOGISTICS, INC.
of Bihar that has hosted the annual fair for .1 his inner-dimensional journey, culmi- Bangladesh. SFO • LAX· CHI· NYC
nating in a face-to-face meeting with
at least 300 years. Hindu mythology tales H.o: PO Box 611117
describe a fierce battIe between a divine the living being of Light call I AM BY AIR OR SEA.
THAT lAM. San Jose, CA 95161 USA
elephant and a viNous crocodile that is won
by the elephant. Some people claim the bat- The Christ Consciousness Tel: 800-22-INDIA or
by Norman Paulsen. US$23 incl. s&h. 408-977-9040
tIe took place in Sonepur.
Hundreds of thousands of people throng Solar Logos Fdn. • PO Box 2008-H Fax: 1-800-396-6659 or 408-977-9049
the fair on the first day to buy and sell ele- Buellton, CA 93427-2008 USA E-mail:
phants, horses, cows, buffaloes, goats, dogs Tel: 888-689-0352. Fax: 805-688-9998 URL:
and birds. Some have come just to have a
good time. Crowds ,mill about -the ele- - ---

phants-the star attraction-gawking at the

..brass rings on their tusks and ears and the
bright designs painted on their bodies.
ally, the one book on India you've been looking for ...
Elephant owner Verma walked 10 days •
with a retinue of 50 people and five ele- Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary ofIndia's independence,
phants to reach the fair. The trek from his
village of Faizabad, 180 miles to the west, Ananya ("unique" in Sanskrit) introduces India like no other book. With I
was arduous, but Verma says nowhere else Cov~~ring an astonishing range of topics in 40 chapters by some of the
can he find such a market for his prized world's roremost experts, A nanya presents a majestic overview of India's
pachyderms. As dusk falls, Verma still had
not sold Bhola. But he bought 'an eight-year- rich heritage and dynamic present. Designed for non-specialists, Ananya
old baby elephant 'for uS$I2,300. In a few has been edited by Professor S.N. Sridhar, Director, Center for India
years, he hopes to sell it for a good profit.
The deals are almost always in cash to
Studies, Stony Brook, and Dr. Nirmal Mattoo, National Presiq.ent of
avoid bad checks. And Verma, like most AIA.. Ananya: an elegant and meaningful present to your family, friends,
dealers, is surrounded by burly bodyguards and colleagues - for all occasions.
with fierce mustaches and guns. The num-
ber of elephants available for sale has dwin-
dled over the years, Verma says. The Indi- Sections: *Introduction *History *Religion & Philosophy )~ Society &
an government has banned capture of wild
elephants, tQ help animal conservation. But
Politics *Psychology & Education *Science & Technology *Business &
elephants still are sought by loggers, who Economics *Arts &Architecture *Language, Literature, & Culture )~Film,
use them in forests to haul trees, since ma- Music, Theater *Makers o/Modem India *Identity & Diaspora )~ Epilogue
chines often cannot m~euver through the
Wealthy Hindu temp~s use elephants PuBLISHED BY:
960p, 9.5" x 7") Cloth, 90 lllus. (35 color)
during religious ceremonies, often to carry
idols of the Gods through the streets. Others
'THE ASSOCIATION OF INDIANS IN AMERICA $59.95 (Reg. $79.95) ISBN: 0-9659771-10

<~==--~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hire out the animals for weddings and festi-
Scru~ hard: A mahout bathes his elephant at the Gandok Riper during the fair in Sonepur vals. Though many people own elephants as COll1tributors include
an investment-earning good profits off the
"UniqUe sourcebook...comprehensive and satisfying"
FAIRS sale of a full-grown animal-the prime rea- M. N. Srinivas Lisa Tsering, India West, Los Angeles

Aahh, That's the Spot!.

Thousands of animals are bought and sold in
son for having elfi!phants is social status.
Elephants are a status symbol among
w~althy land owners, especially in rural In-
dia. The rich have vast farm fields and OI:;-
chards that can satisfy the voracious appetite
of these mammals, which are completely veg-
UR AnanthaMurthy
Girish Karnad
$ .. A
.'" 8
"UniqUe...combines scholarship and creative imagination"
Prof. Manoranjan Dutta, Rutgers University
'~ very readable single-volume source by distiguished scholars"
Prof. Prabha Sahasrabuddhe, Columbia University
etarian. AIf adult elephant eats 450 pOIDlds Braj B. Kachru
India at Asia's largest elephant emporium of sugarcane, rice paddy and grass a day- c.D. Narnsimhaiah "Stunning... the most formidable assemblage of expertise on India
one-fifth its body weight. Feeding the mas- ever'assembled [in] a single book... ,
sive manIffial costs about US$500 a month,' V.S. Arunachalam
gles the prospective buyer, unimpressed by about one year's wages for a farm hand. But Raj lPandharipande A treasured collection in any library ....a perfect gift for Indophiles... "

I ' grove in eastern India, four men the long tusks covered with brass rings or owners can make up the money just using Georg Feuerstein Ramin jaleshgiri, The Village Tmes, Long Island
. leisurely haggle over the 'price of a Bhola's leathery body painted in vivid col- the dung as fertilizer for their farms. "The
magnificent ten-foot-tall81ephant. ''At ors. The deal falls through. rich love to have elephants tied to their ArvindSharma
least 1 million rupees," owner Ram Lakhan No problem: there are dozens of other ele- front door. It is a throw back to the days of T.N. Srinivasan To Order: Send check payable to AlA for $59.95 (inc. S/H; NY St. res. add $6 tax)
Verma says, demanding the equivalent of phants to choose from. More than 100 gaily the maharajas, when a man was respected Prakash Tandon
by the number of elephants he had," says
to: Center for India Studies, State University of New York, E 5350 Library, Stony
US$25,500 for 25-year-old Bhola. "Look at his decorated 'elephants quietly chew on sugar-
tusks. Look at his nails. He is a healthy male cane and rice paddy along the Ganges Riv- Sukhiya, a villager at the fair. WI RC.Sharma Brook NY 11794-3386 Ph: 516-632-9742 Fax: 516-632-9731
in his prime." "Too much, too much," wran- er while their owners wait for buyers at By Hema Shukla, Associated Press R P:arthasarathy Email: http://www.sunysb.edul'''indstudy/
R Satyanarayana Credit Cards: S. Asia Books, PO Box 502, Columbia, MO 65205 Ph: 573-474-0116
the prevalent theories-capitalism or com- should be taken into consideration. When
munism-deliver that? The more the ex- you apply these fundamental beliefs, the
perts try to answer these fundamenta! ques- kind of economics you get is very different.
GUiding Prin9iples
tions of economics, the more they turn For example, in Ralegaon Siddhi, 1he first Sri Dattopant Thengdi's
towards the Hindu approach. "In terms of thing Anna Hazare began was to earn peo-
· larger ideas such as capitfllism and social- ple's trust by his own honesty and integrity. book, Third Way, outlines
ism, Hindu economics belongs te spiritual- This, in ,turn, allowed them to trust each the dharma of wealth
ism" says Professor Diwan. • . other-a significant factor in Hindu eco-
According to Dattopant Thengdi, Hindu nomics. He then persuaded the citizens to
economics is fundamentally different from make their ·village self-sufficient by their • For all economic activities, dharma
must be the guidintprinciple and sva-
Western economics. To start with, he says, oV{Il cooperative efforts so they were not ex- dharma-what comes naturally to you-
in the West economics is treated as a sepa- ploited by outsiders. The environment of should playa fundamental role in choos-
rate discipline. But within Hinduism, eco- nonexploitation convinced the people that ing your economic livelihood.
nomics falls under artha, one of the four le- when they worked hard, they-not an out-
gitimate aims of life: dharma (righteousness), side person-benefited from the fruits of • Workers, by contributing their labor to
the business, can become shareholders
artha (wealth), kama (pleasure) and rrwksha their own labor. Also it is important to keep ;md are thereby given participation in
(liberation). In Western economics, human in mihd that there is a fundamental differ- ..the ownership of their industries. De-
beings are too often regarded as essentially ence between poverty and frugality. There pending upon the nature of the indus-
econontic beings, carrying out economic was poverty in Ralegaon Siddhi prior to the try, the share may differ.
activities, producing goods and, in turn, application of ethical economic principles.
consuming goods to complete the econom- Today, though the level of material con-
• Nature is to be respected: milked but
not killed. Ecological factors, balance of
ic cycle. sumption is not high: the poverty is gone. nature and the requirements of future
It is, of course, an oversimplification to say Real-world application of a Hindu eco- generations should never be forgotten.
the Western economic system is totally self- nomic theory remains in a nascent state.
ish, for charitable giving is common in the The practical application of its principles on
• Education, ecology, economics and
ethics-all four must be taken into con-
West among both poor and-rich-witness a pe sonal, national or global level, is not sideration in an integrated maimer for
the sated intention of Bill Gates, the world's clear, but the goal is. As captured by the any economic activity.
richest mlm, to eventually give most of his great spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo: "The
money to charity or Ted Turner's recent bil- aim of economics would be not to create a
• Material wealth is to be acquired with
the object of serving the society.
lion-dollar gift to the UN. Indeed, American huge engine of producpon, whether of the
philanthropy has few equals. . competitive or the cooperative kind, but to
• It is not only the technical ''know-how''
but also the technical "know-what' (to
In contrast to ~he mechanical approach of give to men and women-not only some understand what is good for the sOciety)
Western economics, Hindu philosophy men ane. women but to all, each in his high- that should be given consideration.
T THE HEART OF HINDU ECONOM- vestmel}ts and strengthening local econ- of environmental resources such as forests.
ics is this: the test of every policy is omies by decentralizing economic and polit- The Tamil Tirukural [featured in our In-
holds that human beings are not just physi- est possibl~ measure-the joy of work ac-
cal entities to be kept happy by producing cording to their own nature and free leisure
• Consumerism is not the ultimate goal of
life. In fact, consumerism is not compat-
. and consuming. Rather, humans comprise to grow inwardly, as well as a 'simple, rich ible with th~ spirit of the Hindu culture.
not profit, employme.nt or growth, ical power." The idea is not to enforce Hindu sight this mQnth, page 28] spoke of the right
but how it strengthens family and economics, as communism was enforced and wrong ways to gather and spend wealth.
community, individual character upon the people, but to create an environ- The new "Hindu economics" advocated by a
phys~cal, mental and spiritual aspects, and
for the happiness of an individual all three
and beautifullife·for all."
By MEENAL PANDYA, Massachusetts
..,I • The basic needs of life are available to
every citizen.
and sensitivity, states Romesh ment where these principles become viable. few pioneers is based jn part on these an-
Diwan, Professor of Economics at Rensse- Economics has been a topic of discussion cient systems, and in part on a practical ap-
was beyond any hope for eco-
laer Polytechnic Institute in
Troy, New York. Diwan, Dat-
topant Thengdi of New Delhi
plication of Hindu philosophy to
the modern situation.
The best minds in economics
Miracle Village nomic or social recovery.
Droughts were a regular event,
the soil was poor, there was lit-
(founder of India's foremost la- and social sciences, such as Lester
bor ~ion, Bhartiya Mazdoor Thurow and Alvin Toffl~r, question Where Anna Hazare and Hindu economics changed the future tle work to be had, about a
fifth of the families ate only
Sangh), M.G., Bokare, (a disen- the viability of the capitalist ap-
proach to economics. They are once a day and desperate
chanted Marxist and author of
aware that in last two decades the m;LCOME TO you cannot find a denizens had taken to manu-

Hindu Economics ) and others
gulf between private affluence.and Ralegaon Sid- single liquor still. facturing liquor. Drunkenness,
are advocates of a thoroughly
public poverty has widened, the dhi-a tiny vil- While neighboring feuds and crimes were com-
Hindu revamping of today's
gap between the rich and the pOqf lage near Pune, villages await the mon occurrences. Life in this
economic systems. "Many
economists wonder how prac- has virtually doubled, the Earth India-where everyone government tanker burg was pretty bleak.
has been polluted and things far cares for everyone elses to bring drinking Then, Anna Hazare, a re-
tical these ideas are," state~ .
m6re precious to humanity-such well-beilog, where vil- water, Ralegaon Sid- tired army truck driver in-
Pi-of Diwan. "I think, at the ~
core of it, Hindu economics is as children, families, personal val- lagers who have extra dhi has enough not spired by the teachings of
ues and clean air and water-have grain harvest, instead of only for everyone in Swami Vivekananda to serve
very practical because it touch-
been threatened. storing iit for the next the village but also others, set out to change things I"
es all aspects of a human life." I"

FUndamental questions remain year, de )()sit it in a for the hundreds by putting the ethics back into
In places such as I,lalegaon Sid- Economic exponents: Dattopant Thengdi (left), Romesh Diwan
unanswered. What is wealth? Is it grain bank where it can who visit. Sounds the economics, and the village.
dhi [see sidebar], where they
be borrowed by vil- like the almost per- He instituted what is now be-
have been applied even on a minuscule scale, for Hindu scripture since the Rig Veda. In ~ccumulation of monetary resources, or
lagers who have noth- feet community? ing called Hindu economics,
the results have been impressive and real that ancient scripture are found key con- should it also take into account the nonma-
enough to support Diwan's claim. It is not a cepts such as production, exchange, wages, tenal possessions such as friends, family, ing to eat, where the Ralegaon Slddhl: Village activists take pledges Yes, now it is. How- governed not by profit motives
temple is the hub of all ever, if you had visit- but by dharma, encompassing
system imposed from up down by the gov- interest, rent, profit and the market. Kau- health and environment? What should be
ernment, but, according to Diwan, "The gov- tilya's Arthashastra, a treatise on statecraft, the goal of economics? Should it be maxi- the activrities, where 400,000 I
community, where not a single
trees ha, been planted by the store sells tobacco and where
Ied only two decades ago you
would have seen a hamlet that
not just the value of goods, but
also of lives.
ernment plays an important role in Hindu includes extensive advice on taxation, cus- mi.z~tion of profits or of human happiness?
economics by defining priorities for large in- toms duties, trade and intelligent protection If It IS human happiness, then can either of


SOCIAL PROGRESS tions, legal aid, etc.-are funded from sub- ca, Africa and ~ustralia on a pauper's pro- readers first fully understand the subtler
scriptions and single copy sales," Madhu motional budget. Manushi sells itself. In- forces within Indian societal fabric in order

Not for Only

proudly shares. "In India, if people see that spired readers are its invisible sales force. to meaningfully assess any event or issue.
you're not in social work for personal gain- The editorial focus is an evolving thing. She did not want the journal to become sim-
that it's not a money-making enterprise- Early issues dealt with specific social issues ply a bullhorn for "propaganda-oriented re-

you get a lot of affection and respeC't."
Manush1~ has an impressive 6 000 sub-
scribers-parliamentarians to housewives-
and hot-button incidents, notably atrocities
against women, rural labor disputes, the
landless poor, tribal rights, etc. However,
por!s of struggles by different organiza-
This brought a new energy to Manushi.
India's leading advocate for women's rights doesn't fit anyones preconceptions and has spread its wings to Europe, Ameri- Madhu soon realized that it was critical that How-awful-everything-is metamorphosed ,

Woman of Vision
walked into the home of Madhu
Kishwar-social activist, inter-
national lecturer and editor of Interview with Madhu Kishwar
Manushi, India's only "serious"
magazine about women. The
By POORNIMA NARAYANAN would just wilt and die. I con-
apartment is cozy, very Indian,
Motivations: So often people sider it one of the biggest
with soft ikat prints, oil paintings and book-
presuppose that I take an in- blessings of my life.
lined walls. Madhu herself, dressed in bright
terest in women's issues be- Critics and challenges: The . I
ethnic colors, is a petite figure. Behind her
cause I came from a patriar- on'ly kind of women I have
unusually expressive, soft amber eyes, I see
chal family filled with male or had problems with are Indian'
the trenchant mind that unnerves even the
fatherly oppression. 'For me, feminists who are overly tuned
boldest bullies who attempt to defend or ex-
it's been the contrary. Since I to Westernized feminism and
cuse India's blatant social abuses, especially
never was treated badly, I can- have very little respect for
tliose who denigrate her women. Over tea,
not beaT to see others mal- their own society and people.
we talked about her personal life, her jour-
treated. It's an aberration. It For some reason they're the·
nal's birth, its tremulous adolescence and,
was only after I jOined college only ones who can't stand
more recently: its heart-warming recogni-
that I began to see how Manushi. Nothing satisfies
tion as one of India's most ·intelligent and in-
women grow up with such low them. I don't understand what
formed voices of soeial conscience and sen-
self-esteem and therefore al- they want, which is one of the
sible religio/political debate. low others to treat them shab- reasons I distance myself from
Founded in 1978 by a group of women in
bily. As a woman student try- the Westernized feminist
Delhi, "Manushi was conceived to exist for a
ing to participate in university movement in India. I have an
cause, for causes, and serve as a catalyst to
politics, I became mote sensi- uneasy feeling they dislike In-
make our society more just and humane,"
tive to· the kind of pressures dian women as they are and
Madhu summarizes. "Our task is not just to
women confront. But not want to remold them into crea-
passively put together articles that come to
raIsed to accept an inferior, tures alienated from their own
us but to initiate positive corrective change,
meek position, I would puf my social environment.
improvement." For this reason, the Manushi
foot down and say, "No, this I chose not to get married. I
world is far more than printed words and
mistreatment of women can- am happy in the life I've cho-
meeting bi-monthly deadlines. Always, the
not happen." sen, and enjoy the work I do.
printed word is their most powerful tool, but
Family background: My fa- It's hard, but very challenging. On everyone's behalf: Manushi tackles the tough social issuqs
Manushi's action palette includes all kinds
ther worked for Life Insurance Yes, stressful. I'm overstressed.
of strategies .and endeavors-legal aid ser-
Corppration. He is now re- I'm overexhausted. I'm over- is, you could say, my puja am unwilling to ever consider
vice, human rights campaigns, book pub- worked. ,.
tired. My mother is a house- time. When you're doing God as an external creature
lishing, even street plays, whatever.
wife. I have two younger I am always calling upon my breath control, you're control- sitting in the heavens, telling
Exposing the discrimination-and demor-
brothers. Perhaps the only ex- family to help Olit. My father ling your mind, focusing it. I people what tg. do, frightening
alizing minimallzation-of women in Indian
ceptional thing- which I never will rarely walk out of the don't do any ritualistic pujas as them into submission. '
society is the tempest that thrusts against
realized then, but I appreciate house without a copy of such. My family inculcated Her personal interests: Mu-
Manushi's sails. But there is so much more.
now when I see the lives of Manushi in his bag to get sub- this idea very strongly in all of sic interests me profoundly.
This is definitely not a for-woqten-only, fem-
inists' empowerment manual. Manushi is
very much every thinking m~ magazine
Daringly different: Madhu Kishwar at a meeting with HINDUISM

riages) in a long, logically reason~d out arti-

, TODAY in New Delhi, 1995
bumpy, lots of begging, never enough read-
other women-is the amount
of unconditional love, support
scribers. If I asked them all to
even sit on the street to polish
us, that doing good karma is
the best puja. Also, to be hon-
Theater, good cinema, also. But
I have very little time for
cle (for which she interviewed 1,715 adults). ers. "Our initial capital consisted of no more and freedom, rarely given to shoes to do fundraising for est, I haven't fully sorted out those. If I had lived in a world
too. Muslims love it. Though Hindu, Madhu
Fearing she had sold out to the arch-conser- than Rs. 500 (US$13) collected from early' kids, that: I got from my family, Manushi, they would do it. my relationship with God. The where there'wasn't so much in-
routinely comes down hardest on her own
vative medievalists, or entrenched patriar- volunteers," Madhu reminisces. "Oftentimes no matter what I did. Not j~st That's the .kind of ullcondi- only kind of God that is ac- . justice, th~m perhaps I would
co-religionists when they can't even live up
chalists she was supposed to be emancipat- we would have no money for postage, and an from my parents but also my tionallove and support that ceptable to me (and luckily, have time for other pursuits. If
to the most basic Hindu teachings of love
ing her country from-or just getting old and issue had to be put together tlrrough loans. grandparents, aunts and Un- surrounds me. Which is equal- . our Hindu faith teaches it) is I could, I would have spent my
and respecting God in people of all faiths.
unromantic-readers stormed her mailbox We could not even afford a typewriter. In cles. This has contributed the ly true for most of my friends the idea that God is sar- entire life on two things-mu-
In'fact, Manushi's elusive editonhl mind-set
with letters crying betrayal. She stood her those early years, Manushi was on the verge most to my ability to stand by and volunteers-males and fe- vavyapi, all pervasive, and in- sic and yoga- and learning
disorients even the most loyal readers who
ground. of dying every day." It was daringly decided my own b eliefs and convic- males. ' dwelling-One who lives in Sanskrit. But I don't have those
think they have Madhu and Manushi pi-
It all began with Rs. 500: The story of at the outset to not accept grants and adver- tions. In fact, Without their Yoga and worship: The time every living being, connects luxuries available t o me. At
geon-holed. Readers were stunned when
Manushi's early years is the story of all "lit- tisements. And Manushi still does not. 'M continued affection, I think I I spend on yoga, meditation, all forms of life to each other. I least not in this lifetime.
Madhu came out supporting arranged mar-
tle" magazines with a conscience-uphill, our activities- including research, investiga-
riages (while not condemning love mar- ,
into more of a let's-see-what-we- Masjid at Ayodhya in December, PARENTING
can-actually-do-to-help attitude. 1992. Madhu jets forceful: "The
Readers responded and sub-
scriptions jumped. New articles
appeared with a marked cultur-
secular intellectuals argue that
religion is unduly interfering in
politics. In fact, it is the other
YOII're Worth a Million!
aI/x:eligious focus, r~flective, way around. Politicians are tak-
more philosophical. There came ing over religious institutions and Why 'we should rai:;e children tq respect themselves
inspirational people p ofiles, religious symbols with the sole
presentations of Indian tradi- aim of grabbing political power
tions, tribal rituals and their in the crudest possible fashion. I

~MILY W~S OUT TO DINNER WITH self-esteem' he begins to see himself as in-
meaning, even humor (the hard- think a real believer would de- I their nine-year-old son. When the boy
! ad~quate ana unacceptable. Children come
est emotion for die-hard social fine religion, dharma, as a space . fInished eating, he began to entertain into the world not knowing who they are.
activists to express). Readers for altruism, where you forget . himself by playing with a small plas- They learn who they are from those around
died laughing when editors ran your self-interest in the name of tic airplane. When he threw it in the air, it them, their 'sense of self' develops from the
a piece on the superiority of In- God, where you seek no recogni- hit his father's glasses. His father flew into a attitudes reflected in the faces of those who
dian-style over Western-style tion, rewai'd, no monetary or po- rage. He became louder -and louder as he are important to them and care for them."
toilets! Their tenth anniversary litical gain. It's simply labor fer said, "Don't you know how dangerous it IS to Parents and caregivers are the childs first
issue, "Women Bhakta Poets"-a God. Religion, or dharma, to me throw things at people's faces? I have told mirrors. When they respond with attention,
superbly-crafted 108 pages on begins where self-interest ceases • you tim'e and time again about these things." cuddling, smiles, singing and talking, he (or
the female songsters and saints to exist. That's what makes it sa- Then mother chimed in with, "Why do you she) begins to believe that he is valuable.
who helped shape India's spiri- cred. My mother tells me how The ancient Tirukural reminds, Here it is-the Hindu art CD of the
tual landscape-was a master- stressful it has become for her to "'Sweet are the sounds of the
piece. In every issue there is al- go to the local Arya Samaj flute and the lute: say those who decade. It contains a wealth of Clip
ways a deep-research piece by Mandir, because, she says, they have not 'heard the prattle of their
Madhu herself start giving political speeches children." If, on the other hanei', art, Aums, patterns, textures,
In her "In Defense of bhar- against Muslims and for-or- he is neglected, treated with in-
rna" [issue #60] she outlined a against certain political parties. difference or ignored for long
down-to-earth, yet visionary 10- They do it even at shraddha (fu- sacred symbols, borders, finished
hours at a time, he develops a
point plan to .stren~en Hin- neral) ceremonies. She says it's negative view of himself
duism. It included the return of where we go to seek peace, we Kersey says a child's behavior is graphics and some rare Rajput
temples to their earliest clesign don't go to listen to political a clue to his self-image. When
as potent cultural- education speeches!" children are sure of themselves, scans. More than 1,500 images
hubs. Readers love her high- One would assume an opin- • feel good about themselves, they
minded, lucid writing style-so ionated magazine like Manushi B[e friendly, outgoing and self-
refreshing in India where would attract enemies. Strangely, reflecting Indias rich traditions and
't!!onfident. They have no need to
British-era-styled journalists still it has not. "Only two kinds of misbehave, make trouble, annoy
delight in floral, Victorian phras- people are perpetually annoyed and destroy. When children have spiritual culture. Great graphics for
es of hollow substance. with Manushi," Madhu relates. a low opinion of themselves, they
Poetry, film reviews, book re- "One is a section of the feminist lack the courage and energy to an ashram bulletin, yoga book,
views, fiction stories and analy- lobby in India and the other, one tackle problems. A good self-im-
sis of social trends ~d political Dignified living: Femininity in India follows wise cultural traditions section of Marxists, who've been age is not to be confused with Web page or multimedia presen-
events-usually witlt-an angle on traditionally hostile." "What's conceit, which is quite the oppo-
women-spice up the magazine a lot. Since many of her articles carry in-depth their grouse?" I ask. "That we exist," Madhu site-mere whitewash used. as an
Madhu also realized that in order to ac- information about the legal aspects of social responds with a smile. "Other ,than that, effort to cover up low self-esteem. tation. Mac only. Special offer for
comRlish real social reform in India, it was issues, I was, curious to know if Ma'ahu, an well, in 16 years of our existence, we have so A per~on with sincere self-respect
essential to factor in unique, geographic, re- ex-professor, had any legal background. "No;- far received only one hate letter, and that is so secure that he does not need Hinduism Today readers: $ 199.
ligious values and village customs-and nev- I have no legal ,background at all," Madhu from an NRI in America who never read the to impre~s others.
er formulate a facile, one-solution-for-all ap- replied. "In fact, I believe that the present- magazine. His .finance executive was a "I love you, daughter:" Simple words work wonders "It is our job as parents," Kersey 1-800-890-1008 or
proach-so often artificial, imposed, day legal profession is devilish." The fire I Manushi subscFiber and since she was.not explains, "to raise emotionally
unwanted, alien' and delusively panacean in have heard about her flares. "They make super-submissive, he thought Manushi was always have to make trouble? You can never healthy children who possess a solid sense 1-808-822-3152 (ext. 238)
nature. For this editorial accomplishment, people fight, and then drag them into infer- spoiling her. Other than this, Manushi h~ behave. You are always getting into mischief of self-worth. We must enhance their self-' Fax: 1-808-822-4531
she has won major journalism awards. minable conflicts. When Manushi got start- mostly evoked love and affection. I, would We should have left you at home." Embar- esteem so they will grow up to be construc-
People, not laws, dictate jJJstice: In the ed, a lot of abused wives came to us, right not have survived but for this." 'rassed, and stunned after receivi,ng several tive members of society who contribute to E-mail:
sp'irit of Gandhi, peaceful protest has been to our door, to seek help. W.e had perforce It has befen a special evening getting to . slaps, the boy cowered in his seat until. his the peaceful ongoing of humanlQ.nd, possess
one of Manushis most effective,.:wedges in to go and look for lawyers who 'ould help know Manushi and its charismatic editor, parents were ready to leave. inner strength and enjoy successful ~volve­
leveraging truth, compassion and justice. One them. In the process, we saw how very lim- her courage and conviction, I leave Madhus This is an anecdote from Katherine C. ment with others." Self-esteem builds the
demonstration outside the home of a young ited were the eXIsting laws in helping home with good wishes for Manushi's fu..l Kersey's child-raising book, The Art of Sen- same way muscles do~with constant work DHARMA
victim of dowry murder (whose husband women and how limited the legal machin- ture, inspiring Hindu society to honor sitive Parenting. In the section "Fill Your and practice. Just as muscles provide
burned his wife to death with kerosene be- ery is in giving people justice. There's some- women as a precious strength and better
cause not enough dowry was paid) spark'ed thing terribly wrong with this so-called 8ignify their position in the home, society
Child with Self-Esteem," she describes the strength for the body, self-confidence brings
effect of the above sttuation: "By embarrass- "inner sureness" and is the backbone of hap-
hUndreds of similar protests all over India. modern system of jurisprudence that the and workplace. ..,." ing ai'td insulting their son in public, these piness and the foundation of a productive
Madhu precisely pinpoints its unprecedented British gave us." parents only make matters worse. By label- life. Our goal as parents and teachers is to . HIMAlAYAN ACADEMY PUBUCATIONS
success: "This form of protest has certain pe- One issue extensively covered by Manushi FOR SUBSCRIPTION RATES OR LETTERS
ing him a troublemaker and telling him that encourage children to keep on trying and to 107 KAHOlAlELE ROAD
culiarly Indian characteristics. In our society, is the Ramjanmabhoomi movement that cul- TO THE EDITOR, WRITE TO: MANUSHI . cizo').
he never does anything right, they provide do their best. ' wi KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA
social opinion matters far more in regulating minated in massacre and bloodshed in the E -MAIL : OR MANUSHI c/o him with a negative image to live up to. In- TO ORDER THE ART OF-SENSITIVE PARENTI NG, WRITE TO:

aftermath 01' the destruction of the Babri

social behavior than do laws." MANAVI , PO BOX 614 , BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY 07003 USA.
cidents such as this take a toll on the child's MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 100146, U SA BOOKS YOU CAN TAKE . SERIOUSLY


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PILGRIMAGE the pas~ Muslims used to physically intimi- vascular disease is the nation's
date Hindus, but things are improving now. number one killer, accounting for

Blessed There are good Muslirrts who take you to

their houses, try to make you comfortable
and offer eatables."
two out of every five deaths, at a
rate of 2,500 per day.
Guggal is also a cure for arthri-

Blisters The people of Delhi are much uplifted by

the passing through of the kanwarias, which
is like watching an endless series of wedding
processions. Previolls years' pilgrimages
tis and rheumatism. A 27-year-
old female patient of Dr. Sodhi
had pains in her joints and was
regularly taking large doses of
have caused traffic jams, but special potent allopathic drugs to keep
This year 5 million l. arrangements this year ensured a smooth her arthritis in check. Fortunate-
.tackled the tough trek interaction of traffic and pilgrims.
The city government of Delhi set up hun-
ly, ~er father, a medical doctor
with first-hand knowledge of the
dreds of camps during June and July to shel- long-term side effects of the
By RAJIv MALIK, NEW DELHI ter and feed the hundreds of thousands of drugs- including diabetes, obesi- ..,.
; N DELHI I AM USED TO A VERY COM- kanwarias passing tHrough the city. Local ty and ulcers-urged her to seek
; fortable lifestyle," said Delhi business- ..religious organizations also organized assis- alternative treatment to free het
I man Navin Yadav, ''but after walking tance. At these places pilgrims could spend from the 'drug regime.
. torty kilometers in a day, I had .....-- -- - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - ' - --1 Dr. Sodhi reports, "She under-
no problem sleeping on the floor 9r went a cleansing treatment, mod-
"One God, One World " will be in any open spac~. It is indeed a ified her diet and took regular
very powerful experience. My feet doses of guggal and 'boswe-
chiseled in many languages into were so full of blisters, but God lia-another natural herb. We re-
gave me the strength to carryon duced her allopathic drug intake
the w hite granite ceiling of Iraivan the journey." to the bare minifuum, five mil-
Yadav was one of 1.5 million ligrams a day. Recently she re-
kanwaria pilgrims who trekked to turned from successfully com-
Temple, Americas first all-stone Neelkanth, near Haridwar, to fetch pleting the Pacific Crest Trail, a
sacred water from the Ganga and 2,000-mile hike from Mexico to
traditional Siva temple. In 199 1 take it back to their home place. Canada, without inconvenience
They traveled all or part way on from her arthritis."
a small village was created foot and took but one meal a day. It Guggal is extracted f rom the
was the largest number of pilgrims Indian bedellium by making in-
to date for this yearly observance. cisions in the bark during the
in Bangalore, India, for 100
Many jtlurney hundreds of kilome- winter. The resulting fragrant
ters to and from their vlllages golden resin burns in fire, melts
craftsm en and their families w ho throughout Uttar Pradesh and in the sun and forms a milky
neighboring states. Others, like Ya- emulsion when stirred into hot
are, to this day, hand-carving the dav, make the arduous trek on foot water. Ori~ally it was used for
from Delhi itsel£ religious rituals. The. resin was
Ira ivan temple to be shipped to the Their· name comes from the pole traded between India and
each carries known as a kanwar. It Guggal gOEIS to market: Resin is drawn from the desert-loving thorny plant during the winter months Greece in the first century CE,
has a pot on either end to hold the the very time the ayurvedic trea-
Garden Island of Kauai. Call or visit Ganga river water. The 210-km LTERNATIVE MEDICAL PRACTITION- It's a common scenario, Dr. Sodhi told tises that describe its characteristics were

(126-mile) trip from Neelkanth ers share a common Ameri- HINDUISM TODAY. "Hundreds of patients written.
our w eb site for more details. back to Delhi takes six days on ca--they often serve as a '1ast re- come to the clinic concerned with high Those treatises are full of praise for gug-
foot. Kanwarias don't undertake o . . ource" for patients whose condi- blood cholesterol. In Joyce's case, she was gal and its curative actions-healing bone
this journey for' penance, explains tions have not been improved by modern given p~ncha karma treatment to cleanse fractures and inflammations, treating obesi-
1-808-639-8886 one. "They carry it for two rea~ medicine. One such patient-"we'll call,her her b? dy, placed on a kapha-pacifying diet ty,~cers , hay fever, rheumatism and thy-
www.HinduismToday.kauai . sons-to thank God for fulfilling Joyce-came to Dr. Virendra Sodhi's Ayur- and given guggal, which is very effective in roia conditions, to name a few. It has none of
one's wish, or to tell Him to let vedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic in regulating lipids in the body, along with oth- the side effects generally 'associated With al-
hi. us/ashram/lraivan. html
things stay as they are. Kanwarias Bellevue, Washington, suffering from high er herbs to treat her liver and rejuvenate her lopathic drugs such as clofibrates (used to
are mostly satisfied people." blood cholesterol. She had already spent five digestive functions. Within three' months, reduce cholesterol levels), which can cause
The journey is not witho\lt its Drawing water: Kanv/arias stop at Haridwar to wor- years in a leading-edge treatment program her cholesterol dropped to 167, well within liver damage, gall stones and cancer.
dangers, however, and each year ' ship their decorated arches for carrying Ganga water run by a major university, but with no im- average normal levels." With similar treat- In its pure resin form, guggal can cause
a few kanwarias are injured or provement. Her blood cholesterol count ment, a 49~year-old man's cholesterol level diarrhea or skin rash~ if taken in excess.
nONE GOD, killed in road accidents. Short of such major the night on a carpet, wash and feed themf measured 418, double the normal limit. She dropped from 277 to 188 in five months. A But in its extracted form, called guggal-lip,
problems, it is rare that one drops out half selves and, as necessary, bandage their worn was discouraged and, given ( family history ,woman's 239 level dropped to 129 in three it has no known side,effects and is gentle on
ONE WORLD" way. Satish Kumar, age 32, recounts, "My feet. At the roadside camp in Paschim Vihar,
first journey a couple of years back was very West Delhi, I saw the young kanwarias
of heart trouble, worried for her future. Her months. 'A third patient, with an off-the- the body. It is believed to work by regulating
husband, a doctor, was skeptical when he chart triglyceride level.of 2,121, saw h~r lev- the thyroid. A standard dose of guggal-lip is
inconvenient, I had body aches and wounds. dancing and merrymaking to the beat of learned that central to her ayurvedic treat- el fall to 178 in only three months. 250-500MG, two to three times a day. Gug-
This time it was much better for me, sut drums, despite sore feet and shoulders. In ment-far from the high-tech regimen she Despite such astounding exam.\?les and gal, advises Dr. Sodhi, is one antidote for
some of my companions underwent a lot of fact, there was hardly any sign of physical had just endured-would be the resin of In- clinical studies in India showing improve- our modern diet of highly processed, oily
suffering." . fatigue. In keeping with tradition, this group dian bedellium, 'br guggal, a humble shrub ment for nearly every patient treated, gug- and salty food. ...
KAPAA HI 96746-9304 USA
Echoing the concerns of other kan- offered a portion of their Ganga water to the that abounds in the arid, rocky tracts of Ra- gal is yet to gain wide acceptance in the US. DR. Vl RENnER SODHI , MD (AYURVED), NO, AYURVEDIC AND

warias, Kumar said, "We have heard that in Siva Lingam at a nearby Siva temple. -.1


jasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka. This is unfortunate, considering that cardio- BELLEVUE , WASHINGTON 9 80°4 . USA



The Jl~urvedic Institute Writings and Music of Sri Chinmoy ,

EVOLUTIONS Dr. Vasamt Lad, Ayurvedic
Physician and Director of the
We offer a wide selection of
Sri Chinmoy's inspirational

+-Ire Wtp Wearing the

PASSED ON: Sad guru Sant Keshavadas, Institute, with visiting faculty, and instructional written
age sixty-three, at 2:20PM on Decem- offer the Ayurvedic Studies works, including essays,
ber 4,1997, in Vishakhapatnam, India, Program, seminars and pri- poetry, plays, and extensive
where he had a vision of Sri Panduran- vate consultations. answers to questions asked

rrr'uths about AI OS? ga (a form of Vishnu) twenty years ago. by seekers.

A doctor reported witnessing a mira- Yearly Curriculum:
cle-light ema- • I: Introduction to philosophy, Music includes soul-stirring
nating from Ke- theory and systems (Fall). audio and video perform-
shavadas' mouth • II: Introduction to Ayurvedic ances by Sri Chinmoy on
As the media spouts warnings, lefs n~vie:w the as he spoke assessment (Winter).
• III: Intro. to management of
instruments from all over
the world.
Gods name just
facts an~ myths
about this insidious disease before breath-
ing his last. His
imbalances (Spring).
New this fall-God Is ... ,
body was cre- • Correspondence Course by selections from the more than
BY DEVANANDA TANDA.VAN, M.D. mated 3 days Dr. Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedic Physician one thousand books Sri Chinmoy has written in over thirty
later in Banga- • Weekend and Intensive Seminars: Ayurvedic Cooking, Psy- years of teaching meditation and spirituality. His intimate
E LAST EXPLORED THE 1992, for a related study). The lore at Vishwa chology, Herbology, Pulse Reading, Sanskrit, Jyotish, etc. knowledge of God transcends religious dogma and scripture,
AIDS epidemic in a . cause of their epidemics can be Shanti Ashram. Thousands attended • Panchakarma-purification and rejuvenation by licensed staff: shedding light on each seeker's path to the divine. In simple
series of six articles be- more plausibly pinpointed as the December 16 commemorative cer- oil massage, herbal steam, cleansing diet, herbal therapy, etc. language, he transmits an astonishing depth of knowledge
ginning in September, starvation and other compro- emonies for the saint, our dear friend • Ayur-yoga-integrating Ayurveda and Yoga for the purpose that directly communicates the wisdom of the soul.
1993. Now, four years later, there mises to their immune systems. and a frequent contributor to HINDUISM of returning each person to his or her balanced state.
is more evidence and new theo- AIDS-acquired immune' TODAY. Keshavadas' esteemed wife, • Ayurvedic and Western herbs, extracts, oils, books, audio For a free catalog with over 70 items, contact:
" about this controversial and deficiency syndrome-is not Rama Mata, will assume responsibility and video tapes and a quarterly journal.
blghly politicized disease. On the name of a specific disease. to continue his worldwide mission of Heart-Light Distributors
December 1, "World Aids Day," It is really a construct of clini- expounding the Vaishnava bhakti tradi- Write/call for our mail order catalog and information: p. 0. Box 85464-H
the news media tried to outdo cal conditions. If these condi- tion. At age 11 The Ayuvedic Institute • PO Box 23445 Seattle, WA 98145-1464
each other with reports which, tions occur in a patient who Keshavadas had Albuquerque, NM 87192-1445 USA Tel: 800-739-2885 or 1-206-527-2099
as usual, tended to increase our fear, but tests positive for HIY, he is said to have a mystical "white Tel: ~;05-291-9698 • Fax: 505-294-7572 Fax: 1-206-527-2099
not our knowledge, of tire dreaded disease. AIDS. If he tests negative, the disease is light" experience
We heard that there are more cases than given a different name, more clinical. The that changed his
we should have expected, that the people US Center for Disease Control claims that life. He heard a
are sicker than before, that there may be AIDS patients always have HIV positive voice say, "Sing C:onscious Living
some minor help from the "cocktail" multi- blood. Other Health Organiz ations claim my name The Expanding Light retreat center
drug medication and that the incubation that the clinical picture is all that is neces- throughout the
offers a wide variety ofworkshops and retreats
period for the disease is again lengthened, sary, HIV blood not withstanding. Wasting world." He be-
now to ten to eleven years. of the body is one of these symptoms, which in yoga and yoga teacher's training, medita-
li! came a singing
But there are serious problems with this is also associated with chronic infections, Bhagavadgita saint and roamed tion, Ayurveda, alternative healing, chakras
scenario. As we mentioned in February, unsanitary conditions and malnutrition. temple, Bangalore the world, estab- and Kriya Yoga. For a free 24-page guide to
1994, a minority of 'doctors at that time When the press says millions in a coun- lishing centers in programs, call 800-346-5350.
were unconvinced that HIV (human im- try are dying of AIDS, this is only an esti- Europe and Trinidad, the Temple of
munovirus) caused AIDS, because there mate of the number of people that are HIV Cosmic Religion in the USA and re-

was I}o acceptable scientific proof There positive. ThE1re is ample evidence th"at peo- cently the Gayatri University and Bha- Toga philosophy, meditation, and "plain living and high thinking"are the foundations for the Ananda inten-
still isn't. Robert Koch, a famous German ple with HIV positive blood can lead long • gavadgita Temple in Bangalore. He tional communities, which are based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography ofa Yogt).
bacteriologist, formulated a system of four and productive Jives as long as they eat loved pilgrimage, saying, 'J\. pilgrimage . There are seven Ananda communities-in Nevada City, CA (Ananda Village); Assisi, Italy (Ananda Europa); Palo Alto
postulates for establishing causation of dis- well, exercise regularly, do not take drugs, is beautiful. You can offer up at a holy and Sacramento, CA; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and our newest near Brisbane, Australia. Three of the communities have
ease. These postulates have not been met excess alcohol or tobacco products. place your sins, karma and anger and schools based on the Education for Life philosophy. Ananda's retreat facility, The Expanding Light, offers programs year-round in
in the case of AIDS. There remains only a Skeptics about the HIV-AIDS connec- go back light-hearted." For information
yoga, meditation, alternative healing, and the spiritual lifestyle. The Ananda Course in Self-Realization is available for home-
theory that HIY, along with other risk fac- tions implicate the roll of AZT, an on Rama Mata's future activities, con-
tors, is the cause of AIDS. But there is no extremely toxic drug originally given indis- tact Maury Rama Iskowitz in the US at study in meditation and yoga. Books and music by Yogananda and Ananda's founder, Swami Kriyananda, are available from
proof that HIV causes AIDS, p.or in fact, criminately to all 'jUDS" patients. Its docu- 1-310-827-9161, or Rarna Mata in Ban- Crystal Clarity, Publishers. We also offer a healing prayer network and support to 70 Ananda meditation groups in the U.S.
tfiat it causes any disease. However, the mented side effects are exactly the same as galore at 011-91-8118-22057. and abroad. Visit us at
prevailing opinion in medical ci~Cles and the symptoms of full-blown AID~. The
the government remains that HIV is a con- simple reason behind the success of newer PASSED ON: Senior, retired, Shankar- The Ananda Course in Self-Realization is a Audio Book: Read by Swami Kriyananda, a
tagious agent that always results in AIDS. therapies may be the reduction or elimina- acharya of Jyotir Peeth, Swami Shan- comprehensive home-study course with instruc- close, direct disciple who lived and studied
The compelling logic presented by these tion of this toxic drug in the treatment. tanand Saraswatl JI Mahar~, age tion in beginning and advanced meditation, yoga with Paramhansa Yogananda . The original
skeptics is that if HIV caused' AIDS, or To be continued... ninety, on December 7, 1997, in Alla- postures fOr higher awareness, breathing exercises, 1946 edition of Autobiography of a Yogi
even if HIV were just a necessaFY part of habad, India. Senior leaders of the yoga philosophy, diet, nutrition and vegetarian- audio book is $29.95, includes six cassettes
th"e cause, every case of AIDS would have DR. TANDAVAN, 77, retired nuclear physi- VHP participated in final rites. SWami ism, deepening yo ur spiritual life and Kriya Yoga (app rox. 10 hours) of selected chapters. To
to test positive for HIV But this is not the cian and hospital staff president, lives in became Shankaracharya in 1953 after
case. The so-dilled AIDS epidemic in Chicago, where he speCializes in alternative the death of his guru, Brahmanand preparaton. For a broch u re~
.. '. \.ll order or fOr a free catalog,
please call 888-535-8160. ~ call 800-424-1055.
Mrica has over 70% of the patients with healing arts. Visit his home page at the Saraswati. SWami Basudevanand
HIY. negative blood (see Lancet, October, HINDUISM TODAY website. Saraswati is his successor. rlll!f;
Ananda, fOunded in 1968 by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple ofParamhama Yogananda, is not affiliated with Self-Realization Felluwship.
46 HINDUISM TODAY MARCH , 1998 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~47
Our warmest greetings
On the joyous occasion of
India Republic Day, 1998 work"';;ite of the controversial Tehri'Dam on ,
the Ganges River in the Himalayas after 56
Vegetarian Resource Group will alert you
to such problems as the previous item's non-
don't already know, is the latest movie to be
bas~d upon the video game of the same
days. Bahuguna was informed N6vember vegetarian source of activated carbon. For name. 'ffilyone who really wants to see this
H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswati 26-before the call for new elections-by example, you inspect a,carton of delicious really doesn't care what any critic has to
high level government officials that work ice cream containing "cellulose gum." say," begins one scathing review: of this kid's
was being suspended until he coukt:meet Should you be worried? Nope, it's to(ally a martial arts flick. At issue for Hindus is a
with,the Prime Minister. Bahuguna has " nonanimal product. But, wait, what about minor, four-armed character named "Shee-
won promises-none fulfilled-frbm three the "carmine" also listed in the ingredients? va" played by Marjean Holden. We only
former Prime Ministers to review the pro- Yuck!-it's "food coloring derived from the know one person who admits to seeing tile
ject, which faces criticism due to potential dried bodies of female beetles." Contact movie, and he claims the character is just
ecological impact, earthquake disaster and, VRG, Post Office Box 1463, Baltimore, named "Sheeva," and is not intended to be
most recently, even a dam-breaking missile Nfaryland, 21203, USA. a warped depiction of the'Supreme God. \
attack from a hostile country. We hope so. Investigation is underway.
HOUSESJN THE SMALL VILLAGE of Siadia in method of de-stressing, according to a sur- ·THE CENTER FOR INDIA STUDIES at the State
Orissa sfate, India, have no doors and no vey conducted for the Royal Bank of Cana- University of New York at Stony Brook is
bars G>n the windows. Villagers believe da. Two-thirds of Canadians feel their J'bb is celebrating one of its first major accom-
Kharkhai Thakurani, their local Deity,' too stress- plishments-the release of Ananya, A Por-
guards each house, say~jay Nayak, an ed- ful-two trait of India, a formidable 900-plus page
ucated youth of the villa:ge. Neighboring ar- percent say book on India. Forty scholar .collaborated
eas are regularly visited by thieves, but in it's so bad to produce a "reliable, readable, single-vol-
Siadia the last robbery was twenty years they believe ume resource" intended fOr college under-
ago. In tha.t case the thief was caught im- themselyes graduates. Sections include history-thank-
mediately, and he died within a month. on the edge fully devoid of the now-debunked '/\ryan
ofanervous Invasion" of India theory-religion, society,
SRI SUGENIENDRA niEERTHA, whose visit to break- ", business, art, language, literature, "Makers
America was greatly appreciated by Hin- down. A . De-streSSing Canadians of Modern India," the Indian diaspora and
dus, will not be allowed to perform puja to quarter do much, much more. Contact: Center for In"
Lord Krislma at'the Udupi $ri Krishna nothing to relieve stress, another quarter dia Studies, E 5350 Melville Library, SUNY
temple upon his return to Kerala, according take to physical exercise, and a full sixteen Stony Brook, New York 11794-3386 USA.
to the Deccan Herald. He is abbot of Putige percent have taken up yoga exercises.
Math, one of the eIght m'onasteries founded SEVEN-HUNDRED JAPANESE school children
by the great dualist philosopher, Madva- READING THE MAHABHARATl, even a short- were rushed to hospitals after suffering
chariya, 700 years ago. Sri Vidyavarinidhh ened version such as C. Rajagopalachari's seizures brought on by a popular TV car-
Theertha, abbot of the Kaniyoor Krishna Engli'sh translation, is a mammoth under- toon show, "Pokeman,' based on Nintendo's
monastery, said the abbots oIthe eight, taking. Now you can listen to it on the way, "Pocket Monsters" video game. "1 was
monasteries were expected to not cross the to work or school, thanks to Dr. Akshay R. shocked to see my daughter lose conscious-
ocean. The provision dates from ancient Rao's 13-hour dramatic reading ofRa- ness," said one Japanese parent. "She start-
times when sea travel made impossible the jagopalachari's excellent version on cassette ed to breathe only when I hit her on the
mandatory daily ablutions and observances. tape or CD. Contact: 'Ethnic Enterprises, back." Video games are known to c~use
p.o. Box 385468, Bloomington, Minbesota seizures-convulsions, spasms or nausea,
INDIAN g..OW BONES are being used-really- 55438 'S,SA. but this is the first case involving a TV car-
to filter water for towns in Northern Eng- toon. The children, living mostly in Japans
land. Local vegetarians are turrung off • THE US RELIGIOUS WORKER VISA has been ex- compact apartments, were watching large
their taps and buying bottled water-lots of tended. another three years, despite allega- sets from about three feet away. They had
it-to avoid the local tions of widespr~ad fraud. "The Religious become very ex- .
".. "
water filtered Professionals and Other Religious Workers" cited from the

.. through charcoal
made from the bones.
Only the bones of old
provision first added in 1996 to Am'erican
immigration law allows for not only minis-
ters, but nonclergy religious workers, such
fast-paced show.
into the program
cows make good as instructm;s in dance and music, transla- bright flashing
charcoal ("activated tors, and broadcasters to receive a visa and red lights filled
carbon," to be exact), . eventually permanent status. The US State the screen, ap-
according to the wa- Department "uncovered a troubling num- parently trigger-
. ter utility, and only in ber of scams, both indimdual and orga- ing the seizure Pocket Monsters game
India do cows live nized, including Christian churches th'at reaction in the
your footprints for your children to follow!!! to a ripe old age. Cow bqne water? sell visas to the highest bidder," according brain. A few of the children were hospital-
Vegetarians should ' , to a report in Christianity Today. The visa ized overnight, and more came in after
Herit~Q-e Research Foundation (IHRF) and mail to:
be aware that grtund cow bones are also provision has allowed Hindu priests and watching video recordings or the same pro-
Brahma Swarup Varma, Director ofAdministration,lHRF Jatin Desai, Marketing Director sometimes used in the refining of sugar. temple workers easier entry to the country. gram over the next few days.
621111ini Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146·1917 Phone: 860-233·0011 Fax: 860·675·4062
Phone: 412-733-1118 Fax 412-733-2224 E-mail: E·mail:
, ,
48 ~==========================~==========================d

, Bhagavad Bita Home Study Program Pooja, Devotional and Wedding Iterps
MINISTER'S MESSAGE who is hiding in your fontanel. Kriya Yoga is
the foundation of all religions. What is this Designed and taught by Swami Pre-packaged items for
havans • Religious statues 34159 Fremont Bvd •
foundation? Calmness, which is godliness. Dayananda. 2,000 pg. of inspiring, Fremont, CA 94555 USA •
• Religious Books in Eng- ~ ~

The Breath of God Is

insightful materials for daily study. Tel: 510-793-7930
That calmness cannot be attained without Fax: 510-793-7026
Each verse given in Devanagari lish, Sanskrit, Gujarati
the guidance of a realized master. The pro-
• fessor of medicine teaches the medical stu- script and transliteration with word-
for-word meaning and extensive
and Hindi • Kohlapur
chappals, silk paintings, pooja
dents how to dissect the body intelligently.
Our Breath of Life
commentary by Swami Dayananda. brahmni booti, kut, agar,
They learn the practical composition of the tagar, bhojaptra, lotus
whole human system. Similarly, the seeker . Other self-study programs available:
Arsha Vidya Gurukulam seed • Men's, children's kurta, pajamas, sari blouses, sari falls
of God must learn practical spirituality and petticoats, children's clothes • Jaintri and Panchang •
from the realized master. The moment you PO Box 1059, Saylorsburg, PA 18353-
9200 USA. 717-992-2339 ext. 223 1997 shipment from India just arrived • Ask for list of items.
touch a bare electric wire, your whole body
By loving your breath, you love the liying becomes immediately full of electricity. Fax: 717-992-7150 • Prompt delivery. M.Card, Visa, Am.Ex credit cards OK.
Similarly, if you come to the touch of a real-
God within you and attain the truth ized master and practice faithfully accord-
, ing to his or her instructions, you ~ get
-.divine light, divine sound and divine vibra-
BY PA RAM A H A M 'SA HARIHARANANDA tion within a short period in your whole MedJ;tation and Life Advertising in Hinduism Today
body, and be free from all worldly sense. HINDUISM TODAY reaches Hindus and Indophiles all around
OD IS ALL-PERVADING, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, This human body is made of a great By Swami Chinmayananda.
«Offers a logical reason for medita- the world. Truly, wherever you fInd Hindus, you will fInd
omnipotent. Where is He not? He is present in every quantity of nerves. According to the HINDUISM TODAY (with circulation especially high in the
human being, in animals, insects, plants, trees, creep- Prashna Upanishad, verse 3:6, it is precise- tion, the process of meditation, hints
for taming the mind and achieving USA, Australia, SE Asia).
ers, grass-all life-forms are alive due to His breath. ly 727,210,201. Because of our breath, our
In the Svetasvatara Upanishad, verse 6:11, it is blood remains liquid and circulates physical, mental, intellectual and
spiritual harmony."-India West We have ads for every budget, from $25 for a 20-word
written, «One heavenly Father is hiding in the head of every throughout the whole body. The breath is classifIed to spectacular two- or three-page color foldouts.
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human being, all-pervading, the inner self of all beings." Re- our own living power of God. Breath is
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siiling here, in every human being, God is inhalirig. God is dharma. Dharma means «that which holds Hinduism Today Advertising
inhaling from the day we are born. We are thus born for God life together," and that is religion. www.chinnIaya.orgipublications
Chinmaya Publications 107 Kaholalele Road. Kapaa, Hawaii • 96746-9304 USA
realization, because our whole body is God, the whole uni- Kriya Yoga gives extreme importance to Tel: 800-850-1008, 808-823-9620, 808-639-1006 (mobile)
verse is God. Without His inhalation, life ends. the breath. It teaches that breath control is 560 Bridgetown Pike
Langhorne, PA 19053-7201 USA Fax: 808-822-4351 • ads@HinduismToday.kauai.hLus
Human beings have two bodies. One gross body-ham self eontrol, breath mastery is self mastery,
(meaning «r ~")-which is full of delusion, illusion and er- it is deathlessness. If you take a very short
ror. But on the top of the head, He is hiding in the formless state, breath and seek God in the fontanel and the pituitary, you will .
and He is stimulating our inhalation. That is our sa bogy. The attain calmness and God realization. The Bhagavad Gita, verse
Shiva Svarodaya scriptures verse 51 says, «The process of exhala-
tion is said to contain the letter ham, and the inhalation contains
5:27, mentions this short breath: «We are to fIx our attention in the
pituitary, take a very short breath apd touch Him in the pituitary R.V. VEDTM If you are suffering
from bum out, want to
the letter sa. " Similarly, Gheranda Samhita 5:84 indicates, «Breath and in the fontanel." The breath must be so short that if you place build muscles, boost
of every person, in entering, makes the sound of 'sa', and in com- your fInger in front of your nose, the outgoing breath will not AYURVEDIC NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS
immunity, increase
ing out (bahiryati), that of oom.' " This is hamsa, or so'ham. touch the fmger.
strength and stamina,
The supreme, almighty Father is hiding in the fontanel in the top People of all religions, cults and creeds should fIrst learn how to BY AYURVEDIC PHYSICIANS R.U. Vedic Energy for
of the head, pulling t):J.e inhalation, and that is why we are alive control their breath. Breath control is the foundation of all religions
men & women is a
and able to do manj'types of work. Human beings generally do and the quickest means of success. In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika,
fIve types of work: earning money by the breath; sexual enjoyment verse 4:34, it is written, «If the breath is not short and touching
BALANCE YOUR DOSHAS blend of herbs that
by the breath; eating and digesting food by the breath; feeling inside the brain; if one does not maintain pin-pointed attention in helps to improve
anger, pride, cruelty in the heart-center by the breath; and getting the fontanel; and if the technique is not simple, easy and' quick, R HEALTH AND LONGEVITYTM physical and mental
established in a religious mood in the vacuum center, because He with no big words or complicated concepts, your practice will be performance.
is inhaling. If He does not inhale, all human beings will cease. I in vain and empty."
There are 49 types of breath, of which 48 give us delusion, illu- If you give extreme love to the breath, you are a kriyavan. You A unique blend of
sion and error. ~ere is only one very short breath called udan, air will get divine joy. Your soul will be absorbed illl the Supreme. .t}.s
Ayurvedic herbs to help
which gives calmness, godliness and liberation. God is inhaling all the young bride loves her. husband, as the young groom gives love
nutritionally support
of these types of breaths. This is why human beings are complete- to his wife, as the miser loves his money, similarly everyone should n'"suD'OOJrt for proper Cholesterol levels optimum physical,
ly engrossed in the material world. They do not know how to take love the breath. Love your breath, then you will experience the
this short breath. • Reality, the Truth, the Joy. Calmness will come automatically and - Ayurvedic Liver Supplement mental, and spiritual
health & balance.
The many religions, cults, sects and monastic orders teach many you will ul,timately become a brahmavid, a knower of the Supreme. - Nutritional or Inflamed Kamatone™ is a total
different paths for God realizatiqp., but all rely on the fIve sense
organs. Kena Upanishad verse 1:2-9 explains that our fIve sense system tonic and
rejuvenating formula
organs are activated by the power of God, so we cannot know God
by these sense organs. Observe the mind of all worldly people. for men.
They are religious, outwardly 'doing many good things, but their
mind is constantly engrossed in the material world, becoming in- R.U. VED INC.
creasingly restless. 2115. 112th AVE. NE
The Kriya Yoga technique that we teach does not rely on the fIve BELLEVUE, WA 98004-2946 USA
sense organs. It is not written in books; it can only be learned di- PARAMAHAMSA HARIHARANANDA, go, last living realized disciple of IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE
rectly from a realized Kriya Yoga master or his empowere(I Shri Yukteshwar, attained the supreme state of nirvikalpa samadhi CALL US AT
1.800.925-1371 /425-637.1400
acharyas. Kri means «to do work." Ya is your indwelling self, sa, in 1948. He has been teaching the authentic Kriya Yoga since then. OR SEND A FAX AT 1-425-451.2670


Hindu Businessmen's Association Trust Edwin Hawk $1,186.57 Malaysian Hindu Youth Educational Fund
Adi Alahan $31.00 Se!vanathan Jothiswarar $608.33 Jeyasreedharan $40.00
Vel Alahan $250.00 Nalakini Niranjana $264.71 Total $40.00
MISSION STATEMENT Paramaseeven Canagasaby $14.36 Umah Rani Palanisamy $103.36
Hindu Heritage Endowment is a publicly supported, charitable organization'recognized as tax
Vel Mahalingum
Manogaran Mardemootoo
Balan Raja n
Aran Sambandar

Gowri Nadason
Matthew Wieczork
I Vishwanaden Maofaoven $4.52 Padmini Samufu iran $343.00
Total $40.00
exempt by the IRS o~ April 22, 1994. Its .employer ID !:lumber is 99-0308924. FOJJndeg by Satguru Nafuan Palani $509 .00 Loganafu a Shivam
Palaka Shivam
$500.00 Mafua~i Travel Fund
Easvan Param $229.13
Janaka Param $12.00 Saiva Siddhanta Church $7,828.33 Erasenthiran Poonjolai $75 .00
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, its philanthropic mission is t(') provide secure, professionally man- Sivaneswaran Sockanathan $78.00 Total $75 .00
Deva Rajan $52 1.00
'" . Total $1,599.78 Gokula Vani $100.00 '"
aged financial support for institutions and-religious leaders of all lineages of Sanatana Dharma. Total $13,6 19.37
Purl Monasteries Endowm ent
Hindu Orphanage Endowment Fund Gouri Shanker $31.00
Ramakumar & Sailaja Kosu ru $20.00 Kauai Aadheenam Annual Archana Fund Total $31.00
MARCH DONOR PROFILE Alex Ruberto $30.00 Gopiladeva Doorgiat $1.81 Sri Subramuniya Kottam Fund
Matthew Wieczork $30.00 Saroja Devi Doorgiat $4.97
And rew Schoenbaum $10.00
"From the days of my youth, I have dreamed of creating a Hindu Total $80.00 Van ad eva Doorgiat $1.35
Total $10.00
research institute and schools, and this is still one of my goals in life. I Arnouda Koothan $0.45
Hinduism Today Distribution Fund Sundari Peruman Memorial Fund
Egilen Koofuan $0.45
was very happy to know of the formation of Hindu Heritage Himalayan Academy $2,850.00
Saravan Koothan $0.45 Markandeya Peruman $25.00
Soondiren Arnasalon $54.19
Endowment, for this is the first step in s:reating a solid financial front Dustin Baumann $90.00
Kamaladevi Mootoosawmy $0.45 Total $25.00
Yuvamanee Mootoosawmy $0.45
for Hinduism in the modern world. Variou,s other endowments I envi- Ravindra Doorgiat $52 .83 Thank You Gurudeva Fund
Soondiren Nellatamby $0.45
Se!vanathan Jothiswarar $22.79
sion include those for archeological/historical research, Hindu institu- Anand Greedh ur $9.00
Devaladevi Sivaceyon $3.13
Cheri Lyons $70.00 Anonymo us $118.00
tions, Hindu film / cartoon industries and, of course, historical temples, Kartikeyen Manick $29.92
Nutan aya Sivaceyon $3.13
Total $140.79
Patudeva Sivaceyon $3.13
libraries and for helping the poor." Erasenthiran Poonjolai, a Jayaluxmee Moothoo $13.54
Nandi Devi Sivanathan $2.90 Tirumular Sanuidhi Preservation Trust
Malaysian studying Mechanical Engine'e ring and Laser Technology D hanya Nadesan $36.71 Shyamadeva Dandapani $25.00
Potriyan Sivanathan $5.72
Chandran Param $100.00 Total $25.00
Research in Great Britain, has dedicated much of his life to serving his Ka nthasamy Pillaiyar $110.00
Total $28.84
Tirunavakkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam Fund
religion. As a youth he conducted academic and religious classes in local villages. In England, he Surya Sabaratnam $38.00 Kauai Aadheenam Monastic Endowment
Govinden Sanjeevee $15.00 Vinaya Alahan $225.00 Peshala Dike! $10.00
has organized dharma-based ~ctivities and, ip 1995, formed a Hindu Society at Liverpool University Sivan Murrugappa Naicken $22.67 Clive Fetzer $40.00
Priya Devi Utchanah $10.00
, Total $3,479.19 Kumaren Nataraja $9.07 Bhavani Param $2.00
Janaka Param $5.00
FUND OF THE MONTH Hinduism Today Endowment Trust Ramsamy Natarajan $18.06
Dohadeva Samugam $95.00 Total $57.00
Anonymous $478.82
The young women who devote years of their lives to becoming living channels for the Goddess in Total $478.82 Total $369.80 Undesignated
the ten districts of the Katbmandu valley are finding it il}creasingly difficult to adjust tC? life in the Iraivan Temple Endowment Loving Ganesha Distribution Fund Anonymous 687.31
Vayudeva Dike! $1,558.49 Eric Mitchell $10.00 Elfriede Paoletti $50.00
world around them once their time of service Kriya Haran $117.00 Total $10.00 Total $737.31
comes to an. end. And as the area becomes
more influenced by Western visitors and values, We especially thank those young child ren wh o gave a sm all am ount, Total Recent Contrib. llS$20,846.90

many families are reluctant to allow theiI;. tith ing fro m their allowance each month, creating positive patterns early in life. Total Endowment Funds US$2,263,912.53
daughters to participate in this venerable tradi-
tion, for the years of educat-ion that are lost are
important and hard to regain. The Nepal INVESTMENT MANAGERS AND CONSULTANTS: Franklin Management Inc.; First Hawaiian Bank,
Kumari Goddess Education Fund will smooth Trust & Investment Division; Brandes Investment Partners, Inc.; Pacific Century Trust (Bank of
this transition by providing a stipend for the Hawaii); Alvin G. Buchignani, Esq., attorney; and Nathan palani, CPA. HHE is a member of the
education and adjustment of future Kumaris as' Council on Foundations, an association of 1,500 foundations which interprets relevant law, inteJ;"-
they re-enter the world from their time of service national and domestic, and accounting, management and investment principles.
to the Gods. (For fhe incredible story of this
sacred tradition, see HINDUISMTODAY, June 1997.) I W:ANT TO PARTICIPATE. WHERE SHOULD I SEND MY DONATION? You can send your gift to
an existing fund, create a new endowmen.t or request information through the address below.
A·PROFESSIONAL'S PERSPECI1VE. In many insta)lces, the family business accounts for a signifi- Credit card gifts may be made directly by E-mail. Or, use the HHE tear-out card in this magazine.
cant portion of the gross estate of a business owner. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 offers estate to join our family of benefactors who are Strengthening Hinduism Worldwide. Thank you .
tax relief for these individuals. The estate tax savings from the family business exclusion may be
over $300,000, depending on the size of the estate and the year of death. HINDu HERITAGE ENDOWMENT
However, the family business exclusion is only available to taxpayers whq KAUAI'S HINDU MONASTERY
have m~t. the complex qualifying requirements. Two of these requirements are 107 Kaholalele Road
that the family business must account for 50% or more of the total estate and Kapaa, Hawa.ii, 96746-9304 USA
there must be "material participation" from family members before and after Tel: (800) 890-1008, Ext. 222
death. Nitai H. Pathak, CPA, MST, of Kling, Lee & Pathak, Artesia, California, Outside US: (808) 822-31 §2, Ext. 222
(888) 721-5370 and (562) 921-8610.
Fax: (808) 822-4351
E-mail: hhe@l)

As a public service, HHE occasionally will offer the opinion s of various finanGial plan ners. However, it ~ndorses n either these nor their
counsel, an d recommends that all individuals seek p rofeSSIOnal advice from several sources before making lffiportant long-term deCiSIons.
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' 'ti1.I""C ~ ' EED A JOB WRITING
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..... ;:!" G b Q) '" 0 i'd ",- u 0 p<~ ""'d ....,~....o <II __ -" -.., tS ~ at=:Q>.B suo for the details of India's
1' ~ "..r::1 " ~ e " 0 +l T~"";::: .S ~ 0 ........ Z" 7"'r~-
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""' 'II: ""'i ""
v next computer expo?
Look no ,f urther than
6~ Cyber India Online ."
~. S Q.,
( where
d Q.) ~
' 6~ ~ ~ You might as well set up the computer in your kitchen and let Tarla Dalal's CD cookery videos guide you you'll find 600 job list~
~~ ~
~~1 ~ ings and a schedule df
()t;)E~ 0cnI 86" ent-from cashews to cardamom. Wholesome cur- 24 trade shows staged in
ries, snacks, chutneys, breads, rices and more are India within the next
'1) """"d. . :=e
~ •
Yummy f o r t he Tummy complimented by nutritional stats for each dish. two months. Or, if you're
Many who love Indian food are intimidated by how trying to stay ahead of
""1:: ~. OLVE THAT QUANDARY OF WHAT TO COOK it's prepared. The CDs videos eliminate such fears associates in system soft-

rS~ ~ tonight by tapping Indian culinary queen and get you right into "mango vanilla burfi. " Mac &
'- .: '
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~l""'d :::s" .
Tarla D 81al's ''Desi Khana." This ravishing
CD offers 140 Indian vegetarian recipes hy-
Windows. US$30. Contact: Kirloskar Computer Ser-
vices, 5570 Malleswaram West, Bangalore 560055,
.0 n;
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o.i ';1 it
perlinked to a glossary of every possible ingredi- India E-mail:
~ ·El o~
."j.s ..
~ '""1:..:.:=~ SAGES the world, seeing in it SERVICE and Sita Lozoff's uplift-
~~ ;::::::g .]""'i Thy manifestation." ment of thousands of US
~ '-I-~ '1""4_ God: Thu s uttered Sri Ra- Prison
~l'1 ~
makrishna (1836-1886),
"'1:~ ~
~~ ].... 0
'I ntoxicated one of Indi~'s great spiFi- Ashrams
0:- tual pillars, after pro-
~l· ~
..~ :::;;. fh.
·i~ DO NOT MAKE ME, 0 found God realization, MORE PEOPLE ARE
;.... £~ ;: : ~
Mother, a cross-
grained, p ain-hugging
feeling compelled to
guide others to the same
incarcerated in the
US than in any country.

Q) 0 fool
--:1 ~ ~ reeluse. I want to enjoy state. His legacy lives on While still in prison,
C) 0 '"
+~ 1"""""'! GJ the Web at www.ra . many feel the urge to
.El !3 "-g You'll get spiritual. Leaders of the info. age ~

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C) :a " find affectionate bi- Who will guide
'1·r' t1>-.
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ographies, classic
photos for sale @.d
the universal teach-
them? Most of us
don't bother. Exception-
al help comes from the
ware, read the story on
the Mac as 81Internet
Explorer 4.0 bundle.
Then visit the link that
~l .il...-o ings of Ramakrishna, Human Kindness gives resources
~l +l . ~ Vivekananda and Sri Foundation, based for prisoners tells where t{) buy it in
~l ~ <...j:i Sarada Devi, plus a on the teachings and the rest of India (besides Banga-
'I 0 0
;- in +I schedule of weekly of Neem Karoli Baba. us, especially lore!). This website!>
...s,: """'d!3J
"Ul,....Q classes and Sunday Bo's best- news and feature articles
::::;: ,,- il services at the Ra- mankind seller book, will keep you up-ta-date
~" ~::;:o
-t:~ ~ makrishna-Vivek- We're All on the dynamos who are
@p..~. " ananda Center of you learn Doing revolutionizing Asia's
~::::;a~ New York. about Bo Time. high-tech landscape.
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~!""'d § IV
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