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Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti

This practitioner and teacher Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti manual is for Reiki Masters only.

Vapors or fumes from oil, gas, automobiles and other engines are toxic to
breathe. Sometimes you may not realize that you are breathing these for at
times they are odorless and colorless. Most of the time you will notice when
you are behind a car that is stinky. Or youll notice the scent in fuel oil or
gas that is added so that you can detect it. This energy system brings you
assistance to help detoxify and heal from the adverse effects of exhaust
There are probably more reasons to be attuned to and reactivate this energy
system on a regular basis than you realize. Hopefully you dont need it
regularly in your home. You may need it in your workplace especially if
windows are open. Maybe riding or driving to work or while traveling you
pass through some areas where the air has a high level of exhaust in it.
This Shakti helps toxins and their by-products safely leave your body.
Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti energy system is channeled and manual
written by Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture November 10th, 2013

This energy system was born out of personal need. The old oil furnace in my
home had a crack in its firebox and every time it would come on, a puff of
exhaust would come up through the heater vents into my living space.
When the furnace was replaced some fuel dripped and the fumes ascended
quickly into my living space. This Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti really
helped me so very much.
As I started to research information about exhaust fumes I realized just how
much information is out there. I choose to explain some of the instances in
which you may want to activate this Shakti and how She can likely help you,
instead of detailing the toxicity of fuel fumes. Generally it is exhaust after
fuel is burned that this Shakti helps most with. If you have paint fumes in
your home from a recent paint job, simply talk to your Shakti and call her
Fumes Detoxifier Shakti.
Intention matters most. That means that if you have a toxicity concern that
involves breathing in some pollutant. She can probably help. The more
specific you are in your request the better. This is why we co-create energy
systems that are very specific to the concern we are wanting help with.
Exhaust Fume Detoxifier Shakti helps your cells to regain health and
regenerate rather than replicating cells with the same problems the ones had
that were exposed to the fumes.
Carbon Monoxide is one of the toxins in fuel exhaust. A person can get
headaches and then similar symptoms as youd feel if you have the flu.
Thereafter brain damage and possibly death can occur. Please familiarize
yourself with these dangers by doing your own research. Putting a carbon
monoxide detector in your home is a wise idea.
If you are breathing cigarette smoke that other people are smoking, this
Exhaust Fume Detoxifier Shakti can help. Shakti are clothed by divinity in
the job description they have and educated in the skills they need to assist
you best. If you want to ask your Shakti to help, please call her Smoke
Detoxifier Shakti.
She is not designed to assist when you are the smoker because that means
you are consciously putting toxins in your own body. It is if you cant avoid
breathing some cigarette smoke from others that She will help you.

If you are completely new to energy systems please know that some people
can feel subtle energies and others dont. You might feel a warmth or an
energy pulse that seems to arrive from outside of your body and gentle move
through you. Some people describe it as feeling the presence of divinity or
simply the warm reassuring feelings they have when watching a sunrise or
witnessing people being kind to one another. A knowing that there are
loving beings beyond our usual day to day awareness that will reach out to
us to help us feel better and be healthier than we may be right now.
Many of us believe in angels and other benevolent spiritual beings yet long
to actually feel their presence. Energy systems provide the attunements to
the energy frequencies of those beings and other helpful energy streams or
rays so that you have a link that you didnt have before. Now it is easier for
those beings to be of real assistance to you here in this reality.
Shakti are feminine-like creative healing forces of Eternal Sacred Source
who are sentient. This means that they are intelligent and self-aware. They
are similar to angels but not of the same lineage. They are closer to forces of
nature in form, yet are conscious and respond to your requests. They work
with you for your health and enlightenment are under the authority of your
higher self and soul. They are direct emanations of Eternal Sacred Source.
Many Shakti will be clothed in the skills and job descriptions that they
will be providing to humanity, animals, plants and other life forms here on
Earth. This means that when we call upon them, their name or title
specifies who is arriving. I imagine it as a special place in the Heavenly
Realms that prepare Shakti for each special type of job here on Earth.
Im sure it doesnt happen exactly that way, but it is easier to have some
reference point for who they are and how they are readied to work with us.
This attunement brings your Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti near to you. It
is for you to call in your attunement to formally accept this Shakti.

Once you have received an energy attunement or empowerment, your body

and spirit will recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream
from Eternal Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular
energy system.
Empowerments can be sent long distance by means of an energy sphere,
often called a chi-ball and it is kept safe by your Angels and guides of
Eternal Light. It is released to you when you call it in, like a prayer to
receive it.
Now spend a few minutes to invite your Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti
attunement that your teacher sent out to you to arrive fully unto you.
Simply say, out loud or in your mind:
I ask to fully receive my Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti Master
attunement as sent out by my teacher and made perfect by
Eternal Sacred Source, NOW!
Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up and
streams down into the top of your head. Your attunement will easily arrive
to you because Eternal Source is not limited by space or time.
Try activating this energy system now even if you dont feel the need for it.
This will help your body and being get accustomed to the energy and
introduce your Shakti to you. Say, with strong intention to receive assistance
from your Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti: Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier
Shakti, Activate! Or Fuel Fumes Detoxifier Shakti Activate

Say the activation statement 3 to 5 times for strong activation. This is more
for you than for the Shakti administering this energy system to you. That is
because, for most of us, if our intention is not honed, it takes a few times for
us to really put the personal will power into what we are saying. For people
who are skilled at intention work, you may feel the energy flow by only
saying the activation statement once. It doesnt matter how many times you
feel that you need to say it.

Some people feel the need to hold their attention to the thought of wanting
their Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti to remain active for as long as
necessary, while others will activate it then go on to think about other things.
I would suggest that you do give some conscious time to being open to
receiving the benefits that your Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti has to offer
you. This energy system is made to work for you even while you are up and
going about your day. However, pausing when you first activate it is
Say: Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti, Activate!
Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti, Activate!
Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti, Activate!
So too, when you need assistance to detoxify from second hand cigarette
smoke, it is helpful to pause for a few moments after each activation to
receive its benefits better.
Say: Smoke Fumes Detoxifier Shakti, Activate!
Smoke Fumes Detoxifier Shakti, Activate!
Smoke Fumes Detoxifier Shakti, Activate!
When you are ready to recline and dedicate 20-30 minutes or longer to deep
work being done energetically within your energy fields and body, say, with
strong intention to receive: I now call forth to activate and receive my
intensive Exhaust( or Smoke) Fumes Detoxifier Shakti Session!
You can say it a few times if you need to in order to really align your will
with wanting to activate and receive this energy session.
If you happen to be sensitive to subtle energies, you may feel various
regions of your body heat up or experience some energy movement. Once a
toxin has entered your body (in this case likely through your breath and
lungs) it makes changes in many different areas of your body. In the case of
carbon monoxide, I think, it deprives your body of oxygen. Im not sure if
that is done by making it difficult for your cells to absorb and use oxygen or
whether it moves along the same pathways that oxygen would, thus filling in
where the oxygen should be. No matter what undesirable effect a toxin has
on your body, it needs to exit without doing further damage.

If a toxin has already changed form, breaking down into other compounds so
that your body can eject it easier, still those compounds may need help
exiting safely.
If various organs of your body have been working harder in order break
down the compound into less harmful substances, they may need healing.
Your Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti is excellent at assessing what has
happened and what areas of your body need support and healing, and
providing it for you with organic living light and love energies from Eternal
Sacred Source. The assistance provided is especially useful for organic
living bodies here on planet Earth being sustained by Eternal Sacred Source.
It doesnt matter what name you have for God or Goddess. The Source of all
Creation is one and responds to assist you to be healthy when you ask. Being
attuned to this Shakti is a way to gain permission to call upon this being of
Eternal Light and receive personalized help anytime you want. It is
recommended that you consciously reactivate this Shakti whenever you feel
the need. If youve been exposed to exhaust fumes that were strong enough
that you felt a headache or were tired, that is a message that your body has
been adversely affected by those fumes. I highly recommend that you recline
and activate the intensive sessions on several different days to give your
Shakti the opportunity to repair and replenish your body.

Activating this energy system for others in person or at a distance:

As a Reiki Master youve already been trained how to activate and apply
Reiki energies in person and long distance.
Activate the Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti in person with the strong
intention for the person to receive it.
For long distance please activate the Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen,
Cho-Ko-Rei, Sei-he-ki and Dai-ko-myo just as you would for Reiki and then
simply activate the Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti for the intended

When you are ready to pass an attunement of this Shakti, determine whether
you are sending a personal use only or Master Teacher attunement. If Master
Teacher attunement, consciously choose to call upon a Shakti who will pass
along the ability for your student to both activate this energy for others and
to pass attunements to others who are Reiki or Seichim Master Teachers.
Pray, asking your energy team, your helping healing guardians in the Light
of Eternal Sacred Source, to appoint an Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti for
(name of student). Ask for a Sphere of Light.
It doesnt matter if you can see it or not. It doesnt matter if you can perceive
it or not. Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready to carry the Shakti
to your student. Activate and pray, asking for all of your helping healing
ones in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source to send Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier
Shakti Empowerment for (name of student) into the Sphere of Eternal Light.
Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready to carry the Exhaust Fumes
Detoxifier Shakti to your student (name of student). Ask that it be securely
protected by that persons guardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source
until the person calls in their Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti attunement.
Intend that their attunements release perfectly to them at that time. And so it
is complete!
Now notify your student that their attunements are ready to be called in
and tell them to relax and spend a few minutes receiving their Exhaust
Fumes Detoxifier Shakti.
Exhaust Fumes Detoxifier Shakti is an original energy system channeled
by Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture
November 10th, 2013 ~All Rights Reserved
Please contact the author at for permission to
translate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy and
manual must accurately portray the original.


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