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thinking about
think about
wonder about
care about
talk about

look above

walk across

running after

leaned against



look around
walk around

looking at

run before

leave behind
left behind

fallen below

stand beside
stood beside

look between
caught between

dying by

looking down


cant except

living for
crying for
dying for

going from

living in
sleeping in

standing in front of
crying in front of
dying in front of you
dying inside

instead of

look into
born into
changed into

runing like
living like

living near

thinking of

running off
turn off

standing on
dancing on
floating on
sleeping on
smoking on
come on
came on
take on
took on

standing on top of

running out of
breaking out of

sleeping outside

crying over

living past


looking through
breaking through

talking to
writing to
begin to
began to

walking toward

sleeping under
drown under
sink under
buried under

sleeping underneath

alive untill
running untill

crawling up
creeping up
sneaking up
woke up

look upon

sleeping with
runinng with

born within

born without
living without
about the song i wrote
to you while on the train

after its all said an done

outside its raining

through the window
around the same road
past the white house
over the bridge
of broken dreams
out of control
on top of a mountian
down this road before
since we met
toward the sun
toward the moon
inside this body
into your dreams
off all my clothes
near death
drive past my old house
walk among the spirits
step over some rocks
look outside its raining
run around in circles

think before you speak thats what you used to tell

me when i was very young

ever since the day

so before you go make sure you close the door

behind you

i walk between life and death

imagine living in a world without war

at by down for from in like near of off on past since through to

up with

about above across after against along among around before

behind below beneath beside between during except inside
into onto outside over toward under until upon within without
out of in front of instead of on top of underneath

between another galaxy

among all the spirits
underneath the pouring rain
outside im looking in
toward the ancient sun
untill im no longer born
over inside after life
im about to kill myself
im above the clouds below
i live across from jesus christ
1 after
2 against
3 along
4 among
5 around
6 at
7 before
8 behind
9 below
10 beneath
11 beside
12 between
13 by
14 down
15 during
16 except
17 for
18 from
19 in
20 in front of
21 inside
22 instead of
23 into
24 like
25 near
26 of
27 off
28 on
29 onto
30 on top of
31 out of
32 outside
33 over
34 past
35 since
36 through
37 to
38 toward
39 under
40 underneath
41 until
42 up
43 upon
44 with
45 within
46 without