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(The Desert’s Daughter)

This story is written in English. You can check the Spanish version, called Futuro, the false
Latin version, called Futurus, and the false Greek version, called Μέλλον (Méllon)

by Alejandro Ochoa G., a.k.a. “farfetched”. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. January, 2010.

In the Sonoran Desert, north of Altar, Myrna and her mother, the teacher Athena,
walkers in a dirt road in search of the magical water, will refuse the ride a solo driver
of a 2009 model gray Tsuru car will offer them, who will have mistaken them as
migrants, and will continue on his route to Yuma, Arizona.

They will walk for another three days, and Athena will pass away, dehydrated.
Myrna will walk one more day, will find a small wooded area and a water well. She will
sit on a rock, covered with a sand-colored woolen blanket.

Travelers will pass on foot, horseback, motorcycle and car, they will ask her
about something, anything and everything, but Myrna will answer nothing. She will
remain there, without aging, because every day she will draw magic and mineral water
from the well and will drink it.

And there she will be, static, the green-eyed Myrna, 23, born in Guaymas as her
mom, thinking about the infinity of the universe and the loneliness of her life.

She, the only daughter of Athena and Ramon, a provincial pseudo-philosopher

born in Alamos (Poplars), Sonora, divorced from Athena, and who will die in Cajeme.

Myrna will see the Moon and the stars and will remember the Arabian tales read
to her by Athena and Ramon as a girl.

But here is that on Friday, January 30, 2015, someone will lift the blanket and
will discover that several years will have elapsed in which Myrna will have been a pile
of stones arranged on the rock and covered with a woolen blanket, and it will come to
happen that a strange traveler will have passed and will have taken her to a big and
faraway city, where they will marry each other, will have two daughters and two sons,
who will highlight in the arts, politics, business, and education.

Myrna will be happy, no more loneliness, she will have begun a life full of haste,
dialogues, arguments, research, trading, travel by boat, train, car, and plane, trips
through the internet, implementation and consolidation, fullness of spiritual and
religious life.

She will return to Guaymas, firstly, for copies of her birth certificate and her
baptismal faith, then, to greet the many friends she will have left in the port. She will
ride with her husband and four children by the wide beaches of the Sea of Cortez, will
swim in the sea water, will go aboard yachts in the blue Gulf of California, will fish, will
accompany her seafood dishes with beer, and she will drink a toast to life and love...